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					                                            Middle School French C Pacing Guide
                                                Text: Allez, viens! En route!

                                               French C Pacing Guide
                                             Grade 8 Beginning Sequence
Excerpt from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study

The Beginning Sequential Program is designed for students starting the study of the language for the first time and/or for those
who have had minimal exposure to the language at previous grade levels.

This middle school program is sequential and expanded upon at grade 8. The beginning program is an introduction to the study of
the target language and its culture. It allows students to perform the most basic functions of the language and to become familiar
with some elements of its culture. The emphasis is placed on the development of the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and
writing) with special attention given to the listening and speaking skills first within a given context extending outside of the
classroom when possible. The context focuses on adolescents’ lives, needs, and experiences, and includes an exposure to
everyday customs and lifestyles. Grammar is integrated throughout the course and is selected according to the language needs

A general introduction to the culture, its products (e.g. songs, games, food, traditions), perspectives (e.g. attitudes, values, beliefs),
and practices (patterns of social interaction) is integrated into all instruction. Students acquire some insight into how languages
and cultures work by comparing the target language and culture(s) to their own.

Integration of other disciplines is on-going throughout the curriculum.

This guide is for an A/B day schedule. This means that if a unit takes 8 days you can figure on 16 days in total. The plans are to
begin after the first two days of class allowing for introduction to course, issuing of textbooks, and other beginning of school tasks.)
The NC SCS goals and objectives are listed for each unit. These are goals and objectives that can be met by the various activities
and lessons in each unit. Please monitor your pacing so that this guide may be updated as needed.

                                                Middle School French C Pacing Guide
                                                    Text: Allez, viens! En route!

 Month                                         Topic                                       NC SCS          Chapter              Suggested
                                                                                          Objectives                            Activities
                 Vocabulary                 Grammar                    Culture
August       Café, marché              Verbs aller, prendre,     Café, marché culture     1.01-1.05        Revision   Board games, skits, role plays
(review of   Places around town        avoir, être, pouvoir,     Family leave             2.01-2.05        B, C       with café, marché,
French B)    Family                    vouloir                   Dating in Francophone    3.01-3.07        Chapters   family tree activity,
             Je voudrais                Contractions with de     cultures                 4.01-4.08        5-7        paired activities,
                                       & à Forming               Metro                    5.01-                       class surveys,
                                       questions                                          5.07;5.10                   20 questions,
                                       Avoir expressions                                  6.01,6.03,6.04              Jeopardy,
                                       (soif, faim)                                       7.06                        make a mini city
September    Describing people         Possessive adjectives     Shopping in the marché                    Revision
(continue    Chores around the         Adjective changes         Bargaining                                B,C,
review)      house                     (roux, rousse, etc)                                                 Chapters
             Food vocab                Partitive (de la,etc)                                               7-8
             Quantities of food
             Expressing opinions/ le   Passé composé with        Provence, Arles, Van     1.01-1.05      Revision     Skits- telling what happened
             week-end, what you do     avoir (regular –er, ir,   Gogh,                    2.01-2.05      C            over the weekend, holiday,
             in your free time,        re verbs)                 post –Impressionism      3.01-3.07      Chapter 9    summer
             talking about what you    adverbs                                            4.01-                       Online research of Van Gogh
             did in the past, giving                                                      4.04,4.07-4.08              Surveys
             advice, telephone                                                            5.01-                       Write a postcard from Arles
             vocabulary                                                                   5.07,5.10-5.11              using passé composé
                                                                                          6.01-6.04                   Gossip, pass the telephone game

                                           Middle School French C Pacing Guide
                                               Text: Allez, viens! En route!
 Month                                    Topic                                  NC SCS        Chapter               Suggested
                                                                                Objectives                           Activities
               Vocabulary              Grammar               Culture
October    Telephone etiquette,   -re verbs in the     Télécarte, telephone     1.01-1.05      Chapter 9   Phone skits.
           review numbers, asking present (and passé   etiquette, Francophone   2.01-2.05                  Write a “Dear Abbey” letter,
           for/giving advice      composé)             teen telephone habits    3.01-3.07                  circulate around class and other
                                                       phone numbers            4.01-4.04,                 student has to respond.
                                                                                4.07-4.08                  Phone # activities (use real
                                                                                5.01-5.11                  phone book if you have it)
November   Clothing (and what to   Mettre, porter in   Designers, couturier     1.01-1.05      Chapter     Fashion show- create and role
           wear in different       present and past    houses                   2.01-2.05      10          play
           situations)                                 Window shopping,         3.02-3.06                  Research online French
           Shopping vocab                              culturally appropriate   4.01-4.04;                 designers and fashion houses
           Asking/giving advice                        shopping (no touching,   4.07-4.08                  such as Chenal, Yves st Laurent,
           on clothing                                 etc)                     5.01-5.11                  etc
           Review seasons,                                                      6.01-6.04                  Research fashion trends in
           weather                                                              7.02-7.04,7.06             Europe and US-
                                                                                                           Write a magazine ad for clothing
                                                                                                           or store
                                                                                                           Plan a “party” and decide what
                                                                                                           to wear, etc
                                                                                                           Make a mini catalog on clothing-
                                                                                                           include sizes, prices, colors, etc
                                                                                                           Mr. Potato Head dressing game
                                                                                                           Board games
                                                                                                           Race games
                                                                                                           Dry erase games

                                          Middle School French C Pacing Guide
                                              Text: Allez, viens! En route!
 Month                                    Topic                                      NC SCS          Chapter             Suggested
                                                                                    Objectives                           Activities
               Vocabulary              Grammar                    Culture
December   Expressing need        Direct object             Learn about fashion     1.01-1.05        Chapter   Board games
           Il me faut             pronouns le, la, les      industry                2.01-2.05        10        Race games
                                                                                    3.02-3.07                  Continue online research for
                                                                                    4.01-4.04,                 fashion
                                                                                    4.06-4.08                  Skit telling salespeople what
                                                                                    5.01-5.11                  they need, asking friend’s advice
                                                                                    6.01-6.04                  Song with –ir verbs
                                                                                    7.04,7.06                  Gestures with –ir bers (grandir,
                                                                                                               grossir, maigrir)
January    Fabrics                -ir verbs                 Size comparisons        1.01-1.05        Chapter   Compare/contrast size charts-
           Additional clothing    direct object             Shopping in a           2.01-2.05        10        have students look at their own
           vocab                  pronouns                  department store or     3.02-3.04,3.05             clothes, shoes for size
                                  using definite articles   boutique (getting       4.01-4.02,                 comparisons
                                  with colors (the blue     service, etc)           4.07-4.08                  Dice game
                                  one)                                              5.01-5.05,                 Index card games
                                                                                    5.09-5.11                  Race games
                                                                                    6.01-6.04                  Board games
February   Shopping for clothes   Review direct object      How French respond to   1.01-1.05        Chapter   Role play with compliments-
           vocabulary             pronouns                  compliments             2.01-2.05        10        pretend to be a French person
           Asking opinions,       Expand –ir verbs          Window shopping         3.01-3.04,3.05             and respond to your partner
           complementing,         C’est vs il est           What French teens       4.01-4.03,                 Dry erase boards with Direct
           criticizing                                      wear                    4.07-4.08                  Object Pronouns
                                                                                    5.10 09-5.11

                                          Middle School French C Pacing Guide
                                              Text: Allez, viens! En route!
 Month                                    Topic                                  NC SCS      Chapter             Suggested
                                                                                Objectives                       Activities
             Vocabulary                Grammar                   Culture
March    Vacation plans           Futur proche             Francophone teens    1.01-1.05    Chapter   Plan your ideal vacation (where
         Activities to do on      Using à, de, en, au      vacation plans       2.01-2.05    11        are you going on Spring break)
         vacation                 with cities, countries                        3.02-3.07              Have students “pack” for a
         Expressing indecision                                                  4.01-4.04,             vacation
         Things to take on                                                      4.06-4.08              Passport activities (fill out
         vacation, packing                                                      5.01-5.11              application, etc)
                                                                                6.01-6.04              Bring in passport, realia to show
                                                                                7.04,7.06              Role play airport security going
                                                                                                       through bags
                                                                                                       Research places you could go on
                                                                                                       vacation in a Francophone
                                                                                                       country(colonie de vacances,
                                                                                                       language school, etc)
April    Seeing someone off on    Passé composé            Reading tourist      1.01-1.05    Chapter   Research places in Provence
         vacation                 review, introduce        brochure             2.01-2.05    11        online
         Expressing opinions      passé composé with       Places in Provence   3.02-3.07    Begin     Order free brochures online from
         about vacation in the    être [je suis allé(e)]   Fort de France       4.01-4.04,   Chapter   French Tourist Bureau for places
         past                     Partir, dormir, sortir   How French people    4.06-4.08    12        you might like to visit
         Buildings around town,                            shop                 5.01-5.11              Do an online visit to Avignon
         shopping                                                               6.01-6.04              Research and do online visit of
                                                                                7.04,7.06              Parfumeries
                                                                                                       Song “Sur le pont d’Avignon”
                                                                                                       Shopping role play to buy
                                                                                                       various things from shopkeepers
                                                                                                       Research Fort de France

                                         Middle School French C Pacing Guide
                                             Text: Allez, viens! En route!
 Month                                  Topic                                     NC SCS      Chapter             Suggested
                                                                                 Objectives                       Activities
              Vocabulary             Grammar                    Culture
May/June   Review common foods   Review aller             Store hours            1.01-1.05    Chapter   Make up directions from point A
           Transportation        Prepositional phrases    Review 24 hour clock   2.01-2.05    12        to point B (ex mall to school)
           Asking/giving         with de, à                                      3.002-3.07             Partner has to follow directions
           directions            Pronoun y, review en                            4.07                   and tell where they end up
                                 Review à la, au, à l’,                          5.07                   Give directions to a student
                                 aux                                                                    around school
                                                                                                        Use gestures, photos to illustrate
                                                                                                        prepositional phrases
                                                                                                        Signs around room, students
                                                                                                        have to go from place to place
                                                                                                        Use map of Fort de France
                                                                                                        partner gives directions
                                                                                                        Role plays
                                                                                                        Board games, race games
                                                                                                        Dry erase board


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