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					 PowWow                                   The Newsletter of Minisa Chapter, IAAP
                                                                                                                   November 2009
                                                                                                                           Volume LXVII
                                                                                                                                Issue 4

                                                               Meeting Notice
                                                                        Open House
                                        PROGRAM: Are You Part of the Social Media Explosion?

       Wichita, Kansas                  SPEAKER:       Kevin Swinicki

   MINISA CHAPTER                      DATE:           Thursday, November 5, 2009
      CHARTERED 1942
                                       TIME:           5:30 p.m. Networking Reception
2009-2010 Board of Directors
                                                       6:05 p.m. Program
                                                       7:10 p.m. Business Meeting
Patricia Coombs                        PLACE:          Olive Tree Restaurant – Bistro Room                                   2949 N Rock Rd, Wichita, Wichita

PRESIDENT-ELECT                        MENU            Fresh Cut Vegetables and Dip; Baguette Party Sandwiches (filled with
Ruth Smith CPS/CAP                                     salami, ham, cheese, artichokes); Chicken Sate with Peanut Dipping                              Sauce; Stuffed New Potatoes with Crumbled Bacon; Fresh Fruit

SECRETARY                               COST:          $16 for dinner; $3 for meeting only
Margo Landis CPS/CAP
                                      Reservations Required: We recognize emergency situations do come up. If you need to
                                      cancel your reservation please contact:
TREASURER                                                       Ruth Smith CPS/CAP (work 526.3568)
Jocelyn Pickard   no later than noon, Monday, November 2. The chapter is charged for the guaranteed
                                      number of meal reservations made, and members will be billed for reservations not
                                      canceled in time.
Marianne Eyles CPS/CAP
Diana Smith                             Inside . . .
                                           President’s Page ………………………………………………………………………………. 2
PARLIAMENTARY ADVISOR                      Dates to Remember …………..……………………………………………………………..… 3
Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP                     Executive of the Year ……………......…………………………………………………….…. 3
                                           Committee Reports ……………………………………………………………………….…… 3-6
                                           FYI: For Our Newer Members ….…………….…………….……………………………..…. 7
                                           Certification Update …………………….…………….....……………….…….…………..…. 7
                                           News (to members only): Treasurer’s Report
                                           InsertsFrom Around the Association ………………..……...…….…………..………….….. 8
                                           The Winner’s Edge ……………………………………………………………………….…… 9
                                           November Birthdays and Anniversaries, Computer Corner …………………………….… 10
                                           Benefits of IAAP Membership, RTF …………….…………….…………….………….….... 11
                                           October Highlights …………….…………….…….…………………..…….…………….…... 12
                                           One Minute Idea; Care and Share; Style Editor ….…………………..…………...………... 13

                                           Inserts (to members only):   September 3 Meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s Report;
                                                                        OMY nomination form

  “You can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up in either one. “
                                                                                                 ~ John Wooden, basketball coach
                                            Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 2

Greetings from the President . . .
Wow! October is here and almost gone. The crisp fall air will soon get your attention.
The tree leaves are now starting to change to some magnificent colors. They will start
falling soon as a sign of winter approaching. As I was driving to Andover the other day,
I had some vivid memories of back home. There is a stretch of highway between
Woodward, Oklahoma and Weatherford, Oklahoma I think would compare to the
eastern part of the United States. The valleys are thickly populated with trees that have
a vast array of beautiful foliage this time of year that will take your breath away. We need to stop and think what the
Lord does for each of us every day that we take for granted. Take a leisurely drive some Sunday afternoon and
enjoy the colors while they are vibrant.

The hardest part of fall is keeping ourselves healthy. The weather temperatures change back and forth from fall to
summer, although our summer was mild this year. The flu has already made its presence in some of the schools
around so please take extra preventative care.

I would like to welcome our newest member Jeretta Eash. Let’s all make her feel at home and get to know her. I
appreciate all Minisa members for your friendship and support this year.

I would like to thank Deb Moody CPS and Jenny Stephens for the excellent job they did for our executives on
Executive Night. Bobby Burcham from Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. presented a very timely program on Managing
Global Virtual Teams. Remember that guests are always welcome. Why not invite a couple of co-workers or friends
to our next meeting? Let them see what the Minisa Chapter and IAAP are all about.

The Kansas Division Fall Seminar on October 3 was represented by eleven members from the Minisa Chapter. The
Kansas Judicial Pros Chapter did a wonderful job hosting the event. They had two excellent speakers: Cynthia
Otieno Ongeche presented Your Money Action Plan in the morning and Detective Randy Stone presented
Computer Threats – Know What To Look For” in the afternoon. The facility was nice and the food was great! Have
any of you started utilizing the spreadsheet Cynthia offered? What a great way to track your expenses. It makes you
think about what you are spending your money on – do you really want that mocha coffee or is it something you
could fix at home?

Speaking of tracking where your money goes, our Ways and Means Committee has Entertainment Books, Terri
Lynn products, cookbooks, and holiday wreaths for sale. The wreaths are an excellent way to take care of your
holiday list. Order a wreath to be sent to your parents or that high school friend you have kept in contact with to let
them know you are thinking of them during the holiday season. These are beautiful, reasonably priced and will take
the stress out of the holiday season because they will be delivered right to the recipient’s door and have a tree
planted in their honor. The proceeds will go towards scholarships that we give each year and our chapter budget.
This is a way Minisa Chapter gives back to the community.

The CPS/CAP mock exam was given on October 3. This is a personal goal for several of our members are striving
for. Please keep all those sitting for the exams in your prayers. They are devoting their time to meet this goal.

Have you made your guest list yet? The Membership Committee has been working hard to organize our
membership recruitment on November 5. Be thinking about who you would like to invite to learn about IAAP and
what it can mean for them professionally and individually. The flyers should be ready for distribution soon.

I am excited to see that we have several new people stepping up the plate and taking advantage of being on a
committee this year. This is a great way to get involved with the chapter. I would like to incorporate as many new
ideas as possible to make this year enjoyable and successful for everyone. Without volunteers Minisa Chapter
cannot function.
                                                   Patricia Coombs
                                               Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 3

   Dates to Remember
          November 5       Chapter Meeting – Membership Recruitment
          November 6-7     CPS and CAP exams
          November 19      Pow Wow Deadline (e-mailed [] submissions are greatly appreciated!)
          December 3       Christmas social
          December 17      Pow Wow Deadline (e-mailed [] submissions are greatly appreciated!)
          January 3        Chapter Meeting

          * * * Due to the holidays there will be no board meetings in November or December

                           2009-2010 Executive of the Year
                           2009 201
                                           Ron Waln, Ph.D.

    Ron Waln, Ph.D., president of Assessment Strategies,
    LLC,    is    Wichita’s    only     industrial/organizational
    psychologist. He is an expert in individual assessment,
    pre-employment     testing,    training,    research     and
    performance management.

    Dr. Waln’s administrative manager, Bethel Banzhaf
    CPS/CAP, nominated him for this honor. Ron has gone
    considerably above and beyond in his support of Bethel’s
    involvement with IAAP. During the last few years, and
    especially the last year, he has never hesitated to let Bethel
    take time off work for the many official duties required by her
    position as Kansas Division president. Ron and Bethel enjoy
    a good working relationship, and Bethel feels like a real
    partner in building the business and providing professional,
    prompt service to their clients.

                                        COMMITTEE REPORTS

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on November 4, 2009 to review Minisa Chapter’s books for the first quarter
of the fiscal year. The meeting will be held at Bethel’s office, 445 N. Waco at 6:30 p.m.
                                              Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 4

Membership Committee                                                                  Programs at a Glance
Bobbie Frye CPS/CAP, Chairman

                                                                                             August 13, 2009
Our open house and membership drive will be on November                     5,
                                                                                      Climbing the Career Ladder in a
2009. Administrative professionals need to excel and take the
                                                                                                Man’s World
lead by positively influencing the profession. Invite your colleagues to come
                                                                                      Michele Gors Paris, KPTS CEO
explore how IAAP can help you to change, adapt and keep moving ahead
while constantly facing changes in the workplace.
                                                                                           September 3, 2009
Over 200 flyers were distributed via e-mail and regular mail. It’s not too late     Customer Service: Make it a WOW!*
to invite a guest, the information is on the chapter website. It will be a fun                Judy Whiley
evening and a wonderful opportunity for Minisa Chapter to unite and show
what IAAP has to offer.                                                                     October 1, 2009
                                                                                         Managing Global Teams*
Kevin Swinicki will be speaking on the Social Media Explosion and how more                  Bobby Burcham
and more companies and individuals are Linked-In, Tweeting and on
Facebook to create brand interactivity and real time relationships with clients.
                                                                                           November 5, 2008
Our meeting will be set up in a reception format to allow for mingling and           Are You Part of the Social Media
networking. Please take the time to welcome our guests and answer their                         Explosion?
questions about how you have benefitted from your IAAP membership. Our                        Kevin Swinicki
speaker will be followed by a skit and membership information.                            Olive Tree Restaurant
                                                                                     Membership Drive/Open House
There will be a regular business meeting after the presentation. Guests are
welcome but not required to stay for the business meeting.                                   December 3, 2009
                                                                                              Christmas Social
Ways and Means Committee                                                                            TBD
Bobbie Frye CPS/CAP, Chairman
                                                                                             January 7, 2010
The Rose Hill Fall Festival was a little slow this year. The                            Non-Verbal Communication*
weather was extremely cold and those who were out were not buying very                    Sue Houser CPS/CAP
much. We made $115 but with the $25 deposit for the booth, our profit was
$90.                                                                                         February 4, 2010
                                                                                         Speaking with Clarity and
We still have several Entertainment Books for sale at $20. These make great                    Confidence*
gifts for Christmas. We ordered 15 this year and I have only sold eight to              Anne Maki, M.S., CCC-SLP
date. Please let me know if you need any. Our final payment is due in
                                                                                               March 5, 2010
The wreath sales went well. We sold 42 of the gift items to be shipped                 Excellence and Leadership in
directly to homes and so far we have sold 43 of the traditional items which            Administrative Professionals*
will be shipped to my house. Since we had to order full items, we will have a                 Carol Zamaitis
selection of items left if anyone missed out on placing their order. Please
contact me if interested. Our profit to date is $536 from the wreath project.                  April 1, 2010
                                                                                        The Polished Professional*
Our new shipment of Terri Lynn nuts and dried fruit arrived in October and all          Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP
the good stuff is waiting for those chocolate and nut lovers to purchase. We
now have: Cashews, Chocolate Cashews, Pistachios, Trail Mix, Yogurt
Raisins, Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate Peanuts, Malted Milk Balls,                      May 6, 2010 (Annual Meeting: closed)
Dark Chocolate Cranberry’s and Gummi Bears.                                         Stressed Spelled Backwards is Not
                                                                                                  Dessert *
                                                                                           Dr. Georgia Ohlberg
Publicity/Community Service Committee                                                         June 3, 2010
Submitted by June Crawford                                                           The Work-Life Balance Equation*
                                                                                         Brian Alexander Black
Dress for Success is looking for winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves. If               Installation of Officers
you would like to help with this project, please bring items to chapter
meetings or June Crawford will pick them up.                                       * CPS/CAP Recertification Points Awarded
                                                                                           – 60 minute programs
                                              Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 5

Service Awards Committee                                                                     Ruth Smith CPS/CAP, Chairman

The Minisa Chapter Outstanding Member of the Year Award information, voting instructions, eligibility
list and nomination form will be distributed to all members by e-mail or postal service. A copy of the
document is included as an attachment to the November Pow Wow.

Please carefully read the document before you decide on a candidate to nominate. When you have
completed either your typed or written nomination form for a candidate who is listed on the eligibility list, please e-mail
your single written nomination to All e-mailed or mailed written nominations must be
received by the November 13, 2009 deadline.

      The OMY is one of two very special awards the chapter gives each year to recognize an individual member’s
      contribution to the chapter and support of the association; someone who makes a difference, who contributes her
      time, energy and talent, and who is a good example of what IAAP represents.
      Being recognized by one’s peers in this way is especially meaningful and a great honor, so please do not pass up
      this opportunity to show your appreciation for a deserving member of Minisa Chapter!
      If you do not know everyone on the eligibility list, don’t let that stop you from nominating someone you do know if
      you think she is worthy of this honor.
      Nominating a candidate for the OMY is a privilege, so please take a few moments to nominate one of the members
      on the eligibility list and write down the reasons why you believe the member you are nominating deserves to be the
      recipient of this award. Please note: only written nominations will be accepted.

If you have questions, please contact me via e-mail at, by phone at 525-3568 (work) or 683-
0766 (home).

Retirement Trust Foundation                                                Cyndi Mullins CPS/CAP, Liaison

If you would like to participate in Minisa’s fundraising efforts for the Retirement Trust Fund (RTF), please bring your white
elephant (gently used or new) items to the November 5 meeting. Tickets are 25 cents each or five for $1 and the drawing
is held after the business meeting.

We will track your donation for the Family of Givers program. Fiscal year contributions to the Trust in the following
categories will provide for donor recognition within the association and related donor benefits.

        Sustaining: $100 to $499 (RTF pin and holiday cards)
        Leadership: $500 to $999 (RTF pin, paver and holiday cards)
        Pacesetter: $1,000 and up (RTF pin, paver, holiday cards, plaque and special recognition)

About Our November Speaker
Kevin Swinicki
Mr. Swinicki began working at Cessna in 1992 in the Visual Media department as a photographer for engineering flight
test operations. He is currently manager of Electronic Marketing which is responsible for the online presence at Cessna
including the new website. Mr. Swinicki has been married for 23 years and has three children. He is an avid
runner and photographer.
                                          Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 6

Annual Membership Drive
          Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bring colleagues, friends and administrative
professionals you interact with in other companies.
Help a fellow career-minded admin be the best she
can be by reaping the benefits of IAAP membership!

             You’re Invited!
                                                                               Minisa Chapter

             Special Informational                                 Learn how it will benefit YOU
           and Networking Program!                                 to become a member of IAAP®!
                Thursday,                                                    Networking With Peers
             November 5, 2009                                                Education
                                                                             Professional Development
               5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.                                            Award Winning OfficePro
                Olive Tree Restaurant                                        Magazine
               Bistro Room                                                   Leadership Training
             2949 N Rock Rd, Wichita
                                                                             Professional Certification—A
      Are You Part of the Social                                             Mark of Excellence
        Media Explosion?                                                     And Much More
           Creating Corporate and
           Personal Brand Interactivity
                                                                   COST:      Free (guests)
       Presented by Kevin Swinicki
                                                                      Refreshments Provided
      —    What is social media?                                   RSVP by: Monday, November 2
      —    Why would anyone want to                                RSVP to: Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP
           Tweet?                                                  Phone: 269-2137
      —    Is your company using it to                             Fax: 269-9348
           engage customers?                                       E-mail RSVP to:
      —    How can social media help or
           hurt you professionally?

                                                         Come join in the fun!

                                                              Door prizes!


                                                                        IAAP Bingo!
                                               Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 7

For Our Newer Members
What is RTF?
The International Association of Administrative Professionals was first established in 1942. Its vision is simple: to inspire
and equip all administrative professionals to attain excellence. In 1958, a Declaration of Trust created the National
Secretaries Association Home Trust Fund. The Retirement Trust Foundation was created in 2000. This independent, non-
profit organization is administered by a six member International Board of Trustees, four of whom are elected at large
from the membership of IAAP and serve with the IAAP international president and treasurer.

The IAAP Retirement Trust Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization. Contributions made to the Trust are
deductible; bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts to or for the Trust's use are deductible for federal estate and gift
tax purposes.

The Trust was formed and operates exclusively for charitable purposes; i.e., for the primary purpose of acquiring,
maintaining and operating a home for needy and elderly administrative professionals and otherwise assisting needy and
elderly administrative professionals. The demand for comfortable, affordable housing for retired administrative
professionals is growing, and the Trust seeks to help fill that need with Vista Grande.

The benefits of the RTF begin from the time you become a member of IAAP. The trust publishes RTF reVisions quarterly
for all members, and is currently working on an online resource center of links and other information for retirees and future
                                                                                        FYI is a feature column for the benefit of all members.
                                                   Information presented is to assist new members as they begin to explore chapter offerings.

                   CPS and CAP Certification Update

                            Upcoming Deadline
                             and Exam Dates                      Exam Study Group                                     Exams

                         February 15, 2010                   CPS CAP Study Group                        November 6, 2009
                         Application deadline for the                                                   CAP exam
                         May 7-8, 2010 CPS and CAP           The coordinator is Jenny
                                                                                                        November 7, 2009
                         exams                               Stephens. Please contact
                                                                                                        CPS exam
                                                             Jenny directly at
                         May 7 – CAP exam           if you                Exam Site
                         May 8 – CPS exam                    are interested in joining the              Spirit HR Service Center
                                                             group.                                     3420 S. Oliver

     Good luck to all those taking the CPS
                                       and CAP exams!
                                             Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 8

News From Around The Association . . .

                                           STRATEGIC PLAN
Goals and Objectives
To serve the Kansas Division members and chapters by providing support and advancement opportunities so they can
achieve excellence by:

                 Sharing our common goals and mission
                 Providing educational opportunities to our members
                 Marketing IAAP to our communities and our division
                 Striving to retain, recruit and assist in the development of individual members and chapters.

Kansas Division Mission Statement
        Serve and support member chapters for personal and professional growth and development. Serve as the liaison
        between the international association and members. Promote the profession and IAAP.

The Kansas Division identified four primary goals to sustain its vision and advance its mission over the five-year period of

1. Strengthen chapters by increasing the consistency and quality of volunteer leadership

        The Kansas Division Board shall identify, mentor and develop leaders to ensure continued stability of the offices
        within the division and to strengthen chapter leaders. Additionally, the KDB commits to create a strong foundation
        when building new chapters with a focus on creating sustainable growth and long-lasting chapters within Kansas.

2. Promote personal and career development and educational opportunities

        The KD shall provide quality professional and educational opportunities focusing on the career-minded
        professionals to meet the development needs of its members.

3. Increase a diversified membership of career-minded professionals and improve retention of current

        Increase membership through development of division programs that provide tangible benefits, meet net
        membership goals, and increase attendance at division meetings.

4. Market our association by communicating membership value

        Communicate to members, potential members, and employers the benefits and value of membership in IAAP;
        strengthen outreach to businesses and organizations that influence our profession; project a professional image
        to management and communities.
                                              Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 9

The Winner’s Edge

        ccording to Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning for the 21st Century, “Time is the only resource
        or gift distributed equally to everyone while they are alive. Each human being in every time zone has precisely 168
        hours a week to spend. Make today your moment of truth, your time to win.”

Consider Mr. Waitley’s advice . . .

    ♦    Winning is a state of mind – challenge timeworn assumptions and prejudices,
         and reflect on the vast potential within you.

    ♦    Attitude is the winner’s edge – believe in yourself, and expect to achieve your
         goals and be successful.

    ♦    Winners always focus – set your goals, concentrate, and follow through.

    ♦    Winners take risks – step out of your comfort zone; take the initiative to make
         things happen, or you will never know your potential.

    ♦    Winning demands persistence – hang in there when times are tough.

    ♦    Winning takes teamwork – be a champion on cooperation, not competition.

    ♦    Winners empower others – understand the needs of people, and guide, energize, and excite others.

    ♦    Winners demonstrate integrity – always be honest and know that we become what we do.

    ♦    Winners never stop learning – continue to learn realizing knowledge controls access to opportunity and

    ♦    Winners never finish – remember life is an ongoing process and always under construction.

Collectively, our chapter members have 8,232 hours this week. If we would each share just a small portion of our time in
IAAP service or leadership, just imagine how that experience would enrich our careers as administrative professionals
and benefit Minisa Chapter at the same time! What will you do with your 168 hours this week?

                                      Winners are those people who
                                      make a habit of doing things
                                       that losers are afraid to do.

  "This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will.
    You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you
    are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be
      gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind . . . let it be
                                     something good."

                                                                                                  ~ Author Unknown
                                               Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 10

                          Birthdays                                           Service Anniversaries
              Rebecca Dodge – November 3                                         Debbie Konklin (2006)
            Cyndi Mullins CPS/CAP – November 8                                 Shirley Yingling CPS (1990)
               Rachelle Baker – November 9
              Jocelyn Pickard – November 21
            Bobbie Frye CPS/CAP – November 24
            Lisa Baker CPS/CAP – November 28

Computer Corner
How to Print a Webpage Without Backgrounds
You can print out any webpage with its background colors or without background colors using
the Internet Explorer settings. If you print a webpage without background colors, then you can
speed up your printing and save printer ink.

The important thing is to always preview webpages before you print. In Internet Explorer go to
the File menu, then click on the Print Preview option.

To enable or disable print background colors option on a webpage, click on the Tools menu and then go to Internet
Options and click to open it.

Click on the Advanced tab then scroll down to find the Printing option.

Now check the option "Print background colors and images" then Apply and click OK.

               Every Meeting an Advertisement
                  Every Member an Ambassador
                                •     Support chapter meetings and activities
                                      •    Get involved – grow into leadership
                                           •     Promote a positive and friendly environment
                                                 •    Treat everyone with respect
                                                       •     Bring guests
                                                             •    Learn who we are
                                                                  •    Maintain a standard of excellence
                                        Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 11

                                                                     Benefits of IAAP
                                                                     Continuing Education:
Other ways for members to contribute to the                          Earn Continuing Education Credit
Trust (not part of the Family of Givers program)                     (CEUs) and/or CAP/CPS
                                                                     recertification points at chapter,
are by purchasing:                                                   division, and international meetings or
   ♦ Holiday cards: this is the last year the
     Trust is offering these cards that are                          Networking:
     appropriate for your office, family and                         Meet and exchange ideas with office
     friends, and your IAAP network: board                           professionals from other companies
     members, committee chairs, associate                            and worldwide through the IAAP web
     members, and guests. Order them                                 community.
     directly from headquarters: $20/25 cards,
                                                                     Professional Growth:
     $35/50 cards, and $50/75 cards.                                 Enhance your skills and develop self-
   ♦ Pins: at only $5 each, the Trust’s annual
     pin makes a wonderful gift – for board or                       Certified Professional
     committee members, friends – or even                            Secretary® (CPS®) and
     for a chapter speaker! See Bethel if you                        Certified Administrative
                                                                     Professional® (CAP®)
     would like to purchase one.
                                                                     Attain the coveted global standard of
                                                                     measurement for administrative
                                                                     assistants’ proficiency through an
                                                                     extensive written examination.

                                                                     Leadership Development:
                                                                     Learn team-building and
                                                                     organizational skills as a committee
                                                                     member, committee chair, and officer.
    Pathways to Excellence                                           Technology Updates:
       Remember to check out the Q&As                                Keep up to date on industry trends
       and other tools that will assist you                          and technological advances.
           in becoming excellent at:                           Professional Publications:
                                                                     Receive timely information on issues
                                                                     facing business professionals today.

                                                                     WANT TO BECOME
                                                                     A MEMBER?

                                                                     Contact Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP,
           Marsha Ector-Haney                                        at
                                                                     or 316-269-2137 and ask that an
              Jeretta Eash                                           IAAP informational packet be sent to
                                                                     you. Better yet, attend one of our
                                                                     meetings and see for yourself how
                                                                     IAAP can help you achieve success
                                                                     in the administrative profession!
                                           Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 12

October Highlights . . .
Linda McCurdy CPS, Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP, Photographers

   Inspirational message by Sue                Ruth and her guests, speaker             Networking

         Members                                Bobby Burcham, Speaker         Executive of the Year Presentation

 Members and their executives                  Kansas Division Fall Seminar            Marianne and Sharon

            Minisa members                    Bobbie selling nuts to Janet     Kansas Judicial Pros –host chapter
                                                Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 13

   One-Minute Idea
   Add Value to Advance Every Day
   If you want to climb the ladder at work, do not approach every
   day by asking yourself “When will I earn a promotion?”
   Instead, ask questions like these:
            ”How can I add value to my organization?”
            ”What can I do to make my boss’s job easier?”
            “Where do I need to improve?”
            ”How can I make a difference?”
            ”What shortcomings should I address?”
   Bottom line: Add value. Your boss will notice your efforts, and
   you will soon reap the rewards of your hard work.
                           - Adapted from There’s No Elevator to the Top,
                      Umesh Ramakrishman, Portofolio, http:\\

Care and Share
Minisa Chapter has several members who have serious medical issues, or have suffered a death in the
family or who have family members with major medical problems. As we enter into the Thanksgiving season and
reflect on all we have to be thankful for, let’s keep one another in our thoughts and prayers.

                                                                                     . . . Style Editor
    The slash (/) and when you use it
    Slashes have several meanings: and, or, both, to, or per. But use them with caution as they can make your
    sentence difficult to interpret.

    1. You can use a slash to indicate a time period that extends beyond a single year.
            Example: Fiscal year 2007/08

    2. Use it to replace per in measurements: 40 km/h (40 kilometers per hour).

    3. You can use it to replace and/or. However, many readers dislike this usage as it can be ambiguous.

             Example (awkward): You can attend the presentation and/or the dinner. (Is this easy to read?
             How many options is the writer offering?)

             Example (better): You can attend the presentation or the dinner or both.

    4. Avoid using he/she or s/he – it is awkward and distracting.
                                            Pow Wow – November 2009 – Page 14

Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP
P O Box 854
Wichita, KS 67201


Publications Committee:
Chair: Pam Dinwiddie
Bethel Banzhaf CPS/CAP
Norma Farnsworth CPS/CAP
Patti Ferguson CPS/CAP


                               Newsletter Information
    See your name in print! All chapter members are                                   ADVERTISING
       encouraged to submit articles, information,                              SPACE AVAILABLE:
    personal updates, anything you think would be of                              Business card size
    interest to other chapter members. All members
     who submit articles will receive incentive points.
                                                                                  $15 for 11 issues

          SUBMISSION                        SUBMISSION                          Advertising is accepted on a
           DEADLINE                        REQUIREMENTS                         space available basis.

  3RD THURSDAY OF EVERY                 FONT: Arial                             Submit check with your business
  MONTH                                 SIZE: 10                                card made payable to Minisa
                                        PARAGRAPH: justified                    Chapter, IAAP, c/o Bethel
  Submit articles to Bethel Banzhaf     NAMES: first and last                   Banzhaf CPS/CAP, P O Box 854,                                                     Wichita, KS 67201
                                        CPS/CAP: always, no comma
  P O Box 854, Wichita KS 67201;
                                        ALL COPY must be proofed
  phone 269.2137, fax 269.9348
                                        ONE SPACE after periods

                All copy is subject to editing for length and clarity and is printed at the
                                     discretion of the editorial staff.

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