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Mendip District Council will do all it can to remove graffiti from its own property within
seven days and does work with private owners to try and achieve the same; however the
responsibility for removal from other property owners does lie with the respective owner
whether it is the County Council, utilities (i.e. Cable TV, BT etc), commercial, private
etc. There are issues of liability and trespass in removal of graffiti from somebody else’s
property whether it is private, belongs to a utility company etc. and cost which prevent
the authority from removing graffiti from these areas.
Many buildings throughout the Mendip District Council area are Listed (historic
buildings), it may therefore in these instances be advisable to contact the Council’s
Conservation Section prior to starting any work.
Graffiti is in some circumstances considered criminal damage by the police therefore if
your property is affected it should be reported to them.
Removal may not be straight forward so much depends on two factors and the various
      1.      The type of material used: chalk, paint (various - aerosol, gloss, emulsion
              etc), pens and markers (permanent or washable), lipsticks, etc. even
and   2.      The type of surface: wood, soft stone, concrete, painted, steel, aluminium,
Every situation is therefore different and may need a different form of treatment,
i.e. scrubbing, soap and water, water, power washing, chemicals, air-abrasion etc. There
are a variety of products on the market, new ones are arriving daily, designed for graffiti
removal; some of these may be safe and others may need protective equipment.
There are some situations when the graffiti cannot be successfully completely removed
or leaves a “shadow” and over-painting may have to be considered. Old stone and “soft”
stone / concrete can be particularly difficult as some of the materials used will soak in.
Occasionally the removal method may damage the surface; i.e. power washing may
remove a poor or old rendered surface; then obviously decisions have to be made as to
how to progress.
There are a number of companies who will undertake graffiti removal work so it may be
advisable to shop around; obviously our street cleaning contractors, Connaught
Environmental Ltd 01749 880898, do this work for Mendip District Council and are
willing to give advice etc.
It is possible to protect or help to protect some materials by sealing and or painting or
apply a specialist Sacrificial Coat; again there are a number of these on the market.
This Sacrificial Coat is applied to the relevant surface to prevent the graffiti from
attaching itself to the stonework, concrete, wood etc. and if there is an incident of graffiti
that requires removal this coat can be removed (sacrificed) with the graffiti; it would then
be advisable to replace the coating. It is important to note and remember what Sacrificial
Coat has been applied as each has their own method of removal; and they can last for

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