Rohde and Schwarz SME02

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					Rohde and Schwarz SME02

                       Signal Gen./Synthesizers/Sweepers
                       5 kHz to 1.5 GHz Signal Generators

The SME supplies the complex signals required for the development and testing of digital
mobile radio receivers. It is capable of generating all signals used in the main digital
radio networks in line with relevant standards regarding the type of modulation, data
format, TDMA structure and frequency hop patterns. The SME is completely at home
also in the analog signal world of conventional signal generators. SME02, SME03 and
SME06 are identical except for the frequency range. The large variety of options
available allows the SME to be tailored to the specific needs of the user.


      Overload protection
      Simultaneous modulation
      Pulse generator
      Flex Protocol
      LF Generator
      DM Mem extension 8-bit
      Rear connectors for RF & LF
      Digital Modulation
      No ext modulation & data sourc
      User programmable data
      Output Accuracy : 1.5dB

       Performance Characteristics

      Form Factor Benchtop
      Minimum Frequency 5 kHz
      Maximum Frequency 1.5 GHz
      Frequency Resolution 0.1 Hz
      Frequency Switching Time 10 ms
      Time base stability 0.000001 /yr
      Minimum Output Power -144 dBm
      Maximum Output Power 13 dBm
      Power Resolution 0.1 dB
      Output Accuracy 1.5 dB
      Output Impedance 50 Ohm
      Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -140 dBc/Hz
   Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -132 dBc/Hz
   Harmonics (noise) -30 dBc
   Non-harmonics (noise) -80 dBc
   Modulation AM,FM
   External Modulation Inputs(Types) No


   User Interface Proprietary
   Ports to Peripheral Devices IEEE488,RS232
   Test Pattern Storage 50 Patterns
   Programming Language TDMA


   CE Compliance Not on file
   UL Compliance Not compliant

    Power Requirements

   Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)