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Specialty_ by cuiliqing


                                                                                                          "Years of
ADVANCED NUTRIENTS HAVE IT                                                                      rl        research

IN THE BAG                                                                                                culminated in a
                                                                                                          product to
Improving crop yields, boosting        as the granules disappeared into the
production and protecting the          paddock;' he said.                                             II1II boost by
                                                                                                      •••• growthplant
environment are three reasons why      "The plants were not looking too                                     improving
more and more growers are turning to                                                                        nitrogen
                                       good and my agronomist kept telling
the Advanced Nutrients specialty       me to apply another lot of urea but                                  efficiency,
fertiliser range.                      Advanced told us to hold off.             Gary   Murdoch-Brown       which cuts on-
Rohan Kingham even had his                                                       farm fertiliser costs through reducing
                                       "Sure enough when rain came the
agronomist confounded by the results                                             leaching and volatisation into the
                                       plants responded so well that my                                       \"
achieved with Advanced Nutrients'                                                atmosphere;' he said ..
                                       agronomist thought I'd added another
patented Black Urea and OAP Mineral    lot of urea. He couldn't believe it       "This is certainly breakthrough news
Blend.                                 when I said we didn't."                   for growers of cotton, cereals,
The manager for Oalblair Pastoral,                                               legumes, oil seed, dairy and
                                       Advanced Nutrients chief executive
west of Tamworth, Mr Kingham                                                     horticulture crops. Black Urea is a
                                       officer, Gary Murdoch-Brown,
applied Black Urea ahead of expected                                             result of seven years of extensive
                                       said this was an all too familiar story
rain on his nitrogen deficient                                                   laboratory and field research that
                                       as more and more growers witnessed
paddock.                                                                         delivers significant improvement in
                                       the stability this patented product
"We had never used Black Urea                                                    nitrogen use and efficiency:
                                       gave urea. He said Black Urea could
                                       reduce fertiliser costs by as much as     "The research focus of our Black
before and when we didn't get the
rain, we thought it was money wasted   35%.                                      Fertiliser range has always been on

6)   Ruralbusiness                                                                                               September 2009
 the 'dollar return' for growers, so we conducted
 commercial field trials as well as greenhouse trial work.
 "The Black Fertiliser range and particularly Black Urea,
 the longest researched Black product, continues to give

 growers a dollar return not seen from conventional raw

 "In one field trial, even though Black Urea cost $22/ha
 more than white urea to apply, the return was $278/ha
 more profit after the added cost of Black Urea. In another
 trial on a sorghum crop, Black Urea delivered an increase
 in net return of 50% over urea and on dry land wheat the
 result was 40%:'
 Advanced Nutrients uses its liquid Launch product to coat
 urea and OAP.This results in increased stability and
 efficiency in both products and makes fertiliser
                                                                .I Breaks up Clay Soils
 application more effective.                                      .I Increases Calcium
                       Irrigators can achieve greater
                       production with the Black products
                                                                  .I Removes Sodium
                       as water is not their limiting factor.
                       Advanced Nutrient's managing                                                               .....•
                       director, Craig Salmon, said new
                       product was now available because
                    ••• the company had committed to
                        making Black Urea itself.
                       "In the past we contracted the
 Craig Salmon          process out to different third parties
                       which caused us problems with
 production, quality, cost and handling;' Mr Salmon said.
 "We are now making it ourselves and stand 100% behind
 this product.
 "The thousands of dollars of commitment to equipment,
 sheds and staff to make the product is testament that we
 care for quality; we care that we can deliver and we want
 to ensure growers get the best products:'
 Black Urea is just one of the specialty products impressing

 Oalblair Pastoral produced a good yield return in a
 particularly bad season for malt barley and Mr Kingham
 credits OAP Mineral Blend for the result.

 "If the protein in barley is too low it won't be binned as
 malt barley. Most of the trucks from other farms were
 averaging 8.7% whereas ours were all around 9.1-9.2%;'
 he said.

 "That might not seem like much of a big pick-up but in a
 bad year it meant we were up $100 a tonne.
 "While we were applying nitrogen, phosphorous and
 sulphur we were forgetting the micro nutrients. Again my
 agronomist was left scratching his head at how well the
 product worked as the minerals all reacted off each other
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 to produce much better crops:'                          -

 September 2009                                                                              RlIralbusiness   •

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