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  I, Anupam Chatterjee (09103017) , if elected for the post of the debating secretary of Hostel-3,
  propose to do the following:

   1) I will coordinate with the cult councilor and other council members and work in PAF and other

   2) I will ensure a proper fresher’s workshop for debating and other speaking events in the first
      month itself, so that freshers get a feel of debating and the knowledge about various intra-
      hostel and inter hostel debating and speaker’s events.

   3) I will organize an intra-hostel debate towards the end of August.

   4) I will ensure proper participation in all GC events, and ensure that some other participant is
      ready in case some participant is not able to come up.

   5) (USP) I will conduct regular practice sessions for all hostelites enthusiastic in debating, and
      properly coordinate with the seniors who are debaters in the hostel and get them available,
      once every two weeks. I will create a separate mailing list for the same, which includes all
      hostelites who are enthusiastic in debating and speaking.

   6) I will conduct a GD session separately, for seniors in August and October (before the companies
      start coming for interns and recruitment respectively), and for freshmen after the mid-sems
      towards the end of September.

   7) I will work in accordance with the clubs (namely Speaker's Club and Vaani) which are concerned
      with the speaking events at the institute level, and have people from the hostel participate in
      the events concerned.

   8) I will conduct two informal sessions of speaking events like JAM, extempore, radio play etc so as
      to attract the interest of enthusiastic hostelites.

   9) I will put up frequent notices on the notice board and the mailing list about the debating and
      speaking events going on in the city as well as the country so that good speakers from our hostel
      get adequate participation and exposure from the same.

   10) I will put up speech quotes (at least once per week) on the notice board.

   1) Was an organizer in the First IIT Bombay National Parliamentary Debate.
   2) Participated in regular debating sessions in the hostel and outside.
   3) Am one of the 3 participants from the Institute going for the MSRIT National debate, Bangalore.
   4) Stood second out of 12 teams in the International Debating Seminar for Schools held in CMS,
      Lucknow, and event which had international participation.

Proposed by: Pranay Bhatia
Seconded by: Tejas Suma Shyam

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