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									                                                                         Health Systems Financing
                                                                         Key to Universal Coverage
                                                                         International Ministerial Conference | 22 – 23 November 2010, Berlin

Health Systems Financing –
Key to Universal Coverage
International Ministerial Conference, 22 – 23 November 2010, Berlin

On 22 November 2010, Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization
(WHO), will launch the latest World Health Report 2010 in Berlin.

On this occasion, the German Federal Government, together with the WHO Director-General
and Ministers from all six WHO regions, organizes the International Conference “Health Systems
Financing – Key to Universal Coverage”. The conference will focus on the subjects addressed in
the World Health Report: fair and sustainable health systems financing and social health protec-
tion as a means to achieving universal coverage.

The Conference
What are the key challenges in achieving univer-     million people are cast into poverty each year
sal coverage? What instruments are available:        because of a lack of adequate social protection
are user fees an obstacle or a magic bullet in       in health.
the quest for universal coverage? How can
                                                     Protecting against the financial risks of ill
mechanisms such as social health insurance and
                                                     health and improving equity in access to good
taxed-based financing best be combined?
                                                     quality care is a challenge for all countries.
The conference aims to boost the exchange of         The transition towards universal coverage
experience in different settings with regard         is a lengthy and complex process. However,
to health financing and social health protection.    whereas cases of failure tend to resemble one
High-ranking decision-makers will gather to          another, success comes in a variety of forms.
discuss best practice strategies and their appli-
                                                     Through this conference, Germany is renewing
cability to different country contexts.
                                                     its commitment to this field, already demon-
The strengthening of health systems and, in          strated, for example, in its support for Interna-
particular, health financing, affects all global     tional Health Partnerships (e.g. ‘Providing for
health efforts. Achieving the health-related         Health Initiative’). Germany is dedicated and
Millennium Development Goals will not be             seeks to contribute to facilitating a broader
possible without the strategic strengthening         political exchange of successful experience
of health systems through social health protec-      and best practice.
tion. Beyond contributing to better health,
social health protection contributes to pov-         Conference secretariat:
erty alleviation: it is unacceptable that over 100

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