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spontaneous combustion (PDF)


									                                                              issue #1

                                                             july 2010

toronto creative, improvised, and independent music

*spontaneous combustion is a division of   Heavy Machinery
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                            Matt Fong
                            Matt is a Toronto-based bassist studying music in
                            U of T’s jazz performance program. Alongside creating
                            this magazine to promote Toronto music, Matt is a
                            regular performer in the jazz and rock scenes with his
                            band Rhinosaurus as well as with various other groups.
          photo by

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1.   news/events
2.   july show calendar
3.   CD releases
4.   toronto venues

letter from the editor
Welcome to Spontaneous Combustion, Toronto’s newest and only
monthly magazine devoted to promoting improvised music. Inside
these covers you’ll find information on what’s happening in every-
thing from jazz to free improvised music to experimental rock.

My goal with this magazine is simply to promote and give exposure to
the incredible amount of talented, creative musicians in Toronto who
are playing these types of music. So what I propose to you is, go take
a look at the gig calendar in the centre pages of this magazine. Go
check out a show that you wouldn’t normally go to. You never know,
you might actually like it!

Matt Fong
    SC news
Notes & Noodles                                        TD Jazz Festival:
                                                            Next Wave Series
                               artwork by
A new group created to
feature compositions                                   A very interesting
of drummer Lowell                                      discussion occurred
Whitty and over the past                               recently surrounding the
year has developed a                                   Next Wave series, an
strong band vibe. Notes                                improvised music series
and Noodles represents                                 that is part of the TD Jazz
a new sound fusing the                                 Festival. There has been
energy of rock with the creativity found in            some controversy about
improvised music. The group of incredibly              local musicians’
talented individuals has spawned out of the            participation in the series.
emerging improvisational scene of Toronto.             Many prominent members
With the combined experience of performing             of AiMToronto have been
many genres, ranging from jazz to classical            a part of this discussion,
music, the group is comfortable in exploring           including Andrew
the possibilities of the music while maintaining       Downing, Nilan Perera,
a strong pop sensibility keeping the listener          Nicole Rampersaud, and
engaged.                                               others such as Jazz Festival
                                                       director Josh Grossman.
The Event:
NOTES & NOODLES EP RELEASE                             Read more, including the
July 21st at The Piston                                full discussion, at:
9:30PM. $6, or $10 with a CD.                                           aimtorontofbgroup

Canadians Abroad!
Toronto based jazz vocalist and songwriter Sienna Dahlen
is heading to Europe to perform at jazz festivals in France,
Switzerland, and Denmark. She will be performing with
both her Paris-based quartet (which also features Toronto
bassist/cellist Andrew Downing) and a project she co-leads
in Denmark with pianist Mads Baerentzen. Read more
and listen at
                                                july 2010
Fred Frith
Sitting somewhere in
meeting place of rock
and new music/
improvised music,
Fred Frith is known
for his work in the
70s with British
avant-rock band
Henry Cow, as well as
working with the likes
of Brian Eno and John
Zorn. Also an
composer, he is
currently on faculty
at Mills College
in California as a
composition            July 3rd:                   July 4th:
professor.             Fred Frith - guitar         Fred Frith - guitar
                       Ronda Rindone - clarinets Jay Hay - woodwinds
Frith will be in       Jean Martin - drums         Andy Yue - synths
Toronto this month     ----------                  ----------
courtesy of AiM        Fred Frith - guitar         Fred Frith - guitar
Toronto and the        Simeon Abbot - guitar       Anne Bourne - cello
Ontario Arts Council Colin Fisher - guitar         Matt Miller - laptop
to ‘interface’ with a  Michael Keith - guitar      Brandon Valdivia - drums
number of prominent
musicians in the       All shows at Somewhere There at 8PM. Tickets are
improvised music       $15 a night, or $25 for a 2-night pass. AiMToronto
scene.                 members, students, and seniors recieve a $5 discount.

                                                                                   thursday              friday
                                                                                                                        3 Fred Frith
         shows in july                                                         1                    2   Alex Tait         Somewhere There
    for a more detailed version, visit                                         Angela Morris 5tet       Ten Feet Tall     8PM, $15/$10
                                                                               @ The Tranzac            9PM, PWYC       NKLS 4tet @                                          10PM, PWYC                               The Music Gallery
                                                                               Jim Sexton Group                         8PM
                                                                               Tequila Bookworm                         Tania Gill/
     sunday                                                                    9PM, PWYC                                Doug Tielli
4 Fred Frith                                                                                                            @ The Tranzac
  Somewhere There                                                                                                       10PM, PWYC
                                                                               Mahanthappa @
  8PM, $15/$10                                                                 The Rex, 9:30PM                          Don Scott Trio
The Spirit of Jazz                                                                                                      The Emmet Ray
Ten Feet Tall            monday             tuesday           wednesday                                                 7PM, PWYC
3:30, free                                                                                                              Equilibrium
                     5                  6                    7                 8                    9 Heavyweights
The Opposite of                         Harley Card Trio     Hobson’s Choice   Bone Merrow              Brass Band @    w/ David Lyttle
                 Free Boat Rentals
Everything                              @ Holy Oak           @ The Piston      Tequila Bookworm         The Gladstone   Tequila Bookworm
                 @ The Rex
Tequila Bookworm 9:30PM                 9PM, PWYC            9PM               9PM, PWYC                10:30PM         9PM, PWYC
9PM, PWYC        Panic Density Series                        Starfires                                                  1o
                                                                                                     Alex Samaras
                 Artiat TBA                                  Somewhere There                                            Harley Card Trio
Woodchoppers                                                                                         @ Gate 403
                 Somewhere There                             8PM, $8                                                    @ The Emmet Ray
Association                                                                                          5PM
@ The Tranzac    8PM, $8                                                                                                7PM, PWYC
10PM, PWYC                                                                                                              Uncle Kim
Heavyweights                                                                                                            Tequila Bookworm
Brass Band @                                                                                                            9PM, PWYC
Grossman’s, 4PM
11   Rhinosaurus   12                   13   Brothers Eros   14                15                   16                  17
 Tequila Bookworm Tara Davidson Trio         @ Holy Oak      Vaughn Misener    Free Boat Rentals                        Teri Parker Trio
 9PM, PWYC         + SAFE                    9PM, PWYC       The Emmet Ray     Tequila Bookworm                         The Emmet Ray
                   @ Somewhee There                          9PM, PWYC         9PM, PWYC                                8PM, PWYC
Lina Allemano Four 8PM, $8
@ The Tranzac
 10:30PM, PWYC                                                 Starfires                                                   Hologram Sounds
 Monk’s Music                                                  Somewhere There                                             Mellow
 @ The Tranzac                                                 8PM, $8                                                     Tequila Bookworm
 5PM, PWYC                                                                                                                 9PM, PWYC
 The Rex, 9:30PM
Angela Sande Group
                   19                     20                   21                 22                     23                24
Naco Cafe          Panic Density Series                        Harley Card 5tet
                                           Al Purdy Project                       Kyle Brenders          Michael Huse @    Sphere Bridge
                   Artist TBA              @ The Tranzac       @ The Rex          @ The Tranzac          Somewhere There   Tequila Bookworm
18                 Somewhere There         7:30PM, PWYC        9:30PM, $TBA       10PM, PWYC             8PM, $8           9PM, PWYC
Rhinosaurus        8PM, $8
                                           Bug Nite            Notes & Noodles    Framework Collective                     New & Used
Tequila Bookworm                                               EP Release!
                                           @ Holy Oak                             Tequila Bookworm                         The Emmet Ray
9PM, PWYC                                                      @ The Piston
                                           9PM, PWYC                              9PM, PWYC                                8PM, PWYC
                                                               9:30PM, $6, $10
                                                               with CD
                                                               Somewhere There
                                                               8PM, $8

25                  26                    27                   28                 29                     30                31
Monk’s Music         Michael Huse @ Drumheller                 Alex Samaras       Free Boat Rentals                        Aspect Median
@ The Tranzac        Somewhere There @ The Tranzac             @ The Tranzac      Tequila Bookworm                         The Tranzac
5PM, PWYC            8PM, $8         10PM, PWYC                10PM, PWYC         9PM, PWYC                                6:30, PWYC
Rhinosaurus                               Overton’s Hard Bop                                                               Kyle Brenders 4tet
Tequila Bookworm                          @ Holy Oak                                                                       Somewhere There
9PM, PWYC                                 9PM, PWYC                                                                        8PM, $8
                                                                                                                           Jeff Larochelle
                                                                                                                           Tequila Bookworm
                                                                                                                           9PM, PWYC
  r       Faceparty
  e     Newmarket based experimental punk rock duo releases their second
  c     CD (their first was a self-recorded demo) this month. Recorded at
        MDF/Propeller Studios, this disc is, from start to finish, a raging,
  e     noisy, and most of all fun piece of work. Guitarist Dan Loughrin and
        drummer Greg Nathaniel power through 9 instrumental tracks
  n     (almost - Dan sings on one) that showcase their creativity and an
  t     enourmous variety of influences. Combining everything from punk
        to indie to noise rock, they’ve created a unique sound that keeps the
        listener on edge while still being very accessible.
  d                                                        Free Boat Rentals
        Steve Ward leads this composer-collective of Toronto musicians down
  r     an abstract path of sounds, agile textures and above all, groove. The
  e     quartet puts focus on expanding influences taken from indie rock
        circles, from their work on the three-legged/circus/latin groove of
  l     “Big Show”; and especially taking from the character of Toronto's
        underground jazz venues (as simultaneous residents at the inviting
  e     jazz hangout Tequila Bookworm; as well as the improv-focused,
  a     creative music loft space Somewhere There). Their debut self-titled
        CD out in May 2010 is a commitment to the adventure in this evolv-
  s     ing sound, and to their unique musical relationships with each other
        and with the audience.
        Straddling the line between indie rock and jazz, Rhinosaurus is a trio
        consisting of trumpeter Ryan Brouwer, bassist Matt Fong, and drum-
        mer Mark Segger. Their first recording, a 3 song demo recorded at
        MDF/Propeller Studios was released in late June. Check them out at
        Tequila Bookworm every Sunday (except the 4th) this month.

photo by   free boat rentals      rhinosaurus live @ starving artist
starving artist (584 lansdowne ave)
Live jazz every Wednesday plus a waffled themed menu
makes makes for a sweet hang (pun intended) just north of
Bloor on Lansdowne.                                                                  o
tequila bookworm
(512 queen st. w)
For the past two years this
bar/restaurant/cafe has
been a place often visited
by musicians in the
Toronto jazz and impro-                                                              u
vised music scenes. Music
happens every week,                                                                  e
Thursdays to Sundays.     

the emmet ray (924 college st)
Named after the Sean Penn character from Sweet
and Lowdown, College Street’s newest bar has live
music almost every night, with jazz twice a week.
The bar boasts 40 different types of whiskey.

somewhere there (340 dufferin st)
Somewhere There is a loft space focused primarily on
improvised/free music. Located just south of Queen
West, music is programmed most nights. It is also a
common venue for AiMToronto events.               
happy anniversary, steve!
July marks Steve Ward’s second complete year booking music at Queen
St. West’s Tequila Bookworm. Steve is responsible for a number of the
venues that musicians in the jazz and improvised music scenes are able
to play at. He also books music at Starving Artist and Somewhere There,
and promotes music for a number of organizations, such as AiM Toronto
and Rough Idea.

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       SC is a free, not for profit magazine.
     consider the ‘advertising fee’ a donation
   towards keeping this magazine in print. 100%
of the money goes to printing costs, and that’s it.
new noise
spontaneous combustion thinks these bands are cool:

pterodactyl (     
nick t han (      
turtleboy (     
westaway (     
arts & le ers (     
hobson’s choice (     
fond of tigers (    
mark se er sextet (markse      
maybe not (     
kyle brenders (     
do make say think (    
god’s gift to yoda ( oyoda)..........     
the o osite of everything ( manfox)..     
make me young (     
fish tank dreams (h p:// o)....       
the outlanders (     
P.R.A.M trio ( )..............      
rhinosaurus (      
notes & n dles ( whi y)...............       
fr boat rentals ( boatrentalsmusic).....       
miami rice (     
outbox 6 (     
christopher wi es (christopherwi      
element choir (     
tu el six (tu       
FACEPARTY ( ptothefuture).................      
w dcho er’s a ociation ( dcho ers).....         
blunt object ( )..............      
the runaway five (     
tera melos (     
snarky pu y (snarkypu       
ha y a le ( ya lejerks)................        
secret society (     
kn body ( body)........................        
alasnoaxis (     
       keep an eye out for information on the
        spontaneous combustion kickoff party!

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