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					                                                                   SOUTH DIVISION

                                    CRIME WATCH NEWSLETTER
                                                                         June 2009

Home Security Checklist
As Summer approaches crime tends to increase. Use this as a guide to check your
home for safety measures. These are just some of the steps you can take to
decrease the likelihood that you or your home is targeted.
Exterior Doors
  • All doors are locked at night and every time we leave the house-even if it's just for a
    few minutes.
  • Spare keys are kept with a trusted neighbor, not under a doormat or planter, on a
    ledge, or in the mailbox.
Garage and Sliding Door Security
  • The overhead garage door has a lock so that we do not rely solely on the automatic
    door opener to provide security.
  • Garage doors are all locked when leaving the house.
  • The sliding glass door has a strong, working key locks. A dowel or a pin to secure a
    glass door has been installed to prevent the door from being shoved aside or lifted off the track.
  • The sliding door is locked every night and each time you leave the house.
Protecting Windows
  • Every window in the house has a working key lock or is securely pinned.
  • Windows are always locked, even when they are opened a few inches for ventilation.
Outdoor Security
  • Shrubs and bushes are trimmed so there is no place for someone to hide.
  • There are no dark areas around our house, garage, or yard at night that would hide prowlers.
  • Every outside door has a bright, working light to illuminate visitors.
  • Floodlights are used appropriately to ensure effective illumination.
  • Outdoor lights are on in the evening-whether someone is at home or not or a photocell or motion-sensitive lighting system
    has been installed.
  • Our house number is clearly displayed so police and other emergency vehicles can find the house quickly.
Security When Away From Home
  • At least two light timers have been set to turn the lights on and off in a logical sequence, when you are away from home for
    an extended time period.
  • The motion detector or other alarm system (if you have one) has been activated when you leave home.
  • Mail and newspaper deliveries have been stopped or arrangements for a neighbor or friend to pick them up have been made
    when we go away from home for a period of time.
  • A neighbor has been asked to tend the yard and watch your home when you are away.
Outdoor Valuables and Personal Property
  • Gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors are all locked with high-security, laminated padlocks.
  • Gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors are locked after every use.
  • Grills, lawn mowers, and other valuables are stored in a locked garage or shed, or if left out in the open, are hidden from
    view with a tarp and securely locked to a stationary point.
  • Every bicycle is secured with a U-bar lock or quality padlock and chain.
  • Bikes are always locked, even if you leave them for just a minute.
  • Valuable items, such as television, stereos, and computers have been marked with your Drivers License number.
  • Your home inventory is up-to-date and includes pictures. A complete copy is kept somewhere out of the house.

                                                    Crime Watch Newsletter
                   is published by the Fort Worth Police Department South Division Crime Prevention Unit
                 For more information please contact Billy Rudd at 817-922-3400 or by email at
Crime Watch Newsletter                             June 2009                                              Page 2

 J-11   by Officer DD Willingham                            J-15    by Officer Nestor Martinez
      The Beat continues to look pretty good. There                This month had its ups and downs with all
   have been a few thefts and burglaries. Please               the cancelled city events due to the swine flu
   continue to report any suspicious activity. Also,           scare. Too bad the flu didn’t stop all the
   please remember to keep your vehicles locked and            crime. Many of the Beats were hit with a
   personal items out of view                                  string of burglaries that seemed to be coming
                                                               during the daytime hours (9 a.m. to noon was
 J-12   by Officer G Anderson                                  when arrests were made and many other
      .Hello, family. Part I crimes are holding steady         suspects identified). Keep calling in
   for J-12's Beat. We are still having major problems         suspicious activity that happens during the
   with graffiti. As always, please report graffiti to         day and provide the dispatcher with all the
   your NPO. We have made it through another COPS              information. Patrol, NPOs and ZT teams are
   seminar. Thanks to all who have dedicated their             working hard every day to help with the
   time and efforts to make it                                                         problem.
   a success. Remember,                                                                    Start getting ready
   school will be out for the                                                          for the summertime
   summer and many of our                                                              weather and outdoor
   children do not have                                                                activities. Make sure to
   anything to do. Keep their                                                          drink plenty of water
   minds alert by taking them                                                          and stay cool when
   to the library. It is free!                                                         working        outside.
      THOUGHT FOR                                                                      Please report any
   LIFE: An idol mind is the                                                           children or pets left in
   devil's workshop; keep our                                                          vehicles to the police.
   children busy this                                                                  It is a crime and the
   summer.                                                                             police will investigate
                                                                                       it. Until next time, take
 J-13   by Officer Kellie Whitehead
                                                               care of yourself and others.
      I hope you all had another great month. The Beat
   this month continues to look very good as far as         J-16    by Officer RJ West
   property crime and violent crime. There have not               Crime on J-16’s Beat has been holding
   been any crime trends going around to make you              steady. There have been a few robberies and
   aware of at this time. I had a great time at the C.O.P      burglaries. However, these are not related to
   Seminar this year. Call me if there is anything I can       any cluster or trend. I don't want to get carried
   do for you. Until next month, you all be safe.              away just yet, but I think we are finally
                                                               turning the corner, crime-wise, at the La Dera
 J-14   by Officer JR Byford
                                                               Palms Apartments and the nearby townhomes.
                                                               Offenses have been down in those areas for
      Graffiti is a detriment to our neighborhood. To          the past several months compared to previous
   allow graffiti to remain only encourages more. To           years. I want to thank the citizens and patrol
   help get graffiti removed as fast as possible, please       officers who are helping to make this possible.
   send an e-mail to or call         Please keep up the good work.
   (817) 212-2700. Please describe what the graffiti is
   on (wood, concrete, fence) and what was used for
   the graffiti (paint, permanent marker) so the
   responders will have the material to remove it. You
   may also report graffiti suspects anonymously
   through the Tarrant County Crime Stoppers Web
   site at or call (817)469-TIPS.
Crime Watch Newsletter                             June 2009                                                   Page 3

  J-17   by Officer Tom Schmidt                                             Crime-Free Multi Housing
       Summer is almost here and that means                                 by Officer Allen Speed
    people will be away from their homes for
    an extended time. Every criminal looks                                       I want to first of all commend the
    for an easy target, so a burglar watches                                 Central Division for an outstanding
    for a home that is dark and seems to be                                  COP Seminar. It was a great event and
    empty. You can do a few things to give                                   more than 1,000 COP members
    the illusion that someone is still at home.                              attended this major event. To be
    First, just having a friend drop by now                                  honest, I could not wonder how to do
    and then will be a clear sign to a potential     this job without the involvement that we have through our
    intruder that someone has access to the          Citizens on Patrol. When I do presentations I always discuss
    house. When there is no one inside, you          where we were back in 1989 (No. 1 in the nation in murder
                                                     rate), and I recall when I was a rookie in 1995 it was wild,
    can make it appear that there is by
                                                     wild west.
    purchasing timers for your lights and                You know, in our last census there are more than 750,000
    television or radio. Schedule these items        people who call Fort Worth home. I know from the amount of
    to turn on at a predetermined time each          traffic on our highways that the number is greater with the
    night so someone who is casing your              amount of people who commute to Fort Worth. We have made
    neighborhood will believe someone is             great strides in policing, but we have more to do yet. As the
    home. This may sound unusual, but do             Crime-Free Multi-housing Coordinator for the South-East
    not cancel you newspaper or mail. Have a         Bureau, we are seeing great results with this International
    friend check on your house and pick up           Program. Every month I teach an eight-hour class for
    the mail and newspapers.                         apartment management, leasing agents and maintenance
                                                     personnel (the next class is June 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at
                                                     2000 E. Loop 820 at the New Beginnings Church). The next
  J-18   by Officer Travis Chromaster                step is Phase II, a Security Survey conducted on the property,
       The Beat has begun having problems            looking at lights, shrubs, deadbolt locks, common areas, etc.
    with burglary of habitations in the past         Once the property passes the inspection, a Crime Prevention
    couple of weeks. School is out and I             Event is conducted on the property. The key to the program is
    expect to have an increase in burglaries,        cooperation and partnership with apartment employees and the
                                                     CFMH Lease Addendum (states any criminal activity to
    as we normally do at the end of the
                                                     include narcotics, gang, violence, discharging of weapons,
    school year. The best way to combat this         prostitution, threats or intimidations they are evicted). With
    offense is to be vigilant for your               some of the CFMH properties that follow all the guidelines,
    neighbors when they are away from                we have had an 80 percent reduction in police calls, narcotics
    home and to report any kind of suspicious        and criminal activity. If you live in an apartment, you should
    activity in the neighborhood. I would            speak to the management about this proactive criminal
    really like to see an increase in not only       prevention program.
    our COP program but also a revival in                Lastly I want to speak to you about your neighborhood. If
    our Crime Watch participation on the             you do not have a Crime Watch program in your
    Beat. Wedgwood East had one of the               neighborhood, you should seriously consider starting one.
    largest active Crime Watches in the city         Every day in the city officers respond to burglaries and thefts.
                                                     We must be proactive and report suspicious persons and
    once upon a time. Please remind your
                                                     vehicles in your neighborhood. Many of the best arrests I have
    neighbors to keep their garage doors             made were as a result of a good citizen reporting a crime in
    closed even if they are working in their         progress.
    yards. We are still having burglaries of             The past two nights I spoke at two apartments on
    motor vehicles on the Beat as well, and I        establishing a Crime Watch program and recruited Citizens on
    would like to see those go away. If you          Patrol. At these presentations I spoke about the importance of
    have a removable GPS system in your              Operation Serial Number and RAPIDS, preventing crime by
    car, or any other valuables you wish to          securing property, situational awareness and reporting
    keep, please remove them when you get            suspicious people or vehicles. Working together, we can
    home. GPS systems are hot items for car          accomplish great things.
Crime Watch Newsletter                            June 2009                                                Page 4

K-11 by Officer Ross Williamson                           K-13 by Officer Rodney Nobles
      May was a month of burglaries! Homes are the               We are winding down another school
  main target. Please get out there and introduce             year, so get ready for the kiddos to be out
  yourself to your neighbors. We need all of you to           running around without a purpose. Summer
  keep an eye out for each other. This summer will            usually brings an increase in criminal activity
  tell how good you follow up on this assignment.             in the Hallmark/Camelot area. We must be
  The game plan for the summer is increased police            vigilant in our patrol efforts and report all
  presence in our neighborhoods. Plus, I am asking all        suspicious activity. The month of May has
  my COPs patrollers to give a couple of extra hours          been a very busy month crime-wise in the
  a week if possible. Together we can slow the                Hallmark/Camelot area. We have had a rise
  property crime increase.                                    in vehicle burglary and residential burglary,
      On a brighter note. I would like to thank all of        mostly in the east end of the Beat. We are
  you who helped with the Memorial Day bike race.             increasing patrol in the area most affected to
  We had over 400 riders participate in this year’s           curtail problems. I want to thank patrol and
  event. This brought in over $11,000 for the Fort            the Hallmark/Camelot Citizens on Patrol for
  Worth Police Bike Patrol Citizens Support Group.            their continued support in helping to address
  Again, thank you everyone!                                  problem on the Beat. Until next time, be safe.
K-12 by Officer Kyle Lawrence                                      K-14 by Officer Doyal Gilbert
      Hello, and to those who didn’t know,                                       May has come and gone and
  I’m the new NPO for K-12’s Beat.                                          I think crime is the only thing
  First, I will tell you a little bit                                          blooming. Crime is still up on
  about myself. I’ve worked in the                                              the Beat for the month. One
  Southeast FOB for three of my                                                  again, the crime is kind of
  five years on the department.                                                   spread out all over. Patrol is
  The other two years were spent                                                  doing a good job of finding
  on the Westside in the Como                                                    suspects in some cases that
  community. I’ve worked patrol                                                  we have been working on.
  since the beginning. This is the                                              We have also had some good
  first non-patrol position that I’ve                                        work in tying the suspects to
  worked and this marks the completion                                     other cases as well. I have also
  of my first month as NPO.                                            received calls from our COP
      On May 12, I was recognized by the Fort                     members with good information while
  Worth Police Awards Foundation as Officer of the            I’m on patrol. I appreciate everyone’s hard
  Year - South Division for 2008. This award was the          work. Summer is around the corner and it
  result of lots of hard work and it brings me great          will take all of us working together to help
  satisfaction knowing that my efforts were                   keep crime to a minimum. Crime is down
  recognized by my peers and chain of command. I              citywide for the first quarter of the year. That
  will bring this same work ethic to my new position          shows all the hard effort of everyone working
  as NPO.                                                     together.
      Next, thanks to our Code Blue volunteers. I                I was glad to see everyone who came out
  know that you may not see the impact that you               to the seminar. I hope everyone had a good
  make. Believe me, criminals don’t like people               time. We get
  watching them. You make a difference. Watch your            many chances
  neighborhood and report suspicious activity.                to         come
      Finally, there will be Kid ID and COP                   together like
  recruitment at South Meadow Park at 2300 Kelton             that and enjoy
  St on June 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be          ourselves.      I
  COP brochures and applications available, so bring          will         see
  a neighbor. I’ll see you there.                             everyone soon.
Crime Watch Newsletter                            June 2009                                               Page 5

   K-15 by Officer Mike Vargas                                        K-18 by Officer D. Hummer
        The start of summer is here. Get ready for the heat and            Welcome back to the South end of
     remember to drink plenty of fluids (preferably water). I          town. I hope everyone is doing well
     don’t want to see any of our residents suffer from heat           these days and I hope you’re ready for
     exhaustion.                                                       the heat. Not much new on the crime
        With summer with us, we must remember that there will          scene — same old story of cars being
     be many young folks with lots of time on their hands. Some        broken into along the restaurants and
     will use their time positively and, of course, there will be      commercial areas of the Beat. There
     some who don’t. Please keep track of your young one’s             have been a few burglaries of
     activities and who they hang out with. I’m sure everyone          habitations scattered around the Beat,
     has terrific kids, but it only takes one spray paint can, a bb    but for the most part the biggest
     gun or even a slingshot to bring misery to the neighborhood.      problem is burglaries of motor
        One last June tip: Please practice good driving habits and     vehicles.
     be courteous to other motorists. Give a nice hand wave to             If you remember from my article
     anyone who was courteous to you on the roadway. I bet this        last month, I mentioned I had served
     will have a reciprocal effect with other drivers.                 on a jury and had been gone about a
        Make every day a fantastic day!                                week and a half. The lawsuit was
   K-16 by Officer Ivory Pierce                                        between two land developers, so for
        I want to thank all of our COP members who attended the        the equivalent of eight days we
     Seminar. We all had a great time together that day. I don’t       listened to lawyers picking apart
     know about you, but I was so motivated after hearing our          contracts, deed restrictions, covenants
     police chief speak.                                               and amendments. I would not
                                                                       recommend this to anyone. The
   K-17 by Officer Rholand Sabo                                        lawyers spent over two years working
        By the time you read this summer will be in full swing.        on this lawsuit. After listening to them
     This means more kids walking the streets during the day and       argue this and that for eight days, it did
     later at night during the week. Officers will be out looking      not take the jury very long to answer
     for curfew violations. Remember the times are midnight on         the sixteen questions that were
     Friday and Saturday night and 11 p.m. Sunday through              presented to us. Anyway, I’m glad it’s
     Thursday.                                                         over and I rest in the knowledge of
        On May 12 we had 22 people complete the Code Blue              knowing that I will not have to do it
     Search training. Some took the training as a refresher, and       again for six months.
     we also had some new people enter the program. Ironically,            For those of you who attended the
     we almost had a call out very early the next morning, but         seminar this year, I hope you had a
     thankfully, the child was found. I found it to be a very          good time. I thought the food was
     enjoyable class to be involved in. We are looking at putting      good and I really enjoyed the
     on another class in the fall and are looking for more             entertainment by Sonny Burges. I
     volunteers. The only requirement is you have to be an active      think Central Division did a good job
     Code Blue Member. If you are unable to walk long                  keeping things on pace and flowing
     distances, we also have vehicle search teams.                     smoothly.
        May started off slow crime-wise on K-17's Beat but                 Finally, I would like to apologize to
     picked up at the end of the month. Burglaries of habitations      the folks on K18’s Beat for not being
     and vehicles continue to be a problem all over the Division.      around much the end of May and the
     Once again, several arrests were made, but this did not slow      first of June. I took off a few days and
     down the crime. We need more patrols, especially during           the rest of the time I was working on
     the early daytime hours if you are able to help out.              the Code Blue Golf Tournament. By
     Encourage your neighbors to keep an eye out. We will have         the time you read this all that will be
     a lot of people leaving for vacations, so be sure to take         over and I will have been back on the
     precautions like stopping newspaper and mail deliveries.          Beat. Have a Good day and a Better
        I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable summer.            tomorrow.
Crime Watch Newsletter                            June 2009                                                            Page 6

                               Citizens on Patrol (COP):
                               The next citywide training is scheduled for July 18 at the Fort Worth Police
                               Academy, 1000 Calvert St., from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Get your applications in as
                               soon as possible so criminal histories can be checked.

                               Search and Rescue Training:
                               We just completed training with approximately 36 people (some new and some
                               for refresher training). We had some great scenarios for practical exercises on
                               May 9. Special thanks to Officer Anderson from John District and Officer Sabo
                               from King District for facilitating this training. Thanks also to Officer Byford
                               from John District who portrayed a “lost” person for the scenarios.

 2009 Code: Blue Seminar:
 Congratulations to the following winners from South Division:

               Harvey Tanz                                                Jerry Fetter
               NPD 7 COP                                                  NPD 8 COP
               Patroller of the Year for 2008                             Patroller of the Year for 2008
               Harvey is the Group Captain for                            Jerry is the Group Captain for
               South Hills (J-14’s Beat)                                  Panther Heights (K-15’s Beat)

               James Atkinson
                                                                          Warner Filley
               South Division
                                                                          Chuck Silcox Award for 2008
               Patroller of the Year for 2008
                                                                          Warner is the Group Captain for
               James is a member of
                                                                          Carter Park (J-13’s Beat)
               Wedgwood South (K-11’s Beat)

  Passing of COP Member
                   It is with great sadness that we            Citizens On Patrol
                   inform your of the death of Larry
                   Howell from Pointer Crossings.                Training Class
                   Larry died of an apparent heart
                   attack on May 12 while visiting                    When:
                   relatives in Los Angeles.                       Part 1 - Tuesday, June 16, 2009
                                                                   Part 2 - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
    South COPs Base Contact Info                                        6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
        817-392-3423 Base at NPD 7                                              Where:
        817-392-3648 Base at NPD 8                                 Fort Worth Police Department                             South Division 3128 West Bolt St.
                                                           You must attend both parts to complete classroom training
              Frances Jackson                             After classroom training, you will be required to do a ride-
        South Division COP / CERT Coordinator             along with a patrol officer and take a two hour class at the
     3128 W Bolt St. Fort Worth, Texas 76110                           Police Communications Center.                          For More Information Please Call 817-392-3418
      817-922-3418       (cell) 817-253-1845
Crime Watch Newsletter   June 2009                           Page 7

                     KIDS PAGE

                                     Fitting a Bicycle
                                     Helmet Correctly
                               • The helmet should sit level on
                                 your head; wear it low on your
                                 forehead, two fingers above
                                 the eyebrows.
                               • Adjust the plastic slider on
                                 both straps to form a “V”
                                 shape under your ears.
                               • Tighten the chin strap and
                                 adjust the pads inside so the
                                 helmet doesn’t move.
Crime Watch Newsletter   June 2009   Page 8
Crime Watch Newsletter          June 2009                 Page 9

         Community Safety Fair!!!
                   Wal-Mart Parking Lot
                    7451 McCart Ave
                    Saturday June 27
                      10 am to 2 pm
      FWPD will be teaching children bicycle and helmet
       safety while riding through an obstacle course!
                       Face Painting!
                         Child ID’s
       Two children's Bicycles will be given away in a
                    Drawing at 12 noon!
                   Free Pepsi, Chips, and Hotdogs!
                     Bring The Kids!
                        Have Fun!
                 Kick off a Safe Summer!!
                         Hosted and Sponsored by
Crime Watch Newsletter                                                                                                                                                 June 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                Page 10

                                                                                                                                                                  Beware of Moving Companies that
                                                                                                                                                                         Scam Consumers
                                                Summer is the busiest time of year for moving companies. While most
                                                legitimate movers comply with the law, unfortunately a few unscrupulous
                                                operators employ a range of practices that take advantage of their customers.
        Some unscrupulous movers give customers an artificially low estimate for their services. Then, on moving day, they
  revise their estimate and provide a much higher price. By that time, customers have no time to find another mover and
  have little choice but to go along with the increased rate.
        Another type of moving scam is perpetrated after a customer’s belongings have been loaded up and hauled away.
  With the customers’ property in the movers’ possession, the company refuses to deliver or unload the customer’s
  property unless the customer agrees to pay a higher fee.
        Knowledge is always a valuable weapon, so Texans in the market for a moving company should research several
  options and secure written estimates before moving day. Care also should be taken to ensure that movers are properly
  licensed and insured. Texans can look up a moving company’s rating and complaint history at the Better Business
  Bureau’s Web site,
        Moving scam warning signs include:
        • Movers that offer advance estimates without seeing their customers’ home or belongings. Estimates based on
           cubic footage are also red flags.
        • Movers that fail to provide a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This booklet must be
           provided to all customers who plan an interstate move. The federally mandated pamphlet contains instructions
           about how to respond if goods are lost or damaged during a move.
        • Movers that require a large deposit or payment in cash.
        • Movers that lack a local address and do not provide licensing information on their Web site. To check motor
           carrier registration status, consumers can visit (in-state) and
        Movers are required by law to deliver a customer’s goods for no more than 10 percent above the price of a
  nonbinding estimate. Customers are not required to pay any amount above a binding estimate. The mover is required to
  bill customers for any additional charges within 30 days of delivery.
        Texans can file complaints against moving companies with either the Texas Department of Transportation
  (TxDOT) or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). TxDOT accepts complaints against movers that
  carry goods within the state of Texas. FMCSA takes complaints against movers that cross state lines.
        Common complaints include:
        • Overcharging;
        • Holding shipments hostage for more money than originally quoted;
        • No license, registration or insurance;
        • Failure to acknowledge, process and settle loss and damage claim within 120 days of receipt; and
        • Failure to honor agreed pick-up or delivery dates without proper notice.
        Texans who want more information about moving scams or wish to file a complaint against a moving company can
  contact the OAG at (800) 252-8011 or online at

       Points to Remember
       Beware of moving companies that:
       Providing an estimate without seeing the home and belongings Don’t notify you of your rights and responsibilities
  Require a large deposit or payment in cash Have no local address or licensing information
  For interstate moves (across state For intrastate moves (inside Texas)                                                                                                                                                                                            Better Business Bureau
  borders) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Texas Department of Transportation                                                                                                                                                                                            
  Administration                           (800) 558-9368                                                                                                                                                                                             Office of the Attorney General
             (888) 368-7238             Federal Trade Commission                                                                                                                                                                                                                (800) 252-8011             (877) FTC-HELP                                                                                                                                                                                         
Crime Watch Newsletter   June 2009   Page 11
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