; Conjoined twins separated at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
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Conjoined twins separated at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital

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									Volume 18, Number 7
Thursday, April 7, 2005
                                    Conjoined twins separated at Loma
                                    Linda University Children’s Hospital
                                       Crystal and Cristina Molina         2004, but they are joined at the     Coachella Valley delivered the         documented the entire separa-
                                    share a bond closer than most          head, one of the rarest types of     girls at Loma Linda University         tion process with the help of
                                    siblings. Not only are the sisters     conjoined twins. Parents Blanca      Children’s Hospital knowing            Medical Center audio/visual
                                    identical twins, born July 16,         Cabrera and Bernardo Molina of       this.                                  staff Ganim Hannah, Marlon
                                                                                                                    An ultrasound in March, 2004,      Paley, Janis Tucker, and Robert
                                                                                                                showed Ms. Cabrera was carrying        Raae-Nielsen. The spirit of
                                                                                                                craniopagus conjoined twins.           cooperation and compassion that
                                                                                                                Only two percent of conjoined          bonded the twins’ team made a
                                                                                                                twins are joined at the head. A        large impression on Dr.
                                                                                                                little frightened, Ms. Cabrera and     Osterdock.
                                                                                                                Mr. Molina had the support of a           “It was truly remarkable to
                                                                                                                120-member team to deliver and         see how everyone came together
                                                                                                                care for their babies through          to care for these girls,” Dr.
                                                                                                                what would be a very successful        Osterdock beamed, a glint of a
                                                                                                                separation surgery a year later.       tear in her eye, on March 22, the
                                                                                                                    Renatta Osterdock, MD, lead        day the twins went home sepa-
                                                                                                                neurosurgeon for the Molina            rate for the first time.
                                                                                                                twins, worked with one of the             Three weeks prior, on March
                                                                                                                largest multidisciplinary teams        3, after two months of pre-
                                                                                                                ever assembled at Children’s           operative care tense with the risk
                                                                                                                Hospital to meticulously chart a       of infection from skin expanders
                                                                                                                treatment plan for the girls from      and implants for immobilizing
                                                                                                                prenatal care all the way through      the girls’ heads during surgery,
                                                                                                                post-operative care and dis-           she spent two hours working
                                                                                                                charge. Companies donated spe-         with a five-member anesthesia
                                                                                                                cialized equipment and beds for        staff, led by Linda Mason, MD,
                                    Crystal and Cristina Molina were born July 16, 2004, conjoined at           the twins’ surgery. KNBC               and Alexander Zouros, MD, neu-
                                    the head, one of the rarest types of conjoined twins. Skin expanders        Channel 4 reporter Mary Parks          rosurgeon, to separate the girls.
                                    shown in this photo allowed the plastic surgery team to reconstruct         helped provide a van for the              “The nursing staff did a
                                    the girls’ skulls without using skin grafts or artificial materials.        family’s transportation, as well as             Please turn to page 2

                                    Black alumni honors                                                                School of Dentistry
                                    alumnus of the year                                                             alumni receive recognition
                                        The Black Alumni of Loma
                                    Linda and La Sierra Universities
                                    (BALL) named Anthony T.
                                    Fenison, MD, alumnus of the year
                                    at the annual BALL banquet held
 • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY            February 26 at the Los Angeles
                                    Marriott Downtown in Los Angeles.
 • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY                Dr. Fenison was born in 1965 to
   MEDICAL CENTER                   Eddie and Selena Fenison. Along                                               Arlene Jean Madsen Klooster               Raymond D. Rawson
                                    with brother, Michael, and sister,
 • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY            Cynthia, he was reared in the                                                    Arlene Jean Madsen                    Raymond D. Rawson,
   CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL              Inland Empire. After completing             Anthony T. Fenison                Klooster, a 1971 dental              School of Dentistry class of
                                    high school in 1983 at Loma Linda                                             hygiene graduate, was named          1968, has been named alumnus
 • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY            Academy where he was elected           School of Medicine. During his         Dental Hygiene Alumna of             of the year for 2005.
   MEDICAL CENTER–EAST              senior class president, he continued   four years on campus he managed        the Year during the annual               Dr. Rawson approaches
   CAMPUS                           his education as a pre-med major at    to achieve more than academic suc-     School of Dentistry dental           everything in life with enthusi-
                                    the University of California at        cess. He served as class president     hygienist and assistants lun-        asm, and has combined this
 • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY            Davis. On the first day of zoology     during his junior year, and during     cheon. The luncheon was              with a keen desire to make a
   BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE              class he met Lachelle Revis, who       his senior year he helped re-          held at the Redlands Country         difference and a vision of what
   CENTER                           was destined to have a lasting         establish the School’s Student         Club on February 11, 2005,           he wants to accomplish; this
                                    impact on his life.                    National Medical Association.          during the alumni student            enthusiasm has led to some out-
 • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY                In 1986, Dr. Fenison began his     Inspired and encouraged by Dr.               Please turn to page 2
                                                                                                                       Please turn to page 16                Please turn to page 10
   HEALTH CARE                      studies at Loma Linda University               Please turn to page 2

                                                               School of Nursing celebrates
                                                              100 years with alumni weekend
                                         After a century of caring, the                                                                               vignettes to visitors.
                                     School of Nursing celebrated its                                                                                     Friday evening featured “A
                                     100 years of existence with an                                                                                   Century of Caring: The LLU
                                     alumni weekend held March 31                                                                                     School of Nursing Journey.”
                                     to April 3.                                                                                                          Zelne Zamora, MSN, RN,
                                         The weekend began with a                                                                                     assistant professor of nursing, and
                                     research conference sponsored by                                                                                 president of the Alumni
                                     the class of 1955 (a story on the                                                                                Association, presented a slideshow
                                     conference will appear in the next                                                                               featuring the highlights of each of
                                     issue of TODAY).                                                                                                 the honored years.

                MAKE MAN WH O L
                                         Friday afternoon, alumni of       In commemoration of 100 years of excellence in nursing, the                    On Saturday, the golden
                                     the School were invited to an         School of Nursing is currently displaying two large centennial             anniversary class of 1955 hosted
                                     open house held at West Hall.         banners in front of West Hall.                                             both the Sabbath School and the
                                     Guests registered for the week-                                                                                  church service at University
                                     end, and were then treated with a     a centennial display presented by Schaefer, LLU historian, was on          Church, followed by a potluck in
                                     tour of the school, highlighted by    the Heritage Room. Richard hand to give brief historical                           Please turn to page 7

                                                         Fulfilling the Vision a Century Later . . .
2                                                                              Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                               TODAY

Conjoined twins…
Continued from page 1                 skulls.
tremendous job–we didn’t have             “They have a full head of hair
one infection the entire time,”       already, and if they wear their lit-
Dr. Osterdock remarked.               tle hats, you can’t even tell
   After the successful separa-       they’ve had a major surgery,”
tion, Dr. Osterdock took a brief      said Dr. Ray.
break to inform the parents of the        Crystal and Cristina don’t
good news before spending             know it, but they were so popu-
another three hours in the operat-    lar during their stay at Children’s
ing room as Andrea Ray, MD,           Hospital that they inspired two
lead plastic surgeon for the          scrapbooking events resulting in
Molina twins, worked with her         three memory books for the par-
team to reconstruct the girls’                Please turn to page 16

                                                                                      Gift of Life honors Leonard L. Bailey, MD
                                                                                Television personality and Gift of Life spokesperson Chad Everett presents Leonard L.
                                                                                Bailey, MD, chair and professor of surgery, with a framed certificate honoring Dr. Bailey
Renatta Osterdock, MD, lead neurosurgeon for the Molina                         for his participation in the Gift of Life program. The Gift of Life, a philanthropic organiza-
twins, poses for one last picture before the surgery to separate                tion, helped to arrange transportation for two recent Children’s Hospital heart surgery
the girls.                                                                      patients—one from the Philippines and one from Afghanistan. Both children have fully
                                                                                recovered and have returned home.

                                                                             SPH professor trains officials in Palau
                                                                                 The island nation of Palau,         pants a true appreciation of the        locations in the Pacific Ocean to
                                                                             home to about 20,000 people, is         complexity involved in working          improve the delivery of environ-
                                                                             now better equipped to cope with        with the press,” says Dr. Dyjack.       mental health services.
                                                                             environmental health concerns               One team faced a situation of           The program focuses most of
                                                                             after a two-day training seminar        hotel patrons angry that their          its efforts on Native American and
                                                                             last month led by Loma Linda            accommodations are located next         Pacific Islander populations, Dr.
                                                                             University.                             to a rodent-infested landfill—a         Dyjack says.
                                                                                 Thirty officials from the Palau     problem not likely to be tackled            The Southern Pacific Environ-
On March 3, after nearly a year of preparation, Crystal and                  Ministry of Health convened for         in the United States, where land-       mental Resource Center is
Cristina Molina were successfully separated at Loma Linda                    “Microbes, Management, and the          fills are often located nearer to       funded by the U.S. Centers for
University Children’s Hospital.                                              Media” in the country’s capital         rural areas and lower-income            Disease Control and Prevention
                                                                             city, Koror, to learn from David T.     neighborhoods.                          and works in cooperation with the
BALL alumnus of the year…                                                    Dyjack, DrPH, CIH, associate
                                                                             dean for public health practice,
                                                                                                                         “In Palau, it’s the inverse,” Dr.
                                                                                                                     Dyjack remarks. “They have a
                                                                                                                                                             Riverside County department of
                                                                                                                                                             public health.
Continued from page 1                 Desert Valley in Victorville,          School of Public Health.                challenge with rodents there—               Loma Linda University is one
Denise Townsend, he worked to         California. In 1998 he joined the          The training aimed to teach         rats. These rats are associated with    of five U.S. universities to work
organize career days, during which    Orthopaedics Unlimited Medical         the epidemiologists, sanitarians,       unmanaged landfills, and the            with the CDC on this nationwide
Black students could meet Black       Group, Inc., in Moreno Valley,         and health educators to better          landfills happen to be adjacent to      initiative. The seminar in Palau
physicians in the area. After earn-   California. For the past four years    deliver essential services such as      expensive hotel properties.”            was sponsored by the CDC’s
ing the MD degree in 1990, he         he has maintained a private            researching for new solutions to            This fact came as news to Dr.       National Center for Environ-
completed an internship at Baylor     orthopaedics practice in Moreno        environmental health problems.          Dyjack upon his visit to Palau,         mental Health, the Palau Ministry
College of Medicine in Houston,       Valley.                                    The participants delved into        who says he enjoyed learning            of Health, and the U.S. Health
Texas (1990–1991); and a resi-            Many people know Dr. Fenison       environmental health concerns           about environmental health prob-        Resource         and     Services
dency in orthopaedics at Martin       for his academic successes, but few    such as food-borne illness, asthma,     lems facing a different part of the     Administration.
Luther King, Jr./Drew Medical         people are privy to his passion for    and environmental health dispari-       world.                                      Next week, Dr. Dyjack will
Center in Los Angeles, California     family and humankind.                  ties—a term used when specific              As principal investigator of the    travel to Durango, Colorado, to
(1991–1995). He is a board-               He is a dedicated husband and      risks affect some population seg-       Southern Pacific Environmental          conduct training that will improve
certified orthopaedic surgeon.        father in spite of his demanding       ments more than others.                 Resource Center, located here at        the health care services available
    Dr. Fenison began his profes-     schedule. He always makes time             The World Health Organization       Loma Linda University, Dr.              to the Navajo peoples in the area.
sional career at King/Drew Medical    for family and friends. He values      defines environmental health as         Dyjack works with states from               “This is interesting and fun,”
Center, where he served as chief      the concept of balance: God—           freedom from illness or injury          Texas west through Hawaii and           Dr. Dyjack says about his work.
resident/clinical instructor (1995–   family—work—extracurricular.           related to exposure to toxic agents
1996). From 1996 to 1998 he prac-         His passion for humankind has      and other environmental condi-
ticed orthopaedic surgery with the    driven him to be committed to the      tions that are potentially detrimen-
Prime Care Medical Group of                    Please turn to page 3         tal to human health, according to
                                                                             Dr. Dyjack. He says the organiza-

Orthopaedic faculty …                                                        tion estimates that up to 25 percent
                                                                             of all preventable bad health is tied
Continued from page 13                Washington, D.C., visiting the         to environmental causes.
rapidly with aggressive physical      AAOS office with patients from all         The conference participants
rehabilitation and within seven       across the United States. The fol-     also studied effectively interacting
weeks he resumed his bike riding.     lowing day, the patients and doc-      with the media—and then tested
Dr. Donaldson was so impressed        tors visited the Senate and House      their new skills during a mock
that he approached Professor          offices of political representatives   press conference. Broken up into
Lewis to see if he would be willing   from each state. The political         teams, the students hosted confer-
to go to Washington. D.C., as an      process gave the physicians a new      ences on hypothetical situations,       David T. Dyjack, DrPH, CIH (top left), associate dean for public
advocate for orthopaedic care.        insight and appreciation for the       with their peers and Dr. Dyjack         health practice, School of Public Health, worked with 30 employ-
LLUMC patient and professor           interaction of medicine and sci-       playing curious reporters.              ees of the Palau Ministry of Health during “Microbes,
John Lewis spent two days in          ence with the political process.           “I think it gives the partici-      Management, and the Media.”
TODAY                                                                              Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                    3

BALL alumnus of the year…                                                                                                First robot assisted surgery in the
Continued from page 2                   year-old Aurriel and 8-year-old          a Bible scholar and never hesitates     Inland Empire performed at LLUMC
communities he serves locally, as       Benjamin.                                to spread the good news of the
well as abroad. Dr. Fenison is an           In spite of his busy professional    gospel.
avid supporter of the Drug              life—which includes private prac-           Dr. Fenison acknowledges that
Alternative Program. He not only        tice, as well as professional publica-   many individuals have contributed
gives monetary commitment, but          tions,      presentations,       and     to his personal and professional
also assists with aftercare employ-     memberships—Dr. Fenison still            achievements. He is particularly
ment, mentoring, and educational        finds time for a number of diverse       grateful to several mentors—Drs.
desires. Dr. Fenison is also com-       interests and pursuits. He and his       Sanders, Eaton, McKenzie, and
mitted to the SOAR (Scholarship         wife host medical students in their      Lindsay, and to his parents and his
Opportunities Achievement               home, and he volunteers with his         wife. But he reserves the highest
Responsibility) program. Abroad,        local church’s Adventurers’ pro-         praise for his Lord and Savior, Jesus
his passion for God’s people has led    gram, participates in career days,       Christ.
him to be a part of a hospice project   plays sports, and “schools” students        In light of his personal and
in Africa.                              in basketball at the Drayson Center.     professional contributions,
    Dr. Fenison and his wife,           He also optimistically believes that     BALL is pleased to confer on            The da Vinci Surgical System allows the surgeon to operate the
Lachelle, have been married since       “a Laker championship is still possi-    Dr. Fenison the title alumnus of        sidecart equipped with four robotic arms, two with high-powered
1991. They have two children, 9-        ble without Shaq.” In addition, he is    the year—2005.                          cameras and two with special laparoscopic instruments.

                                                                                                                                                              On Monday, March 28, Loma
                                                                                                                                                          Linda University Medical Center
                                                                                                                                                          held a press conference announc-
                                                                                                                                                          ing the first prostate removal
                                                                                                                                                          surgery using the da Vinci Surgical
                                                                                                                                                          System in the Inland Empire.
                                                                                                                                                              Herbert Ruckle, MD, chief of
                                                                                                                                                          the urology division at Loma
                                                                                                                                                          Linda University Medical Center,
                                                                                                                                                          performed the first da Vinci
                                                                                                                                                          prostatectomy in the Inland
                                                                                                                                                          Empire for Robert Jensen, a
                                                                                                                                                          70-year-old gentleman from
                                                                                                                                                          Beaumont, California. The da
                                                                                                                                                          Vinci Surgical System was on dis-
                                                                                                                                                          play during the press conference,
                                                                                                                                                          providing a close look at the
                                                                                                                                                          newest in robotic-surgical innova-
                                                                                                                                                          tion. Loma Linda University
                                                                                                                                                          Medical Center is the only facility
                                                                                                                                                          in the Inland Empire with this
                                                                                                                                                          surgical option.
                                                                                                                                                              The da Vinci Surgical System
                                                                                                                                                          consists of four main parts; an
                                                                                                                                                          ergonomically designed surgeon’s
                                                                                                                                                          console, a patient-side cart with
                                                                                                                                                          four interactive robotic arms, a
                                                                                                                                                          high-performance vision system,
                                                                                                                                                          and proprietary EndoWrist instru-
                                                                                                                                                          ments. The surgeon’s hand move-
                                                                                                                                                          ments are scaled, filtered, and
                                                                                                                                                          smoothly translated into precise
                                                                                                                                                          movements of the EndoWrist
                                                                                                                                                          instruments through state-of-the-
                                                                                                                                                          art robotic technology.
                                                                                                                                                              The intuitive interface offers
                                                                                                                                                          surgeons dexterity, precision,
                                                                                                                                                          and control beyond the capabili-
                                                                                                                                                          ties of the human hand. Each of
                                                                                                                                                          the four robotic arms is equipped
                                                                                                                                                          with an EndoWrist instrument or
                                                                                                                                                          high-powered camera that offers
                                                                                                                                                          seven degrees of freedom and 90
                                                                                                                                                          degrees of articulation. The con-
                                                                                                                                                          sole gives surgeons a three-
                                                                                                                                                          channel vision system that
                                                                                                                                                          produces a high-resolution 3-D
                                                                                                                                                          image and a panoramic view of
                                                                                                                                                          the surgical field.
                                                                                                                                                              “We are excited about this
                                                                                                                                                          opportunity,” says Dr. Ruckle. “It
                                                                                                                                                          is a chance for Loma Linda
                                                                                                                                                          University Medical Center to
                                                                                                                                                          meld cutting-edge technology and
                                                                                                                                                          whole-person care.”
                                                                                                                                                              The da Vinci Surgical System
                                                                                                                                                          is used for more than urology
                                                                                                                                                          patients. The da Vinci has also
                                                                                                                                                          been approved by the FDA for
                                                                                                                                                          multiple surgical procedures in the
                                                                                                                                                          areas of cardiac, urologic, pediatric,
                                                                                                                                                          and general surgery. John Kim,
                                                                                                                                                          MD, OB/GYN surgeon at Loma
                                                                                                                                                          Linda University Medical Center,
                                                                                                                                                                  Please turn to page 12
4   Thursday, April 7, 2005   TODAY
TODAY                                                                          Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                        5

 More than 350 alumni and friends of BALL gather for annual banquet
    The Black Alumni of Loma                                                 American history. This book was
Linda and La Sierra Universities                                             reissued in 2004 with a new epi-
(BALL) held their 22nd annual                                                logue to celebrate the 50th
banquet on Saturday, February 26,                                            anniversary of the Supreme
at the Los Angeles Marriott                                                  Court’s historic Brown v. Board
Downtown in Los Angeles. More                                                decision.
than 350 alumni and friends of                                                  Mr. Williams’ understanding
Loma Linda University (LLU) and                                              of American history and his
La Sierra University (LSU) came                                              inside access to Washington poli-
together for the evening.                                                    tics gives him a unique and
    Juan Williams, senior corre-                 Juan Williams               informed voice as an analyst of
spondent for National Public                                                 current events. In 2000, NPR
Radio (NPR) and political ana-          the needs of Black students at       selected him to host their after-
lyst for FOX Television, was the        Loma Linda University.               noon talk show, “Talk of The
keynote speaker for the event. His          The mission of the Black         Nation,” and in two years
speech was a biographer’s discus-       Alumni of Loma Linda                 Williams brought the show’s rat-         During the banquet six students from Loma Linda University
sion on the life and legacy of          University is to be instrumental     ings to record heights. His daring       and La Sierra University were presented with scholarships.
Supreme Court Justice Thurgood          in promoting and facilitating        perspectives are based on his            Pictured here are the LLU recipients (from left) Godwin
Marshall. He highlighted the            Christian professional health sci-   historical understanding, politi-        Nwadibia, School of Public Health; Neal Antonio Johnson,
Brown v. Board of Education case,       ence education of Black young        cal expertise, and knowledge of          School of Dentistry; and Rachelle M. E. McKenzie, Graduate
but revealed, based on his one-on-      men and women at Loma Linda          diversity.                               School. G. Victoria Jackson, MSW (far right), assistant profes-
one interactions with Justice           University and La Sierra                Prior to writing bestsellers,         sor, social work, LLU, presented the scholarship awards.
Marshall, that his profound impact      University.                          Mr. Williams was a political ana-
on civil rights extended beyond                  About the speaker           lyst and national correspondent          on PBS.                               2003 for C-SPAN’s nationally
that landmark Supreme Court                 Juan Williams is one of          for The Washington Post. In a 21-           The 50th anniversary of the        televised series, Students and
decision.                               America’s leading political writ-    year career at The Post he served        Brown decision, May 17, 2004,         Leaders.
    Named the 2005 alumnus of the       ers and thinkers. He is the senior   as an editorial writer, op-ed            coincided with the nation taking         As senior correspondent for
year was Anthony T. Fenison, MD,        correspondent for NPR and the        columnist and White House                a renewed interest in issues of       NPR’s “Morning Edition” and
(see page 1 for more on Dr. Fenison).   political analyst for FOX            reporter. He won several journal-        racial equality and the unique        host of “America’s Black
    Scholarships ranging from           Television. A former prize-          ism awards for his writing and           role of the growing Hispanic          Forum,” a nationally syndicated
$1,500 to $2,500 were awarded to        winning columnist and editorial      investigative reporting. He also         population. Because of Mr.            weekly news program, Mr.
six students that evening. LSU          writer for The Washington Post, he   won an Emmy Award for TV                 Williams’ expertise, the presi-       Williams is at the cutting edge of
awardees included David O. Ajao,        has also authored three books.       documentary writing. He was              dent’s commission chose him as        America’s culture and politics.
education; LaTasha S. Murrell,          His most recent, titled My Soul      given widespread critical acclaim        the keynote speaker at the
business and management; and            Looks Back in Wonder, presents       for a series of documentaries            Smithsonian Museum in 2003 to         School of Pharmacy
Sherika Shanna–Kay Wright, arts         stirring, thought-provoking eye-     including Politics—The New Black         commemorate the Brown                 reaches finals in
and sciences. LLU awardees              witness accounts from people         Power. His documentary on A.             anniversary. He was also
included Godwin Nwadibia,               who played active roles in the       Phillip Randolph was featured            selected as the first speaker in      national competition
School of Public Health; Neal           civil rights movement during the                                                                                        For the third time in as many
Antonio Johnson, School of              past 50 years. Previous books                                                                                       years, a student team from the
Dentistry; and Rachelle M. E.           include the nonfiction bestseller,                           Innerweave:                                            Loma Linda University School of
McKenzie, Graduate School.              Eyes On The Prize, and the criti-                            The Wholeness Story                                    Pharmacy has reached the finals of
    BALL was formed in 1980 as a        cally acclaimed biography,                                                                                          the national Pharmacy and
support system for minority stu-        Thurgood Marshall: American                                  By Wil Alexander, PhD                                  Therapeutics (P&T) Competition
dents. Gaines R. Partridge, EdD,        Revolutionary. Time magazine                                 Professor of family medicine,                          sponsored by the Academy of
along with other interested alumni,     describes American Revolutionary                             School of Medicine                                     Managed Care Pharmacy
formed the organization to address      as a “magisterial” work of                                                                                          (AMCP). The LLU students have
                                                                                    Spring and Easter are with us in green force. So much to call to        placed among the top eight teams
                                                                                senses and mind about “Newness!”                                            in the country and will travel to
                                                                                    Recently in The Gathering Place, Dr. Ivan Blazen spoke of our           Denver, Colorado, for the champi-
                                                                                participation in the new creation the apostle Paul had in mind in his       onship round scheduled for April
                                                                                letters to the Corinthians and the Philippians:                             21 and 22 in the Colorado
                                                                                    “Those who belong to Christ and hence to the new creation are a         Convention Center.
                                                                                     totally changed people. They look at others, no matter who they            In addition to the LLU team,
                                                                                     are or what they have done the way Christ did—He gave himself          finalists include teams from The
                                                                                     for them—because they have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:16;            Ohio State University and the
                                                                                     Phil. 2:5). As participants in the new creation, pastors are to view   Universities of Maryland,
                                                                                     their parishioners and parishioners their pastors with the mind of     Pittsburgh, and Illinois at Chicago.
                                                                                     Christ. Academics are to see non-academics and vice versa with         Rounding out the field are Mercer
                                                                                     the mind of Christ. Professors are to behave toward their stu-         University, University of Southern
                                                                                     dents and students to their professors with the mind of Christ.        California, and the University of
                                                                                     Administrators should evaluate teachers and teachers adminis-          California–San Francisco. Last
                                                                                     trators through the filter of Christ’s mind. Husbands are to love      year’s winner, Drake University, is
                                                                                     their wives and wives their husbands the way Christ loved them.        not among the 2005 finalists.
                                                                                     Parents are to deal gently with their children and children with           The LLU School of Pharmacy
                                                                                     their parents, as befitting Christ’s mind. Physicians, dentists,       admitted its very first class in the
                                                                                     nurses, and therapists should understand and treat their patients      fall of 2002, so the 2003 competi-
                                                                                     and each other with the attitude of Christ. And as Galatians 6:1-      tion was its first. In 2004, despite
                                                                                     2 enjoins, we should minister to anyone guilty of any trespass,        being the newest school of phar-
                                                                                     with the healing restoring compassion of Christ. We should bind        macy and having only first- and
                                                                                     up the wounds of the brokenhearted in the spirit of Christ. We         second-year students enrolled, the
                                                                                     should treat the poor, defeated, homeless, mentally deficient,         team captured third place.
                                                                                     and ill with his mind; the disabled, divorced, and homosexuals         Members of the 2005 team are
                                                                                     with his mind; and different genders, races, nationalities, minori-    second-year students Bosun Kim,
                                                                                     ties, and religious groups with his mind. And we are to love our       Chung-Wen Liu, and Edward Yoo
                                                                                     enemies with the redemptive love of Christ, just as he reconciled      and third-year student Jenny Park.
                                                                                     us to himself when we were enemies toward him (Romans 5:10).           This marks the first competition
                                                                                     If we do not manifest the healing, restoring compassion and            for each.
                                                                                     agape of Christ in our evaluations of, judgments upon, and rela-           In pharmacy education, the
                                                                                     tionships with others, then we are not really in Christ, nor part      P&T Competition is serious busi-
                                                                                     of his new creation. To be in him and to have received the new-        ness; it can be compared to a law
                                                                                     ness of life he brings is to be and act like him.”                     school’s moot court. The team is
                                                                                    Feels like some spring soul cleaning is in order!                       assigned a drug for study and eval-
                                                                                                                                                                    Please turn to page 11
6                                                                                  Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                TODAY

                                                    Board of Trustees report
        Editor’s note: The Boards of Trustees for   their subsidiaries. The committees will             Samuel Soret, PhD, interim chair,            presented a report
    Loma Linda University Adventist Health          also have general responsibility for surveil-    department of environmental and occupa-            In fulfillment of LLUMC’s mission,
    Sciences Center, Loma Linda University, Loma    lance of internal controls and accounting        tional health, School of Public Health,         spiritual emphasis is being provided at
    Linda University Medical Center, and Loma       and audit activities of the institutions and     effective 1/1/05 to 12/31/05.                   each campus of LLUMC. “Faces of
    Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center     their subsidiaries. The membership of the           Teri S. Tamayose, EdD, assistant dean        Grace” program is being aired on the in-
    met in full session on Tuesday, February 15,    committees is as follows: Max Trevino,           for recruitment and marketing, School of        house television system. A “Wholeness
    2005; and the Boards of Trustees of Loma        chair; Donald Ammon; Robert Lemon;               Public Health, effective 1/1/05.                Fair” was held with approximately 800
    Linda University Medical Center and Loma        and Carlton Lofgren.                                                                             participants attending the function. It was
    Linda University Adventist Health Sciences                                                          • New policies approved                      held in conjunction with the Employee
    Center met (via teleconference) on Tuesday,        • New LLUHC board directors                      The following policies were approved         Benefits Fair. A devotional journal was
    March 15, 2005. Following is a summary of            appointed                                   by the Board of Trustees: a) pornography        distributed to 18,000 members of the
    actions taken and reports presented.               The Boards of Trustees of Loma Linda          policy; b) facilitating the transfer of cur-    LLUAHSC family. In 2004, the Medical
                                                    University Adventist Health Sciences             rently registered LLU students; and c)          Center’s chaplains visited 64,000 patients.
    Loma Linda University Adventist Health          Center and Loma Linda University                 student responsibility to meet gradua-          Quality indicators for patient satisfaction
    Sciences Center                                 Medical Center serve as the corporate            tion requirements. These policies have          and inpatient and outpatient financial
                                                    members for Loma Linda University                been published in their entirety in             data were presented. The target goal for
        • The role of a teaching hospital in        Health Care (LLUHC). On February 15,             TODAY.                                          market share by year 2008 is 10.4 percent.
          an academic medical center                2005, the corporate members received the                                                         The current market share is 9.1 percent.
        The Board of Trustees of Loma               report of the LLUHC nominating com-                 • Search processes underway                  A review of the marketing campaign for
    Linda University Adventist Health               mittee and approved the following individ-          Three administrative search processes        year 2004 was presented including bud-
    Sciences Center was given a Board edu-          uals as new directors for the LLUHC              are underway at the University: a) dean of      get and outreach projects.
    cation segment relative to the “Role of a       board: Daniel Fontoura, James Pappas,            the School of Nursing; b) dean of the
    Teaching Hospital in an Academic                David Hinshaw Jr., Terence Lewis, Alan           Faculty of Religion; and c) director of             • Reports presented and/or
    Medical Center.” It was noted that              Nelson, and Alfred Simental.                     University libraries.                                  approved
    teaching hospitals make up only six per-                                                                                                             The LLUMC performance dashboard
    cent of all hospitals in the United States,        • LLUAHSC and LLUMC                               • Board approved new library                was reviewed. It consists of service perfor-
    yet these hospitals provide a dispropor-              appointments approved                            entity                                    mance, growth performance, and
    tionate share of specialized services (i.e.,       The LLUAHSC plan for information                  There are several libraries on campus       stewardship performance metrics.
    46 percent of level 1 regional trauma cen-      systems calls for central leadership relating    including the Del E. Webb Memorial                  LLUMC’s new and updated organiza-
    ters, 44 percent surgical transplant ser-       to academia and health ministries. On            Library, Jesse Library, and Rehabilitation      tional chart was presented.
    vices) and charity care (46 percent).           March 15, 2005, the LLUAHSC Board of             Library. The Board approved the new                 Goals and challenges were identified
    Loma Linda University Medical Center            Trustees approved the following appoint-         entity “University Libraries” to collec-        for the year 2005. They are capacity con-
    serves as a tertiary care facility for San      ments: David P. Harris, PhD, was                 tively house all current and future libraries   straints, capital demands, patient satisfac-
    Bernardino, Riverside, Mono, and Inyo           appointed LLUAHSC vice president,                on the Loma Linda campus.                       tion, regulatory issues, and physician need.
    Counties.                                       information systems for academia. Dr.                                                                Divisional reports were presented by
        In 2004, Loma Linda University              Harris will continue to also serve in his role       • Financial and plant operations            Liz Dickinson and Daniel Fontoura
    Medical Center was involved in training         as vice chancellor for information systems             reports presented                         (University Hospital); Zareh Sarrafian
    2,189 students from Loma Linda                  of Loma Linda University. Richard                    The cost of health insurance and utili-     (Children’s Hospital); Gerry Ellis
    University and other educational institu-       Hergert was appointed LLUAHSC vice               ties continues to offer opportunities for the   (Institutes and Signature Programs); Daniel
    tions in the area. The following programs       president, information systems for health        University. Several remodeling initiatives      Giang (Graduate Medical Education); and
    of LLU have 100 percent of their students       ministries. In a subsequent action by the        are underway across the campus, with the        David Wren (Faculty Practice).
    in training at LLUMC: clinical laboratory,      LLUMC Board of Trustees, Mr. Hergert             Lindsay Hall modernization plan being               A report by the human resources office
    emergency medical services, medicine,           was appointed LLUMC vice president for           the largest.                                    was presented. The presentation included
    nursing, radiological technology, and respi-    information systems/chief information offi-                                                      the life cycle of employees, beginning
    ratory care.                                    cer. Mr. Hergert has an extensive back-             • Student tuition and fees approved          with recruitment to separation from the
        LLUMC offers a continuum of med-            ground in information systems, and has                 for 2005–2006 school year                 institution. A summary was also provided
    ical education training from the under-         most recently been vice president/chief             Student tuition and fees for the             of the vacancy, accession, turnover, and
    graduate medical program through                information officer for Grady Health             2005–2006 school year were approved.            retention rates for 2004.
    graduate medical education. Currently, 46       System in Atlanta, Georgia.                      The basic graduate rate will remain at              David Marlowe presented a marketing
    graduate medical education programs                                                              $465 per unit for most schools. Fees,           strategic report. Mr. Marlowe is an expert
    with 570 residents are offered at               Loma Linda University                            however, are being split from tuition this      in the field of health care marketing. His
    LLUMC. In addition to standard accredi-                                                          year and range from $393 to $452 per            presentation consisted of market audit
    tation requirements, LLUMC includes                 • Faculty appointments approved              quarter depending on program enrolled.          findings and results of the interviews with
    training for residents in general business            The Loma Linda University Board of         Dormitory rates will increase by 4.2 per-       staff and the community. The marketing
    management, applied biomedical ethics,          Trustees approved the following faculty          cent. For Lindsay Hall, cost will be $745       needs that were identified are: (1) improve
    and whole-person care. The goal is to pre-      appointments:                                    per quarter for two students per room or        access (number one need); (2) increase
    sent each resident with excellent gradu-            Stewart R. Albertson, JD, interim chair,     $985 per quarter for one student per            public communications; (3) increase level
    ate medical education from a Christian          department of health administration,             room. For Daniells Hall, cost will be           of community visibility; (4) create a “mar-
    perspective.                                    School of Public Health, effective 12/15/04      $745 per quarter for two students per           ket intelligence” capability; and (4) target
        Jamie Osborn, MD, program director          to 12/15/05.                                     room or $1,081 per quarter for one stu-         referral sources.
    of the Loma Linda University family                 Juan C. Belliard, MPH, interim chair,        dent per room.                                      Steve Mohr presented the year-end
    medicine residency, reported on the suc-        department of global health, School of                                                           financials. The 2004 budget was
    cessful mission-driven resident recruit-        Public Health, effective 12/15/04 to                 • Centennial Complex campaign               exceeded.
    ment process in family medicine. The            12/15/05.                                              announced                                      John Testerman presented the med-
    program’s mission statement is “Called to           David A. Bush, MD, vice chair for clin-          The Centennial Complex and the $40          ical staff report, consisting of a report of
    excellence, compassion, and wholeness.”         ical affairs, department of radiation medi-      million campaign to provide the philan-         medical staff year-end statistics and a
                                                    cine, School of Medicine, effective 1/1/05.      thropic support to make it a reality were       medical staff executive committee report
      • LLUAHSC budget approved                         Carlene M. Drake, MSLS, acting direc-        approved by the Board. This complex             dated February 7, 2005.
      The 2005 budget for Loma Linda                tor, University libraries, effective 1/1/05.     embodies three themes as the institution            Jim Pappas presented a report on the
    University Adventist Health Sciences                Subhas C. Gupta, MD, PhD, head,              celebrates the centennial—growth, inno-         quality processes. The definition of qual-
    Center was approved by the Board of             division of plastic and reconstructive           vation, and globalization. All schools in       ity was described as, “The degree to
    Trustees. There are now 29 service depart-      surgery, department of surgery, School of        the University will use the anatomy labo-       which health services for individuals and
    ments in LLUAHSC with 605 FTEs.                 Medicine, effective 6/1/04 to 6/30/07.           ratories, smart classrooms, amphitheaters,      populations increase the likelihood of
                                                        Loretta B. Johns, PhD, assistant dean        clinical skills and assessment center, and      desired health outcomes and are consis-
        • Audit committees appointed                for program development and evaluation,          other laboratories in the new complex.          tent with current professional knowledge.”
        The Boards of Trustees appointed            School of Medicine, effective 5/23/05 to         Gifts and pledges to the campaign now               The Board voted to authorize adminis-
    audit committees to represent the LLU-          6/30/06.                                         total $24.8 million towards the goal.           tration to proceed with the construction of
    AHSC, LLU, and LLUMC Boards of                      Jigar D. Patel, DO, associate chair for                                                      the Zapara Rehabilitation Pavilion on the
    Trustees in discharging their responsibili-     continuing medical education, department         Loma Linda University Medical Center            East Campus with an anticipated comple-
    ties regarding accounting, reporting, and       of medicine, School of Medicine, effective                                                       tion date of December 2008.
    financial practices of the institutions and     1/1/05 to 6/30/05.                                  • LLUMC CEO Ruthita Fike                                  Please turn to page 11
TODAY                                                                          Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                          7

School of Nursing alumni weekend…
Continued from page 1                 her professional career at White       grand profession. It provided me         perfect clinical instructor with       (SRRSH) in China; assisting
West Hall.                            Memorial Hospital (now White           with opportunities which I may           high standards and a nurturing         SRRSH in preparations for the
    Sabbath afternoon brought the     Memorial Medical Center) on the        not have had otherwise.”                 way. She expects much and helps        International Joint Commission
focus of the centennial weekend       neurology and neurosurgery unit,           She has maintained the class         us to be all that we can be. Always    Accreditation; installing new
up to the heritage cottage area       where she became head nurse.           letter through these 50 years and        prepared for our clinical day we       shower stalls in the dormitory at
behind Nichol Hall. It was here       Two years later, she accepted the      inspired her classmates to create        couldn’t do other than meet her        SRRSH; donating PowerPoint
that the School of Nursing had a      position of diabetic teaching          the Catherine Graf Nursing               expectations.”                         equipment and funds for labora-
special dramatic presentation         nurse for Dr. W. W. H. Pote.           Faculty Research Endowment                   “We could always confide in        tory research at SRRSH; and
titled “A Century of Caring.”             Ms. Elvedahl-Kuhn was born         Fund to assist faculty in their          her our doubts about our ability to    currently supporting Gimbie
    “A Century of Caring” was         in her grandparents’ home in           research projects.                       do something and trust that she        Adventist Hospital in Gimbie,
written by Alexandria Harter, reli-   British Columbia, Canada, where            The alumni association com-          would help us through difficult        Ethiopia, and a mission hospital
gion and drama teacher at Loma        she grew up and attended ele-          mends Doreen Mary Louise                 clinical issues. So many students      for the Tarahamara Indians in
Linda Academy.                        mentary and high school. A niece       Elvedahl-Kuhn with the Alumna            will be better nurses and better       Cree, Mexico. She serves on
    The drama presentation had        of Catherine Nickel-Graf, Nettie       of the Year Award for her exem-          people for her loving, caring          three boards of directors and is
four School of Nursing faculty        Berg (a future graduate of White       plary service to students, patients,     ways.”                                 president of the Ralph and
and students dressed in vintage       Memorial Hospital School of            classmates and colleagues, family,           “There is so much to say, but      Carolyn Thompson Charitable
clothing portraying a certain per-    Nursing), attended her mother          and community. Her vision for            I’ll leave it at: ‘She touched my      Foundation, formed in 1995.
sonage in the history of the          during confinement and delivery.       scholarly endeavors of the School        life dramatically, and I respect her       She and her husband are best
School.                               Her aunts who were nurses              of Nursing is lauded.                    so much. I thank God that I had        known for their philanthropy that
    Dynnette Hart, PhD, RN,           inspired her to study nursing.             Ina Britta Muderspach                her in my first clinical experience.   has supported “The Global
associate professor of nursing,       After completing pre-nursing at        received an associate of arts            Ina, in a school where caring is       Partnership for Nursing” under
played “Grace;” Deleise Wilson,       Walla Walla College (now Walla         degree in modern languages at            the standard, stands out.’”            the direction of Patricia Jones,
MA, RN, assistant professor of        Walla Adventist University),           Holte Gymnasium, Denmark, her                Ms. Muderspach enjoys              RN, PhD, professor of nursing,
nursing, played “Winifred;”           Walla Walla, Washington, she was       native homeland. She went on to          needlepoint and knitting projects,     and Helen King, RN, PhD, dean
Catherine Comilang, School of         accepted at CME for the 1955A          complete a diploma program in            her home, and her garden in            of LLUSN for the past five years.
Nursing student, played “Irene;”      class. A broken leg as a result of a   nursing 50 years ago at                  Yucaipa.                               This outreach has included
and Joanelle Adajar, School of        skiing accident delayed her entry      Community           Hospital       in        She and her husband are            Seventh-day Adventist nurses in
Nursing student, played “Karen.”      and she became a member of the         Copenhagen, Denmark.                     happy to live near their two           Thailand, Brazil, Africa, Romania,
    The dramatic presentation was     1955B class.                               In 1954, she married Arne H.         daughters and four grandchildren.      England, and China. She has
open to the public and had two            She met the love of her life,      Muderspach, who had preceded                 Loma Linda University School       accompanied faculty on these
showings. Almost 100 people           Irvin Kuhn, also a Canadian from       her as a graduate student at             of Nursing Alumni Association is       trips, acting in capacities of con-
attended the first showing, more      British Columbia, who graduated        Andrews University, Berrien              pleased to honor Ina Britta            ference registrar-coordinator, pho-
than double what was expected.        from CME School of Medicine in         Springs, Michigan, two years             Muderspach in her 50th year as a       tographer,        and      awarding
    Following the dramatic pre-       1955. Elder Frank Moran married        before. She continued her pursuit        nurse with the Alumna of the           certificates.
sentation, Mr. Schaefer gave a        them in 1956 in Los Angeles.           of nursing education at Albright         Year Award for 2005.                       She currently is an elder for
brief history of how Loma Linda       After Irvin’s medicine residency,      College, Reading, Pennsylvania,              Carolyn Pierce Thompson            the University Church of
University was purchased. This        Ms. Elvedahl-Kuhn’s career path        for the bachelor of science degree.      studied pre-nursing at La Sierra       Seventh-day Adventists on the
seemed especially poignant            included a move to Vancouver,          Moving to Loma Linda, she con-           College and graduated from             Loma Linda campus and make-
against the backdrop of the more      where she did staff nursing at         tinued her studies in the                White Memorial Hospital (now           up artist for Loma Linda
than 100-year-old cottages.           Vancouver General Hospital for a       Graduate School, completing the          White Memorial Medical Center)         Broadcasting Network (LLBN).
    Saturday evening was the          year. The Kuhns then moved to          master of science degree with a          School of Nursing in 1949. She         Nurturing her interest in televi-
alumni banquet held at Wong           Willowdale in North Toronto,           major in medical-surgical nursing        married Ralph Thompson Jr. on          sion outreach, she has produced
Kerlee International Conference       where she taught in the North          in 1980.                                 July 18, 1948. In mid-life, she        the program “Searching for
Center.                               York Branson Hospital School of            Ms. Muderspach has served in         became a licensed realtor.             Answers” for LLBN since 1998.
    Several awards were pre-          Nursing. In 1961, she and Irvin        staff nurse positions at Glendale            Ms. Thompson began her             Approximately 200 episodes have
sented, including two Alumna of       accepted a mission appointment         Adventist Medical Center,                nursing career as an obstetrical       been produced. Presently, the
the Year Awards.                      to Bangkok Adventist Hospital          Reading Rehabilitation Hospital,         nurse at Los Angeles County            book of Revelation is being stud-
    Doreen       Mary     Louise      (BAH) in Thailand, where she           and Loma Linda University                General Hospital the year she          ied with three theologians.
Elvedahl–Kuhn, RN; and Ina            initiated the public health cur-       Medical Center. Her specialty            graduated. She delivered approxi-          Ms. Thompson and her hus-
(Britta) Muderspach, RN, MS,          riculum in the BAH School of           practice most recently has been          mately 18 babies on her own            band are proud parents of three
both members of the class of          Nursing. In 1964, they moved           cardiac therapy. In addition, she        when the residents were busy in        adult children, a daughter, Carol
1955, were recipients of the          back to Willowdale for a few           was an outstanding teacher and           other delivery rooms.                  Thompson Corwin, a graduate of
Alumna of the Year Award.             months, where she served as act-       mentor in the undergraduate pro-             Upon becoming a mother, she        LLUSN ’78, GS ’85, and two
    Helen Emori King, PhD,            ing director of the school of nurs-    gram of the School of Nursing            chose to be a “stay-at-home            sons, Jeffery (School of Medicine
RN, dean of the School of             ing prior to moving to Seattle,        from 1991 until 2000, when she           mom.” She and her daughter             ’81) and Jon (School of Medicine
Nursing, received the Lifetime        Washington. There she worked as        retired. Though retired, she has         accompanied her husband to             ’91). Both are actively practicing
Achievement Award. Dr. King           a staff nurse at the University of     continued to teach part-time for         Fairbanks, Alaska, while he was        medicine. The Thompsons are
has announced that she will be        Washington Medical Center. She         the School in critical care and          in the Air Force, where their sec-     the grandparents of six
retiring at the end of this school    soon found a position on the clini-    fundamentals.                            ond child was born. While in           grandchildren.
year.                                 cal research unit at King County           She has earned the high regard       Alaska, she was ordained as elder          The alumni association honors
    Carolyn Pierce Thompson,          Medical Center as a research           of her colleagues and students for       of the small Fairbanks Seventh-        Carolyn Pierce Thompson, RN,
RN, was presented with the            assistant. She returned to Loma        her clinical expertise and classroom     day Adventist Church. She              for her special gifts of vision, com-
Philanthropic Award.                  Linda in August of 1966 and            teaching. Her compassionate, car-        played the piano for services and      passion, generosity of spirit, vol-
    Doreen       Mary     Louise      joined the faculty of the School of    ing relationships exemplify the          actively “tended the flock” in the     unteerism, and exemplary
Elvedahl-Kuhn graduated from          Nursing.                               highest ideals of the University and     absence of a resident minister.        philanthropy in making a differ-
the College of Medical                    Since 1968, Ms. Elvedahl-          the School of Nursing. Her faculty       Upon completing their military         ence in the personal and profes-
Evangelists (CME, now Loma            Kuhn has devoted her nursing           assignments have ranged from             obligation, the Thompsons              sional lives of Seventh-day
Linda University School of            skills to her family. At that time     beginning students in fundamen-          returned to Southern California        Adventist nurses around the
Nursing) with a BS degree in          she and Irvin adopted a week-old       tals to medical–surgical and critical-   for Ralph’s surgical residency.        world, with the Philanthropic
1955. After graduation she began      daughter, and, a few months later,     care laboratories.                       Further training took them to          Award.
                                      another daughter at nine months            Her current students recom-          New York before returning to               It is with admiration and
                                      of age. In 1970, she gave birth to a   mended to the alumni association         Loma Linda.                            thankfulness that Loma Linda
                                      son. As the children grew, she         that she be recognized for her               Throughout the years, Ms.          University School of Nursing
                                      contributed to children’s Sabbath      many years of service to the nurs-       Thompson has been active in the        Alumni Association honors Helen
                                      School at the Yucaipa Seventh-         ing profession. They described           outreach of the Seventh-day            Emori King, RN, PhD, for her
                                      day Adventist Church and to            the impact she has had on them:          Adventist Church, both locally         lifetime achievements in nursing
                                      home-and-school activities at              “Ina is that light unto the          and internationally.                   service and nursing education.
                                      Mesa Grande Junior Academy,            world that we all so want to be—             Her many accomplishments               Dr. King earned her bachelor
                                      where she initiated a summer           the example that we strive for,          include assisting Jack Provonsha       of science in nursing at Loma
                                      reading Olympics program for the       and thanks to her witness, will          in developing the LLU Ethics           Linda University in 1959. By
                                      students.                              hopefully follow. She has been           Center in 1964; assisting in the       1965, she had completed her
                                          Ms. Elvedahl-Kuhn says, “I         caring, serving, and touching lives      initiation of the ethics center at     master of science in medical/sur-
                                      have experienced nursing as a          as a nurse for 50 years. She is the      Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital                      Please turn to page 13
8                                                                         Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                 TODAY

       Annual BALL banquet held on February 26

    W. Augustus Cheatham, MSW (second left), vice chancellor for public affairs, LLU and banquet
    emcee, welcomes guests to the Twenty-second Annual Scholarship Banquet, sponsored by the Black        M. Leon Seard II, MD, president of BALL, welcomes alumni
    Alumni of Loma Linda and La Sierra Universities, held on February 26, at the Los Angeles Marriott     and friends of BALL and thanks them for their continued sup-
    Downtown in Los Angeles. More than 350 guests attended the affair.                                    port of the organization.

    Leslie N. Pollard, DMin (right), special assistant to the chancellor for diversity,
    LLU, presents H. Roger Hadley, MD, dean, School of Medicine, LLU, with the            Carlton B. Sampson, MD (right), member, BALL executive committee, con-
    LLU Leadership Diversity Award “in acknowledgement of your lifelong commit-           gratulates (from left) Sherika Shanna–Kay Wright, Toyin Akinpelu, and
    ment to the education of minority young people at Loma Linda University.”             Paula Thompson for receiving Gaines Partridge Scholarship awards.

    LSU awardees included (second left) David O. Ajao, education;
    LaTasha S. Murrell, business and management; and Sherika
    Shanna–Kay Wright, arts and sciences. David Dudley, PhD (far left),
    director of the counseling center at LSU, presented the awards.                The Joe Bagg Quartet provided musical entertainment for the evening.

    Anthony T. Fenison, MD (right), makes remarks after
    receiving the Alumnus of the Year Award. Looking on are             A report on the Minority Introduction to the   Lori Barker Hackett, PhD (right), presents Paula
    his wife, Lachelle, and Nyron H. R. McLean, member,                 Health Sciences program was given by the       Thompson, the recipient of the Matilda “Syd”
    BALL executive committee.                                           program coordinator, Leroy A. Reese, MD.       Barker Scholarship Award in the amount of $1,000.
TODAY                                                                 Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                             9

   School of Nursing celebrates 100 years

 Richard Schaefer, LLU historian, presents “A Legacy of             Deleise Wilson, MA, RN, assis-     From left, Lou Anne Ruminson Kent-Aaen, class of 1969,
 Providence” on the lawn in front of the heritage cottages behind   tant professor of nursing, pre-    poses for a picture after vespers with her mother, Marie
 Nichol Hall. His presentation was part of the School of            sents the story of “Winifred.”     Jackson Ruminson, class of 1941, and her daughter, Sharna
 Nursing’s “A Century of Caring,” which was held Saturday           Ms. Wilson is dressed in a vin-    Aaen, class of 2006. Lou Anne, Marie, and Sharna represent
 afternoon, April 2.                                                tage nursing uniform.              three generations of School of Nursing graduates.

 Lucille Noggle Bieber, class
 of 1938, represented the old-
 est class present during the
 School of Nursing alumni        Nadine Moore Knight, class of 1975, and Elizabeth (Bowes)             Patricia Clark Foster, PhD, RN, emeritus professor, School of
 banquet, held Saturday          Dickinson, class of 1975, share experiences they had while            Nursing, poses for a picture with her husband, Glenn. Dr. Foster
 evening, April 2.               enrolled in the School of Nursing.                                    is a member of the class of 1955B, the golden anniversary class.

                                                                    Hazel Wood (left), alumni asso-
                                                                    ciation secretary, poses for a
 Ina Britta Muderspach, class of 1955, receives the Alumna of the   picture with Zelne Zamora,
 Year Award from Eva Miller, MS, RN, associate professor of         president of the alumni associa-   (From left) Racheal Askea, Toby Richards, Ahlam Jadalla, and
 nursing, during the alumni banquet.                                tion.                              Iris Mamier receive alumni association merit scholarships.

                                                                                                                                          Dr. King poses for a picture
 Doreen Mary Louise Elvedahl–Kuhn (right), proudly displays                                                                               with Katty Joy French,
 her Alumna of the Year Award. Posing for a picture with her        Carolyn Pierce Thompson (right), class of 1949, prepares to receive   PhD, RN, after receiving
 are Joyce Volsch, administrative director of nursing, LLUMC,       the School of Nursing Philanthropic Award from Helen E. King,         the Lifetime Achievement
 and Ms. Miller.                                                    PhD, RN, dean of the School of Nursing.                               Award.
10                                                                              Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                   TODAY

Japanese students learn more than academics while studying at LLU
    Loma Linda University’s            as much as Americans;
School of Allied Health                    6. A cigarette-free lifestyle;
Professions is making an impact            7. Exercising in the Drayson
on the occupational therapy and        Center. Swimming was a favorite;
physical therapy workforce in              8. Portfolio Practicum work-
Japan.                                 shops, which exposed them to
    The School’s partnership with      many interesting topics. They
Humanitec           Rehabilitation     enjoyed sitting with so many
College in Yokkaichi, Japan,           other students from the School of
brings several Japanese students       Allied Health Professions;
to the Loma Linda campus each              9. Trips to galleries, muse-
fall, where they learn about more      ums, gardens, the zoo, and the
than just physical and occupa-         Crystal Cathedral. Volunteers who
tional therapy.                        sponsored field trips left deep
    Last fall, the 15 students com-    impressions on how to seek out
posing the third cohort from           beauty and live balanced lives;
Humanitec were exposed to a                10. Sabbath services. Even
world of new ideas and habits dur-     though none were Christians, the
ing their stay, in addition, of        students never missed a week.
course, to completing their college    Initially, they didn’t understand
degrees: by spending their final       why the Japanese Church mem-           The students enjoyed visiting the Grand Canyon during the Thanksgiving holiday.
quarter at Loma Linda, the stu-        bers took such interest in them;
dents earn a bachelor’s degree in
health science from Loma Linda’s
                                           11. Praise songs. The group
                                       learned several favorites, arranged    Raymond Rawson honored…
School of Allied Health                a couple of songs, and sang them       Continued from page 1                    indicated that an underserved            the American Board of Forensic
Professions, specializing in either    at Japanese Church for their part-     standing achievements.                   population—including children—           Odontology.
occupational therapy or physical       ing gift;                                  The most noticeable accom-           was not receiving care. For                  The adage that “if you want to
therapy.                                   12. Small-group Bible studies.     plishment has been the recent            instance, a 1995 study at the            get something done, give it to a
    Throughout their stay, the stu-    Some students enjoyed reading          (2002) opening of the University         University of Nevada Medical             busy man,” certainly applies to
dents lived in makeshift dormito-      Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven       of Nevada Las Vegas School of            Center showed that the number            Dr. Rawson. How else does one
ries—three adjacent apartments         Life;                                  Dental Medicine. The first class         two cause for admittance to the          explain the numerous activities
arranged for by Art Walls, man-            13. Singing band at the            will graduate in 2006, and the stu-      hospital was for dental pain and         and projects he finds time to do?
ager of rental properties. Faculty,    Medical Center on Fridays;             dents can thank Dr. Rawson for           infection. Further, only 10 percent      He still practices dentistry (and
students, and Loma Linda                   14. Visiting University Church     the opportunity to study dentistry       of the state’s 800 dentists indi-        loves it), and his public services
Japanese Church families volun-        to experience a high church; and       in Las Vegas. He has been an             cated a willingness to treat             include the National Advisory
teered to help the students adjust         15. Visiting Mt. Rubidoux          energetic, tireless promoter of the      patients on Medicaid. Add to that        Committee on Rural Health,
to life in Loma Linda and helped       Church to experience an African-       new school.                              the fact that Nevada had the low-        American Legacy Foundation
create memorable experiences for       American service and true gospel           Interestingly, Dr. Rawson            est ratio of dentist to population; it   (smoking cessation programs),
the students.                          music.                                 began dreaming of seeing a dental        gave him a powerful argument for         Task Force Fund for a Healthy
    “People who have worked                Two months after the students      school in Las Vegas while he was         proposing that a school of dentistry     Nevada (tobacco settlements),
with this group of students, or the    left, Ms. Khoo was reunited with       still a student at LLUSD in the          be established to meet the state’s       and the Clark County Anti-
two previous cohorts, were truly       them when she visited Japan to         early 1960s. “I was so impressed         needs.                                   Tobacco Task Force, in addition
enthusiastic,” says the program’s      interview prospective students.        with the way Loma Linda empha-               Building a coalition of sup-         to the Boy Scouts, YMCA, and
director, Keiko Khoo, MS, MA,              At the end of a long day, Ms.      sized whole-person care, basic sci-      porters was a daunting challenge.        United Way.
also chair of the speech-language      Khoo discovered them waiting for       ences, and excellence in clinical        His colleagues in the Nevada                 He has been given numerous
pathology and audiology depart-        her in the school’s rotunda. They      dentistry, including gold foil, that I   Legislature were receptive to the        awards over the years—such as
ment in the school of Allied           asked her to pray for them. Ms.        told Dean (Charles T.) Smith that        concern raised by Dr. Rawson             the Community Hero Award by
Health Professions.                    Khoo willingly agreed, giving          I would like to see a school like        over the increasing hospital costs       the National Conference of
    “They learned that these           thanks for their spiritual growth      that in Las Vegas.”                      brought on by patients with den-         Christians and Jews and the
Japanese students always capti-        and petitioning for success on             Of course, Las Vegas and the         tal problems seeking care. He            Public Service Award by the
vate their hearts. Some have said      their Japanese licensing board         State of Nevada were a long way          was able to build bridges with           American Association of Public
that their charm was in their sin-     examinations, which they took in       from having either the population        colleagues both in the Assembly          Health Dentistry—and he is a fre-
cerity, politeness, and gentleness,    February. (The results of the          or the resources to consider open-       and the Senate so that in 1997           quently invited lecturer, but he
and everyone was unable to find        boards will be announced this          ing a dental school in the 1960s.        approval was granted to begin            really lights up when he talks
enough words to describe how the       month.)                                    But that would gradually             planning for a school of dentistry       about his family. He and his wife,
students touched their lives.”             The       partnership       with   change, due in great measure to          to be funded through the state’s         Linda, have seven children—the
    The quarter passed quickly         Humanitec Rehabilitation College       Dr. Rawson’s pushing the issue           Medicaid program.                        first one born while they lived in
while the students struggled to        began in 2000 at the request of        until the time was right. The need           However, community support           Loma Linda—21 grandchildren,
adjust to American customs,            Masayuki Ohashi, who is now chair      to provide care for underserved          was another matter. The dentists         and one great-grandchild (born in
speaking English, and living away      of the board. Mr. Ohashi read          population groups and the devel-         in Nevada were not initially in          March, 2004). One of his sons is
from the familiar environment of       LLU’s mission and was impressed        opment of a coalition of supporters      favor of the school project, but Dr.     studying dentistry in Illinois.
home. When finals week arrived,        by the School’s work for the good      of the idea of a school were all in      Rawson was able to convince the              The boy born in 1940 in Sandy,
Ms. Khoo conducted a group exit        of people and the community and        place.                                   Nevada Dental Association to sup-        Utah, has come a long way to his
interview. The students men-           not just for money. This inspired          Timing is everything in so           port it. Many of the state newspa-       position of leadership in Las Vegas
tioned at least 15 new ideas and       his confidence and trust that LLU      many aspects of life. Ray has            pers were opposed, but gradually         and the State of Nevada.
experiences that captured their        would train his students honestly.     been a senator in the Nevada             the tide turned, and, in 2002,               Part of that journey was his
enjoyment:                             The first group of 17 students         Legislature (representing Clark          UNLV School of Dental Medicine           dental education in Loma Linda
    1. Weekly chapel. While it         studied on the LLU campus in           County, which includes Las               became a reality and opened its          where, as a student, he produced a
may surprise some students who         2002 and was followed by 19 stu-       Vegas) since 1984. His position as       doors for its first students.            film on the high-speed photo-
have such opportunities year-          dents in 2003.                         senator (and more so as he rose in           Dr. Rawson has had and con-          graphic study of molten gold flow.
round, these students said they            “Partnering with Humanitec,        rank to become assistant majority        tinues to have many other inter-         He so impressed Dean Charles
felt the blessing of “newfound         a non Seventh-day Adventist            leader) allowed him to propose           ests in addition to politics and         Smith that Dr. Smith offered him
peace” in their hearts;                school that sought us out because      and push for the idea that               dental education. He has been            a position at the School of
    2. Classes with American stu-      of our mission, allows students to     Nevada, particularly Las Vegas,          involved in forensic dentistry for       Dentistry. Unfortunately Dr.
dents, specifically, observing their   experience our values in an acad-      could use a dental school. The           several years and was part of the        Rawson had to decline because he
learning styles and willingness to     emic environment that upgrades         city had increased in size in            forensic team after the 1980             needed to pay off his loans. His
tutor strangers from a foreign         their skills and helps them con-       recent years to a (2004) popula-         MGM fire in Las Vegas and the            interest in teaching, however,
country;                               tribute to their profession when       tion of more than 1.3 million peo-       Sioux City airplane crash                remained and has come full circle
    3. Eating breakfast;               they return home,” says Craig          ple and still is experiencing more       in 1989.                                 to where he is now very much
    4. Brown rice and whole-           Jackson, JD, MSW, dean of the          rapid growth than most areas in              His interest in this field           involved in dental education.
wheat bread;                           School of Allied Health                the United States.                       resulted in pursuing a master’s              Ray Rawson, SD’68, clinician,
    5. Five servings of vegetables     Professions. “I am proud of our            The need for a school was            degree in physical anthropology at       educator, forensic expert, and leg-
and fruit each day. They also          commitment to whole-person             demonstrated by Senator Rawson           UNLV in 1978. A leader in the            islator is a most illustrious alumnus
admitted they were unable to eat       care and education.”                   as he showed studies that clearly        field, he has served as an officer of    of the School of Dentistry.
TODAY                                                                        Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                                                   11

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Competition…
Continued from page 5                 be added to, or deleted from, each   emerging leaders in pharmacy on                  Bioethics Grand Rounds
uation. After a thorough assess-      hospital’s formulary, the “menu”     the national stage,” says Dr.                      WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2005
ment of the product focusing on       of pharmaceuticals inventoried       Ericson. She adds, “If we’ve
                                                                                                                                12:00 NOON TO 1:00 P.M.
its therapeutic value and its cost    and advocated by the hospital.       done this well with only a partial
effectiveness, the team reports its      Interim dean Avis Ericson,        complement of students, imagine
                                                                                                                           ALUMNI HALL FOR BASIC SCIENCES
results to an adjudicatory panel      PharmD, is confident that the        what we’ll be able to do next year
and fields panelists’ questions       2005 team will build on the          and beyond with all four classes       “Do illegal immigrants deserve access to
about its procedures and findings.    achievements of its predecessors.    in place and our current enroll-         Southern California health care?”
The process is much the same as       “These four students have            ment nearly doubled. I’m really
that followed by P&T committees       already shown themselves to be       proud of these students.”                                                     CME credit is available
in hospitals throughout the nation    outstanding ambassadors for              Kelly Lee, PharmD, is the
as they determine what drugs will     Loma Linda University and are        team’s advisor. Dr. Lee is enthusi-
                                                                           astic about the prospect of LLU                                                        Featuring
                                                                           eclipsing last year’s record and
                                                                                                                                   Robert Gardner, PhD, MA
                                                                           becoming a “regular” among the
                                                                                                                  Program chair of the PhD in social policy and social research, LLU
                                                                           competition’s finalist. Dr. Lee          Professor, department of social work and social ecology, LLU
                                                                           says, “The students have worked
                                                                           extremely hard during the past                        Mindel D. Spiegel, MD, MPH
                                                                           three months and they should be         Retired, consultant licensing and certification, medical staff and
                                                                           proud of themselves for being           EMTALA issues, Los Angeles County Health Facilities Division
                                                                           invited to compete in the final
                                                                           competition. It is a significant                            Brenda Flores, MSW
                                                                           accomplishment for a new school                     Doctoral student in social policy, LLU
                                                                           of pharmacy.”                          Program specialist, County of Riverside, Childrens’ Services Policy
                                                                               Team members acknowledge
                                                                           that the extensive research and
                                                                                                                                                         Adiel Uzabakiriho, MSW
                                                                           preparation have been both                                                 Doctoral student in social policy, LLU
                                                                           demanding and rewarding. Jenny
                                                                           Park says, “This is truly a team             LOMA LINDA
                                                                                                                                                                                           LOMA LINDA
                                                                           effort. Each of us has worked hard
School of Pharmacy students (clockwise) Jenny Park, Bosun                  to come as far as we have. It’s a
Kim, Chung-Wen Liu, and Edward Yoo reached the finals of                   great learning experience and our                                                                                   O                   E

                                                                                                                              O                   E                                                MAKE MAN WH O L

                                                                                                                                  MAKE MAN WH O L

                                                                                                                            Center for                                                       Center for
                                                                                                                     Spiritual Life & Wholeness                                          Christian Bioethics
the national Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Competition.                  goal is to do the very best we can
                                                                           in the finals.”

Board of Trustees report…
Continued from page 6                 Loma     Linda     University        Burlingame; Vivien Dee;                                                         For the record
   • New Trustee approved by          Behavioral Medicine Center           Ruthita Fike; Roger Hadley;
      Board                                                                Richard Hart; Kevin Lang; Alan        The editors of TODAY will print corrections on printed errors
   The LLUMC Board of                    The Governing Board of            Nelson; Mary Ann Schaepper;           of fact. Please send corrections, in written form with date of
Trustees appointed Max Trevino,       Loma     Linda    University         Hubert Watkins; and Deane             appearance and your signature, to:
president of the Southwestern         Behavioral Medicine Center           Wolcott. In addition, the gov-
Union Conference of Seventh-day       (LLUBMC) appointed the               erning board approved two                                                          Editor, TODAY
Adventists, as a member of the        operating board for the              administrative appointments for                                                 Loma Linda University
Board of Trustees. Pastor Trevino     LLUBMC. The operating board          the LLUBMC: Ruthita Fike,                                                        and Medical Center
has a broad background in finance,    will meet four times per year,       president/chief executive offi-                                                 Loma Linda, CA 92350
and will chair the LLUMC board        and the membership is as fol-        cer; and Steve Mohr, chief
audit committee.                      lows: Lyn Behrens, chair; Gary       financial officer.
12                                                                              Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                               TODAY

     Chapel programs for April                                                Walter’s Children’s Charity Classic
      feature local speakers                                                  presents $250,000 check to LLUCH
                                                                                  On March 23, a roomful of
                                                                              sponsors, administrators, and
                                                                              patients gathered at Loma
                                                                              Linda University Children’s
                                                                              Hospital to recognize the dedi-
                                                                              cation and support the Walter’s
                                                                              Children’s Charity Classic golf
                                                                              tournament has provided the
                                                                              Children’s Hospital for nine
     Leah Jordache            David Taylor          Terry Swenson             years. The ninth annual tourna-
                                                                              ment, held in October, 2004,
      The     Loma       Linda             For the April 27 chapel            raised $250,000 for two units at
  University chapel programs            program, Terry Swenson,               the Children’s Hospital. The           (Left to right) Ruthita Fike, CEO of Loma Linda University
  for the month of April feature        MDiv, campus chaplain for             Pediatric ICU Transport team           Medical Center, Steven Kienle, owner of Walter’s Mercedes-
  several campus speakers.              Loma Linda University, is             and the Cardiac Intermediate           Benz, Zareh Sarrafian, MBA, administrator of Loma Linda
      Leah Jordache, associate          scheduled to speak.                   Care Unit will split the               University Children’s Hospital, Cathy Kienle, co-organizer of the
  pastor, University Church,               Loma Linda University              proceeds      to    buy      new       golf tournament, and B. Lyn Behrens, MBBS, president of Loma
  Loma Linda, will give the             chapel programs are spon-             equipment or replace worn-out          Linda University Medical Center, celebrate the $250,000 raised
  chapel program for April 13.          sored by the office of student        systems.                               at the 9th annual Children’s Charity Classic golf tournament.
      David Taylor, PhD,                affairs and are held in                   Which is exactly what
  interim dean, Faculty of              University Church on the              Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of              event toward providing new            plantation. When Ms. Totaro
  Religion, Loma Linda                  Loma Linda campus.                    Riverside intended to raise funds      medical       equipment         for   asked if he had anything to add
  University, is set to give his        Programs are held every               for when the company, owned by         Children’s Hospital,” says Mr.        to the list, she said his eyes lit up,
  presentation during the April         Wednesday from 8:10 to                Steven Kienle, started doing the       Kienle. “Each year the tourna-        and he immediately answered
  20 chapel program.                    9:00 a.m.                             golf tournament nine years ago.        ment revitalizes me to see how        the Berlin Heart. Developed in
                                                                                  “We specifically geared this       much we can help the kids.” He        Germany, the Berlin Heart is the
                                                                                                                     applauded the returning 65 spon-      only implantable device usable

First robot assisted surgery…                                                                                        sors who have continued to sup-
                                                                                                                     port the tournament over the
                                                                                                                                                           on very small patients to bridge
                                                                                                                                                           them to transplant or allow their
Continued from page 3                                                                                                nine-year tenure.                     own heart tissue enough time to
and Donald Moores, MD, pedi-                                                                                             B. Lyn Behrens, MBBS, pres-       rest and heal itself.
atric surgeon at Loma Linda                                                                                          ident of Loma Linda University            “Just remember,” Ms. Totaro
University Children’s Hospital,                                                                                      Medical Center, thanked the           says, “it’s not just equipment
spoke about the da Vinci’s poten-                                                                                    Kienles and the many sponsors         you’re giving us, you’re giving
tial benefits for their patients as                                                                                  of the tournament for the contin-     another tomorrow to these
well.                                                                                                                ued support.                          children.”
    “We do a lot of laparoscopic                                                                                         “You truly are partners with          The Walter’s Children’s
surgeries in pediatrics,” said Dr.                                                                                   us in potential—you are building      Charity Classic has raised a total
Moores. “With the da Vinci, we                                                                                       our community’s future by help-       of $1.4 million in nine years. The
have the potential to do much                                                                                        ing children,” Dr. Behrens says.      Kienles are eager to continue the
more complex laparoscopic              Herbert Ruckle, MD, chief of the urology division at LLUMC,                       Victor Bannis, BS, RCP,           tradition for the 10th year on
surgeries.”                            talks KESQ reporter Rob McMillan through a demonstration of                   RRT-NPS, transport team coor-         October 17, 2005.
    Dr. Kim echoed this idea.          the da Vinci Surgical System at a press conference on March 28.               dinator, and Anne Totaro, RN,             “All this solidifies in my heart
    “We’ve been trying to move                                                                                       nurse manager for pediatric car-      what we’re here for—to give
into more minimally invasive pro-      which malignant (cancer) cells         active and productive lives after      diac intermediate care, shared        back,” says Mr. Kienle.
cedures in gynecological surg-         form in the tissues of the prostate.   their treatment.                       with the group some of the                The pediatric ICU transport
eries,” said Dr. Kim. “The da          The prostate is a gland in the male        One of the most common             equipment the funds raised at         team at Loma Linda University
Vinci will allow us to do so.”         reproductive system located just       treatments for prostate cancer         the tournament would allow the        Children’s Hospital services chil-
    This is ultimately of benefit to   below the bladder and in front of      involves the surgical removal of       units to purchase. Mr. Bannis         dren in San Bernardino,
the patient, as Dr. Ruckle pointed     the rectum. Each year in the           the prostate gland, known as radi-     was excited to show a mobile          Riverside, Inyo, and Mono coun-
out during the press conference.       Inland Empire approximately            cal prostatectomy. Traditional         transport unit and visually pre-      ties, transporting patients too ill
    “The benefit for the patient is    1,800 men are diagnosed with           radical prostatectomy requires a       sent the piece that would be          to be cared for at community
to recover quicker—to be getting       prostate cancer, and approximately     large, 8 to 10 inch incision. This     overhauled with upgrades—             hospitals to Loma Linda. The
up and around sooner,” he said.        16 percent of American men will        open surgery commonly results in       some parts nearly 12 years old.       team, consisting of a physician,
    Mr. Jensen was diagnosed with      be diagnosed with this disease         substantial blood loss, a lengthy          “This unit will look like a       nurse, and respiratory therapist
prostate cancer in January of this     sometime in their lives. Treatment     and uncomfortable recovery, and        brand new Mercedes,” Mr.              all specially trained in pediatric
year.                                  options and prognosis depend on        the risk of impotence and              Bannis beamed. But he was most        critical care, travel by ambulance,
    “I knew the reputation of this     the stage of the cancer, the           incontinence.                          excited about two portable            helicopter, or fixed-wing plane to
hospital and of Dr. Ruckle and felt    Gleason score, and the patient’s           Patients opting for surgical       blood/gas analyzers he would be       transport 800 to 900 children
comfortable being the first            age and general health. With           treatment may be a candidate for       able to acquire for the transport     each year to the Level 1 trauma
patient,” said Mr. Jensen of his       greater public awareness, early        a new, less-invasive surgical pro-     team. These mobile units will         center at Loma Linda for a range
experience with the da Vinci           detection is on the rise and           cedure called da Vinci                 allow test results on patients in     of diagnoses from infections,
Surgical System. “I was amazed at      mortality rates are declining.         Prostatectomy. This procedure          community hospitals in minutes,       breathing difficulties, trauma,
how soon I was up and around, it       Additionally, new advances in          incorporates a state-of-the-art        compared to what would other-         near drowning, cardiac problems,
was the next day!”                     medical technology are enabling        surgical system that helps the         wise require a time-consuming         seizures, and child abuse.
    Prostate cancer is a disease in    cancer victims to go on to live        surgeon see vital anatomical           process of paging in a specialist         The pediatric cardiac inter-
                                                                              structures more clearly and to         from the surrounding area to per-     mediate care unit provides care
                                                                              perform a more precise surgical        form the test.                        to infants and children requiring
                                                                              procedure. For most patients, da           Ms. Totaro told of several new    surgery for congenital cardiac
                                                                              Vinci Prostatectomy offers             items the cardiac unit looked for-    anomalies, including heart valve
                                                                              numerous potential benefits over       ward to receiving because of the      repair or replacement, heart
                                                                              open prostatectomy including:          funds made available from the         transplant, or placement of heart
                                                                              shorter hospital stay, less pain,      Children’s Classic. She talked        mechanical devices. These
                                                                              less risk of infection, less blood     about a new defibralator and a        patients receive care from the
                                                                              loss and fewer transfusions, less      new dialysis machine that would       unit beginning with post-op
                                       Robert Jensen (right), a 70-           scarring, smaller incisions, faster    be “a gentle dialysis for the very    recovery, through intensive care,
                                       year-old gentleman from                recovery, and quicker return to        critically ill child.” She men-       acute care, and discharge stages.
Mr. Jensen gets a chance at            Beaumont who was diag-                 normal activities.                     tioned the types of funds coming      The unit incorporates state-of-
the March 28 press confer-             nosed with prostate cancer in              As with any surgical procedure,    to the unit to Leonard Bailey,        the-art research and technology
ence to manipulate the robot           January, tells of his experi-          these benefits cannot be guaran-       MD, chief of surgery at               to provide specialized and com-
that actually took out his can-        ence with the da Vinci                 teed, as surgery is both patient and   Children’s Hospital and pioneer       prehensive care renowned
cerous prostate organ.                 Prostatectomy.                         procedure specific.                    of infant-to-infant heart trans-      throughout the world.
TODAY                                                                        Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                    13

School of Nursing alumni weekend…
Continued from page 7                  established.                        of nursing education in numer-        formed and the description, cri-      presented during the banquet
gical nursing with a functional           Dr. King has also committed      ous countries in both Adventist       teria, eligibility, nature of the     highlighting the mission work
emphasis in the teaching of            herself to ways of providing        and government-sponsored insti-       award, and procedure for appli-       that was supported by the
nursing. In 1973, she graduated        tuition scholarship funds for       tutions around the world.             cation were created in 1995.          alumni during 2004 and 2005.
from Boston University with a          master’s level courses or degrees      The doctoral program in            The first merit scholarships             The alumni association was
doctor of philosophy degree in         to faculty of sister institutions   nursing that started in 2002 at       were given in 1996.                   able to help three schools of
biology. She applied this back-        outside of the United States.       Loma Linda University is a               The merit scholarship is con-      nursing where alumni are fac-
ground to teaching in several          Some of the first included          direct outcome of Dr. King’s          ferred annually to one under-         ulty—Nigeria, Mexico, and West
schools of nursing, including          Montemorelos University in          leadership because such a pro-        graduate student and one              Indies—with a total of $5,000.
Southern Missionary College,           Mexico; Ile Ife Hospital School,    gram is not possible without doc-     graduate student who best             Funds were also given to help
Loma Linda University, Boston          Nigeria; Northern Caribbean         torally prepared faculty who          demonstrate excellence in their       pay postage for nursing books
University, and Boston College.        University; and more recently,      conduct ongoing programs of           respective programs. The award        sent to schools in Pakistan,
In 1978, Dr. King became chair         Brazil Adventist University.        research.                             criteria are based on the pur-        India, and Africa.
and professor of Atlantic Union           During the last 5 to 10 years,      The alumni association             poses of Sigma Theta Tau                 Following the missions report
College department of nursing.         many more requests for the mas-     salutes Helen Emori King, RN,         International, the honor society      was the House of Thrift report.
In 1981, she was appointed dean        ter’s degree in nursing have        PhD, for unprecedented leader-        of nursing.                           During the past fiscal year, the
and professor of Loma Linda            been received from faculty of       ship at SN, as well as for the           Undergraduate nominees for         association received $12,828
University School of Nursing.          Seventh-day Adventist institu-      development of the profession of      the award must have completed         from House of Thrift profits.
She has served in this leadership      tions in developing countries.      nursing in practice and scholar-      45 units and graduate nominees        These funds will be used for
role in Seventh-day Adventist          Dr. King took active leadership     ship worldwide. For all of this       must have completed 20 units in       alumni association projects. In
nursing education until the pre-       in a project that funds 50 stu-     and more, the association             residence of their respective pro-    addition, clothes, bedding, food,
sent time.                             dents, 25 at each of two sites      honors her with the Lifetime          grams; have achieved a GPA of         and other items exceeding
   As the administrator of the         located in Thailand and             Achievement Award.                    3.7 or higher; be committed to        $900,000 in value were donated
nursing school, Dr. King serves        Argentina, to complete a mas-          For many years, the alumni         completing their respective pro-      to several organizations includ-
on many University committees.         ter’s degree in three and a half    association has had as one of its     grams; and be able to meet the        ing: ADRA, Banning and La
A few of these include University      years. This is a huge commit-       goals to recognize excellence in      award criteria. This criterion is     Sierra Community Services,
Dean’s Council, the President’s        ment to global service.             students and alumni through           intended to identify students         House of Mercy in Mexico,
Committee, and the Chancellor’s           When Dr. King realized that      awards. An alumna of the year         who demonstrate excellence in         Romanian Church, and the
Committee. She is also a member        Loma Linda’s collaboration in       award has been presented to           their academic professional           Banning School District.
of the Loma Linda University           offering       Loma        Linda    deserving alumni since 1967.          preparation.                             The School of Nursing
Adventist Health Sciences              University’s RN to BS degree        The alumni association board             Receiving merit scholarships       alumni association then thanked
Center’s Academic Council and          with Saniku Gakuin College in       was concerned that the organi-        for 2005 are Rachael Askea;           House of Thrift volunteers
the     President’s       Council.     Japan would strengthen the          zation’s goal was not being fully     Toby D. Richards; Ahlam               Anabelle Hills, Dwayne Jones,
Professional organization mem-         entire college, she accepted the    met, as students achieving            Jadalla, RN, MSN; and Iris            Mignon Mosley, Lloyd and
berships include SN Alumni             challenge. She continues to         excellence were not being rec-        Mamier, MNEd.                         Helen Mickelsen, Shirley Plata,
Board and the American                 share the vision for development    ognized. A committee was                 A missions report was also         and Rose Anjeo.
Association of Colleges of
Nursing, for which she has
chaired diversity and international    LLUMC orthopaedic faculty visit Washington, D.C.
nursing outreach taskforces. As a         For two days, March 16 and       need for improved National            that waiting was advisable as the     ment on November 15, 2004, at
member of the Adventist                17, two members of the              Institutes of Health funding in       knee technology was changing.         Loma Linda University Medical
Accrediting Association, she has       orthopaedic department at Loma      neuromuscular diseases. The           For more than five years, Dr.         Center East Campus.
served as a site visitor for several   Linda University Medical Center     proportion of funded grants has       Lewis pursued the conservative,          Professor Lewis became a
colleges, both domestic and for-       and a patient from LLUMC trav-      been slipping from 20 percent in      non-surgical options available to     highly motivated and very com-
eign. She is currently a member        eled to Washington, D.C., to        2003 down to 16 percent in 2004.      him but with minimal improve-         pliant knee patient. His desire
of the American Nurses                 lobby on behalf of the American        Dr. Donaldson also selected        ment. With worsening pain and         was to make maximum progress
Association, the National League       Academy of Orthopaedic              John Lewis, PhD, professor of         disability, he realized that he       with a goal to resuming his pas-
for Nursing, and Sigma Theta           Surgeons (AAOS). The AAOS           pathology and human anatomy at        needed to get his life back into      sion of riding mountain bikes.
Tau, International, Gamma Alpha        selected Thomas Donaldson,          Loma Linda University, as the         gear. Thus Dr. Donaldson per-         His knee performance improved
chapter.                               MD, director of the Joint           ideal advocate for orthopaedic        formed his knee joint replace-               Please turn to page 2
   Dr. King will be remembered         Replacement Center, and Ian         patients at LLUMC.
for many aspects of the develop-
ment of LLU School of Nursing.
                                       Clarke, PhD, director of the
                                       Orthopaedic Research Center, to
                                                                              Professor Lewis’ story of knee
                                                                           arthritis developed more than
                                                                                                                 Massage therapists…
These include the following:           represent the orthopaedic clini-    eight years ago. Developing knee             Continued from page 14         elbows, and more should consider
   • Faculty development: In 1981,     cian/researcher team from           pain progressively limited his lec-   types of massage, which are           “ice massage,” most often utilized
very few faculty had doctoral          Southern California. The AAOS       turing ability and also gave him      designed to meet the specific         in conjunction with therapeutic or
degrees. Dr. King committed            lobbying effort was to make         many sleepless nights. His            needs of certain groups of            sports massage.
School of Nursing time and             Congress aware of the urgent        orthopaedic evaluations indicated     individuals.                             Additional services can include
funds to change this. Now more                                                                                       The “anti-stress massage” uti-    a “paraffin bath” (typically used for
that 50 percent have various doc-                                                                                lizes the long gliding and knead-     pre-massage with arthritis, hand,
toral degrees and a number of                                                                                    ing strokes of Swedish massage to     and foot injuries, and designed to
others are soon to complete such                                                                                 provide relaxation and increase       make hands and feet feel soft and
achievement. She has also sup-                                                                                   circulation.                          pliable) and “hot towel treat-
ported post-doctoral education                                                                                       The “seniorsage” is a gentle      ments” where moist towels are
and faculty research.                                                                                            and light massage designed to         heated and applied to one’s feet.
   • Physical plant development:                                                                                 increase range of motion, decrease       “Let me emphasize that our
Dr. King has led out in many                                                                                     joint and muscle pain, and            therapists are capable of these
changes to West Hall to meet                                                                                     improve balance for those ages 65     massage techniques and many
the needs of our expanding fac-                                                                                  and older.                            others,” clarifies Ms. Gray. “If
ulty and student body. A few of                                                                                      For those athletes in training,   there is a massage technique in
these include faculty offices,                                                                                   the “sports massage” offers the       which you are interested, ask your
classrooms, and the student                                                                                      benefits of injury prevention,        therapist regarding his or her expe-
lounge, as well as updating                                                                                      decreased scar tissue, and            rience with it.”
instructional technology.                                                                                        rehabilitation.                          Student and senior discounted
   • Student wholeness support: Dr.                                                                                  Individuals suffering from dis-   rates are available. Walk-ins are
King has provided support and                                                                                    eases and conditions such as carpal   welcome based on availability.
encouragement for student orga-        LLUMC contingent outside the office of Congressman Jerry                  tunnel, sciatica, back pain, and      Call (909) 558-8690 for informa-
nizations, the development of          Lewis of the 41st district of California. From left to right: John        headaches, should take advantage      tion and appointments.
whole, balanced lives (including       Lewis, PhD, professor and orthopaedic patient, Tom                        of the “therapeutic massage.”            “You’ll never know how much
for faculty), and scholarships for     Donaldson, MD, director of the Joint Replacement Center,                      Those interested in reducing      you’ve been missing until you try
students. These include two            Jennifer Wickre, legislative assistant to Jerry Lewis, Jan Lewis,         pain and enhancing healing for        massage,” Ms. Gray concludes.
generous scholarship funds that        the Honorable Jerry Lewis’ wife, and Ian Clarke, PhD,                     muscle strains and tears—includ-      “Start enjoying your life-long
she and her family have                director of the Orthopaedic Research Center.                              ing knee injuries, bursitis, tense    benefits today.”
14                                                                           Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                                  TODAY

Bioethics Grand Rounds
                                                                                       Massage therapists at
scheduled for April 13, 2005
   Several speakers will address        populations such as children or
                                                                                 Drayson Center offer free massages
the topic of “Do illegal immi-
grants deserve access to
                                        the elderly) and access based on
                                        social privilege (citizenship,              and expand hours of service
Southern California health              employment, income); identify
care?” at the next Bioethics            the moral and political principles      A number of Drayson Center
Grand Rounds scheduled to be            that are the basis for the state’s   members have been enjoying
held Wednesday, April 13, 2005.         (government) interest in health      free 5-minute massages.
   The grand rounds will be             care so that providers can be           “In an effort to raise aware-
held from 12:00 noon to 1:00            justly mandated to provide           ness and boost business,”
p.m. in Alumni Hall for Basic           health care services (e.g.           explains Catherine Gray, “our
Sciences,        Loma       Linda       EMTALA); evaluate the fair-          massage therapists have been
University.                             ness of providers being man-         giving complimentary massages
   Presenters for the grand             dated by the state to bear the       during their free time.”
rounds include Robert Gardner,          burden of the cost of uncompen-         Ms. Gray is co-owner of
PhD, MA, program chair of the           sated health care (i.e. loss of      Hands-on Medical Massage
PhD in social policy and social         sleep, time with family, service     School in Yucaipa, which man-
research, LLU, and professor,           for paying patients); and discuss    ages the massage therapists who
department of social work and           the unique obligations of the        staff Drayson Center. Carola
social ecology, LLU; Mindel D.          faith-based provider in caring for   Janiak, featured in a previous
Spiegel, MD, MPH, retired, con-         the health care needs of people.     article on massage, is also co-
sultant licensing and certification,        The grand rounds, presented      owner.
medical staff and EMTALA                by the Center for Christian             “Currently, we have six         Tanya Frederick, a fully certified and licensed medical mas-
issues, Los Angeles County              Bioethics and the Center for         fully certified and licensed       sage therapist, gives a free massage to an individual at LLU
Health Facilities Division; Brenda      Spiritual Life & Wholeness, is       medical massage therapists         Drayson Center. Massage therapy will soon be offered in
Flores, MSW, doctoral student in        designated by the School of          working at Drayson Center,”        the evenings as well.
social policy, LLU, and                 Medicine for continuing medical      she continues. “Within a few
program specialist, County of           education activity for one hour in   weeks, we plan to offer            nent in the wellness program at                   anxiety associated with cancer
Riverside, Childrens’ Services          category 1 of the Physician’s        evening appointments as well.”     Drayson Center.”                                  (Ferrell-Tory & Glick, 1993),
Policy Unit; and Adiel                  Recognition Award of the                Many individuals consider           Scientific studies of the ben-                the effects of aging and long-
Uzabakiriho, MSW, doctoral stu-         American Medical Association.        massage to be a luxury, Ms.        efits of massage have shown that                  term care (Fraser & Kerr, 1993;
dent in social policy, LLU.                 Loma Linda University            Janiak points out.                 it reduces neck and back pain                     Semington & Laing, 1993), and
   The objectives of the grand          School of Medicine is accredited        “The many health benefits       (Hernandez-Reif et al., 2001;                     depression (Field et al., 1992).
rounds are to: distinguish              by the Accreditation Council for     of massage make it more of a       Irnich et al., 2001; Preyde,                         Massage therapists at
between access to health care           Continuing Medical Education         necessity,” she adds. “Massage     2000), headaches (Hernandez-                      Drayson Cener offer five basic
based on human rights (to all in        (ACCME) to sponsor continuing        provides an important compo-       Reif, Dieter, & Field, 1998),                           Please turn to page 13
need or to special vulnerable           education for physicians.

Pharmacy, medicine students jointly
sponsor substance abuse seminar                                                                                                   Next issue of
    Loma Linda University
Schools of Pharmacy and
Medicine joined together last
month to organize a seminar
designed to increase awareness                                                                                                   April 28, 2005
about substance abuse and drug
recovery programs for pharma-
cists, physicians, and students of
the respective professions.
    More than 100 students from
the two schools attended the
evening seminar. Volunteer
speakers for the seminar
included a pharmacist currently
in the recovery program, Mihran
Ask, MD, addiction medicine
physician at the Jerry L. Pettis
Veterans Memorial Medical               Seminar participants and organizers pose for a photograph fol-
Center, and Robert Pavlan,              lowing the substance abuse seminar sponsored jointly by stu-
RPH, JD, clinical associate pro-        dents from the Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine. Pictured
fessor, School of Pharmacy.             (from left) are Kelly Lee, PharmD, assistant professor of phar-
    Drs. Ask and Pavlan dis-            macy, School of Pharmacy; Mihran Ask, MD, assistant profes-
cussed cases and health care pro-       sor of medicine, School of Medicine; Ferchie Coggioloa,
fessional recovery programs             pharmacy student; Jenny Park, pharmacy student; Veda
available in California.                Roshan, pharmacy student; Susan Vo, pharmacy student;                                                      Italian Restaurant
    “As a result of this seminar, our   Robert Pavlan, RPH, JD, clinical associate professor, School
students learned how medical            of Pharmacy; and Giang Lam, School of Medicine student.
knowledge, ease of medication
access, as well as the high stress
inherent in our professions can                                                                                   24960 Redlands Boulevard, Loma Linda
lead to a higher risk of substance                                                                                Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
abuse,” says Kelly Lee, PharmD,
assistant professor of pharmacy.                                                                                  coupons for dine-in only
    “As health care professionals,
such habits can be very serious
                                                                                                                  Buy 1 lunch, get the                                  Buy 1 dinner,
not only to us, but ultimately to                                                                                 second FREE, plus                                     get the second
our patients. Overall, this semi-
nar informed us of the risks, our                                                                                 purchase of 2 drinks                                       1/ 2 off
rights and responsibilities, avail-                                                                               Expires April 29, 2005   one coupon per table    Expires April 29, 2005   one coupon per table

able recovery programs, and the
need to seek help early.”
TODAY   Thursday, April 7, 2005   15
16                                                                            Thursday, April 7, 2005                                                                                                           TODAY

Conjoined twins…                                                                                                  Fletcher Jones Foundation awards
Continued from page 2                merge in their skulls.                                                       grant for Centennial Complex
ents and the girls. Alane Allbee,       Dr. Osterdock devised three                                                   In late February, Loma Linda                            on February 11.
RN, and Jeannie Martinez, RN,        implants into each of the girls that                                         University received a generous                                  The foundation was estab-
case manager for the twins, orga-    would allow their heads to be fix-                                           awards grant from the Fletcher                              lished by Fletcher Jones (1931 to
nized two Monday night scrap-        ated in place during surgery, pre-                                           Jones Foundation for the                                    1972), a visionary pioneer in the
booking soirees for all of the       venting any flopping as the special                                          Centennial Complex.                                         fast-moving field of computer
team members who wanted to           bed rotated the girls during the                                                 “It is my pleasure to inform                            science. While Fletcher Jones
share photos and stories of the      procedure. Normal methods for                                                you of the action taken by the                              empowered the foundation
twins. Ms. Martinez was also         this apply 60 pounds of force to                                             trustees of Fletcher Jones                                  trustees with latitude on how to
instrumental in keeping such a       the skull, something an infant              Heather Reifsnyder               Foundation at their meeting on                              implement its philanthropic pro-
large team communicating and         simply cannot endure.                                                        February 18, 2005. The trustees                             gram, the foundation has
working smoothly together over          After the twins left the hospi-     New special                           authorized       a    grant     of                          invested significant funding in
several months.                      tal on March 22, when a lun-                                                 $500,000…in the new North                                   furthering private higher educa-
    The twins’ skull bones were      cheon was held to celebrate the        projects editor                       Academic Complex,” read the                                 tion in the state of California,
fused together, but no other major   successful surgery and complica-                                             letter      written     by     the                          especially in the areas of scien-
tissues were joined. Their brains    tion-free post-op care, KNBC
                                                                            joins University                      Foundation’s president, John P.                             tific and technological endeavors
were completely separate and         Channel 4 aired a 10-part series       relations staff                       Pollock, to Richard Hart, MD,                               and research. With its latest
even their blood vessels were        documenting the girls’ stay and                                              DrPH, chancellor of Loma Linda                              grant, the foundation’s support
apart. Though one of the reasons     the care received during the              Joining University relations to    University.                                                 for Loma Linda University over
for performing the separation        week of March 28 to April 1. An        cover the School of Public                This generous grant by the                              two decades totals more than
surgery on children so young         hour-long special covering             Health and the School of Allied       foundation, which has been                                  $1.6 million.
came from imaging that showed        Crystal and Cristina’s experience      Health Professions is Heather         received by the University, came                                The $500,000 grant was
gradual evidence of the two girls’   will air April 17 at 4:00 p.m. on      Reifsnyder, who began working         in the wake of meetings held                                awarded toward the construction
circulatory systems beginning to     KNBC Channel 4.                        in mid-March as a special pro-        between Dr. Hart and the foun-                              and establishment of the
                                                                            jects editor.                         dation’s executive director,                                Centennial Complex, previously
                                                                               Ms. Reifsnyder just moved to       Christine Sisley, since December                            also known as the North
                                                                            Loma Linda from Fort Worth,           of 2004. A formal funding                                   Academic Complex. The com-
                                                                            Texas, where she grew up and          request was submitted by the                                plex will be the anchor facility for
                                                                            most recently spent the last two      University in January of this year,                         the University on the north end
                                                                            and a half years reporting for The    followed by Ms. Sisley’s site visit                         of the campus.
                                                                            Weatherford Democrat, a daily
                                                                            newspaper located a half hour
                                                                            west of Fort Worth. She covered                                                 An invitation
                                                                            education, health care, senior cit-
                                                                            izen issues, and agriculture.           The editors of TODAY welcome suggestions for news or fea-
                                                                               Ms. Reifsnyder previously vol-       ture stories of interest to the Loma Linda University and
                                                                            unteered as an English teacher at       Medical Center families. Please call (909) 558-4526 or write:
                                                                            the McNeilus Language School
Dr. Osterdock and Andrea Ray, MD, lead plastic surgeon for                  in Prague, Czech Republic, after                                                Editor, TODAY
the Molina twins, hold Crystal and Cristina before they leave               graduating from Pacific Union                                       Loma Linda University and Medical Center
the hospital.                                                               College in Angwin with a bache-                                             Loma Linda, CA 92350
                                                                            lor’s degree in English. During
                                                                            her senior year at PUC, she
                                                                            edited the student newspaper,                                                             Volume 18, Number 7
                                                                                                                     Volume 18, Number 7
                                                                            the Campus Chronicle.                    Thursday, April 7, 2005
                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, April 7, 2005
                                                                               Outside of work, she enjoys
                                                                                                                                                         Executive editor            W. Augustus Cheatham, MSW
                                                                            reading, watching independent
                                                                                                                                                         Editors                                  Waldena Gaede
                                                                            films, traveling, and hiking.                                                                                     Richard Weismeyer
                                                                               Ms. Reifsnyder can be                                                     Issue managing editor                   Nicole R. Cheatham
                                                                            reached by calling University
                                                                                                                                                         Advertising coordinator                      Dustin R. Jones
                                                                            relations at (909) 558-4526 or e-
                                                                            mailing <hreifsnyder@llu.edu>.
                                                                                                                                                         Nicole R. Cheatham
                                                                                                                                                              Loma Linda University Medical Center–East Campus
                                                                                                                                                              School of Pharmacy
                                                                                    Visit the                                                            Dustin R. Jones
                                                                                                                                                              School of Nursing
                                                                                   LLUAHSC                                                                    Faculty of Religion
                                                                                                                                                         Heather Reifsnyder
                                                                                   website at:                                                                School of Public Health
                                                                                                                                                              School of Allied Health Professions

Blanca Cabrera and Bernardo Molina, parents of Crystal and                      www.llu.edu                                                              Preston Clarke Smith
                                                                                                                                                              School of Medicine
Cristina, hold the twins as they leave the LLUCH on the day                                                                                                   Loma Linda University Medical Center
of their discharge.                                                                                                                                           Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                                                                              Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center

Arlene Klooster recognized…                                                                                           • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY

                                                                                                                      • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                        MEDICAL CENTER
                                                                                                                                                         Patricia K. Thio
                                                                                                                                                              Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center
                                                                                                                                                              Graduate School
Continued from page 1                Lynette, and Terrill Ann.                 She traveled abroad and                • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                                                              School of Science and Technology
convention.                              She was active in her dental       entertained numerous School of              CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
                                                                                                                                                         Nancy L. Yuen
                                                                                                                      • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY
    “This year we are honoring a     hygiene class. During her stu-         Dentistry guests in their home.             MEDICAL CENTER–EAST                   School of Dentistry
very special person,” said Kris      dent years, Mrs. Klooster’s class         The plaque awarded to Mrs.                                                     TODAY is a nonprofit news publication of Loma Linda
                                                                                                                      • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY
Wilkins, chair, dental hygiene       was able to change the long-           Klooster reads: “Dental                     BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE              University, Loma Linda University Medical Center, and Loma
                                                                                                                                                         Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center, operated
department, in her remarks,          standing School of Dentistry tra-      Hygiene Alumni of Loma Linda              • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY            under the auspices of the General Conference of Seventh-day
                                                                                                                        HEALTH CARE
“who has made significant con-       dition requiring dental hygiene        University honor Arlene J.                                                   Adventists.
                                                                                                                      • FACULTY MEDICAL GROUP
tributions of her time, resources,   students to wear white dress           Klooster as Dental Hygiene                  OF LLUSM
                                                                                                                                                              Advertising accepted for publication in TODAY is intended
                                                                                                                                                         to be a service to the students, staff, employees, and faculty of
and expertise to further the mis-    uniforms, to white pants.              Alumna of the Year for her years          • FACULTY PHYSICIANS &
                                                                                                                        SURGEONS OF LLUSM                all three entities.
sion of Loma Linda University           She practiced for many years        of compassionate service and                                                      The management, at its sole discretion, reserves the right
School of Dentistry and the          as a dental hygienist in Hemet,        involvement with the students,                                               to refuse, without explanation, any advertisement. The accep-
                                                                                                                                                         tance of advertising in this publication does not represent an
department of dental hygiene.”       California, and supported her          faculty, and staff of the School                                             endorsement or guarantee of any kind by Loma Linda
    Arlene Madsen married            husband, who served as dean of         of Dentistry; and for being a                                                University, Loma Linda University Medical Center, or Loma
Judson Klooster November 28,         the School from 1971 to 1994,          dedicated and inspiring                                                      Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center.

                                                                                                                                     MAKE MAN WH O L

                                                                                                                                                              Questions about advertising, circulation, and subscriptions
1948. She entered the dental         by attending School of Dentistry       Christian health care provider.                                              should be directed to TODAY, Burden Hall, Loma Linda
hygiene program in the late          meetings, luncheons, gradua-           We honor our respected col-                                                  University, Loma Linda, CA 92350. Phone (909) 558-4526.
1960s, while raising three beau-     tions, capping and pinning             league and God’s humble                                                           World Wide Web address: http://www.llu.edu

tiful daughters: Cherylin,           ceremonies.                            servant.”

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