Sandra Luckett by liuhongmei


									                     Sandra Luckett
                             717 Front St.
                          Conway, AR 72032
                            (804) 221-8990

                  Virginia Com m onw ealth University
                  M aster of Fine Arts -May 2003
                  Bachelor of Fine Arts -May 2001
                  M ajor: Painting
                  M inor: M useum Studies

2010-present:     Professor of Painting, University of Central Arkansas

2008-2010:        Chair, Professor of Art, Germanna Community College

2006-2008:        Director, Professor of Art, New Mexico Junior College

2000-2006:        Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University


1999-2006:        Member, Foundations Advisory Board, VCU
                  School of the Arts Recruiter, VCU
                  Intern, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond
                  Director, Student Art Space Gallery- VCU

Courses Taught:   Painting 1, 2, & Advanced, Drawing 1, 2, & Advanced, Color
                  Theory, 2D Design, Fundamentals of Design, Figure Drawing,
                  Perspective & 3D Line Drawing, Foundations Studio, Art
                  Appreciation, Honors Intro to Art, Hand-building Ceramics,
                  Digital Photography (team-taught).
                  Developed, & introduced into curriculum: Art Now
                  (contemporary art & theory).

                                  Sandra Luckett

2010:        “The Art of Adornment” Wichita Art Museum. Wichita, KS
             “A Fluid Wilderness” (solo) Contemporaty Art Center of Virginia.
             Virginia Beach, VA
             “La Fin Du Monde” Big Bang Studio. Paris, France
             “Art V Yay” Gallery 5. Richmond, VA
             “Aqua Bomb” (solo) Baum Gallery. U of Central Ar. Conway, AR
             “Dog & Pony Show” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Curious” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
2009:        “Stimulus Package” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Whodunnit?” Ghostprint Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “The Garden of Earthly Delights” Linden Row. Richmond, VA
             “Save Planet Art” 1708 Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Salon Selectives” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
2008:        “Scope” Miami, FL
             "JaneHondaElement" (solo) ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
2007:        "Pond" (solo) Little Arabi. New Orleans, LA
             “Snare” (solo) Western Heritage Museum. Hobbs, N.M.
             "Drive By" ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             "Visual Rhythms" (best in show) Torpedo Factoryy. Alexandria, VA
             "Pretty on the Inside" (solo) Carlsbad Art Museum. Carlsbad, N.M.
             "Everything but.." Flippo Gallery/Randolph Macon College. Ashland, VA
2006:        "Scope" Miami, FL
             "Bird Flew" Tribes Gallery. New York, NY
             “New Waves” (best in show) Contemporary Art Center of VA.
              Virginia Beach, VA
             “Bloom” (solo) ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Art 180” Main Art. Richmond, VA
             “Affordable Art Fair” New York, NY
2005:        “Succession” Urban Institute of Contemporary Art”. Grand Rapids, MI
             “Think Small” Artspace. Richmond, VA
             “Night of 1,000 Drawings” Artists Space. New York, NY
             “Small Works” 1708 Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “RVA” Gallery 5. Richmond, VA
             “Alumni Exhibit” Transformer. Washington, DC
             “Sugar” (solo) ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Anonymous Returns” Hemphill Fine Arts. Washington, DC
2004:        “Attack of the 50ft. Art Stars” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “13 Women” Chop Suey. Richmond, VA
             “Represent” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
2003:        “Frilly Bits” Main Art. Richmond, VA
             “Peep Show” Transformer. Washington, DC
             “Notebook” Pinkard Gallery. Baltimore, MD
             “The Real Thing” (solo) ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Lustre” Stux Gallery. New York, NY
             “Aqua Pura” (solo) The Anderson Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Capitol City” Hopkins Hall. Columbus, OH
2002:        “Rising Visions” 1708 Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Nine” The Orange Door”. Richmond, VA

                                Sandra Luckett
                              (exhibits, continued)

             “Options Biennial 2002” Millennium Arts Center. Washington, DC
             “Wearable Art” 1708 Gallery. Richmond, VA
             “Night of 1,000 Drawings” Artists Space. New York, NY
2001:        “B Hotel” PS1. Brooklyn, NY
             “Tractor Pull” Hewlett Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA
             “Slur” SOTA. Richmond, VA

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                              Sandra Luckett

          "Making a Difference" Outstanding Faculty Award: 2007
          Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship: 2003-4
          Pollak Emerging Artist Award: 2002
          Commonwealth Scholarship: 1998-2003
          Epps & Latane Scholarship: 2000 & 2001

Etc:      Founder “The Squirrelly Girls Art Collective” 2001-Present.
          The Squirrelly Girls Art Collective was founded with the intent of
          organizing themed, interactive, ephemeral art events (exhibits,
          performance, video, etc.) in public places, with as many as 225 artists
          participating per event. As our reputation has grown, we have been
          invited to curate gallery exhibits or, (as in the case of the Virginia
          Museum of Fine Arts); to stage an event.

          Squirrelly Girl Events/Exhibits:
          “Supercell” Walnut Street Gallery. Wichita, KS (2010)
          “Supercell” Matchbox Gallery. Columbus, OH (2009)
          “Supercell” ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA (2009)
          “Squirrel-O-Rama” 1708 Gallery. Richmond, VA. (2008)
          “Dazzle DIY” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Richmond, VA. (2005)
          “The SG NO SHO” Franklin Street. Richmond, VA. (2005)
          “The SG Interactive” Urban Lightworks. Richmond, VA. (2004)
          “The SG Orange Elevator Rave” SOTA. Richmond, VA. (2003)
          “The SG Wedding” The Fishbowl. Richmond, VA. (2003)
          “The SG Winter Holiday Illuminated Parade” Broad St & Orange Door.
          Richmond, VA. (2002)
          “The SG’s Are In The House” SOTA. Richmond, VA. (2001)


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