Lauren Michelle Williams Graduating Student Resume Sample Master’s in Forensic Psychology Program

					Graduating Student Resume Sample                                                    Master’s in Forensic Psychology Program

                                                   Lucy Brown
                                             333 Green Street, Apt 105
                                                Chicago, IL 60616
                                                  cell: 222-444-6666


A masters-level Forensic student with hands-on experience in delivering services to autistic children as well as
experience using evidence-based treatment for abused and neglected children. Keen interest and background in
multicultural and diversity issues related to autism. Strengths include organizational skills, taking initiative and
program development.


The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
Masters of Forensic Psychology - Anticipated Completion Date: May YYYY
      GPA: 3.86
      LPC Eligible

Bradley University, Peoria, IL                                                                              May YYYY
Bachelor of Science, Double Major: Criminal Justice & Psychology
      GPA: 3.67, Dean’s List throughout undergraduate studies

                                         PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

The Chicago School - Forensic Center, Chicago, IL                                        September YYYY – present
Student Therapist
     Gained practical therapeutic experience under the supervision of Janet Hills, Psy.D.
     Applied Parent Child Interaction Therapy with families in the court system due to incidences of abuse and
        neglect. The outcome goal is to reunite the child with the parent in full custody.

Teaching Assistant                                                                    September YYYY – present
    Prepared and presented material to class through a weekly lab that supported class lectures. Ensured
       materials met graduate-level course objectives under the supervision of professor.
    Topics included: MMPI-2, MMPI-2-RF, MMPI-A, PAI, MCMI-III, SIRS and TOMMS

The Center For Applied Psychology, Chicago, IL                                            March YYYY – present
     Administered, scored and interpreted data for police screenings and fitness for duty evaluations including
       PAI, CPI, MMPI-2, SASSI and STAXI under the supervision of Judy Darvins, Ph.D.
     Met court deadlines in preparing evaluations for forensic cases involving NGRI and mitigating
     Project lead for development and planning on initiative directed towards care for senior citizens.
     Helped to prepare multimillion dollar renewal contract proposal for the city of Chicago.

Illinois Healthcare Inc., Chicago, IL                                               June YYYY – December YYYY
Residential Specialist
      Certified Crisis Prevention Interaction specialist who assisted adults with severe mental illness through
         individual and group counseling under the supervision of John Smith.
      Focused on living skills and interpersonal relationships which resulted in helping several clients find jobs
         and demonstrate appropriate behavioral control.

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Graduating Student Resume Sample                                                  Master’s in Forensic Psychology Program

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Applied Behavior Analysis, Peoria, IL                                             September YYYY - May YYYY
Lead Line Therapist
    Successfully trained team of line therapists under the supervision of Chuck Behrens Developed and applied
       programs specific to client needs in the following areas: speech development, cognitive abilities, life skills
       and social skills which helped improve client’s cognitive and social development.
    Gained experience working with client population consisting of children with autism age 3 - 13.

Autism Support Agency, Springfield, IL                                     September YYYY – December YYYY
     Assistant Conference Host for the first annual ANSWERS for Autism.
     Developed cognitive and social skill development drills for local line therapists.

Bradley University, Peoria, IL                                                  September YYYY - May YYYY
Research Assistant
      Coded and analyzed data from ongoing "Focus on the International Sexuality Description Project” that
       compared interpersonal jealousy from individuals in 42 nations under the supervision of Adam Antt, Ph.D.

                                        LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE
The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL                    September YYYY - May YYYY
Multicultural Community Scholar
    Developed programs that engaged both the student body as well as the Chicago community through
        professional development and cultural awareness.
    Raised over $500 for at-risk youth in local community agency by organizing a networking fair and hosting
        “World Café: Religions around the World”

Bradley University, Peoria, IL                                                  September YYYY - May YYYY
Student Representative
     Engaged potential incoming students with interactive campus tours.
     Recruited students through panelist questions/answers sessions involving about 300 students and parents.

Student Senate Diversity Affairs Member                                          September YYYY - May YYYY
     Educated the student body on issues directly related to diversity on Bradley University's campus.
     Assisted with the formulation and writing of resolution aimed at changing the school nickname which was
        addressed by the NCAA to be “hostile or abusive.” The appeal process is ongoing.


                                        Multicultural Community Scholarship 2006
                                    Bradley University Dean’s Scholarship 2003-2006
                                   Martin Luther King Jr. Student Leadership Award 2005

                                                 TECHNICAL SKILLS

                                                  Proficient in MSOffice

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