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									                                                                       Call for Proposals Form

                              WTO Public Forum
                  "Seeking Answers to Global Trade Challenges"
                              19-21 September 2011

Civil society representatives wishing to apply for a slot in the 2011 WTO Public Forum should
complete the Call for Proposals Form. The information provided in the Form will facilitate
the selection process. Please note that the number of available slots is limited. Allocation of slots
will be based on creativity, balance between the perspectives of the different panellists, and the
links of each individual proposal to the overall theme and sub-themes of this year's Forum.
Please return the filled out form by e-mail to or via fax to: (+41) 22
739 57 77 at the latest by Friday 6 May 2011. After this date no applications will be considered.

Practical Information

All slots available for this year's Public Forum will be for duration of two-hours. Interpretation
into the official WTO languages (English, French and Spanish) will be provided for all sessions.
Panels should be balanced and made up of a maximum of 4 panellists, in addition to a

Participation in the 2011 Public Forum entails all those organizing a session to provide the WTO
with an abstract of the session to be posted on the forum's site prior to the event. The abstract
should be provided well in advance of the forum in its final form, no revisions will be accepted.
The deadline for sending the abstracts is Friday 29 July 2011. In addition, a summary of the
session within two weeks following the event to include in the publication of the proceedings of
the Forum will also be requested. Final deadline for sending the summary report is Friday 14
October 2011. Please refrain from applying for a slot if you are unable to comply with both of
these requirements.

Background Information

Name of Applicant:

                      NGO                Private Sector          Government
Category              IGO                Law Firm                Academic
                      Labour Union       Journalist              Other

                                                                 Please specify,

Person(s) in charge
of organizing the


Telephone:                                         Fax Number:

Webpage address:
                      NGO briefings                 WTO Public         WTO Public
                                                    Forum:             Forum:
                         occasional                 Participation      Organized a
                         regular                                       Session

Participation in      Other Secretariat Seminars          2010             2010
WTO Activities                                            2009             2009
(please check the        none                             2008             2008
boxes accordingly)       occasional                       2007             2007
                         regular                          2006             2006
                                                          2005             2005
                                                          2004             2004
                                                          2003             2003
                                                          2002             2002
                                                          2001             2001

Please answer the following questions as completely and accurately as
  1. Title of the session:

  2. Provide a brief description of the session, including the objective(s) and relevant
     questions that will be addressed.

  3. Explain how your session relates to the overall theme of this year's Public Forum and
     more specifically to any of the sub-themes.

  4. Identify potential panellists for your session. Indicate their background (i.e., academic
     community, NGO representative, business community, government official, IGO
     representative, journalist etc...).

  5. Provide information regarding your assessment of the merits of your proposal for the
     2011 Public Forum.

  6. If you have participated in previous WTO Public Forums please explain how this
     proposal differs from past applications.


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