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					Dear _________________,

This is to confirm your allergy testing appointment scheduled at ____________________ on
___________________________________. Please do not take any antihistamines or
medications that contain antihistamines for five (5) days before your appointment. If you
are taking an antibiotic for an infection, continue to do so as directed by your doctor. You may
continue to use your nasal inhaler. You must continue all your asthma medications. If you have
questions about any other types of medications you are taking, please call our office and check
with a nurse to see if they will inhibit allergy testing. Please bring a list of medications you are
currently taking, and any medications you are allergic to. If you have medical records from
another physician or allergist, it would be beneficial for us to have a copy to review.

The testing appointment itself is approximately one hour long. You may wish to bring
something, such as a book, to occupy your time during intervals in the testing procedure. An
adult, familiar with pertinent medical information, must accompany a child being tested. We
also request that parents being tested not bring their small children with them to the appointment.
If you have long hair, please wear it up on the day of your allergy testing.

If your insurance requires a referral, please make sure that we have it before the appointment.

Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule this
appointment. We look forward to working with you and welcome you as a patient.


Allergy & Asthma Center of Georgetown
                             Allergy & Asthma Center of Georgetown
                                        Antihistamine list
                      Please hold these medications 5 days prior to skin testing

Any non-barbiturate sedatives        Diphen                            Phenindamine
with the name “P.M.”, “sleep-        Diphenhydramine                   Phenyltoloxamine
aid”, or “nighttime”                 Dimetane                          Polaramine
Acrivastine                          Dimetapp                          Polyhistine-D
Actifed                              Doxepin                           Poly-DM Syrup
Adapin                               Dramamine                         Premysn
Alavert (loratadine)                 Dristan                           Promethazine
Alfen DMA                            Drixoral                          Pyrilamine
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough       Drixoral Cold & Flu               Pyrroxate
Allegra(fexofenadine),Allegra-D      Drixoral Cold & Allergy           Pyrlex, Pyrlex PD
Aller-Chlor                          Duratuss                          Quelidrine
Allerhist                            Dura-Vent                         Rescon
Allerest                             Elestat eye drops                 Rezine
AlleRx                               Emadine eye drops                 Robitussin Nighttime
Antivert                             Extendryl                         Rondec Syrup
Astelin Nasal Spray                  Fedahist                          Ru-Tuss
Astemizole                           Fexofenadine                      Ryna-C
Astepro Nasal Spray                  4 Way Cold                        Rynatan
Atarax                               Genahist                          Rynatuss
Atrohist                             Hycomine                          Scot-Tussin
Axid                                 Hydramine                         Semprex, Semprex-D
Azatadine                            Hydroxyzine                       Sine-Off
Azelastine                           Isochlor                          Sinubid
Benadryl (diphenhydramine)           Kronafed                          Sinulin
Benylin                              Livostin                          Sinutab
Bepreve eye drops                    Lodrane, Lodrane D                Sominex
Brexin                               Loratadine                        Sudafed Plus
Bromfed                              Maxichlor PSE DM                  Sudal-12
Brompheniramine                      Maxiphen ADT                      Tagamet
Brovex                               Meclizine                         Tanafed
Calm-Aid                             Medi-flu                          Tavist-1
Carboxinoxamine                      Methscopolamine                   Tavist-D
Cerose DM                            Midol                             Theraflu Flu, Cold & Cough
Cetirizine                           Mizolastine                       Theraflu Maximum Strength
Cheracol-Plus                        Naldecon                          Thorazine
Cheracol-Sinus                       Naphcon-A eye drops               Trinalin
Chlo-Amine                           Nolahist                          Triprolidine
Clarinex, Clarinex-D                 Nolamine                          Nighttime Flu, Cold & Cough
Claritin, Claritin-D (loratadine)    Norel DM, Norel SR, Norel LA      Triaminic Nighttime
Chlorafed                            Novafed-A                         Triaminicin
Chlorpromazine                       Novahistine DH liquid             Tussend
Chlor-Trimeton                       Nytol                             Tussionex
Chlorpheniramine                     Nyquil Nighttime Cold             Tylenol PM
Codimal                              Opcon-A eye drops                 Tylenol Allergy, Cold, Flu
Compazine                            Optimine                          Unisom
Compoz                               Optivar eye drops                 VasoBid, VazoTan
Comtrex                              Ornade                            Vicks 44 Cough, Cold, & Flu
Contac/Ornade                        Orthoxicol                        Vicks Nyquil Multi-Symptom
Contac Severe Cold & Flu             Palgic                            Vistaril
Coricidin                            Pamprin                           Visine-A eye drops
Cotab AX, Cotab Flu                  Pataday eye drops                 Zaditor eye drops
CoTylenol Cold Formula               Patanase Nasal Spray              Zantac
Cyproheptadine                       Patanol eye drops                 Zyrtec, Zyrtec-D
Dallergy                             PBZ                               Xyzal
Deconamine SR                        Pediox-S                          Zymine HC, Zymine-D
Desloratadine                        Pepcid                            Zymine liquid
Dexbrompheniramine                   Periactin
Diphedryl                            Phenergan
                                                                                   AntihistamineList. Drive1

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