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    winter 2008

    Marek reflectS on MiaMi aluMni board experience                                                                    c o M i n g Yo u r waY. . .

    When Tom Marek `63 concluded his four-year                 for reaching out to alumni. He adds that there are      do you have a favorite professor that
    term on Miami University’s Alumni Board of                 many great opportunities for alumni to get involved     you would like to hear more about?
    Directors this past fall, he and his wife Dottie ’63       and reconnected.                                        what they are doing now, either in the
    could not help but feel a tinge of sadness.                                                                        classroom or in retirement? See page
                                                               “A big focus of the board has been making it easy       6 for new Member Connection feature
    “What a great ride,” Tom said. “It’s almost a              for alumni to reconnect. Some people prefer to          – My favorite professor – where are
    letdown knowing we don’t have that excuse to get           connect through a community group, while others         they now? please contact Jennifer
    back to campus four times a year. It was great to          prefer an event like Alumni Weekend or the              clark at or
    get reconnected and to gain new perspectives on            Bicentennial. There are a multitude of avenues
                                                                                                                       513-529-1388 if you have a special
    Miami and higher education in general. We’re               out there for alumni who are looking for a way
                                                                                                                       professor you would like included in a
    going to continue making a point of getting back           or reason to reconnect.”
                                                                                                                       future issue of Member Connection.
    to campus a couple times a year.”
                                                               One such event is Miami’s Winter College
    Like many alumni, the Mareks had admittedly                program, which the Mareks have attended over the        are you a Miami Merger and if so,
    grown distant from alma mater prior to the start           past several years. Other similar events that bring     did you receive your Miami
    of Tom’s term on the alumni board. Previously              Miami alumni and faculty together include Alumni        Merger Valentine this year?
    heeding the old warning that “You can never go             Weekend’s Alumni College program and the new            if not, contact nicki russell at
    back,” the couple quickly realized just what they          One Day U program, which is scheduled to make  to request
    had been missing.                                          its debut in the Chicago area this fall.                your merger Valentine. also, if
                                                                                                                       you would like to tell your merger
                                                               “Both Dottie and I are big advocates of the Winter
    “Sometimes you can’t go back,” tom said.                                                                           story for the Miami Merger web
                                                               College and Alumni College formats,” Tom said.
                                                                                                                       page, please submit it to nicki
    “if you go back to the old neighborhood, the               “You can’t help but be impressed by the professors
                                                                                                                       at the above address. go to
                                                               who come in to teach the classes. The Miami
    houses are smaller than you remembered, the                                                               to
                                                               welcoming staff and the other alumni who attend
                                                                                                                       read stories from other Miami Mergers.
    sidewalks are narrower, and things just aren’t             make these events a first-class experience.”

    the same. it’s very pleasant to come back to               Whether staying connected with frequent visits to
                                                               Oxford or by participating in events like Alumni
    Miami and realize that it actually exceeds your
                                                               Weekend and Winter College, Tom and Dottie do
    expectations. It’s still a first-class place, and          not plan on letting their connection to alma mater
                                                               slip away again.
    we’ve been reaffirmed that we made a great

    choice when we chose Miami.”                               “If you haven’t been back in awhile, come back and
                                                               get reconnected,” Tom said. “As much as Miami
    As Miami approaches its bicentennial year and the          has changed and will continue to change, you still
    alumni board turns its focus toward drawing alumni         get that same great feeling when you’re coming up
    back to campus for the year-long celebration, Tom          the hill on 73 and into Oxford.”
    applauds the university and current board members

    in thiS iSSue...

              Member Spotlight                             campus planning                     My favorite professor              campus construction
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     MeMber Spotlight

     David Dafoe `84
     If the taste of success is indeed sweet, then few people                                    serving on the North Quad programming board
     are better equipped to savor it than David Dafoe `84.                                       and the Parents’ Weekend board.

     Armed with an outgoing personality, eight years of                                          “Miami sprung me from my shell,” Dafoe said.
     experience in the flavor industry, and acute senses                                         “From a self-realization standpoint, Miami helped
     of taste and smell, Dafoe founded Pro-Liquitech                                             me become the outgoing, try-anything businessman
     International in 1992. Under his leadership and                                             I am today.”
                                                                 armed with an outgoing
     a management style that has allowed creativity to
     flourish, the Louisville, Ky., company has emerged          personality, eight years        Dafoe became disillusioned with the medical
     as a leader in the food and beverage industry.                                              profession as a senior and went home after
                                                                of experience in the flavor
                                                                                                 graduation to sort things out. A friend encouraged
     Of course before he could begin his path to success,       industry, and acute senses       him to put his degree to work and helped him apply
     Dafoe, who arrived on Miami’s campus as a freshman         of taste and smell, dafoe        for his first job with Fries & Fries, a flavor company
     in 1980, first had to work up the courage to ask                                            in Cincinnati. During the interview, he discovered
     directions to the dining hall.                               founded Pro-Liquitech          his real talent.
                                                                  international in 1992.
     “When I arrived at Miami, I was very young from a                                           “They had me take a test and found out that I had
     maturity standpoint,” Dafoe recalls. “I was very shy.”     under his leadership and         this ability to really discern between flavors,” Dafoe
                                                                a management style that          said. “I can smell a flavor chemical and tell you what
     Dafoe, who chose Miami because it was far enough                                            it is and what it goes with. They taught me to take
     from his home in Cincinnati to get away but close           has allowed creativity to
                                                                                                 those chemicals, build them into a recipe, and 20-25
     enough to keep his job, moved into Dennison Hall as        flourish, the Louisville, Ky.,   chemicals later you have an apple flavor, or a beef
     a freshman. On his own for the first time, he was so                                        flavor … anything you can think of.”
                                                                company has emerged as
     timid it took him three days to locate the dining hall.
                                                                 a leader in the food and        After three years at Fries & Fries, Dafoe spent the
     “As it turned out, the cafeteria was directly under my                                      next five years at Brown-Forman Corporation. There
                                                                    beverage industry.
     room, but I couldn’t see it from there,” Dafoe said.                                        he developed 10 products, including the popular Jack
     “I was too shy to ask anyone where it was, so                                               Daniels Country Cocktails line, before starting his
     I just went uptown to eat. It made perfect                                                  own company. Today, Pro-Liquitech develops flavors
     sense at the time.”                                                                         and products for clients in more than 15 countries.
     Over the next four years, Dafoe                                                             Despite his success, Dafoe, a lifetime member of
     underwent a remarkable                                                                      Miami’s Alumni Association, has not forgotten from
     transformation. A zoology major                                                             where he came. He continues to support Miami
     with medical school aspirations,                                                            in a variety of roles, including as a panelist for the
     he was active on campus, including                                                          entrepreneurship program, a member of the alumni
                                                                                                 admission recruitment network, and a member of
                                                                                                 the College of Arts and Science alumni board.

                                                                                                 “When an institution profoundly changes who you
                                                                                                 are, it’s impossible to ignore the feeling of wanting
                                                                                                 to give back,” Dafoe said. “If someone asks me to
                                                                                                 do something for Miami, I do it.”

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                                              career corner

   We Want to                                 2008 Career Forecast

                                                                                                                            Career Corner
   Hear From You!                             Looking at the career year ahead
                                              There is some good news and bad news          knows what might spark your
                                              regarding career searches in 2008.            imagination? For more information,
                                                                                            see the feature article on page 7.
                                              Let’s start with the bad news. At least
                                              in the first half of 2008, indications are    CareerSearch is the online database that
                                              that it could be a difficult job market.      allows the user to search for organizations
                                              With 2007 ending with record-high             based on industry, geographic location,
                                              unemployment and hiring trending              and a number of other parameters. Once

                                              flat or even down, 2008 may not be the        you find your targets, you can view news,
       hello, my name is andrea west          year to quit your job while hoping your       competitors, and other information
                                              dream job is around the corner. As cor-       that gives you a clear picture of
   and i am the membership coordinator.
                                              porations watch the economy, they are         the organization.
   i process all of the membership            more likely to be cautious about who they
                                              hire and what they are willing to offer.      The Online Library Databases, through
   applications and answer any of your                                                      the Miami University Libraries, are not
   membership questions. please feel                                                        only a resource for researching careers

                                              So, you may ask, what is the good news?
                                              This lull offers those considering a career   but also a great resource for keeping up
   free to contact me anytime.                                                              with your current industry. The Business
                                              change the opportunity to explore their
                                              options and be ready for when the             Source Alumni Edition alone offers trade
                  –andrea weSt `00
                                              employment market is back on its feet.        publications, industry reports, market
                                              And the good news is that as a member         research reports, and company profiles.
   direct line: 513-529-9939
                                              of the Miami University Alumni                As an added bonus, when you need a
   toll free: 1-866-MUaLUMS (682-5867)
                                              Association, you have a number of             break, there are many popular magazines
                                              benefits to aid you in that preparation.      in the database. And don’t forget your
                                              Here are my top suggestions:                  access to the Wall Street Journal through
                                                                                            the Miami University Libraries.
                                              First, have you been wondering what
                                              careers fit your personality and your         And finally, there are the wonderful
     conteSt winnerS                          interests? You can take the two career        Miami communities in the Miami Career
                                                                                            Network and LinkedIn. Networking
                                              assessments through AdvisorTeam to
                                              help you discover what others, with           with individuals who are in careers you
     Congratulations to Cindy
                                              similar interests and preferences, find       find interesting is an invaluable source
     Oswald `82 applied Science               as rewarding careers and then view            of information.
     graduate from plain city, ohio           information regarding those careers.
                                                                                            So please take advantage of these
     who was the lucky winner of              Next, the Vault Online Career Library         opportunities and the wealth of resources
     a $50 Working advantage                  has downloadable books on more than           available to dues-paying members and do
                                              20 industry career options, 10 books of       some career exploring as we ride out the
     gift certificate.
                                              industry employer guides, and profiles of     beginning of 2008. Everything can be
                                              more than 50 specific careers providing       found through the Careers tab at
     Congratulations to Ryann                 information from those in the field. Have
     Herman `05 who won a 12-day,             There is also a message board to ask          fun in your exploration
     all expenses-paid trip to Italy’s city   questions regarding careers or employers.     – who knows what
                                                                                            you’ll find?!
     treasures - Venice, Florence, and        Vocation Vacations offers ‘vocationers’
     rome (valued at $2,199.00 per            a chance to test drive their dream job.
                                              Have you wondered what it’s like to be
     person by go ahead tours) from           an Alpaca rancher or a bed and breakfast      Marmor `80
     personal Vacation club.                  owner? Have you had an itch to pack           Assistant Director
                                              it all in and buy a vineyard? Vocation        for Alumni
     It pays to be a dues-paying member       Vacations offers an up-close and realistic    Career Services
     – watch for more opportunities to win    view of these vocations, allowing you to
                                              decide if they are right for you. Check
     valuable prizes.
                                              out the more than 130 vocations – who

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                            The Miami University Campus Meets
                            Emerging Needs through Careful Planning

     When Miami University completed                   to have larger restrooms and elevators, more
     construction of Withrow Court in 1931,            classroom capacity, and increased accessibility.
     it was said that the facility would fulfill the   Other factors include emerging telecom-
     physical education, intramural, and               munication and data technologies, and the
     intercollegiate athletic needs of Miami’s         addition of air conditioning to all Miami’s
     students for the next 100 years.                  buildings. These changing demands also
                                                       have placed greater strain on the university’s
     In about two-thirds that time, Withrow            infrastructure, requiring the addition of a
     Court underwent two additions, Millett Hall       new chiller plant and the tripling of Miami’s
     was constructed, the 160,000 square foot          electrical capacity.
     Recreational Sports Center was built, and
     the original natatorium and ice arena were
     both built and replaced. Influenced by the        “The average first-year student
     evolving needs of students, the emergence
     of new technologies, and even federal             today brings 19 electrical devices
     legislation, change on a college campus
     is a given that requires constant planning.       that need to be plugged in or

     “Through my experience as a campus plan-          recharged,” keller noted “when
     ner and my research of the history of this
     campus, I’ve realized that a master plan          i was in school, you maybe had
     doesn’t cause change,” said Bob Keller `73.
     “Change happens regardless. A good campus         a coffee warmer and a radio.”
     plan helps you manage that change and
     strive toward specific goals.”                    Recognizing the changing times, Miami’s
                                                       most recent round of campus planning began
     From 1955-75, the most explosive period of
                                                       in April 2001 with a series of workshops that
     growth in Miami’s history, more than three
                                                       sought input from a broad cross section of
     million square feet of new educational and
                                                       the campus community. Hosted by Miami’s            building boom that started in the 1950s and
     general space were added to campus. While
                                                       Division of Planning and Construction, the         add 45 years to that, we’re at a time when all
     Miami’s growth has returned to normal
                                                       workshops inspired a planning process that         the buildings constructed during the most
     levels since that time, the campus continues
                                                       involves decision-makers from across the           expansive period in our university’s history
     to expand for reasons that go beyond
                                                       campus. That ongoing process has led to            need to be renovated or replaced.”
     the obvious.
                                                       the development of a dynamic master
                                                       plan document.                                     Two other issues that were addressed during
     “When people hear about all the renovations
                                                                                                          planning included the need for a long-term
     and construction projects, the first thing
                                                       According to Keller, the construction surge        home for the School of Engineering and
     they ask is whether enrollment is increasing,”
                                                       in the years following World War II actually       Applied Science (SEAS) and the need to
     Keller said. “Enrollment isn’t increasing. A
                                                       played an important role in necessitating          upgrade Goggin Ice Arena to meet current
     lot of new services have been added, and it
                                                       the new master plan.                               student demands and building codes. A
     just takes more space to do the same things
                                                                                                          breakthrough came with the decision to
     we’ve always done.”                               “Based on what we’ve observed over the life        deconstruct Goggin and relocate it, clearing
                                                       of campus, a building needs to be renovated        space for a new academic quad with Pearson
     One of the driving factors behind the in-
                                                       to meet modern standards or replaced about         Hall at its southeast corner.
     creased need for space is the Americans with
                                                       every 45 years. When you consider the
     Disabilities Act, which requires buildings

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                                                                 Miami’s University’s Oxford campus consists of 187 buildings spread out over 2,368 acres.
                                                   this aerial photo was taken from the southeast corner of campus, where u.S. highway 27 enters oxford.

   The new quad, located closer to the original          one roof. The 210,000 square foot structure         ing those from the engineering, operations,
   academic center, features a new psychology            is scheduled for completion in spring 2009.         and finance divisions. According to Keller,
   building, completed in August 2006, and                                                                   however, the important work of maintaining
   the new SEAS building, completed in spring            Meanwhile, renovations are sweeping the             a campus that fits Miami’s academic mission
   2007. Miami’s new Goggin Ice Center was               campus, affecting such prominent facilities as      without surrendering its beauty and charm,
   completed in July 2006 between the Recre-             Alumni Hall, Hall Auditorium, King Library,         is more than enough motivation.
   ational Sports Center and Phillips Hall.              McGuffey Hall, Hughes Laboratories, Yager
                                                         Stadium, and Presser Hall. Plans also are           “The pressure is on us to maintain this great
   Other new projects conceived during the               under consideration for a new student center        campus we’ve inherited. We are appreciative
   planning phase included the construction              and for the rehabilitation of an aging block of     of the characteristics that make Miami a
   of the university’s first parking garage and          residence halls.                                    special place, and it’s our job to protect and
   first apartment-style student housing, both                                                               enhance those qualities while preserving
   on south campus. A new Farmer School of               The constant planning and regular stream            them for future generations of Miamians.”
   Business is being built at the former site of         of construction projects have put a strain on
   Reid Hall and will bring all of the business          Keller’s staff of architects, interior designers,   Robert Keller `73
   school’s departments, currently spread out            facility planners, and graphic designers, as        University Architect and Campus Planner
   between Laws Hall and Upham Hall, under               well as upon important contributors, includ-

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      Miami Member

      M Y faVo r i t e p ro f e S S o r – w h e r e a r e t h e Y n ow ?

      Tom Speh`66
      Speh’s Loyalty Reaps Rewards for Miami Students
      Tom Speh `66 has the best job in the              attend Miami because his best friend’s
      world. Just ask him.                              sister spoke so highly of her experience
                                                        in Oxford. What he found was an
      “If you want to do something meaningful           experience that transformed him.
      with your life, I don’t know how much
      more meaningful you can get,” Speh said.
                                           “I have terrific memories of six to eight
      “You get to be around bright, young people
                                           professors who really had an impact
      who are fun to be around yet eager to learn.
                                           on me,” Speh said. “I can actually still
      It’s so rewarding. I don’t feel like I’ve ever
                                           remember specific classes, not courses
      worked a day in my life.”            but specific days in a specific classroom,
                                                              that left a permanent
      “if you want to do something meaningful with your impression on me.
                                                              Educators like that
      life, i don’t know how much more meaningful you influenced me to
                                                              become an educator.”
      can get,” Speh said. “You get to be around bright,
      young people who are fun to be around yet eager                        Speh earned both his   mentor. Perhaps his best known class
                                                                             undergraduate degree   is the final session of his Logistics
      to learn. it’s so rewarding. i don’t feel        like i’ve ever in marketing and his          Management course, in which he sets
                                                                             M.B.A. from Miami.
      worked a day in my life.”                                              He was working as an
                                                                                                    aside the technical talk for a day to
                                                                                                    instead share a little wisdom.
                                                                             instructor at Miami
      Speh, the James Evans Rees Distinguished           when a friend convinced him to pursue      “I came up with 16 words that related
      Professor of Distribution in Miami’s               his Ph.D. in what was then known as        to things that were important in my life,”
      Farmer School of Business, arrived on              physical distribution at Michigan State.   Speh said. “An example is the word
      Miami’s campus as an undergraduate in              The physical distribution field would      ‘balance’. A lot of people are miserable
      the fall of 1962. Other than a five-year           evolve into supply chain management,       in life because they can’t balance their
      period when he pursued his doctoral                which Speh describes as the process of     job, their family, and their interests. It’s
      degree at Michigan State University and            moving and storing raw materials and       important to identify what’s important
      worked a stint at the University of                then finished goods until a product is     in your life.”
      Alabama, he never really left.                     at its final destination.
                                                                                                    While Speh admits the idea may have
      “It’s a combination of factors,” Speh said        Honored in October with the                 seemed “a little nuts” at first, it has
      of his loyalty to alma mater. “It’s Miami’s       Distinguished Service Award by the          received rave reviews.
      tradition of excellence. It’s the tradition of    Council of Supply Chain Management
      undergraduate education here. We don’t            Professionals (CSCMP), Speh has             “People still come up and say that last
      just talk about undergraduate education,          enjoyed an impressive career in the         class is the best they’ve attended. I had
      we actually deliver. And the people are           field. He has presided over both the        a student call me a year later and say
      great. Miami just does it right.”                 CSCMP and the Warehousing Education         he still remembered all 16 words, and
                                                        Research Council (WERC) and is the          another student who wrote down all 16
      The fact that Speh, a leading authority on        only American working on a European         words and put them on her refrigerator
      supply chain management, has remained             Union project identifying best practices    for her roommates to learn. The students
      devoted to teaching at his alma mater finds       for logistics.                              take from it what they want.”
      its roots in his own undergraduate
      experience. A self-described “horrendous”         Despite his professional demands,           It is just another day not at work for a
      high school student, Speh decided to              Speh remains a committed teacher and        great educator.

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        photo albuM:                 Campus Construction
        work on the new north campus parking garage is
        well underway. the underground facility, located
        to the north of the new School of engineering and
        applied Science complex will feature a landscaped
        plaza on top and parking for more than 450 cars
        underground. (1,2,3)
        Miami ‘s new farmer School of business building,
        which is being constructed at the former site of
        reid hall, is making rapid progress toward its May
        2009 completion date. the basement slab for the
        210,000 square foot building is already more than
        half poured and the structural steel framework
        has already reached the third floor in some levels.
        when completed, it will house all six departments
        of the famer School of business. (4,5,6)                                                            1                                          3

                                                     4                                           5                                                     6

   MeMber benefit update

   Vocation Vacations Offer a Glimpse of Something Better
   While working that same old 8-to-5 may                “They have those for college students, but I           with animals and non-profit work. According
   provide financial security, many Americans            didn’t have time for a full internship. I just         to Kurth, 75 percent of his clients, ages 18 to
   yearn for more from their careers.                    wanted an internship that lasted less than a           80, are seeking serious career changes, while
                                                         week that I could do during my vacation time.”         the remaining 25 percent are curiosity
   Unfortunately, the adventure of exploring                                                                    seekers who are often retired.
   new job frontiers is often outweighed by the          An idea was born for Kurth, but it would be
   risks of jeopardizing one’s financial security.       five years before the bursting of the          “We have a number of success stories, but
   Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to           bubble drove him to follow through on his              there are also people who find out their
   test drive a new career without the risk?             brainchild. Today, Vocation Vacations offers           dream job isn’t what they thought it would
                                                         more than 130 careers through almost 300               be. That’s valuable too,” Kurth said. “We
   That is what Vocation Vacations, founded              mentors nationwide. The typical Vocation               look at it as an investment in your future.
   by entrepreneur and author Brian Kurth in             Vacation lasts two or three days, with the             It’s due diligence that gets you back on the
   2004, is all about. Kurth, whose former life          “vocationer” working one-on-one and getting            task of the pursuit of happiness.”
   paralleled that of the comic strip character          first-hand experience with a mentor who
   Dilbert, came up with the idea in the midst           already works in the chosen profession.                For more information on Vocation Vacations
   of his own career crisis. Daydreaming during                                                                 and its partnership with the Miami University
   one of his commutes, Kurth wondered if life           “The crux of it all is the mentorships,” Kurth         Alumni Association, visit www.MiamiAlum.
   would be more fulfilling as a wine maker or           said. “Our mentors are wildly passionate               org and select the Membership link. Dues-
   dog trainer. Unfortunately, when he took his          about what they do and want to give back by            paying members of the MUAA receive a 10
   curiosity to the internet, he could not find          helping others find their passions.”                   percent discount on their Vocation Vacations.
   what he was seeking.                                                                                         For more thoughts on finding the career
                                                         Some of the more popular vocations pursued             that’s right for you, check out Kurth’s new
   “I couldn’t find a company that would                 by clients of Vocation Vacations include those         book Test Drive your Dream Job: A Step-by-Step
   provide me with a mini-internship as a                in the culinary, fashion, entertainment, sports,       Guide to Finding and Creating the Work you Love.
   30-year old professional,” Kurth said.                and hospitality industries, as well as working

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               Miami Member

Connection                Upcoming Events...                                                                     Your Connection to Miami

                          April 19, 2008                          always enjoyable learning atmosphere           Murstein Alumni Center
                          AnnuAl MuSF TriAThlon                   of Alumni College. Pack up the whole           725 E. Chestnut St.
                                                                  family and “Follow the Red Bricks
                          The event, which raises scholarship     Home” for Alumni Weekend 2008.                 Oxford, Ohio 45056
                          dollars for Miami students, features    And, take advantage of special
                                                                                                                 Phone: 513-529-5957
                          a 400-meter swim in Miami’s Nixon       dues-paying member pricing!
                          Aquatic Center, a 20-kilometer bike     More information is available at               Toll Free: 1-866-MUALUMS
                          ride in and around Oxford, and a
                          five-kilometer run through the heart                                                   Fax: 513-529-1466
Miami Member

                          of Miami’s beautiful campus. For        April 20, 2008
                          more information, contact MUSF          MiAMi - redS dAy                               E-mail:
                          Triathlon Committee Co-Chairs                                                          Membership in the Alumni
                                                                  Mark your calendars and join Miami
                          Tricia Wellspring or Wendy Laria
                          at 513-529-1247.
                                                                  University and the Cincinnati Reds             Association provides support
                                                                  for a special day at Great American            for alumni programming and
                                                                  Ballpark. Tickets will be half price for all   services, reunion activities,
                          June 12-15, 2008                        Miami students, alumni, and faculty &
                                                                  staff when the Reds take on divisional
                                                                                                                 career networking services,
                          AluMni Weekend 2008                                                                    plus much more.
                                                                  rival Milwaukee. Along with some great
                          Alumni Weekend is for all Miami         baseball, there will be special Miami ap-
                                                                                                                 Miami University: Equal
                          University alumni, friends, and         pearances from President David Hodge,
                                                                                                                 opportunity in education and
                          families. Miami’s event of the summer   the Men’s Glee Club, and the Miami
                                                                                                                 employment. Produced by Miami
                          is highlighted by the great music,      Band. Check out
                                                                                                                 University Alumni Association,
                          food, and fun of AlumniFest and the     for the latest information and help us
                                                                                                                 03.08 8.5K BKP
                                                                  show Cincinnati our Miami Pride!

                        For membership details, visit
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