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                                                     Southwest Florida                                   NOVEMBER 2010         Volume 1, Issue 2
        Inside this issue:
                                         President’s Message
        End of Year              2                                      I am pleased to       In January, POASWFL will hold its first Shred-
        Organizing Cont.                                                submit the fourth     A-Thon in honor of Get Organized (GO)
                                                                        quarter        up-    Month. This event will be free and open to the
        Make A Difference        2                                      date for the Pro-     public and we encourage everyone to bring all
                                                                        fessional Organ-      papers that need to be securely shredded.
        Heil - Luthringer                                               izers Association     Event details will be announced soon and be
        Organizing Tips          2                                      of Southwest Flor-    available at
                                                                        ida (POASWFL).
                                                                        Our association       Always remember, Rome was not built in a
        Prevent Identity         3                                      has grown to 11       day! Organizing takes time and is an invest-
                                                                        area Organizers,      ment in your future and well being. Profes-
                                                                        four     affiliate    sional Organizers are here to help!
        About Us                 4                                      members and two
                                                                        new     potential                  Wishing you a
                                                                        members.                         HAPPY, HEALTHY,
                                         POASWFL held their first Meet and Greet event                and Organized New Year!
             Our Mission                 in September at California Closets showroom
                                         in the Miromar Design Center. There was a            Jane Samargedlis
        To educate, support, and         great turnout and it was a huge success! Thank
                                         you Suzi Woods of California Closets for hold-       President & Founding Board Member
         empower Professional
                                         ing our event at her beautiful showroom!
        Organizers in Southwest
       Florida to better serve the       In October, POASWFL participated in National
                                         Make-A-Difference Day by donating an entire
        needs of our clients and         day of organizing to a local non-profit organi-
                                         zation. Several worthy organizations were rec-
         raise awareness of the
                                         ommended, but the board selected the Heil-           The end of a year can be stressful. People
         organizing profession.          Luthringer Foundation as the winner. Several         pack in more family gatherings, parties, travel-
                                         POASWFL members and volunteers donated               ing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking, deco-
UPCOMING EVENTS                          their time as well as shelving and organizing        rating…whew, that’s quite a list! Add all that
                                         supplies to complete a whole garage makeover.        to needing to gather paperwork for income tax
                   December              This enabled one of the founders, Lisa Lu-           preparation and clearing out files to make
2nd         Board of Directors Meeting
                                         thringer, the opportunity to create space for a      room for next year’s bills and it’s understand-
                                         new home office for the Heil-Luthringer Founda-      able that one can feel overwhelmed.
16th        Membership Meeting           tion.
                                                                                              Good news! There are some small steps you
                   January               There are many new and exciting changes              can take to get you going:
                                         planned for 2011. The association now has
1st-31st    GO MONTH                     three levels of membership including Profes-         Identify what you want to get organized –
6th         Board of Directors Meeting   sional Organizers, Affiliates, and Associ-           whether it be small business tax receipts so you
                                         ates. Associate membership is the newest level       can avoid a late tax filing, your child’s dis-
27th        Membership Meeting           and allows more local businesses to join             carded toys so you can make a sizable end-of-
                                         POASWFL. Some new benefits in 2011 include           year donation, your medical bills so you can
                   February              a special access area, monthly guest speaker         follow up on timely Medicare claims, your piles
                                         spotlight, and advertising section on the associa-   of recipe clippings, or your travel magazines
3rd         Board of Directors Meeting
                                         tion website. For more information about the         collected for that hopeful trip to Italy one day.
24th        Membership Meeting           benefits of joining POASWFL, please visit
                                                             continued on p3.
3rd         Board of Directors Meeting     ...dedicated to Professional Organizers and their clients.
24th        Membership Meeting
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 PROFFESI           ONAL         O   RGANIZERS               A   SSOCIATION              OF      S   OUTHWEST             F   LORIDA

       POASWFL Makes A Difference For Heil Luthringer Foundation
When Lisa Luthringer opens her garage door she breathes a                washer and dryer into the garage. We moved all of her
sigh of relief. The space was once filled from floor to ceiling         foundation paperwork into file boxes for easy access when
with holiday decorations, bikes, beach gear, sports equip-              she sets up her office. " Now Lutheringer no longer feels over-
ment, furniture, boxes and piles of papers. It was a wall of            whelmed when she goes into her garage. "That chaotic feeling
clutter and a frequent source of frustration. On October 23rd,          is gone," says Luthringer. "This will make things easier with the
national Make-a-Difference Day, members of POASWFL                      holiday’s coming up, and I am excited to finally have the
volunteered to make a difference for Luthringer, co-founder             space to set up my home office for the foundation." According
of the Heil Luthringer Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis Educa-         to the National Association of Professional Organizers
tion, with a free one day organizing event. Luthringer, along           (NAPO), the garage is one of the top five areas in a home
with Dr. Debbie Heil, created the foundation in 2007 to edu-            where organizing services are most often requested. Whether
cate those suffering from MS, their families and health-care            you want to put your car back in its rightful home or just find
providers. The foundation also offers scholarships to students          that missing tennis racquet here are a few tips on how to or-
whose parents have MS. Heil and Luthringer are both coping              ganize your garage:
with MS and operate the foundation from their Naples homes,
but Luthringer’s should-be sanctuary is now overrun with foun-          1.   Sort through the clutter. Toss anything that is broken and
dation paperwork and fundraising materials that overflowed                   sell or giveaway anything that you are not using.
into the garage. "It’s hard to have foundation meetings here            2.   Focus on what you want to keep and group like things
with piles of papers everywhere," says Luthringer who is in a                together (sports equipment, decorations, tools)
wheelchair and has difficulty reaching anything stored too
high or too low in her space. It took three Professional Or-            3.   Use large stackagble clear bins and label accordingly.
ganizers and two volunteers nearly 8 hours to purge, declut-
ter and organize Luthringer’s garage. Their goal was not only           4.   Attach shelves to the garage wall or use freestanding
to help Lisa regain the tranquility of home, but also improve                units. Stack heaviest items on the bottom.
efficiency for her foundation. "By focusing on the garage we            5.   Use your wall and ceiling space for multiple storage op-
created an organizing foundation to help Lisa set up her                     tions.
home office," explains POASWFL President Jane
Samargedlis. "Her goal is to eventually convert the laundry             Because getting organized can be a big undertaking, Samargedlis
room into an office. So, we started in the garage adding                recommends hiring a professional organizer to help with the task. "An
freestanding shelving units and put loose items away in plastic         organizer can help find homes for the things you need and love, create
bins. This created the space needed to eventually move the              a custom organizing system, and also help teach organizing skills."
                     BEFORE                                             AFTER                           SORT INTO ZONES

Organizing Tips                          Find more POASWFL Organizing Tips on Facebook.

◊ Do you have a drop zone for your coats and jackets? If you're         ◊ Clip coupons, but can't keep up with them? Store coupons in a small
short on closet space and need a temporary solution this time of        expandable file sorted by either exp. date or type (meat, dairy,
year, then buy over-the-door hooks for quick, easy access. Reusable     cereal, etc.). When you're ready to shop, pull out the coupons you
hooks are also a great, stick anywhere solution and come in a vari-     need and keep them in a separate envelope labeled with the store
ety of styles and colors. Both options ...are easily removed and when   name along with your shopping list. At... the store, pull each coupon
the weather warms you can pack them away with your coats.               out of the envelope as you put the corresponding item in your cart.
◊ Have you ever bought items for friends or family to distribute dur-
ing the Holidays, but then can't find them? Or, you come across them    ◊ When you are out doing your weekly grocery shopping, take a
in April and had forgotten you'd bought them? Keeping with the          few extra minutes to go by the greeting card aisle. You can pick up
Organizer's Mantra: Like Things Together--Keep "Gifts for Others" in    any special occasion cards that catch your eye and save them for
one central location (preferably n...ear the wrapping paper). In that   when you need them. That way, you don’t have to make a special
way, when the Holidays hit you can go "shopping" in your own home!      trip just to pick up a belated graduation card- you already have one
                                                                        on hand.

Watch FOX4 Morning Blend the last Thursday of every month for organizing tips from POASWFL!
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                                                                                                                                            Page 2
 PROFFESI            ONAL      O     RGANIZERS         A   SSOCIATION           OF    S   OUTHWEST            F   LORIDA


                                                                  I offer complimentary analysis of current rates and cost
       Credit Card Processing                                     comparison breakdowns of current processing programs.
                                                                  I’ll show you how the preferred rates package and pro-
Accepting credit cards has never been easier. With the latest     grams for our POASWFL partners can save you time and
point of sale equipment products like our smart phone appli-      money. When you’re ready to learn more, contact D.J.
cations and web based payment acceptance, we make mer-            Gardner at 772-418-6444 or by email at
chant processing a snap.                                 .

Did you know businesses that accept credit cards have seen a
20% growth sales? Credit card payments offer flexibility to
your customers and offer your business guaranteed payments
without the wait of invoices and checks.

As your business grows, Payscape Advisors will be there to
provide you with other services to help grow your business like
our First Advantage personalized gift card program or our             Preventing Identity Theft
Secur- Chex electronic check processing. We provide our             Order checks with initials and last name on them. If some-
partners with the merchant service platform they need with          one takes your checks they won’t know if you sign with
customer service that is second to none.                            your full name or just initials.

          Year-End Organizing                                       Do not sign the back of credit/debit cards. Instead, put
                                                                    ―Photo ID Required.‖
(continued from p.1)
Write it down – a dream does not become a goal until you            Write only the last four digits of your account on the
write it down! Keep it posted in a place where you can read         ―for‖ line when writing a check to your credit card com-
it every day. It is said it takes 21 days to create or change a     pany.
habit. You need to visualize reaching your goal for those 21
days so that it really sinks in.                                    Put your work number, work address or P.O. box number
                                                                    on your checks. Never print your social security number
Make a plan – decide what you want to do, how you want to           on your checks.
do it, when you are going to work on it, and who is going to
help. Read books, blogs, and articles on how to go about            Photocopy the contents of your wallet. Do both sides of
creating an organizing plan. Carve out time in your schedule        each license, credit card, etc. Keep the photocopy in a
and make a date on your calendar. It took time to get disor-        safe place.
ganized, so you will have to make time to get organized             Michele Gray - CNL Bank
again! And don’t be afraid to
ask for help; whether it be from
a friend, family member, or pro-
                                                                                     Thank You
fessional organizer. We are all                                        The following guest speakers recently presented
gifted in different ways!                                                          to POASWFL Members.

Reward yourself – as you move                                                          DJ GARDNER
through the process of getting                                                       Payscape Advisors
organized for the new year,                                        
remember to take one step at a                                        
time and reward yourself. You’ll
make that trip to Italy after all!                                                   DIANNE DURANTE
                                                                                     Anchor Counseling
By Tracy Colleran,
Straighten Up Inc.

               Visit for membership information & application

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                                                                                                                                 Page 3
 PROFFESI                 ONAL            O    RGANIZERS                     A    SSOCIATION                     OF       S   OUTHWEST                    F   LORIDA

                                                                                                                        POASWFL MEMBERS
                                                                                                                          Kate Brown, CPO® —Impact Organizing

                                                                                                                          Karen Bucy—The Paper Tamer
                                                                                                                          Founding board member

                                  WHAT WE DO                                                                              Donna Buinicky—Organizing for Simplicity
                                                                                                                          Provisional Member, less than 1 year NAPO member
Our primary functions within our neighborhood and national                                                      

community are:                                                                                                            Tracy Colleran—Straighten Up, Inc.
EDUCATE members                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                          Treasurer and founding board member
SUPPORT members                                                                                                           Joann Guariglia—Total Organizing Solutions
EMPOWER individuals                                                                                             
PROMOTE the benefits of working with professional organizers
                                                                                                                          Roxy Hambleton, CPO® —Positively Organized
                   WHAT ORGANIZERS DO                                                                           
                                                                                                                          NAPO Ambassador, Honorary & founding board member
Professional organizers use tested principles and expertise to enhance
                                                                                                                          Connie Kippycash—Easy Does It Professional Organizing
the lives of clients. By designing custom organizing systems and teaching                                       
organizing skills, they help individuals and businesses take control of                                         
                                                                                                                          Secretary and founding board member
their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, their lives!
                                                                                                                          Shannan O’Brien—Ultimately Organized
 MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION & BENEFITS                                                                                        Vice President and founding board member

                                                                                                                          Marla Ottenstein
Our board meets monthly by conference call or at the Miromar Design                                             
Center (MDC) and our members are invited to attend monthly confer-                                              
ence calls featuring guest speakers, discussion of NAPO ethics, case
studies, and an introduction to any new professional organizers or af-                                                    Jane Samargedlis—Designed 2 Organize
filiate members. We hold a quarterly in-person meeting at a local                                               
venue for educational & networking purposes. For member application,                                                      President & founding board member
please visit
                                                                                                                          Joan Shay—Two Shay Enterprises
POASWFL is active with non-profit community projects and participates in                                                  Provisional Member, less than 1 year NAPO member
NAPO National Get Organized (GO) Event.                                                                         
We have many opportunities to serve on committees and greatly value
member participation.

                 For the best service providers visit our A F F I L I A T E S
                                                                                                               College Hunks Hauling Junk works with residential and com-
                                           California Closets provides individually
                                          designed custom storage solutions for any                            mercial clients to remove unwanted items such as appliances,
                                          space. Known for innovative product de-                              furniture, computer equipment, household goods, building
                                          sign, commitment to customers, and creative
                                          solutions for any lifestyle, we provide                              debris, and other non-hazardous items from homes, businesses,
consumers more of life’s most valuable commodity – time. Visit us in the Miromar                               and storage facilities. We do ALL the lifting, hauling, dispos-
Design Center in Estero or on the Web at
                                                                                                               ing, and we donate or recycle 60% of what we haul away.
Call Susanna Woods 239-694-8100                                     Visit us at or call Doug Stewart at 239-898-1927

                           William C. Huff Moving and Storage is a full-service,                            is your local resource to the finest service
                           concierge moving and storage company serving discrimi-                                    providers in Southwest Florida. All service providers are
                           nating clientele for over 100 years. With offices in Naples,                              nominated by our members or other providers. We strive to
                           Florida, and Barrington, New Hampshire, William C.                                        support local businesses and help connect our members with
                           Huff services clients across the country and internationally   premium service providers that provide high quality customer service and support. Contact
offering white-glove residential and commercial relocation services that will accommo-    Dan Kippycash at 239-777-2110
date all your needs. Contact Jim Henderson at 800-231-3557                           or or visit us on the Web at

                                w w w . s w f l o r g a n i z e r s . c o m
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