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									          TALK OF THE LAKES
                                                          June 2011

                  By Dolores Gomski

Delores Davis – Delores is a native Chicagoan. She                spending money, bonuses, and much, much more.
                 graduated from Hyde Park High School and
                 attended the University of Illinois, Chicago,    As time went by, the marriage bug hit twice more, but those
                 and Rosary College in Evanston Majoring in       also failed. Delores said, “I’m done! Three strikes and you’re
                 speech with a minor in business. While in        out.” She had moved to Bolingbrook, and once the children
                 school she met her husband                                       left the nest she knew it was time to downsize.
                 to be, and after a short                                         She looked at Carillon, but was not satisfied.
                 courtship, they were married.                                    Continuing to drive south on Weber she found
                 Delores left college after her                                   Carillon Lakes. It was in its infancy, with
                 third year and worked for                                        blueprints and no model homes completed.
                 the State of Illinois for five                                   They allowed her, with hard hat and old
months until she became pregnant. Two more                                        clothes on, to walk through unfinished models.
children followed, and now there are two                                          She made a selection and a deposit. A year
grandchildren. Unfortunately, the marriage                                        later her new home was ready.
ran into trouble, and a divorce followed. Left
alone to support her family, she obtained                                         Delores became a very busy lady after she
employment at the Federal Reserve Bank,                                           retired. She joined the Singles Club and
which is an agent of the government. Delores                                      eventually became their Executive Chairman,
oversaw deposits from banks for their reserve                                     and later their Liaison for Lambs Fold, an
accounts. It was during this time that her                                        organization she feels very deeply about.
youngest son was diagnosed with Sarcoma                                           She has modeled for a CL fashion show, is
of the eye, and lost a two year battle.                                           a passionate Wii bowler, and is active in
                                                                                  her church. Because she has had drama
Twenty plus years later she took an early retirement from         experience, she is working on creating her second skit for
the Federal Bank. She needed a career change, so Delores          them. This presentation is meant to earn money for the building
attended a Job Fair and was interviewed by a representative       of a new church.
from Cragin Bank (now LaSalle Bank).             Delores was
persuaded to take a position as a part time bank teller with      Delores and three of her friends meet for lunch on occasion,
the hope of a quick promotion. Six months later she became        trying and rating new restaurants in the area. She is an avid
a banker, and two years later she entered a training program      reader and an enthusiastic traveler who plans a trip every
to sell annuities. She studied on her own in order to pass the    year, some with a group and others with a friend. She praises
exam and to obtain her license. This was the best time of her     Carillon Lakes for the great people who live here. She had
life. She was able to sell two million dollars worth of product   suffered an illness, and friends and neighbors came to her
per year, which gave her membership in the Presidents Club.       rescue. She feels happy, safe, and pleasantly busy here.
There were many rewards, including free vacations with            What could be any better?

        Recreation Center Information                                           Important Phone Numbers
       21325 Carillon Lakes Dr., Crest Hill, IL 60403                                          UTILITIES
          Office Phone Number 815-577-6790.
       Hours 8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.              Phone            AT&T                      800-244-4444
                                                                  Electric         Comm.Ed.                  800-334-7661
           PROPERTY MANAGER: Cheryl Mueller
                                                                  Gas Company      Nicor                     888-642-6748
ASSISTANT TO THE PROPERTY MANAGER: Sandy Molinaro                 Water,Garbage    City of Crest Hill        815-741-5104
                                                                  Cable            Comcast                   888-266-2278
            ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR: Candy Taylor                     Police           Non-Emergency             815-741-5111
               Guard house phone number                           Emergencies      Police/Fire/Paramedics          **911**
                      815-439-8634                                Bus Service      Dial-A-Ride               800-244-4410
                                                                           Note: Garbage Pick Up & Recycling is on Fridays
         Group Fitness                        COME JOIN YOUR                  BOaRd OF dIRECTORS
            Schedule                            NEIGHBORS                    President - Vickii Adams
                                                                             1st Vice President – Nan Connors
         Spring/Summer                                                       2nd Vice President - Dennis Vanderplow
                                                      MONdaY                 Treasurer – Russell Jones
9:00am      Aqua Strength & Balance
                                           8:00am    Monday Morning Coffee   Secretary – Harry Blackburn
2:15pm      Choregraphed Fitness           9:30am    Ping Pong
3:00pm      Chair Exercise                 1:00pm    Water Color Classes      TOWNHOME COMMITTEE
4:00pm      Aqua Aerobics                  1:00pm    Billiards                     MEMBERS
                                           5:30pm    Duplicate Bridge        Emily Bilik
             TUESdaY                       6:30pm    Game Night              Marilyn Metzl
9:00am      Low-Impact Aerobics                                              Evelyn Prested
10:00am     Osteoporosis Prevention
11:00am     Aqua Aerobics                            TUESdaY
11:00am     Advanced Begin. Line Dancing   10:00     Men’s Poker             SUBMITTING aN aRTICLE
Noon        Strength Training              1:00pm    Bible Study
Noon        Intermed. Line Dancing*                                           FOR THE NEWSLETTER
                                           1:30pm    Ceramics*
1:00pm      Advanced Line Dancing*                                           Send your newsworthy article to Dee
                                           4:00pm    Mixed Chorus Practice   Gomski at t a l k o f t h e l a k e s @
4:00pm      Water Aerobics
                                           4:45pm    Men’s Chorus                         (please identify your
           WEdNESdaY                       6:00pm    Ladies Pinochle                                   e-mail with Newsletter in
9:00am      Aqua Strength & Balance                                                                          the subject line), drop
2:15pm      Choregraphed Fitness                WEdNESdaY                                                       it into the blue safe
3:00pm      Chair Exercise                                                                                        to my attention,
                                           9:00am    Ceramics*
4:00pm      Aqua Aerobics                                                                                         or call me before
                                           9:00am    Billiards                                                    8pm at 815-436-
            THURSdaY                       9:30am    Bridge                                                     2446. Please put
9:00am      Low-Impact Aerobics            12:00pm   Mah Jongg                                              your name on your
10:00am     Osteoporosis Prevention        1:00pm    Billiards                                        article in case I need
11:00am     Pilates / Abs                  6:00pm    Women’s Poker                     clarification.
11:30am     Pilates / Legs                 6:45pm    Mah Jongg               The deadline for The deadline for
Noon        Yoga                                                             JULY IS JUNE 1ST (and the AUGUST
                                                                             deadline is JULY 1ST.
               FRIdaY                                THURSdaY                Early submittals are always welcome.
8:00am      Cardio Workout                 8:00am    Billiards               Thanks for keeping the news coming!
8:30am      Strength Training              12:00pm   Men’s Poker             Articles are subject to editing.
9:00am      Aqua Aerobics                  1:30pm    Rubber Stamping
10:00am     Arthritis/Fibromyalgia
                                           3:00pm    Prayer Group
                                           6:15pm    Men’s Pinochle
                                           6:30pm    Ceramics*
            SaTURdaY                                                                SaVE THESE
7:30am      Strength Training
                                                                                    JULY daTES!
9:00am      Aqua Strength & Balance                    FRIdaY
                                           9:30am    Ping Pong               July 8 – Friday Meet and Greet
                                           1:00pm    Billiards
                                           6:00pm    Ladies Pinochle         July 11 – Morning Coffee
                                           6:30pm    Men’s Poker
                                                                             July 12 – Ladies’ Night Out

                                                                             July 15 - Card Fun
                                           9:30am    Bridge                  July 17 – Concert at the Lakes
          Sign-Up is Always First
                                                                             July 18 – Morning Coffee
          Tuesday of the Month!                       SUNdaY
    Payment is due when you                6:00pm     Mah Jongg              July 22 – Friday Meet and Greet
    register for a class or trip.
                                                                             July 23 – Candlelight Bowl
    Your name will not go on the list
    until payment is received.                                               July 25 – Morning Coffee

    *Indicates Additional fee for class

2                                              Talk of the Lakes                                                       June 2011
                                  LETTER FROM THE PRESIdENT

        Dear Residents:
                                             Plant Replacement

        The Board agreed to change shrub and bush replacement from twice each year to once,
      such that replacement will only be done in the fall. Often times, the shrubs or bushes replaced
      in the spring did not survive. Their replacement, during the fall season, is more productive
      due to the amount of rain and snow that they receive. The change is expected to substantially
      reduce our annual cost of such replacement. Your patience and understanding in this matter is
      appreciated, and will be of benefit to everyone.

                                       Clubhouse Security Concerns

        As of the writing of this article, the trees taken from the Billiard Room have not been returned.
      We are still hopeful that they will be. In the meantime, there are now two weights (30 lb. and
      35 lb.) missing from the Fitness Room. Again, these properties belong to all residents for their
      use, benefit and enjoyment.
        Many have expressed strong concerns against the installation of cameras in common areas,
      and for ten years we’ve avoided using them; however, things have changed. We’ve had to
      lock cabinets to secure food and beverages, and we’re now experiencing accessories and
      equipment being removed from the clubhouse (without permission).
        Other Associations have been able to resolve such problems by placing cameras at all
      entrances. Buildings and Grounds has now been asked to research possible solutions and to
      make recommendations to the Board. Your ideas are welcome, as well.

                                      Clubhouse Decorating Update

        The installation of the new floors, and painting of interior walls in the clubhouse is now complete.
      With few exceptions, comments about the decorations thus far have been extremely positive.
      The Decorating Committee is still working with the decorator to determine what accessories will
      go on walls and shelves, as well as, how best to display trophies, plaques, awards, etc. By the
      time this article of the Talk of the Lakes is distributed, the cloth stackable chairs and Acoustic
      Panels in the main room will have been professionally cleaned. The committee and decorator
      are in the process of researching fabric and cost to reupholster and/or refinish other chairs and
      seating within the clubhouse.
        Special Projects is still researching options for the upgrading of the locker rooms. Important
      considerations (among others) include retrenching the floors for better drainage, replacement
      of broken and/or rusted faucets, and repair or replacement of rusted lockers.
        A special thank you to the Decorating Committee (Arlene Bennett, Noreen Coyan, Cheryl
      Mueller) CK Designs, and the Special Projects Committee, for all of their detailed research and
      efforts to assure that our clubhouse remains safe, beautiful and welcoming.


      Vickii Adams, President
      Board of Directors

June 2011                                  Talk of the Lakes                                                   3
                                     CLUB NEWS/MISC. INFORMaTION
      GaRBaGE PICK UP                                  CaRILLON LaKES VETERaNS BULLETIN
         CHaNGE                                       Submitted by: Ralph D. Considine, Vice-Chairman
    Submitted by Dee Gomski                                            Carillon Lakes Veterans
Garbage will not be picked up on           1. We recently learned of the passing of CHARLES F. MACH, a Carillon Lakes
Friday, June 3rd due to the Memorial            resident veteran of the U.S. Air Force. We salute him for his service to our
Day celebration. It will be picked up           country, and his name will be added to our deceased CL veterans’ plaque
on Saturday, June 4th instead. Please           in the clubhouse. Once again, this sad event reinforces the need for all
be sure to note this change on your             veterans, or their families who live here, to notify us of their presence in our
calendars. Thank you                            community. By doing so, there is NO obligation to join the Carillon Lakes
                                                Veterans organization!
     a CENTENNIaL EVENT                    2.   We thank our residents for coming out in large numbers for our Memorial Day
                                                Parade which, again, was a great success. Thanks to our membership who
Submitted by Ralph Considine                    helped with parade duties, led by TONY BUSCARENO, our treasurer and
Vice Chairman, Carillon Lakes                   parade chairman.
          Veterans                         3.   The U.S. Navy Band from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center will be here
                                                this summer in concert. We are awaiting a firm date, since they continue to
On June 14, 2011, over 3,000 Sailors
                                                have personnel issues.
will form up on historic Ross Field in
the shape of “100” to pose for a
                                           4.   We continue to support the Wounded Warrior Project. To do so, contact
                                                WWP at 4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32256 or go to
photograph to celebrate the Centennial
                                       REMEMBER: “The greatest casualty is being
of Naval Station Great Lakes. This
should be quite a sight to see. Contact
the writer for details.
                                           5.   We are in need of non-veteran Carillon Lakes women to become auxiliary
                                                members of our organization in order to fund our charitable plans for local
                                                veterans. Please contact the writer if you can help us.
    RECYCLING! RECYCLING!                  6.   We thank some of our residents who currently serve the Abraham Lincoln
              Reminder                          Cemetery as part of the honor guard there during burial ceremonies…rain
When placing your garbage/                      or shine! They are TOM LOBKOVICH and WILLIAM WOLTKAMP. NASH
recycling items out for pick up please          CONTRERAS, who served as the Grand Marshal in our recent Memorial Day
be mindful of the weather; if windy             Parade, has also done past duty at the cemetery.
please make certain all recyclable         7.   Tuesday, JUNE 14th is FLAG DAY. Please display the U.S. flag at your
items are securely placed in the bins,          residence.
such as the newspapers on the bottom       8.   “KEY” June dates include: 6th The 67th Anniversary of D-DAY, Normandy,
and the heavier items on top. This              France; 14th U.S. Army founded in 1775; 22nd Pledge of Allegiance
will prevent such items from blowing            recognized by Congress and GI Bill signed in 1944; 25th KOREAN WAR
around the neighborhood.                        began.
                                           9.   SUPPORT AND PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS! MAY GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

                                                                      Reserve Study Update
 THE CaRILLON LaKES                                         Submitted by: Russell Jones – Treasurer
                                                               Carillon Lakes Board of Directors
     Submitted by: Ralph D.                The Reserve Study update provided by Kipcon has been finalized. Interested
    Considine, Vice Chairman,              residents can obtain a copy from the office. The new report was more inclusive and
                                           detailed than the 2006 report. As discussed in the Board’s letter accompanying the
     Carillon Lakes Veterans               2011 budget, there is a need to increase Home Owner Assessments for reserves
We certainly could use everyone’s          over time in order to meet the projected out-year expenses.
help to support a number of veterans’      Based on the updated Reserve Study the increases needed for common reserves
causes.                                    will total $20.00 per month. The current plan is to spread this increase over the
Please consider joining our associate      next 6 years.
member program. Please note that you
do NOT need to be a veteran to join        The increases for Townhome reserves will total $9.00, spread over a 3 year
us. The dues are only $12 per year. If     period. The budget comments for 2011 for Townhome reserves had anticipated
you are interested in joining us, please   5
                                           $18.00 over a 6 year period.
contact me at 630-207-7277, or
                                           The timing of these increases reflect previous board decisions, however, keep in
16415 Grandwood Lake Drive, Crest
                                           mind that the Board of Directors develops a new proposed budget each year, and
Hill, IL 60403, or Tony Buscareno,
                                           the amount of any changes, in Reserve Assessments, for the upcoming year are
our treasurer, at 21265 Legion Lake
                                           determined at that time.
Court, Crest Hill, IL 60403. THANK
4                                                 Talk of the Lakes                                                 June 2011
                                       CLUB NEWS/MISC. INFORMaTION
            PET OF THE MONTH                                                                       POWdERY MILdEW
       Submitted by Maureen Rogan                                                                     CONTROL
I’m a four year old blue-point Himalayan and I                                                 Product: Lysol liquid – Two Tablespoons
reside on Lake St. Clair with Maureen Rogan. I                                                 per Gallon of Water
am also a rescue cat, having been abandoned on                                                 Ratio: 2 TBS/GAL
the streets of Joliet. I weighed only about 4 pounds
and my coat was matted with burrs when someone                                                 Are some of your plants and/or trees
picked me up and turned me over to Pure Bred                                                   affected by white or dusty grey patches
Cat Rescue, which is based in southern Wisconsin.                                              beginning midsummer and continuing
They took me to a vet and put me in a temporary foster home.                                   into fall? If so, Powdery Mildew is
                                                                                               most likely the cause. Powdery Mildew
Meanwhile, Maureen had been searching online for a long-haired orphaned cat.                   will not kill the plant, but can look
When she saw my picture and read my sad story, she made an appointment to                      unsightly. To combat the powdery
meet me at my foster home in Racine, Wisconsin. She adopted me and now my                      mildew, mix two tablespoons of liquid
name is Juliette. I think it’s a beautiful name but it’s also a slight reference to where      Lysol per gallon of water, and spray
I was found … Joliet. I weigh 8 pounds now and I’ve been living in Carillon Lakes              onto affected plants at 7-day intervals.
for over two years. I think everyone who comes to the house has come to visit                  If mildew persists, increase spraying
me, and I demand attention. Sometimes, when I look out a window, I remember                    intervals to twice weekly.
my frightening life on the streets. But I have my “forever” home now, and that’s
all that matters.                                                                              Also, avoid excessive fertilization and
                                                                                               watering, as these practices encourage
                          TIPS FROM dON                                                        new growth of the mildew.
                      FLaPPER VaLVES – PaRT II
Color testing, I know, has been written ad infinitum to ad nauseum. Besides color
                                                                                                  SPECIaL PROJECTS
testing there is something else you can do, and that is: listen to the toilet. If you hear           COMMITTEE
any noise, like a slight hissing sound or running water when the toilet has not been              MONTHLY aCTIVITY
in use, the toilet is telling you that the flapper valve is leaking. If any sound comes
from the fixture, it almost certainly is the flapper. Replace it! Flapper valves are           We need your suggestions. If you have
inexpensive and available in all home centers and hardware stores. The selection               an idea to improve our community,
can be overwhelming. You must know which one to buy. Take the top off of your                  complete a suggestion form and submit
tank, reach into the tank and lift the ball. See how the water runs to and down                it to the office. The forms are located
the hole. Study the configuration carefully. See how the device slips over the little          in the rack in front of the office door.
plastic tips. Study how the chain fits on the ball. Look at it, feel it, lift the chain, and
                                                                                               PROJECTS FORWARDED TO
let the ball drop. Now when you see the racks full of replacement valves, you will
                                                                                               BUILDING AND GROUNDS FOR
know what to look for. These valves are so relatively inexpensive that replacing
them, even if they do not appear to be leaking, could, in the long run, be the best
thing to do. I believe having a replacement on hand is another suggestion with
                                                                                               • Convert the far West section of the
                                                                                                  Porch to a small storage area to
merit. There are many in our community that have replaced valves and know there
                                                                                                  hold the stage sections.
is very little to it. There are many more who feel that just the thought of repairing
“plumbing” of any kind is frightening. This is truly an easy task. To possibly                 PROJECTS UNDER REVIEW:
help those without experience, I have written a “How to Install a Flapper Valve”
instruction paper. If you would like a copy of it, email Any                1. The renovation of the locker rooms
comments, suggestions for future tips, or tales of your experiences which might be                is still under review by various
helpful to others would certainly be appreciated.                                                 vendors.
                                                                                               2. The project to standardize the
                                                                                                  community signs is still being
                      THaNK YOU VOLUNTEERS
Many thanks to all of the ladies who helped me put the library back together. It
was greatly appreciated. Pearl Goodman                                                           THaNK YOU FRIENdS
Thanks to our “Talk of the Lakes” delivery team of residents! Since I am very                  Thank you to all of our friends and
involved with the monthly bulletin (C.L. Veterans’ and other miscellaneous articles,           neighbors for their kindness and
as well as with the advertisers that appear in each month’s issue), I thought it               expression of sympathy on the passing
proper to extend heartfelt thanks to those who deliver it each month to your homes.            of our sister Eileen. Carillon Lakes is
Like the postal carriers, certain of our residents see that you receive each month’s           a great place to live, but it is times like
issue regardless of weather conditions. We thank all of you for servicing us so well           these that make us count our blessings
twelve times a year! Ralph D. Considine                                                        that we live among such wonderful,
                                                                                               caring people.
                                                                                               Ken and Marijo Kelch

June 2011                                            Talk of the Lakes                                                                 5
                                       CLUB NEWS/MISC. INFORMaTION
    EXPO HUGE SUCCESS                                           dIGITaL CaMERa PICTURES
SUBMiTTeD By JAMeS TALken                                       ORGaNIZING PHOTOS PaRT I
    & RALph ConSiDine                                              Submitted by Lynn Anderson
Residents once more came out to              So now you have entered the digital age and you want to do something with the
support our advertisers and see many         photos on your camera or phone. This is the first of a four-part series, starting with
new items. Over 500 attended the             how to download and organize your photos.
Advertisers Expo on Friday April 29
in the clubhouse. We had 65 vendors          Download: First, download the pictures from your phone or camera to your
(largest ever) with multiple venues,         computer. All digital cameras and some cell phones have this feature. Cables,
which made it easy for everyone to find      directions, and software should come with the camera or phone (or be available
something of interest. Over 50 door          from the manufacturer). Before you do anything, be sure you have installed the
prizes were awarded to our residents         software (from the disk). Never connect the camera to the computer without
from our vendors. It takes many people       having the software installed, as this practice can cause problems. The rule of
to put together our Expos. Thanks to         thumb is to insert the disk and follow all instructions, from start to finish.
Tom Lobkovich, Dennis Vanderplow,
Russ and Barb Kazmierczak, Don and           Weeding out photos: After you have installed the software and followed the
Pat Buksnes, Wayne Lundberg, Peg             instructions, you will find all your photos downloaded to individual folders on your
Schuessler, Ginny Burbidge, Larry            computer. First, play a slide show of the pictures (usually a link at the left side of
Campbell, Carleen Vandegift, Ralph           the folder containing photos, or under the top “View” tab), just to see what they
and Dolly Buss, Floyd and Arlene             look like in full-screen mode. This way, you can see the poor photos easily – ones
Bennett.                                     that are blurry, too dark, too light, etc. Then, view the photos as little pictures or
                                             “thumbnails” (select “thumbnails” or a similar word, under the “View” tab), and
A couple of worthy suggestions, for          delete any that you don’t want to save (ones that didn’t turn out well). You can
you, our attendees, are these:               delete them by Right Clicking the photo name or picture and selecting “Delete.”
                                             What remains are the photos you want to keep, organize, and maybe share or
1). Please visit each vendor’s table         put in an album.
regardless of your interest level in their
service or product. It helps us inasmuch     Photo folders: Your photos will automatically be downloaded to folders, usually
as the vendors are really impressed          by date taken, and usually put under “My Pictures.” You can keep these photos or
by your involvement and friendliness.        rename them and move photos among folders, if you want folders by topic (e.g.,
This sounds like a small thing, but is       “July 4 party” or “Alaska trip”). Just Right Click and drag all the photos about a
certainly appreciated by them.               topic into that folder. And since you’ve been reading this column, you know how
                                             to create folders! (If not, see the recent issues of Talk of the Lakes.)
2). If you have them, please bring your
personalized name/address labels             At this point, do not try to rename and/or edit the photos. Next month I will show
with you. Believe it or not some of the      you if, how, and when to do so.
handwriting left with vendors is almost
impossible to discern. This sounds like
a small thing, but it, too, is helpful to
the success of the Expo
                                                        dES PLaINES VaLLEY PUBLIC LIBRaRY
We will rerun this article prior to the
Fall Expo which will be held on Friday,                 a FREE SERVICE TO CaRILLON LaKES
October 7th, 2011 from 9:00am until          The Des Plaines Valley Public Library District will bring you a wide selection of
noon in the clubhouse.                       topical reading material. They’ll deliver fiction and non-fiction books that you
THANK YOU!                                   request, right to Carillon Lakes. We’ll have extended check out times so you can
                                             simply check them out right then and there. When you’re finished reading them,
                                             just give them to Candy in the business office. We’ll also be doing on-site library
           RaMBLINGS                         card registration during each visit, so you can easily get a library card then.
1. You know, I spent a fortune on            Want a special book? Just let us know and we will do our best to deliver it to you.
   deodorant before I realized that          Contact us at (815) 725-0234 or Email Stop by and visit us
   people don’t like me anyway.              on June 27th, 2011 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm in the Arts & Crafts Room located in
2. I thought about making a fitness          the Carillon Lakes clubhouse. Check out some great reading choices this summer
   movie for folks my age and calling        season!
   it Pumping Rust.
                                             The “You Pick Them Outreach Service” offered by the Library District is a great
3. Employment and other application          benefit to our Carillon Lakes residents. If you have any questions, contact Candy
   blanks always ask who is to be
                                             in the business office.
   notified in case of an emergency.
   I think you should write, “A Good

6                                                  Talk of the Lakes                                                   June 2011
                                              COMMUNITY EVENTS
                                  TaX TIME                                                        CaRd FUN
                       Submitted by Candy Taylor                                        Submitted by Lorrie Smith
The Will County Assessment Office will be at Carillon Lakes, in the clubhouse, to      The next “Card Fun” will take place on
help the residents apply for property tax assistance. They will address the Senior     Friday, June 17th, in the clubhouse
Property Tax Freeze for households:                                                    from 6:30-8:30pm. The cost is $5.00
• Whose combined adjusted gross income for 2010 is less than $55,000.00                per person.     It’s fun! Prizes are
• Lived in home for 2 assessment years from 1/1/2010                                   awarded for each game played. This
• 65 Years of age or over                                                              is a monthly event. Bring your own
• General Homestead Exemption & Senior Exemption must be filed                         snacks and drinks. RESERVATIONS
• 3 new exemptions for persons with disabilities (no age restrictions)                 ARE NECESSARY!          PLEASE REPLY
• Veterans’ exemptions, exemptions for returning veterans                              BETWEEN June 1st and June 14th.
Bring your current tax bill and your Federal Income Tax report for 2010                Place your money (CASH PREFERRED)
DATE: Friday, June 3rd, 2011                                                           or checks payable to “cash” in an
TIME: 10:00am ~ 3:00pm                                                                 envelope on which you have printed
Questions: call Jennifer at the Will County Tax Assessment Office,                     your name, phone number, and “Card
815-740-4321.                                                                          Fun.” Drop it into the plain blue safe
                                                                                       outside the office. If you have any
                                                                                       questions, contact Lorrie Smith at 815-
                   FLOWER aRRaNGING CLaSS
                      SUBMiTTeD By LoRRie SMiTh
There will be a class on making a Floral Centerpiece on Wednesday, June 22nd              OUR LadY’S PRaYER
at 6:30pm in the clubhouse. You will learn how to create a beautiful arrangement
with fresh flowers. All material is included, so all you have to do is bring garden            GROUP
cutters or a knife and a container for your arrangement.                               Submitted by Dorothy Fitch
The cost is $20.00 and is due by June 17th. Please place your fee in an envelope       Our Lady’s Prayer Group meets each
on which you have printed “Flower Arranging Class” and your name and phone             Thursday in the Card Room from 3 -
number. Drop it into the plain blue safe. The class is limited to 50 students so get   4pm. We recite the Rosary and The
your reservations in soon. If you have any questions, please call Lorrie at 577-       Chaplet of Divine Mercy for World
6880.                                                                                  Peace. Won’t you please join us for
                                                                                       one hour? We would love to have you
                                                                                       come! For further information, please
                      CONCERTS aT THE LaKE                                             call Carm Lautermilch at (815) 609-
          Sponsored by the Carillon Lakes Ladies’ Club                                 0457.

The Ladies’ Club is sponsoring “Concerts at the Lakes” this summer, which is similar
to a “mini Ravinia.” Come out and join your friends and neighbors for our first
concert on Saturday, June 18th, when we will feature Kym Frankovelgia. Kym                CaRILLON LaKES
is a professional singer who has worked with The Ink Spots, and The Four Lads,
among others, as well as The Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Glenn Miller Band, and the          LadIES’ CLUB PRESENTS
Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras. Kym brings to us all the old classics.                  FaSHIONS FOR
Our second concert will be on Sunday, July 17th. We are pleased to welcome               TOdaY’S WOMaN
back Mary Pfeifer. Mary has appeared here at Carillon Lakes singing a tribute
to Patsy Cline, and most recently at the Sweet Memories event this past February,       FaLL FaSHION SHOW
sponsored by the Italian American committee.                                              aNd LUNCHEON
Our final concert of the year will be on Sunday, August 14th, when we will have                 Submitted by
Denny Diamond and the Family Jewels. Denny Diamond has appeared many                       priscilla Lewandowski
times at White Fence Farm and does a tribute to Neil Diamond.
All the concerts will take place at 7:00pm on the stage in the pool area, as we do         SEPTEMBER 29, 2011
for our End of Summer Bash. Please bring your own chairs and snacks.                   BOLINGBROOK COUNTRY CLUB
In case of rain, the concerts will be held indoors. These are FREE concerts                 BOLINGBROOK, IL.
sponsored by the Ladies’ Club. We ask that you not take chairs out of the                        $27.00
clubhouse, and that you please clean up after yourself. If these concerts prove to
be a success, then we will have them again next year. Let’s all hope for beautiful     Mark your calendars!
summer days with warm summer breezes. Please mark your calendars for these             More information will follow in the
upcoming concerts. Any questions, call Priscilla Lewandowski at 815-436-5650.          July “Talk of the Lakes.”

June 2011                                        Talk of the Lakes                                                         7
                                                 COMMUNITY EVENTS

         SINGLES CLUB                                        NaTIVE aMERICaN FLUTE MUSIC
    Submitted by Bonnie Laky                                       Submitted by Arlene Bennett
            GAME NIGHT                                       JUNE 4th, 2011 7:00PM – 8:30PM
     Thursday, June 23, 2011 ~                Join us for an evening of relaxing, healing, and beautiful music played by at least
        7:00pm ~ Clubhouse                    15 Native American flute players. Among those playing will be John Sarnantos,
                                              one of the world’s pre-eminent Native American flute instructors. We guarantee
We will play some games and have              you will really enjoy this presentation.
some refreshments. You don’t want to
miss this fun night. If you have any          FREE to all residents. Donations will be appreciated, but not mandatory. All funds
questions, call Bonnie Laky at 815-           collected will go to John Sarnantos to cover his traveling expenses. If you have
725-2153.                                     any questions, please call Arlene Bennett at 815-609-6440

    FINE aRT ON dISPLaY                                            MEMORY SHaRING CLUB
          Submitted by                                                  Submitted by John Greven
         Vita pennington                                   JUNE 17 10-12NOON CaRd ROOM
The Carillon Lakes Fine Arts Society          Our Memory Sharing Club can help you learn to share your recollections with
will present its annual show and              others, including your children and grandchildren. We get together and enjoy
sale on Saturday, June 25th, from             sharing our memories on a different topic each month. We learn to craft stories
10:00am - 3:00pm inside the                   about them, and we are also learning storytelling skills. Join us and enjoy sharing
clubhouse. Award winning artists and          memories with each other!
leisure time artists will offer their works   Everyone is welcome at our club meetings, you needn’t have anything prepared,
for sale, including oils, watercolors,        just join us, and when something jogs your memory feel free to share it. The
mixed media, acrylics, and more.              Memory Sharing Club meets Friday, June 17, from 10-12noon in the card room.
Commissions will also be accepted at          The topic for June will be: OUR MOST MEMORABLE TEACHER (S).
this time. These pieces make thoughtful       To learn more about memory sharing and storytelling, consider carpooling with me
gifts and are perfect for display in          to the Legacy Group in Vernon Hills, College of Lake County, Friday, June 10, from
your home. Your family and friends            9-12noon. There are several excellent storytellers in the group. They welcome
are welcome to peruse and judge               newcomers, so just come to listen, if you wish. As with our Memory Sharing Club,
for themselves, while enjoying light          you don’t have to prepare anything. Call John Greven for the topic and details,
refreshments. Come and see what               (815) 730-1190.
the talented folks at Carillon Lakes
can do! Sorry, no one under 18 is
admitted.                                                               ENd OF SUMMER BaSH
If you have any questions, please                                Submitted by Alice Stonebraker
contact Vita at 815-730-8827.                 Mark your calendars. An End of Summer Bash is being planned for August 27th
                                              in the clubhouse. This year we’re having a Luau and Pig Roast, so dig out that
       CaRILLON LaKES                         grass skirt, Hawaiian shirt, and leis and make plans to join your friends and
                                              neighbors for a fun evening. Details will be announced in next month’s issue of
         GENEaLOGY                            the Talk of the Lakes.
    Submitted by Jerry Myrick
Bring your questions and learn
something new at each meeting on
the 3rd Thursday of the month in                                              PIZZa NIGHT
the clubhouse at 1pm. Sometimes                                         Submitted by Marge keller
instead of having a meeting, we travel        Join your friends and neighbors for the first Pizza Night of the
to research destinations.     Contact         summer on Friday, June 24th, at 6:00pm in the clubhouse. The cost
Jerry Myrick at 254-6776 or e-mail            is $7.00 per person. The pizza will be furnished by Rosati’s Pizza.                           We will also serve Salad and Dessert. Soft Drinks and Water will
                                              be available, or BYOB.
       a SUMMER HINT                          Signup begins on Wednesday, June 1st, and ends on Wednesday, June 21st.
                                              Please place your cash (preferred), or check payable to “cash,” in an envelope
Taping a copper penny over a bug              on which you have printed “Pizza Night” and your name(s) and phone number(s).
bite, especially bee or hornet, often         Drop it into the flowered blue safe which is for Ladies’ Club Events. If you have
relieves the sting and could help or          any questions, please call Marge Keller at 815-609-8584.
even prevent swelling.

8                                                   Talk of the Lakes                                                June 2011
                                             COMMUNITY EVENTS

     CaRILLON LaKES                                                     CaMERa CLUB
        PET CLUB                                                    Submitted by Rock Assise
         Submitted by                                     Our June 15th Photo Subject is
       Mary Ann Bowden                                        “PEBBLES and ROCKS”
       PETS IN NEED DRIVE                 Our photo subject “Pebbles and Rocks,” as
                                          suggested by camera club member, Judy
SATURDAY, JUNE 11th                       Byars, is another interesting first time photo
       10 AM - 12PM                       subject for our members and guests. Pebbles
   FRONT PARKING LOT AT                   and Rocks are known to add interest and
        CLUBHOUSE                         perspective to a photograph, especially if
                                          they appear in the forefront of your photo.
The Humane Society of Plainfield, the
Will County Humane Society, and           A collection of colorful pebbles and/or
Romeoville Humane Society have given      rocks in a basket creates not only color, but
us a wish list for items in great need.   denotes interesting texture. Many interesting
                                          shots along beaches are enhanced when
             WISH LIST
                                          pebbles and rocks form a path, bringing the
               Old Towels                 viewer’s eye into the photograph. Want to be creative and make a shot? Try
       Blankets (no comforters)           forming a name using pebbles and/or rocks. If you think your photograph is just
           Old Kitchen towels             not interesting enough, try adding a colorful flower.
       Canned Dog & Cat food
                                          We’re asking anyone interested in sharing their photos to come on down to our
       Puppy food (Purina dry)
                                          Arts and Crafts Room on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 10:30am and show us
              (no red dye)
                                          the “Pebbles and Rocks” photos that you captured. Remember, we don’t claim to
       Kitten food (Purina dry)
                                          be professional photographers; we have many different levels of photographers in
        Dog and Cat dry food
                                          our group. We do have fun sharing our different experiences. Our club is a “No
      Kitten toys new or cleaned
                                          Membership Fee” required. Ever!
      Dog toys new or cleaned
    Leashes and collars (any size)        Consider joining us when we meet on Wednesday, June 1st, at 10:30am in the
              Water Bowls                 Arts and Crafts room. This meeting is an educational meeting. We try to answer
       Small plastic litter boxes         questions and solve image problems that our club members may encounter.
         18 gallon plastic bins                                      Photo by Judy Byars
         Copier paper (white)
            Dog/Cat carriers
              Paper towels
         Pine-Sol floor cleaner                                      HOOKEd ON BOOKS
           Grooming supplies
          Liquid laundry soap                                 Submitted by Mary Ann Bowden
          30-gallon trash bags                              SECOND MONDAY 11AM CLUBHOUSE
            Pen and markers
          50-gallon trash bags
                                          The June 13, 2011 book is “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett. Be prepared to
The least expensive cat litter, called    meet three unforgettable women: Skeeter has just returned home after graduating
Special Kitty, can be found at Wal-       from Ole Miss. Her mother will only be happy if Skeeter has a ring on her finger.
Mart in a red bag.                        Aibileen is a black maid, a wise, regal woman raising her seventeenth white child.
The residents of Carillon Lakes are       Minny, Aibileen’s best friend, is short, fat, and perhaps the sassiest woman in
generous, but please do not buy new       Mississippi. She can cook like nobody’s business, but she can’t mind her tongue,
towels. We need and want old ones.        so she’s lost yet another job.
Any questions, call Mary Ann Bowden,      The book for July is “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” by Stieg Larsson. The
815-254-3585                              New York Times review says, “Combine the chilly Swedish backdrop and moody
                                          psychodrama of a Bergman movie with the grisly pyrotechnics of a serial-killer thrill,
                                          then add an angry punk heroine, and a down-on-his luck investigative journalist,
                                          and you have the ingredients of Stieg Larsson’s first novel”. It’s Mr. Larsson’s two
                                          protagonists, Carl Mikael Blomkvist, a reporter filling the role of detective, and his
                                          sidekick, Lisbeth Salander, aka the girl with the dragon tattoo, who make this novel
                                          more than your run-of-the mill mystery.
                                          The August book is “A Happy Marriage,” by Rafael Yglesias.

June 2011                                       Talk of the Lakes                                                            9
                                              COMMUNITY EVENTS
     4TH OF JULY INdEPENdENCE daY CELEBRaTION                                                 CaNCER SUPPORT
                     Submitted by harry Blackburn                                            GROUP OF CaRILLON
The Wii Club Committee cordially invites all interested Carillon Lakes residents                   LaKES
to a 4th of July Celebration on Sunday, July 3, 2011. Dinner (Fried Chicken,             Submitted by Judy Fazzari
Italian Sausage, Baked Beans, Cold Pasta Salad, Dessert and Soft Drinks) will be
served in the Clubhouse @ 6:45pm followed by poolside dancing to the music of                THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011 -
“TAKE 3.” The cost of a ticket is $15.00 per person. Please place your check                   7:00pm - CLUBHOUSE
payable to “cash” in an envelope on which you have printed, “4TH OF JULY” and
your name(s) and telephone number(s). Deposit it in the Carillon Lakes plain blue       ATTENTION: LONG TIME SURVIVORS
safe outside the property manager’s office. There will be a cut off of 200              OR NEWLY DIAGNOSED MEN AND
people, so please get your money into the safe at your earliest convenience. Full       WOMEN OF CARILLON LAKES
tables of eight will be reserved, if the names and all moneys are placed in the         WHOSE LIVES HAVE ENDURED
same envelope. Otherwise, numbered tables in the clubhouse will be available on         CANCER.
a first come, first served basis. The groups sitting at those tables will be assigned   I thought you would like to know that
to the same numbered table in and around poolside. If you have any questions,           the feedback from our participants has
please contact a Wii Club Committee: Joe Makenas, Lloyd Clark, Don Marsteller,          been very positive. We are making
or Harry Blackburn.                                                                     a difference in helping those fighting
                                                                                        the battle. We fail to realize at times
                    JUNE FRIdaY NIGHT SOCIaL                                            that to a newly diagnosed person, just
                                                                                        seeing someone who has survived
                       Submitted by Geri Langford                                       their type of cancer for a long time
              JUNE 10, 2011 CLUBHOUSE 6:00 – 8:00pm                                     gives them HOPE. So don’t feel you
                                                                                        just want to forget you ever had it;
The first Friday Night Social of the summer season will be June 10th. You won’t         you can really make a difference in
have to bring a thing, except BYOB. Back by popular request, we will have Italian       someone else’s survival. WE’RE HERE
Beef and/or Sausage Sandwiches, Salad, Mostaccioli, trimmings, Dessert, Pop,            TO HELP EACH OTHER!
and Water (catered by It’s a Nice).
                                                                                        HAVE YOU RECENTLY RECEIVED
This is a good way to socialize with your fellow residents, enjoy a meal without        A CANCER DIAGNOSIS? Would
doing the cooking, and stay afterwards to play Bocce or enjoy a conversation with       you like to be put in contact with a
others around the pool.                                                                 survivor of the same type of cancer?
The cost will be $8.00 per person. Please put your cash (preferred), or check           This may be the encouragement you
payable to “cash,” in an envelope on which you have printed “JUNE 10th                  and your family need to give all of you
FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL” and your name and phone number. Drop it in the                     HOPE. Contact Judy Fazzari at 815
flowered blue safe by Monday, June 6th. Any questions, call Geri, 815-725-4814          609-3220 for the connection. I may
or Ann, 815-254-3430.                                                                   also be able to put you in contact with
                          THIS IS A CLLC EVENT                                          groups that can provide services you
                                                                                        might need.
                    JULY FRIdaY NIGHT SOCIaL
                     Submitted by Lorraine Dickson
               JULY 8, 2011 CLUBHOUSE 6:00 – 8:00pm                                             MaXINE COOKS
                                                                                                   Submitted by
Join us on Friday, July 8th, as we continue our summer socials with a potpourri-
themed menu. Dinner will include Polish Sausage with Sauerkraut, Baked Chicken                   Daena hinkleman
with Stuffing, Salad, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Green Beans with Bacon and            1. If you can’t stand the heat, come
Onion, Pop and Water. BYOB.                                                                   into my kitchen. You can be sure
This is a good way to socialize with your fellow residents, enjoy a meal without              nothing is cooking.
doing the cooking, and stay afterwards to play Bocce or enjoy a conversation with       2.    The only thing I stir up in the
others around the pool.                                                                       kitchen is trouble.
                                                                                        3.    Recipes are like a dating service.
The cost is $8.00 per person. Please place your cash (preferred), or your check               They never end up looking like the
payable to “cash,” in an envelope on which you have printed “JULY 8TH FRIDAY                  picture.
NIGHT SOCIAL” and your name and phone number. Drop it into the flowered                 4.    I love a good meal so I don’t cook.
blue safe by Monday, July 4th, 2011. Any questions, call Sue, 815-577-3551 or           5.    Smoke detectors need to be tested
Lorraine, 815-577-5337.                                                                       from time to time, so sometimes I
                            THIS IS A CLLC EVENT                                              cook something.
                                                                                        6.    If it fits in a toaster, I can cook it.
                                                                                        7.    I find it helps to organize chores
                                                                                              into categories: Things I won’t
                                                                                              do now, Things I won’t do later,
                                                                                              Things I’ll never do!
10                                               Talk of the Lakes                                                      June 2011

                             CRUISIN’ FOR FUN                                          CaRILLON LaKES MEN’S
                           Submitted by Barb Webb                                        BREaKFaST CLUB
                    JOIN THE SINGLES CLUB                                               Submitted by Tom houdek
               MONDAY JUNE 27 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm                                       Join your friends and neighbors at
       CENTURY SQUARE AND THE MIDWEST BANK PARKING LOT                                 9:30am on the 2nd Tuesday of each
                    DOWNTOWN LOCKPORT                                                  month. The next breakfast is:
Come and see the classic cars and enjoy the entertainment of R Gang band. This                June 14th, 2011
is a free event sponsored by the Lockport Township Park District. Bring a chair to            LARRY’S DINER
sit on in the park. Food is sold in the park, or you can bring a picnic dinner with           1131 W. Lockport Road
you. There is also a farmers’ market across the street.                                       Plainfield, IL 60544
                                                                                              Rt. 126 & 30
Any questions, please call Barb Webb at 708-289-3825. Hope to see you there.

                                                                                           CaRILLON LaKES
             LadIES’ NIGHT OUT PRESENTS                                                   LadIES’ BREaKFaST
        “aN EVENING WITH JaCQUELINE KENNEdY’                                                    CLUB
                        Submitted by Bette Walser
                                                                                        Submitted by June Dalton
                           TUESDAY, JUNE 14. 2011
                             5:30 PM - CLUBHOUSE                                       The Carillon Lakes Ladies’ Breakfast
                                                                                       Club will meet Tuesday, June 7th, at
Leslie Goddard, noted actor, historian, and teacher will portray Jacqueline            Southern Belle’s, 1819 Knapp Drive,
Kennedy, giving insight into her life in the White House, her struggles with the       Crest Hill, at 9:30am. Please contact
media, and her restoration work. Hear her recount her husband’s death and how          June Dalton at 815-577-8215 or
she decided to begin a new life for herself and her children.                          Paula Marshall at 815-582-3241 if
Light refreshments, including tea sandwiches, punch, and coffee will be served at      you have any questions. As a courtesy
6:00pm prior to the program, so please arrive at 5:30pm. We hope to make this          to the restaurant, please do not arrive
an enjoyable spring evening, so plan to attend.                                        before 9:15am. Thank you.

The cost is $6.00. Please place your money (cash preferred) or check payable to
“cash” in an envelope on which you have printed “JUNE LADIES’ NIGHT OUT”                      SEW WHaT
and your name and phone number. Drop it into the blue flowered safe beginning
June 1st and ending June 10th.                                                            a FaBRIC aNd YaRN
Any questions, contact Bette Walser, 815 439-6906 or Charlene Kovanda, 815                       CLUB
741-5465.                                                                              Submitted by Carol hrubec
                                                                                         Thursday, June 9th 1:15pm
     CaRILLON LaKES MEN’S MOdEL RaILROad CLUB                                                    Clubhouse
                      Submitted by Winston Rogers                                      The lovely month of June at “Sew
Scheduled meeting of the Club:                                                         What” will feature a special thank
        WHEN: Tuesday Evenings                                                         you project for our men and women
        TIME: 7:00 pm                                                                  serving in the Armed Forces.
                                                                                       Janette Dunn and Barbara White,
        WHERE: 16336 Eugene Seigel Ct.                                                 our Teachers of the Month, will
The modules are assembled and the main line tracks have been installed. It is now      demonstrate how to make “neck
time for fine-tuning, adding sidings, making electrical connections, and building      coolers.” Materials will be provided
scenery. Are you interested? Please contact Winston Rogers at 815-609-4817, or         and sewing machines available. All
just come to our next meeting.                                                         completed items and those that are
                                                                                       brought to July’s meeting will be
                      THOUGHTS FOR THE daY                                             distributed overseas to our American
                                                                                       heroes and heroines with our love,
                        Submitted by Larry Marek                                       thanks, and prayers!
1.   A smile is the shortest distance between two people.                              As always, Show and Tell of our
2.   A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.       own handicrafts will be shared, and
3.   The man who invented the eraser had the human race well sized up.                 working on UFO’s (unfinished objects)
4.   It’s not the ups and downs of life that bother the average man, it’s the jerks.   will end our meeting. Please come
5.   Silent company is often more healing than words of advice.                        and socialize, learn, and share.
6.   There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.                      You’ll be glad you did!
7.   The best thing about growing old is it takes so long.
8.   People who don’t know anything should keep it to themselves.
June 2011                                         Talk of the Lakes                                                        11
                          MENS/WOMENS INTERESTS/HEaLTH/SPORTS

              6 TIPS FOR aPPLYING SUNSCREEN                                                    MEdICaL TaLK
                   Submitted by Daena hinkleman                                         Submitted by pat Riley Rn
You know it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, you have a good stock of    The second medical talk of 2011
sunscreen that’s at least 15 SPF, and you never forget to put it on before you step    will be held on June 7th at 7pm
outside. But is that enough? Maybe not, says Quenby Ericson, D.O., Saint Louis         in the clubhouse. The subject will
University Assistant Professor of Dermatology. Use the following tips to make sure     be “Preparing for Emergencies,”
your sunscreen protects you properly:                                                  given by the Will County Emergency
1. Be generous. Don’t skimp. Cover all skin that’s exposed to the sun, including       Management Agency and Community
    your ears, the back of your neck, the tops of your feet, and if you’re sparse on   Emergency Response Team. We read
    top, the top of your head.                                                         about disasters in other parts of the
2. Apply in time. Always put sunscreen on 30 minutes before exposing your skin         world and should be prepared if one
    to the sun.                                                                        happens in our own area. There is
3. Apply often. Reapply every two hours, and after swimming.                           no fee for any Carillon Lakes residents
4. Spray close. Don’t hold the bottle at arm’s length when spraying someone            to attend this talk, which is being
    else. Instead, hold the bottle two or three inches from the skin.                  sponsored by your community Nurses’
5. Rub sunscreen into the skin for the best coverage.                                  Group. Refreshments will be served.
6. Check the expiration date. Sunscreen past its prime loses some of its
    effectiveness.                                                                     If you have any questions, please call
                                                                                       Pat Riley, RN, at 815-254-2252.
                 WHY WOMEN SHOULd WaTCH
                     THEIR WaISTLINES                                                         NURSE’S NOTES
                     From Mayo Clinic newsletter                                        Submitted by pat Riley Rn
While putting on weight in general can have negative effects on your health, belly     Hi, friends; your nurses will not have
fat is particularly unhealthy. Recommendations call for women to keep their waist      a meeting this month because of the
measurements under 35 inches. A waist size of 35 inches or more may increase           Medical Talk. We will carry on with
your risk of:                                                                          our planning for the September Health
Cardiovascular disease                         Diabetes                                Fair. I will be looking for volunteers
Gallbladder problems                           Colorectal cancer                       next month, and I urge you to keep up
Breast cancer                                  Metabolic syndrome                      the wonderful support you have given
High blood pressure                            Stroke                                  us in the past. We will continue the
                                                                                       blood pressure screening on the first
In a large study of 45,000 women who were followed for 16 years, researchers           Wednesday of each month. I am
found that having a large waist size increased their risk of dying of cardiovascular   also taking names for our annual CPR
disease, even if they were not generally overweight. Some evidence also suggests       class. It is a 2 year certification or
that having a large waist measurement increases your risk of developing urinary        recertification for our residents from the
incontinence and your risk of developing dementia later in life.                       American Heart Association. The Flu
                                                                                       shot program will be held in October
Daily, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, combined with a healthy diet, is the       on two separate dates.
best way to lose belly fat. If you need to shed a few pounds around your middle,
think of the health benefits and make losing some weight a priority.                   If you have any questions, please call
                                                                                       me, Pat Riley, RN, at 815-254-2252.
                  GOLF NEWS ITEMS FOR JUNE
                       Submitted by Don Johnson                                                  HOLE-IN-ONE
                                                                                        Submitted by Don Johnson
Golfers have lots of opportunities for involvement in June. We expect to have a
new Rules & Regulations sign located prominently by the first tee box on our golf       TIM VAN DE NORTH
course. The sign was purchased with money from the Special Projects Committee.         On Saturday, April 9th, Tim made a
All signup sheets for the various golf events are located in the clubhouse on the      hole-in-one on the second hole of our
east vestibule bulletin board. As always, go to for a complete      Carillon Lakes course using a four
schedule of all golf events.                                                           hybrid from the Blue Tees. Tim’s hole-
Our men play a competitive match against Carillon on Monday, June 13th at              in-one was witnessed by Sue Hutsell,
Prairie Bluff (NOTE DATE CHANGE).                                                      Larry Nowonty, and Don Johnson.
                                                                                       Congratulations, Tim!
Men’s Monthly Golf Outing will be held Thursday, June 16th at Tamarack. A fee
of $29.00 covers golf and cart. This event has a 7:30am Shot Gun start.
On Saturday, June 18th at 9:00, our first “Pitch, Chip, and Putt” contest will be
held for all residents. There will be a signup sheet for this.
Watch the bulletin for all information related to the Great American Putt Off.

12                                               Talk of the Lakes                                                  June 2011
          Wii BOWLING TEaM WINTER LEaGUE                                                 THE FISHING & LaKES
        dIVISION WINNERS aNd NEW CHaMPION                                                MaNaGEMENT CLUB
                    Submitted by harry Blackburn                                         Submitted by Tom inman
The 2011 winter season concluded on May 1, 2011.                                       Included in this month’s edition you
The first place winners for the four league divisions are:                             will find the applications for the
Pat Duffy, Don Houlf (Carillon Division); Tony Troy, & Dick                            2011 Fishing Derby. Please note
Cutshall (Harmony Division); Barb Goossens and Darlene                                 that the cut-off date for the completed
Clay (Melody Division); Rich and Ceil Sikora (Woodwind                                 applications is Friday, July 29th! We
Division). A bowl off between the teams resulted in Toni                               must have a cut-off date so we can
Troy and Dick Cutshall winning the Championship.                                       order the appropriate amount of food
Several 300 games were bowled by the participants this past season. The                and bait. If you register late, you will
following bowled 1 or more perfect (300) games: Lloyd Clark (4), Vic Ferenzi           have a late check-in time, and we will
(2), Pearl Goodman (2), Jerry Price (1), Carmen Marsik (1), Irene Jimenez (1).         limit those check-ins to the number of
                                                                                       people we can feed. If you are unsure
Men’s High Series winner was Don Marsteller                                            as to whether or not you will be able
Women’s High Series winner was Pat Van Henkelum                                        to attend it would be wise to register.
Team High Series winners were Dick & Cheri Norwood                                     You can always cancel at a later date.
                                                                                       Please read the applications carefully,
Congratulations to all who participated and to all the winners. The end of the         and fill in all of the information that
season competition with Grand Haven will occur on June 18, 2011 at Grand               is requested! This will help the Club
Haven at 12 noon. Supporters are welcome to attend!                                    get organized, and also see to it that
                                                                                       you will be assigned an area as close
              PITCH, CHIP, aNd PUTT CONTEST                                            as possible to your residence. Thank
             SaTURdaY, JUNE 18, 2011 – 9:00am
                                                                                       Please remember to read over the
               CaRILLON LaKES GOLF COURSE                                              Fishing Rules and Regulations that
                        Submitted by Bob Dickson                                       were provided to you in the May
                                                                                       issue. We want to remind you that this
Come and try your skills at the first Pitch, Chip, and Putt Contest of the 2011 golf   year will be a “catch and release”
season. The Pitch and Putt will be measured, with prizes awarded. The Chip will        fishing season. No fish may be
be for points, with cash prizes being awarded to the winners.                          harvested, with the exception
We will meet at the gazebo. Registration begins at 9:45am. All residents are           of Blue Gills. We appreciate your
welcome (men and women). Put $3.00 per person entry fee in an envelope on              cooperation.
which you have printed “PITCH, CHIP, AND PUTT” and your name and phone
number. Drop it into the plain blue safe by Thursday, June 16th. Any questions,            Wii BOWLING FaLL
call Bob at 815-577-5337.
                                                                                            LEaGUE SIGNUP
                                                                                            Submitted by harry
             FOR aLL MY INTELLIGENT FRIENdS                                                     Blackburn
See if you can figure out what these words have in common:                             The Winter Wii Bowling League
1.   Banana                                                                            Signup will begin on Friday, July 1,
2.   Dresser                                                                           2011 and run through Friday, July
3.   grammar                                                                           22, 2011. The signup sheets will be
4.   Potato                                                                            placed on the Credenza outside the
5.   Revive                                                                            Property Management Office. The
6.   Uneven                                                                            registration fee is $10.00 per person.
7.   Assess                                                                            There is no fee if you sign up to be
                                                                                       a substitute. Please place your cash
Look at each word carefully. Concentrate on their similarity. Don’t get discouraged.   or check payable to “cash,” in an
Give it another try. You will kick yourself when you discover the answer, so try       envelope on which you have printed
one more time. This is so cool.                                                        “Wii Fall League” and your name
                                                                                       and phone number. Drop it into the
No, the answer is not that they all have at least two double letters. Now have you     plain blue safe by July 22nd. The
figured it out? Give up? The answer appears at the bottom of page 15.                  Fall League will be a 12 week season
                                                                                       which begins on Sunday, August 7,
                                    BOCCE                                              and ends on Sunday, November 6,
                                                                                       2011, with the traditional Wii Bowling
                      Submitted by Audrey Sorgel                                       Banquet. If you have any questions,
The season is coming, so get ready to roll. Come and join us for Bocce on              feel free to contact any of the Wii
                                                                                       Bowling Committee: Joe Makenas,
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm. The start date is June 7th. If you have any          Lloyd Clark, Don Marsteller, Marge
questions, please call Audrey Sorgel at 815-439-7117.                                  Geib or Harry Blackburn.
June 2011                                        Talk of the Lakes                                                          13
                                                   COMMUNITY TRIPS
IT’S SUMMER IN THE CITY II                                                       RaVINIa
       GRaNT PaRK                                              Ramsey Lewis Trio with pink Martini
BaNd SHELL ~ MILLENNIUM                        Join us as we journey to Ravinia again, this year, to enjoy a midsummer night under
          PaRK                                 the stars to hear the highly acclaimed Ramsey Lewis Trio. Composer, pianist, and
     BROadWaY ROCKS!                           jazz legend, Ramsey Lewis has been referred to as”the great performer.” A native
We are very lucky to live so close to a city   Chicagoan, Ramsey Lewis has captivated fans with hits such as “The In Crowd,”
like Chicago, and even luckier during the      “Hang On Sloopy,” and “Wade In The Water.” He has three Grammy Awards
summer months! There is so much going on       and seven gold records to his credit. Upon arrival, you will be treated to a sit-
in this great city when the weather is warm.   down buffet dinner under the pavilion tent that includes your choices of:
Once more this year, there is an excellent
summer musical program at the Grant Park                                          SALADS
Band Shell and we are heading downtown!        Fresh Garden Veggies served with Ranch Dipping Sauce
Your day will begin with a motor coach ride    Fire roasted Tomato Salsa, charred chilies and Crispy Corn Chips
that will take you to Millennium Park. 0nce
there, you will pick up your picnic lunch      Basil Penne Pasta Salad served with Tomato, Red Onion, and Basil Leaves.
at the Park Café and then choose where         Iceberg Lettuce Wedge served with Tomatoes and Onions and Chives in a
you would like to eat. Bring a blanket and     Buttermilk Dressing.
sit in the park, find a table and enjoy the                             GOURMET SANDWICHES
scenery, or bring your boxed lunch back                               A combination of four sandwiches
to your reserved seating at the Band Shell
pavilion. It’s your day you decide! The        1. Grilled Sirloin with Boursin Cheese and caramelized onion jam on grilled
bus will arrive at Millennium Park early           Rosemary Focaccia.
enough for you to enjoy the park and all
the entertainment going on. The program        2. Spiced Fruit and Smoked Turkey consists of Fresh Roasted Breast of Turkey,
scheduled for the day is sure to draw a big        Chutney of Apricots, Cranberries, and Brie Cheese served on Ciabatta Bread.
crowd. It is the performance of Broadway       3. Ham and Jarlsberg Swiss is Cured ham, Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese and Dijonnaise
Rocks! This unforgettable evening will             on Fresh Pretzel Baguettes.
be packed with songs from some of the          4. ZLT Flatbread Sandwich of Smoked Tomato Pesto, Grilled Zucchini, Romaine
most electrifying shows to hit the Great
White Way in recent decades: The Wiz,              Lettuce, vine ripe Tomatoes, grilled Pizza Dough, Habanero Pepper Jack
Hairspray, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mamma           Cheese, Salt, Black Pepper and Olive Oil.
Mia, Tommy, and so much more.                  All served with: kettle chips.
Our group will have reserved seating, so       DESSERT: Enjoy an Assorted House-Baked Cookie Sampler.
we are sure to have a bird’s eye view and
premium acoustic sound. Our bus will be        BEVERAGE: Freshly brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Hot Tea.
a short 3-5 minute walk both ways. I have      Also included is a 2 hour bar for Beer, Wine, and Soda!
thought of everything to make your evening
one that is most enjoyable. Hope you will      After dinner you will be seated in covered pavilion reserved seats where you will
take advantage of this great opportunity       enjoy the show. The evening is sure to be “A night to remember!”
to be in Chicago and enjoy this concert
performance of the season.                     Date: Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Date: Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
                                               Time: Depart Carillon Lakes 3:00pm
Time: Depart Carillon Lakes 3:00pm                     Depart Ravinia 9:30pm
Depart Grant Park 8:30pm (after                Fee: $90.00 Per Person
performance)                                   Includes: Deluxe Motor Coach transportation, Dinner/2hour unlimited bar under
Fee: $55.00 Per Person                         Tent, Pavilion reserved seating
Includes: Motor Coach Transportation,
Boxed Lunch, Reserved Seating                  Signup Begins: 6/7/2011
Signup Begins: 6/7/2011                        RSVP BY: 7/1/2011
RSVP BY: 7/1/2011                              MIN. 40/ MAX 50
Min. 30/ Max 39
                                               Walking Involved:
Your choices for the boxed lunch
are listed below. Choose one from
each group:                                                 Reserving Room dates for 2012
Starters - Hummus and Olive Dip,
Market Veggies with Spinach and                        In the Carillon Lakes Clubhouse & Rooms
Artichoke Dip, Seasonal Fruit or Grapes
Sandwich or Salad - Smoked Turkey              On Friday July 1st, 2011 I will open the process of accepting
on Baguette, Fresh Mozzarella and Roma          room request forms for dates in the 2012 year. It will be necessary that you fill
Tomatoes with Pesto Spread on Focaccia
Bread, Ham & Gruyere on a Pretzel              out a room request form and submit to Candy in the office to secure a specific
Roll, Curry Chicken Salad: Consists of a       room, date and time for your organization/committee. A member from each
Poached Chicken Breast, Raisin                 organization/committee must submit their request on the proper form. Once the
Pecan Toast, Bibb Lettuce                      application is received and processed you will receive a copy confirming that your
Served With - Fresh Fruit or Kettle Chips      request was accepted and entered into the computer. You will receive a copy of
Dessert - Triple Vanilla Cheese Cake,
Cupcake of the day, Chocolate Chip             the approval via the mail. If you have any questions regarding this process please
Cookie                                         contact Candy in the Homeowners Association Office.
Beverage – Dansani Bottled Water

14                                                   Talk of the Lakes                                                June 2011
                                         CaRILLON LaKES EVENTS

              aCTIVITY                      WHERE                  WHEN        TIME           COST             SIGN UP
                                                                                               PP                 BY
**Spring Fling Golf Social                C.L. Golf Course     May 28th       9:45am         $10.00           May 24th
**Shipshewana                             Indiana              June 8th       8:00am         $55.00           May 27th
June Friday Night Social                  Clubhouse            June 10th      6:00pm         $ 8.00           June 6th
*Ladies Night Out w/Jackie Kennedy        Clubhouse            June 14th      5:30pm         $ 6.00           June 10th
**A Day at the Races                      Arlington Park       June 15th      11:00am        $50.00           June 3rd
*Card Fun                                 Clubhouse            June 17th      6:30pm         $ 5.00           June 14th
Pitch, Chip, and Putt Contest             Lakes Course         June 18th      9:00am         $ 3.00           June 16th
Flower Arranging Class                    Clubhouse            June 22nd      6:30pm         $20.00           June 17th
Pizza Night                               Clubhouse            June 24th      6:00pm         $ 7.00           June 21st
Wii Bowling Signup                        Clubhouse            July 1st       Credenza       $10.00           July 22nd
4th of July Party                         Clubhouse            July 3rd       6:45pm         $15.00           ASAP
July Friday Night Social                  Clubhouse            July 8th       6:00pm         $ 8.00           July 4th
Ramsey Lewis Trio/Pink Martini            Ravinia              July 10th      3:00pm         $90.00           July 1st
Grant Park, Millennium Park               Chicago              July 13th      3:00pm         $55.00           July 1st
**Botanic Garden                          Chicago              July 19th      1:45pm         $63.00           July 1st
**Chicago White Sox                       Chicago              July 27th      10:00am        $67.00           June 3rd
German Fest                               Milwaukee            July 30th      10:00am        $28.00           July 8th*
Denotes registration begins on the 1st of the month unless otherwise specified.
** The descriptions for these events appear in the April or May Newsletters.

                                             GERMaN FEST
                                        Celebrating over 30 years
Come enjoy the Milwaukee skyline, as we celebrate German Fest. Once here, you will enjoy some German beer and great
food. Here are just a few fun facts: over 20,000 pieces of torte and pastries are served, 15,000 pieces of strudel, 9,000
dumplings, 10,000 pounds of sauerkraut, and over 20,000 bratwursts. Now that I have your attention and your mouth is
watering, don’t miss out on this opportunity to spend the day enjoying German food, music, and entertainment. The Fest has
been entertaining crowds for 30 years. So join your neighbors and friends for a most enjoyable summer day.

Date: Saturday, 7/30/2011
Time: Depart Carillon 10:00am ~ Depart Milwaukee Fest: 6:00pm
Fee: $28.00 Per Person - Includes: Deluxe Motor Coach Transportation
Signup Begins: 6/7/2011
RSVP BY: 7/8/2011                                                                      Answer to the test - For All
MIN 35/MAX 56                                                                          My Intelligent Friends.
Walking Involved:                                                                      In all of the words listed, if you take
                                                                                       the first letter of the word and place
                                                                                       it at the end of the word, it will spell
                                                                                       the same word only backwards.
June 2011                                      Talk of the Lakes                                                            15
                                                   2011         June
                                                            Camera Club                                     Will Co. Tax
                                                                             1                         2                    3              4
                                                            10:30am                                         Assessment        GARBAGE PICK-UP
                                                            Blood Pressure                                  10:00 am – 3:00pm
                                                            Screening 12:00                                                      Native American Flute
                                                            Singles Board Meeting                                                Music 7:00pm
                 Architectural         Ladies Breakfast     Shipshewana             Sew What                Italian Night        Pet Club Drive 11
            5    Comm. Single
                                  6    So. Belle 9:30am
                                                        7   Departs: 8:00am
                                                                             8      1:15pm
                                                                                                       9    Social 6:00pm
                                                                                                                                 10:00am – 12:00pm
                 Family 10:00am                                                     Special Projects
                                        Medical Speaker                             3:00pm
                 Architectural Comm.   7:00pm                                       Cancer Support
                 Townhome 6:30pm                                                    7:00pm
                 Hooked on Books     Men’s
                                 13 Larry’s Breakfast 14 10:30am                    Genealogy               Memory Sharing
                                                         Camera Club                                                             Pitch, Chip & Putt 18
            12   11:00am                    Diner
                                                                           15       1:00pm
                                                                                                       16   10:00am
                                     9:30am              Arlington Pk. 11:00
                                                                                                                                 Concert at the Lakes
                                                         Hand Stitchers 1:00
                 Golf Comm. Meeting                                                                         Card Fun 6:30pm      7:00pm
                                                         B & G 5:30
                 7:00pm              Ladies Night Out    Veterans Meeting
                                     5:30pm              7:00pm
            19   Architectural   20 Ladies Club       21 Floral Class      22       Singles – Game     23   Pizza Night     24   Fine Art Display   25
HAPPY FATHERS    Comm. Single Family Monthly Board       6:30pm                     Night 7:00pm            Social               10:00 – 3:00
    DAY          10:00am             Meeting 6:00pm                                                         6:00pm
                                                                                    Fishing & Lakes
                 Architectural Comm.   Small Investment                             Meeting 7:00pm
                 Townhome 6:30pm       Meeting 7:00pm
                 Library Visit         Finance Comm.    Green Thumbs
            26   2:00pm           27   Meeting 1:30pm28 Garden Meeting      29                         30
                 Singles Event

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