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March 05 Newsletter P


Desert Oracle
A Member Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America

                                                                March 2005 Vol. 7 Issue #03

                                  The Banner Wheelchair Suns
                              Coaches Dan Ferrieia and Gary Venjohn

       Friday night at South Mountain Community College, the Suns opened the
       weekend tournament with the number one ranked Dallas Mavericks. The Suns
       this season have had some absolutely brilliant moments on the court, but have
       yet to put together a complete game. The goal for this game is to begin to
       erase the gap between the two teams.                     Continued on pgs 10-11
                           Arizona Chapter,
                    Paralyzed Veterans of America

Executive Director/ Editor
Joe Stanislawski
                                                    In This Issue
Administrative Assistant                      ♦   Board of Directors…….………..….…….pg. 2
Patricia Stiles
                                              ♦   Letter from the President…….....….… 3
Government Relations Director
Michael Roberts, MS
                                              ♦   Note from the Executive Director…...….pg. 4
Development Director
Mara Rasmussen                                ♦   Government Relations Director…….… 5
National Director
                                              ♦   MS Corner………....……..………… 6
Gordon H. Moye
Officers                                      ♦   NSO Corner..….…...……………….… 7
Peter R. Quinn, President
Benjamin Garcia, Vice President               ♦   Clinical Reminders…………………...….pg. 8
Earl K. Lulloff, Secretary
David L. Riske, Treasurer
                                              ♦   2005 Disability EXPO………………… 9
Board of Directors
John Tuzzolino                                ♦   Wheelchair Banner Suns……….....pp. 10-11
Brad Lang
John Lawrence                                 ♦   Amy Rocker……………………….… 11
Steve Lusby
Dan Koston                                    ♦   Budget Proposal……...…………….....pp. 12
Guerry Dalrymple
Art Hardy                                     ♦   The Independent Budget……...…… 13
Hospital/ Services Coordinator
Joe Stanislawski                              ♦   Social Security information……… 14
PVA National Service Office                   ♦   Arizona Diamond Back Tickets…...... pg. 15
Jean M. Dougherty, Sr. NSO
Ronald Heard, Sr. NSO                         ♦   Classifieds………………………... Pp. 17-19
Jacqueline Berkshire, Secretary
                                              ♦   Birthdays…………………...……...Back page
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                                         Page 2
                  Message from Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

                     MOVING ARIZONA FORWARD – YES, WE CAN!

The freedoms Americans enjoy today are the legacy of the millions of veterans who have bravely
served our nation's armed forces. Arizona is deeply grateful to the thousands of Arizonans who
are currently serving and the more than 600,000 veterans who call our state home. That is why it
is particularly painful to me that the recent 2006 federal budget proposal fails to take care of
those who have worked so hard for our country.
This proposal endangers critical services veterans depend on. It cuts health care for many veter-
ans, raises prescription drug co-pays, charges a new $250 health care enrollment fee for some
veterans, and seeks to completely eliminate the Veterans Millennium Healthcare and Benefits
Act. All told, more than 2.2 million veterans will see an increase of $2 billion in costs over five
years if Congress accepts the proposal.
Many veterans will be priced out of these programs and forced to enroll in the state Medicaid
program, which will put yet another financial burden on state and local governments. Much of
the funding for state veteran homes would also be cut, further straining municipalities and jeop-
ardizing veterans' care and wellbeing.
While the federal government undoubtedly needs to reduce its deficit and escalating debt, slash-
ing vital programs for veterans is not the solution. The federal government has an obligation to
properly fund these services that matter most to Americans, especially those who have served our
country so honorably.
Here in Arizona, we're doing our part for veterans.
We're working to protect Arizona's military bases and installations from shutting down. As Gov-
ernor, I'm determined to preserve the thousands of military and civilian jobs here in Arizona, as
well as the billions of dollars these military bases bring to our economy.
We're working to open a second State Veteran's Home in Southern Arizona, and acquiring the
land necessary for a Veteran's Cemetery in Northern Arizona. As a state, we must also continue
to support the ongoing public-private partnerships that create places for homeless veterans to
live, to heal and to find work.
We cannot move Arizona forward by leaving veterans behind. Please join me in supporting our
veterans by sending a clear message to the federal government: Reconsider your budget cuts, and
meet your obligation to those who served.

                                               Page 3
                      Letter From The President
                                                                                                                        By Peter R. Quinn

 Inside this issue is a letter from our                                                                         The Chapter
Governor. It spells out in plain English                                                                        will be doing
what our elected officials intend to do. For                                                                    multiple
those of you who found the time, C-Span                                                                         mailings in
had the Veteran’s Committee on asking                                                                           the near
questions of the VA Secretary, Mr.                                                                              future. One
Nichols. After this display of evading                                                                          will include
specific questions about the VA                                                                                 letters to
Discretionary Spending Budget, one could                                                                        your federal
see why Mr. Anthony Principi was no                                                                             elected officials to request an increase to
longer at his job. Definitely anyone asking                                                                     the VA Healthcare Budget. The second
for additional funds for this country’s                                                                         is for By-laws and an informational
veterans will have a short career in this                                                                       pamphlet for possible benefits. We do
Administration. If you had the tenacity to                                                                      not endorse this company; it is up to you
stay awake longer, you would have heard                                                                         to decide on this company’s validity.
Mr. Nichols mention how even category 4
veterans may have to lose benefits. If you                                                                      Thank you and God Bless
lie down and accept this budget, you only
then need to find out how your local
elevated officials will get the needed cash
out of you. Which will it be; a gas tax,
property tax, or even a full sales tax on                                                                       ….………...Peter R. Quinn
everything you buy? Also as the Governor
points out, our State Veteran nursing
homes will not be available to people who
fought at Iwo Jima, Normandy, or who
survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. They
made it home, what could possibly be
owed to them?

 The state has been told to expect a new
cut in Medicaid of about a billion dollars
over the next ten years. That is an average
loss of one hundred million each year. The
good news is if they cut the Social Security
to the permanently disabled veterans, who
are no longer receiving services from the
VA, they will be eligible for state services.
For those of you still reading, that means
more money out of your pocket.

                                                Page 4
                                 By Michael Roberts MS

The Chapter has been quite busy this last                                                                         to put forth a more hu-
month primarily in its legislative endeavors.                                                                     man side to what is
As some of you may know, Christopher                                                                              currently being
Smith (R -NJ), former Chairman of the                                                                             debated on. When I
House Committee on Veterans Affairs was                                                                           return I will need to
replaced by Stephen Buyer (R-IN). Even                                                                            have volunteers from
though Buyer ranks fourth in seniority on                                                                         our membership to put
Veterans Affairs, behind Reps. Christopher                                                                        forth our needs
Smith (R.-NJ), Michael Bilirakis (R-FL) and                                                                       consecutively with
Terry Everett (R-AL), he appeared to be the                                                                       national PVA and the
majority's decision based on his GOP                                                                              Chapter's message in
leadership ranking rather than his seniority.                                                                     order to ensure that
In his first few days as Committee Chair,                                                                         our elected officials
Buyer said, “I want to modernize the system.                                                                      truly know our position! Please call or go to
I am not a defender of bloated                                                                                    the Chapter office and let me know how
bureaucracies.” Buyer then went on by                                                                             much time and effort the Chapter can expect
saying, “Some of the veterans service                                                                             from you. Our voice needs to be heard and
organizations, they are having this belief that                                                                   the Chapter can deliver it only if we have
everyone should have open access to the                                                                           personal stories and members that have
VA system, when in fact I believe that the VA                                                                     been affected by the VA health care delivery
system should follow its core constituency                                                                        system. Our local VA medical centers need
and the intent of Congress when we laid out                                                                       ongoing funding that they can expect
our priorities, and that was in fact to take                                                                      annually in order to fund services in a man-
care of our disabled and indigent veterans                                                                        ner in which our members need.

Now, I don't know about you, but it sure
seems that this type of philosophy does not
recognize the contribution all veterans have
given to this country and is not modernizing
the system but is doing quite the contrary;
reverting back to the dark ages. It appears
that he is trying to pit one generation of
veterans against another generation. Does
it seem like we have our work cut out for us?
I think you would have to agree that the
answer is a resounding yes! What can I do?
What can the Chapter do?

I am scheduled to attend the advocacy /
legislative seminar in Washington, DC,
March 6-11, 2005. I have meetings estab-
lished to take our voice to our congressional
leaders at a very appropriate time; the
budget will be in debate during that week

                                           Page 5
MS Corner                                                                                                                                       By Benjamin Garcia

The APVA Vice President, Benjamin Garcia,

was invited to attend a photo shoot at the
ATC bus terminal.
Becky Johnson, the Quality Assurance
Specialist with ATC, made phone a call to the
Arizona Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of
America office, saying they were in need of
people to pose as passengers for the photo
shoot. This photo shoot was to show how
people with different types of mobility                                                                                          The Few, the Proud. .
impairments can use the public transportation                                                                                       The Bus Riders
system. Ms. Johnson also informed Mr.
Garcia that photos would be used for an
up-coming bus schedule, showing the
amenities provided for various types of

Benjamin informed Becky that the APVA
would be delighted to participate in the photo
shoot. The session went well, with good input
from the public, and workers of the Valley
Metro system.
The people who appeared for the photo
shooti were transported by Valley Metro to a
place where the buses are taken for service
maintenance and washing. After the photo                                                                         Left to right: Ben Garcia, Jackie Olson with
session, everyone was invited back to the                                                                        “Webster”, Debbie Heidorn, Becky Johnson, and
Valley Metro office, at First Ave. and Van                                                                       front, Jill Weilie. Hamming for the photo shoot
Buren, where they were offered lunch,
however not all took advantage of the
opportunity. This time was spent getting to
know each other, mainly on a social basis and
basically fellowshipping with one another. The
Arizona Chapter, PVA, expressed sincere ap-
preciation for being given the opportunity to
participate in the photo shoot, and is looking
forward to seeing the photos on the new bus

Until next time, happy busing.
                                                                                                                           Festive Feast at The Bus Depot
Benjamin Garcia,
APVA Vice President

                                        Page 6
NSO Corner                                                                                                                             By Jean M. Dougherty, Sr. NSO

                                                                                                                   years so much, that a

During the week of April 10-16, 2005 ,                                                                            larger room will need to
Paralyzed Veterans of America will be                                                                             be reserved. It is a very
celebrating PVA Awareness Week. This                                                                              enjoyable luncheon
year’s theme is PVA…Creating a Better                                                                             where you can meet
Tomorrow. In celebration of PVA                                                                                   other members of the AZ
Awareness Week, the National Service                                                                              Chapter and see the
Office will be having a training course on                                                                        distinguished guests that
Thursday, April 14th from 9-11 a.m. on SMC                                                                        are honored for their sup-
(special monthly compensation). This                                                                              port in PVA. The
training will be directed for the DROs                                                                            announcements will be mailed out shortly, so
(Decision Review Officers) and rating                                                                             please respond ASAP when you receive
specialists to get a better understanding on                                                                      yours.
how to rate claims that involve service-                                                                           This office is still receiving phone calls about
connected disabilities involving anatomical                                                                       the concurrent receipt payments for 100%
loss or loss of use of extremities, and in                                                                        service connected veterans. In 2003
some cases the loss of certain bodily                                                                             Congress passed a law that established a
functions. The concept of SMC is difficult                                                                        10-year phase-in for concurrent receipt, now
because of its complexity and various factors                                                                     called concurrent retirement and disability
that can affect entitlement. Hopefully, with                                                                      payments (CRDP), for military retirees with a
this extra training for the VARO staff, it will                                                                   disability rating of 50 percent to 100 percent.
have a big impact on the rating decisions                                                                         Over the 10-year period, the offset of
that we receive.                                                                                                  retirement pay with disability compensation
Immediately following the training class, the                                                                     will be eliminated.
NSO office is planning an obstacle course.                                                                        Last year Congress enacted P.L. 108-375,
With the assistance from the AZ Chapter, we                                                                       the “National Defense Authorization Act for
will be using four manual chairs in which the                                                                     FY 2005,” which included a provision that
VARO staff will try their skill to complete the                                                                   changes the legislation enacted in 2003
course. It will include maneuvering between                                                                       addressing concurrent receipt of disability
two chairs and table to simulate a restaurant,                                                                    compensation and military retirement pay.
going up an incline, dealing with rough                                                                           The provision repeals the 10-year phase-in
terrain and the dreaded issue of carpeted                                                                         for veterans with a service-connected
areas. We are also planning to have one of                                                                        disability rated 100 percent. With this
the chapter’s new buses parked in a                                                                               change, 100 percent service connected
handicap parking space to re-educate                                                                              disabled veterans should begin to draw their
people not to park in the striped areas. This                                                                     full retirement pay and disability
is to show that the whole area is needed for                                                                      compensation on January 1, 2005.
the lift to be fully operational. The goal of
this event is for the VARO employees to                                                                            However, there has been a delay in
have a better understanding of SCI, and to                                                                        payments because the Department of
be able to apply this knowledge towards                                                                           Defense (DOD) is still working out the details
future ratings.                                                                                                   on how to handle some veterans who receive
                                                                                                                  100 percent disability from the Department of
 The final day in celebration of PVA                                                                              Veterans Affairs (VA). The legislation
Awareness Week will be the Barrier Buster                                                                         excluded veterans who are recognized as
luncheon at the Sheraton Crescent hotel in                                                                        individually unemployable by the VA and
Phoenix. This event has grown over the                                                                             receive a 100 percent disability because of
                                                                                                                  their inability to obtain work.

                                                  Page 7
Clinical Reminders
                                                                                                                           By Bobbie Anderson, MSW-SCI Coordinator

AUTONOMIC DYSREFLEXIA –WHAT YOU                                                                                 ♦   A fast, major increase in
SHOULD KNOW                                                                                                         blood pressure is the
                                                                                                                    most dangerous sign of
 Autonomic Dysreflexia can be life-                                                                                 Autonomic Dysreflexia.
threatening. It requires quick and correct                                                                      ♦   A pounding headache.
action. Unfortunately, many health                                                                              ♦   Heavy sweating, espe-
professionals aren’t familiar with this                                                                             cially in your face, neck
condition. That’s why it’s important for you,                                                                       and shoulders
and the people close to you, to learn about                                                                     ♦   Flushed or reddened
it. You may have to help guide your own                                                                             skin, especially in your
treatment by ensuring that health-care                                                                              face, neck, and shoulders.
professionals are thinking about Autonomic                                                                      ♦   A feeling of tightness in your chest,
Dysreflexia when they are treating you.                                                                         ♦   flutters in your heart or chest, or trouble
What is Autonomic Dysreflexia?
It’s an abnormal response to a problem in                                                                        If I think I have Autonomic Dysreflexia,
your body below your SCI. It’s most likely to                                                                   what should I do?
occur if you have a spinal cord injury at or                                                                    1. Sit up if you are lying down. Lower your
above thoracic level 6 (T-6). Because of your                                                                   legs. This will decrease your blood pressure.
SCI, your body can’t respond properly to                                                                        2. Find and remove cause. Autonomic
signals that something is wrong. Instead,                                                                       dysreflexia usually will not go away until the
you may develop a rapid rise in your blood                                                                      cause of the problem has been corrected.
pressure. High blood pressure is a serious                                                                      • Remove supportive garments such as
medical problem which can cause a stroke                                                                              support hose and binders. Never remove
and death.                                                                                                            a brace of any kind
                                                                                                                • Check for bladder problems first
What Causes Autonomic Dysreflexia?
                                                                                                                • Check for bowel problems next
Bladder problems are the number one cause
                                                                                                                ♦ Check for skin problems
of Autonomic Dysreflexia. But any problem
below your SCI can cause this condition.                                                                         GET HELP if you can’t find the cause. Call
Everyday problems such as:                                                                                      or go to the nearest hospital, do NOT drive
♦ too tight clothing or shoes                                                                                   yourself. If you do go to the emergency
♦ appliances or braces                                                                                          room, ask if you can sit up. Lying down may
♦ extreme temperatures, or quick                                                                                make your blood pressure go up. At the
    temperature changes                                                                                         emergency room, make sure you tell the
♦ pressure sores                                                                                                staff that you think you may have autonomic
♦ sexual activity                                                                                               Dysreflexia and need immediate treatment.
♦ broken bones or other injures                                                                                 Ask to have your blood pressure checked
                                                                                                                immediately. It is very important for you to
What are the more Common Warning                                                                                realize that this is a LIFE THREATENING
Signs?                                                                                                          EMERGENCY which requires immediate
Although it’s possible to have no symptoms,                                                                     attention.
most people do. Watch for one or more of                                                                        PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SCI PROVIDER FOR
the common warning signs:                                                                                       MORE INFORMATION.

                                                                                                                Page 8
          2005 Arizona Disability EXPO
                                                                                                                                                        by Dan Koston

                                                                                                                      The expo that caught

The Third Annual “Disabilities Awareness
Exposition” was held in the Exhibition Hall at                                                                        everyone’s attention.
the Arizona Sate Fairgrounds on Thursday,                                                                             Even though I did not
January 26th. In spite of the weather, many                                                                           get a chance to test
people showed for the event. Over 100                                                                                 drive it, several of my
Exhibits from organizations that offered                                                                              close friends did and
products, services, and networking                                                                                    were highly impressed
opportunities were present. There were also                                                                           with its performance. I
Sports and Recreation, Support, and                                                                                   did try the video game
Advocacy groups.                                                                                                      arm exercise machine,
                                                                                                                      which was interesting. There was something
Representing the Arizona Chapter at our                                                                               to see or do for everyone.
booth were, Vice President, Ben Garcia,
Government Relations Director, Michael
Roberts, and Directors, Daniel Koston and
John Tuzzolino. Member Sue Wudy also
stopped at the booth for some time and was
answering some important questions that a
newly injured veteran had. We explained the
benefits of becoming an APVA member and
gave him an application. We gave out many
others during the day, along with red white
and blue wristbands, American flags, pins,
pens, brochures and magazines. We all
helped out by chatting with passers-by who                                                                                        Sue Wudy at the APVA booth
stopped to admire the pictures on display and
watch the videos we had playing of the Vet-
eran’s Wheelchair Games and other team

Despite all the preparations made to have
several team sports demonstrations held
outside, our weather dumped more than an
inch of rain during the event. Fortunately, the
inside of the building, where all the booths and
vendors were, was large enough to move the
demonstrations inside at the empty end. John
Tuzzolino demonstrated Over-The-Line with
several of his teammates and I did the same
with the Power Soccer Team. Several
disabled people enthusiastically tried both                                                                             Driving evaluators and Wheelchair Van Reps
sports for their first time. I think the Tank Chair

                                                                                    Page 9
The goal for this game is to begin to erase the
gap between the two teams. The first quarter
saw the Suns jump out quick against the
Mavericks and opened an eight point advan-
tage, due to tremendous shooting by Paul Hill
who opened the game with a three-pointer.             The fourth quarter was tough as both teams went
But at the end of the quarter, Dallas closed the      basket for basket to open the quarter. But as time
gap to a single point. The second quarter was         ticked away, the Suns were able to open up a nine
tooth and nail, as both teams worked hard for         point lead with two minutes to go. Time was on
every basket, and by the end of the half the          the Suns’ side. The Force decided that they
score was knotted at 40 – 40. In the third            needed to put guys on the line to prove them-
quarter, Dallas came out aggressive and the           selves, and prove themselves they did, as down
Suns did not, and within the first two minutes        the stretch Rob Knight hit seven of eight from the
the Suns found themselves down by eight.              charity stripe to kill off the last surge by the Force,
After a time out, the Suns adjusted to the Dal-       who hit two huge three pointers. The Suns win (81
las press, but found their arms were tired            – 69) secured an opening round game against the
when it came time to shoot and a great num-           Milwaukee Bucks at the NWBT in April. This was
ber of their shots fell short and Dallas ran out      also there next opponent.
to a twenty-five point lead. In the Fourth, the
Suns regained their composure and were able           Going into the game against the Bucks, the Suns
to break into the Dallas lead. But in the end,        were loose and focused, as they knew that a win
the undefeated Dallas Mavericks were once             against the Bucks would send the message that
again invincible, beating the Suns 94 – 66.           the team was rounding the corner and on any
This game marks the first time the Suns have          given day, the Suns could shine. With that being
kept the Mavericks away from triple digits this       said, loose turned to tight and focus went out the
season.                                               door quickly, as the Suns were under fire by a bar-
                                                      rage of Bucks buckets in the first quarter. The
On Saturday, the Suns played the most impor-          Suns were happy when the quarter ended, and
tant game of the weekend, against the Florida         considered themselves lucky to only be down by
Force. If the Suns lose this game, it gives the       eighteen (29 – 11). The second quarter started a
Force hope to steal away third place in the di-       great deal better for the Suns, as they began to
vision, thus avoiding opening the National            chip away at the lead due to the defense of Tom
Wheelchair Basketball Tournament against              Schroeder. With thirty-two seconds left in the half,
the Dallas juggernaut. The Force started out          Rob Knight hit a six footer and the lead was finally
strong, led by Canadian National Team mem-            in single digits. The Suns bench was pumped,
ber Chris Stoutenburg’s hot hand, who ended           that was until Paralympian Jeremy Lade (31
the game with fourteen points. At the end of          points) swishe a three pointer at the buzzer which
the first quarter the Force led 23 -14. The           pushed the lead to twelve (47 – 35). That shot de-
second quarter saw the Suns begin to step up          flated the Suns momentum going into the half, but
their defensive intensity and challenge the           there was still a great deal more basketball to be
open jumpers which hurt them in the first quar-       played. There was no time like the present, and
ter, but they still could not find their stroke and   twelve points can be rattled off in a matter of sec-
the Force held onto their nine point lead at          onds in Division I. The Suns came out pushing
half. Finally, in the third the Suns began to hit     strong and once again began to eat away the lead,
their shot’s and eliminated the nine point defi-      but whenever they went on a run, Dave Duerpos
cit to go into the fourth knotted at fifty-two,       (30 points) dropped a bomb from the three point
thanks to the perennial all-star Mark Shepherd        line that would crush any hope of come back by
who finished with eighteen points.

                                                  Page 10
                                                               The Business Journal
                                                             “Forty Under 40” for 2005

                                                    The Business Journal
                                                    honored “Forty Under
                                                    40” for 2005 on Thurs-
                                                    day, February 17, 2005
                                                    at the Arizona Science
the Suns. The first quarter was the differ-         Center in Phoenix,
ence maker, as the last three quarters the          Arizona.
Bucks and Suns were separated by only
two points.                                         This prestigious award
                       By Coach Dan Ferrieia        honors the up and coming leaders in the
                 Pictures courtesy Gary Venjohn     community.
                                                    This year, Ms. Amy Rocker is one of the
                                                    recipients. Amy is the Community Relations
                                                    Director with the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury
                                                    Association (AZSCIA). This recognition is very
                                                    well deserved and if you come across Amy,
                                                    please give her your hearty congratulations.
                                                    Amy evolved from a youth with learning
                                                    disabilities to a young woman doing civic work
                                                    with a thriving non-profit organization.
                                                    Since the age of 15 years old, Amy has
                                                    volunteered in various capacities which include
                                                    Scottsdale Mayor’s Youth Council to Interact, a
                                                    division of Rotary clubs, Special Olympics, and
                                                    Buddy Club peer mentor for developmentally
                                                    delayed individuals in camps and social
                                                    recreation settings.
                                                    Amy graduated from NAU with a Bachelors of
                                                    Science in Sociology in 1996.
                                                    In 2001, Amy was appointed to The City of
                                                    Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability
                                                    Issues (MCDI). She is presently the Commu-
                                                    nity Relations and Employment Co-Chair.
                                                    Amy became involved with the Arizona Spinal
                                                    Cord Injury Association in the Fall of 2002
                                                    when the Association hosted the National
                                                    Wheelchair Basketball Association
                                                    Tournament. She is a team player, hard worker
                                                    and just has a great personality. AZSCIA
                                                    admired those traits, so in January 2003, the
                                                    Association offered Amy a full-time position.
                                                    Amy has also volunteered for the APVA. The
                                                    Arizona Chapter sends Amy a big

                                                  Page 11
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                    CONTACT: David J. Uchic
February 8, 2005                                                             (202) 416-7667
                                                                             (202) 368-7633 (cell)

  Paralyzed Veterans of America Calls Administration’s Budget Proposal
 Woefully Inadequate, Forcing Some Veterans to Pay for the Health Care of
               Others by Increasing Fees and Co-payments

The release of the FY 2006 Budget request by the Administration demonstrates a callous
disregard for the services of America’s veterans and represents another attempt to place the
burden of needed funding increases on the backs of sick and disabled veterans.

“I don’t understand where their priorities are,” said Randy Pleva, national president of PVA. “At a
time when more and more service members are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan in need of
health care and when aging veterans of previous wars are turning to the VA for their medical
needs, the Administration proposes a basically flat budget with the only increases coming out of
veterans’ pockets. This is just not acceptable.”

Discounting the projected additional revenues from an annual $250 enrollment fee and more than
doubling prescription co-pays for thousands of veterans the proposal only calls for additional
appropriations of $111 million – an increase of only four-tenths of 1 percent. In contrast, PVA
along with its partners who co-author The Independent Budget recommends $31.2 billion for
veterans’ health care, an increase of $3.5 billion to meet realistic inflation and health care demand
increases. This increase does not include onerous enrollment fees or increased co-payments for

Pleva pointed out that the only rationale he could find for the Administration again proposing
enrollment fees and higher co-pays was to drive veterans out of the system. VA estimates that as
a result of the increased fees 213,000 veterans will leave the health care system next fiscal year.

“These proposals have been rejected by Congress the past two years; I don’t see why the
administration continues to try to force veterans to bear the burden of needed increases in health
care funding,” Pleva said. “The men and women who use the VA system have already paid for
their care through their military service. For many veterans these added costs will force them to
leave the system.”


Founded in 1946, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is the only congressionally chartered
veterans service organization dedicated solely for the benefit and representation of individuals with
spinal cord injury or disease. PVA is dynamic, broad-based organization with more than 21,000
members in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To learn more about PVA, visit
its Web site at

                                               Page 12
                                 THE INDEPENDENT BUDGET
                                  A Budget for Veterans by Veterans

February 10, 2005

                   Administration’s VA Health Care Budget Proposal
                  Shortchanges America’s Sick and Disabled Veterans
Washington, DC—The fiscal year 2006 Budget Request released Monday by the President follows a
script military veterans have seen before from Administration budget hawks: meager increases, new
user fees and an attempt to help offset the nation’s budget deficit by shortchanging disabled veterans.
The Administration proposes a VA health care budget of $28.1 billion for FY 2006, an insufficient
increase given the influx into the system of new veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In
contrast, The Independent Budget (IB), a comprehensive budget policy document co-authored by
AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Veterans of Foreign
Wars—recommended $31.2 billion in funding for veterans’ health care during FY 2006. This
IB-suggested funding increase of $3.5 billion for FY06 is designed to meet realistic inflation and health
care demand increases. This increase does not include onerous enrollment fees or increased
co-payments for prescriptions put forward by the Administration.
Discounting the projected additional revenues from an annual $250 enrollment fee, and more than
doubling prescription co-pays for thousands of veterans, the Administration’s health care funding
increase provides new appropriations of only $111 million. This is an increase of four-tenths of 1
percent over last year’s appropriation that falls far short in meeting veterans’ needs.
Each year, the veterans groups that create The Independent Budget petition Congress to sufficiently
fund VA health care and other vital programs. But VA remains under-funded and unable to provide
timely access to quality health care to many of our nation's veterans. This annual budget crisis
requires a fundamental overhaul of the budget and appropriations process for veterans’ medical care.
As outlined in the 19th annual Independent Budget, the veterans’ groups again urge Congress to
enact legislation providing adequate mandatory funding for the VA health care system.
An alternative approach—mandatory funding—would ensure that the government meets its obligation
to ensure all veterans eligible for VA health care have access to timely, quality care. But until
mandatory funding becomes a reality, however, it is vital that the VA health care system receive the
resources it needs through the annual appropriations process, and that the funding be provided at the
start of the fiscal year, instead of being delayed for months, as has happened so often in recent years.
The Independent Budget provides the nation's decision-makers a veterans' perspective on federal
spending and national policy priorities for veterans programs. These recommendations are well-
considered policy and funding proposals based on the actual needs of the men and women these
programs were created to serve.
As a comprehensive, authoritative policy document, The Independent Budget focuses on funding
recommendations for veterans’ health care, benefits delivery, medical facilities construction, veterans'
cemeteries and other so-called discretionary programs that will be needed in the coming fiscal year.
Congress is required by law to provide sufficient funds for compensation and pension payments and
other mandatory spending, so The Independent Budget does not make specific recommendations for
those programs.

For more information, please access The Independent Budget’s Web site at

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      Campaign for America's Future during the President's social security tour.


The Republican privatization proposal hurts everyone, but is potentially disastrous for
people with disabilities. This proposal will cut guaranteed Social Security benefits by more
than 40 percent for both retirees and people with disabilities. Risky private accounts, which
endanger retirement benefits for millions of Americans, won't make up the loss in benefits
for people with disabilities, who have fewer working years to put money into their private ac-
counts and will be hit especially hard. Social Security needs a solid source of funding, not a
plan that makes the problem worse by draining trillions of dollars from the Trust Fund. Under
the Republican proposal, Social Security does not get stronger - it gets weaker.
 Almost eight million people with disabilities depend on Social Security. Social Security
provides more than half the total income for 1 in 2 beneficiaries with disabilities and their
families; about 1 in every 5 rely on Social Security for nearly all of their income.
Republican proposal cuts benefits for all Social Security beneficiaries by almost 50
percent - including people with disabilities. Retirement and disability benefits are calculated
using the same formula, so if future retirement benefits are cut, then disability benefits also
would be reduced.
Republicans are using cuts in disability benefits to finance private accounts. The President's
Social Security commission recommended cutting disability benefits to help pay for the cost
of private accounts. Also, it barred access to the accounts prior to retirement age. This
represents a double blow for workers with disabilities - reduced Social Security benefits,
and no money from the accounts to cushion the loss. Social Security needs a solid source
of funding, but the Republican plan will drain more than $2 trillion from the Social Security
Trust Fund in just the next 10 years. Private accounts will not make up for the cut in benefits
for people with disabilities. It will be difficult for retirees to make up the cut in benefits with
their private accounts. For beneficiaries with disabilities, it will be virtually impossible.
Republicans have recommended barring access to the accounts prior to retirement age.
This means that if a worker becomes disabled and is unable to work, they will be unable to
benefit from their contributions to the individual account. In addition, because they do not
have a full career during which to contribute to an account, their account balance would be
very small, providing less income to live on.
Social Security's disability protection is vital for workers and their families. A twenty-year-old
worker today has a 30 percent chance of obtaining a disability before reaching retirement
age. For a 27-year-old worker with a spouse and two children, for instance, Social Security
provides the equivalent of a $353,000 disability insurance policy. It pays benefits to family
members as well as the worker, and is fully protected against inflation. This kind of
protection is unavailable in the private sector.
Reductions in disability benefits would particularly harm workers of color. These reductions
in disability benefits would disproportionately affect minority and lower-income workers, who
suffer higher rates of career-ending disabilities. For example, in 2001, African-Americans
comprised only 13 percent of the U.S. population, but accounted for 18 percent of Social
 Security disability beneficiaries. Target: Disabled, widows & orphans.


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        NIGHT AT BOB

WHERE: Come join AZPVA and our
peers on this day of recognition at Bank
One Ballpark!
WHEN: Monday, April 11, 2005
WHAT: Arizona Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America is partnering with the
Arizona Diamondbacks as a ticketing agent in order to educate the public and
our peers and their families on community services.
Tickets for the Monday, April 11, 2005 game to see the Arizona Diamondbacks
vs. the Colorado Rockies, will be available for Half Price.

           Center Field: Regular price $16.00.  Now only $8.00
           Bleacher Seats: Regular price $15.00 Now only $7.50
           Wheelchair Seats: Regular $12.00     Now only $6.00
To order your tickets, please contact: Mara Rasmussen at the Arizona Chapter
office at (602) 244-9168 or by e-mail: You may pay by credit
card or check.
Cut-off date for ticket sales is Friday, April 8, 2005. Game time is 6:40 p.m.

                   Call now and reserve your tickets!
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                                      HOME FOR SALE
Glendale NWR SBDVSN BLT 2003 1662 Sq. Ft. Handicap Accessible, 4BR, 2Bath,At&t,
Garage. Really Nice upgrades (ie. Bay Window in DR & MBR; Tiled Kitchen, Dr & Entry:
Alarm System; Roll under sinks & Stove; Oak Cabinets, Glass Cook Top Stove; Wall Mount
Oven: Angled Walkway (no stairs to front door); Mirrored Br Doors; Grab Bars, and Other
Great Features (min. from Glendale Arena).

                      Call 623-939-2318 Serious inquiries only, Please.

           FOR SALE
           1991 Ford Van
        E-150 5.8 liter engine,
         70,000 easy miles.

      LOWERED FLOOR                     STEERING: Sensitized ZERO EFFORT with
  Space saving Originator Rotary Lift,
                                        emergency backup.
  needs less than 36” of loading space
                                        BRAKES: Sensitized LOW EFFORT with emergency
 between vehicles and rated at 450 lbs.
                                                       Phone: 928-634-6406

                                     2000 Dodge Grand
                                      Caravan ES Minivan
 CONVERSIONS: Hand controls: Radio and Cruise Control on Steering Wheel: Power sliding Door
 and Ramp activated by remote, Dash switch, Outside and inside Controls: Hydraulic Kneel Action;
 Swivel Driver’s Seat; Power lock-down; Special upgraded Battery; Roll-out front Passenger Seat;
 Dropped Floor: Exterior Mounted Spare Tire.
 EQUIPMENT; v6 3.8 Liter; Front Wheel Drive; Heated Leather Seats; Air Conditioning; Power
 Steering; Power Door Locks; Tilt Wheel; AM/FM Stereo/Cassette/Single Compact Disc; Dual Front
 Air Bags; Roof Rack; Towing Package; 7 Passenger Capacity.
 One owner van is in good condition with clean interior and runs well. Van has been on dealer
 maintenance program.
 TRADE-IN VALUE: $6850 Plus 40% or conversions = $6500
                                  TOTAL ASKING PRICE: $13,350.
         CONTACT: Tom in Prescott, AZ at 928-445-0792 or e-mail
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                  Karen Gialle and Jennifer Quinlan Recognized
A nurse practitioner and a social worker on staff at the Southern Arizona Veterans
Administration Health Care System have been singled out for their devotion to their work with
people with disabilities.
The nonprofit Community Foundation for Southern Arizona has given Karen L. Gialle, a Nurse
Practitioner, and Jennifer Quinlan, a Social Worker, the Diane Lynn Anderson Memorial
Anderson, who died in 1990, was devoted to implementing programs for Pima County
residence with disabilities, VA spokesman Pepe Mendoza said in a news release.
Quinlan and Gialle showed compassion and “a caring desire to go the extra mile,” he said in
the release.

                                                         For Sale
                                   Powered Wheelchair - Jazzy 1113 specialized
                                   with headrest control of motion and direction,
                                  power tilt seat, and an Attendant Control Unit for
                                        assistant use. Hardly used. $10,900.

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                         2005 Calendar of Events
      When                             What
                                     What                       Where
                                                             Where                WhoWho
       When                            What                   Where                 Who
   March 19, 2005           Disability Day at Phoenix   Phoenix International    Michele Davis
                              International Raceway           Raceway            602-741-1915
  March, 12 2005           BOD Meeting & Lunch            Tucson, AZ            Pat Stiles
   March, 12 2005
  March 29, 2005             BOD Tucson & Classes
                            At theMeeting Hilton
                            Wheelchair SkillsLunch          Banner AZ
                                                            Tucson,Good          GaryStiles
                                                                                 Pat Venjohn
                              At the Tucson Hilton        Samaritan Rehab      602-244-9168
  March 19, 2005            Disability Day at Phx     Phoenix International Michele Davis
   March 19, 2005
   April 02, 2005             Disability Raceway
                           InternationalDay at Phx
                              APVA Picnic in Tucson    Phoenix International 602-741-1915
                                                         Jesse Owens Park          Pat Davis
                             International Raceway           Raceway           602-741-1915
  April 02, 2005           APVA Picnic in Tucson       Jesse Owens Park         Pat Stiles
     5th 02, 2005
AprilApril& 12th, 2005       APVA Picnic in Classes
                            Wheelchair SkillTucson      Jesse Owens Park
                                                            Banner Good          Pat Venjohn
                                                          Samaritan Rehab      602-244-9168
  April 6-9, 2005          NWBA Championships           South Mountain        Gary Venjohn
   April 6-9, 2005
   April 8-9, 2005           NWBA Championships
                              NWBA Championships
                                 Division I & II          South Mountain
                                                        Comm. College
                                                           South Mountain      Gary Venjohn
                                                                                 Gary Venjohn
                                  Division II& II
                                   Division & II          Comm. College
                                                           Comm. College       602-790-7909
   April 09, 2006         APVA Youth Fishing Day         Lake Pleasant             Joe
    April 09, 2006
    April 09, 2006         APVA Youth Fishing Day
                            APVA Youth Fishing Day         Lake Pleasant
                                                            Lake Pleasant           Joe
    April 16,              PVA Awareness Week          Sheraton Crescent        Pat Stiles
      April 2005
   April 16, 16,
      2005                   PVA Awareness Week
                          Barrier Buster Luncheon
                              PVA Awareness Week                                 Pat Stiles
                                                        Sheraton Crescent 602-244-9168
                                                         Sheraton Crescent
                                                         Hotel, Phoenix            Pat Stiles
         2005               Barrier Buster Luncheon
                            Barrier Buster Luncheon       Hotel, Phoenix
                                                            Hotel, Phoenix     602-244-9168
   April 19, 2005         APVA Board of Directors           Veterans Home        Pat Stiles
    April 19, 2005         APVA Board of Directors            E Indian Home
                                                          303 Veterans School      Pat Stiles
    April 19, 2005          APVA Meeting Directors
                                 Board of                      Veterans Home      602-244-
                                                                                     Pat Stiles
                                  Meeting                                           602-244-
                                                           303 E Indian School 9168May 17,
                                  Meeting                   303 E Indian School    602-244-9168
                                                                                 9168May 17,
      April 23
       April 23                Over the Line
                                Over the Line            North Phoenix Baptist Gary Hershey
                                                           North Phoenix Baptist Gary Hershey
       2005 23
        2005                    Over the Line
                                 Tournament               North Church Baptist 623-209-0311
                                                                   Church        Gary Hershey
         2005                   Tournament                        Church         623-209-0311
    May 17, 2005            APVA Board of Directors           Veterans Home          Pat Stiles
                                  Meeting                   303 E Indian School    602-244-9168

   May 21, 2005             Good Neighbor Day               Veterans Home        Pat Stiles
   May 21, 2005
    May 21, 2005             Good Neighbor Day
                             Good Neighbor Day                 Veterans Home
                                                              Veterans School
                                                                       Home         Pat Stiles
                                                                                  Pat Stiles
                                                          303 E Indian         602-244-9168
                                                            303 Indian School     602-244-9168
                                                           303 EE Indian School 602-244-9168
     July 19             APVA Annual BOD Meeting                 TBD               Pat Stiles
   June 18, 19
      2005 2005            APVA Annual BOD Meeting
                             APVA Board of Directors
                         Installation of Elected BOD               TBD              Pat Stiles
                                                                                      Pat Stiles
                                                            Prescott VA Hospital 602-244-9168
        2005               Installation of Elected BOD
                                      Meeting                   Prescott, AZ      602-244-9168

  June 27-July 1st           25th National Veterans           Minneapolis, MN        Pat Stiles
       2005                    Wheelchair Games                                    602-244-9168

       July 12             APVA Annual BOD Meeting                Airport            Pat Stiles
        2005               Installation of Elected BOD            Marriott         602-244-9168

  August 16, 2005           APVA Board of Directors           Veterans Home          Pat Stiles
                                  Meeting                   303 E Indian School    602-244-9168

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   Jose Andrade              March 01      Cruz Marquez        March 01
   Howard Simmons            March 01      William Hartley     March 01
   William Capp              March 01      Garland Smith       March 01
   David Hertzber            March 01      John Wright         March 02
   Jack Begay                March 02      Michael Henman      March 03
   Charles Carpenter         March 03      Joseph Seley        March 06
   Ronald Courteau, Jr.      March 06       Craig Bash         March 07
   Daniel Rzonca             March 08      Ken Walsh           March 08
   Hal Wochholz              March 12      Frank Klonoski      March 13
   Donnell Walker            March 14      George Paige        March 14
   Ralph Sealock             March 14      George Caldwell     March 15
   William Kohn              March 16      Richard Dill        March 16
   John Carter, Jr.          March 18      Gaylon Grodt        March 18
   Judy McCarthy             March 18      Donna Perkins       March 19
   Bruce Laurelez            March 19    Thomas Swettenam      March 20
   Paul Dixon                March 21      Robert Deyerberg    March 24
   Christopher Doody         March 24      Bruce Dembroski     March 24
   Frank Pycha III           March 25     James Danowski       March 26
   James Danowski            March 26      Richard Coy         March 27
   Alfreda Stone             March 27      Willianm Ensinger   March 29
   Luther Spraggins          March 29      Robert Deyerberg    March 29
   Daniel McCarthy           March 29

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