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                                                                                                           A Full Service Salon & Spa for Men & Women

                                                                                                              From Maintenance to Makeovers,
by Heather Schoell                                dent and CEO of the Grocery Manufactur-                        It Really Is All About You!
                                                  ers/Food Products Association, serves on the
                                                  board of directors, and Jeff Trandahl, former
F   ood & Friends feeds very sick people and
    their families. Beginning in 1988 with 20
volunteers and an annual budget of $30,000,
                                                  clerk of the House, is a longtime supporter
                                                  and volunteer.
                                                                                                                         We Specialize In:
                                                                                                           Hair Design, Personalized Color, Skin Treatments,
the nonprofit has swelled to 4,500 volunteers,                                                                   Make-Up, Waxing, and Massage Therapy
58 staff members and an annual budget of           So Many Ways to Help
$7.3 million. More than 16,000 individuals             The work that goes into providing grocer-
have been served, and they need the continued                                                                          Gift Cards Available
                                                  ies and three delivered meals a day requires
support of the community to keep it going.        vast resources. F&F purchases the majority of
                                                  their food from food banks; what is greatly
Feeding Those Who Cannot Feed Themselves          needed is time and money. Monetary dona-
     Brain cancer, advanced AIDS/HIV, chil-       tions are always appreciated and welcome,
dren with HIV. It’s uncomfortable to think of     and those who can donate their time are es-
these illnesses, but not as uncomfortable as it   pecially valuable. It takes people to help raise
is to live with them – too weak to shop, too      funds and awareness, and it takes people to
tired to prepare meals.                           help prepare and deliver the meals.
     Food & Friends has been able to provide           There are mutually beneficial events, such
sustenance to those clients who qualify for       as Slice of Life 2007. By purchasing your
chef-prepared, nutritionally balanced meals       holiday pies through F&F (Harvest Apple,
delivered to their door. According to Craig       Picture Perfect Pumpkin and Bread & Choc-
Shniderman, F&F executive director, “We           olate’s Signature Chocolate Torte, all baked
will serve more than 800,000 meals to 2,600       exclusively for F&F by Bread & Chocolate),
persons in 2007, which includes 77,450 meals      you are helping make someone’s Thanksgiv-
to 235 Capitol Hill residents – 15 percent        ing bountiful while making yours delicious.               
growth over 2006.”                                You can also purchase pies to donate to F&F
                                                  or take as a gift to your host. For more infor-         225 Pennsylvania Ave. SE (Upstairs) |   202-544-5111
Help from the Hill                                mation or to purchase your Thanksgiving pies,
     F&F has more than 325 active volunteers      visit
who live on the Hill. Earlier this year, Din-          F&F is offering free knit and crochet
ing Out for Life (participating restaurants       classes to create scarves or hats to be delivered
donated from 25 percent to 100 percent of         to clients this winter. E-mail michelle64@ho-
their March 8 dinner proceeds to F&F) was for more information.
supported by several Hill favorites, including         Please visit to
Banana Cafe & Piano Bar, Café Berlin, Mr.         donate or to read more about volunteering,
Henry’s, Starfish Café, The Old Siam and           drop by headquarters at 219 Riggs Road NE,
Trattoria Alberto.                                or call 202-269-2277 for more information.
     F&F has advocates in the US House of
Representatives and Senate. Senator Pete          This is part of a monthly series profiling nonprof-
Domenici (R-NM) has been offering up his           its that serve our community. To suggest an or-
staff for years and volunteered eight interns      ganization to be profiled, please e-mail Heather
in June. Congressman Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)            Schoell at ■
and his staff have volunteered. In July, Rep-        Chef Tim Divine and volunteers prepare Thanksgiving
resentatives Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.), Jan            baskets. Photo courtesy of Food & Friends.
Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Lois Capps (D-Calif.),
Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), Barbara Lee (D-
Calif.), and DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes
Norton (D) visited F&F headquarters. “The
members heard from two very special clients,
who told of the profound impact this service
has had on their lives,” says Shniderman.
“Following their visit, Congressman McGov-
ern spoke on the floor of the House about his
visit to Food & Friends.” Former Congress-
man Cal Dooley (D-Calif.), currently presi-
                                                                                                                                   ★ 75