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                                                                                                         East Hall Open for Business
                                                                                                             Mayor Fenty marked the Eastern Market East
                                                                                                         Hall’s opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug.
                                                                                                         25, 9:30 AM, less than four months after the mar-
                                                                                                         ket’s South Hall was destroyed by fire. The South
                                                                                                         Hall’s merchants have all relocated to the temporary
                                                                                                         East Hall – the South Hall is expected to reopen
                                                                                                         in 2009 – across Seventh Street SE from the South
                                                                                                         Hall. For pictures of the Aug. 25 ceremony, visit

                                                                                                         Eastern Market Potters Move to Third Street NE
                                                                                                             Following a 10-week search for space, the East-
                                                                                                         ern Market potters found space at a carriage house
                                                                                                         studio at 320 Third St. NE (at rear on alleyway).
                                                                                                         There will be four evening classes - Monday through
                            Spotted on the Hill:                                                         Thursday, a Saturday morning workshop series be-
                            The Barn Swallow                                                             ginning in October, and studio use-for-fee arrange-
                                                                                                         ments. Enrollment is now open for evening classes
                            Photos and text by Peter Vankevich                                           that begin Sept. 10. 202-544-6669 or cbrome@
                           The Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica, is part of a group of passerine birds
                        in the family Hirundinidae which are characterized by their adaptation to        Eastern Market Stars in Political Thriller, Sept. 5
                        aerial feeding for its main food source which is insects. It prefers open             Director Ridley Scott and Production Designer
                        habitats and rivers, so you are more likely to see this bird on the edges        Arthur Max of Warner Bros.’ latest political thriller,
                        of Capitol Hill. The Barn Swallow’s song consists of a series of twitters,       “Body of Lies” will transform Eastern Market Sept.
                        squeaks and chatter. It is the most common swallow in the world. The             5 into an Amsterdam market with vendors selling
                        reason for its abundance can be surmised from its name. Whereas many bird        flowers and other items to shoppers. Russell Crowe
                        species have suffered from loss of habitat to accommodate human needs,           and Leonardo DiCaprio star in the movie. In the
                        the Barn Swallow has adapted to human created environments. Originally           scene, it is basically a normal day at the market until
                        this bird preferred nesting in hollow trees, rock crevices and caves. Over the   a small explosion (flash of light, smoke and sound as
                        past couple of centuries, it has been highly adaptive by building its mud        if it were firecrackers in the distance) occurs in a car
                        nest in man-made structures such as the eaves of buildings, boat docks           on Seventh St. SE between North Carolina Avenue
                        and bridges                                                                      and C Street. Two cars will mechanically be over-
                            The word “swallow” appears to derive from an old English word mean-          turned in the street and there will be “extras” placed
                        ing to move to and fro which is one way to categorize its flight pattern.         around the scene to add realism to the special effect.
                        They have been clocked at more than 45 mph; though to me, trying to pho-         Any questions or concerns, call 202-727-6608.
                        tograph one in flight is like hitting a pitch with the speed of Roger Clemens
                        and the predictability of a Tim Wakefield knuckleball in 90 degree weather.
                        I was fortunate to catch this one in a rare resting mode at Congressional        Overbeck Lecture: Our Neighborhood’s River and
                        Cemetery. In spite of its speed, the Barn Swallow is rather easily identified     the Nation’s
                        in flight by its long-forked tail which separates it from other swallows and          Capitol Hill historian John Wennersten leads off
                        another unrelated aerial forager, the Chimney Swift, that is far more fre-       the Overbeck History Season Sept. 11, 8 PM, at the
                        quently seen on Capitol Hill. Other diagnostics include creamy belly color,      Naval Lodge Hall, with a look at the significance of
                        reddish throat and dark blue upper parts. Barn Swallows are long-distance        the Anacostia River to the city and the nation. The
                        migrants, arriving in the spring from wintering grounds in South America.        lecture explores the early days of capital building,
                           Bird tip: In September, especially in the late afternoon, keep your eyes      when the river figured largely in L’Enfant’s vision of
                        open for another spectacular flyer, migrating Common Nighthawks. They             Washington, and the Civil War-era transformation
                        are long-winged brown birds with a white patch in the wing. They may be          of the waterway. 330 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. Free, but
                        seen feeding on insects with the black-hooded Laughing Gulls.                    reservation required. Reserve a seat by e-wwmailing
                                                                                                or call 202-544-1845,
40 ★ HillRag | September 2007
Southwest Mall Closing Permanently in September
     The Southwest Mall will be closing permanently between Sept. 8 - 15.
CVS and Bank of America will relocate to temporary buildings along M
Street prior to the second week of September making way for the closing of
the mall. Once the mall is closed, the parking north of the mall will also be
closed and retail parking on the south side will be limited to one hour. Metro
and Safeway access will remain as is. After the closing, it will take a couple
months to acquire the necessary raze permit to commence demolition, and
new construction will proceed immediately. The first phase of construction
is expected to being as early as late 2009 and be phased in over the first half
of 2010.

Eastern Market Music Series Continues in September
    The live music continues outside Port City Java on Sundays through
September. It’s the perfect opportunity to support commerce and art at the
same time. Information about the artists can be found at www.capitolhill- The September schedule is: Sept. 2, 10:30 AM,
Alexandria Kleztet (Klezmer); 1 PM, Barretones (Bluegrass, Alternative
Country). Sept. 9, 10:30 AM, Travessia (Brazilian Jazz); 1 PM, Sears Trio
(Blues, Jazz, Samba). Sept. 16, 10:30 AM, Reverb (A Capella R&B, Gospel);
1 PM, Blue Rhythm Boys (Acoustic Blues, Swing). Sept. 23, 10:30 AM,
Dead Mans Hollow (Bluegrass, Americana); 1 PM, Shackbreakers (Acous-
tic Blues). Sept. 30, 10:30 AM, Barrelhouse Brawl (Hokum Blues, New Or-
leans Jazz); 1 PM, Irish Breakfast Band (w/ Boyle School of Irish Dance).
For more information, visit

Market 5 Gallery Happenings
    Saturdays for fall, “Jazz at Eastern Market” under the tent at Seventh
Street and North Carolina Avenue SE, young jazz musicians will be show-
cased as a compliment to the Saturday Market Festival. Sept. 19 and 26,
Noon-1 PM, Laughing Yoga with Vera Oye Ya Anna, donations gratefully
accepted. Sept. 21-28 after 5 PM, “The Sign of The Times Youth Art Show,”
free. Sept. 29, 9 PM-1 AM, Evening of Hand Dancing, presented by TOA
Productions with DJ KK the Dog, $10 admission at the door, contact Avon
Tate at 202-256-1476 or 202-388-7796. Market 5 Gallery is located at 201
Seventh St. SE. 202-543-7293.

Jewish High Holiday Services on the Hill
    The Hill Havurah will conduct services again this year at 801 North
Carolina Ave. SE. All are welcome. No cost to members but voluntary con-
tributions from guests & visitors are encouraged. Limited child care will be
available. The schedule is: Rosh Hashanah Eve – Sept. 12, 7 PM; Rosh Ha-
shanah Day, Sept. 13, 10 AM; Tashlich on the Anacostia – Sept. 13, 3 PM;
Kol Nidre Services – Sept. 21, 7 PM; Yom Kippur – Sept. 22, 10 AM; Neilah
Service/Break Fast – Sept. 22, 6 PM.

Community Building at Townhomes on Capitol Hill Dedication Ceremony
    Community leaders will speak at a special dedication ceremony Sept. 16,
2-4 PM, honoring the late Fran Taylor, one of the visionaries who helped
create the attractive, mixed-income development out of the ruins of the old
Ellen Wilson public housing complex. 750 Sixth St. SE. 202-547-0603.

Historic Congressional Cemetery, Bicentennial Day of Remembrance
    The Congressional Cemetery holds a day of remembrance Sept. 16,
promising an afternoon filled with “old fashioned Memorial Day” activities.
Gates open at 11 AM, and the day officially begins with an “Hour of Honor”
from 1-2 PM, when families and affinity groups can place flowers, flags, peb-
bles, balloons or other mementoes at the graves of their loved ones, members
of their organizations, or those they honor. A Remembrance Service at 2 PM

                                                                        ★ 41
                                is followed by a formal military wreath laying   rium. For information or questions, contact
                                and honor guard dedication to all those bur-     Chuck Burger, vice chair at 202-258-5316 or
                                ied at Congressional Cemetery. After the ser-
                                vice, the United States Navy Band performs
                                a patriotic concert to continue the theme of
                                service to country that those who rest at Con-   “What To Wear” Fall 2007 – Fashion Show
                                gressional Cemetery exemplify. Free. 1801 E      Fundraiser
                                St. SE.               Capital City Church hosts a “fashionable”
                                                                                 fundraiser Sept. 28, 7 PM, at Stuart-Hobson
                                CHRS Preservation Café: Zoning 101               Middle School. The evening features a fash-
                                    Capitol Hill Restoration Society Zoning      ion show of flattering styles for all body types,
                                Committee Chair Gary Peterson will lead          teachings on positive body images and health,
                                a seminar focusing on the technical aspects      videos of live street interviews, fondue and
                                of zoning regulations, Sept. 19, 6:30 PM,        appetizers. All net proceeds go to Capitol Hill
                                Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse. Topics include vari-      Cluster Schools. $25 by Sept. 24. 410 E St.
                                ances, special uses, parking, planned unit de-   NE. 202-234-3716, www.capitalcitychurch-
                                velopments, overlay districts and more. Free.
                                201 F St. NE. 202-546-5211,
                                                                                 Capitol Hill Village Opens Oct. 1
                                DCPS Seeks School-Neighbor Partnerships               CHV will officially open for business Oct.
                                                                                 1. On that day, members will be able to call
                                on National Good Neighbor Day                    the office for a wide variety of assistance and
                                    DCPS is considering using National           activities to help them remain healthy and
                                Good Neighbor Day, Sept. 23, among oth-          happy in their own homes as they grow older.
                                ers, as an opportunity to build sustainable,     During the month of September, all members
                                long-term school-neighbor partnerships. Do       will help prepare for the opening by testing
                                you have any ideas for how DCPS could be         the system – requesting services from the
                                reaching out to neighbors and encouraging        CHV office, signing up for educational or so-
                                such partnerships? What should DCPS do to        cial activities, and volunteering their services.
                                encourage neighbors to be part of their neigh-   CHV is planning an event in October to cel-
                                borhood school community? Send any ideas         ebrate the launch; details as to date, time and
                                or thoughts to Marc Borbely, borbely@Fix-        location will be posted by September. 202-
                      , or to Margie Yeager, Mar-
                      , at DCPS.

                                CHRS Community Forum on Education
                                with Michelle Rhee
                                    DC Public Schools Chancellor Mi-
                                chelle Rhee will meet with Capitol Hill
                                residents for a second time, Sept. 25, 6:30
                                PM, at Maury Elementary School. Rhee
                                will discuss lessons learned from this
                                year’s school opening and the first month
                                of school operations. Before Rhee’s pre-
                                sentation, Elizabeth Nelson will lead a
                                tour of the school’s library from 6-6:30
                                PM. 1250 Constitution Ave. NE. 202-

                                EMCAC to Elect New Officers
                                    The Eastern Market Community Ad-
                                visory Committee will elect new officers
                                Sept. 26 during its regularly scheduled 7
                                PM meeting at the Old Naval Hospital.
                                Current member representatives are eli-
                                gible to serve as officers; all nominations
                                must be in by Sept. 15. EMCAC is the
                                District’s legislatively established body
                                entrusted with advisory and oversight re-
                                sponsibilities for the operations, manage-           Dan Tangherlini, City Administrator and Capitol
                                ment and renovation of Eastern Market.               Hill resident, attends the opening of the new
                                EMCAC meetings are generally held on                 Eastern Hall of the Eastern Market accompa-
                                                                                     nied by his daughter and puppy. “Now we need
                                the last Wednesday of each month at the              to train that darn puppy to look at the camera,”
                                Old Naval Hospital at 901 Pennsylvania               states Tangherlini.
                                Ave. SE. or the Eastern Market Natato-

42 ★ HillRag | September 2007
543-1778, www.capitolhillvil-

H Street Moratorium on Single
Sales Effective Oct. 1
    The Alcoholic Beverage
Control Board published final
rules Aug. 24 in the DC Reg-
ister to implement the proposed
H Street NE moratorium on
single sales of alcohol, represent-
ing the final official action need-
ed to set an effective date for the
moratorium – Oct. 1. Advisory
Neighborhood Commission 6A
first asked the board to issue a
moratorium in September 2006.
After hearing from the public,
Mayor Fenty, Councilmember
Tommy Wells, the Metropolitan
Police Department and others,
the board found support for the
measure and in February pro-
posed a three-year moratorium
on the sale of singles from the
700 to 1400 block of H Street
NE. The DC Council approved
the moratorium July 10. “We’ve
seen the effect a singles ban can
have in other neighborhoods.
I’m proud to support the ANC
and residents to put the mora-
torium in effect and begin calm-
ing the chaos on H Street NE,”
said Councilmember Wells in a

EMCAC July Meeting
    During the monthly East-
ern Market Community Advi-
sory Committee meeting, two
motions were made and passed.
Ellen Opper-Weiner suggested
a traffic study to assess whether
Seventh Street should be kept
closed or be opened, and the
impact on business of each op-
tion. The EMCAC voted to
send a letter to the District
Department of Transportation
requesting the study of Seventh
Street traffic and the impact of
the street closing on business.
Monte Edwards reported on
the streetscape citing funding as
one reason why the streetscape
project had not begun – the
$1.7 million appropriated for
the streetscape was repurposed
to build the temporary struc-
ture. EMCAC voted to send a
letter to DDOT asking for as-
surance that the money for the
Seventh Street streetscape will
be restored. For more informa-

                             ★ 43
                                tion on the EMCAC, visit www.easternmar-           items nailed down. The sale is first come first
                                                          serve until complete liquidation, and items are
                                                                                   priced from $1-$7,000. To view sales items,
                                                                                   visit The hotel will reopen
                                Want Trees?                                        in 2009. 2650 Virginia Ave. NW.
                                    The North Lincoln Park Neighborhood
                                Association will be partnering with Trees for
                                Capitol Hill to plant trees on public property     Dorkbot DC Meets at Marian Koshland
                                again this fall. Funds from the NLPNA and          Science Museum
                                TCH will be used to match neighbors’ contri-           The September meeting of Dorkbot DC
                                butions. Neighbors wishing to sponsor a tree       – whose motto is “people doing strange things
                                must commit to digging the hole, assisting         with electricity” – takes place Sept. 10, 7-9
                                with the planting, and watering for the first       PM. Dorkbot is a technological arts organi-
                                two years. To sponsor a tree, call 202-543-        zation made up of local chapters around the
                                3512 or e-mail           world where artists, engineers, programmers,
                                with “trees” as the subject. – As reported in      and others share their work with the public
                                the Buzz.                                          and their peers. During the September meet-
                                                                                   ing, mechatronic and robotic artist Thomas
                                                                                   Edwards will present his work “Touch”; Con-
                                Adopt a Thirsty Tree Near Your Home Today          rad Barski will present his work on the Pic-
                                    It’s late in the season, and Capitol Hill      nicMob.Org Web site; and interactive video
                                has already lost many trees, particularly those    artist Philip Kohn will discuss some of his
                                planted in the last year or two, but trees still   new work that combines live video cameras
                                hanging on may survive if they receive sup-        with computers to place participants in virtual
                                plemental water now. It’s best to let the water    worlds. Free. Sixth and E streets NW. 202-
                                trickle for 20-30 minutes. Tree gators (those      334-1201,
                                green plastic bags) or buckets with a small
                                hole work well. Some watering devices are
                                available. Contact Mark at 301-985-7913 or         DC Grooves Presents MC Hammer,
                       with “Trees” as the sub-           Willie Colon and Little Richard
                                ject. – As reported in the Buzz.                       The DC Commission on the Arts and
                                                                                   Humanities announces the return of Wash-
                                Casey Trees Fall Citizen Forester                  ington’s much anticipated evening outdoor
                                                                                   concert series – DC Grooves, Sept. 6, 14 and
                                Class Schedule                                     20, from 7-9 PM. This year’s lineup features
                                    Sign up for free classes about trees, tree     three internationally renowned performers:
                                planting and stewardship through Casey             MC Hammer, Willie Colón and Little Rich-
                                Trees’ Citizen Forester program. Citizen For-      ard. DC Grooves precedes the city’s fourth
                                esters are local volunteers trained by Casey       annual Dance DC Festival, which is spon-
                                Trees to serve the DC community by help-           sored by the DC Commission on the Arts
                                ing to restore, enhance and protect our city’s     and Humanities, Sept. 28-30. The concerts
                                tree canopy. September’s class schedule can        are held at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza at the
                                be found online at Call        Ronald Reagan building and International
                                202-833-4010 for more information.                 Trade Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
                                Higher Achievement Needs Mentors
                                    The Higher Achievement Program is a
                                year-round academic enrichment community           Dance Institute of Washington Announces
                                for middle school students that provides: help     Fall Schedule of Adult Dance Classes
                                with homework, dinner, and challenging class-         The fall session runs Sept. 4 to Dec. 21.
                                es in math, literature and technology. Men-        The schedule includes ballet, modern and
                                tors are needed to work with a small group of      Brazilian samba taught to all skill levels on
                                intellectually curious fifth- and sixth-graders     weekday evenings and Saturday afternoon.
                                once a week at the Neighborhood Achieve-           Drop-in classes are $12; an eight class card is
                                ment Center. Higher Achievement supplies           $88; and a 16 class card is $160. 3400 14th St.
                                the challenging curricula, training, and sup-      NW. 202-371-9656,
                                port. You provide the commitment and love.
                                Call Karen Berry, 202-544-3633, or visit           Audition Call for “SouthSide,” a DreamCity
                                                                                   Theatre Group Production
                                                                                      Auditions for “SouthSide” will be held
                                Watergate Hotel Items Will Be                      Sept. 16, 1-3 PM, at the Mead Theatre Lab
                                Liquidated in Public Sale                          at Flashpoint. Casting: African-American
                                   To prepare for renovation, the historic         male/female ages 16 to 50 and Caucasian
                                Watergate Hotel will be selling everything         male/female ages 22 to 40. The play, written
                                down to the shell, Sept. 6, 9 AM. Furniture,       and compiled by John Muller, examines the
                                fixtures, equipment, décor, accessories, even       community and citywide response to youth

44 ★ HillRag | September 2007
violence in light of the after-
math of the 2004 fatal shooting
of James “J-Rock” Richardson
at Ballou Senior High School
in Southeast, DC, and the 1994
killing of Robert “Yummy” San-
difer in Chicago. Mead Theatre
Lab is at 916 G St. NW. One
minute monologue required, call
or e-mail to confirm audition
time. 202-236-3413, Southside.

Mayor Adrian Fenty’s
DiverseCity Job Fair
    Mayor Fenty hosts the
fourth annual DiverseCITY
Job Fair Sept. 21, 10 AM-4 PM
at the National Building Mu-
seum. The purpose of the fair
is to increase opportunities for
qualified bilingual and limited
English proficient individuals
to find jobs and employers to
diversify their work force. Over
150 vendors expected, repre-
senting government, technolo-
gy, finance, service industry and
more. Free participation for all.
401 F St. NW. 202-727-0729,

The Humane Society Walk
for the Animals
    Spend Sept. 23 on the Na-
tional Mall with your dog and
family while supporting ef-
forts to end pet homelessness.
Check-in begins at 11 AM,
and the walk steps off at 1 PM.
Events include “Find the Bone”
mutt hunt, canine agility course
and “Best Dressed Canine” con-
test. Meet pet personalities like
Tamar Geller, a best-selling au-
thor and celebrity life coach for
dogs, McGruff the Crime Dog
and Jelly the Publicity Hound.
Proceeds go to efforts to end
pet homelessness. The Sylvan
Theater, near the base of the
Washington Monument. $20/
individuals; $50/family of four.
202-676-2396, www.humane-           Relationship Coaching                10TH STREET

WETA 90.9 FM Premiers
                                            Would you like to learn
                                              how to establish and
                                                                       1 AUTO REPAIRS
                                                                         Serving Capitol Hill for over 25 years
Programs Showcasing                              maintain healthy
                                                    relationships?       Family-owned & Operated
Local Concerts                                Personal/Family/Work
    Highlights for September                                             Certified Mechanics Foreign & Domestic
include a live broadcast of the                Results Guaranteed!!!
National Symphony Orchestra’s                                            518 10th St., NE (MD & 10th St., NE)
season-opening ball concert on                    240-350-2147           Monday-Friday: 8 am – 6 pm •   544-1110
Sept. 16 at 7 PM; and broadcasts
                                                                                            ★ 45
                                of the Washington National Opera on “Clas-        DC Council Committee on Economic
                                sical WETA Opera House” Saturday after-
                                noons at 1:30 PM. The new Classical WETA          Development Hearing Schedule
                                program “Front Row Washington” will debut             Councilmember Kwame Brown, chair of
                                with performances from the National Gal-          the Committee on Economic Development,
                                lery of Art concert series on Mondays at          will hold a public hearing on B17-287 “Omni-
                                9 PM.                                             bus Sports Consolidation Amendment Act of
                                                                                  2007”; B17-298 “Disposition of the Skyland
                                                                                  Shopping Center Site Approval Act of 2007”;
                                Georgetown University Presents Fall               and B17-340 “National Capital Revitaliza-
                                Friday Music Series                               tion Corporation and Anacostia Waterfront
                                    The Department of Music’s Friday Music        Corporation Reorganization Act of 2007,”
                                Series brings an eclectic selection of musical    Sept. 24, 2 PM or immediately following the
                                talent, Fridays, 1:15 PM, to McNeir Hall on       morning’s roundtable in the council chamber.
                                the Georgetown University campus. Music           To testify, contact John Adams at 202-727-
                                ranges from Cajun Jazz to Italian Opera and       6683 or by Sept. 21.
                                classical Indian vocal works. Free. 202-687-      Written statements submitted by Sept. 28
                                6933,              will be made part of the official record. 1350
                                                                                  Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
                                                                                      The committee will hold a hearing on the
                                Community Learning Center Offers Adult            Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and
                                Education Opportunities                           Economic Development activities concerning
                                     The 21st Century Community Learning          Projects on the Southwest Waterfront, Hill
                                Center Soaring to Success Program at Young        East, Poplar Point, Canal Park and Kingman
                                America Works Public Charter Vocational           Island, Oct. 1 at Noon in the council cham-
                                High School is sponsoring a variety of learn-     ber. To testify, contact John Adams at 202-
                                ing opportunities for adults throughout the       727-6683 or by Sept.
                                city. All classes will be held at Young Amer-     28. Written statements submitted by Oct. 5
                                ica Works Public Charter Vocational High          will be made part of the official record. 1350
                                School. The Community Adult Learning Lab          Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
                                activity schedule is Mon-Thu, 5:30-7 PM.
                                Refreshments and childcare available. Pre-        DCPS Students Return to “Buffed,
                                registration is required. Classes begin Sept.
                                17 and include: Mondays, Microsoft Office           Scrubbed and Beautified” Schools
                                Certification Class; Tuesdays, Parenting Class         The mayor’s Summer Blitz and Targeted
                                “Raising Great Teens”; Wednesdays, PLA-           Repair program, Buff & Scrub program and
                                TO Learning Adult Literacy; and Thursdays,        the annual DCPS beautification day targeted
                                Open Computer Lab. All courses are open           dozens of DC public schools in need of fresh
                                to DC residents. Register by calling Young        paint, plumbing repairs, new air conditioning
                                America Works Public Charter Vocational           units, heating maintenance, electrical repairs,
                                High School at 202-722-9395 Ms. Faal (ext.        modernization of athletic fields, landscaping
                                238) or Ms. Coates (ext. 221). The school is      and exterior cleanup. Schools not included
                                located at 6015-17 Chillum Road NE.               in the summer initiatives will receive similar
                                                                                  upgrades during the school year as part of the
                                                                                  estimated $120 million School Stabilization
                                Latino Economic Development                       Program.
                                Corporation Workshops
                                     Register now for September workshops.        District of Columbia School Achievement
                                Small Business Accounting, Sept. 8 (Span-
                                ish), 9-Noon. A participatory workshop that       Data Shows Incremental Gains
                                teaches an accounting system designed es-             The 2006-2007 achievement data from
                                pecially for small businesses that report their   the state test known as the District of Co-
                                taxes using the Schedule C. Internet Market-      lumbia Comprehensive Assessment System
                                ing workshop, Sept. 12 (English) & 26 (Span-      showed gains over last year’s scores, although
                                ish), 10 AM-Noon. Free workshop provides          many of the 191 schools tested did not reach
                                an overview of the various options there are      proficiency standards. Overall, 42 schools
                                to build a Web site from design to hosting        made Adequate Yearly Progress in reading
                                and domain names. Money Management,               and mathematics, an increase over the 33
                                Sept. 29 (Spanish), 9 AM-1 PM. A financial         schools that made AYP in 2005-2006. The
                                literacy workshop that teaches money man-         most significant gains were made in math
                                agement skills financial planning. Classes held    – 30.5 percent of elementary students reached
                                at LEDC, 2316 18th St. NW. For more in-           proficiency in math, a 3.7 percent increase.
                                formation or to sign-up please contact Trisha
                                Clauson at 202-588-5102 ext. 12 or tclau-
                                                         PCSB Releases 2007 AYP Results
                                                                                      The DC Public Charter School Board
                                                                                  released the summary AYP results of schools
46 ★ HillRag | September 2007
  Spanish Classes on the Hill
Effective and enjoyable
learning for Adults,
Children, and Teens

New Classes Starting
Third Week of
September, Register by
Sept. 10 and receive a
10% discount!
                                      Ana Levenson, Director

• Day-Evening-Weekend Classes
• Private instruction or small group classes
• Lively classes taught by experienced
  native speakers
• State of the art materials and methodology
• Tutoring available

 Instituto de Español Capitol Hill
              Ana Levenson, Director
           (3 blocks from Eastern Market metro stop)

                                      ★ 47
                                                              under its oversight. Ten of the 34 eligible campuses made AYP in reading,

               Grubb’s Pharmacy Where Customers are Family!
                                                              math and attendance, according to the standards established last year by the
                                                              DC State Education Agency. Twelve schools were ineligible for AYP analysis
                                                              because their school populations did not meet the minimum size required or
                                                              do not serve students in the grades tested. Of the remaining 22 schools, all
                                                              but one made AYP in at least one category. Last year, only four of the eligible
                                                              campuses made AYP in all categories. Visit to see

                   IT’S FINALLY DONE!                         the summary.

                                                              The Washington Latin School Ranks Highest Among DC Charter Schools
                          Join Us for Our                         In its first year of operation, The Washington Latin School, a publicly
                                                              chartered classical school serving grades five through eight, ranked highest
                                                              in academic performance among DC public charter schools. In the District
                       Grand Reopening on                     of Columbia DC Comprehensive Assessment Standard examination, Latin
                                                              placed first in English and third in math among charter schools. Moreover,
                         September 10th                       Latin is one of the top ten performing schools in the entire District (over 200
                                                              charter and traditional DCPS schools). Latin is located at 3855 Massachu-
                                                              setts Ave. NW. 202-223-1111,

                       Festivities Begin at 6:30 PM           DC Catholic Schools Hire New Principals
                                                                  Students at eight of the 87 parish elementary schools in the Archdiocese
                              Call for Details                of Washington were greeted by new principals this fall. Three District schools
                                                              are under new leadership: Ben Ketchum is principal of Holy Redeemer in
                                                              Northwest, serving grades pre-k-eight; Sr. Emmanuela Ladipo, HHCJ, is
                                                              principal of St. Augustine in Northwest, serving grades pre-k-eight; and
                                                              Charlene Howard is principal of St. Francis de Sales in Northeast, serving
                                                              grades pre-k-eight. For more information about ADW schools, visit www.
  4th & E. Capitol Sts. (4 blocks from the Capitol) 
  Tel: 202-543-4400 • Fax: 202-543-6276                                    Health Information for Teens and Their Parents                                              A constantly updated DC Campaign Web page gives adolescents and
                                                              their parents information on where to go for immunizations, checkups, ser-
                                                              vices teens can get on their own, how to make an appointment, what to bring
                                                              to an office visit and payment information. The Web page is at www.teen-
                                                     under “Tips for Teens.”

                                                              Councilmember Brown Tours Barracks Row, Shaw and Anacostia
                                                              Main Streets
                                                                  Councilmember Kwame Brown toured DC Main Streets in August and
                                                              plans to tour Brookland, H Street and the Georgia Avenue Gateway Main
                                                              Streets in the future. Brown said he is interested to see “member efforts to
                                                              attract and retain businesses throughout the city’s busiest corridors…As chair
                                                              of the Economic Development Committee, I am committed to supplying the
                                                              resources we need to revitalize our communities.” 202-478-1356 or dslbd.

                                                              AARP to Award DC High School $100,000
                                                                   For the first time ever, DC public high schools can compete for a $100,000
                                                              prize awarded by AARP as part of the organization’s 50th anniversary cel-
                                                              ebration. The Ethel Percy Andrus Legacy Award will recognize a DC pub-
                                                              lic high school that has an innovative program that connects generations or
                                                              fosters greater civic engagement among its students and their community.
                                                              Entries due by Oct. 1; the prize will be awarded in 2008. Visit
                                                              legacyaward for more info.

                                                              Friendship PCS – VROOM 2007
                                                                  Friendship Public Charter School held its Fifth Annual Teaching Insti-
                                                              tute/Convocation Aug. 14-17 at the Washington Convention Center. The
                                                              theme was VROOM (Values-Resources-Opportunities-Outcomes-Magnif-
                                                              icence) – Moving Forward. Over 500 teachers and staff members participated
                                                              in this orientation and professional development seminar. Friendship Public
                                                              Charter School is located at 120 Q St. NE, Suite 200. 202-281-1754 www.

48 ★ HillRag | September 2007
Students Explore Community
Service in Fiji
    Seven Collegiate Academy
students traveled to the Fiji Is-
lands mid-August to explore
how community service is ad-
dressed in another country and
play an active role in providing
service to others. This represents
the first trip outside of the Unit-
ed States for these students. The
entire trip was covered regularly
from Fiji with a blog the students
established on their Web site in
the NewsNow section. The Web
link is http://s105768935.on-

Open Society Institute
Seeks Letters of Inquiry
for Sentencing & Incarceration
       The Alternatives Project
provides funding for policy re-
form to counter radical increases
in rates of incarceration and in-
creasingly severe criminal pun-
ishments in the United States.
The Alternatives Project will
consider letters of inquiry from
advocacy groups, community
groups, scholarly or research in-
stitutions, government agencies,
associations of elected officials,
and nonprofit business associa-
tions or initiatives. This is a roll-
ing deadline.

Weekly Grants for Young
Social Entrepreneurs
    Do Something and Game-
Stop are
offering grants of $500 each to
young people, age 25 and under,
who have a great idea for a com-
munity action project and need
support to turn their idea into
reality. GameStop grants are
given out weekly.
    Do Something and Plum
TV are offer-
ing grants of $500 each to social
entrepreneurs, age 25 and under,
in the US who have recently cre-
ated a sustainable project, pro-
gram, or organization and need
funding to further the growth
and success of their program.
Plum TV grants are given out

                               ★ 49
                                                                                             Youth Service America Offers Micro-Grants for Young
                                                                                             People to Start Social Ventures
                                                                                                 The YSA Youth Venture Program provides a variety of resources and
                                                                                             grants up to $1,000 each for start-up expenses. There is no deadline. For more
                                                                                             information, visit:

                                                                                             PNC Pledges $75,000 in Support of Teach for America Initiative
                                                                                                 The PNC Foundation, the charitable arm of The PNC Financial Services
                                                                                             Group, has donated $75,000 to support Teach For America-Metro DC’s early
                                                                                             childhood initiative as part of PNC Grow Up Great, a 10-year, $100 million
                                                                                             investment in early childhood education. Last year PNC contributed $50,000
                                                                                             to Teach for America-Metro DC to fund the pilot site for the organization’s
                                                                                             early childhood initiative and help expand its impact in the DC area. www.

                                                                                             Mayor Fenty Names New HIV/AIDS Administration Director
                                                                                                 Mayor Fenty selected Dr. Shannon Hader to lead the HIV/AIDS Ad-
                                                                                             ministration at the Unity Health Care’s Congress Heights Health Center.
                                                                                             The agency is in charge of preventing the continued spread of HIV and pro-
                                                                                             vides a comprehensive, seamless system of care to persons living with or at
                                                                                             risk for HIV and AIDS in the District. Dr. Hader is a public health doctor
                                                                                             with a long-standing commitment to the HIV/AIDS response and a focus
                                                                                             on translating information to action. Until her appointment by Mayor Fenty,
                                                                                             Hader was on detail from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to
                                                                                             the Department of State in the District of Columbia as the Senior Scientific
                                                                                             Advisor for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
                                                                                             She focused on starting up the Public Health Evaluation Initiative for the
                                                                                             $15 billion worldwide program which will inform evidence-based, cost-effec-
                                                                                             tive HIV/AIDS programming around the globe. Congress Heights Health
                                                                                             Center is located at 3720 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE. 202-279-1800,

                                                                                             District Solicits Development Partner for Poplar Point
                                                                                                 The District issued on Aug. 10 a Request for Expressions of Interest for

                          Art Book Sale                                                      Poplar Point, a 110-acre site along the eastern banks of the Anacostia River
                                                                                             in Ward 8. From Aug. 10, respondents have 60 days to reply to the solicitation
                                                                                             and the District will likely select a development partner about 30 days after
      Visit Riverby in September and receive a 20%                                           the submissions are due. Poplar Point is one of the key sites in the Anacostia
           discount on any art book in the store.*                                           Waterfront Initiative, which calls for more than $10 billion worth of invest-
                                                                                             ment – new parks, trails, housing, retail, office space and cultural amenities
                           *Not To Be Combined with Any Other Offer                          -- along the river’s banks during the next 20 years. Desired uses for Poplar
                                                                                             Point include a mix of housing, retail, commercial and cultural space. A soccer
                                                                                             stadium has been proposed for the site, though the solicitation will not re-
                                                                                             quire developers to include a stadium in their proposals. Copies of the RFEI
                                                                                             can be found at

                                                                                             Bridging the Watershed Proposal Eligible for Matching Funds
                                                                                                 Expanding the hands-on “Bridging the Watershed” education program
                                                                                             throughout the National Capital Region to underserved high school students
    St. Peter’s Catholic Church                                                              is one of 201 proposals National Park Service Director Mary Bomar and
      Service and outreach in faith to the Capitol Hill community since 1821                 Secretary of the Interior Dirk
                                                                                                 Kempthorne announced would receive centennial challenge matching
                                                                                             funds in Fiscal Year 2008 which begins Oct. 1. BTW is conducted with 14
                                   Second & C Streets, SE                                    public school systems in 10 of the 14 parks in the National Capital Region.
                                   202-547-1430                                              This initiative expands the program to more students from diverse back-
                                   Rev. Bill Byrne, pastor                                   grounds. The full list of centennial challenge-eligible projects and programs is
                                                                                             available at

                                   Accessible via elevator                                   Mount Vernon Triangle CID Launches Safety Initiative
                                   Open daily 7 am – 5 pm                                        The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District has
                                   Masses Daily 7 am & 12:10 pm                              hired a Metropolitan Police Department police officer through reimbursable
                                   Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 9 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm
                                   Fellowship - Social Action – School Grades PK-8           detail to patrol Mount Vernon Triangle on Friday and Saturday evenings. The
                                   Sunday School – Adult Christian Education - Bible Study   MVT CID has a Clean Team that sweeps the streets and sidewalks seven
                                                                                             hours a day, seven days a week; the addition of a police officer on Friday
50 ★ HillRag | September 2007
and Saturday nights is the next
step in a series of neighborhood                                   WE ARE NOT EXTREME MAKEOVER.
enhancements. To learn more,
call 202-661-7590 or visit www.
                                                                      WE ARE BETTER!
                                                                            WE ARE MILLENNIUM MEDICAL SPA.
Harman Center for the
                                                                                                               Call for a free consultation
Arts Opening with a
Gala Celebration
    The Shakespeare Theatre
Company hosts the opening gala
for the Harman Center for the
Arts Oct. 1. Comprising the exist-
ing Lansburgh Theatre (Seventh                                                                    The most comprehensive
and E streets NW) and the new                                                            Cosmetic Surgery & Dental Center
Sidney Harman Hall (currently
under construction at Sixth and F
streets NW), the Harman Center                                                                                 Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
for the Arts is a 21st-century ex-                                                                                     Laser Hair Removal
panded stage for the Shakespeare        Dr. H. Michael Rassael                                         Botox®, Restylane® & Juvederm®
Theatre Company and Washing-            Cosmetic Surgeon                                                               Skin & Spa Services
ton’s performing arts community.        Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
The black-tie gala begins with a
                                                                                                           Hair Restoration & Transplants
performance in the new Sidney                                                                                 Acne Treatment & Skin Care
Harman Hall, 610 F St. NW, fol-         September Specials                                              Laser Rejuvenation & Resurfacing
lowed by a dinner dance at the          Botox® $250 for the First Zone*                                  Vein Treatment & Tattoo Removal
neighboring National Building           Endermologie™ Cellulite Treatment 30%
Museum, 440 G St. NW. The               off Packages*
Harman Center is named for Dr.          Laser Hair Removal 25% off All Laser
                                                                                                            General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Sidney Harman and the Harman            Packages*
                                                                                                       Endermologie™ Cellulite Treatment
family, who have given $19.5            * New Patients Only. Exp. 9/30/07                                                    Chemical Peel
million to the project. 202-547-
1122, www.ShakespeareTheatre.
                                               4407 Willard Avenue. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (Across from the Friendship Heights Metro)
Is West Nile Virus a Threat in                                   Visit our website for more information and specials
Your Area This Year?
     Cases of West Nile Virus
have increased four-fold over the
same time last year, potentially
signaling an epidemic in certain
areas, according to researchers at                                                             Capitol Hill’s oasis of peace, tranquility & rejuvenation.
the Centers for Disease Control.
So far, 122 cases have been reg-
istered nationally, up from 33 at
the same time last year, with 42
brain infections and three deaths
reported this year. Visit www.cdc.
dex.htm for updates and maps.
West Nile Virus causes only a
mild, flu-like illness 20 percent
of the time. Still, the virus is con-                                                                                               Massage Therapy
sidered a public health concern                                                                                                                Facials
because of the risk of contracting                                                                                                          Manicures
a potentially fatal brain infection                                                                                                         Pedicures
in about 1 percent of cases. In ad-                                                                                                           Waxings
                                                                                                                                           Spa Parties
dition, the risk of illness severity                                                                                                  Gift Certificates
is greater for persons over age 50
and for those who are immuno-
compromised. Protect yourself by
preventing mosquito bites, For                                                                             202-544-8268
more information, visit www.                                                                                617 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Suite Two ■                                                                                              Washington, DC 20003

                                                                                                                          ★ 51