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                     APRIL 13-15
It’s that time of the year again – the annual FitPro Spring Convention proudly brought to you by FitPro Education. The 2007 convention
will once again be held at the UK’s premier sports science facility, Loughborough University, with two exciting Pre-Con sessions in
London and in Loughborough.

Influential educators and world-class presenters from around the globe will be on hand to deliver a diverse programme including
seminars, interactive workshops and heart-pumping fitness sessions.

The 2007 convention programme consists of eight dynamic streams including: PT, Freestyle Fitness, Mind/Body, Nutrition, Aqua Focus,
Children’s Fitness, BTS and YMCAFit – and in 2007 we are bringing these streams to you bigger and better than ever before. The                  APRIL 13-15 2007
programme will allow delegates the opportunity to cross between different streams and experience more presentations from our
dynamic line-up.                                                                                                                            LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY
The convention guarantees to coach, encourage and stimulate all fitness professionals towards greater personal development and
fitness success. We will leave you feeling energised, educated and ready to motivate and inspire. Attendance is a must!                    CONTENTS
                                                                                                                                           PRESENTERS’ BIOGRAPHIES
GUIDE TO SESSION CONTENT                                                                                                                       INTERNATIONAL                 04
                                                                                                                                               UK                            06
To assist you in selecting suitable sessions, we have divided them into masterclasses, workshops and lectures. The codes are as follows:
                             MC            Masterclass (Activity)
                                                                                                                                               BTS                           10
                             WS            Workshop (Theory and Activity)                                                                  BTS AT THE SPRING CONVENTION      11
                             L             Lecture (Theory)
                             (R)           Repeated Session                                                                                LONDON AND LOUGHBOROUGH
                                                                                                                                           PRE-CONS                          12
Ongoing education is the key for any instructor wanting be “on top” in an ever-expanding and dynamic industry. With such a diverse
programme on offer, this event is highly beneficial to ALL qualified fitness professionals. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer        SESSION SELECTIONS                13
to the industry, there is much to learn and take away from this event.
                                                                                                                                           SESSION SCHEDULE                  14
                                                                                                                                           REGISTRATION FORM                 16
                                PERSONAL TRAINING
                                Update your theoretical knowledge and practical skills with the industry’s research pioneers and           ACCOMMODATION FORM                16
                                educators in the areas of exercise science, programming, training special populations, sports specific
                                training, resistance training and conditioning, flexibility, cross-training and circuits. Learn valuable   RELEASE FORM                      16
                                business management, personal and professional development tips to increase your PT business revenue.
                                                                                                                                           SESSION DESCRIPTIONS
                                IN ASSOCIATION WITH
                                                                                                                                                FRIDAY                       17
                                FREESTYLE FITNESS                                                                                               SATURDAY                     20
                                Take part in the group fitness sessions incorporating freestyle, independent combinations from the
                                world’s top dance, step, hi/lo and indoor cycling choreographers. Gain an insight into the latest trends        SUNDAY                       23
                                and greatest routines with participant-approved, take-home choreography.
                                                                                                                                           EVENT INFORMATION                 26
                                IN ASSOCIATION WITH                                                                                            FITPRO SPRING CONVENTION EXPO
                                MIND/BODY                                                                                                      ENTERTAINMENT
                                Relax and refocus your holistic skills in the Mind/Body arena. Sessions – delivered by the world’s best
                                educators and presenters – include yoga, pilates, t’ai chi, meditation and flexibility. Why not try a
                                STOTT PILATES® reformer session? These sessions are running throughout the programme on Friday                 CORPORATE BOOKINGS
                                and Saturday, but spaces are limited.                                                                          ACCREDITATION
                                IN ASSOCIATION WITH
                                                                                                                                               TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION
                                NUTRITION                                                                                                      REGISTRATION AND SESSION
                                Following on from its successful debut in 2006, this stream will once again deliver the latest research        SELECTION PROCEDURE
                                in nutrition, hydration and weight management presented by some of the industry’s most prominent               VOLUNTEER CONVENTION TEAM
                                researchers and nutrition professionals.

                                IN ASSOCIATION WITH

                                AQUA FOCUS                                                                                                 DEADLINES
                                The Aqua stream caters for group fitness and personal training as well as special populations. The
                                cutting-edge sessions are presented by international and local aquatic experts.                            SUPER EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION
                                                                                                                                           Friday January 12 2007
                                ACHIEVE CHILDREN’S CONFERENCE
                                The Children’s Conference is back even bigger and better in 2007. Take home some practical ideas on        EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION
                                how to implement children’s activities in your club.                                                       Friday February 23 2007

                                IN ASSOCIATION WITH                                                                                        REGISTRATION CANCELLATION
                                BODY TRAINING SYSTEMS                                                                                      Friday March 16 2007
                                Our BTS UK National Team will set the stages alight with the latest action-packed, pre-choreographed
                                group fitness classes, the Tri-Challenge and technique workshops.                                          REGISTRATION TRANSFER
                                                                                                                                           Friday March 16 2007
                                IN ASSOCIATION WITH              shop.com
                                YMCAFIT                                                                                                    REGULAR REGISTRATION
                                Join the top presenters from YMCAfit in a mixed array of sessions which offer various disciplines of       Tuesday April 10 2007
                                group fitness, personal training and mind/body.

    YOAV AVIDAR                                                      MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN                                            GARY GRAY
    ISRAEL                                                           DENMARK                                                        USA

    Yoav was the Israeli Instructor of the Year 2001. He is a firm   Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Michael has a background in       Gary is the originator and developer of many nationally
    favourite on the international scene and won the 1997            classical ballet and sports and has a degree in physical       acclaimed educational programmes, including the “Chain
    National Aerobic Sport Championship. Yoav is a co-owner          education from Teachers College. He is currently CEO of his    Reaction” series of seminars. He is the recipient of the
    of B Academy and is an Israeli Nike Elite Trainer. He is well    own firm, Natural Balance Pilates, operating two studios in    prestigious 2002 John Maley award which recognises an
    known for his technical skills as well as his charisma and       Denmark. Michael is often invited to teach in the UK as an     individual for innovation in physical therapy. Referred to as
    charm.                                                           instructor trainer for STOTT PILATES®, and also teaches        the leading pioneer and authority in rehabilitation and
                                                                     courses regularly in Scandinavia.                              training, Gary is a respected physical therapist, trainer,
    Friday 09:30-10:30 § p17
                                                                                                                                    educator, author, coach and successful inventor.
                                                                     STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL
                                                                     REFORMER                                                       THE FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICS OF
                                                                     Friday 09:30-10:30 (R) § p17
    Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20
                                                                                                                                    BALANCE TRAINING… 3D BALANCE
                                                                     Saturday 08:00-09:00 (R) § p20                                 TO ENHANCE FUNCTION
    STEPTOCOCCOUS                                                    Saturday 11:00-12:00 (R) § p21                                 Friday 09:30-12:00 § p17
    Saturday 11:00-12:00 § p21
                                                                     STOTT PILATES® INTERMEDIATE                                    THE 3D CORE CONVERSION
    STRETCH TO THE RHYTHM                                            REFORMER                                                       MATRIX… DEVELOPING A MATRIX
    Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25                                         Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18                                       WITHIN A MATRIX
                                                                     Friday 17:15-18:45 (R) § p19                                   Saturday 09:30-12:00 § p20
                                                                     Saturday 15:15-16:45 (R) § p22
                                                                     STOTT PILATES®: CORE BALANCE
                                                                     Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p25
    SWEDEN                                                                                                                          MAUREEN HAGAN
    Monika was one of the first international master instructors
    to introduce indoor cycling in Europe, Asia and Australia.       MICHOL DALCOURT                                                Maureen is the national director of fitness for GoodLife
    She has inspired, motivated and educated instructors all         CANADA                                                         Fitness Clubs and the director of education for Can-Fit-Pro.
    over the world. Monika holds a BSc in sport science and is                                                                      Maureen is a speaker with the Canadian Association of
    currently working as the global concept manager for Activio                                                                     Professional Speakers, the IDEA 2006 Fitness Instructor of
    HeartRate Training Systems.                                      Michol is a leading authority on human movement and
                                                                     functional physical training. His innovative techniques have   the Year, the 1996 Educator of the Year for BodyLife
    ACTIVIO: “WHAT GOES UP…                                          been adopted by some of the top international fitness          Germany, 1997 Canadian Presenters’ Choice Award winner
    MUST COME DOWN…”                                                                                                                and the 1998 IDEA International Programme Director of the
    Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
                                                                     certification bodies. Michol received his education from the
                                                                     University of Alberta in the area of exercise science.         Year.
    ACTIVIO: “A RUSH OF ADRENALINE                                                                                                  DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
                                                                                                                                    Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20
                                                                     DEBUNKING FITNESS MYTHS
    TO THE HEAD”                                                     Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
    Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21                                                                                                      KEEP PACE
                                                                                                                                    Saturday 15:15-16:15 § p22
                                                                     ISOLATION TO INTEGRATION
    Sunday 09:30-10:30 § p24
                                                                     TRAINING, SHOULD THIS BE OUR
                                                                     BEST APPROACH?                                                 FUNCTIONAL FITNESS AT 50
                                                                     Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p21                                     AND OVER
                                                                                                                                    Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23
                                                                     SAQ TRAINING FOR HIGH-
                                                                     PERFORMANCE ATHLETES                                           AQUA ABCs – ALL BODY
                                                                     Sunday 09:30-11:30 § p23
    DOUGLAS BROOKS                                                                                                                  CONDITIONING
    USA                                                                                                                             Sunday 13:15-14:15 § p25

    Douglas is the consulting exercise physiologist of product
                                                                     SCOTT EHLER
    research and development for several fitness companies. He
    is the author of six major texts and numerous manuals and                                                                       STEVE JACK
    articles relating to personal training, exercise physiology                                                                     NEW ZEALAND
    and strength training. He coaches high school baseball and
    shares his conditioning expertise with motocross racers and      Scott is co-creator and owner of the hit television show
    downhill skiers, to name a few.                                  Active Kidz – The No 1 TV show for children under 12 in        Steve was the New Zealand ski team trainer and is
                                                                     Australia. He is also a qualified aquarobics, gym and group    considered a leading expert in functional exercise and
    Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p22
                                                                     exercise instructor. In 2005 Scott was named Fitness           executive mental performance. He regularly mentors
                                                                     Australia’s “Fitness Professional of the Year” and Fitness     personal trainers and clubs around the globe to improve
    AVOIDING BACK PAIN: A PRACTICAL                                  NSW “Fitness Professional of the Year”.                        productivity, systemise operations and increase profits.
    APPROACH                                                         E-N-E-R-G-Y
    Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
                                                                                                                                    LAUNCHING A PT STUDIO
                                                                     Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18                                       Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17
    ADVANCED RESISTANCE TRAINING                                     ABC FOR KIDZ!                                                  ENERGY MEDICINE
    BIOMECHANICS                                                     Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20                                     Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
    Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23
                                                                     BE A STAR
    PERIODISED STRENGTH TRAINING                                     Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p22
    Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p24

                                                                                         INTERNATIONAL PRESENTERS
SARA KOOPERMAN                                                      CHARLES POLIQUIN                                                STEVE SCHIEMER
USA                                                                 CANADA                                                          AUSTRALIA

Sara is the owner of SCW Fitness Education and founder of           Charles is recognised as one of the world’s finest coaches,     Steve is one of the most professional and dedicated male
the MANIA Fitness Instructor Training Conventions. She              having coached Olympic medallists in 12 different sports.       presenters on the circuit. His immaculate teaching skills and
appears frequently on CNN as a health and fitness expert, and       He has lectured extensively on practical and theoretical        infectious style are showcased in each and every
QVC (cable home shopping) in the US, England and Canada.            aspects of physical conditioning and has written over 500       presentation he gives, which is why he is in demand all over
Sara was also the proud recipient of AEA’s Global Award.            articles for journals, magazines and websites. His work has     the world.
                                                                    been translated into seven different languages.
MOMS IN MOTION                                                                                                                      STEP TO IT
Friday 09:30-11:30 § p17                                            WHAT YOUR FAT STORES SAY                                        Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17
                                                                    ABOUT YOU
                                                                    Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES                                                                                                                FLEXI-BAR FOR PTs
Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20                                                                                                          Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p21
                                                                    STORIES THE SQUAT WILL TELL YOU
                                                                    Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
AQUATIC ARMS                                                                                                                        FLEXI-BAR FOR GROUP FITNESS
Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p22                                                                                                          Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23
8FT UNDER: DEEP WATER                                               DROP YOUR PANTS… SIZE: THE
                                                                    ULTIMATE FAT LOSS PROGRAMME
                                                                    Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
Sunday 09:30-10:30 § p24
                                                                    SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS IN                                       REBECCA SMALL
                                                                    TRAINING THE EXECUTIVE                                          AUSTRALIA
                                                                    Sunday 09:30-12:00 § p23
                                                                                                                                    Rebecca has a background in sports science and is a
                                                                                                                                    qualified naturopath. She has presented in more than 35
                                                                                                                                    countries all over the world and is well known for her
                                                                    MAGNUS RINGBERG
Beko is director of F3 Fitness and co-founder of the F3 T’ai                                                                        memorable sessions. A step specialist, Rebecca consistently
Chi and Chi Kung Academy, which has successfully trained                                                                            delivers cutting-edge choreography, showcased within
several instructors to deliver quality “Mind and Body”                                                                              seamless teaching progressions. Combine this with her
classes on studio timetables.                                                                                                       power and charisma and you have one top presenter, not to
                                                                    Magnus is a physiotherapist with a special interest in sports   be missed at any convention.
CHIBALL™ T’AI CHI                                                   physiology and musculoskeletal disorders. Magnus has been
Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17                                                                                                            STEP DOWN FROM IT
                                                                                                                                    Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19
                                                                    the Swedish champion in Rock n’ Roll and Lindy Hop and in
                                                                    1998 became Instructor of the Year, selected by the
Sunday 09:30-10:30 § p24
                                                                    Scandinavian Academy of Fitness Education (SAFE). He is a       ESSENTIAL STEP SKILLS – PART ONE
                                                                    natural choice at conventions all over the world, and has       Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
                                                                    received standing ovations in his classes.
                                                                                                                                    ESSENTIAL STEP SKILLS – PART TWO
                                                                    MANGO MOVES                                                     Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
ANDREW MAY                                                          Friday 17:15-18:15 § p19
                                                                                                                                    POWERFUL LOW
                                                                                                                                    Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p24
AUSTRALIA                                                           YOGAFLOW
                                                                    Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
Andrew is the founder and managing director of Fully                MERGE
Integrated Training, which specialises in PT, injury                Sunday 11:00-12:00 § p24
rehabilitation and workplace health promotion. He is renowned                                                                       SIMONE STANIFORTH-
for his down-to-earth and interactive presentation style.                                                                           HODGKINSON
Friday 17:15-18.45 § p19                                            GREG ROSKOPF MA                                                 Originally from a dance background, Simone has been
MARKETING MADE SIMPLE                                               USA                                                             involved in the fitness industry for over 19 years. She is an
Saturday 09:30-11:00 § p20                                                                                                          experienced fitness consultant, a qualified yoga teacher
                                                                    Greg is a biomechanics expert with a master’s degree in         (Iyengar Style), the director of Physical Yoga Ltd, the Group
Sunday 11:00-12:00 § p24                                            exercise science. He specialises in the identification and      Fitness Director for Spa Lady (Calgary) and a regular on
                                                                    treatment of muscular imbalances that contribute to injury.     Calgary TV. She is also a qualified Teacher of Education
SELLING AIR                                                                                                                         providing quality education and development for fitness
Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
                                                                    He is the owner and president of Muscle Activation
                                                                    Techniques™ and has worked as a biomechanics consultant         professionals in Canada and the UK.
                                                                    for the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz.       FLEXI-KIDS
                                                                    GETTING THE MOST OUT OF                                         Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
MATT O’NEILL                                                        THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM – INTRO                                     YOGA FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS
                                                                    TO MAT™                                                         Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23
                                                                    Saturday 09:30-12:00 § p20
                                                                                                                                    CHILL OUT
Matt is internationally recognised for his expertise in nutrition
                                                                    MUSCLE ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES –                                  Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
and weight management coaching, while his motivational
                                                                    PRACTICAL APPLICATION USING
                                                                    CORRECTIVE ISOMETRICS
                                                                    Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
SmartShape Slimming and Fitness Programme helps fitness
professionals win and keep customers with the best balance
of eating, exercise and emotional support.                          UNDERSTANDING COMPENSATION
                                                                    Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p24
Friday 09:30-11:00 § p17
BEATING EATING TRIGGERS                                             A UNIQUE LOOK AT SPINAL
Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20                                          INSTABILITY
                                                                    Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p22
Sunday 09:30-11:00 § p24

    PETER TWIST                                                    HEATH WILLIAMS                                                GEORGE ANDERSON
    CANADA                                                         AUSTRALIA

    Peter has coached in the National Hockey League for 11         Heath has a bachelor of science and master’s degree in        George, personal trainer and senior lecturer with
    years and is currently a consultant for several NHL players    osteopathy and successfully owned and ran his own sports      Drummond Education, is also a Leki master trainer. His
    and agents. An exercise physiologist with an MSc and           and spinal practice in Australia. He currently works as an    specialities include advanced resistance training and
    specialisation in coaching science, Twist has published over   osteopath, and lectures at the London School of               training in different environments (TIDE), where his
    300 papers, four books and 16 DVDs on athlete                  Osteopathy. Heath also conducts courses in back care and      experience with Nordic walking poles has led to recognition
    development, and delivered lectures to thousands of            postural awareness and runs postgraduate courses in           as one of the top UK trainers in this field.
    trainers and coaches internationally. Peter is recognised as   rehabilitative exercise in clinical environment. He is a
    a leader in his industry.                                      regular contributor to FitPro magazine and ptonthenet.com.
                                                                                                                                 OUTDOOR (LEKI)
                                                                                                                                 FITNESS WALKING
    PLAYING WITH PLYOS                                             TRAINING THE ATHRITIC CLIENT                                  Saturday 13:15-14:15 § p21
    Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18                                       Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19
                                                                                                                                 OUTDOOR (LEKI)
    CHILD TO CHAMPION                                                                                                            FITNESS WALKING
    Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21                                                                                                   Sunday 08:00-09:00 (R) § p23
    STRENGTH BALL TRAINING                                         CHUCK WOLF
    Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22                                     USA
    SYSTEM                                                                                                                       CHERRY BAKER
    Sunday 08:00-09.00 § p23
                                                                   There are only a few names that come to mind when you
                                                                   think functional anatomy, movement analysis, function and
                                                                   advanced programme design – Chuck Wolf is one of these.
                                                                   Chuck has a masters of science degree in exercise             Cherry is one of the UK’s longest standing presenters; a
                                                                   physiology from George Williams College, and specialises in   former EXA Instructor of the Year and nominee for Fitness
    HELEN VANDERBURG                                               applied biomechanics. He presently is the director of Human   Professionals Fitness Leader of the Year Award 1999 and
    CANADA                                                         Motion Associates, in Orlando, Florida, consulting with       2001. Cherry is a presenter for the Fitness Professionals AIM
                                                                   clients ranging from the rehabilitation setting to            programme and is known for her sense of humour, user-
                                                                   professional athletes of the highest level.                   friendly ideas and down-to-earth approach.
    Helen is the owner of two clubs in Calgary and the team
                                                                   ANATOMY OF A LUNGE                                            BLONDE AEROBICS: 2007
                                                                                                                                 Friday 15:15-16:15 § p19
    leader for the Canadian Nike presenting team. Helen was
    the 1996 IDEA Fitness Director of the Year, Master Trainer     Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18
    for the Star Trac Academy and was awarded the Canadian         FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATED                                         PILATES BOARD
    Presenter of the Year at the 1997 Can-Fit-Pro Conference.
                                                                   SHOULDER TRAINING                                             Sunday 11:00-12:00 § p24
    SCHWINN® CYCLING: MY                                           Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p21
    Friday 11:00-12:00 § p17
                                                                   FLEXIBILITY HIGHWAYS
                                                                   Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p24
    DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES                                                                                                         STEVE BARRETT
    Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20
    ATHLETES-ONL WORKOUT                                           PAUL WRIGHT                                                   Steve has 18 years’ industry experience and teaches at
    Sunday 11:00-12:00 § p24                                       AUSTRALIA                                                     sports clubs internationally. Having competed at national
                                                                                                                                 level in athletics, rugby and aerobic championships, this has
    Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
                                                                                                                                 led to a career in personal training, coaching a diverse range
                                                                   Paul is one of Australia’s leading health, fitness and        of clients – from Olympic athletes to ageing rock stars.
                                                                   resistance training educators and was awarded the 2002
                                                                                                                                 RUNNING NATION
                                                                                                                                 Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18
                                                                   Fitness Presenter of the Year for Excellence in Fitness
                                                                   Education. His academic qualifications include a diploma in
    VANESSA VASSALLO                                               education (PE) and a bachelor of applied science in           REEBOK PRO SMALL GROUP
                                                                   physiotherapy.                                                TRAINING
                                                                                                                                 Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p24
                                                                   WOMEN AND WEIGHTS
                                                                   Friday 09:30-11:00 § p17
    Having presented across Europe, Asia, Australia and North
    America, Vanessa is a globetrotting fitness presenter who      A PHYSIO’S GUIDE TO SWISS BALL
    brings vitality and energy to every project. Presently based   FOR REHABILITATION
    in Hong Kong and group fitness manager for Pure Fitness,       Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19                                      PAUL BEDFORD
    Vanessa brings a background in dance and gymnastics to
    her dynamic presentations. She is a former Australian
                                                                   SHOULDER INJURY PREDICTION,
                                                                   PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION
                                                                   Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
    Aerobics Champion and a television presenter for the                                                                         Paul has been working in the fitness industry for the past 17
    fitness programme X-morning in Thailand.                                                                                     years. He has a master’s degree in exercise and health
    PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS                                         KNEE INJURY PREDICTION,                                       behaviours, and is now working on his PhD. Paul has been
    Friday 17:15-18:15 § p19                                       PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION
                                                                   Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
                                                                                                                                 invited to speak at numerous conferences in the UK (FitPro
                                                                                                                                 Business) and in the United States (IDEA, IHRSA).
    Saturday 09:30-10:30 § p20                                     ADVANCED EXERCISE OPTIONS                                     GAINING INSIGHT FROM
                                                                   Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p24                                      CONSULTATIONS
    STUDIO 54                                                                                                                    Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18
    Sunday 09:30-10:30 § p24
                                                                                                                                 LINKING GOALS AND MOTIVATION
                                                                                                                                 Sunday 09:30-11:30 § p23

                                                                                                                                      UK PRESENTERS
ADAM BOOTH AND                                                    LIZ BUSSEY                                                         GODFREY DEVEREUX
Adam has used his experience of 10 years’ amateur boxing          Liz is an international movement practitioner and presenter,       Godfrey has spent 35 years clarifying the possibilities and
and 12 years’ professional boxing to create a unique range        specialising in Pilates and fascial integration. She trained       principles of yoga. He was one of the pioneers of ashtanga
of boxing courses specifically aimed at fitness industry          extensively with Polestar Pilates Education, APPI and the          yoga, mainstreaming yoga as yoga director of the Life
professionals. The OUTBOX™ course enables fitness                 Pilates Institute. She is also an NLP and Reiki practitioner and   centre in Kensington, London, for four years. Since 1996 he
professionals to learn the skills used by the sporting elite to   trains with the Trager Institute and The BodyTalk System. Liz      has been running the world’s only residential yoga centre
enable them to perform and teach the skills correctly             runs her own Pilates studio where she works closely with           presenting a single approach to learning yoga: the highly
and safely to their clients. Adam is also the current trainer     remedial therapists and lifestyle coaches.                         respected Dynamic Yoga Training Method.
and manager to the European Cruiserweight Champion,
                                                                  MOVING THE MATRIX WITH PILATES                                     DYNAMIC YOGA: COMING DOWN
                                                                  Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p22
David Haye.
                                                                                                                                     TO EARTH
                                                                                                                                     Friday 09:30-12:00 § p17
David “Hayemaker” Haye is currently ranked at No 1 in the
world. David’s many successes include being the first ever
British boxer to win a silver medal at the Senior World
Championships in Belfast in 2001.
                                                                  HELEN CARPENTER-
Saturday 17:15–18:45 § p22
                                                                  WATERS                                                             LESLEY DOUGHTY
                                                                  Helen is regarded as an industry leader in the fields of
                                                                  exercise to music and choreography. She is a professional          Lesley is a freelance consultant working primarily in the
                                                                  dancer and choreographer, college lecturer and course              field of high-quality physical education and school sport.
                                                                  director and was voted Fitness Leader of the Year 1997/98          She is a member of the Youth Sport Trust's national training
MAX BOWER                                                         by members of Fitness Professionals.                               team for TOP Activity, and has also worked with the trust in
                                                                                                                                     designing, developing and authoring courses and resources.
                                                                  SIZZLING HOT SALSA
                                                                  Saturday 11:00-12:00 § p21                                         ACTIVE KIDS ARE HAPPY KIDS
Max is a curriculum development tutor for YMCAfit and                                                                                Saturday 09:30-10:30 § p20
regularly presents at industry events. He in a keen road
cyclist and specialises in presenting group cycle sessions. He
is well known for his creativity in delivering inspiring
sessions which cater for the regular group exerciser.             ALEX CARR                                                          MICHELE ELIZABETH
Friday 09:30-10:30 § p17
                                                                  Alex is a senior course director for YMCAfit. She contributes
MUSIC IS THE ANSWER                                                                                                                  Sensual fitness guru Michele Elizabeth shares over 17 years’
Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19
                                                                  regularly to the development of the curriculum and is a
                                                                  seasoned national fitness presenter. Her infectious                experience in the fitness industry as she teaches, motivates
                                                                  personality, great movement quality and creativity make her        and develops exciting new ways for women to explore their
                                                                  sessions unmissable.                                               femininity, keep fit, have fun and feel FABULOUS. Her Wiggle
                                                                                                                                     and Giggle with ME fitness classes and accredited training
                                                                  ADVANCED SUPPLE STRENGTH                                           courses help women everywhere realise their potential.
JOHN BREWER                                                       Friday 11:00-12:00 § p18
                                                                                                                                     WIGGLE AND GIGGLE UP THE POLE
                                                                  HOLISTIC CONDITIONING                                              Sunday 11:00-12:00 § p24
                                                                  Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
John is business director of the LSSA and is responsible for
the development of the Multistage Fitness (Bleep) test
within sports and schools across the UK. John is a 10-time
London Marathon runner and his work has been published                                                                               CAROLINE GALLEHAWK
in both academic journals and specialist sports magazines.        MATT COULSON
HARMLESS?                                                                                                                            Caroline is a chartered physiotherapist and water exercise
Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18                                          Matt has extensive experience within the fitness industry          instructor. Caroline develops and presents specialist
                                                                  and was responsible for forming Performance Training               training workshops for Hydro-actif alongside Steph
WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: ENERGY                                         Solutions (PTS) in conjunction with Wendy O’Reilly. Matt’s         Toogood. She is a practising physiotherapist and her clinical
Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
                                                                  skills have been recognised by the National Academy of             interest areas are hydrotherapy, women’s health, manual
                                                                  Sports Medicine (NASM) who are internationally renowned            therapy and the pelvis and thorax and their role as
                                                                  as one of the global leaders in certification and continuing       platforms for dynamic movement.
                                                                                                                                     PRACTICAL H2O REMEDIES FOR
                                                                  OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE TRAINING                                       HIPS, KNEES AND ANKLES
FIONA BUGLER AND                                                  (OPT)                                                              Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
MIKE OVENS                                                        Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21

Mike and Fiona own The Running Inn Ltd, a company that
delivers bespoke holidays for runners and workshops for
personal trainers. Since launching in 2005, they have
                                                                                                                                     ROBIN GARGRAVE
successfully coached hundreds of runners with their unique
                                                                  KATHRYN CULLEN
holistic training programme.
                                                                                                                                     Robin is the director of YMCA Fitness Industry Training. He
Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17
                                                                  Kathryn is renowned for creating and delivering                    is responsible for the content and quality of the largest and
                                                                  high-quality training workshops. She has delivered many            most comprehensive exercise instructor training operation
FROM JOGGER TO RUNNER                                             successful workshop tours, including her most recent               in the UK. Robin has appeared on national TV and radio,
Saturday 15:15-16:45 § p21                                        stability ball training course. Kathryn is a UK master trainer     featured in over six best-selling instructor videos and
                                                                  for BTS, a BOSU master trainer and an international                written numerous articles for newspapers, magazines and
                                                                  presenter.                                                         the fitness press.
                                                                  BODY TRANSFORM                                                     GOING OUT!
                                                                  Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17                                           Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17


    JOHN HARDY                                                      SANDIE KEANE                                                    JAX LYSYCIA

    John has an MSc in injury prevention and sports                 Sandie offers unrivalled excellence in the field of holistic    Jax is author of Yoga and Pilates for Healthy Living, The
    performance and is a director for two companies, FASTER         exercise and health. She has been in the fitness industry for   Pilates Workpack, 5-Minute Pilates and the bestselling 10-
    and www.functionaltrainingshop.com. He has presented and        17 years and qualified with Stott Pilates Toronto in 1998.      Minute Wake Up Yoga. She is director of Dynamic Yoga
    written for ptonthenet.com, FitPro, REPs, Premier Training      She is currently a tutor for Modern Pilates and an              Pilates UK and has developed the highly successful Dynamic
    International, Chrysalis, David Lloyds, LAPT and Esporta.       International Presenter for the ChiBall™ Method.                Yoga Teacher Training Method (DYTM) course.
    FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING                                    THE KI TO YOUR HEART                                            DYNAMIC YOGA: DON’T
    Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20                                      Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23                                        FAKE IT, FEEL IT
                                                                                                                                    Saturday 09:30-12:00 § p20
    Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25

                                                                    AMANDA KITCHEN                                                  SONJA MOSES
                                                                    Amanda is one of only two STOTT PILATES® certified
                                                                                                                                    Sonja has spent the last nine years managing and teaching
                                                                    instructor trainers based in the UK. Working on behalf of
                                                                                                                                    fitness and holistic classes. She holds a BSc Hons in applied
    Vicki is a Nike Athlete and UK Master Trainer for the Nike      Active Pilates and YMCAfit at their fully equipped STOTT
                                                                                                                                    sport sciences and is currently a lecturer for undergraduate
    Rockstar Workout, with a BA (Hons) Degree in dance              PILATES® studios, Amanda is certified to train students in
                                                                                                                                    sport science students at the University of East London.
    studies. Vicki is a teacher, dancer and choreographer for       Intensive Mat-Plus, Reformer and Cadillac, Chair and Barrel.
                                                                                                                                    Sonja joined the Nike UK team in 2005 as a NRSW Master
    Impact Dance, a professional hip hop company, and a youth       She comes from a fitness instructor background.
                                                                                                                                    Trainer and Sponsored Dance Athlete after being recognised
    dance practitioner for East London Dance, the dance             STOTT PILATES®ESSENTIAL REFORMER
                                                                                  ¤                                                 as a talented instructor and presenter.
    development agency for East London.                             Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17
                                                                    Friday 11:00-12:00 (R) § p18
                                                                                                                                    NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT
    NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT                                                                                                           Saturday 15:15-16:15 § p22
    Saturday 15:15-16:15 § p22                                      Saturday 09:30-10:30 (R) § p20
                                                                                                                                    Sunday 09:30-10:30 (R) § p24
    Sunday 09:30-10:30 (R) § p24                                    STOTT PILA       ®
                                                                              TES INTERMEDIA REFORMER
                                                                    Saturday 17:15-18:45 (R) § p22
                                                                    STOTT PILATES®: POWER PACED
                                                                    FITNESS CIRCLE WORKOUT                                          GRAEME MARSH
                                                                    Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
                                                                    STOTT PILATES®: ARC BARREL                                      Graeme is an accomplished fitness writer and personal
                                                                    Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
    Darren has been seeded within the country’s top six Shotokan                                                                    trainer, with over 12 years’ coaching experience. He has an
    karate fighters and was part of the winning team at the 2003                                                                    MSc in the science of sports coaching and is a medical
    National Shotokan Karate Championships. Darren has more                                                                         exercise specialist with a particular interest in
    than 13 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.                                                                   biomechanics, strength training, and post-rehabilitation.
    STRIKE!                                                                                                                         POWERFUL PERIODISATION
    Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18                                        DEBBIE KNEALE                                                   Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20
    Saturday 08:00-9:00 § p20
                                                                    Debbie is creator of Ideal Performance Training, including
                                                                    the pioneering NeuroCycling, Debbie uses her amazing            WENDY MARTINSON
                                                                    “toolbox” of cutting-edge techniques to deliver a powerful
                                                                    fusion of energy and education for mind and body.
    RACHEL HOLMES                                                                                                                   Wendy is an accredited sports dietitian and qualified BTS
                                                                    NEUROCYCLING: THE NEXT LEVEL
                                                                    Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18
                                                                                                                                    instructor. She has experience of working with world-class
                                                                                                                                    athletes from a wide variety of sports and consulted with the
    Rachel has been a leading fitness presenter for over 15         T-BOW                                                           England Football Squad in preparation for the 2002 World
    years. Owner of www.choreographytogo.com, a                     Sunday 09:30-10:30 § p24                                        Cup and Euro 2004 and works as a consultant for the LSSA.
    choreography-on-demand website for instructors, she
    writes a weekly instructor ezine and combines teaching in
                                                                                                                                    ASPARTAME: GOOD, BAD, UGLY
                                                                                                                                    OR HARMLESS?
                                                                                                                                    Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18
    the community and presenting in health clubs.
    CHOREOGRAPHY2GO: 2007                                           EMMA LANE
    Saturday 09:30-10:30 § p20
                                                                                                                                    WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: ENERGY
                                                                                                                                    IN VS ENERGY OUT
                                                                                                                                    Saturday 13:15-14:45 § p21
                                                                    Emma has been a faculty member, presenting
                                                                    internationally, for the CHEK Institute over the past three
    NIC JARVIS                                                      years. She runs a busy training and consulting business
                                                                    specialising in rehabilitation, nutrition and lifestyle         ZOE MCNULTY
                                                                    consulting, plus parasite and fungus elimination.
    Nic has gained great success working on a one-to-one basis
    with company executives on their health and well-being, and
                                                                    ARE YOU GETTING TO BED
                                                                                                                                    Zoe holds a degree in dance with education and has
                                                                    ON TIME?
                                                                    Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19
    has since developed the specific Coaching Skills for Personal                                                                   managed an exclusive corporate London gym for three years,
    Trainers programme – the first of its kind – for those who                                                                      where she teaches most of the weekly classes. Her
    want to understand change.                                      THE CHEK APPROACH TO                                            motivational enthusiasm and her bubbly and dynamic
                                                                    NUTRITION                                                       personality ensure her classes are thoroughly enjoyable.
                                                                    Saturday 09:30-11:30 § p20
    STRATEGIES FOR PTs                                                                                                              AIM HI/LO AND BEHOLD
    Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17                                        FLATTEN YOUR ABS FOREVER                                        Friday 13:15-14:15 § p18
    GAINING PERSONAL ALIGNMENT                                      Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23
                                                                                                                                    VOLCANIC VIBES: THE SECOND
    TO ACHIEVE GOALS                                                YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT                                            ERUPTION
    Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19                                        Sunday 13:15-14:45 § p25                                        Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25

                                                                                                                                   UK PRESENTERS

JAYNE NICHOLLS                                                   PAUL SACHER AND                                                   JEFF WILLOUGHBY
                                                                 ULLA STAUCH
Jayne has had a huge impact on freestyle fitness in the UK.      Paul is a specialist dietician and the MEND Programme             Jeff has a degree in PE and marketing from Otago University
She is a pioneer of skilled teaching and innovative class        founder. He is a recognised author and media commentator          and was a trainer at Les Mills World of Fitness before moving
ideas. Jayne Nicholls Ltd provides ongoing training in all       and is the paediatric obesity spokesman for the British           to Ireland to continue his personal training. Jeff draws his
areas of group exercise via national tours and videos.           Dietetic Association.                                             knowledge from his time at Les Mills and his internships
                                                                 Ulla is responsible for business development and                  with the world’s best physical therapists. Jeff also helps
Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
                                                                 programme rollout at MEND. Previously she held a number           develop and present Fitpro’s 10 Minute Gym™ programme.
                                                                 of senior roles in business development and sales
                                                                                                                                   ASSESSING POSTURE
                                                                                                                                   Friday 15:15-16:45 § p19
                                                                 management in the UK, US, Germany and South Africa,
                                                                 primarily in consulting.
                                                                                                                                   THE PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS
                                                                                                                                   Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20
                                                                 TACKLING CHILDHOOD OBESITY:
DENISE PAGE                                                      THE MEND PROGRAMME
                                                                 Saturday 09:30-10:30 § p20

Denise is the curriculum director for YMCA Fitness Industry
                                                                 LOCAL FUNDRAISING AND
                                                                 PARTNERSHIP WORKING
                                                                 Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
Training. She is a Pure Energy Presenter and specialises in
different forms of group fitness as well as personal training.
                                                                                                                                   SUE WOODD
Denise has a degree in professional education studies.
Friday 08:00-09:00 § p17
                                                                                                                                   Sue has been working in the field of Complementary
                                                                                                                                   Medicine for the past 20 years, founding her own school in
                                                                 JOHN SHEHAN                                                       1991. She is an international master trainer and now trains
Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19                                                                                                           fitness instructors and lectures for leading health farms and
                                                                                                                                   fitness companies worldwide.
INTERVAL HEAVEN                                                  John is a TV personality and one of the fastest rising stars
Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23                                         on the international presenter circuit. He is now in high         THE VERSATILITY OF T’AI CHI
                                                                 demand at all major conventions in Europe, Asia and the           AND CHI KUNG
                                                                 Americas. His boundless energy and infectious personality         Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20
                                                                 will leave you truly inspired.                                    ENERGY EXERCISES FOR KIDS
                                                                 STEP TO THE MAX: LIVE AND LOUD!                                   Saturday 13:15-14:15 § p21
KT PAGE                                                          Saturday 09:30-10:30 § p20                                        HOW TO LIVE IN THE EYE OF
                                                                 STEP CHALLENGE                                                    THE STORM
KT is a talented new presenter. Both passionate and              Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23                                          Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
enthusiastic, she specialises in street and contemporary
dance. KT was recently a finalist in the Nike Rockstar
Workout televised on MTV.
YMCAFIT KIDS’ STREET DANCE PARTY!                                DAVID SOUTER                                                      ANN-SEE YEOH
Friday 17:15-18:45 § p19

                                                                 David exploded on to the fitness scene in 2004 and was            Ann-See has been a leader in the UK’s mind/body fitness
                                                                 voted Best British Newcomer. Renowned for his energy,             field for the past 12 years. Ann-See is director of the
                                                                 charisma and class presence, David delivers fun-filled sessions   BodyMind Studio, and the creative force behind Pathway to
JO PARRY                                                         with “use tomorrow” ideas and has presented at some of            Yoga. Since 1999, she has been a key member of the Les
                                                                 the biggest UK fitness conventions. David also runs his own       Mills International team in the UK, and is the Head Trainer
                                                                 PT company and website: www.funktionalfitness.co.uk.              for BODYBALANCE® in the UK.
Jo holds a BSc degree in health and fitness and consults for
Pure Energy full time. As co-director of the national sell-out   STEP-TASTIC-FANTASTIC                                             UNDERSTANDING THE LANGUAGE
                                                                 Friday 11:00-12.00 § p18                                          OF THE BODY
                                                                                                                                   Friday 13:15-14:45 § p18
“Wicked Tours” she is also a senior crew member for Urban
Funk. Jo is renowned for her warm and enthusiastic
approach and can make the most complex of choreography
Friday 09:30-10.30 § p17
                                                                 STEPH TOOGOOD                                                     ANNALISA ZISMAN
Saturday 08:00-09:00 § p20                                       Steph is ACE- and AFAA-certified and widely recognised as
                                                                 an international educator and presenter of water fitness.         Annalisa is director of Back to Balance (UK) Limited. She
                                                                 Steph is a three-star IDEA presenter, education consultant        divides her time between running a very successful
                                                                 to Speedo International and nominee for Fitness                   massage/exercise therapy clinic in London and teaching
                                                                 Professionals Fitness Leader of the Year Award in 1998.           massage therapy and is a qualified counsellor.
AGATA PIENIO                                                                                                                       MASSAGE, RELEASE AND RELAX
                                                                                                                                   Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
                                                                 AQUA MAX CIRCUIT
                                                                 Saturday 17:15-18:45 § p22
Agata is the winner of LA Fitness Presenter of the Year 2005     MULTI-FACETED DEEP DYNAMICS
Award and The International Fitness Showcase Presenter of        Sunday 08:00-09:00 § p23
the Year 2005 Award. Throughout her teaching career she
                                                                 BILATERAL BILINEAR BUOYS
                                                                 Sunday 11:00-12:00 § p24
has fused dance and fitness into one, giving her
participants the ultimate workout that is both unique and
fun.                                                             OBJECTIVE CHOREOGRAPHY
          Y                                                      Sunday 15:15-16:15 § p25
Friday 11:00-12.00 § p17
4-3-2-1 SHAKE
Saturday 09:30-10:30 § p20


 GARRY ANDERSON                                      JENNY JOLLIFFE                                                   ERICA NEWISS
                                                    LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®, BODYATTACK®,                      FITCLUB TRAINER: CHILDREN’S FITNESS QUALIFICATION,
                                                    BODYSTEP®                                                         AWOF™, TEAMCOMBAT™
                                                    FITPRO FREESTYLE WITH THE GYMSTICK™
                                                                                                                      HOWARD PEARSON
                                                     SARAH KAULBACH
                                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®
 GILES BRYANT                                       LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYBALANCE®,                      FITPRO FREESTYLE WITH THE GYMSTICK™

                                                                                                                      JIM SHIELDS
                                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER: BODYPUMP®
                                                    LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®                          LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®
 SARAH CHOULES                                      FITPRO FREESTYLE WITH THE GYMSTICK™

 LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYBALANCE®, BODYJAM®                                                                          TRISH SLAPP
                                                     RAE LEE
                                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®,
                                                    LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYATTACK®, BODYSTEP®                       BODY ATTACK®
 LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®          ANTONY LEWIS                                                     MARIA TABLER
                                                    LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYJAM®
 KATHRYN CULLEN                                                                                                       LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®
                                                                                                                      (PHT), BODYBALANCE®

 BODYBALANCE®, BODYVIVE®                             LIZ LEE
                                                                                                                      STEVE TANSEY
                                                    LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®
 DELORES DOUGLAS                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®

                                                                                                                      PAULEEN THOMAS
                                                    LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®, RPM®
 SHAUN EGAN                                         (PHT)                                                             LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYJAM®
                                                    FITPRO FREESTYLE WITH THE GYMSTICK™                               FITCLUB TRAINER: AKAJ™‰
                                                     TANY MCGINNITY                                                   MATT THRAXTON
                                                    LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYBALANCE®
 CATHY FORMBY                                                                                                         LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYPUMP® (SPT)
                                                                                                                      FITPRO FREESTYLE WITH THE GYMSTICK™

                                                                                                                      TANY WALKER
 SARAH GRAHAM                                       LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYPUMP®
                                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®
                                                                                                                      FITCLUB TRAINER: CHILDREN’S FITNESS QUALIFICATION,
 LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYBALANCE®,                  KIRSTY MONTGOMERY                                                AKAJ™, TEAMCOMBAT™
                                                    LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYBALANCE®, BODYJAM®
                                                    FITCLUB TRAINER: CHILDREN’S FITNESS QUALIFICATION                 MATT WOOD
                                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER: RPM®
LES MILLS TRAINER: BODYCOMBAT®                                                                                        LES MILLS PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®, RPM®

                                                                                                                      ANN-SEE YEOH
                                                                                                                      LES MILLS TRAINER & PRESENTER: BODYCOMBAT®,

                                                                BTS CONVENTION OVERVIEW

at the FitPro SpringConvention2007
Following the success of our Super Quarterly Weekender in 2006, 2007 will see a greater focus on BTS at the Fitpro Spring Convention this year
and the buzzword is MORE! More timetabled BTS sessions, more opportunities to participate in challenging and inspiring sessions and more
chances to learn and develop through our focused technique workshops.
If you’re a BTS instructor then attendance at the FitPro Spring Convention 2007 is essential. Whether you’re a new instructor who needs a little
help achieving that perfect squat or an experienced BTS athlete, this event has something to offer every one of our 7,000+ passionate and
dedicated instructors.

Here’s a few reasons why you must attend:
• Combined technique and educational sessions to help instructors take their teaching to the next level
• Experience BODYVIVE® – new for 2007
• Be part of WORLD-CLASS sessions with up to 250 participants
• Taste any one of our now eight BTS programmes
• Compete in the LMI Tri Challenge – have you got what it takes?
• Cross over and experience sessions from eight streams including Mind/Body, Freestyle Fitness and many more




 THURSDA APRIL 12 09:00-16:00
 Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your professional development with          Topics covered for the knee, shoulder and lumbar spine will include:
 one of the world’s most prominent fitness leaders!                                 - functional anatomy and training implications
                                                                                    - common conditions and pathologies
 WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:                                                              - surgical options and post-op rehabilitation protocols
 This full-day Pre-Con workshop has been designed by Sydney physiotherapist         - implications for programme design and injury reduction
 and international presenter Paul Wright to bridge the widening gap between         - pre-training screening tests and strategies to predict injury risk
 the medical profession and the health and fitness industry. This incredibly        - analysis of potentially dangerous exercises and alternatives
 informative workshop will allow you to more fully understand anatomy,              - rehabilitation programme design and a host of effective rehabilitation
 common injuries and effective rehabilitation programme design – thus               exercises for each body part and condition.
 decreasing your clients’ injury risks, widening your potential client market and
 reducing the risk of litigation.

            To book your place on this Pre-Con workshop please go online at www.fitpro.com/springconvention
                                        or fill out the registration form (page 16).

 THURSDA APRIL 12 10:00-18:00
 Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see three of the world’s biggest            FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATED ABDOMINAL TRAINING
 international presenters in one, action-packed day. Gary, Chuck and Michol         An interactive discussion on the tri-plane movement patterns of the
 have dozens of years’ experience between them in the field of functional           abdominals and core. This session will explore how the abdominals and core
 exercise training. This truly inspiring day will attract fitness instructors,      actually lengthen in all functional movements before producing functional
 personal trainers, and manual therapists who want to learn more from some of       work and will incorporate the upper and lower extremities to accomplish
 the most knowledgeable speakers in the world.                                      enhanced performance and a workout that has a truly three-dimensional feel.
                                                                                    This session will explore some of the research on core training and analyse if
 THE POWER OF TWEAKOLOGY... FUNCTIONALLY                                            it truly is a functional abdominal activity.
 Tweakology is the utilisation of the proper functional variables to create the     HOW TO CREATE A REACTIVE WARRIOR
 most optimal, fun, and functional environments for analysis, rehabilitation,       Delve into this hands-on look at movement. This session goes through the
                                                                                    many ways in which an individual can increase their movement ability. It
 training and conditioning. Tweakology serves as the foundation of our
                                                                                    speaks to the design of the body and reveals application based on the latest
 strategies that allow us to transform what we know into what we do. Our
                                                                                    research in the understanding of the body.
 functional strategies and applications include movement tweaks, influence
 tweaks and dimension tweaks. Understanding tweakology allows us to create          OPEN FORUM
 the most effective and efficient functional environments to enhance the life of    Finish off the day by attending a hands-on discussion with Gary, Chuck and
 our clients. Tweakology allows us the privilege of positioning those who trust     Michol who will be available to answer any questions you or your clients may
 us in ongoing positions of success.                                                have. A perfect end to the ultimate day!

            To book your place on this Pre-Con workshop please go online at www.fitpro.com/springconvention
                                        or fill out the registration form (page 16).

                                                              SESSION SCHEDULE & SELECTIONS

                                                 BOOK ONLINE AND SAVE!

                                                          3. Send your completed registration form along with            choice wherever possible. However, due to demand for
BOOKING METHODS                                              your session selection, signed release form and             certain topics you may be delegated to your next
                                                             payment.                                                    available choice.
Read the presenter profiles and session descriptions
                                                          Sessions are allocated on a first come, first served basis.    Hence, the following selections would result in:
in this brochure or view them online at
                                                          We will try to allocate your first choice but due to high      1st choice = BODYSTEP® and Schwinn®: Athletes only
                                                          demand this may not be possible. If you do not list your       2nd choice = AeroKidz/AeroJam™ and Pilates Board
1. Log on to www.fitpro.com/springconvention and
                                                          preferences in order, you will be placed randomly in           3rd choice = Studio 54 and Merge
   follow the instructions
                                                          sessions that are available. IMPORTANT: 1 is your first        4th choice = Linking Goals and Motivation
2. Have your membership number and payment card           choice and 4 your last choice.
                                                          Please note: We are not able to take any bookings or
                                                                                                                         WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
3. Select all of your sessions online to secure your                                                                     You will receive confirmation of your booking and
   sessions of choice                                     secure any session places without receiving all of the
                                                                                                                         payment, either online or via the post.
                                                          required information. Incomplete information, forms or
BOOK BY POST                                              session selections will be returned by post and will cause
                                                                                                                         You will receive your session tickets in your delegate
Remember that it is cheaper, quicker and easier to book   a delay in your session allocation. Postal Bookings will
                                                                                                                         pack when you arrive at the Spring Convention
online. But if you choose to submit your booking by       only be accepted from FitPro members.
                                                                                                                         registration. Your tickets will not be posted to you prior
post, please make sure you:                                                                                              to the event.
                                                          SESSION SELECTION
Clearly indicate how many days you are attending and      Please make your choices from 1-4 for every time slot (1
strike through the days you are not; and                  being your first choice and 4 your last). If you do not list
1. Select four choices for each time slot                 preferences you will be randomly placed in a session that
                                                                                                                               For booking enquiries call
2. Complete all of your personal and payment details      is open at that time. We will try to give you your first               +44 (0)8705 133 434

                                                                           3                                                                   1                                2
                                                                                            3                                 1                                2


                                  100 RUNNING FOR RACING (L)    101 LAUNCHING A                102 POWERFUL                       103 BODY TRANSFORM (MC)      104 STEP TO IT (MC)                 105 BOD
                   08:00-09:00    Fiona Bugler & Mike Ovens     PT STUDIO (L)                  COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES           Kathryn Cullen               Steve Schiemer                      Jenny J
            1                                                   Steve Jack                     FOR PTs (L) Nic Jarvis

                                  112 FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICS OF 113 MOMS IN MOTION (L)            114 WOMEN AND WEIGHTS (L)          115 CARDIOGRAPHY                                                 118 URB
                                  BALANCE TRAINING (L)       Sara Kooperman                    Paul Wright                        (MC) Yoav Avidar                                                 Jo Parry
                                  Gary Gray

                                                                                                                                  116 DANGEROUSLY              117 SCHWINN® CYCLING: MY            119 STE
                                                                                                                                  SENSUAL (MC)                 FAVOURITE RIDE (MC)                 (MC) Da
                                                                                                                                  Agata Pienio                 Helen Vanderburg
                                  128 ANATOMY OF A LUNGE (L)    129 RUNNING NATION (WS)        130 GAINING INSIGHT FROM           131 PLAYING WITH PLYOs       132 AIM HI/LO AND BEHOLD            133 NEU
                                  Chuck Wolf                    Steve Barrett                  CONSULTATIONS (L)                  (WS) Peter Twist             (MC) Zoe McNulty                    THE NE

                   13:15-14:45                                                                 Paul Bedford                                                                                        Debbie K

                                  140 DEBUNKING FITNESS         141 ENERGY MEDICINE (L)        142 ASSESSING POSTURE (L)          143 A PHYSIO'S GUIDE TO      144 BLONDE AEROBICS: 2007           145 ACT
                                  MYTHS (L)                     Steve Jack                     Jeff Willoughby                    SWISS BALL FOR REHAB (WS)    (MC) Cherry Baker                   UP… M

                   15:15-16:45    Michol Dalcourt                                                                                 Paul Wright                                                      Monika

                                  151 THE PT CASH COW (L)       152 TRAINING THE ARTHRITIC     153 GAINING PERSONAL               154 FITPRO ONE-TO-ONE (WS)   155 MANGO MOVES (MC)                156 PLE
                                  Andrew May                    CLIENT (L)                     ALIGNMENT TO ACHIEVE               Carl McCartney               Magnus Ringberg                     (MC) Va

                   17:15-18:45                                  Heath Williams                 GOALS (L)
                                                                                               Nic Jarvis

                                  200 THE PRINCIPLES OF     201 POWERFUL              202 FUNCTIONAL                203 DESPERATE              204 MINDFUL              205 SERIOUSLY STREET           206
                                  SUCCESS (L)               PERIODISATION (L)         STRENGTH TRAINING (WS)        HOUSEWIVES (MC)            CONDITIONING (MC)        (MC) Jo Parry                  Sar

                   08:00-09:00    Jeff Willoughby           Graeme Marsh              John Hardy & Phil Mansfield   Helen V, Maureen H &       Yoav Avidar
                                                                                                                    Sara K

                                  212 THE 3D CORE           213 MARKETING MADE        214 GETTING THE MOST          215 STEP TO THE MAX: LIVE 217 CHOREOGRAPHY2GO:      219 4-3-2-1 SHAKE (MC)         221
                                  CONVERSION MATRIX (L)     SIMPLE (L)                OUT OF THE MUSCULAR           AND LOUD! (MC) Vanessa    2007 (MC)                 Agata Pienio                   SE
                                  Gary Gray                 Andrew May                SYSTEM (L)                    Vassallo & John Shehan    Rachel Holmes                                            Car
                                                                                      Greg Roskopf

                                                                                                                    216 STEPTOCOCCOUS (MC)     218 SIZZLING HOT SALSA   220 FITPRO BODY
                                                                                                                    Yoav Avidar                (MC) Helen Carpenter-    CONDITIONING (MC)
                                                                                                                                               Waters                   Shaun E & Jenny J

                                  231 STORIES THE SQUAT     232 SHOULDER INJURY       233 MUSCLE ACTIVATION         234 OPTIMUM                235 OUTDOOR (LEKI)       236 ESSENTIAL STEP –           237
                                  WILL TELL YOU (L)         REHABILITATION (L)        TECHNIQUES (WS)               PERFORMANCE TRAINING       FITNESS WALKING (MC)     PART ONE (WS)                  AD

                   13:15-14:45    Charles Poliquin          Paul Wright               Greg Roskopf                  (WS) Matt Coulson          George Anderson          Rebecca Small                  Mo

                                  244 FUNCTIONAL            245 ISOLATION TO         246 FROM JOGGER TO             247 FLEXI-BAR FOR PTs      248 BOSU ATHLETIC CORE   249 NIKE ROCKSTAR              250
                                  INTEGRATED SHOULDER       INTEGRATION TRAINING (L) RUNNER (WS)                    (WS) Steve Schiemer        (WS) Douglas Brooks      WORKOUT (MC) Sonja             Ma

                   15:15-16:45    TRAINING (L)              Michol Dalcourt          Fiona Bugler & Mike Ovens                                                          Moses & Victoria Igbokwe
                                  Chuck Wolf
                                  258 KNEE INJURY           259 AVOIDING BACK PAIN    260 OUTBOX (WS)               261 MASSAGE, RELEASE       262 STRENGTH BALL        263 ESSENTIAL STEP –           264
                                  REHABILITATION (L)        (L) Douglas Brooks        Adam Booth & David Haye       AND RELAX (WS)             TRAINING (WS)            PART TWO (WS)                  Car

                   17:15-18:45    Paul Wright                                                                       Annalisa Zisman            Peter Twist              Rebecca Small

                                  300 OUTDOOR (LEKI) FITNESS    301 ADVANCED RESISTANCE         302 SPORT STRENGTH (WS) Peter 303 FUNCTIONAL                    304 FLEXI-BAR GROUP FITNESS        305 STE
                                  WALKING (MC) (R)              TRAINING BIOMECHANICS (L)       Twist                         FITNESS AT 50+ (L)                (MC)                               John Sh


                                  George Anderson               Douglas Brooks                                                Maureen Hagan                     Steve Schiemer

                                  312 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS 313 SAQ TRAINING FOR HIGH          314 LINKING GOALS AND             315 STUDIO 54 (MC)            317 NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT          319 T-B
                                  IN TRAINING THE EXECUTIVE (L) PERFORMANCE ATHLETES (L)        MOTIVATION (L)                    Vanessa Vassallo              (MC) (R) Sonja Moses &             Debbie K
                                  Charles Poliquin              Michol Dalcourt                 Paul Bedford                                                    Victoria Igbokwe

                                                                                                                                  316 MEDICINE BALL MADNESS     318 MERGE (MC)                     320 WIG
                                                                                                                                  (WS) Andrew May               Magnus Ringberg                    POLE (M

                                  332 UNDERSTANDING             333 FLEXIBILITY HIGHWAYS (L)    334 PERIODISED STRENGTH           335 ADVANCED EXERCISE         336 POWERFUL LOW (WS)              337 REE
                                  COMPENSATION PATTERNS (L)     Chuck Wolf                      TRAINING (L)                      OPTIONS (WS)                  Rebecca Small                      TRAININ

                   13:15-14:45    Greg Roskopf                                                  Douglas Brooks                    Paul Wright                                                      Steve Ba

                                  344 A UNIQUE LOOK AT SPINAL 345 FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMME          346 SELLING AIR (L)               347 EXTREME INTERVAL          348 FREESTYLE FITNESS YOGA         349 VOL

                    15:15-16:15   INSTABILITY (L)             DESIGN (L)                        Andrew May                        TRAINING (WS)                 (MC) Jayne Nicholls                ERUPTIO
                                  Greg Roskopf                John Hardy & Phil Mansfield                                         Helen Vanderburg                                                 Zoe McN

                                                                                                                                                SESSION SCHEDULE

                                                                                                     108 STOTT: ESSENTIAL
                                                                                                     REFORMER (MC)
     105 BODYSTEP® (MC)            106 RPM® (MC)                     107 CHIBALL T'AI CHI (MC)                                        109 TEAM COMBAT™ (MC)             110 GOING OUT! (MC)             111 FREESTYLE PARTY (MC)
     Jenny J & Giles B             Delores D, Matt W & Phil A        Beko Kaygee                                                      Erica N & Tanya W                 Robin Gargrave                  Denise Page
                                                                                                     Amanda Kitchen

     118 URBAN FUNK UNCUT (MC)     120 BODYPUMP® (WS)                121 DYNAMIC YOGA: COMING        122 STOTT: ESSENTIAL                                               125 SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT      126 THE DECK ULTIMATE
     Jo Parry                      Shaun E, Niamh M & Carl M         DOWN TO EARTH (WS)              REFORMER (MC) (R)                                                  DIET (L)                        WORKOUT (MC)
                                                                     Godfrey Devereux                Michael Christensen                                                Matt O’Neill                    Max Bower

     119 STEP-TASTIC-FANTASTIC                                                                       123 STOTT: ESSENTIAL             124 AEROKIDZ/AEROJAM™ (MC)                                        127 ADVANCED SUPPLE
     (MC) David Souter                                                                               REFORMER (MC) (R)                Pauleen T & Tanya W                                               STRENGTH (MC)
                                                                                                     Amanda Kitchen                                                                                     Alex Carr

     133 NEUROCYCLING:             134 BODYATTACK® (WS)              135 UNDERSTANDING THE           136 STOTT: INTERMEDIATE          137 E-N-E-R-G-Y (WS)              138 ASPARTAME: GOOD, BAD,       139 STRIKE! (WS)
     THE NEXT LEVEL (WS)           Shaun E, Phil A & Giles B         LANGUAGE OF THE BODY (WS)       REFORMER (WS)                    Scott Ehler                       UGLY OR HARMLESS? (L)           Darren Hamilton
     Debbie Kneale                                                   Ann-See Yeoh                    Michael Christensen                                                Wendy Martinson & John Brewer

     145 ACTIVIO: WHAT GOES   146 BODYCOMBAT® (WS)                   147 STOTT: POWER PACED                                           148 FLEXI KIDS (WS)               149 WHAT YOUR FAT STORES        150 HOLISTIC CONDITIONING
     UP… MUST COME DOWN… (WS) Tanya W, Erica N & Phil H              FITNESS CIRCLE® WORKOUT                                          Simone Staniforth-Hodgkinson      SAY ABOUT YOU (L)               (WS) Alex Carr
     Monika Björn                                                    (WS) Amanda Kitchen                                                                                Charles Poliquin

     (MC) Vanessa Vassallo         Rebecca Small                     Ann-See Y & Kathryn C           REFORMER (WS) (R)                ON TIME? (L)                      (WS) Max Bower                  DANCE PARTY! (WS)
                                                                                                     Michael Christensen              Emma Lane                                                         KT Page & Denise Page

T        206 BODYJAM® (MC)         207 THE VERSATILITY OF        208 STOTT: ESSENTIAL                                   209 ABC FOR KIDZ! (L)                                    210 BEATING EATING         211 KING OF THE
         Sarah C & Phil H          T’AI CHI AND CHI KUNG         REFORMER (MC) (R)                                      Scott Ehler                                              TRIGGERS (L)               MOUNTAINS (MC)
                                   (MC) Sue Woodd                Michael Christensen                                                                                             Matt O'Neill               Darren Hamilton

MC)      221 RPM® TECHNIQUE        222 BODYVIVE® (MC)            224 DYNAMIC YOGA:           225 STOTT: ESSENTIAL       227 ACTIVE KIDS ARE         229 TACKLING CHILDHOOD 230 THE CHEK APPROACH
         SESSION (WS)              Kathryn Cullen                DON'T FAKE IT, FEEL IT      REFORMER (MC) (R)          HAPPY KIDS (MC)             OBESITY (L)            TO NUTRITION (L)
         Carl McCartney                                          (WS) Jax Lysycia            Amanda Kitchen             Lesley Doughty              Paul Sacher            Emma Lane

                                   223 BODYATTACK® (MC)                                      226 STOTT: ESSENTIAL       228 TEAM COMBAT™ (MC)
                                   Giles B, Phil A & Trish S                                 REFORMER (MC) (R)          (R) Erica N & Tanya W
                                                                                             Michael Christensen

–        237 ACTIVIO: A RUSH OF    238 BODYPUMP® (WS)                                        239 STOTT: ARC BARREL      240 ENERGY                  241 CHILD TO                 242 WEIGHT                 243 PRACTICAL H2O
         ADRENALINE (WS)           Shaun E, Matt T & Niamh M                                 WORKSHOP (WS)              EXERCISES FOR KIDS (MC)     CHAMPION (L)                 MANAGEMENT (L)             REMEDIES (L)
         Monika Björn                                                                        Amanda Kitchen             Sue Woodd                   Peter Twist                  Wendy Martinson &          Caroline Gallehawk
                                                                                                                                                                                 John Brewer

         250 KEEP PACE (MC)        251 BODYCOMBAT® (WS)          252 MOVING THE MATRIX       253 STOTT: INTERMEDIATE    254 GETTING KIDS ACTIVE     255 BE A STAR (L)            256 METABOLIC              257 AQUATIC ARMS (WS)
         Maureen Hagan             Dave C & Maria T              (WS) Liz Bussey             REFORMER (WS) (R)          WITH SONY EYETOY® (WS)      Scott Ehler                  MAKEOVER (L)               Sara Kooperman
we                                                                                           Michael Christensen                                                                 Matt O'Neill

–        264 RPM® (MC)             265 LMI TRI-CHALLENGE         266 YOGAFLOW (WS)           267 STOTT: INTERMEDIATE                                268 FUNDRAISING &            269 DROP YOUR PANTS…       270 AQUA MAX
         Carl M & Delores D        (WS) UK National Team         Magnus Ringberg             REFORMER (WS) (R)                                      PARTNERSHIP WORKING          SIZE (L)                   CIRCUIT (WS)
                                                                                             Amanda Kitchen                                         (L) Ulla Stauch              Charles Poliquin           Steph Toogood

     305 STEP CHALLENGE (MC)       306 BODYPUMP® (MC)                307 KI TO YOUR HEART (MC)       308 YOGA FOR PERSONAL            309 FLATTEN YOUR ABS              310 MULTI-FACETED DEEP          311 INTERVAL HEAVEN (MC)
     John Shehan                   Matt T, Niamh M & Delores D       Sandie Keane                    TRAINERS (WS)                    FOREVER (L)                       DYNAMICS (MC)                   Denise Page
                                                                                                     Simone Staniforth-Hodgkinson     Emma Lane                         Steph Toogood

     319 T-BOW (WS)                321 ACTIVIO: ENDORPHINE (MC) 323 BODYSTEP® (MC)                   325 AWAKEN AND                   327 AEROKIDZ/AEROJAM™ (MC) 329 WEIGHT LOSS DREAM                  330 8FT UNDER: DEEP WATER
     Debbie Kneale                 Monika Björn                 Jenny J, Sarah K & Rae L             BALANCE WITH CHIBALL (MC)        (R) Tanya W & Pauleen T    TEAM (L)                               CHOREOGRAPHY (MC)
                                                                                                     Beko Kaygee                                                 Matt O'Neill                           Sara Kooperman

     320 WIGGLE & GIGGLE UP THE    322 SCHWINN®: ATHLETES            324 BODYVIVE® (MC) (R)          326 PILATES BOARD (MC)           328 AWOF™ (MC)                                                    331 BILATERAL BILINEAR
     POLE (MC)                     ONLY (MC)                         Kathryn Cullen                  Cherry Baker                     Erica N & Tanya W                                                 BUOYS (MC)
     Michele Elizabeth             Helen Vanderburg                                                                                                                                                     Steph Toogood

     337 REEBOK PRO GROUP          338 RPM® (RACE OF TRUTH)          339 BODYJAM® (WS)               340 STOTT PILATES: CORE          341 GETTING KIDS ACTIVE WITH 342 YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT             343 AQUA ABCs – ALL BODY
     TRAINING (WS)                 (MC) Carl M & Giles B             Sarah G, Antony L & Pauleen T   BALANCE (WS)                     SONY EYETOY® (WS) (R)        (L) Emma Lane                        CONDITIONING (MC)
     Steve Barrett                                                                                   Michael Christensen                                                                                Maureen Hagan

     349 VOLCANIC VIBES: THE 2ND   350 STRETCH TO THE RHYTHM                                         351 BODYBALANCE® (MC)            352 CHILLOUT (MC)                 353 HOW TO LIVE IN THE EYE      354 OBJECTIVE
     ERUPTION (MC)                 (MC) Yoav Avidar                                                  Ann See Y, Kathryn C & Sarah C   Simone Staniforth-Hodgkinson      OF THE STORM (MC)               CHOREOGRAPHY (MC)
     Zoe McNulty                                                                                                                                                        Sue Woodd                       Steph Toogood

All payments must be made in UK pounds sterling. Prices include VAT.

                                                          Super Early Bird                              Early Bird                                    Regular
 Bookings on or before                                    January 12 2007                               February 23 2007                              April 10 2007
 Members Online                                           £99                                           £112                                          £124
 Members Post                                             £112                                          £124                                          £136
 Non-members Online only                                  £129                                          £141                                          £153

                                                          Super Early Bird                              Early Bird                                    Regular
 Bookings on or before                                    January 12 2007                               February 23      2007                         April 10 2007
                                                          1-day       2-day              3-day          1-day            2-day        3-day           1-day       2-day                3-day
 Members Online                                           £99         £147               £170           £112             £159         £182            £124        £170                 £194
 Members Post                                             £112        £159               £182           £124             £170         £194            £136        £182                 £205
 Non-members Online only                                  £129        £177               £199           £141             £188         £212            £153        £199                 £224
 Ambassadors Online only                                  £84         £120               £137           £93              £128         £146            £102        £136                 £154

 BY POST OR FAX ONLY                                               Please complete if you are submitting your application as
                                                                   part of a group booking.
 Please use one form (or photocopy) per person.
                                                                   CORPORATE NAME:_________________________________                   RELEASE FORM
                                                                   ORGANISER’S NAME:________________________________                  Please complete the following details:
                                                                   CORPORATE RATE: £________________________________                  Name:__________________________________________
 Delegate Information (Please complete in full)
                                                                   All registration forms, release forms and session selections       Membership No:__________________________________
 FITPRO MEMBERSHIP NO:____________________________                 MUST be submitted together for the attention of the Business
 EMAIL:__________________________________________                  Development Department.                                            I have carefully read and understood all the information below.
 SURNAME:_______________________________________                   TOTAL PART C:______________________________                        I understand that I will be permitted to participate in the event
                                                                                                                                      by agreeing to all of the information below.
                                                                   PART D: ON-SITE ACCOMMODATION                                      Signature:_______________________________________
 ADDRESS: _______________________________________
                                                                   The on-site accommodation is housed in the university’s student    Date:___________________________________________
 ________________________________________________                  halls of residence, providing basic facilities that include bed,
                                                                   breakfast and evening meals. We have now introduced the
 ________________________________________________                  option of having the evening meal included or just paying for      The FitPro Spring Convention 2007 contains both practical and
 ________________________________________________                  the room.                                                          theoretical components, designed for fitness instructors,
                                                                                                                                      professionals and leaders who are experienced and physically
 POSTCODE:_______________________________________                  The Village
                                                                   K Single En-Suite Room – £49.95 (B&B) per person per night
                                                                                                                                      fit. Individuals with any physical restriction, disability or
                                                                                                                                      predisposition to injury or sickness should not participate if
                                                                   K Single Standard Room – £39.95 (B&B) per person per night
                                                                                                                                      their health or ability to exercise is at risk.
 TELEPHONE (H):____________________________________                K Evening Meal – £14 per person per night
 TELEPHONE (W):___________________________________                 Due to limited availability, accommodation will be reserved on     THIS DOCUMENT IS A RELEASE OF CLAIMS.
 TELEPHONE (M):___________________________________                 a first come, first served basis. (Please complete in full)        BY SIGNING IT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THE
 FAX:____________________________________________                  Wed April 11      K   B&B only OR   K   B&B plus evening meal      FOLLOWING:
                                                                   Thurs April 12    K   B&B only OR   K   B&B plus evening meal      1. You willingly participate in the event at your own risk.
 We would like to email you with interesting news and product      Fri April 13      K   B&B only OR   K   B&B plus evening meal      2. You have no physical restrictions, disabilities or any
                                                                                     K                 K
 information that will help with your development as a                                                                                predispositions to sickness or injury that may be aggravated
 professional within the industry.                                 Sat April 14          B&B only OR       B&B plus evening meal
                                                                                     K                 K
                                                                                                                                      or adversely affected as a result of your participation.
                                                                   Sun April 15          B&B only OR       B&B plus evening meal
 K I do NOT wish to receive eComms, eNews or eProduct
                                                                                                                                      3. You take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage
                                                                   Please indicate if you have any special requirements (eg,          to your person/property that may arise directly or indirectly
 information.                                                      ground-floor bedroom, vegetarian meal, etc.)                       from your participation in the event.
                                                                   _______________________________________________                    4. You will not seek to penalise, prosecute or claim
 PART B: FEES                                                                                                                         compensation from the organisers, sponsors, presenters or
 I am a member of FitPro attending the Pre-Con                     PART E: PAYMENT DETAILS                                            participants of the event for any injury, loss or damage.
 K London K Loughborough                                           Total payment amount:_____________________________
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 Convention 2007
 K 1 day    K 2 days      K 3 days                                                                                                    AUDIOTAPE PART OR ALL OF THE EVENT
                                                                   Card No:________________________________________
                                                                   Valid From Date:__________________________________                 AND IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOU WILL BE
 Non-members must book online.                                     Expiry Date:______________________________________                 FILMED, PHOTOGRAPHED OR RECORDED.
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 fees, plus further membership bonuses available at the event.                                                                        1. Fitness Professionals, its sponsors or agents and Fitness
 Please refer to our website: www.fitpro.com                       Signature:_______________________________________                  Professionals Education may film, photograph or record you
                                                                   Please make cheques payable to Fitness Professionals Education.    during the event.
 TOTAL PRICE:_______________________________                       For direct debit options, please contact Fitness Professionals     2. Retain the right to use any such film, photographs or
 (Please see above for postal prices)                              on +44 (0)8705 133 434.                                            recordings for promotional purposes.

                                                                                                            FRIDA APRIL 13 SESSIONS
                  08:00-09:00                                           STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL                                            CARDIOGRAPHY
                                                                        REFORMER                                                            YOAV AVIDAR (MC)
                                                                        AMANDA KITCHEN (MC)                                                 Are you ready to party? A dance-style lo/hi workshop that will
RUNNING FOR RACING                                                      Participants will be introduced to the STOTT PILATES®               take you into a journey of classic aerobics movements mixed
FIONA BUGLER AND MIKE OVENS (L)                                         contemporary approach to the mind/body exercises originally         with some spicy dance moves. See how the most complex
Your client’s entered a race – and she needs you to get her across      pioneered by Joseph Pilates, with an emphasis on the goals of       sequences begin at the very basic of steps and become a
the line... Help her achieve an injury-free personal best, using the    the exercises, biomechanics and alignment. Tips on the              motivating, fun and exciting combination.
Running Inn trainer’s toolkit and holistic approach to devising         usefulness of specific exercises for a variety of body types will
a schedule.                                                             also be covered, as well as cueing and correcting for safety
                                                                        and effectiveness.                                                  URBAN FUNK UNCUT
                                                                                                                                            JO PARRY (MC)
LAUNCHING A PT STUDIO                                                                                                                       It’s time! Urban Funk is back and ready to take you to the next
STEVE JACK (L)                                                          TEAM COMBAT™                                                        level. Join Jo for Urban Funk Uncut where the choreography is
Ever wanted to launch your very own PT studio but didn’t know           ERICA NEWISS AND TANYA WALKER (MC)                                  raw and you’ve gotta be ready to dance like you mean it! Simple
where to start? Investigate all the things you need to know to          A martial-arts-based, non-contact workout for young people in       learning curves but with full-on choreography and a whole
launch a PT studio, including which business model to use, what         a safe environment. This session includes motivating                lotta attitude!
operating systems are best, how to structure membership,                choreographed routines, together with training methods
employment options, what gear you need, and the five key                designed to improve coordination, teamwork skills and fitness.
things you simply must do.                                              We combine all this with bucket-loads of fun for a class            BODYPUMP® TECHNIQUE
                                                                        guaranteed to attract the younger generation.                       INTENSIVE AND TRAINER MIX
GOING OUT!                                                                                                                                  SHAUN EGAN, NIAMH MCGUIRK, AND
ROBIN GARGRAVE (MC)                                                     RPM® INSTRUCTOR MIX                                                 CARL MCCARTNEY (WS)
Join Robin for a fun-packed session, which will include his                                                                                 Gain a better insight into the how and why of squats and lunges,
                                                                        DELORES DOUGLAS, MATT WOOD AND
usual humour, enthusiasm and fantastic ideas for a great                                                                                    with an intense focus on correct technique to enhance class
                                                                        PHIL ANDERSSON (MC)                                                 coaching and participant results. Then, experience the challenge
outdoor workout.                                                        Join Delores, Matt W and Phil A – your inspiring team coaches       of putting it all into practice with a trainer-selected BODYPUMP®
                                                                        – who will lead you through hills, mixed terrain, mountain          masterclass to strengthen and tone the entire body!
                                                                        peaks, time trials and interval training. Discover your athlete
POWERFUL COMMUNICATION                                                  within, while you sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high
STRATEGIES FOR PTs                                                      with this mix of trainer-selected RPM® tracks.                      DYNAMIC YOGA: COMING DOWN
NIC JARVIS (L)                                                                                                                              TO EARTH
In this session Nic will show you how to communicate with
clients so that you build deep levels of rapport and motivate           FREESTYLE PARTY                                                     GODFREY DEVEREUX (WS)
them to achieve their results. You will learn how to match your                                                                             Yoga is not an esoteric, mystical method; it is a practical, body-
                                                                        DENISE PAGE (MC)                                                    based process, one that accesses, utilises and recovers the
communication to a person’s preferred style and in doing so             Join Denise for a fast-moving, motivating and inspirational hi/lo
increase their commitment to their goals and actions.                                                                                       inherent integrity of the human body and its inherent
                                                                        session, designed to give you ideas on creating a challenging
                                                                                                                                            relationship with mind and spirit.
                                                                        class for the more advanced participant.

BODY TRANSFORM                                                                           09:30-12:00                                        STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL
KATHRYN CULLEN (MC)                                                                                                                         REFORMER
Join Kathryn in this revolutionary body conditioning class,
packed full of new ideas and methods for using bodyweight and           THE FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICS OF                                          MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN (MC) (R)
small pieces of equipment to improve muscle tone and                                                                                        Refer to page 17 for session description.
functional strength. Guaranteed to transform your body and              BALANCE TRAINING... 3D BALANCE
your class or PT session planning!!!                                    TO ENHANCE FUNCTION
                                                                        GARY GRA (L)
                                                                                Y                                                           SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT DIET
                                                                        Balance is the essence to all of function. Balance requires the     MATT O’NEILL (L)
STEP TO IT                                                              ongoing search for equilibrium, and is not being balanced.          What is the best diet for fat loss and health – low-fat, low-carb,
STEVE SCHIEMER (MC)                                                     Balance is studied and applied in motion, not in stillness.         low-GI or high-protein? Hear what the latest research says about
Steve’s back with more step fabulosity!! If you are looking for         Balance is three-dimensional, integrated, and dynamic.              different diets. Discover how to choose the one that’s right for
choreography with great “take home” value – look no further.            Understanding the functional dynamics of balance training           your health and your waistline.
With perfect breakdown and build-up you can take Steve’s                allows us to significantly enhance the function and the lives of
choreography at any point in the teaching process and use it. It’s      our clients.
all here and Steve can’t wait to step to it!                                                                                                THE DECK ULTIMATE WORKOUT
                                                                                                                                            MAX BOWER (MC)
                                                                        MOMS IN MOTION                                                      Join Max for a total-body workout, designed to cater for
BODYSTEP – TRAINER MIX                                                  SARA KOOPERMAN (L)                                                  everyone from the “diehards” to the newcomers within all group
JENNY JOLLIFFE/GILES BRYANT (MC)                                        Learn the latest in theory, research and practicum relevant to      exercise sessions.
Kick-start the day with this uplifting step workout. A special mix of   fitness and health education during pregnancy and post-partum.
trainer-selected tracks designed to push fat-burning systems into       This informative session will teach you to design and implement
high gear and take you on an athletic aerobic “high”!                   a speciality pre/post-natal programme to safely integrate                     Y
                                                                                                                                            DANGEROUSL SENSUAL
                                                                        pregnant women into your existing exercise programmes.
                                                                                                                                            AGATA PIENIO (MC)
                                                                                                                                            An energetic, full of “passion” calorie-burner! Be part of this
CHIBALL™ T’AI CHI                                                                                                                           explosive, variety-style dance class! Be the star of the show!
                                                                        WOMEN AND WEIGHTS
Using the ChiBall Method™, we explore the flow that is t’ai chi.        PAUL WRIGHT (L)
Moving meditation, a ChiBall Dance. The session begins with a           This session investigates the fundamental anatomical and            SCHWINN® CYCLING: MY
gentle Chi Kung warm-up and gradually progresses into more              physiological differences between the genders and the               FAVOURITE RIDE
challenging movements as you become more familiar with your             implications of these differences on programme design. Paul will
pleasantly scented ball of Chi.                                         also explore injury prevention, osteoporosis, fat loss,             HELEN VANDERBURG (MC)
                                                                        periodisation and the different psychological parameters of         A once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn how to teach your
                                                                        the genders.                                                        Schwinn® Cycling Master Trainer’s favourite ride. In this
                                                                                                                                            workshop, you will participate in one complete ride, and then get
                                                                                                                                            the breakdown of all the components of the ride, including
                                                                                                                                            music, cueing, imagery, and coaching techniques so you can take
                                                                                                                                            them home and successfully replicate your new “favourite ride”
                                                                                                                                            for your own classes.

                 STEP-TASTIC-FANTASTIC                                               AIM HI/LO AND BEHOLD
                 DAVID SOUTER (MC)                                                   ZOE MCNULTY (MC)
                 David will lead you on an imaginative step-tastic session           This hi/lo routine will renew your passion for aerobics and have
                 everywhere but under the step – a must for all you step-aholics!    you aiming as high as the sky. Follow the logical layering of the
                 Using his infusion of energy and enthusiasm, David will leave you   choreography and, lo and behold, you’ll be creating stylish and
                 with an abundance of fantastic fresh and fun step ideas.            seamless routines with unexpected twists.

                 STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL                                            NEUROCYCLING: THE NEXT LEVEL
                 REFORMER                                                            DEBBIE KNEALE (WS)
                 AMANDA KITCHEN (MC) (R)                                             Explore and experience the true power of your mind on your
                 Refer to page 17 for session description.                           physiology as Debbie fuses the best of indoor cycling with latest
                                                                                     mind-power techniques in this truly unique and sensational ride
                                                                                     for health, pleasure and performance gains.
                 TANYA WALKER AND PAULEEN THOMAS (MC)                                BODY ATTACK® TECHNIQUE
                 AeroKidz/AeroJam™ is a well-established dance programme for         INTENSIVE AND INSTRUCTOR MIX
                 children and young people aged eight to 16. This year, come and
                 be the first to see the new-look AKAJ sessions. We have             GILES BRYANT, SHAUN EGAN AND
                 redesigned the basic programme to bring you an exciting mix of      PHIL ANDERSSON (WS)
                 dance styles in a format which will motivate and inspire young      Sharpen your movements to become a better athletic role
                 people to exercise. Don’t forget your dancing shoes…                model in this intensive 30-minute workshop. Follow up with a
                                                                                     10/10 masterclass and you have the recipe for a high-energy
                                                                                     sports-inspired cardio workout that builds strength and stamina!
                 ALEX CARR (MC)
                 Take this unique Pilates and yoga blended class to another level    UNDERSTANDING THE LANGUAGE
                 by adding flowing sequences, balance and mindful movement.          OF THE BODY
                                                                                     ANN-SEE YEOH (WS)
                                    13:15-14:45                                      There are many mind/body forms around; some of which have
                                                                                     been around for several thousand years, while others have
                                                                                     only emerged more recently. All have lots to offer. This
                 ANATOMY OF A LUNGE                                                  workshop looks at the concept of mind/body, and how
                                                                                     we should consider exercise not just a physical regime,
                 CHUCK WOLF (L)                                                      but an opportunity to gain self-awareness and enhance
                 Explore the biomechanics of the basic lunge movement pattern        spiritual growth.
                 and develop an understanding of the whats and hows as to why
                 lunges are an effective training tool from the foot through the
                 hip. Then learn how to transform the traditional lunge into an
                 integrated three-plane movement to enhance performance for
                                                                                     STOTT PILATES® INTERMEDIATE
                 all populations from seniors to high-level athletes.
                                                                                     MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN (WS)
                                                                                     This workshop takes the Essential Reformer session up to a
                 RUNNING NATION                                                      higher level of intensity. Participants will learn how to add
                                                                                     variety and increase the pace of the workout to keep clients
                 STEVE BARRETT (WS)                                                  continually motivated and progressively challenged. You will
                 For the third year running, but updated and improved! Steve         learn how to increase speed and flow of exercise sequences and
                 aims to get people running by teaching them skills, rather than     modify the existing repertoire to increase muscular and
                 science. He will teach you how to choose running shoes and get      cardiovascular endurance.
                 your clients from walk, to jog, to run. With this approach you
                 can take clients from non-runner to marathon medallist in
                 12 months.                                                          E-N-E-R-G-Y
                                                                                     SCOTT EHLER (WS)
                 GAINING INSIGHT FROM                                                Join Scott as he takes you through this energetic workshop that
                                                                                     combines dance with circuits, and music with FUN. Great ideas if
                 CONSULTATIONS                                                       you are just starting out in children’s fitness, or creative ways to
                 PAUL BEDFORD (L)                                                    spice up your already booming kids’ classes.
                 This session will focus on what is currently achieved from
                 consultations and how to structure consultations with clients to
                 gain greater understanding of their wants and needs. How many       ASPARTAME: GOOD, BAD, UGLY
                 do members need, how frequently should we follow up and what        OR HARMLESS?
                 should they include? Which would lead to better customer care,
                                                                                     WENDY MARTINSON AND JOHN BREWER (L)
                 improved results and greater retention of clients?                  A factual discussion around the artificial sweetener that has met
                                                                                     with so much controversy and debate within the health and
                                                                                     fitness arena and beyond. Wendy and John will also discuss more
                 PLAYING WITH PLYOs                                                  widely the implications of not using such sweeteners with the
                 PETER TWIST (WS)                                                    obesity question sitting close to the heart of the debate. In the
                 Speed, agility and quickness, along with balance and reaction       end, delegates will be left to make their own minds up, based on
                 skills, are the commonalities found in leading-edge                 the factual evidence presented.
                 professional athlete conditioning and everyday movement
                 skills. Peter introduces you to drills designed to increase
                 athleticism, body awareness and movement skills for kids;           STRIKE!
                 functional agility and reactive drills for fitness clients; and     DARREN HAMILTON (WS)
                 multidirectional movement patterns for elite athletes. Learn        If you are a personal trainer or group exercise teacher interested
                 the drill mechanics, teaching cues and programme sequences          in teaching sessions which involve pad work, this session is one
                 to successfully implement these future trends in fitness            not to be missed. The class will include a workout and a
                 and sport.                                                          workshop covering the pad work.

                                                                                                               FRIDA APRIL 13 SESSIONS
                    15:15-16:45                                         STOTT PILATES®: POWER PACED                                              STEP DOWN FROM IT
                                                                        FITNESS CIRCLE WORKOUT                                                   REBECCA SMALL (WS)
                                                                        AMANDA KITCHEN (WS)                                                      What? We’re not going to go up, up, down, down? That’s right!!
DEBUNKING FITNESS MYTHS                                                 This exciting new workout uses the Fitness Circle in innovative          Join Rebecca and sample the latest concept in step right now…
MICHOL DALCOURT (L)                                                     and unique ways. Add variety and challenge to your group classes         enjoy yourself and step DOWN from it!!! This informative
This lecture uncovers some of the least understood aspects of           or your personal training programmes by integrating matwork              workshop comes complete with methods and user-friendly
fitness and gives tangible solutions to trainers so that they may       and standing moves with the Fitness Circle. Ideal for use with the       choreography to spice up your step classes!
enhance their clients’ lives. Come prepared to challenge some of        new Fitness Circle Lite, the circular-shaped resistance tool with
our most widely accepted “truths”.                                      comfortable handles, this programme is fun and demanding.
                                                                                                                                                 PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS
                                                                                                                                                 VANESSA VASSALLO (MC)
ENERGY MEDICINE                                                         FLEXI-KIDS                                                               A sexy, sassy dance routine using a chair as a prop! Think of the
STEVE JACK (L)                                                          SIMONE STANIFORTH-HODGKINSON (WS)                                        video clip from the Pussycat Dolls’ Buttons. Ultra modern and
Attend this session with an open heart and prepare to be amazed         Yoga for children is more than a leisure activity, it is an effective    funky, guaranteed to make the audience watching wish they
at what is currently being done in the healing world of energy          tool to counterbalance pressure, promote self-acceptance,                were the chair!
medicine. Investigate different methodologies that tap into the         increase self-esteem, aid relaxation and improve concentration.
human energy field to create health and healing with the                This workshop will explore how to teach children, how to plan an
patients. Look into ancient healing arts and technologies that          effective class and the various postures suitable for children.          BODYBALANCE® TECHNIQUE
western medicine is only beginning to understand though                                                                                          ANALYSIS
quantum physics and quantum mechanics.
                                                                        WHAT YOUR FAT STORES SAY                                                 ANN-SEE YEOH AND KATHRYN CULLEN (WS)
                                                                                                                                                 Whether you teach BODYBALANCE®, or want to understand it
                                                                        ABOUT YOU                                                                better, come along to this technique analysis session where we’ll
ASSESSING POSTURE                                                       CHARLES POLIQUIN (L)                                                     explore the three key influences behind BODYBALANCE®
JEFF WILLOUGHBY (L)                                                     An introduction to Biosignature, a novel concept in the field of         choreography; ie, t’ai chi, yoga and Pilates. In understanding the
Jeff describes posture in a practical way as it applies to personal     functional medicine and exercise science. Where people store             principles in more depth, you will be able to enhance your
training. These tests are the foundations of any good personal          their body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile. For           teaching and experience of your next BODYBALANCE® class.
trainer and will put you one step above the rest. From looking at       example, the thickness of one’s umbilical skin fold is a reflection
fascia to the sacral iliac joint, this session is a must for trainers   of one’s cortisol levels. Each individual site is explained, including
wanting the edge.                                                       ways to target them.                                                     MUSIC IS THE ANSWER
                                                                                                                                                 MAX BOWER (WS)
A PHYSIO’S GUIDE TO SWISS                                                                                                                        You know that moment – just you, your bike, and the music in
                                                                        HOLISTIC CONDITIONING                                                    perfect harmony. Let Max dig deep into his record box to bring
BALL FOR REHABILITATION                                                 ALEX CARR (WS)                                                           you a class packed full of those moments…
PAUL WRIGHT (WS)                                                        A yoga-inspired conditioning class followed by an interactive
The Swiss Ball can be a great asset to any fitness, rehabilitation      workshop designed to explore mind/body teaching skills and concepts.
and sports conditioning programme. This session is designed to                                                                                   STOTT PILATES® INTERMEDIATE
give the trainer an idea of how the Swiss ball is used by clinical
physiotherapists to encourage mobility, flexibility and stability.
                                                                                            17:15-18:45                                          REFORMER
This session will provide a guide to the best ball exercises for a                                                                               MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN (WS) (R)
variety of lumbar, knee and shoulder problems – as well as the                                                                                   Refer to page 18 for session description.
exercises to avoid.
                                                                        THE PT CASH COW
                                                                        ANDREW MA (L)
                                                                        The first step in developing a six-figure business is to change the      FITPRO ONE-TO-ONE
BLONDE AEROBICS: 2007                                                   way you think. This will then change the way you work. Simple –
                                                                        but very, very effective. You will be given a one-page business
                                                                                                                                                 CARL MCCARTNEY (WS)
CHERRY BAKER (MC)                                                                                                                                In this session you will learn about the latest and most versatile
                                                                        plan that will become your road map for success over the next            piece of personal training equipment. Discover how you can
Easy on the brain, high on energy. This class – taught by a true        12 months. An essential session if you are in the business of
blonde – is designed to make you smile and sweat, not give you                                                                                   deliver safe, effective and functional training options suitable for
                                                                        growing your business and want to make life easier for you!              a full range of clients using the GYMSTICK™
a brain-ache! This fun, uncomplicated class will deliver
everything that is promised.
                                                                        TRAINING THE ARTHRITIC CLIENT                                            ARE YOU GETTING TO BED ON
ACTIVIO: “WHAT GOES UP… MUST                                            HEATH WILLIAMS (L)                                                       TIME?
                                                                        Did you know that the majority of the population over the age
COME DOWN…”                                                             of 40 is likely to have developed some form of arthritic change
                                                                                                                                                 EMMA LANE (L)
MONIKA BJÖRN (WS)                                                                                                                                Our sleep/wake cycles and habits play a major role in our overall
                                                                        in their body? Have you ever had an arthritic client ask you to
A pure interval class, planned to spur the riders to give it their                                                                               health. Disrupted sleeping patterns can change hormonal cycles,
                                                                        help get them fit, lose weight and improve their day-to-day
best on the peaks, while rejoicing the recovery. Follow your heart                                                                               depress your immune system, fatigue the adrenals, and result in
                                                                        function? Learn the ins and outs of arthritis and the effects it has
rate on the screen and make the most of this action-packed hour.                                                                                 musculoskeletal injuries, stimulant addiction and even
                                                                        on the body and how best to apply the principles of training to
                                                                        the arthritic individual.                                                neurological disorders. Emma will show you how to spot key
                                                                                                                                                 indicators of this problem and provide practical advice on
BODYCOMBAT® TECHNIQUE                                                                                                                            optimising you and your clients’ sleep/wake cycles.
INTENSIVE AND TRAINER MIX                                               GAINING PERSONAL ALIGNMENT
TANYA WALKER, ERICA NEWISS AND                                          TO ACHIEVE GOALS                                                         YMCAFIT KIDS STREET DANCE
PHIL HARRISON (WS)                                                      NIC JARVIS (L)                                                           PARTY!
Master your kicks to look like a true martial artist and inspire        During this session you will learn how to align towards your
                                                                        outcomes and teach people how to harness all their energies to           KT PAGE AND DENISE PAGE (WS)
your combat classes to the next level. Then, “unleash” your new                                                                                  If you are interested in teaching kids dance but do not feel
skills in a specially selected BODYCOMBAT® masterclass from the         pull in one direction. You will discover how to identify which
                                                                        levels to work at with your customers so they are able to make           confident with the concept, this is a perfect introduction. The
BODYCOMBAT® trainer team.                                                                                                                        session will include a class which will cover different age ranges
                                                                        the necessary changes to achieve their goals.
                                                                                                                                                 between five and 16. The workshop will cover creativity ideas.

                                                                        MANGO MOVES
                                                                        MAGNUS RINGBERG (MC)
                                                                        Magnus mixes athletic movements and powerful steps with
                                                                        dance-inspired moves. The class is high in intensity, fun and
                                                                        fluency. Magnus brings his inspiring personality and character to
                                                                        challenge participants through his movements.

                 08:00-09:00                                           STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL                                                   4-3-2-1 SHAKE
                                                                       REFORMER                                                                   AGATA PIENIO (MC)
                                                                       MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN (MC) (R)                                               A truly vibrating Afro-Caribbean-inspired dance class. Hot
THE PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS                                              Refer to page 17 for session description.                                  rhythms, sexy hips and lots of fun are a promise!
Jeff describes the principles to running a successful business,
regardless of whether it is personal training or not. All successful   ABC FOR KIDZ!                                                              RPM® TECHNIQUE INTENSIVE
people have one thing in common – they follow these principles.                                                                                   CARL MCCARTNEY (WS)
                                                                       SCOTT EHLER (L)
Come and learn the secrets that will ultimately lead to your                                                                                      This two-hour session is designed to explore both technique and
                                                                       Are you constantly searching for new ideas for kids’ classes? Join
success in an industry that is highly competitive.                                                                                                coaching mastery of the six Ps of RPM®, to help both the
                                                                       Scott as he explores the current trends in children’s fitness and
                                                                       explains how YOU can make your class a success.                            instructor and participant to enjoy greater results throughout
                                                                                                                                                  their cycle workout.
GRAEME MARSH (L)                                                       BEATING EATING TRIGGERS
This lecture looks at some of the drawbacks of more
                                                                       MATT O’NEILL (L)
                                                                                                                                                  BODYVIVE® SHOWCASE RELEASE
“conventional” approaches to periodising training programmes,                                                                                     KATHRYN CULLEN (MC)
                                                                       Don’t let negative eating triggers be a setback for your clients.
the importance of periodisation for progression, and some more                                                                                    Using VIVE balls and tubes, BODYVIVE® seamlessly combines Les
                                                                       This session examines the four types of triggers – sensations,
“creative” methods to design programmes. The session will                                                                                         Mills’s universally acclaimed constant “moves and music”
explore methods such as conjugate sequencing, concurrent training      locations, emotions and relations – and provides powerful
                                                                       strategies to manage eating in every environment.                          updates with low-impact aerobics, resistance, strength work and
and complex training, and will discuss some of the myths and                                                                                      stretching. The programme will also benefit those looking for
misunderstandings surrounding the efficacy of certain methods.
                                                                                                                                                  ways to reduce the risk of bone and joint deteriorisation and will
                                                                                          09:30-12:00                                             leave the class feeling positive and full of energy… everything
                                                                                                                                                  the baby boomers have asked for.
JOHN HARDY AND PHIL MANSFIELD (WS)                                     THE 3D CORE CONVERSION
A practical workshop designed to show the application of               MATRIX... DEVELOPING A MATRIX                                              DYNAMIC YOGA: DON’T FAKE IT,
functional training for strength and power.                            WITHIN A MATRIX WITHIN A MATRIX                                            FEEL IT: THE SEVEN ACTIVATIONS
                                                                       GARY GRA (L)
                                                                               Y                                                                  OF DYNAMIC YOGA
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES                                                   Developing a 3D matrix emanates from the understanding that                JAX LYSYCIA (WS)
                                                                       function is tri-plane and results in a comprehensive opportunity           How can the seven activations of the Dynamic Yoga Training
SARA KOOPERMAN, HELEN VANDERBURG AND                                   for functional success. Understanding the development of 3D                Method (DYTM) be applied to all movement? Call yourself a
MAUREEN HAGAN (MC)                                                     matrix exercise in activities allows us to significantly enhance           teacher? Then feel your instructions – don’t fake them. This
Create a stir in the “neighbourhood” with this session brought         the function and well-being of our clients. The 3D Core
                                                                                                                                                  workshop provides an introduction to DYTM, as pioneered by the
to you by several of America’s (or the world’s) favourite femme        Conversion Matrix takes advantage of multiple matrix exercises
                                                                                                                                                  former Director of the Life Centre, Godfrey Devereux. The
fatales. This session is a creative combination of stylised aerobic    that stimulate the core in order to convert it into a powerful and
                                                                                                                                                  method is not based on flexibility, strength, stamina or
patterns and effective sculpting techniques to create a series of      essential component of the chain reaction of human function.
                                                                                                                                                  experience, but on INTEGRITY of action.
exercises for anyone “desperate” to turn back the signs of age.

                                                                       MARKETING MADE SIMPLE                                                      STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL
MINDFUL CONDITIONING                                                            Y
                                                                       ANDREW MA (L)                                                              REFORMER
YOAV AVIDAR (MC)                                                       Learn how to develop an effective marketing strategy that
A body conditioning session that integrates many of the latest         focuses on results – attracting more clients and lifting the               AMANDA KITCHEN (MC) (R)
buzzwords such as yoga, Pilates, balance, stability and                bottom line! Make the most of your existing clients and discover           Refer to page 17 for session description.
functionality, all in a very up-to-date power workout. Use the         a member referral programme that really does work. Andrew will
tubing, bodyweight and control and return to the roots of pure         show you how to gain maximum return with affordable and
body sculpting and functional conditioning, all wrapped up in a        creative marketing methods.                                                ACTIVE KIDS ARE HAPPY KIDS
demanding mind/body session.                                                                                                                      LESLEY DOUGHTY (MC)
                                                                                                                                                  This workshop will use a mix of practical activities and
                                                                       GETTING THE MOST OUT OF THE                                                presentation to introduce you to TOP Activity, a programme
SERIOUSL STREET                                                        MUSCULAR SYSTEM – AN                                                       developed by the Youth Sport Trust, with support from Sainsbury’s
JO PARRY (MC)                                                          INTRODUCTION TO MUSCLE                                                     Active Kids, to increase participation in physical activity by those
                                                                                                                                                  aged 7-11 who don’t take part in traditional sport.
It’s the next level… The question is, are you ready for it? Join Jo
for this seriously cool street dance class where the whole routine
                                                                       ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES (MAT)™
is choreographed to a performance track and the focus is on you        GREG ROSKOPF (L)
and how you kick it!                                                   Most trainers have noticed limited range of motion (ROM)                   TACKLING CHILDHOOD OBESITY
                                                                       and/or compensation problems in their clients’ movement                              Y:
                                                                                                                                                  EFFECTIVEL THE MEND
                                                                       patterns. So what can be done when these errors in the muscular
                                                                       system are evident? The answer is Muscle Activation Techniques™            PROGRAMME
KING OF THE MOUNTAINS                                                  (MAT). Learn about this exceptional assessment programme that              PAUL SACHER (L)
DARREN HAMILTON (MC)                                                   teaches trainers to accurately identify and correct muscular imbalances.   Childhood obesity is a major concern in many populations. Join
Not for the faint-hearted! A challenging workout which finales                                                                                    Paul as he presents an overview of this topic and why it is so
with the final climb!                                                                                                                             important. He will summarise the available treatment options,
                                                                       STEP TO THE MAX: LIVE AND LOUD!                                            discuss how this relates to the MEND programme and how
                    ®                                                  VANESSA VASSALLO AND JOHN SHEHAN (MC)                                      fitness professionals can participate.
BODYJAM INSTRUCTOR MIX                                                 Vanessa and John join forces to bring you all the latest in step
SARAH CHOULES AND PHIL HARRISON (MC)                                   choreography, coupled with FitPro’s very own DJ Dex mixing up
Join an international mix of presenters, and lose yourself in the      a storm with all the latest tracks! This is one session you                THE CHEK APPROACH TO
dance-inspired workout to the latest dance styles and the              definitely don’t want to miss.                                             NUTRITION
hottest new sounds, as voted for by the UK’s instructors.
                                                                                                                                                  EMMA LANE (L)
                                                                                                                                                  Since the advent of the microscope, the overall incidence of
                                                                       CHOREOGRAPHY2GO: 2007                                                      chronic degenerative diseases has skyrocketed and the health of
THE VERSATILITY OF T’AI CHI                                            RACHEL HOLMES (MC)                                                         the population at large has plummeted! With more vitamins and
AND CHI KUNG                                                           Rachel presents her world-famous hi/lo choreography                        supplements of every kind imaginable and more scientific
SUE WOODD (MC)                                                         masterclass, packed with useable ideas for your aerobics class.            research than ever in history, our health is failing faster than
A guide to teaching forms which can be adapted for children or         C2Go is a multi-level class, jammed with new choreography                  ever! In this thought-provoking lecture, Emma shares the CHEK
seniors/special needs; martial art or meditation and how it can        ideas and taking inspiration from sport, dance, athletics and              Institute approach to facilitating optimal health that has people
be used to experience, educate, strengthen and inspire.                traditional aerobic moves.                                                 coming from all sides of the globe for assistance.

                                                                                                      SATURDA APRIL 14 SESSIONS
STEPTOCOCCOUS                                                             OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE                                                      CHILD TO CHAMPION
YOAV AVIDAR (MC)                                                          TRAINING (OPT)                                                           PETER TWIST (L)
Taking this workshop will make you not wanna go back to anything          MATT COULSON (WS)                                                        This interactive lecture will cover a theory-based presentation on
you did before... get some tips for creating a perfectly balanced         This session outlines the NASM programme design model that               building youth athleticism. Twist’s paradigm for child training
workout, a load of challenging, tap-free and super dancey-style           has proven results with Olympic athletes, professional sports            through to his training technology for pro athletes will be
choreography, all wrapped with the most logical teaching technique.       teams, personal trainers and their clients throughout the world.         supplemented with a video of integrated drills. Topics discussed
                                                                          This systematic, progressive and scientifically-based model              will include “real-life” fitness, foundations to sport-specific
                                                                          allows you the trainer to plan effectively, present to your clients      preparation, movement skills and athleticism, strength and
SIZZLING HOT SALSA                                                        clearly, and deliver the most enjoyable training sessions that           power, demands of sport, and prescription of exercise.
HELEN CARPENTER-WATERS (MC)                                               create the most individualised results. This model will also help
Helen takes her inspiration from all forms of Latin dance and             you to maintain and attract a wide variety of clients, giving you
music. You will comfortably start with simple steps that                  the ability to reach your earning potential!                             WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: ENERGY IN
everyone can do and gradually layer and build the choreography                                                                                     VS ENERGY OUT
to reach a sizzling hot Latin climax!! Leaving you the choice                                                                                      WENDY MARTINSON AND JOHN BREWER (L)
between a touch of spice and the full HOT HOT HOT explosion!              OUTDOOR (LEKI) FITNESS                                                   Every second another fad diet seems to hit the shelves but a real
                                                                          WALKING                                                                  sustainable weight loss is rarely achieved by clients who follow
                                                                          GEORGE ANDERSON (MC)                                                     the latest dietary trends. How many of you are hounded by clients
FITPRO BODY CONDITIONING                                                  Join George Anderson in his walking session, exploring how to            who want to lose weight but just can’t get the balance right?
SHAUN EGAN AND JENNY JOLLIFFE (MC)                                        burn up to 40% more calories while walking, incorporate 85% of           Wendy and John take us back to the good old energy balance
A practical masterclass on how to tone and condition the entire           your body’s muscles and have fun! Walk the “FitPro” way.                 equation and argue that weight loss is a matter of simple maths.
body utilising the latest in portable, studio-based training equipment.
Revamp your LBT exercises with a masterclass on conditioning in
the 21st century and breathe new life into all of your classes.           ESSENTIAL STEP SKILLS –                                                  PRACTICAL H20 REMEDIES FOR
                                                                          PART ONE                                                                 HIPS, KNEES AND ANKLES
                                                                                                                                                   CAROLINE GALLEHAWK (L)
BODYATTACK® TRAINER MIX                                                   REBECCA SMALL (WS)
                                                                          This two-part workshop is designed for instructors who are               A “taster” session aimed at personal trainers and experienced
GILES BRYANT, PHIL ANDERSSON AND                                          looking for the basic skills needed to put together a balanced,          water exercise instructors. The session will concisely review
TRISH SLAPP (MC)                                                          logical, step class that flows from start to finish. Complete with       relevant anatomy, water physics and exercise principles. These
Experience the ultimate high-energy, sports-inspired cardio               methodology and choreography, Rebecca will deliver a foolproof           will then be applied to common problems seen within the lower
workout! Challenge your strength and stamina with this special            formula that will take the guesswork out of designing and                limb. Lastly, the session will provide “taster” skills in how to
mix of tracks, voted for by UK instructors.                               teaching your step classes.                                              design, adapt, execute and evaluate water exercise programming
                                                                                                                                                   for these lower limb problems.

STOTT PILATES® ESSENTIAL                                                  ACTIVIO: “A RUSH OF                                                                             15:15-16:45
REFORMER                                                                  ADRENALINE TO THE HEAD”
MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN (MC) (R)                                              MONIKA BJÖRN (WS)                                                        FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATED
Refer to page 17 for session description.                                 This is what you have trained for. This is the Race. This is the
                                                                          challenge that will take you to your limits. Come ready, come            SHOULDER TRAINING
                                                                          prepared and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.                               CHUCK WOLF (L)
TEAM COMBAT™                                                                                                                                       Too often the shoulder joint is isolated from the rest of the body
ERICA NEWISS AND TANYA WALKER (MC) (R)                                                            ®
                                                                                                                                                   and it is not allowed to work in a natural environment. Analysing
Refer to page 17 for session description.                                 BODYPUMP TECHNIQUE                                                       functional integrated movement patterns of the legs and core
                                                                          INTENSIVE AND INSTRUCTOR MIX                                             enhances shoulder function, yet all the while must include
                                                                                                                                                   actions requiring force reduction, stabilisation, and force
                    13:15-14:45                                           SHAUN EGAN, MATT THRAXTON AND                                            production movement patterns. This session will integrate
                                                                          NIAMH MCGURK (WS)                                                        proper lower extremity advantages to shoulder function.
                                                                          Challenge your knowledge of upper torso exercises, with an
STORIES THE SQUA WILL TELL YOU                                            intense focus on correct techniques to enhance class coaching
CHARLES POLIQUIN (L)                                                      and participant results. Strengthen and tone the entire body by          ISOLATION TO INTEGRATION
The King of all exercises! The squat is also a great tool for the         joining the UK’s top BODYPUMP® trainers in a powerful
                                                                          masterclass, voted “the best” by all the UK’s instructors.
                                                                                                                                                   TRAINING? SHOULD THIS BE OUR
rapid and precise evaluation of a host of biomechanical issues.                                                                                    BEST APPROACH?
Learn how to use the squat to evaluate strength and flexibility
dysfunctions and how to correct these dysfunctions.                                                                                                MICHOL DALCOURT (L)
                                                                          STOTT PILATES®: ARC BARREL                                               Why do we isolate rotator cuff exercises? Should we strengthen
                                                                          WORKSHOP                                                                 a muscle on its own? How do we elicit the results when dealing
                                                                                                                                                   with posture? This lecture will focus on the design of the body,
SHOULDER INJURY PREDICTION,                                               AMANDA KITCHEN (WS)                                                      from the myo-fascial point of view. A rich discussion in
PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION                                             This workshop interactively teaches participants select exercises from   biomechanics will be shared and tangible application given.
PAUL WRIGHT (L)                                                           the STOTT PILATES Essential Matwork™ repertoire incorporating
This lecture outlines the cornerstones of safe exercise                   the Arc Barrel for support, challenge and variety. From how the
prescription and rehabilitation for the new to intermediate-level         barrel may be used to support the spine in flexion, lateral flexion
                                                                          or extension, to target core and peripheral muscle groups, and
                                                                                                                                                   FROM JOGGER TO RUNNER
fitness professional. It will explain the top five injury prediction                                                                               FIONA BUGLER AND MIKE OVENS (WS)
tests and the 10 most dangerous and ineffective exercises, as             how to adapt exercises to various body types will be explained,
                                                                          demonstrated and experienced. Tips for cueing and correcting             In this session you’ll learn how to fine-tune your client’s skills and
well as the top 10 rehabilitation exercises for the shoulder.                                                                                      improve their running fitness. The lecture will be followed by a
                                                                          for safety and effectiveness will be included. This session is ideal
                                                                          for fitness or yoga instructors offering private and group training.     one-hour hands-on taster session incorporating gait and technique,
                                                                                                                                                   breathing, hill training, resistance for runners, plyometrics and speed drills.
– PRACTICAL APPLICATION USING                                             ENERGY EXERCISES FOR KIDS
CORRECTIVE ISOMETRICS                                                                                                                              FLEXI-BAR FOR PTs
                                                                          SUE WOODD (MC)
GREG ROSKOPF (WS)                                                         Help your children to be more confident and balanced while               STEVE SCHIEMER (WS)
Trainers, therapists, physicians and health practitioners all tend        having fun at the same time. Adults have been benefiting from            Flexi-Bar is here and it will shake you to your very core!!! Finally,
to have two things in common. We all deal with the human body             the practice of yoga and t’ai chi for centuries; by introducing          the ultimate in core stability training has arrived. Do you have
and, most importantly, want to help people! MAT™ has the power                                                                                     clients with injury problems that are proving difficult to treat?
                                                                          their concepts and practice to children we are giving them the
to unite practitioners from all corners of the fitness and medical                                                                                 Would you like to add a piece of kit to your arsenal of PT tools
                                                                          best start in life.
fields. Learn how this technique will not only provide you with a                                                                                  that actually works? Join Steve as he takes you through this
new career path, but will gain you respect among your peers and                                                                                    remarkable workout that will change forever how you view core
professionals in other health arenas.                                                                                                              stability training, injury rehabilitation, and athletic performance.

BOSU® ATHLETIC CORE                                                    METABOLIC MAKEOVER                                                    ESSENTIAL STEP SKILLS –
DOUGLAS BROOKS (WS)                                                    MATT O’NEILL (L)                                                      PART TWO
Using the unique properties of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, you          Find out what to eat and how to move to fire up your                  REBECCA SMALL (WS)
will learn how to develop the body’s ability to stabilise the trunk,   metabolism. The facts on chilli, cold water, caffeine and other       Join Rebecca for the second part to this essential, informative
move effectively and generate power from the core or trunk             metabolic enhancers will be revealed. You’ll also see real            step workshop as she arms you with the formula to create an
“power centre”. Add fresh elements to core training by using           calculations that demonstrate how metabolic rate changes with         innovative and effective step session.
innovative postural variations, static stabilisation and dynamic       dieting or muscle growth.
balance. Analyse your current approach to abdominal and back
training and learn effective new ways to deliver effective core                                                                              RPM® HIGH PERFORMANCE
training results to your clients and students!                         AQUATIC ARMS                                                          CARL MCCARTNEY AND DELORES DOUGLAS (MC)
                                                                       SARA KOOPERMAN (WS)                                                   The 60-minute format of an RPM® experience! Great sounds and
                                                                       This session focuses entirely on variations for your arms, both in    great coaching will take the traditional RPM® interval training
NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT                                                  and out of the water. Learn the principles of water and how they      format into an endurance zone.
VICTORIA IGBOKWE AND SONJA MOSES (MC)                                  relate to creative and effective usage of arms. Known for her
Together, Nike and Jamie King have created the Nike Rockstar           creative use of choreography, Sara Kooperman leads you
Workout, a high-energy fitness dance experience. The most              through 32-count combinations that focus on exciting and
                                                                       innovative usage of levers and pool patterns. Your aquatic arms
                                                                                                                                             LMI TRI-CHALLENGE!!! SPORT-
important features of the Nike Rockstar Workout are that it is a
fun, energising and motivating workout. It uses current dance          will add excitement, challenge and variety to your programme!
                                                                                                                                             INSPIRED FITNESS TRAINING FOR
trends and original music. With Jamie’s creation on music and                                                                                STRENGTH AND STAMINA
movement and the athletic expertise of Nike, we’re igniting a
fitness dance revolution across the globe!
                                                                                          17:15-18:45                                        BTS NATIONAL TRAINING TEAM (WS)
                                                                                                                                             Challenge your athletic fitness with this sports-inspired session,
                                                                                                                                             designed to develop higher levels of conditioning for strength,
                                                                       KNEE INJURY PREDICTION,                                               stamina, joint stabilisation and core strength. Based on simple,
KEEP PACE                                                              PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION                                         carefully sequenced exercises, using an interval-based training
MAUREEN HAGAN (MC)                                                                                                                           style; the session will challenge your fitness and give you ideas
Cycle your way to fitness and enjoy the experience of the ride in      PAUL WRIGHT (L)                                                       for developing fitness to teach all athletic-based programmes.
the company of others. Keep pace while setting your own                Do you have clients complaining of knee pain? Not sure what to
personal best. Learn how to ride your way to fitness with a fun        do or what not to do? Then this presentation is for you. Paul will
and fabulous indoor training programme based on an on-                 outline the most common causes of knee pain in fitness                YOGAFLOW
road/off-road training approach.                                       participants, explain quick assessment tools to identify potential    MAGNUS RINGBERG (WS)
                                                                       injuries, correct exercise techniques for common lifts, and           Yogaflow is a dynamic Hatha yoga class where breathing is
                                                                       analysis of potentially dangerous exercises. Don’t let your clients   combined with movements. Yogaflow relaxes the mind while
BODYCOMBAT TECHNIQUE                                                   (and your income) suffer – get the facts from an expert.              energising the body. Yogaflow was created by Magnus Ringberg
INTENSIVE AND INSTRUCTOR MIX                                                                                                                 and Anna Paringer, from Sweden, when they applied their vast
                                                                                                                                             experience of physiotherapy and functional movement to
DAVE CROSS AND MARIA TABLER (WS)                                       AVOIDING BACK PAIN: A                                                 traditional yoga.
Join the BODYCOMBAT® programme directors in an action-                 PRACTICAL APPROACH
packed session designed to make your punches sharper and more
authentic, so you can inspire your classes to greater results! Add     DOUGLAS BROOKS (L)
some kicks and unleash the martial artist within, in a special mix     Where do you begin with evidence-based prevention,                    STOTT PILATES® INTERMEDIATE
of BODYCOMBAT® tracks voted “the best” by the UK’s instructors.        rehabilitation and conditioning programmes for the low back? Is       REFORMER
                                                                       it true that available research points to no clear-cut direction      AMANDA KITCHEN (WS) (R)
                                                                       with regard to back rehabilitation? Learn about practices that are    Refer to page 18 for session description.
MOVING THE MATRIX WITH PILATES                                         counterproductive in promoting back health. Differentiate
                                                                       between exercise applications for those with back pain, versus
This workshop will introduce you to the most intelligent system
                                                                       working with clients who are asymptomatic and focusing on             LOCAL FUNDRAISING AND
                                                                       health and fitness goals. Learn how to apply the latest back
within the human body – the Fascial Matrix! Creative Pilates
                                                                       research principles to your clients, small group personal training,
                                                                                                                                             PARTNERSHIP WORKING
movements – combined with NLP communication techniques –                                                                                     ULLA STAUCH (L)
                                                                       group fitness participants and athletes.
will awaken, release and re-educate the key fascial lines, ensuring                                                                          The coordination of local bodies and organisations, as well as
true integration and a whole-body experience takes place!                                                                                    having access to funding, is crucial in setting up a programme to
                                                                       OUTBOX™                                                               improve children’s health and fitness levels. Join Ulla for an
                                                                                                                                             informative discussion, while looking at the ways to measure
STOTT PILATES® INTERMEDIATE                                                                   YE
                                                                       ADAM BOOTH AND DAVID HA (WS)                                          and monitor your children’s fitness programmes.
REFORMER                                                               Outbox™ is the long-awaited industry standard for boxing
                                                                       education and training. Outbox™ provides progressive education
MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN (WS) (R)                                           over three levels on the specifics of the sport of boxing to enable
Refer to page 18 for session description.                              fitness trainers to educate, entertain and exercise their clients.
                                                                                                                                             DROP YOUR PANTS… SIZE: THE
                                                                       Come and see Adam and cruiserweight boxer David Haye take             ULTIMATE FAT-LOSS PROGRAMME
                                                                       you through your paces.                                               TO DROP YOUR JEAN SIZE IN
GETTING®KIDS ACTIVE WITH SONY                                                                                                                EIGHT WEEKS
EYETOY                                                                                                                                       CHARLES POLIQUIN (L)
SONY EYETOY® TEAM WITH FITCLUB™ (WS)                                   MASSAGE, RELEASE AND RELAX                                            Coach Poliquin teaches the nutrition, supplementation and
Should we continue to blame computer games for inactivity in           ANNALISA ZISMAN (WS)                                                  exercise routines he has used on countless athletes and fitness
children or should we use them to our advantage when                   A practical hands-on workshop introducing you to massage              competitors to achieve rapid fat loss. This session is geared more
programming fitness sessions for our younger market? In                therapy. Help stop aches becoming real pains by learning a simple     towards the troublesome hips and thigh areas.
association with FitClub™, this session will give you ideas and        through-clothes massage sequence designed to release and relax
information on the latest software available and how to                tension hot spots! Come and discover if massage therapy could be
incorporate it into your children’s activities. This session is        the next step in your career as a health and fitness professional!    AQUA MAX CIRCUIT
guaranteed to give you a stack of ideas and be 100% fun!
                                                                                                                                             STEPH TOOGOOD (WS)
                                                                                                                                             A challenging circuit format using three stations for both ME
                                                                       STRENGTH BALL TRAINING                                                and CV segments. Using the KISS principle, the class can be
BE A STAR                                                              PETER TWIST (WS)                                                      taught effectively by an individual using only webbed gloves,
SCOTT EHLER (L)                                                        Join Peter Twist as he re-examines training with the medicine         ensuring smooth transitions and continuous work for all
Meet Scott – a 26-year-old that is turning the Aussie Kids’            ball, stability ball, and the weighted Fitball. With a focus on       students of all levels.
Fitness Industry around. Learn the secrets to stand out from a         balance, core stability, rotary power, force initiation and
crowd – make your mark and, who knows, you may even turn out           deceleration, and Linked System™ strength, this workshop will
to be a celebrity. Scott is the kids’ health and fitness expert for    reinvigorate your training sessions by providing you with new
several magazines, newspapers and television shows in Australia.       ideas and exercises incorporating these classic training pieces.

                                                                                                         SUNDA APRIL 15 SESSIONS
                  08:00-09:00                                           BODYPUMP® – TRAINER MIX
                                                                        MATT THRAXTON, NIAMH MCGUIRK AND
OUTDOOR (LEKI) FITNESS                                                  DELORES DOUGLAS (MC)
                                                                        Take the early morning challenge to strengthen and tone the
WALKING                                                                 entire body, with this challenging mix of favourite BODYPUMP®
GEORGE ANDERSON (MC) (R)                                                tracks, selected and presented by the UK’s trainers.
Refer to page 21 for session description.

                                                                        FLATTEN YOUR ABS FOREVER
ADVANCED RESISTANCE TRAINING                                            EMMA LANE (L)
BIOMECHANICS                                                            Everyone dreams of flat abs, but all too often sees little or no
DOUGLAS BROOKS (L)                                                      result from exercise or dieting – the dreaded paunch remains
Advanced RT Biomechanics takes an in-depth look at                      despite being able to perform hundreds of crunches! Paul
orthopaedic and mechanical nuances related to upper- and                explains the common problems that prevent people from
lower-body strength exercises, as well as abdominal and back            achieving the results they desire, including ineffective exercise
exercises. Functional or integrated training, as well as traditional    programming, poor nutritional habits, hormonal imbalance,
approaches, multi-joint and isolated exercises, will all be             gynaecological and gastro-intestinal disorders and much more.
discussed. You will leave this presentation knowing the finer           Understand important factors to look for when assessing your
details behind the suggested exercise execution and the science-        clients. Learn how multidisciplinary programmes can really work
based mechanics.                                                        to condition and flatten abdominals.

SPORT STRENGTH: THE LINKED                                              YOGA FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS
SYSTEM                                                                  SIMONE STANIFORTH-HODGKINSON (WS)
                                                                        Take advantage of the current trend in fitness and expand your
PETER TWIST (WS)                                                        personal training services by adding useful yoga postures to your
Peter will present an overview of strength systems from his             knowledge bank. Whether you are training serious athletes or
award-winning sport conditioning paradigm, successful with              recreational exercisers, having an understanding of yoga will
over 700 professional athletes. Twist coined Linked System™             help increase your business. We will explore the anatomical
Training to describe a series of multi-joint exercises designed to      structure of fundamental yoga poses, review the risks and the
improve neural connectivity and sequential muscle firing and            benefits and show how to adapt each pose to accommodate a
produce tremendous strength gains.                                      wide range of clients. No previous yoga experience required.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS AT 50 AND                                            MULTI-FACETED DEEP DYNAMICS
OVER                                                                    STEPH TOOGOOD (MC)
MAUREEN HAGAN (L)                                                       Deep, interesting choreography utilising directional changes to
Training muscles for their specific daily functions, both routine       strengthen the core. Think vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Learn to
and unexpected, will ensure that the strength developed aids in         manipulate cadence and lever length and inertia to optimise the
protecting the body as it ages. This session will explain the           workload. Combine sagittal, frontal and transverse plane
benefits of building a strong body that functions well into the         movement and add prone and supine working positions for a
golden years. You will be presented with a programme design             quick-changing cardiovascular challenge.
that utilises the principles of stabilisation and weight-bearing
and closed-chain training, incorporating a wide variety of
equipment options.                                                                        09:30-12:00
FLEXI-BAR FOR GROUP FITNESS                                             SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS IN
STEVE SCHIEMER (MC)                                                     TRAINING THE EXECUTIVE
Flexi-Bar is here and it will shake you to your very core!!! Finally,   CHARLES POLIQUIN (L)
the ultimate in core stability training has arrived. Do you have        Everyone wants to train athletes but the executive training
clients with injury problems that are proving difficult to treat?       market is where the bulk of the personal training wealth is. Learn
Would you like to add a piece of kit to your arsenal of PT              the proper training and nutrition strategies to develop a
tools that actually works? Join Steve as he takes you through           reputation of success in the area of the financial elite.
this remarkable new workout that will change forever how
you view core stability training, injury rehabilitation and
athletic performance.                                                   SAQ TRAINING FOR HIGH-
                                                                        PERFORMANCE ATHLETES
INTERVAL HEAVEN                                                         MICHOL DALCOURT (L)
                                                                        This session delves into the “how” when dealing with Speed,
DENISE PAGE (MC)                                                        Agility and Quickness training. What are the limiting factors?
A fun class packed with different interval ideas for working at         How might we circumvent these limiting factors in all
different intensities. A great variety of music included!               three planes? Be prepared to move during this highly
                                                                        impactful session.
JOHN SHEHAN (MC)                                                        LINKING GOALS AND MOTIVATION
A choreographic journey to challenge your mind and your body.           PAUL BEDFORD (L)
A no-holds-barred, fast-paced, head-spinning class. You’ve              This session will explore the current research on goal-setting and
been warned!!                                                           the theories of motivation. It will then explore how trainers could
                                                                        use these to build more detailed programmes based on the
                                                                        client’s wants and needs.
An elementary dance class to take your participants into
summer. Strengthening their heart meridian using western and
eastern disciplines to make a balanced class of “fire”.

STUDIO 54                                                            MEDICINE BALL MADNESS                                                                      13:15-14:45
VANESSA VASSALLO (MC)                                                         Y
                                                                     ANDREW MA (WS)
Grab your flared pants and big sunglasses and join in on the fun     Medicine Ball training opens up a huge array of exercises for
as we dance and move to the groove of 70s disco music. Be            developing functional strength, core stability, and adding fun         UNDERSTANDING COMPENSATION
prepared to relive the past as we learn a dance routine with         and variety to the personal trainer’s toolbox. Andrew will take        PATTERNS
disco-inspired moves.                                                you through introductory core strength and stability exercises,        GREG ROSKOPF (L)
                                                                     circuit training and group/partner activities. Exercises covered       Have you ever noticed that no matter how many different cues
                                                                     will incorporate muscle groups from the lower body, upper body,        you use to correct your client’s alignment, it simply doesn’t change?
NIKE ROCKSTAR WORKOUT                                                and abdominal/lumbar region. Whoever thought you could have            This is because your client’s body decides on the most pain-free
VICTORIA IGBOKWE AND SONIA MOSES (MC) (R)                            this much fun with a few heavy balls?                                  and efficient way to get from point A to point B, especially when
Refer to page? for session description.                                                                                                     muscle weakness and injury exist. This phenomenon is known as
                                                                                                                                            compensation. Not only will you learn about compensation and
                                                                     MERGE                                                                  its impact on functional movement and gait, you will also see
T-BOW                                                                MAGNUS RINGBERG (MC)                                                   how isolated muscle weaknesses affect the entire kinetic chain.
DEBBIE KNEALE (WS)                                                   Merge is the “never-ending” movements class that takes
Cardio, balance, strength, coordination, stability training – with   inspiration from dance and stretching classes. This is a great
the innovative new T-Bow you can easily have it all in one fun       class that begins with massive inner bodywork before leading on        FLEXIBILITY HIGHWAYS
session. Experience this light and versatile piece of kit for        to movements for external grace, power and control.                    CHUCK WOLF (L)
yourself, great for personal training and classes.                                                                                          Human motion is an integrated chain relationship that is
                                                                                                                                            dependent upon the partnership of adjacent muscle groups to
                                                                     WIGGLE AND GIGGLE UP THE                                               attain optimal function and performance. For example, for
ACTIVIO: “ENDORPHINE”                                                POLE                                                                   optimal three-dimensional abdominal motions, the calf group
                                                                                                                                            must have adequate range of motion to allow the hip to be in
MONIKA BJÖRN (MC)                                                    MICHELE ELIZABETH (MC)                                                 proper motion and ultimately affect the abdominals.
If you love the mountains, you must definitely bring yourself to     Always wanted to try but never dared? Now’s your chance...
this class. Rhythm, heart and soul – all the components that are     Beginners’ Pole Dance Technique – explore your sensuality, not
the trademarks of Monika’s rides – will be there.                    to fulfil a male fantasy but to fulfil and empower a vision of         PERIODISED STRENGTH TRAINING
                                                                     yourself. You can learn basic tricks, spins and link moves that will
                                                                     improve your fitness, raise your self-esteem and boost your
                                                                                                                                            101: THE FOUNDATION
AEROKIDZ/AEROJAM™                                                    confidence as you strut your stuff with glamour and finesse...         DOUGLAS BROOKS (L)
                                                                     (Shorts and strappy t-shirt ideal as bare arms and legs grip the       Learn how to periodise a strength-training programme for your
                                                                     pole best.)                                                            fitness clients. Discover how “planned strength training” can
Refer to page 18 for session description.
                                                                                                                                            promote optimal strength training results, decrease the potential for
                                                                                                                                            overuse injuries, keep your clients fresh and progressing,
BODYSTEP® INSTRUCTOR MIX                                             SCHWINN® CYCLING: THE                                                  optimise PT efforts and enhance client compliance. You’ll leave
                                                                                                                                            this lecture with ideas on how to plan periodised programmes
JENNY JOLLIFFE, SARAH KAULBACH AND                                               Y
                                                                     ATHLETES-ONL WORKOUT                                                   and track or record the results.
RAE LEE (MC)                                                         HELEN VANDERBURG (MC)
Feel liberated and alive with the energising step workout that       Calling all hard-core athletes… test your strength and endurance
pushes fat-burning systems into high gear. A special mix of UK       in this power-packed, high-intensity, competition class. Compete       ADVANCED EXERCISE OPTIONS
instructors’ favourite tracks designed to lift you to an athletic    against yourself and the riders around you to find out what            PAUL WRIGHT (WS)
aerobic “high”!                                                      you’re made of! Do you have what it takes to push to the front         Bored with the same old list of exercises? This session will aim to
                                                                     of the pack?                                                           give you an extensive list of “alternative exercises” and options
                                                                                                                                            that are often forgotten and neglected. With a little imagination,
WEIGHT LOSS DREAM TEAM                                               AWOF™ (AMAZING WORLD OF
                                                                                                                                            a concern for safety and rehabilitation, and a sound knowledge
                                                                                                                                            of anatomy, you can enjoy a much greater list of exercise options
Discover how to help your clients recruit a powerful base of
                                                                     FITCLUB)                                                               to keep every training session interesting.
social support to ensure slimming success. You’ll hear how to        ERICA NEWISS AND TANYA WALKER (MC)
manage the four categories of team members: buddies,                 This session is packed with activity ideas suitable for children
cheerleaders, saboteurs and hecklers. This session gives you a       aged five to 12. Be prepared to let the inner child in you surface
                                                                                                                                            POWERFUL LOW
plan and specific scripts to use immediately.                        for an hour of fun, team games, learning and most importantly          REBECCA SMALL (WS)
                                                                     – a workout! If you are a club or an individual looking for ideas      This session will help you understand the importance of
                                                                     on how to get children active, AWOF™ is the session for you.           beginning with base moves and how to use them, regardless of
AWAKEN AND BALANCE WITH                                                                                                                     the complexity level and type of fitness class you are teaching.
                                                                                                                                            This session will provide you with user-friendly choreography
CHIBALL™                                                             BODYVIVE® SHOWCASE RELEASE                                             that you can inject into your classes tomorrow.
The principles of traditional Chinese medicine are deeply rooted     KATHRYN CULLEN (MC) (R)
in the foundations of this fantastic mind and body system. A         Refer to page 20 for session description.                              REEBOK PRO SMALL GROUP
combination of yoga, Pilates body conditioning, dance, t’ai chi,
Chi Kung, Feldenkrais, meditation and deep relaxation are
intricately woven together using the five seasonal elements as a     PILATES BOARD                                                          STEVE BARRETT (WS)
guideline for proper practice. This has to be one of the most                                                                               If – like the USA – the UK takes to SGT, health clubs and PTs will
                                                                     CHERRY BAKER (MC)                                                      be setting a new trend. SGT is the perfect platform to recruit new
holistic exercise programmes to date. “Awaken your body,             Join us for a Modern Pilates session on a wobble board.
balance your mind”… true fitness, inside and out.                                                                                           clients and provide a profitable/cost-effective solution for clubs
                                                                     If Pilates is taught on the floor is it really functional?
                                                                                                                                            and clients. Experience the concept with the Reebok Pro Range.
                                                                     Take a look at standing and kneeling exercises based around
                                                                     functional Pilates principles both on and off the wobble board.
8FT UNDER: DEEP WATER                                                Ideas for Pilates and core stability classes.
                                                                                                                                            RPM®: RACE OF TRUTH
CHOREOGRAPHY                                                                                                                                CARL MCCARTNEY AND GILES BRYANT (MC)
Is your aqua choreography DOA? Revive your water
                                                                     BILATERAL AND BILINEAR BUOYS                                           The famous RPM® Challenge! A workout designed to improve
                                                                                                                                            both technique and cycle fitness, exploring both aerobic and
programming and take your students to new depths with all            STEPH TOOGOOD (MC)                                                     anaerobic threshold training!
new choreography designed especially for deep water. From            Muscular endurance, cardiovascular and flexibility are all
warm-ups to cool-downs and everything in between, this               targeted in a simple two-line format using hand buoys to
is a complete workout from top to toe, sure to “breathe some         increase the workload for both upper and lower body. Effectively       GETTING®KIDS ACTIVE WITH SONY
life” back into your class. Experience all the benefits of deep      taught by an individual instructor with smooth transitions
water with choreography patterns “to die for” in this safe           ensuring continuous work for students of varying fitness levels.       EYETOY
and fun workout. “Life support” includes noodles, flotation belts                                                                           SONY EYETOY® TEAM WITH FITCLUB™ (WS) (R)
and gloves.                                                                                                                                 Refer to page 22 for session description.

                                                                                                        SUNDA APRIL 15 SESSIONS
BODYJAM® DANCE SCHOOL AND                                               EXTREME INTERVAL TRAINING
TRAINER MIX                                                             HELEN VANDERBURG (WS)
SARAH GRAHAM, ANTONY LEWIS AND                                          Have fun in this intense workshop that brings back the work in
                                                                        workout! Maximise your time and results with interval training.
PAULEEN THOMAS (WS)                                                     Learn a variety of interval formats combining strength, cardio
Join the UK trainer team at dance school and learn the secrets to       conditioning, plyometrics and functional movements that can be
mastering different dance styles! Take your newfound skills and         mixed and matched to create a challenging workout for your
lose yourself in the dance-inspired cardio workout to the latest        participants. Bump up your intensity with these innovative and
dance styles and the hottest new sounds.                                energetic exercises.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT                                                    FREESTYLE FITNESS YOGA
EMMA LANE (L)                                                           JAYNE NICHOLLS (MC)
Wait! Before you put that snack bar in your mouth, look at the          This concept class is the fastest growing integrated fitness/yoga
label… see where it says, “natural or artificial flavouring”? Do you    programme in the UK. Freestyle Fitness Yoga is the only
see the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”?               certification that takes into account previous fitness
Seldom do the most educated people such as exercise and health          qualifications, insurance and experience. By assuming
professionals realise that they are replacing cells in their bodies     competency in the areas of anatomy, physiology and instruction,
by the millions every second and that, literally, you are what you      Freestyle Fitness Yoga concentrates on the prescription of basic,
eat. Emma will shock you as she educates you about the dangers          intermediate and advanced exercises for the promotion of
of consuming commercially produced processed foods. This                flexibility, strength and balance.
lecture could save your life!

                                                                        VOLCANIC VIBES: THE SECOND
STOTT PILATES®: CORE BALANCE                                            ERUPTION
This workshop increases the challenge and benefit of the STOTT
                                                                        ZOE MCNULTY (MC)
                                                                        Once again Zoe declares a state of national emergency! Prepare
PILATES® Essential Matwork™ repertoire of exercises by adapting
                                                                        yourself for the hip hop class that erupts with explosive energy
them to the Stability Ball. The dynamic nature of the ball
                                                                        and rocks you to your core. Raise the temperature and let your
provides additional proprioceptive challenge and cues the body’s
                                                                        body flow like hot lava!
dynamic stabilisation. Tips for cueing and correcting to help
ensure safety and effectiveness will be included.
                                                                        STRETCH TO THE RHYTHM
AQUA ABCs – ALL BODY                                                    YOAV AVIDAR (MC)
                                                                        The perfect way to end the day. A stretch session, both
CONDITIONING                                                            innovative and relaxing, derived just for you to unwind at the
MAUREEN HAGAN (MC)                                                      end of a long “aerobic” day. While you continue to learn stretches
The resistance of water is perfect for a strength-training workout      coming to you from the world of dance, body and core control,
– instead of weights, the water itself provides the double positive     and modern technique, devote your last hour to your own bodies
resistance. Experience ways to create resistance, to alter intensity    through imagery and movement.
in a most effective safe and balanced manner. Take the plunge
and discover the wonder of aqua body conditioning.
                                                                        BODYBALANCE® TRAINER MIX
                    15:15-16:15                                         ANN-SEE YEOH, KATHRYN CULLEN AND
                                                                        SARAH CHOULES (MC)
                                                                        Join the UK’s top BODYBALANCE® presenters for a perfect finish
A UNIQUE LOOK AT SPINAL                                                 to your convention experience: the yoga, t’ai chi and Pilates
INSTABILITY                                                             workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you
GREG ROSKOPF (L)                                                        feeling centred and calm.
All trainers recognise the significance of abdominal
strengthening for their clients. However, abdominal training
alone is not enough to ensure core stability. This session will         CHILL OUT
examine various core training models and provide trainers with          SIMONE STANIFORTH-HODGKINSON (MC)
some basic tools to assess core stability. With this understanding,     First we will stretch out tired muscles and ease away tension and
trainers will not only discover the individual differences that         then we will drift on a cloud of bliss as we enjoy a guided
exist among their client base, they will also have a useful tool        relaxation to truly help us unwind, destress and chill out. We
with which to design appropriate exercise.                              never take the time to relax properly, so use this session as a
                                                                        reward to yourself for all your hard work. Not only will YOU
                                                                        benefit, you will learn new techniques to help you help others.
FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMME                                                    Please wear warm layers of clothing for maximum benefit.
JOHN HARDY AND PHIL MANSFIELD (L)                                       HOW TO LIVE IN THE EYE OF
John and Phil will show you how to develop comprehensive and
functional long-term workouts that can be converted into                THE STORM
packages to sell to clients.                                            SUE WOODD (MC)
                                                                        Ways to regain our sense of centre and maintain this place of
                                                                        peaceful power to enhance self-awareness, maximise potential
SELLING AIR                                                             and empower others.
“Sell” does not a have to be a dirty four-letter word! Way too
often a potential customer is lost due to inefficient selling skills.   OBJECTIVE CHOREOGRAPHY
Put simply, if you can’t sell, you won’t have a business! Selling       STEPH TOOGOOD (MC)
a largely intangible product like PT is a bit like selling air; but     Meaningful movement utilising the properties of water to
once you can package and spin your message you will have                challenge students with balance, range of motion, strength and
a guaranteed method to keep the cash register ringing loud              motor skill development. Movement designs that link and flow to
and clear.                                                              create interesting and achievable choreography.

THE FITPRO SPRING CONVENTION                                         TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION                                           If registering by post or fax you will be placed on a priority list
                                                                                                                                        according to the date we receive your completed registration,
EXPO                                                                 Loughborough – Loughborough University                             release form, session choices and payment. Remember, if
An extensive trade show providing high-quality and                   Loughborough is ideally located for convenient travel by air,
                                                                                                                                        registering this way we cannot guarantee your first choices, so
innovative products, the latest styles in footwear and apparel,      road or rail.
                                                                                                                                        send your forms early to increase your chance of securing
brand new music and videos, exercise equipment, accessories          By Air - East Midlands airport is located approximately eight      your first choice sessions! All postal and fax payments should
and services to educate and benefit every fitness professional.      miles from the university and operates regular domestic and        be made in UK pounds sterling by cheque, money order, Visa,
Make the most of the many special event discounts available!         international flights.                                             MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.
Delegates will receive a coupon booklet offering unique
discounts, special offers and free prize draws, all only available   By Road - Loughborough University is one mile from junction        Online bookings will receive a registration confirmation email
at this event.                                                       23 off the M1, via the A512.                                       after booking, all postal or fax bookings will be confirmed by
If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact the                                                                                 post. Please note that session tickets will not be posted, all
Convention Department on +44 (0)8705 133 434.                        By Train - Loughborough lies on the London (St Pancras) –
                                                                                                                                        tickets will be allocated when you arrive at convention registration.
                                                                     Sheffield line with additional intercity links via Leicester and
ENTERTAINMENT                                                        Derby. The station is two miles from the university. Taxis are
                                                                                                                                        Session changes cannot be made prior to the event. However,
                                                                     readily available at the station. Please contact National Rail
Friday Night Happy Hour sponsored by fitproshop.com                                                                                     changes can be made on site if space is permitting.
                                                                     Enquiries on +44 (0)8457 484 950 for specific transport details.
Friday night in the Fusion Bar of the Students’ Union from
20:00. Free drinks from 21:00-22.00.                                 Car Parking                                                        Postal and fax bookings with incomplete session selection
                                                                     Parking facilities are available free of charge for delegates on   sheets and/or release forms will be returned to the applicant
                                                                     the Loughborough University campus.                                by post. This will affect your priority number.
Saturday Boogie Night sponsored by m2p
Date: Saturday April 14 2007
                                                                     London Pre-Con – City University                                   REGISTRATION CLOSING DATE
Time: 21:00 onwards                                                  By Air – City University is accessible from all major London       Registrations close on Tuesday April 10 2007. Registrations will
Venue: Students’ Union, Loughborough University                      airports.                                                          be accepted after this date ONLY if space is permitting, subject
Theme: 70s Disco!                                                                                                                       to a £20 administration fee.
                                                                     By Road – The Birley Lecture Theatre (Centenary Building) is
FREE admittance to all delegates.                                    located on Spencer street just off St John street, which is a      MEALS AND REFRESHMENTS
                                                                     short walk from Angel underground station.                         A range of healthy budget lunches, fruit, snacks and other
Guest tickets can be purchased from event registration for £5                                                                           refreshments will be available for purchase from the food
per person.                                                          By Rail – City University is ten minutes walk from Angel
                                                                                                                                        stations throughout the day. You may wish to bring along light
                                                                     underground station, on the Northern Line.
                                                                                                                                        snacks to help maintain energy requirements throughout
CLINICS                                                                                                                                 the day.
Premier Training Massage Clinic                                      Visa and Other Requirements
Students and therapists qualified through Premier Training           Overseas visitors are advised to contact their travel agent for    CHILDREN
International will be available throughout the event to offer        confirmation of visa requirements when entering the UK.            Children are not allowed access into event sessions for safety
FREE massage to all delegates.                                                                                                          reasons and as a courtesy to presenters and other delegates.
                                                                     REGISTRATION                                                       Children are also not permitted into the FitPro Spring
PAYMENT OPTIONS                                                      Your event registration includes access to the following           Convention Expo unless under strict parental supervision.
Corporate Bookings - It pays to be part of a team!                   events: FitPro Spring Convention Expo, Happy Hour and the
Call our Business Development Team on +44 (0)8705 133 434            70s Boogie Night. Your fee also includes delegate handbook,        VOLUNTEER CONVENTION TEAM
for details on the special rates available for bookings of five or   event T-shirt and goody bag.                                       Can’t afford to attend? Want to see the event from the inside
more delegates.                                                                                                                         out? Why not enjoy the events by working during them, saving
                                                                     How to Register                                                    money and having fun! For more information please visit
Student Discount                                                     Registrations can now be made online by visiting our               www.fitpro.com/springconvention
A 15% discount on the full individual registration fee is            convention website at www.fitpro.com/springconvention.             If you require further details on any of the above, please
available to all students with a written confirmation of
                                                                     Online registrations will be available at a reduced rate           contact Fitness Professionals on +44 (0)8705 133 434.
student status from a member of their faculty staff.
                                                                     to postal and fax bookings so log on now for a quick,
Direct Debit Option                                                  easy and cost-effective way of securing your place at              CANCELLATION/TRANSFER POLICY
For information on how to spread your payments over                                                                                     Cancellation prior to March 16 2007 will receive a full refund,
                                                                     the FitPro Spring Convention 2007.
12 months, please contact Fitness Professionals on                                                                                      less £20 administration costs (plus £10 administration costs
+44 (0)8705 133 434.                                                                                                                    for accommodation refund). Cancellation from March 17 2007
                                                                     If you would prefer to register by post or fax then registration
                                                                     forms can be found at the centre of this brochure. Please          onward will forfeit 50% of the registration fee and within 48
ACCREDITATION                                                        return all forms to Fitness Professionals Education, together      hours or no notification, 100% of the fee is forfeited.
Fitness Professionals is recognised as a Continuing Education                                                                           Transfer of an event place to another delegate of the same
                                                                     with full payment, by any of the following methods:
Provider by:                                                                                                                            status, (ie, member or non-member), is permitted up to
• The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)                      By Post                                                            March 16 2007 for a £20 administration fee. Session selections
• Fitness Scotland                                                   Please send the completed registration form, release form and      cannot be changed. Transfers are not permitted from
• Fitness Wales                                                      session selection sheet together with payment to Fitness           March 17 2007.
• The National Certificate in Exercise and Fitness of Ireland        Professionals Education, Event Booking, Kalbarri House,
  (NCEF)                                                             107-113 London Road, London, E13 0DA, UK.                          No Shows
• The National College of Exercise and Health of Ireland                                                                                For delegates who do not attend the event and have not
  (NCEHS)                                                            By Fax                                                             notified Fitness Professionals Education prior to the event, no
                                                                     Please fax your completed registration form, release form and      refund will be given. If a written request is provided and the
 Approved by REPs for 4 CPD points per day                           session selection sheet together with credit card information      reason for not attending is deemed justified by the Convention
                                                                     to: +44 (0)20 8586 0685. Credit card details should include the    Committee, a 50% refund will be credited to the delegate’s
                                                                     following information: Card number, valid from date, expiry        FitPro account for future education event purchases.
                                                                     date, issue number (Maestro only), security code (last 3 digits
                                                                     on reverse of card), the name that appears on the card.

                                                                     PLEASE NOTE: FITNESS PROFESSIONALS EDUCATION IS
                                                                     UNABLE TO ACCEPT TELEPHONE BOOKINGS.

                                                                     Please also be aware that online registrations and sessions are
                                                                     confirmed at the time of booking. All postal and fax bookings
                                                                     are processed on a first come first served basis, so payment,
                                                                     completed session selections and release forms must be
                                                                     received when using this method of registration.