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Reichstein Foundation from 2002 to 2005
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Our history                                                                             1
From our Chair                                                                          3
From our Executive Officer                                                              5
Our trustees                                                                            7
Our workers                                                                             9
Our priorities for grants                                                              10
Our stories                                                                            11
    Justice for land and people
    • Indigenous peoples
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Regional and rural concerns                                                      13
    Level crossings aren’t level for all
    • People with a disability                                                         15
    Until we have a just, safe and welcoming environment…
    • Refugees and asylum seekers                                                      17
    Refugee children have the same rights as all children
    • Refugees and asylum seekers                                                      19
    Meeting the victims, taking responsibility, making amends – that’s tough justice
    • Justice and correctional issues                                                  21
    Classrooms to talk about, hear, and understand same-sex attraction
    • Regional and rural concerns
    • Addressing discrimination against same-sex attracted people                      23
    Through the eyes of women - police responses to family violence
    • Addressing violence against women
    • Regional and rural concerns                                                      25
    Pie in the sky no more
    • Regional and rural concerns                                                      27
Our granting facts and figures                                                         29
A different way to achieve our aims - our support for special ventures                 30
    Our capacity building work with Indigenous communities                             31
    Our belief in social change philanthropy and support for
    Changemakers Australia (CMA)                                                       33
Our thanks                                                                             35

our history
The Reichstein Foundation was endowed by Lance Reichstein in 1971. He was born in
1900 into a farming family at Morchard, South Australia. Lance excelled at school and
won a scholarship to continue his education and to attend Adelaide University,
where he studied engineering.

He founded his company,            Lance’s daughter, Jill             Through this work Jill saw how     As Chair, Jill has encouraged
Industrial Engineering, in 1928.   Reichstein, is now Chair of the    philanthropy could be used         the appointment of trustees
He was an innovator and a risk     Foundation. After Jill completed   creatively to support social       that have experience working
taker. His company became          a sociology degree at Monash       change. Inspired by the work of    as activists in our priority
successful nationally and          University, she helped establish   Tracy Gary, who pioneered          funding areas.
internationally.                   the first women’s refuge in        social change philanthropy in
                                   Victoria. She went on to           the US, Jill has spent the past    The family involvement
Lance Reichstein set up the        develop community-based            fifteen years mentoring others     continues with Lucy Larkins,
Foundation to give back to the     childcare for the City of          who have inherited wealth.         Lance’s granddaughter, who is
community that helped create       Brunswick, where she gained        Under Jill’s guidance, the         actively involved on the Board.
his wealth. The Foundation         experience in social planning,     Reichstein Foundation has          In time his grandson Tom may
continues to build on his legacy   community consultation and         encouraged individuals and         also join the Board.
by using community building        community development.             foundations to support social
and social justice approaches                                         change philanthropy projects. In
to its grant-making.                                                  the early 1990s Jill started the
                                                                      Women Donors Network, which
                                                                      was the genesis for the
                                                                      recently created
                                                                      Changemakers Australia, a
                                                                      progressive funder’s network.

Lance Reichstein set up the
Foundation to give back to
the community that helped
create his wealth.
from our chair
The Reichstein Foundation has always been committed to community-based
organisations which work for equality and justice. Philanthropy Australia’s research
of their members’ grant giving confirmed that gay and lesbian concerns and issues
regarding the criminal justice system received the least philanthropic dollars. In 2001
we selected these two areas as funding priorities because they are often the least
popular ‘causes’ and therefore attract the least funding.
In addition we identified seven       In 2004 Christa and Kaye          One of our key goals is to       Over the past two years, the
other priority areas. These are       Bratetich, the Officer Manager,   expand social change             Foundation has initiated two
illustrated in this report by eight   developed and ran a capacity      philanthropy and to teach        donor circles - the Environment
project stories.                      building program in conjunction   people about social justice      Donor Circle (in partnership
                                      with RMIT. It was offered to      values in grant giving – for     with the Mullum Trust) and the
We are determined to be more          Indigenous groups that were       example inclusiveness and        Refugee and Asylum Seeker
accessible and relevant to            funded by, or were in contact     accountability. We are very      Donor Circle (in partnership
organisations that are involved       with, the Foundation. The         pleased to be involved in the    with the Eastweb Fund). A
in these priority areas. In 2004      course and its outcomes are       development of Changemakers      donor circle brings together
the Reichstein Foundation did         detailed in this report. By all   Australia (CMA), an              individuals and foundations that
away with closing dates and           accounts it was enormously        organisation which seeks to      have an interest in a particular
maximum funding amounts and           successful. If community          support and educate donors       area in order to learn more
is now committed to funding           groups have a better              about community generated        about the issues related to it
some projects for more than           understanding of the way          projects which are aimed at      and work collaboratively to fund
one year. We are growing into         philanthropy can operate in       solving the root causes of       projects.
this new way of operating, but        partnership with them, they are   problems. It urges donors and
the response of grant seekers         more likely to build more         philanthropic organisations to   We also organised five project
has been positive.                    sustainable and effective         become more accountable,         briefings - where a number of
                                      organisations.                    strategic, inclusive,            funded organisations described
Christa Momot, our Executive                                            compassionate and                their projects and discussed
Officer, has worked supportively      With this in mind we              collaborative. The Reichstein    project outcomes with donors.
with many of our grant seekers        encouraged and supported the      Foundation provided an initial   Briefings on criminal justice;
– giving advice about resources       Collective of Self Help Groups    seeding grant, is represented    the environment (in partnership
and assistance with applications      (COSHG) and Victorian Council     on the interim management        with the Mullum Trust); refugee
and project development.              of Social services (VCOSS) to     committee and provides           and asylum seekers (in
Although time-consuming, this         apply to the Community            administrative assistance        partnership with the RACV
approach brings forward               Support Fund and the Victorian    to CMA.                          Foundation); Indigenous issues
interesting projects and              Law Foundation for capacity                                        (in partnership with Foundation
highlights the need for               building resources. They were                                      for Young Australians); and
organisational capacity building      successful.                                                        same-sex attracted people (in
by many small community-                                                                                 partnership with the Gay and
based organisations.                                                                                     Lesbian Foundation of
                                                                                                         Australia) were held.

                                                    We are determined to
                                                    be more accessible and
                                                    relevant to organisations
                                                    that are involved in these
                                                    priority areas.
During the last few years, our      Between 2002 and 2005 a             In 2003 we welcomed Kaye          I thank my fellow trustees,
work with donors has increased      number of trustees completed        Bratetich as Office Manager.      donors, Christa, Kaye and all
considerably, with 72 donors        their term and new trustees         She has made a productive         our volunteers for their
currently registered with us.       were appointed. Jenny               contribution to the work          commitment to our work. Being
Registration gives donors           Florence, Barbara Spalding and      of the Foundation.                involved in philanthropy is a
access to the Reichstein            Rhonda Galbally all spent many                                        privilege and very rewarding
Foundation’s grant giving           years as trustees and each          We have considerable support      and, whilst it contributes to
information. They get access to     made a significant contribution     from volunteers. They enable      community wellbeing, it also
well researched social change       to the Foundation through their     us to achieve much more than      adds to the lives of all of us
projects and they can work          commitment to innovative and        would be possible without         who are involved.
together as part of a               challenging projects for social     them. They add to the
community of donors.                change outcomes. We thank           knowledge, skills and
                                    them for their inspired support.    experience we draw on to meet
It is very exciting that the        I also thank Kenny Bedford          our goals.
number of donors who co-fund        for his involvement with the
projects with the Reichstein        Foundation, before leaving          Many of our projects have
Foundation has grown - this         to work in the Torres               achieved results beyond           Jill Reichstein OAM
allows us to support many           Strait Islands.                     expectation; a number of these
more projects.                                                          are highlighted in this report.
                                    We welcome Fiona Smith and          The Foundation thanks our
Our vision is to effect social      Ian Seal as trustees. They each     partners – both donors and
change through strategic,           bring a wealth of knowledge         community group members –
community-based solutions and       and direct experience of            for making this possible.
we rely on our trustees, staff      addressing disadvantage. Their
and volunteers, through their       professional lives and
connection to community, to         community activism are highly
accomplish this vision. Christa     relevant to the priority concerns
Momot works creatively with         of the Foundation. All our
staff, volunteers and trustees to   trustees are engaged in project
refine and strengthen our           visits and contribute to a
model of philanthropy.              number of committees
                                    associated with the
                                    Foundation’s work.

from our
executive officer
There is a persistent belief that social justice grantmaking requires significant grantmaking
resources. It does not. Often times, simply convening people to talk about an issue publicly
is enough to begin to influence public opinion and begin to change the system.
Raising the public profile        So often, philanthropic            The Reichstein Foundation           In 2004 and 2005 I ran 23
of social inequities that         funding is about providing a       adopted this process and            information sessions and had
                                  maximum sum of money,              developed a work plan to            52 face-to-face meetings with
exist related to poor             within a time specified period     increase access to grants. We       groups in rural areas. Rural
people, people of colour,         (usually only one year), with      aligned our activities and          outreach incurs expenses (time
women, individuals with           strict closing dates and with      processes to complement the         and cost) for the Foundation
disabilities, or gays and         an expectation that projects       way community development           but the rewards are
                                  will demonstrate innovation        takes place.                        encouraging. Since 2002 the
lesbians does not require
                                  whilst being risk-free.                                                number of rural projects funded
large amounts of money. It                                           My work prior to                    has increased.
does require the will and         This is not the climate in which   commencement at the
the courage to use the            social change occurs.              Foundation was in community         Capacity building assistance is
Foundation’s cachet to                                               development with very               included as a goal. Community
                                  Social change is best nurtured     disadvantaged communities in        based, consumer controlled
legitimize a topic as being       when the funding body and the      Melbourne’s western suburbs,        organisations require additional
worthy of discussion.             recipient form a working           and homeless women and their        support and resources. Often
                                  partnership to find solutions      children.                           these organisations and groups
Emmett D. Carson, Reflections     and when the recipient                                                 can’t call on people with
on Foundations and Social         organisation involves those        In my current role I have built     accounting, legal, management
Justice, Keynote address to the   affected by project outcomes in    on my previous experience with      and community development
Synergos Institute’s Global       all aspects of the project.        project development - except        experience. They are run by
Senior Fellows Meeting,                                              that I can now support this         people who have ‘life
Oaxaca, Mexico, 2003              This process is slow, requires     work with access to                 experience’ of the issues but
                                  different types of support         philanthropic resources.            do not always have the formal
                                  (capacity building, mentoring,     Our strategic plan lists five       skills, networks and resources
                                  leveraging pro bono support)       goals and the strategies to         of larger not-for-profit
                                  and assistance with submission     achieve our mission of Change       organisations.
                                  and project development. The       not Charity. It also outlines the
                                  project funding often comes        approach to our work with           The capacity building program
                                  later.                             grant seekers in a sustained        (outlined in this report) is a
                                                                     and satisfying way.                 practical way to work with
                                  Various foundations in San                                             Indigenous organisations. They
                                  Francisco all committed to         Our goals state that we will        can become more effective in
                                  social change funding, which I     work in partnership with            governance, project
                                  visited in 2004, affirmed this     community groups, individual        development and submission
                                  formula again and again.           donors and other foundations        writing and thus more
                                                                     to assist organisations that        successful in sourcing funds
                                                                     work on priority issues             from philanthropy.
                                                                     identified by the Reichstein
                                                                     Foundation. This work includes
                                                                     assistance with project and
                                                                     submission development.

This investment of time and       For example, our environmental      The work of the last four years
resources resulted in a marked    work included an internal audit     has given me a sense of pride
increase in project proposals     that resulted in significant        and achievement, not possible
from Indigenous communities.      changes to our own practices.       without the support of the
In 2002 and 2003 we funded        We are coordinating a bulk          dedicated staff, volunteers,
nine Indigenous projects. In      purchase of environmentally         trustees and donors I work
2004 and 2005 this rose to        friendly (post consumer waste)      with, in particular Jill Reichstein
eighteen.                         photocopying paper for use          and Kaye Bratetich. Thank you.
                                  within the philanthropic sector
Working in alliance and           with the assistance of Going
collaboration is a key goal to    Solar.
achieve social change. Macro
social issues cannot be tackled   The life experience of most
in isolation. We ask grant        paid and unpaid staff and
seekers to demonstrate their      trustees aligns with our priority   Christa Momot
links with peak bodies and        funding areas. This, combined
relevant stakeholders.            with their skills and
                                  commitment to social change
The Foundation contributes to     advocacy, makes sure that our
this process by convening a       grantmaking is relevant and
Violence Against Women            accessible.
Network in collaboration with
the Victorian Women’s Trust.
This network brings groups
funded by us or the Trust
together at quarterly meetings
to collaborate on common

Walking the talk is a goal we
aspire to. The priority funding
areas we have identified form
the basis of our own work. We
aim to be consistent in our
approach to grant making and
our own every day operations.

our trustees

Jill Reichstein (Chair)            Lucy Larkins                        Jane Tewson                         Father Peter Norden
After graduating from Monash       Lucy Larkins is the                 Jane Tewson moved to                Father Peter Norden is a Jesuit
University, Jill Reichstein        granddaughter of the late           Australia from the UK in 2000.      Priest, Policy Director of Jesuit
helped establish the first         Lance Reichstein. Lucy joined       In the UK, Jane founded             Social Services, and an Adjunct
women’s refugee in Victoria.       the Reichstein Foundation as a      Charity Projects and Comic          Professor in the School of
She went on to develop             full Trustee in 2001 after          Relief – the organisation from      Social Science and Planning at
community-based childcare for      turning eighteen. With a            which the phenomenally              RMIT University. Among his
the City of Brunswick, where       commitment to environmental         successful Red Nose Day was         many previous roles, Peter was
she gained experience in social    sustainability, Lucy has been       conceived. Jane also founded        Chaplain to Pentridge Prison in
planning, community                actively involved in the            Pilotlight UK and since             Melbourne.
consultation and community         Australian Youth Parliament for     relocating to Australia, is
development.                       the Environment. She also has       Founder and Director of             Over many years Peter has
                                   a strong interest in the criminal   Pilotlight Australia – a catalyst   been involved in addressing
As Chair of the Reichstein         justice system and, having just     organisation that seeds             concerns in the criminal justice
Foundation, Jill is actively       finished her final year of a        innovative forms of social          system, drug law reform and
involved in developing             combined Arts/Law degree at         action through creative             strengthening communities in
partnerships with the many         The University of Melbourne,        partnerships.                       inner-city neighbourhoods. One
community groups supported         plans to spend 2006 travelling                                          of his current focuses is
by the Foundation. As a strong     and doing voluntary legal work      Through Pilotlight, Jane            research and public policy work
supporter of social change         overseas.                           continues her life work – to        highlighting the unequal
philanthropy, Jill was                                                 push the boundaries of              distribution of wealth in
instrumental in establishing                                           philanthropic thinking and          Australia. In conjunction with
Changemakers Australia and is                                          action - bringing fresh             Professor Tony Vinson, Peter
a member of the interim board.                                         approaches to achieving social      has been investigating
                                                                       justice. Jane also sits on The      locational disadvantage
Jill is also currently a board                                         Virgin Foundation Board,            throughout the country and is
member of the Trust for Young                                          known as Virgin Unite, and          mapping the concentration of
Australians; the Koorie Heritage                                       Malvern Central School Council.     poverty by postcode.
Trust; Melbourne Community
Foundation; and Australia                                                                                  Peter is a National Board
Centre, The University of                                                                                  Member of the Australian
Melbourne.                                                                                                 Council of Social Service and
                                                                                                           the Convenor of the Victorian
                                                                                                           Criminal Justice Coalition.

our trustees

Jill Reichstein (Chair)            Lucy Larkins                        Jane Tewson                         Father Peter Norden
After graduating from Monash       Lucy Larkins is the                 Jane Tewson moved to                Father Peter Norden is a Jesuit
University, Jill Reichstein        granddaughter of the late           Australia from the UK in 2000.      Priest, Policy Director of Jesuit
helped establish the first         Lance Reichstein. Lucy joined       In the UK, Jane founded             Social Services, and an Adjunct
women’s refugee in Victoria.       the Reichstein Foundation as a      Charity Projects and Comic          Professor in the School of
She went on to develop             full Trustee in 2001 after          Relief – the organisation from      Social Science and Planning at
community-based childcare for      turning eighteen. With a            which the phenomenally              RMIT University. Among his
the City of Brunswick, where       commitment to environmental         successful Red Nose Day was         many previous roles, Peter was
she gained experience in social    sustainability, Lucy has been       conceived. Jane also founded        Chaplain to Pentridge Prison in
planning, community                actively involved in the            Pilotlight UK and since             Melbourne.
consultation and community         Australian Youth Parliament for     relocating to Australia, is
development.                       the Environment. She also has       Founder and Director of             Over many years Peter has
                                   a strong interest in the criminal   Pilotlight Australia – a catalyst   been involved in addressing
As Chair of the Reichstein         justice system and, having just     organisation that seeds             concerns in the criminal justice
Foundation, Jill is actively       finished her final year of a        innovative forms of social          system, drug law reform and
involved in developing             combined Arts/Law degree at         action through creative             strengthening communities in
partnerships with the many         The University of Melbourne,        partnerships.                       inner-city neighbourhoods. One
community groups supported         plans to spend 2006 travelling                                          of his current focuses is
by the Foundation. As a strong     and doing voluntary legal work      Through Pilotlight, Jane            research and public policy work
supporter of social change         overseas.                           continues her life work – to        highlighting the unequal
philanthropy, Jill was                                                 push the boundaries of              distribution of wealth in
instrumental in establishing                                           philanthropic thinking and          Australia. In conjunction with
Changemakers Australia and is                                          action - bringing fresh             Professor Tony Vinson, Peter
a member of the interim board.                                         approaches to achieving social      has been investigating
                                                                       justice. Jane also sits on The      locational disadvantage
Jill is also currently a board                                         Virgin Foundation Board,            throughout the country and is
member of the Trust for Young                                          known as Virgin Unite, and          mapping the concentration of
Australians; the Koorie Heritage                                       Malvern Central School Council.     poverty by postcode.
Trust; Melbourne Community
Foundation; and Australia                                                                                  Peter is a National Board
Centre, The University of                                                                                  Member of the Australian
Melbourne.                                                                                                 Council of Social Service and
                                                                                                           the Convenor of the Victorian
                                                                                                           Criminal Justice Coalition.

Fiona Smith                       Ian Seal
With over twenty years            Ian Seal has been a teacher, a
experience as a public interest   youth worker, a consultant to
lawyer, with Federal and State    government, a tutor/lecturer,
tribunals, government agencies    and a community project
and the not-for-profit sector,    worker. Ian is active in a
Fiona Smith’s energies have       number of areas with young
focussed on social regulation     people who are marginalised –
and policy, anti-discrimination   creating safe schools for same-
and human services.               sex attracted young people,
                                  advocating for improvements to
Fiona has a long history of       the foster care system,
involvement with self-help        developing models for
groups and as a human rights      connecting disadvantaged
and social justice advocate. As   young people to school and
a woman with a physical           community, and identifying
disability, Fiona has personal    ways in which schools in
experience of disadvantage.       disadvantaged communities
Through work with others, she     can work with families to
has made a significant            support the wellbeing of their
contribution to advocacy          young people.

regarding systemic
discrimination.                   Ian is a member of the
                                  Ministerial Advisory Committee
In 2004, Fiona was appointed      on Gay and Lesbian Health and
to a sessional role as            in 2003 was awarded a
Chairperson of the Equal          Centenary Medal for service to
Opportunity Commission. She is    improving sexual health
also Chair of the Business        outcomes for rural and
Licensing Authority and an        marginalised youth.
Ambassador for the Melbourne
Community Foundation.

trustees                                                            9
our workers
Staff                     Volunteers                       Chris Soderiou                  Traineeships
                                                           Community Development
Christa Momot             Marlee Bundle                    worker                          Norma Seip
Executive Officer         Administration worker                                            Leadership Plus
                                                           Whitney Solomon
Pep Dalton                Patricia Foster                  Administration worker           Russell Smith
Admin & Finance Officer   Community Development                                            Indigenous Philanthropy
                                                           Barbara Wilson
(Sept 2001-June 2002)     worker                                                           Internship
                                                           Resource Library Co-ordinator
Fae Wilson                Deborah Greene                                                   Whitney Solomon
Admin & Finance Officer   Archiving project worker         Students on                     Administration Trainee
(July-August 2002)                                         fieldwork placement             (Certificate III in Business
                          Jenni Mitchell
Mandy Bathgate            Archiving project co-ordinator
                                                           Helen Dobbyn
Office & Communications
                          Beng Neoh                        Community Development
Manager (Sept 2002-
                          Community Development            Student
June 2003)
                          worker (in training)
                                                           Derek Fagan
Kaye Bratetich
                          Adriana O’Donnell                Social Work Student
Office Manager
                          Granting/Donor Liaison
(from June 2003)                                           Rachel Lowe
                          project officer
                                                           Community Development
Judith Freidan
                          Heather Osland                   Student
Finance Administrator
                          Administration and
                                                           Beng Neoh
                          reception worker
                                                           Community Development
                          Mark Samuel-King                 Student
                          Community Development
                                                           Marie Theophanides
                                                           Social Work Student

our priorities for grants
The Reichstein Foundation receives many requests for assistance from very different
groups and organisations. To be considered for funding community groups must:
• actively work towards the pursuit of human rights and social justice for
  disadvantaged members of the community;
• involve consumers in the management and decision making of the group; and
• use community development processes to address concerns.
To assist both potential grant         • concerns of the western              In this report, each priority        Each story demonstrates that
recipients and the Foundation,           metropolitan region of               granting area is illustrated by a    with vision, will, strategic
priorities are set to guide our          Melbourne (in recognition of         project story, one of many. Each     thinking, collaboration,
grant giving. Currently, our             Lance Reichstein’s                   story outlines the driving           resources and hard work,
priority is to support:                  involvement in this area).           motivation for the project, the      groups of people can, and do,
• Indigenous peoples;                                                         way the funded group or              make a sustained difference –
                                       Projects that result in structural     organisation/s acted on their        to their own lives, the lives of
• people with a disability; and        change are our priority, with the      concerns, the alliances and          others, their community and the
• refugees and asylum seekers.         common thread of our granting          partnerships established, and        environment.
                                       being the promotion of human           the outcomes achieved.
We also fund projects which            rights and sustainability. By this
address:                               we mean dignity, fairness and
                                       justice for all people; self-
• violence against women;
                                       determination for Indigenous
• justice and correctional             peoples; safety, respect and
  issues;                              wellbeing for marginalised
• environmental sustainability;        people; and care and protection
                                       of our natural environment.
• discrimination against same-
  sex attracted people;
• concerns of regional and rural
  communities; and

year funded 2002                       Action for More Independence and
                                       Dignity in Accommodation Past,
                                                                              Broadmeadows Uniting Care –
                                                                              FairWear Campaign Promotion of the
                                                                                                                   Brotherhood of St Laurence with
                                                                                                                   Catholic Commission for
Action for Community Living            Present and Future (Supported          No Sweat Shop Label, Accreditation   Development, Justice and Peace The
Leadership Plus $20,000                Residential Services – Peer            Process & Homeworker’s Code of       Human Rights Alliance of Australia
                                       Education Kit) $8,000                  Practice $20,000 This project was    $20,000 This project was supported
Action for Community Living No                                                supported by R. Swart                by Fleur Spitzer
Limits – Disability Media $26,000      Action on Disabilities within Ethnic
                                       Communities From Carer Support to      Brotherhood of St Laurence and       City of Port Phillip Elwood/St Kilda
Action for Community Living with       Empower $15,000 This project was       Australians for Native Title and     Neighbourhood Learning Centre
Disability Support Workforce           supported by Melbourne Community       Reconciliation Treaty Consultation   $6,000
campaign group Stakeholders Forum      Foundation Discal Fund                 Project "Fanning the flames of
"Who Cares – ensuring the quality of                                          Reconciliation" $15,000              Collective of Self Help Groups A self
attendant care support services"                                                                                   help forum – Sharing our Knowledge
$6,500                                                                                                             $5,000

Communications Law Centre            Disability Justice Advocacy Inc.      Environment Victoria Victorian         Footscray Community Arts Centre
Telecommunications: Disability and   Safe Transport Campaign Coordinator   Graphic Information and Logistics      and Performing Older Women’s
Unfair Practice $12,800              $38,000 over two years                Database $20,000 This project was      Circus Women Alone $5,000
                                                                           supported by Precision Foundation
Darebin Community Legal Centre       Elizabeth Hoffman House From                                                 Footscray Community Arts Centre
Temporary Protection Visa Holders    Shame to Pride donation $1,000 This   Environment Victoria Save              with the Performing Older Women’s
Access Worker $14,500 This project   project was supported by Rick Begg    Goolengook $3,000 This project was     Circus Same/Different $30,000
was supported by Precision                                                 supported by the Mullum Trust
Foundation                           Environment Defenders Office On                                              Footscray Community Legal Centre
                                     the Ground in Victoria’s Native       Family Planning Victoria and Cutting   and Energy Action Group Redlining
Disability Discrimination Legal      Forests: Protocol and Education       Edge Same-Sex Attracted Youth          in Essential Services $6,500
Service Sexual Offences and          $2,093                                Shepparton $20,000
Disability Project $20,000

                                         our stories

Free Kindergarten Association of       Holden Street Neighbourhood          Jesuit Social Services – St Ignatius    Melbourne Workers Theatre
Victoria Inc. Empowering early         House Inc Northern Fitzroy Housing   Centre for Social Policy and Research   No! by Andrea James $10,000
childhood professionals to advocate    Estate Community Participation       Prisons: The new asylums of the Third
on behalf of asylum seeking children   Project – Community Development      Millennium $15,000                      Mental Health Legal Service
and their families $15,000             worker $3,000                                                                Involuntary Patient Experience of the
                                                                            Melbourne City Mission in               Mental Health Review Board
Friends of the Earth Melbourne and     Human Rights Centre for Mental       partnership with Western Young          $40,000 over two years
Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal          Health Inc and Western Region        Peoples Independent Network
Corporation Barmah-Millewa Liaison     Community Garden Group Footscray     Supporting Refugee and Migrant          Mietta Foundation Presentation
Project $20,000 This project was       Community Garden: A food security    Young People to Lead Themselves         of Forum Series $30,000 over
supported by E.M. Horton Trust         and community building project       $11,000 This project was supported      three years
                                       $3,000                               by Fleur Spitzer

Our stories:

                                              Justice for land and people
                                              Barmah-Millewa is the largest river red gum forest-wetland in
                                              the world. Its current ill health is attributed to non-Indigenous
                                              mis-management. Daily degradation by cattle grazing and
                                              logging is of great concern to Yorta Yorta Elders, but
                                              management using traditional knowledge of land can
                                              restore the forest to good health.
Lee Joachim, Chairperson Yorta Yorta Nation
Aboriginal Corporation

The Yorta Yorta see the                       While their unsuccessful Land           national park contains the              Environmentalists have not
forest from a holistic                        Claim was under appeal in               same principle. It proposes             always appreciated this
                                              1999, the Yorta Yorta Nation            direct Indigenous decision-             viewpoint. As Jonathan La
viewpoint. The forest                         considered other political              making through a majority of            Nauze, Barmah-Millewa Forest
nurtured our ancestors                        strategies to achieve land              Yorta Yorta Nation people on            Liaison project coordinator
and provided for them….                       justice and protection of their         the Board of Management.                from Friends of the Earth
In turn, the Yorta Yorta                      cultural heritage. A jointly                                                    puts it:
                                              managed Barmah-Millewa                  Second, this model of joint             … greenies and traditional
looked after the forest
                                              national park was seen as a             management of the forest will           owners come from a different
and nurtured it for the                       way to protect a very important         require a legislative framework         place, but we can make perfect
future. And when these                        tract of their heartland, and to        that in turn will support joint         allies. On the Murray there is so
practices and methods of                      gain a big say in its                   management agreements with              much we have in common –
forest management and                         management. In collaboration            Indigenous peoples throughout           but it takes time and
                                              with Friends of the Earth               Victoria. In the Barmah-Millewa         commitment to develop the
care are measured                             Melbourne they set out to               region, the Yorta Yorta Nation          necessary relationships and it
against more recent                           pursue the goal of making the           Aboriginal Corporation meets            requires that we (greenies) do
events, it is clear that                      Barmah-Millewa forest a                 to make decisions with the              away with our assumption of
they have an excellent                        national park.                          Council of Elders, representing         being rightful occupiers of the
                                                                                      the sixteen family groups of the        land.
track record that stands
                                              The project was                         region. All joint management
firm in its own right.                        groundbreaking on two main              agreements need to respect              The Barmah-Millewa Forest
                                              counts. First, the project              local decision-making                   Liaison project, funded in
Yorta Yorta Murray Goulburn                   partners recognised that the            processes.                              partnership with a private
Rivers Clans Inc                              Yorta Yorta Nation has                                                          donor, E.M. Horton Trust, goes
                                              sovereign rights to speak for                                                   to the heart of developing this
                                              country. The joint management                                                   relationship. The Yorta Yorta
                                              model for the proposed                                                          Nation and Friends of the Earth

Moreland Council and Y-Glam                   Project Respect Inc From anecdotes      Salvation Army, Inner South             Swinburne University of Technology
Performing Arts Project $15,000               to action, from recording data to       Domestic Violence Service and           Action Research Project $3,000
                                              creating reform: laying the             Winja Ulupna Women’s Service
NIDKids Support Group Ltd NIDKids             foundations for effective advocacy by   Indigenous Women’s Domestic             Tenancy Support & Consultancy
Coordinator $10,000                           women in marginalised communities       Violence Education Program $9,000       Services – Loddon Mallee Ltd Prison
                                              $15,000                                 This project was supported by           Housing Information Project $14,000
Positive Women (Vic) Inc A Positive
Pregnancy Experience: Information                                                     Precision Foundation                    Today-Tomorrow Foundation
                                              Reconciliation Australia Ltd
for HIV positive women who are                Community Education Materials           Star Victoria Inc Inclusive Education   Community Action: The Crossing
considering having a baby or who are          $15,000                                 – Inclusive Communities $10,000         Place $15,000
already mothers $15,000
                                              Reinforce Inc Capacity Building         Statewide Women’s Community             Uniting Church Promoting Inter-
                                              Grant $7,340                            Housing Service Women with              Cultural Dialogue in Victoria: A pilot
                                                                                      Disability and Housing Advocacy         project $20,000
                                                                                      Group $14,500

Participants of the Dharnya Conference, Oct 2005

were funded to provide media                       had to think about their own               The project also added to            Project:
liaison, community education,                      interest in land, and their own            government agency awareness.         Barmah-Millewa Forest Liaison
skill-sharing, and public                          connections to country. It all             For example, the terms of            Organisations:
presentations on the benefits                      took time. The people involved             reference for the Victorian          Yorta Yorta Nation in
of an Aboriginal-owned and                         in the partnership organisations           Environmental Assessment             collaboration with Friends of
managed Barmah-Millewa                             started with discussions                   Council’s Red Gum                    the Earth, Melbourne
National Park.                                     amongst themselves before                  Investigation now include            Priority areas:
                                                   involving other local groups and           investigation of possible            Indigenous people
Consultations involving Yorta                      then moving to wider public                Indigenous involvement in land       Environmental sustainability
Yorta people, reconciliation                       forums.                                    management.                          Regional and rural concerns
supporters and
environmentalists have been                        This liaison project has led to            Because of these new
vital in forging partnerships and                  better understanding and                   conversations, understandings
the formation of a long-term                       awareness of Yorta Yorta                   and alliances, a co-managed
community learning strategy.                       connections with country by                Barmah-Millewa National Park
Through forums, camps,                             key stakeholders and the                   is a lot closer to realisation.
workshops, barbeques and                           broader local community,                   One day soon, traditional land
gatherings, a dialogue on land                     especially environmentalists               management of this ancient
rights was created in the                          and environmental groups. A                place will begin the steps to
community – with the Yorta                         joint statement by all                     restore Barmah-Millewa’s
Yorta voice at the heart of it.                    stakeholders has endorsed                  delicate ecosystem to health.
                                                   Indigenous ownership of the
And there was far more to the                      proposed Barmah-Millewa
conversation than learning                         National Park.
about Indigenous attachment to
land. Non-Indigenous people

Uniting Church Australia – Hotham                  Victorian Arabic Social Services Inc       Western Region Centre Against        WiN Support Services And Western
Mission Asylum Seeker Community                    Temporary Protection Visa Refugees         Sexual Assault Inc (WestCASA) and    Homeless and Housing Action
Advocacy Project $21,000 This                      Support Network $10,000                    Horn of Africa Community Network     Network Community Advocacy to
project was supported by Claire                                                               Partnership in Action: Addressing    Review Local Office of Housing
McNamara and Hartline a sub fund of                Victorian Foundation for Survivors         Sexual Assault Issues with Horn of   Policy $13,000
Melbourne Community Foundation                     of Torture Inc with Pilotlight Australia   Africa Communities $18,273
                                                   Project Director $38,000 over                                                   Women’s Housing Ltd and VCOSS
Upper Murray Family Care                           two years                                  Western Suburbs Legal Service Inc    Housing is a Human Right $20,000
Indigenous Women, Law and                                                                     It Could Be You $5,000
Leadership Workshop $1,500 This                    Victorian Immigrant and Refugee                                                 Working Women’s Health Women’s
project was supported by Fleur                     Women’s Coalition VIRWC                    Western Suburbs Legal Service Inc    Report Card $15,000 This project
Spitzer                                            Volunteers Support $10,000                 and Refugee Action Refugee Voices    was supported by Fleur Spitzer
                                                                                              Project $12,000
Victorian Aids Council Anti Violence
Project $10,000

Our stories:

Level crossings aren’t level for all
On 25 October 2001, Chris Jones, a long-time campaigner for public transport safety for people with disabilities,
was hit by a train and killed at a level crossing. Chris wasn’t able to get out of the way of the train in time. Those
who knew and respected him felt loss, anger, profound sadness and a determination to continue his struggle to
make public transport accessible and safe for all users. Chris worked with others in this struggle – he was a
board member of Disability Justice Advocacy at the time of his terrible death. In December 2001 another
wheelchair user was killed at the Noble Park level crossing.

The public transport system            Members of the group point out         STAG got public transport             Sustained community pressure,
developed at a time when most          that economic rationalist policy       safety issues widely publicised,      active participation by
people with disabilities were          had a devastating effect on            and used this platform to             consumers in consultations,
hidden from view in institutions       safety. Privatisation of public        challenge the status quo and          well-formed arguments,
or in dependent domestic               transport rationalised staff -         put pressure on for                   conscientious involvement of
circumstances. Now people              which leaves stations without          improvements. Members                 STAG members, and the
with disabilities are more visible     staff. Privatisation puts pressure     worked on several fronts.             contribution of many other
and mobile, but public                 on the bottom (financial) line –                                             disability activists, combined to
transport’s rolling stock, lines,      which leaves level crossing            There was overwhelming                achieve long and short-term
operation and maintenance              maintenance in an unsatisfactory       public support for the call that      results. Most importantly,
have changed little. All public        state. Worse still, the government     something must be done. The           government has agreed that
transport users are vulnerable,        sold off different parts of the        media were interested in              level crossings will be made
but people with a disability are       public transport ‘system’ to           the story.                            safe and will be maintained to
more vulnerable.                       different companies. With no one                                             remain so - $12.5million has
                                       agency responsible for all             STAG called upon the                  been allocated to this end.
With funding from the                  aspects of the system, the buck        government to take responsibility
Reichstein Foundation,                 for safety had nowhere to stop.        for their issues regarding safety     Another positive outcome is
Disability Justice Advocacy, an                                               on public transport with              that people with a disability are
advocacy organisation for              Although STAG speak of the             consistent, concerted and             now represented on relevant
people with disabilities, formed       death of Chris Jones as the            committed action.                     government public transport
the Safe Transport Action              starting point, the project                                                  administrative bodies. The
Group (STAG). The group set            always stressed the universal          Strong alliances formed and           government is willing to be
about raising awareness;               benefit of safe public transport       were very effective. Disability       held accountable and there is
building alliances; promoting          for all users. A coronial inquest      Justice Advocacy, the                 a better chance that future
the importance of safety and           after Chris’ death severely            organisation that auspiced            governments will attend to the
stressing the urgency of a             criticised the Department of           STAG, launched a disability           needs of all public transport
safer transport system. They           Infrastructure.                        discrimination complaint at the       users.
understood the deep-seated,                                                   Human Rights and Equal
structural dimensions of unsafe                                               Opportunity Commission. This
public transport and were                                                     concluded two years later at
committed to advocating for                                                   the Federal Court. Although the
long-term change, not a                                                       results are confidential,
quick fix.                                                                    systemic change was achieved.

Year funded 2003                       Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
                                       Campaign for Change $20,000
                                                                              Brotherhood of St Laurence-
                                                                              Ecumenical Migration Centre Making
                                                                                                                    Child and Family Services Ballarat
                                                                                                                    Family Violence in the News $20,000
Action for Community Living                                                   Justice For Refugees a Reality
                                       Broadmeadows Uniting Care –            $20,000 This project was supported    Clean Ocean Foundation State
Disability Media – No Limits $20,000   FairWear Campaign Promotion of the                                           Ocean Outfall Audit $5,000 This
                                                                              by Fleur Spitzer
Action for More Independence and       Homeworker’s Code of Practice and                                            project was supported by the Mullum
Dignity in Accommodation Raising       No Sweat-shop Label and                Brotherhood of St Laurence-The        Trust
Our Voices Radio Show $2,500           Participation in Outwork legislation   Torch Project Re-igniting Community
                                       Campaign $20,000 This project was      North West $5,000                     Collective of Self Help Groups The
ALSO Care and Benevolent Society       supported by E.M. Horton Trust                                               COSHG Rural Roadshow $10,000
Inc. and Victorian Gay and Lesbian                                            CASA House, Royal Women’s
                                                                              Hospital and 16 Days Violence         Community Connections (Vic) Ltd
Rights Lobby Making it Equal –                                                                                      Cross Cultural Awareness in
Achieving Federal Gay & Lesbian Law                                           Against Women Working Group 16
                                                                              Days Campaign Coordination $5,000     Warrnambool and the District $8,000
Reform $20,000

The introduction of a 1800
phone number to report level
crossing damage and
maintenance requirements is
another appropriate, practical
outcome of this project.
Trackwalkers and engineers will
be trained in disability

This project harnessed the
enthusiasm, knowledge and
determination of many
individuals with a disability. It
connected individuals and
groups in solid alliances who
worked together to enhance
their public transport safety,
dignity and rights.

STAG - Safe Transport
Action Group
Disability Justice Advocacy
Priority area:
People with a disability

Community Connections (Vic) Ltd,         Darebin Community Legal Centre     Disability Justice Advocacy Inc       Emma House and Violence Against
Warrnambool Public Tenants               Administration and Law Reform      Opening the Doors media campaign      Women Integrated Services Raising
Association and Portland Public          Worker $10,000 This project was    $5,000                                Our Voice $20,000
Tenants Association Training for         supported by an anonymous donor
Committee Members $3,000                                                    Elizabeth Hoffman House From          Federation of Community Legal
                                         Disability Discrimination Legal    Shame to Pride $10,000 This project   Centres ChangeXchange $10,800
Daily Activities and Self Help Inc and   Service About Change – About       was supported by Melbourne
ASPIRE Reaching Out $5,000 This          Justice – About Time $20,000       Community Foundation E. M Horton      Fitzroy Legal Service Activists
project was supported by an                                                 Family Fund                           Handbook – Our Rights 2nd edition
anonymous donor                          Disability Justice Advocacy Safe                                         $10,000
                                         Transport Action Group $20,000     Emergency Accommodation and
                                                                            Support Enterprises Inc. (EASE)       Flat Out Inc. Children:
                                                                            Women’s Rights and Legal Response     Unacknowledged Victims of Social
                                                                            $25,000                               Justice $20,000

Our stories:
                   Until we have a just, safe
              and welcoming environment…

Footscray Community Arts Centre       Friends of the Earth Melbourne and    Inner East Community Health Service     Maldon Neighbourhood Centre Inc.
Shadowlands $7,000 This project was   Environment Victoria Biodiversity     and Victorian Medicare Action Group     Social Justice Officer $8,000
supported by R. Swart & Sandra        Information Strategy $20,000          Building Community Capacity to
Bardas                                                                      Improve Health Care $30,000             Public Tenants Advice and Referral
                                      Genetic Support Network of Victoria                                           Service – Tenancy Support &
Footscray Community Arts Centre       Outreach to Rural and Regional        Jesuit Social Services Building         Consultancy Services (Loddon-
and Wyndham Community Arts            Victoria $7,000                       Community Justice in Victoria           Mallee) Ltd Family Violence – Office
Alliance A Hole in the Ground                                               $15,000                                 of Housing Public Response $20,000
$10,000                               Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker
                                      Project Asylum Seeker Community       Jesuit Social Services with Victorian   Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre
Free Kindergarten Association         Advocacy $25,518 This project was     Criminal Justice Coalition Keeping      Inc. East Timorese Legal
Children’s Services Advocating,       supported by Melbourne Community      Justice Within the Criminal Justice     Representation Project $30,000
promoting and supporting refugee      Foundation Morawetz Social Justice    System $3,500
children’s rights $20,000             Fund & Brencorp Foundation

When asylum seekers come to Australia for protection, they are either placed in an
immigration detention centre or they live in the community, depending on their status
on arrival. Complex policy dictates the different visa classes during and after the
determination process. Very variable welfare, income support, education, health and
employment entitlements are accorded to visa holders.

Many asylum seekers have no           Although many church and                The dire position of asylum             This project makes anecdotes,
entitlements at all – no right to     community members already               seekers engenders deep                  personal stories, statistics and
work, no income, no right to          support this work, Hotham               compassion in many people,              research available to
Medicare, no right to any             Mission needs broader                   but in others their presence            government. Influencing
welfare payment - they often          community awareness and                 evokes fear, loathing and               decision makers with such
live in extreme poverty. How do       understanding to grow active            misunderstanding. This divided          material assists in meeting the
they survive?                         support for policy change and           response causes deep social             long-term goal of policy
                                      law reform, and thus                    division where complex asylum           change.
Hotham Mission helps many             strengthen their capacity to            seeker issues are often
with housing, payment of              influence governments.                  portrayed in ‘black and white’.         The work of the Asylum Seeker
utilities, emergency relief                                                   Through careful collation and           Community Awareness project
money, compassionate                  The Asylum Seeker Community             analysis of ‘real life’ situations      is strengthened through
personal support, and referrals       Awareness project makes the             confronting asylum seekers,             alliances and partnerships with
to other groups that may be           constraints, concerns and               the Asylum Seeker Community             many organisations.
able to help.                         difficulties confronting asylum         Awareness project has                   Partnerships which expand
                                      seekers – both in detention             contributed an essential                community reach; change
However, Hotham Mission’s             centres and in the community –          information base for the                minds, views and behaviour
response to the plight of             more visible. Greater                   development of alternative              towards asylum seekers;
asylum seekers does not end           community knowledge and                 policy responses to detention           increase practical assistance
with practical, material              understanding also comes                and to entitlement rights.              given; complement work
assistance and support.               through the involvement of                                                      undertaken; confirm research
Practical help is the beginning       more people in direct services          Another important component             outcomes; consolidate the
of a comprehensive research,          and action for policy change.           of long-term policy change is           demand for social change and
policy and advocacy response          The number of asylum seeker             engagement with decision                give hope to thousands men,
to the people and their               support networks, and the               makers on a level where they            women and children.
situation. Hotham Mission’s           number of people who work in            can see workable, alternative,
advocacy is designed to               them, has increased across              community-based approaches              The Reichstein Foundation, in
persuade government to adopt          metropolitan and rural Victoria.        to detention in action first hand.      partnership with The Scanlon
more welcoming, supportive                                                    On-going liaison and invitations        Foundation, the Melbourne
and just policy responses to                                                  to visit community-based                Community Foundation and the
asylum seekers.                                                               facilities create opportunities to      Morawetz Social Justice Fund,
                                                                              show the impact of current              is proud to be part of this
                                                                              policy on asylum seekers and            compassionate, comprehensive,
                                                                              to demonstrate the realities of         collaborative and effective
                                                                              an alternative approach.                network of alliances.

Project: Asylum Seeker Community Awareness
Organisation: Hotham Mission
Priority area: Refugees and asylum seekers

Refugee Council of Australia          The Butterfly Foundation                Victoria University and Iramoo          Victorian Council of Social Services
Refugee Policy and Advocacy Project   Outside Looking In $10,000              Sustainable Living Precinct, and        Federal Charities Legislation 2003:
$20,000                                                                       Friends of the Striped Legless Lizard   Resourcing the community sector
                                      Uniting Care Outreach Mission           Advocating for Wildflower Grassland     response $3,500
St Mary’s House of Welcome            Social Change Model $5,000              Conservation and Ecologically
Homeless Peoples’ Association                                                 Sustainable Living in Outer Western     Victorian Women’s Trust and Women
$10,000 This project was supported    VicServ – Psychiatric Disability                                                for a Humane Refugee Policy Women
                                      Services of Victoria Inc.               Melbourne $10,000 This project was
by The Panel Christmas Wrap Ltd                                               supported by Belinda Gross & an         for a Humane Refugee Policy
                                      Promoting Social Justice Community                                              Development Activities $3,000
Tenancy Support and Consultancy       Participation for Persons with Mental   anonymous donor
Services LTD (Loddon-Mallee),         Illness $3,000                          Victorian Council of Social Services    Western Suburbs Legal Service
Centre Against Sexual Assault                                                 Community Sector Clearing House         Reprint of Asylum Seeker Poster
(Loddon Campaspe) and Emergency       Victoria Mental Illness Awareness                                               $800
                                      Council Rural Outreach $20,000          and Governance Training Project –
Accommodation and Support                                                     Stage 1 $10,000
Service Access to Justice in the
Loddon Campaspe Region $20,000
Our stories:

Refugee children have
the same rights as all children
The voices of children are amongst the least heard in our community. This is never truer
than in the case of refugee children who are denied equal services, adequate care and
human rights in Australia.

Real Rights for Refugee                There are many significant             RRRC for information, articles,        After pressure from many
Children (RRRC) works to               outcomes from the Real Rights          training and speakers have a           directions the federal
release children from detention;       for Refugee Children project           ripple effect beyond early             government altered its policy
develop and distribute                 that will reap ongoing benefits        childhood. For example, interest       regarding refugee children in
resources to refugee children          for all refugee children and           from primary schools led to            detention. Neither the new
and those working with them;           their families.                        another project, also funded by        policy, nor the policy of the
and advocate for the support                                                  the Reichstein Foundation, to          federal opposition, fully meets
that children and families need        Early Childhood Australia, the         update information for primary         the demands of the Real
to recover from the distress,          peak national advocacy and             schools and to prepare a               Rights for Refugee Children
harm and trauma of detention.          policy body for the early              comprehensive teaching                 (RRRC) project group. Their
                                       childhood sector, now has a            resource for all schools.              demands are based on the
Project group members are              clear policy supporting the                                                   United Nations Convention on
early childhood professionals          rights of refugee and asylum           The Real Rights for Refugee            the Rights of the Child.
who subscribe to the United            seeker children. This policy is        Children project has built a           Nevertheless, the project rightly
Nations Convention on the              promoted by the organisation           broad alliance between early           claims a significant role in
Rights of the Child and Early          and is displayed on its website.       childhood education services           raising awareness and creating
Childhood Australia’s Code of                                                 staff, parents and children;           the environment that led to this
Ethics. These documents give           Five thousand colourful posters        other children’s services;             policy change.
all early childhood professionals      with pictorial and multilingual        refugee advocacy groups; and
a responsibility, and a clear          information are displayed in           local government – in Victoria         Project:
mandate, to be concerned               Victoria’s early childhood             and in other states.                   Real Rights for Refugee
about and act for refugee              services. Five thousand                                                       Children
children. Members of RRRC              comprehensive information              The human rights perspective of        Organisation:
are acutely aware of the rights        sheets, which can be easily            the refugee and asylum seeker          Free Kindergarten Association
and needs of children. They            copied, are circulating in the         issue has often been clouded by        Children’s Services
recognise the vulnerability of         community. Three thousand              political motivations, narrow          Priority area:
children and their rights to a         Real Rights for Refugee                interpretations and legal jargon.      Refugees and asylum seekers
safe and healthy environment,          Children logo stickers are on          This project highlighted human
security, respect, education, to       fridges, cars, bikes, shop             and human rights dimensions by
live as part of a family with an       windows, notice boards, filing         promoting equality and by
identity, culture and language,        cabinets and students’ folders.        providing facts, information and
and to have an advocate so             These materials spark                  support to a sector that
their voices will be heard.            discussion and action within           understands the vulnerability of
                                       centres, teacher education             children and has some capacity
                                       institutions, community services       to change their lives.
                                       and families. Requests to

Wilderness Society (Vic Branch)        Year funded 2004                       Alternative Life Style Organisation    Australian Conservation Foundation
Addressing Social Central Highlands                                           Foundation in partnership with         in partnership with Cardinia
Rescue Campaign $10,000 This           Action for Community Living with       Australian Gay & Lesbian               Environment Coalition Community
project was supported by E.M. Horton   Attendant Care Workforce Action        Multicultural Conference Australian    Engagement in Sustainability
Trust & Emil Gross                     Group Attendant Care As It Should      Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender,   Indicators in Cardinia Shire $15,000
                                       Be $18,000 This project was            Intersex and Queer Multicultural
Women with Disabilities Australia                                             Conference: Living and Loving in       Bendigo & District Aboriginal Co-
Improving the Status of Women with     supported by an anonymous donor                                               operative, in partnership with The
                                                                              Diversity $9,000
Disabilities in Australia $20,000      Advocacy and Rights Centre Limited                                            Torch Project Reigniting Community
                                       Loddon Campaspe Justice Campaign                                              – Bendigo & Castlemaine $15,000
Women’s Health Goulburn North
East/Cooroonya House Towards           $9,830 This project was supported by
Integration $20,000                    Fleur Spitzer

Brenda House with Domestic            Carers Victoria Developing a Carer    Disability Justice Advocacy Inc in       Friends of the Earth Australia
Violence and Incest Resource Centre   Voice About the Residential Aged      partnership with Disability Australia    Climate Justice Campaign $23,000
Violence Against Women With a         Care System $8,000                    Ltd An International Disability          This project was supported by the
Disability $3,000 This project was                                          Convention – Why We Need It and          Mullum Trust
supported by Fleur Spitzer            Changemakers Australia                How Can I Be Involved!! $10,000
                                      Seeding grant $20,000                                                          Friends of the Earth Australia
Broadmeadows Uniting Care –                                                 Elizabeth Hoffman House From             Climate Justice Campaign $23,000
FairWear Campaign Participation in    Collins Street Baptist Church –       Shame to Pride project $1,000 This       This project was supported by the
Outwork Legislation, Community        Urban Seed Fair Gambling $15,000      project was supported by Rick Begg       Mullum Trust
Education and Ongoing Promotion of    Disability Advocacy and Information
the Homeworkers’ Code of Practice                                           Fitzroy Legal Service Activists Rights
                                      Service Focus on Access $5,000        Handbook $3,000

Our stories:

                             Meeting the victims, taking
                        responsibility, making amends –
                                      that’s tough justice

Friends of the Earth Melbourne and   Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker            Inner East Community Health Service      Mental Health Legal Centre Inc.
Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal        Project Fearing Going Home:             with Victorian Medicare Action           Involuntary Patient Experience of the
Corporation Barmah-Millewa           Australia’s Return of Rejected Asylum   Group Funding for Project Officer for    Mental Health Review – What Is It
Campaign $31,000 This project was    Seekers, Temporary Refugees and         Victorian Medicare Action Group          and How Does It Work Post 2004
supported by E.M. Horton Trust and   Others From Refugee-like Situations     $30,000                                  Amendments Of The Mental Health
the Bardas Foundation                $15,000                                                                          Act $20,000
                                                                             Jesuit Social Services in
Headway Victoria Get Real $5,000     Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker            collaboration with Victorian Criminal    Mildura Aboriginal Corporation
                                     Project Asylum Seeker Project $518      Justice Coalition Prisoners and Public   Indigenous Self Determination
                                     This project was supported by           Health Consultations $3,000              $4,000
                                     Melbourne Community Foundation
                                     History of Photography Fund             Melbourne Workers Theatre Yanagai!
                                                                             Yanagai! Regional Victorian Tour

Despite efforts by successive governments to create alternatives to custody, Victoria’s prison population
continues to hit record levels. This is despite the fact that crime rates are falling. In June 2003 more than 20%
of the 3780 people held in adult prisons were young adult offenders under 25 years of age. More than 40% of
prisoners return for a second custodial sentence, swelling prison numbers. Correctional services throughout the
western world are all bearing the brunt of courts imposing longer and more frequent sentences.

Despite all this there is concern      professional concerns and the          By working with consumer                Project:
within the community that              punishment of the offender.            groups, key stakeholders and            Building Community Justice in
prison sentences served by             Switching to a restorative             decision makers the project             Victoria
many of those convicted of             approach requires a change of          has influenced and helped               Organisation:
serious crimes are too short.          values, thinking and                   shape the policies of the               Jesuit Social Services
Many victims of crime feel             understanding by the                   Victorian Government. One               Priority area:
excluded from the justice              community. It also needs a             example is the change to the            Justice and correctional issues
system, and that their pain and        change in legal thinking,              age jurisdiction of the children’s
suffering is not heard or valued       practice and procedures. Wider         court (criminal division)
in dealing with the crime, the         introduction of community              whereby the definition of child
punishment or the rehabilitation       justice hinges on the                  is increased from seventeen to
of the offender.                       successful development of a            eighteen years of age, thus
                                       coalition of individuals and           diverting younger offenders
Jesuit Social Services believes        organisations that have the will,      from the adult prison system.
that there is a way to resolve         interest, expertise, influence
some of these concerns - by            and authority to make changes.         The introduction of restorative
extending restorative justice          The project undertaken by              community justice is a long
solutions in corrections. With         Jesuit Social Services -               haul venture requiring vision,
restorative justice or community       Building Community Justice in          leadership, resources,
justice, the victim and the            Victoria - formed such a               community support and political
offender (and their respective         coalition.                             will for the next ten years or so.
support networks such as                                                      Project funding provided
family members, friends, work          Similarly, the development of          resources to develop a
mates) are directly involved in        community justice needs to             community justice framework
the resolution of the crime.           complement other services,             to guide this work and to
Offenders take responsibility          programs, initiatives and legal        ensure that core social justice
for the harm done. The                 reforms. Diverse groups are            values such as fairness and
punishment fits the crime.             involved in the project – victims,     respect for all individuals are
Underlying issues are                  police, lawyers, ex-offenders,         the foundation of the
addressed and long-term                policy developers and decision         framework.
solutions sought. Prison, with         makers. The project took into
its inadequate resources to            account the views and
rehabilitate, is not always the        concerns of all groups. As a
most effective option.                 result, this criminal justice
                                       project has successfully
Restorative justice is different       influenced public debate.
from the existing criminal
justice system, which tends to
ignore victims and rarely
actively engages offenders in
their sentencing or
rehabilitation. The existing
criminal justice system is too
often dominated by

Mildura Aboriginal Corporation Child   Refugee Council of Australia           The Wilderness Society and Central      Villamanta Legal Service Community
Removal, the Last Resort $20,000       Refugees and Asylum Seekers in         Highlands Alliance Baw Baw Report       Inclusion Forums $20,000
                                       Victoria – Promoting Policy Dialogue   $4,000
Molly’s House Women’s Refuge in        and Improving Outcomes $20,000                                                 Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis
partnership with Domestic Violence                                            VICSERV – Psychiatric Disability        Service Victoria AFL Grand Final
and Incest Resource Centre (DVIRC)     Rural & Peninsula Disability Support   Services of Victoria Inc. Promoting     Street Poster $2,000 This project
Maintain the Focus $4,000              Inc Together We Move Mountains         Social Justice and Community            was supported by Fleur Spitzer
                                       $10,000                                Participation for Persons with Mental
Footscray Community Arts Centre                                               Illness $17,000
with Performing Older Women’s          SKATV Activist Awards $1,000
Circus Performing Older Women’s                                               Victorian National Parks Association
Circus $2,000 This project was         The ALSO Foundation Love Makes         Victoria’s Natural Environment Is In
supported by the Bardas Foundation     A Family $5,000                        Crisis; What Motivates Us to Protect
                                                                              It? $15,000

Our stories:

Classrooms to talk about, hear,
and understand same-sex attraction
For many same-sex attracted young people school can be a place of prejudice,
harassment, and discrimination because their sexuality is ridiculed, misunderstood, or
ignored. Like all young people, same-sex attracted young people have the right to safe,
secure and rewarding education.

                                      surveys with 750 self-identified        poorer health and mental                  They conducted an audit or
                                      same-sex attracted young                health (for example, a higher             report card on schools and
                                      people between the ages of 14           rate of self harm and suicide)            community organisations, giving
                                      and 21. Of this group, 13%              than the general population.              credit to safe, non-
                                      indicated that they had been                                                      discriminatory and harassment-
                                      physically abused, and 46%              This situation is compounded in           free services and education,
                                      that they had been verbally             rural areas as they have fewer            and motivating improvements
                                      abused. Nearly 70% of this              health services with knowledge            where necessary.
                                      abuse happened in school                and expertise of same-sex
                                      settings, initiated by both             attracted young people, higher            When the whole school
                                      students and teachers.                  levels of homophobia, and                 community is involved,
                                                                              reduced access to support                 attitudes, biases and
In 1996, the National Centre in       There is emerging awareness             networks.                                 misunderstandings around the
HIV Social Research                   that sexual orientation and                                                       issues for those who are
conducted a survey with 1200          gender identity are key social          Cutting Edge Uniting Care and             exploring their sexuality can be
14-16 year old rural high             determinants of physical and            Family Planning Victoria tackled          uncovered. Conversations in
school students. Of these, 11%        mental health inequality. Those         this problem in several ways: by          the classroom about same-sex
said they had experienced             who are anything other than             direct support to same-sex                attraction benefit all students
sexual attraction to the same         ‘straight’ heterosexuals often          attracted young people in the             and staff. The curriculum can
sex. In 1998, Writing                 suffer from homophobia or               Shepparton area; support                  be used for informed
Themselves In: A National             heterosexualism – the belief            groups for their parents;                 discussion that will create a
Report on the Sexuality, Health       that everyone is, or should be,         training for teachers and                 more accepting and diverse
and Well-being of Same-Sex            heterosexual and that any other         community workers; resources              future generation.
Attracted People reported on          sexuality is unhealthy,                 for education; and building the
                                      unnatural, and a threat to              capacity of schools and
                                      society. Same-sex attracted             community agencies.
                                      young people experience

Year funded 2005                      Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
                                      Campaign for Change $23,000 This
                                                                              Bendigo and District Aboriginal
                                                                              Cooperative Strengthening the Voice
                                                                                                                        Brophy Family & Youth Services with
                                                                                                                        Sexual Diversity Working Party
Action for Community Living           project was supported by Melbourne      of Indigenous People in Loddon            SSAFE in the South West $15,000
Leadership Plus $20,000               Community Foundation Morawetz           Mallee Region $25,000
                                      Social Justice Fund, Fleur Spitzer, &                                             Brotherhood of St Laurence in
Aspire in collaboration with Daily    Belinda Gross                           Brenda House and Domestic Violence        collaboration with ANTaR Victoria
Activities and Self Help Inc (DASH)                                           & Incest Resource Centre (DVIRC) The      Reconciliation is ‘whitefella’ business
Our Own Path, Our Own Place           Australian Conservation Foundation      Right to Safety, The Right to Services,   $15,000
$10,000                               with The Mittagong Forum Research       The Right to be Heard – Violence
                                      Project to Examine Best Options for     Against Women with Disabilities           Central Highlands Community Legal
                                      Delivering Capacity Building $12,000    $22,500 This project was supported by     Centre Women’s Voices For Justice
                                                                              Nordia Foundation                         and Human Rights $20,000
                                      Australian Federation of Disability
                                      Organisations Media Kit & Campaign
                                      Strategy $3,520

Damien Stevens, Mathew Mills and Rowena Allen, CEO - Cutting Edge, Uniting Care, Shepparton – celebrating “Diversity”

The whole school approach and                    teachers who, often because of                   often lonely, isolated and         Project:
collaborative work with other                    an unsupportive environment,                     confusing situation. The project   SSAY Shepparton (Same-Sex
organisations created a model                    are fearful and unable to                        provided these materials and       Attracted Youth in Shepparton)
to support same-sex attracted                    change. Training is the key to                   identified how such resources      Organisation:
young people and challenge                       better staff understanding and                   could continue to be developed,    Cutting Edge Uniting Care
heterosexualism. The model                       practice.                                        distributed and promoted.          Youth Services with Family
can be used by rural                                                                                                                 Planning Victoria
communities to: clarify values                   This project gave people the                     A major outcome is a set of        Priority area:
and attitudes; lift the capacity                 opportunity to talk to and hear                  framework strategies to            Regional and rural concerns
of the local community to build                  one another, to understand one                   challenge misconceptions and       Same-sex attracted people
its own support; encourage                       another in a non-threatening                     to build understanding and
active participation of young                    way, and to demystify what it                    support. They will have an
people; address the urgent                       means to be gay or lesbian.                      affirming influence on the
need to change school policies                                                                    health and wellbeing of same-
and practice; foster strong                      This ambitious project showed                    sex attracted young people in
leadership; get adequate                         that the role of parents is                      rural and regional Victoria, and
resources; and enlist media                      complex and difficult. Parents                   will be an example for
support.                                         said that there is much work to                  education in diversity within
                                                 be done on how they can best                     rural and regional schools.
Within schools there are                         support their same-sex
committed, knowledgeable and                     attracted children in rural
skilled teachers, keen to ensure                 Victoria. Information and
that a school environment is                     resources found in print and via
created where same-sex                           the Internet are a lifeline in an
attracted young people are
acknowledged, supported, and
protected. There are other

Central Highlands Community Legal                Child and Family Services                        Eastern Access Community Health    Emma House Domestic Violence
Centre Family Law Court Project                  Ballarat/Delacombe Community                     Mullum Mullum Gathering Place      Services Inc in collaboration with
$4,000                                           House Action Group Chewing the                   Capacity Building Support $248     Violence Against Women Integrated
                                                 Fat $32,500 This project was                                                        Services Raising Our Voice: Phase II
Centre for Contemporary                          supported by Portland Foundation                 Eastern Health with Yarra Valley   $50,000 This project was supported
Photography with ANTaR Vic.                                                                       Community Health Service           by Grosvenor Settlement
Black On White Exhibition $3,000                 Collective of Self Help Groups                   Capacity Building support $1,599
This project was supported by the                Improved Access to DGR $4,983                                                       Federation of Community Legal
R. Swart Family                                                                                                                      Centres About Change, About
                                                 Darebin Community Health in                                                         Justice, About Time (Sexual Offences
Changemakers Australia                           collaboration with Al-Amel TPV                                                      Project – Stage 3) $20,000
Organisational support $13,000 This              Holders Association A Voice for
project was supported by Fleur                   Permanency $30,000 This project
Spitzer & R. Swart                               was supported by Margaret

Our stories:

Through the eyes of women -
police responses to family violence
The consultation paper Reforming the Family Violence System in Victoria Report - a
report of the Statewide Steering Committee to Reduce Family Violence 2005 states that
in 2003-04, Victoria Police recorded 28000 Family Violence Reports.

Police intervention in times of         If women do report, the police,        The project found that the              However, when officers
family violence has the potential       despite guidelines and                 quality of the police response,         provided quality service and
to do great good in women’s             protocols, often fail to respond       whether negative or positive,           information, and law
lives. But women who                    in the most appropriate way.           has a significant impact on             enforcement action, to women
experience family violence need         There are a range of reasons           whether a woman will report             experiencing family violence,
to trust the system that police         why this is so – negative              future acts of family violence.         women were empowered to
act within before they will use it      attitudes and lack of                  This is significant: 34% of             deal with the abuse.
to full advantage. Very often           understanding, myths and               family violence attendances by
women who experience                    misconceptions regarding               police are repeat attendances.          They took a statement and
violence do not call the police.        family violence, lack of training                                              some photographs of my
                                        and family violence seen as not        The project interviewed women           face…I had a little bit of
Less than 20% of affected               real police work or a waste of         about police responses to               swelling, nothing like there was
women report violence to the            time. It’s true, policing of family    family violence in the Bendigo          the day after but obviously
police with disinclination to           violence is time consuming,            area. Police responses as               enough to indicate that there
report being due variously to           frustrating and dangerous work.        described by the women are              had been an assault…Police
fear of retribution, shame,                                                    often damning.                          charged him with four counts
reluctance to leave their homes         The Women’s Rights and Legal                                                   of assault.
and communities, fear and lack          Response project researched            I remember asking them (the
of knowledge of the justice             police responses to women and          police), ‘Can you take him              Woman interviewed in Through
system; fear of child protection        children who suffer domestic           away?’ And they said, ‘Well, he         Women’s Eyes – Police &
services; or reluctance to              violence, and worked in                lives here, too’ and that’s why I       Family Violence, EASE 2003
potentially expose the person           partnership with Victoria Police       always had the impression that
who uses violence to jail.              to improve police                      I was the one who had to leave          The information drawn from the
                                        understanding of, and response         the house. And ever since, I’ve         interviews was analysed and
Reforming the Family Violence           to, family violence. The               had worse floggings and I just          used to formulate a
System in Victoria Report, 2005         Foundation appreciated that            never called them… It was not           comprehensive set of
                                        this work would take time              an option. They just don’t              recommendations to Victoria
                                        therefore funding was provided,        understand.                             Police and the Department of
                                        in stages, over three years.                                                   Justice. Community
                                                                               Woman interviewed in Through            organisations looking to
                                                                               Women’s Eyes – Police &                 improve their services to
                                                                               Family Violence, EASE 2003              women and children are using
                                                                                                                       the insights of this report.

Fitzroy Legal Service The Fitzroy       Friends of the Earth Melbourne         Gippsland Asbestos Related              Headway Vic – Acquired Brain Injury
Legal Service Criminal Record Project   Plantation Forestry Impacts on Water   Diseases Support Inc Asbestos           Association Inc. in collaboration with
$20,000 This project was supported      Supplies $15,000                       Awareness and Advocacy Project          the Young Persons in Nursing
by E.M. Horton Family Trust                                                    $25,000                                 Homes consortium Our Futures, Our
                                        Friends of the Earth Melbourne with                                            Ideas $25,000
Footscray Community Arts Centre in      Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal          Gippsland Carers Association Inc
collaboration with Performing Older     Corporation Diplomacy Training         Capacity building – Helping             Headway Vic – Acquired Brain Injury
Women’s Circus Age Shall Not Weary      Program $1,634                         Gippsland Carers be in the fore-front   Association Inc. Young People in
Her $15,000                                                                    of disability service reform $10,000    Nursing Homes $5,000 This project
                                        Geelong Ethnic Community Council                                               was supported by Hartline a sub fund
Friends of the Earth Melbourne          Sudanese Women’s Support Group         Gunditjmarra Aboriginal Cooperative     of Melbourne Community Foundation
Port Phillip Bay $3,000                 $1,000 This project was supported by   Capacity building support $4,214
                                        an anonymous donor                                                             Hepburn Health Service
                                                                                                                       Don’t Shaft Access $1,900

... when officers provided quality service and
information, and law enforcement action, to
women experiencing family violence, women
were empowered to deal with the abuse.
Further, the stories of domestic     An application by the Advocacy         The criminal justice system            Statewide Steering Committee
violence showed that the             and Rights Centre, in                  alone cannot ensure the best           to Reduce Family Violence
state’s Intervention Order           partnership with EASE and              possible response to family            2005 recommends just that
system wasn’t working as             Loddon Campaspe Centre                 violence. The partnership model        approach. The outcomes of this
intended. Inappropriate              Against Sexual Assault, to             recommended and                        project detail the specific
application of an Intervention       research unmet legal need in           demonstrated in this project           actions required to make that
Order, or no application at all,     the region and to harness              encourages collaboration               approach a reality.
was common. An assessment            support for the establishment          between the courts, police,
of what is required for              of a Community Legal Centre            community corrections, support         Name of Project:
Intervention Orders to be used       in the area (see next story),          services and government                Women’s Rights and Legal
effectively followed.                was succesful.                         agencies to achieve a practical,       Response
                                                                            significant, effective response        Name of Organisation:
Detailed recommendations             Developing effective responses         to the issue of family violence.       Emergency Accommodation
resulting from this project form     for responding to family                                                      and Support Enterprise (EASE)
the framework for a way              violence requires many                 The recent government                  Priority area:
forward for Victoria Police and      strategies, including genuine          document Reforming the                 Addressing violence against
Department of Justice policies,      self-reflection by Victoria            Family Violence System in              women
protocols, and practice in           Police. This self-reflection must      Victoria Report - a report of the      Regional and rural concerns
response to family violence.         acknowledge room for
                                     improvement and lead to a
This project pinpointed a            willingness to act. This process
service gap. The community           is well underway. The Victoria
needed legal advice,                 Police Code of Practice for
information, advocacy and            Family Violence was launched
education. It needed a               in August 2004.
community legal centre.

Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker         Jesuit Social Services Same Sex        LaTrobe University on behalf of Gay    Mayone Bulluk Community
Project Asylum Seeker Community      Attractedness Education in Catholic    & Lesbian Health Victoria Rainbow      Association Inc. Resource the
Advocacy Project $32,000 This        Schools: Best policies and processes   Network State-Wide project: Building   Mayone Committee $1,000
project was supported by Melbourne   for reducing abuse $15,000             Capacity, Sustainability and Change
Community Foundation Morawetz                                               $45,000                                Mercy Care in partnership with
Social Justice Fund, Jane            Jobs Australia Ltd, ACOSS and                                                 Western Women’s Domestic
Abercrombie & Scanlon Foundation     VCOSS Charity Now: Redefining          Lifeline South West in collaboration   Violence Support Network
                                     Charity Law for a New Millennium       with After Hours Crisis Support        (WWDVSN) Addressing Unmet
International Women’s Development    $20,000 This project was supported     Working Group After Hours Crisis       Need and service gaps in relation to
Agency Sharing Women’s               by Fleur Spitzer                       Support Research Centre $5,000         domestic Violence crisis and post
Leadership to Address Violence                                              This project was supported by          crisis support within Victoria $15,000
Against Women $11,000 This project                                          Andyinc Foundation Ltd.
was supported by Rick Begg

Our stories:

Pie in the sky no more
The Loddon Campaspe region covers the shires of Macedon Ranges, Mt Alexander,
Central Goldfields, Greater Bendigo, Loddon and Campaspe. 16.6% of regional Victoria’s
total population lives in these shires. Research shows convincingly that social and
economic disadvantage in Loddon Campaspe has a significant, negative impact on
local people, families and culture.
A Jesuit Social Services Report      previous story), three Loddon        without a car and money. Many          idea through community media,
(2004) found Central                 Campaspe community                   of those who desperately need          a Victorian Government
Goldfields was the most              organisations set out to get a       legal help get none. Even so,          ‘community cabinet’ meeting
disadvantaged local                  community legal centre for           overstretched community legal          held in the region, and
government area in rural and         their region.                        centres in neighbouring regions        education about the findings
regional Victoria - 19% of                                                accepted around 4000 clients           presented in the earlier
residents earn under $300 per        The Advocacy and Rights Centre       per year – a fraction of the           Through Women’s Eyes -
week and unemployment is             managed the Access to Justice        demand – to tackle issues like         Police & Family Violence report,
over 12%. Only 19% of                in Loddon Campaspe Region            domestic violence, debt and            built support for their powerful,
residents in the Loddon              project but it was an alliance of    credit, consumer and tenancy           evidence-based case for a local
Campaspe area finished Year          local agencies. The partnership      issues, family law and                 community legal centre.
12. Of all social problems,          organisations, Emergency             intervention, disability and
sexual assault and child abuse       Accommodation and Support            mental health.                         If they can come and get free
have the worst impact on             Enterprise (EASE) and the                                                   legal advice, and referrals, they
individuals and families. Long-      Loddon Campaspe Centre               The Access to Justice in               can then resolve issues outside
term drought, agricultural           Against Sexual Assault knew,         Loddon Campaspe Region                 of legal arenas. Legal
restructuring, inadequate            through their work, that social      project raised awareness of the        education is about empowering
services and poor infrastructure     disadvantage was deepened for        need for legal services in the         people to do things themselves
put considerable strain on           residents in the Loddon              area and mobilised the                 and is the preventative work.
individuals and communities.         Campaspe region by their             community behind the demand            Dealing with a situation before
                                     inability to get access to legal     for a fully funded community           it becomes a legal problem.
Spurred on by the 2003               advice and information services.     legal centre. Supporters argued
Reichstein funded project and        Many local residents and             that such a centre would give          Rachael Skipper, Acting
the recommendations in it’s          community workers also knew of       their community an essential,          Coordinator, Advocacy and
report, Through Women’s Eyes         the need for a community legal       and very different, third option       Rights Centre
- Police & Family Violence (see      centre. However, making this a       for legal information beyond
                                     reality seemed out of reach.         Legal Aid and private solicitors.      Through this work, the need
                                                                                                                 and demand had been
                                     Because Legal Aid is limited,        They used public forums,               convincingly demonstrated and
                                     and there are insufficient           surveys, and consultations with        so in 2004 two other
                                     community legal centres across       both the general public and            philanthropic organisations, the
                                     rural Victoria, far too many         private solicitors, to make the        William Buckland Foundation
                                     people are denied legal              case that local legal                  and the Ian Potter Foundation
                                     information, advice or               disadvantage, and the social           provided funding to establish a
                                     representation. When people          problems that cluster around           pilot community legal centre in
                                     have to travel 120 kms to 410        legal disadvantage, must have          the area.
                                     kms to get to a community legal      the services of a community
                                     centre in neighbouring region,       legal centre to make a
                                     access to justice is impossible      difference. Promotion of this

Mildura Aboriginal Corporation       Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre   SKA TV in partnership with Koorie      St Lukes Anglicare and Bendigo
Tooleybuc Forum $1,000               Temporary Protection Visa and        Heritage Trust Preserving Culture      Neighbourhood House The
                                     Offshore "Family Reunion" Legal      $20,000 This project was supported     Neighbourhood Houses and Learning
Polyglot Puppet Theatre Headhunter   Assistance and Advocacy Project      by Belinda Gross                       Centres (NH&LCs) Sector DGR
$5,000                               $40,000 This project was supported                                          Research and Advocacy Project
                                     by the Ivy H. Thomas & Arthur A.     South Western Centre Against           $20,000 This project was supported
Project Respect Advocating For the                                        Sexual Assault (Department of South
Pathways Project $27,000 This        Thomas Trust as administered by                                             by Melbourne Community Foundation
                                     Equity Trusts Ltd.                   West Healthcare) Ensuring equity for   Morawetz Social Justice Fund
project was supported by Andyinc                                          victims of sexual assault $15,000
Foundation Ltd and Sandra Bardas     Sisters Inside Women Prisoners                                              The Victorian Foundation for
                                     Research Project $5,000                                                     Survivors of Torture Family
                                                                                                                 Resilience: Relating between
                                                                                                                 Cultures $25,000 This project was
                                                                                                                 supported by E.M. Horton Family Trust

In July 2005 the State
Government provided on-going
funding to establish and run
Loddon Campaspe Community
Legal Centre with legal advice
services starting at the centre
in October 2005.

This is the ‘pie in the sky’
outcome. It’s a phenomenal
achievement in the space of 2
or 3 years.…a little bit of hope
(and funding!), a mountain of
determination and community
support go a long way to
positive, tangible outcomes for
social change.

Rachael Skipper, Acting
Coordinator, Advocacy and
Rights Centre

Project: Access to Justice in
Loddon Campaspe Region
Organisation: Advocacy and
Rights Centre in partnership
with Emergency
Accommodation and Support
Enterprise (EASE) and the
Loddon Campaspe Centre
Against Sexual Assault (CASA)
Priority area: Regional and rural

The Wilderness Society                 Western Suburbs Legal Service Inc         Yarra Valley Community Health        Youth Affairs Council of Victoria in
Cool Temperate Rainforest Survey       Racial Discrimination, Vilification and   Service, Eastern Health Indigenous   collaboration with Victorian Student
$6,500 This project was supported by   Harassment Project $23,400                Health Unit Bringing the Community   Representative Council Rural and
Grant Mathews, the Dadon Family &                                                Together $20,000                     Regional Networking of the Victorian
Margaret Henderson                     Westgate Community Initiative                                                  Student Representative Council
                                       Group in collaboration with Social        Young Peoples Legal Rights Centre    $5,000
The Wilderness Society in              Firms Australia Advocating for            Inc (Youthlaw) Log On: Write Your
collaboration with The Central         Access: Structural Changes to             Rights $16,000
Highlands Alliance Water Project End   Workplace Culture $25,000
Logging in Melbourne’s water supply
$15,000                                Women with Disabilities Australia
                                       Proposed Welfare to Work Reforms

our granting
facts and figures
Total funding 2002–2005 $3 198 807

                       Violence against women
                               $236 968 (7%)                                   Refugees and asylum seekers
                                                                               $583 655 (18%)
         Indigenous peoples
            $276 155 (9%)

                                                                                                   Justice and correctional issues
                                                                                                   $319 663 (10%)
$549 026 (17%)

                                                                                             Environmental sustainability
                                                                                             $393 303 (12%)

             People with a disability
                  $654 536 (21%)                                            Discrimination against same sex attracted people
                                                                            $ 185 500 (6%)

Where projects fall into more      Regional and Rural $739 078 (23%)
than one priority area, the        Western metropolitan region of Melbourne $309 473 (10%)
funded amount is distributed
equally across the appropriate

A different way to achieve
    our aims - our support
       for special ventures

A different way to achieve our aims - our support for special ventures:

Our capacity building work
with Indigenous communities
When I look around the table what I see is a really wise investment. When I say that, I am saying that the
investment in the people, the most valuable asset we have in all of our communities, and our Aboriginal
communities across Victoria, and the investment that they - Reichstein Foundation and RMIT - have made in us
by giving us all that knowledge, the tips of how to approach a world that has been so foreign to us and open
those doors of opportunities. I don’t think there has ever been two partners that have done that before, that I am
aware of, and given that knowledge and listened to Aboriginal people. The course, for me, really strengthened my
ideal of survival and hope.

Vicki Walker, participant Capacity Building Program

In 2004 we reviewed our             The seeds of a capacity            challenges, concerns and gaps     Invitations to express interest
granting profile of the past few    building program for               were identified, recorded,        were sent to Indigenous
years. The statistics showed a      Indigenous organisations were      collated, reported back to the    organisations that Reichstein
minimal number of applications      well and truly sown. We            organisation, and then used by    had funded or knew of, and
received from, and a low            developed an educational           us to shape the training          that met Reichstein’s general
acceptance rate for, Indigenous     program to help Indigenous         materials and strategies of the   funding requirements. Our fear
community projects. The             organisations plan and present     education program.                that we would get limited
projects were worthwhile but        better-developed project                                             interest and that people would
applications lacked the             proposals for funding. The         We asked participants to          be unable to attend the quite
supporting information,             program included:                  commit a substantial amount of    lengthy program was blown
evidence and documentation          • Governance and                   their time and asked their        away. We were overwhelmed by
against which all applications to     infrastructure – building a      organisation to support workers   the interest and keenness of
the Reichstein Foundation are         strong well functioning          to attend. In return we           individuals to attend and by the
assessed. When Christa                organisation                     undertook to impart the skills    support their organisations.
Momot, our Executive Officer,       • Project development –            they needed to share the
discussed Reichstein’s concern        evidence of needs and issues;    knowledge and experience they     The 17 day program ran over a
about this with people working        involvement and support of       gained with their organisations   6 month period in 2005, 16
in Indigenous community               the sector; submission writing   and their communities.            participants completed the
organisations they said:            • Philanthropy – who funds                                           program.
We don’t necessarily                  what; what their requirements    Christa discussed a partnership
understand the words used by          are.                             arrangement with Julian           I’m amazed - the majority
funding organisations. We                                              Silverman, Program                of people have finished –
aren’t given feedback on why        Before the program started we      Coordinator, Community Work
our application wasn’t              engaged Deb Davison, a             at RMIT University, for RMIT to
                                                                                                         it’s just so encouraging.
successful. We don’t know who       community educator, to run a       provide the Certificate IV in
to apply to.                        governance health check with       Workplace Training and            Auntie Glenys Merry, participant
                                    the Indigenous organisations       Assessment. At the same time      Capacity Building Program
                                    that registered for the program.   discussions were held with the
                                    Deb visited each organisation      Lumbu Foundation to
                                    for discussions with staff and     incorporate culturally
                                    governing committee members        appropriate processes and
                                    about how their organisation is    communication strategies.
                                    governed. Organisational
                                    achievements, strengths,

The impressive list of               They have opened up a lot of
organisations that made              new doors and networks and
enthusiastic and interesting         given us opportunities that we
presentations gives an idea of       haven’t had and its come at a
the range of topics covered:         time for us when we were
                                     feeling overwhelmed and
Management Support Online;           bogged down and wondering
Good Company; Skills Bank;           where we were going to go for
VCOSS; Arnold Bloch Leibler;         help with all this work that we
Public Interest Legal Clearing       wanted to do to build the
House; Australian Domestic           capacity of our community.
and Family Violence Clearing                                             Capacity Building Program participants
House; Friends of the                Anne Jenkins, participant
Earth/Yorta Yorta; Brotherhood       Capacity Building Program           Without this program we
of St Laurance Library &                                                 wouldn’t be where we are
Information Services;                The Helen Macpherson Smith          today – we have put in some
Federation of Community Legal        Trust funded the RMIT               submissions already so we are
Centres; Community Support           component of the program and        feeling a lot more confident in
Fund, Department of Victorian        the R.E. Ross Trust funded the      where we are going in the
Communities; Lumbu                   majority of requests for            future.
Foundation; Koorie Heritage          assistance with travel and
Trust; Rio Tinto Aboriginal          associated costs. We also           Anne Jenkins, participant
Foundation; Telstra Foundation;      appreciate the support of           Capacity Building Program
ANZ Foundation; Foundation           Arnold Bloch Leibler and their
for Young Australians; Helen         staff - we were able to use         Reichstein and other
Macpherson Smith Trust;              their facilities to hold sessions   philanthropic organisations are
Aboriginal Affairs Victoria;         in a very comfortable setting.      now getting high quality
Social Ventures Australia;                                               applications from organisations
OurCommunity; and R.E. Ross          It just proves that there are       that participated. Two
Trust.                               partnerships between                participating organisations, on
                                     Indigenous and mainstream           their first application to
Resources came from many             communities that can work, and      philanthropy, were successful.
other organisations. An              do work.                            They will receive significant
important resource was                                                   amounts towards their projects.
Philanthropy Australia’s             Robert Johnson, participant
Indigenous Guide to                  Capacity Building Program           The friendships and the
Philanthropy.                                                            networks made around the
                                     We put in an enormous amount        table have been unbelievable.
I have found that this has been      of effort (and some funding)
one of the most valuable things      but it was more than worth it to    Vicki Walker, participant
that I have done. I have worked      see changes in group                Capacity Building Program
in education for the past 10         dynamics; confidence built;
years and I think it’s a credit to   ideas formed; deeper                Kaye Bratetich
Julian, Chris and Kaye for the       understandings between              Coordinator, Capacity Building
tremendous work that they            Indigenous and non-Indigenous       Program
have done in making us feel          people; networks forged;
comfortable and welcome, and         resources used; and new funds
in understanding all the             tapped.

A different way to achieve our aims - our support for special ventures:

Our belief in social change
philanthropy and support for
Changemakers Australia
The Reichstein Foundation is pleased to be involved in the establishment of Changemakers
Australia (CMA).
Reichstein is a foundation member, provided an initial seeding grant, is represented on the interim management
committee and provides administrative assistance to this new organisation in the philanthropic sector. CMA
encourages philanthropic organisations and individuals to work for lasting change in partnership with groups that
directly experience disadvantage and discrimination.

community + social
change philanthropy
= changemakers
CMA believes that the               CMA believes that social           Whilst still an independent
philanthropic dollar will best      change philanthropy must pay       organisation, CMA is a partner
solve issues of poverty,            attention to:                      project of the Community
discrimination and injustice in                                        Advocacy Unit in the School of
Australia, when it is invested in   Where money is directed – so       Social Science and Planning at
community organisations that        that it addresses underlying       RMIT University. This promises
work for social and economic        causes, rather than symptoms       to be a mutually beneficial
justice, environmental              of social and environmental        arrangement, with a number of
sustainability, and equality of     problems; and                      joint projects in the planning
opportunity for all.                                                   stages. The partnership
                                    How money is given – by            provides CMA with tax
This approach is summed up as       urging individual donors and       deductibility status for            To find out more about
‘change not charity’. In the end    philanthropic organisations to     donations made to support our       Changemakers Australia, and
services for disadvantaged          become more accountable,           activities.                         how to be kept informed of
people will not of themselves       strategic, inclusive,                                                  future activities, contact
create justice and equality.        collaborative, democratic and      As part of its first five-year or
Reform of public policy, new        creative. Grant-making must be     strategic plan, CMA will develop    visit the website
institutional practices and         characterised by genuine,          resource materials and hold
changed community attitudes         respectful partnerships            events for grant-makers that
yield more lasting benefits.        involving funders, recipients      advance CMA’s vision for a
                                    and other groups involved with     society free of discrimination
Many people see wisdom in the       or concerned about the issue.      and disadvantage, leading to
aphorism:                                                              better outcomes for all.
‘Give a man a fish and he           Progressive philanthropic
can eat for a day.                  organisations and individuals in   Victoria’s Public Advocate,
                                    Australia have consciously tried   Julian Gardner, in his speech to
Teach a man to fish and             to practise ‘change not charity’   launch Changemakers Australia
he can eat for a lifetime’.         in recent years.                   on 24 October 2005 said:

Social-change groups take this      They discussed and promoted        Individual advocacy - actions
a step further. Recognising that    this approach informally, first    taken to protect the rights and
problems like hunger have           through a group called Women       interests of individuals – is and
myriad causes, these groups         in Philanthropy and then           will remain important. However,
support hungry people to ask        through Horizons, a funders’       the actions that we take to
tough questions: ‘Why doesn’t       network for social change. In      change attitudes, practices,
society teach all people to fish?   2003 a number of those active      funding and laws have an
Who owns the pool? Who              in Horizons agreed they wanted     ongoing benefit and produce
wrote the rules about how           a more focused and consistent      positive changes for a far
ponds get used, and how can         approach to social change          greater number of people.
they be changed? Who is             philanthropy. Two years later
polluting the pool, and how can     Changemakers Australia was         This message - the value of
they be stopped?’ Social            born. CMA has learnt much          systemic advocacy - needs to
change philanthropy supports        from organisations in the          be more widely understood.
people to work for fundamental      United States dedicated to         The establishment of
change in political, economic       promoting the same model of        Changemakers Australia is a
and cultural institutions.          philanthropy.                      significant step to achieving
Adapted from Slepian and            CMA will work collaboratively
Mogil, Welcome to Philanthropy,     with Philanthropy Australia,
1997                                academic centres for the study
                                    of philanthropy such as those
                                    at Swinburne University and
                                    QUT, and with other
                                    organisations that share its

our thanks
The following have provided probono support to the Reichstein Foundation,
or the the community groups we work with.

Arnold Bloch Leibler     Rachel Lowe            Jocelynne Scutt

Blake Dawson Waldron     Fiona Macdonald        Ricci Swart

Deborah Davison          Steve Mathews          Genevieve Timmons

Serena Everill           Claire McNamara        Tress Cox and Maddox

Mary Finnemore           Gordon Moffatt         Al Webster

Patricia Foster          Pilotlight Australia   June Wilson

David Gale               Moira Rayner           Eva Wynn

Tracy Gary               Christopher Reid

Simon Longstaff,         Schoenfelds
St James Ethics Centre


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