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					First Name Last Name            Organization
Host/Facilitators/Note taker
W. Ed        Hammond            Duke University
Dykki        Settle             IntraHealth International
Paul         Jones              UNC - Chapel Hill
Bianca       Schock             IntraHealth International
Nicole       Fouche             Triangle Global Health Consortium
RSVP yes
Carol        Clemens            Allasso Industries
Joel         Walls              Alphanumeric Systems, Inc
Thomas       Vaidhyan           Aten Inc.
Ray          Swanson            Blue Ridge Growth Advisors
Dave         Gessner            David H Murdock Research Institute
James        Solinsky           DKC Systems
Robert       Malkin             Duke University
Salvatore    Mungal             Duke University
Fielding     Arnold             Duke University
Aaron        Stoertz            Duke University
Mustafa      Selim              East Carolina University
Megan        Davidson Averill   Family Health International
Amer         Malik              Family Health International
Chris        van Hasselt        Family Health International
Ilona        Sher               Family Health International
Max          Vieille            Futures Group International
Tim          Hubbard            Health Clinics
James        Smith              IBM
Jay          Madan              iBiotech inc
Laura        Hoemeke            IntraHealth International
Rebecca      Kohler             IntraHealth International
Pape         Gaye               IntraHealth International
Kimberly     Vitolo             IntraHealth International
David        Nelson             IntraHealth International
Heather      Valli              IntraHealth International
Elese        Stutts             Ipas
Marty        Jarrell            Ipas
Elizabeth   Livanos         KaryoLogic, Inc
Beatriz     Plaza           MEASURE evaluation and Carolina Population Center
Peter       Doyle           MMC Productions Inc
Deborah     De              NC Biotechnology Center
Simon       Hsiang          NC State University
Ben         Smith           NC State University
Jorge ManuelFerreira        NC State University
Tim         Hubbard         Neighborhood Health Clinics
Jack        Bishop          NIEHS/NTP
Sally       Tinkle          NIEHS
Robert      Ali             Novartis Vaccines
Jinger      Gibson          Novartis Vaccines
Joseph      Lingle          Novartis Vaccines
Lee         Richardson      ParagonDx, LLC
Jonathan    Opp             Red Hat
Ruth        Suehle          Red Hat
Keith       Babo            Red Hat
Deniz       Ender           REX Healthcare
Eileen      Reynolds        RTI International
Godfrey     Woelk           RTI International
Brad        Walters         RTI International
Niamh       Darcy           RTI International
Wendee      Wechsberg       RTI International
Cara        Rousseau        RTP
Sabine      Vollmer         Science in the Triangle
Kenneth     James           Seachaid Pharmeceuticals, Inc.
John        Nipp            Summa, Additon & Ashe, P.A.
Robert      Johnson         Triangle Public Strategies
Jose-Marie Griffiths        UNC - Chapel Hill
Roger       Narayan         UNC - Chapel Hill and NC State University
Mamie       Sackey Harris   UNC - Chapel Hill
David       Potenziani      UNC - Chapel Hill
Gary        Nelson          UNC - Chapel Hill
Brendan     Walters         UNC - Chapel Hill

Director, Duke Center for Health Informatics
Health Informatics Lead
HRIS Associate
Executive Director

Business Development Manager
Head of Strategic and Business Development
Director, Developing World Healthcare Technology Laboratory
Graduate Student
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Research Associate, Executive Office
Acting Director, Application Development & Integration, IT and Associate Director, IT Process Compliance
Software Developer 2
Director, EPMO
Senior Strategic Information Specialist
Manager, Emerging Internet technologies
Director of Strategic Communications
VP, Strategic Development and Communications
President and CEO
Special Projects Analyst
Acting Director of Communications
Website Editor
Knowledge Services Associate
Communications Director
Research Associate
Media Marketing Consultant
Statewide Programs Manager
Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and System Engineering
PhD Student
Comparative Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Student
Research Geneticist/Staff Scientist
Senior Advisor
Global Head of Communications
Head of HR, Holly Springs
Head, Global Program Integration, TechOps
VP, Business Development
Sr. Manager, Brand Communications + Design
Editor, Brand Communications + Design
Senior Solutions Architect
Medical Librarian
ICT (Information, Communication and Technology)/M&E Specialist, International Development Group
Senior Research Epidemiologist
Chief Medical Officer
Senior ICT Project Manager Specialist
Senior Director, Substance Abuse Treatment Evaluations and Interventions
Director, Parnership Initiatives
VP, Discovery
Patent Attorney
Professor & Director of Biomedical Informatics
Professor, UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
Africa Programs Coordinator, Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases
Senior Associate Dean
Senior Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Development
Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science

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