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                                                 UDC is helping to fill the gap in Health Resources

   A Career as a                                              Health
                                                                  by B. Michelle Harris McQureerir

        magine a career that never goes out of style.         uate levels. Contact Marian Smith at 202-274-6333           Practical Nursing to take the exam to become a Li-
        When you look at want ads, what positions             (msmith@udc.edu) or Andrea Seymour at 202-274-              censed Practical Nurse (LPN). Also, one can train to
        scream out at you? You may see an abundance of        6338 (aseymour@udc.edu) of the Office of Recruit-             earn a certificate as a Nursing Assistant. Contact Susie
        ads for nurses, nursing assistants, medical radiol-   ment and Admissions to get answers to questions you         Cato at 202-274-6954.
ogists, health inspectors, and other health professionals.    have about applying for study at UDC.
President Barack Obama has proclaimed that he will                                                                        Medical Radiology
work to improve the U.S. health care system. To help          Nursing                                                         Medical Radiologists are cornerstones of modern
him reach this goal, the University of the District of            There is a shortage of nurses in this country. To       medicine. How many times have you or your loved
Columbia (UDC) has several health and social service          meet demands, the Nursing Program of UDC is con-            ones had to get a “scan” or an ultrasound? Medical ra-
programs of study.                                            stantly expanding. The Department of Nursing and Al-        diologists get to work with people even before the per-
     This month’s column will cover selected health-re-       lied Health offers both associate and bachelor degrees.      son is born: ultrasounds are standard fare for pregnant
lated programs of study at UDC. This university is your       The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AASN)          women. Mammograms have saved the lives of many
university, whether you are a high school student look-       Program prepares students for eligibility to obtain a li-   women by helping to identify breast cancer. With the
ing for an exciting and relevant career or if you are a       cense as a registered nurse. The RN-to-BSN Program          high rate of heart disease and other medical condi-
young or mature adult who wants to make a difference           prepares registered nurses to be leaders in the field and    tions in our communities that could be discovered and
in your community.                                            to enroll in graduate study in nursing. Call Dr. JoAnne     treated through medical imaging, earning an AAS de-
     For additional information, visit the UDC web-           Joyner at 202-274-5916 for more information.                gree in Medical Radiology can make a difference. Call
site at www.udc.edu. You can search the course catalog            Separate from the AASN and BSN Programs are             Professor McDonald Kpadeh (pronounced Pahday) at
available online for details on programs that offer cer-       certificate programs. One can earn a Certificate for          202-274-5882.
tificates or degrees at the associate, bachelor, and grad-
42 ★ East of the River | February 2009
Respiratory Therapy                                    opers, and quality control professionals, to name
     Asthma, sleep apnea, and other respiratory        a few areas of the field. Call Dr. Akinbola Olowo-
conditions affect African Americans in urban ar-        foyeku at 202-274-5894 for more information.
eas at very high rates. Respiratory therapists treat       Separate from the Nutrition and Food Sci-
people of all ages, including premature babies and     ence Program is training for the Food Handlers
seniors who live at home or in long-term care in-      Certificate Program. This three-day training is
stitutions. Respiratory therapists played impor-       offered throughout the year. Arrangements can
tant roles in treating survivors of the inhalation     be made by individuals or organizations for dates
anthrax terrorist attack of 2001. Call Professor       and times. Contact Eugene Williams at 202-
Susan Lockwood (202-274-5925) to learn more            274-7013 for more information.
about opportunities to become a professional in
the field of respiratory therapy.                       Environmental Science
                                                           “Go green,” is the mantra of the Former
Mortuary Science                                       Vice-President Al Gore who won a Nobel Peace
    As long as people are born, there will be          Prize for heralding the need to conserve the re-
people who die. Morticians have so many op-            sources of our world. President Obama promised
tions. When I was a student at Howard D.               that he would promote “green” energy. The UDC
Woodson High School, a classmate shared with           Environmental Science Program offers the BS
me that she wanted to attend college to earn a         degree in Environmental Science and the AAS
degree in mortuary science. I lost contact with        degree in Water Quality and Marine Science.
my classmate, but if she had earned her degree,        Call Dr. Mohamed Elhelu at 202-274-5932 for
she may be directing her own funeral home. On          more information on this growing field.
the other hand, she could be a forensic scientist
who helps determine the cause of death of vic-         Other Health-Related Profession
tims of crimes as well as natural causes. Finally,         Other programs at UDC that touch directly
if she had earned a medical degree, she could          or indirectly on health are: The names and tele-

                                                                                                                           ★ ★ ★
be a medical examiner in the spirit of “Quincy,”       phone numbers of program contacts are in paren-
“Dr. G.,” or CSI of television fame. Dr. Vincent       theses: The Graduate Program in Cancer Biology
E. Hill, former Assistant Chief Medical Exam-          (Kim Fenwick, 202-274-5004); Undergraduate
iner of Washington, DC, graduated from UDC             and Graduate Programs in Speech-Language                          the district BEAT
with an AAS degree in Mortuary Science. Dr.            Pathology (Dr. Angela Bradford-Wainwright,
Hill is currently Adjunct Professor of Mortuary        202-274-5546); Undergraduate Program in
                                                                                                                         by Gabriel Pacyniak
Science at the university.                             Social Work (Chairperson: Dr. Shiela Harmon
    Call Professor Robert Dean (202-274-5858)          Martin (202-274-7403); Undergraduate Pro-
for more information.                                  gram and Graduate Programs in Clinical Psy-           every month.
                                                       chology and Counseling (Chairperson: Dr. Eu-               read it.
Nutrition                                              gene Johnson, 202-274-7406); the Pre-Medical,             be informed.
    We now know that good nutrition lowers a           Pre-Dental, and Pre-Pharmacy Programs (Dr.
person’s risk for many chronic diseases, includ-       Cecil Ramsundar, 202-274-5883).
ing coronary heart disease, stroke, some types of
cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Nutrition is       Home-Grown Health Professionals
also an important component of a young person’s            You can make a difference in the health of
ability to learn, the health of an unborn baby and     your families and your communities. Studies
maintaining a healthy weight.                          show that health disparities can be decreased
    Americans are becoming more of what                when health care providers have a deep under-
they should eat, but a gap remains between             standing of the culture and challenges of the
knowledge and action. For example, the                 people they serve. What better way to elevate
CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance              the health of those who live east of the Anacos-
System indicates that only 27% of women                tia River than by encouraging both young and
and 19% of men eat the recommended five                 older individuals from Far Northeast/Southeast
or more servings of fruits and vegetables              to enter the health care field? I chose to enter
each day. Becoming a trained nutritionist              health care years ago when I discovered that
is an important and useful career. Dr. Pre-
ma Ganganna (202-274-5516) can answer
                                                       most of the health care providers I encountered
                                                       in my adopted Boston community did not rep-
                                                                                                                 Animal Clinic of Anacostia
questions about the Dietetics Program that             resent the community. Patients actually thanked
will qualify one to obtain certification as a           me for choosing to work with them. You, too,
registered dietitian.                                  can make a difference in your community. Con-          Candace A. Ashley, DVM
                                                       tact UDC today.                                            20 years of serving Capitol Hill
Food Science                                                                                                       (minutes from Capitol Hill & Southwest
    Salmonella in peanut butter! Who will help         B. Michelle Harris, PhD, MPH, RD, is Assistant                      via 11th Street Bridge)
families protect themselves against this and other     Professor at the University of the District of Co-
                                                       lumbia. Her focus is public and community health        2210 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE
food-borne illnesses? Food scientists are in great
demand. Those who are trained at UDC are pre-          through education, information, and research. Con-            202.889.8900
pared to work as food research specialists, food       tact her at bharris@udc.edu . Visit the UDC website
                                                                                                             American Express, MasterCard, Visa & Discover accepted
technologists, health inspectors, product devel-       at www.udc.edu. ★
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