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									                                                                 Agenda Item No. 3

                   MM I N U T E S

                     SCRUTINY PANEL

date:                21 APRIL 2005


Councillor L J Turner (Chair)
Councillors Bowen (part), Constable (part), Lockett, Newman, Mrs P A Patten, Mrs
Thompson and Wynne (part)


Apologies for absence were submitted from on behalf of Councillors Gwinnett, Jones and
Page and Paul Buszard (guest speaker, University of Wolverhampton)


Councillors Mrs Bradley, Byrne, Lockett, Nicholls, Mattu and Mrs Stevenson


K Cannaby      -      Scrutiny Officer
K Hartshorne   -      Sustainable Communities
B Holt         -      Sustainable Communities
B Kay          -      Children and Young People
C Mantle       -      Scrutiny Officer
M Read         -      Sustainable Communities
J Speht -      Sustainable Communities
K Westwood     -      Sustainable Communities
J Jones -      Democratic Support Officer

     Jayne Hettle               - Head of Regeneration, Sustainable
                                Communities, Wolverhampton City Council

     Martyn Jones               - Manager, Organisational Advancement – UK
                                Timken Aerospace

     David Jukes                -   Managing Director, D A Stuart Ltd

     Rob Harris                 - Deputy Director of the Institute for Innovation
                                and Enterprise and Principal Lecturer in
                                Marketing, University of Wolverhampton

     Angie Took                 -   Wolverhampton City Centre Manager

     Councillor Louise Miles    -   Cabinet Member for Economic Development

21   Declarations of Interest

            No declarations of interest were declared.


22   Resolved:-
            That the minutes of the meeting held on 11 January 2005 be approved as a
     correct record.

     “Image of the City”

            The Chair, Councillor L J Turner, welcomed those present and advised that
     Kevin Westwood, Economic Development Officer, would introduce each of the guest
     speakers and referred to the Schedule giving background information on the guests
     (Appendix 1/8). Following their presentations, Councillor Miles, Cabinet Member for
     Economic Development, would speak to a circulated document entitled “A Proposal
     for Enhancing the Image/Identity of Wolverhampton” (Appendix 1/9) and ask
     Members of the Scrutiny Panel to endorse the proposals set out and recommend to
     Cabinet that an operational plan be developed.


1.   Jayne Hettle – Head of Regeneration, Sustainable Communities

     Summary of Presentation

     (i)    What has been achieved to date to regenerate the City:
      Refurbishment of Mander and Wulfrun       Lively University

      New Market Square                         Molineux Hotel

      Southbank nearly complete                 Various industrial buildings

      Learning Quarter                          Science Park

      Wide choice of quality housing            Bilston Market Way

      Bentley Bridge

     (ii)   Future Developments:

      Dudley Street/Queen Street                Springfield Brewery

      Retail Core Expansion                     i54 Wobaston Road

      Canalside Quarter                         Goodyear Site

      Transport Interchange (ie Gateway         Bilston Urban Village Site
      into City

      Bentley Bridge, Phase 2                   GKN Site

      Bilston Town Hall                         Wednesfield Village Link

      Industrial Areas/Technology               Wolverhampton Development
      Corridor/Science Park Stage IV            Agency

     Optimistic that all these initiatives will encourage people to work, live, do business
     and play in the City and help change old perceptions.

2.   Martyn Jones – Manager, Organisational Advancement Timken Aerospace

     Martyn Jones described the long association his company has enjoyed with
     Wolverhampton and illustrated graphically the far reaching international links Timken
     Group enjoys (including the USA and Europe). He also described the high quality of
     Timken’s product and its important community role.

     Summary of Presentation

     (i)    What can City Council do to improve image?

                Promote manufacturing base in Wolverhampton.

                Provide opportunities for visiting corporate executives to be excited
                about Wolverhampton and to meet Civic Leaders.
                    Provide appropriate marketing media on Wolverhampton.

                    Help navigate the “red tape”.

                    Support Council officers to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

3.   David Jukes – Managing Director – D A Stuart Ltd

     David had canvassed his national and international customers together with his
     European based work colleagues so that he could present a consensus of opinions
     about Wolverhampton.

     Summary of Presentation

     (i)        Wolverhampton’s Image

     UK visitors expect City to be dirty, industrialised, old fashioned and with poor

     They are pleasantly surprised at the City Centre, University facilities, regeneration,
     the greenery, people and its history.

     Overseas visitors have no pre-conceived expectations. Feedback includes:

             Lack of good quality hotels
             Lack of good quality restaurants
             Good rail connections
             Advantage of closeness to Birmingham Airport
             Lack of knowledge of Wolverhampton including current and past.

     (ii) Suggestions For Getting The Wolverhampton Message Over

             Have one major focal point
             Co-ordinated approach – one stop shop/account manager
             Accentuate the positive ie University, Science Park, i54, skilled people, Heritage,
             Business Support, Countryside.

     (iii)      Court Decision Makers

             Continuous Civic input into the business sector
             Regularly invite the overseas decision makers on an individual and collective basis
             Help protect existing companies based in Wolverhampton
             Forge links with other business organisations eg the German – British Chamber of

     Questions to First Three Speakers

     (i)     Councillor Mrs Bradley to David Jukes – Is the Chamber of Commerce as
     effective as it could be?
     DJ         It could be better. In some areas it is effective, however in other areas there
                could be improvements. The recent changes at the Black County Chamber will
                definitely lead to better and more efficient performance.

     (ii)       Councillor Mrs Thompson queried views on restaurants.

     DJ         Own opinion is that they are good but the top quality restaurants are all out
                of Wolverhampton. The fact that Wolverhampton is a “City” conjures up the
                image that there will be high quality restaurants.

                Councillor Miles advised that it was a consistent aim to obtain a top quality
                hotel/restaurant in the City and that this was an on-going project.

     (iii)      Councillor Bowen – Who will lead the “Proposal for Enhancing the
                Image/Identity of Wolverhampton?”

                Councillor Miles – the City Council would take the lead but would work in
                partnership to the mutual benefit of all involved.


4.   Rob Harris – Deputy Director of the Institute for Innovation and Enterprise and
     Principal Lecturer in Marketing, University of Wolverhampton

     Summary of Presentation

     Rob Harris stated that the University has international links with Tyumen, Moscow,
     Shanghai, Hong Kong, Madrid, Portugal and had a
     Centre for International Development.

     (i)        How University views the future

             International competition will not go away
             No political will to “prop up” industries or companies in decline
             International competition means companies have to change
             Cannot change the world or stop the competition, therefore have to help change
             happen smoothly.

     (ii)       What changes are needed?

             To compete internationally, companies need to use technology
             - To improve produce
             - To improve productivity

             Companies need new management skills and knowledge eg
             - Changing the way their supply chains work
             - Collaborating with international partners
             - Finding overseas suppliers and customers
     (iii)      How can the University help?

             Training programmes eg Exel, MNA etc
             Supporting industry clusters
             Consultancy eg IIE Activities (Business Enterprise Network), Business Support for
             Start Up’s/Spin Out’s, Business Matters/Enterprise Fest
             Mentoring and Counselling

     (iv)       Conclusion

     University strongly supportive of initiatives to support local companies in their
     efforts to maintain international competitiveness and is happy to collaborate with the
     City Council to help ensure that the City builds on its reputation as a centre of
     international business.

5.   Angie Took – City Centre Manager

     Summary of Presentation

     (i)        Image and Quality of the City

     Opinion is that Wolverhampton is based in the past – must change this perception.
     Quality of the environment is a huge factor – must be clean and safe. Reference
     made to City Safe; CityEye; Floral City.

     (ii)       Marketing Objectives

     Developing and strengthening profile of Wolverhampton

             Developing a varied and unique “events calendar”
             Liaising with local and national media to create a fresh, positive ‘buzz’ about the
             Consistently promoting Wolverhampton City Centre alongside media and
             marketing partners
             Creating and strengthening a communication network with our Wolverhampton
             Positively promoting work and membership of the City Centre Company

     (iii)      City Brand

     Aim of brand is to raise profile of Wolverhampton and market its vibrancy, diversity
     and accessibility to ensure it becomes recognised nationally and internationally as
     one of the principal cities in the region.

     (iv)       Wolverhampton Shows Off

     Businesses across Wolverhampton are being encouraged to participate in a major
     event being held throughout May to celebrate the granting of City Status.
‘Wolverhampton Shows Off’ is an ‘open city’ event and the Wolverhampton City
Centre Company is appealing to organisations to open their doors to allow an ‘access
to all areas’ look behind the scenes at features that are not usually open to members
of the public.

Have encouraged organisations to brand any events being held during May with
celebration logos to highlight their involvement.

(vi)    Marketing Plan

Purpose of the marketing and communications plan is to facilitate the
Wolverhampton City Centre Company and its partners to connect all city centre
activity, identify audiences, build on successes and to promote Wolverhampton in the

The marketing plan has been prepared by the City Centre Marketing Group Sub-

Outlined activities that have already taken place eg development of Wolverhampton
brand, dedicated hotline for information events, Events Guide, and pr/media action
plan. Emphasised that more partners are needed.

(vii)                       here?
        Where do we go from here?

Must make Wolverhampton a “choice” place to be ie

        Image + quality = feel good factor = £ investment.

Councillor Miles, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, thanked the speakers
and referred to the circulated leaflet “A Proposal for Enhancing the Image/Identity of
Wolverhampton” and in particular the back page inviting Members of the Panel to
endorse the proposals. She referred to the detail in the document and invited
Members, if they wished, to write in with responses/observations on the content.

Question and Answer Session

       Following the speeches and presentation of the Proposal document a further
question and answer session took place when the following main observations/points
were made:

(i)   Councillor Mrs Thompson – more recognition and promotion of vital links
between the University and business sector should be highlighted.

(ii)   Councillor Mrs Thompson – whilst acknowledging industrial heritage, rural
benefits of Wolverhampton should be given equal prominence in order to help change
the perception of the City.

(iii)   Councillor Mrs Bradley – what help is being given to school children by
industrialists and the University to pursue skilled jobs?
M Jones – try to promote career opportunities and also offer work experience,
teacher placement and opportunities for young people to join the company.

D Jukes – similar opportunities with work experience and taking on 16/17 year olds.

(iv)   Councillor Mrs Thompson – must try to change perceptions. The more the
City has to offer the more people will be prepared to stay. Overall opinion seems to
be that it is easier for graduates to find work in London and the South whilst the
West Midlands is more difficult.

(v)     Councillor Lockett – appears that people who live in the City believe the
myth of its historical reputation. Its citizens must believe in the City and appreciate
advantages. Many of the big famous cities fail to live up their reputations of having a
quality environment.

(vi)  Councillor Nicholls – great concern at the low budget provision for
promoting the City.

Councillor Miles – all aware of need to promote City and the need to ensure that
budgetary resources are used appropriately to market the City.

(vii) Councillor Mrs Stevenson – should take note of the positive impact cultural
aspects can have on a city and should bear this in mind as being a great attraction.
Should consider pooling cultural benefits with Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell in order
to compete.

Councillor Miles – need to bear in mind that different audiences need to be
targeted. Wolverhampton people are very proud of their heritage and what it stands
for and we do need to market the success of the City to its inhabitants as well as the
international/national community. Whilst taking the City forward, this should not be
underestimated and the tradition of Timken Aerospace industry is an ideal example of
tradition and forward thinking.

(viii) Councillor Mrs Thompson – acknowledge history of City but
Wolverhampton does have higher than average unemployment and there has been
loss of self-esteem. Need to bring back pride. Need also to be aware of crime rates,
and how this could impact on the image of the City.

Councillor Miles – not seeking to gloss over these areas. The success of the
regeneration strategy depends on how it is delivered on the ground and it is very
important to talk-up the town.

(ix)   Councillor Mrs Stevenson – questioned whether problems of M6 affected
national/international views on the City.

M Jones – no longer seen as a problem. The toll road has had a major positive
impact. Would be even better if toll road extended to link with M54.

(x)     Councillor Mattu – suggested University should devise a short course on
how to promote the City. Could involve business champions and key people with the
aim of selling Wolverhampton to decision makers.
     R Harris – confirmed University could be involved in this if required.

             The Chair thanked all those present and reminded Members of Martyn Jones’
     invitation to visit the company. Those interested were advised to speak to officers
     after the meeting.

            Councillor Miles referred to the proposal as set out in the purple box on the
     back of the circulated document (Appendix 1/9) and asked Members of the Scrutiny
     Panel to strongly endorse the recommendations.

23   Resolved:
            That, subject to further work being carried out on the following issues, the
     proposals detailed in the document ‘A Proposal for Enhancing the Image/Identity of
     Wolverhampton’ be endorsed and Cabinet recommended that an operational plan be

     (i)     Reference to the desire to offer apprenticeship schemes wherever appropriate
             to be included.

     (ii)    the need to look at the role of the Mayor and how it fits in with the Council’s

     (iii)   the need to take account of the relevance of European policy to ensure the
             City does not lose input of European structural funding.

     Vote of Thanks

24   Resolved:
            That the thanks of the Panel be accorded to the Chair for his able and
     courteous conduct in the chair during the past municipal year.

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