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					The           Arlingtonian
             The official voice of the Arlington, Virginia Chamber of Commerce                              Vol. XLVIII, No. 9   September 2006

                                                                                                               What’s inside:
Who Do You Think Should Win a 2006 Tech-E Award?
                                                                                                       Calendar ......................... 2

        he Arlington Chamber of Commerce will hold its 5th Annual Tech-E Awards
        Ceremony on Thursday, November 2, 2006. This annual awards ceremony high-                      Chairman’s Message ....... 3
        lights businesses and individuals who have made technological advancements and
                                                                                                       TRD Corner ...................... 4
achievements in Arlington County. The purpose of this e-Council event is to encourage
and commend our technology leaders. Since the first Tech-E Award Ceremony in 2002,                      AED ................................. 5
the Tech-E’s have been awarded in several categories:
■ Technology Company of the Year                                                                       Leadership Arlington ....... 6
■ Innovator of the Year
■ Corporate Citizen of the                                                                             Members in the News ..... 7
                                                                    Save the Date!
     Year                                                           Tech-E Awards                      Welcome New Members .. 8
■ Technology Young Mind                                        Thursday, November 2
     Three of these awards                                          7:30–9:30 a.m.                     Business Roundtable ..... 11
honor those who have estab-                                       Reserve your seat
lished a place in technology,                                      or a table today:                   Website Yields Results ...12
while the Young Mind Award                                          703-525-2400
commends area high school
students for their achieve-
ments. The Young Mind Award
                                                                                                                      a Local
                                                                                                     he Life of er’s
is accompanied by a scholarship sponsored by CACI.
     THE DEADLINE FOR ALL NOMINATIONS IS MONDAY,                                  erence in                         b
SEPTEMBER 12th! TAKE A MOMENT TO EMAIL YOUR                     M  ake a Diff onate to the Cham
NOMINATION TO CATE REICH, MEMBER SERVICES                       Student— ip Fund
MANAGER AT PLEASE                  Scholarsh                         olf Tourna
                                                                                                            ment, 100 re
INCLUDE A CONTACT NAME FOR THE NOMINEE, THE                                           ual Mini-G rship Fund. For mo
                                                                           e first Ann             ola
NOMINEE’S COMPANY NAME, AND YOUR REASON FOR                      Attend th to benefit the Sch p. 9
                                                                 of proce eds           vent, turn
NOMINATION.                                                                     n the e                                    ecipients:
                                                                      rmation o
                                                                            info                             hip Fund R
                                                                                                          r’s Schola
                                                                                               of this yea
                                                                             A letter from one
                                                                                           Doud,                         on Chambe
                                                                              Dear Mr.                       he Arlingt ming from
  Going Once, Going Twice…                                                                  so much f
                                                                                                         or t
                                                                                                                       ed. Co
                                                                              Thank you Scholarship I receiv emely tight

  D                                                                                         ce                          tr
          onations are now being accepted for the 83rd
          Annual Arlington Business Gala and Silent                            of Commer t home, money is ex emendously
                                                                                            r en                         tr
          Auction. As many of you know, this event is the                      a single pa ey will certainly help           eeting you
  Chamber’s largest fundraiser, and if it weren’t for your                      an d this mon expenses. I enjoyed m . It was
                                                                                             llege                       mount
  generous donations, it would not be the success that it is.                   with my co ny we had at Mary                    now
                                                                                 at the cer
                                                                                             emo                   elicious. I k tion
                                                                                                        cake was d
  Next year’s event will take place at
                                                                                               nd the                     the recep
  The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City on
                                                                                 very nice a and sister enjoyed                         n
                                                                                                m                          contributio
                                                                                   hat my mo thank you for your
  Saturday, January 27. If you are
                                                                                  t                                                 ch my
  interested in donating an item to the
                                                                                  as well. Ag
                                                                                               ain                      elp me rea
                                                                                                            ow it will h
  Silent Auction, please contact Cate                                                           ation, I kn
  Reich, Member Services Manager, at                                               to my educ                                                       potential.
  or 703-525-2400.
                                                                                                  e Jordan
                                                                                     Allison Paig                        Scholarsh
                                                                                                                                  ip Fund,
                                                                                                                      to the            to:
                                                                                                           contribute ber, made payable
                                                                                      If you would like to      the Cham
                                                                                                           k to
                                                                                                nd a chec
                                                                                       please se               Fund.
2                                                                            The Arlingtonian                                                                             September 2006

                                                                                                                                      Information is accurate as of press time.
                                                                  Where you need to be in                                             Please consult the Chamber’s website

                                                                         SEPTEMBER                                                    ( for updates
                                                                                                                                      and changes that may have occurred.
          Opportunity. Leadership. Results.                                                                                           Events listed in color are open to both
             Member: U.S. Chamber of Commerce                                                                                         members and guests.
            Member: Virginia Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                                                      You can register for all events by visiting
Sean W. Hosty, Chairman, Smith Barney
                                                                                                                             or by calling
Barbara Nicastro, Chair-Elect, The Law Offices of Barbara E.                                                                           the Chamber office, 703-525-2400.
     Nicastro, Esq.
Margaret McKeough, Treasurer, Metropolitan Washington Airports
Todd Ihrig, Assistant Treasurer, H.D. Vest Investment Services
Grace Shea, Vice Chairman—Communications Division, Lebanese
Timothy Reese, Vice Chairman—Economic Development and
     Government Affairs Division, Buck Commercial                 1       Friday                                                      22 Friday
John Murphy, Vice Chairman—Member Affairs Division, Washington
     Workplace                                                            October Arlingtonian contents due                                  September Board Meeting at
Jim Whelan, Vice Chairman—Membership Development, Small
                                                                                                                                             Tandoori Nights
     Business Success
Loran Adams, Vice Chairman—Special Interests Division, Crescent
                                                                  4       Monday
     Resources, LLC                                                       Labor Day – Chamber Office Closed                                   October Arlingtonian inserts due
Stanley E. Taylor, Past Chairman, George Mason University
Steve Barto, Past Chairman, UBS Financial Services
                                                                  5       Tuesday                                                     25 Monday
Loran M. Adams, Crescent Resources, LLC
                                                                          Community Action Committee                                         Membership Development
Susan Anderson, Community Residences                                      Meeting                                                            Committee Meeting
Steve Barto, UBS Financial Services
Doug Brammer, Verizon                                                     8 a.m.                                                             5 p.m.
Lynne Breaux, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington
F. Eugene Brown, Northern Virginia Community College
                                                                          Chamber Board Room                                                 Chamber Board Room
Dr. James Bundschuh, Marymount University
Robert Bushkoff, Dittmar Company                                          Ambassadors Committee Meeting                               27 Wednesday
Cathy Campbell, The Washington Post
James Cole, Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington                            4:30 p.m.                                                          Business Roundtable
Robin Coracci, Virginia Commerce Bank
Richard V. Doud, Arlington Chamber of Commerce
                                                                          Chamber Board Room                                                 11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.
Loretta Franklin, DeVry University                                                                                                           Chamber Board Room
Paul Giovanini, Sheraton International                            6       Wednesday
Mark Goetzman, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C.
Robert Hawthorne, United Bank                                             Smart Start                                                        Education & Workforce
Sean W. Hosty, Smith Barney
Todd Ihrig, HD Vest Investment Services
                                                                          7:45–9:15 a.m.                                                     Development Committee Meeting
Mark Ingrao, Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA)              Chamber Board Room                                                 4–5 p.m.
Deborah Johnson, Dominion
                                                                                                                                             Chamber Board Room
Phil Keating, Bean, Kinney & Korman, P.C.
Scott Laughlin, LM&O Advertising                                  11 Monday
John Maxwell, James Monroe Bank
Scott McGeary, Washington Gas
                                                                          Fall Outing                                                 28 Thursday
Margaret McKeough, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority             8 a.m.                                                             Business After Business
Darren Montgomery, Washington Capitals
John J. Moore, Ballston Common Mall                                       Westwood Country Club                                              5–7 p.m.
Ed Murn, KSI Services
                                                                                                                                             Rock Bottom Brewery
John Murphy, Washington Workplace
Barbara Nicastro, The Law Offices of Barbara E. Nicastro, Esq.
                                                                  13 Wednesday
Jamie Nicholas, Jamie Nicholas Printing & Graphics
                                                                          Executive Committee Meeting                                 29 Friday
Nancy S. Pallesen, Arlington Free Clinic                                  8 a.m.                                                             Legislative Affairs/Economic
Von Pelot, Red Top Cab
Charles B. Perry, HNTB Corporation                                        Chamber Board Room                                                 Development Committee Meeting
Frank Poli, Keating Partners                                                                                                                 8:15–9:15 a.m.
Yvonne Pover, Skardon Pover Visual Communications                 21 Thursday
Timothy Reese, Buck Commercial                                                                                                               Chamber Board Room
Deidre Schexnayder, Charles E. Smith Commercial Realty LP                 Breakfast Connection–Nonprofit
Marie Schuler, Comcast
Grace Shea, Lebanese Taverna                                              highlight
Jim Sherrick, BB&T Bank
Dr. Robert G. Smith, Arlington County Public Schools
                                                                          7:30–9 a.m.
John Snedden, Rocklands Barbeque & Grilling Company                       Holiday Inn Ballston
Stanley E. Taylor, George Mason University
Gordon Thrall, Guernsey Office Products, Inc.
Helen Tremont, Daedalus Aviation Strategies, LLC
Jim Whelan, Small Business Success
Pat Williamson, WETA
                                                                      Chamber telephone system courtesy of Reynolds Maps. Broadband internet capabilty courtesy of Comcast
LIAISON TO THE BOARD                                                  Communications. Office WiFi capability courtesy of Washington Workplace.
COL Thomas Allmon, Fort Myer
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Richard V. Doud, Jr.,* President                                      PRESS RELEASES—Same deadline as Display Ads
Tami Anderson, Staff Accountant                                       ARTICLES—Same deadline as Display Ads
Ashley Glover, Communications Manager                                 INSERTS—By the 22nd of the month prior to publication. i.e. For December, the insert must be at the mail house by
Brian Hefner, Director of Membership                                  November 22.
Deborah Kunin, Member Services Administrator
Cate Reich, Member Services Manager                                   THE ARLINGTONIAN (USPS 534030) is published monthly by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, 2009 14th Street,
                                                                      North, Suite 111, Arlington, VA 22201. A subscription rate of $4 per Chamber representative is collected as part of annual
*Executive Committee Member & Director                                membership dues. Periodicals postage paid at Arlington, VA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Arlingtonian
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September 2006                                                               3

Chairman’s Message                                                                      2006 Annual
                                                                                     Corporate Sponsors

        s you might expect, I believe the Arlington
        Chamber of Commerce is the best Chamber in the
        area. However, with any organization, in order to
maintain our premier status, we are constantly trying to
enhance the member experience. As this year’s Chairman,
I frequently receive feedback from members on every-
                                                                     Sean W. Hosty
thing from the cost to attend an event, to the time of day
the event is held, to the sponsorship opportunities, etc. Most of the feedback on
Chamber events I receive is positive. I do, however, receive suggestions for im-
provements. I welcome these suggestions and encourage you to continue to bring
ideas to my attention. Together, we can enhance the member experience and
                                                                                         Buck & Assoc., Inc.
keep the Arlington Chamber the best business organization in Northern Virginia.
     Each time I receive an idea to improve the Chamber, I recommend to the
member that they also relay their idea to the appropriate committee for discus-
sion. I need your help at the committee level to help build consensus for your
idea. The best course of action for any member is to call the committee chair and
request that your idea be put on the agenda for discussion. Or, if there is not a
committee that oversees the particular activity, a call to the appropriate Chamber
staff member is the place to begin.
     Once an idea is presented at the committee level, it is discussed and, if
appropriate, voted upon for approval. Many times, this is all that is needed to
make a change. However, if there are budget implications, the idea will need to go
the Executive Committee for their approval. The Vice-Chair for the respective
committee will bring the idea to the Executive Committee. Once again, the
suggestion is discussed and voted upon by the Executive Committee. If approved
by the Committee, the idea goes to the full Board of Directors for their vote and
approval. The whole process can take as little as one month. Almost every time a
viable idea is presented and the above procedure is followed, the suggestion for
improvement is implemented.
     We cannot continue to build upon the Chamber’s success without your help.
Getting involved and improving the Chamber is a rewarding experience. When
your idea is implemented, you can take pride in the fact that you have made your
mark on the Chamber and enriched the organization. Every organization must
continue to grow and change to stay the best. Your Chamber of Commerce is no
exception, and I encourage you to continue to look for ways we can enhance the       VIRGINIA COMMERCE BANK
member experience. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Sean W. Hosty, Smith Barney
2006 Chairman

                                        Save the Date
                                       November 16, 2006
                     Multi-Chamber Business After Business on Nina’s Dandy
                                          (Dinner included!)

                    Cruise with the Arlington and Alexandria Chambers of Commerce.
                                 The networking and fun begins at 5:30.
                                    Register now; space is limited.
                               $30 for members. $40 for non-members.
                      Registration deadline: November 13th. Walk-ins discouraged.
                              703-525-2400 or
4   NEWS                                                 The Arlingtonian                                                  September 2006

                                                        TRD Corner

            he TRD Campaign Leadership would like to                       Commerce she has been an active member of the Arlington
            extend a special thank you to your Campaign Top                Chamber of Commerce, devoting her time to many different
            Ten Top Producers. As of Week 16 of our first                   programs including the Arlington Business Gala and the
                                                                           TRD! We’re glad to have Sally’s support of the TRD Campaign
    Annual Total Resource Development Campaign, these
                                                                           – thank you Sally! To find out more about Virginia Commerce
    individuals have soared in TRD sales. The entire mem-                  Bank, and specifically how Sally can assist you with your
    bership is very grateful for all of the hard work they have            needs, please visit their Clarendon location at 2930 Wilson
    put into this Campaign to make a better Chamber for us                 Boulevard or call today, (703) 525-4601.
    all. Take a minute to review the list of Top Producers,             Sonia Johnston, Mercantile Potomac Bank Team (formerly known
    read about them, and their companies. Perhaps you have                 as James Monroe Bank Team)
    a need that could be met by their services or perhaps you              Sonia is the Executive Vice President at the Clarendon
    want to personally commend them for their hard work.                   Branch of Mercantile Potomac Bank. Sonia has been an avid
    We’re getting closer to our goal each day and it’s due in              supporter of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and its
    part to the efforts of ALL of our volunteers. On page 6,               programs for many years, always helping where she can. Her
    you will find a complete list of every producing volunteer.             involvement with TRD is no different. Amidst busy times at the
    We would also like to thank them for their continued                   bank, she has managed to put great effort towards the TRD—
    efforts—every little bit helps us get closer to goal.                  thank you Sonia! To find out more about Mercantile Potomac
                                                                           Bank, and how Sonia can assist you with your needs, please
    To find out today’s campaign statistics, visit the TRD
                                                                           visit their Clarendon location located at 3033 Wilson Boulevard
    website, accessible from the Chamber’s website                         or call Sonia at 703-524-8100.
                                                                        Marie Schuler, Comcast Team
                                                                           Marie is the Director of Government & Community Affairs
    Margaret McKeough, Metropolitan Washington Airports
                                                                           for Comcast Cable Communications. She currently serves
    Authority Team
                                                                           on the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Comcast is a generous
       Margaret is the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating
                                                                           supporter of many Chamber programs throughout the year and
       Officer for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.
                                                                           has found more ways to get involved through the TRD. Thank
       She currently serves on the Executive Committee and
                                                                           you Marie for your time and effort in the TRD Campaign! To find
       the Board of Directors. We are grateful for Metropolitan
                                                                           out more about Comcast Cable Communications and how their
       Washington Airports Authorities continuing support of
                                                                           services can meet your needs, please visit their website, www.
       Arlington Chamber of Commerce’s Programs.
                                                                  or call them today, 703-578-9423.
    Cindy Engquist, Membership Development Team
                                                                        Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl, Ballston Common Mall Team
       Cindy is the President of All About You which specializes
                                                                           Stephanie is the Marketing Director at Ballston Common Mall.
       in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Customer
                                                                           She is a true team player and has been an active member of
       Service Evaluation & Training. To find out more about
                                                                           your Chamber for several years, supporting programs and
       Cindy and All About You, visit their website at
                                                                           events when she is able. Through the TRD Campaign she has Thank you Cindy for all of
                                                                           opened doors to many mall merchants who are now fellow
       your hard work on the TRD; we know that your business
                                                                           members. The TRD is a true benefit for all involved, and ideally
       benefitted from this campaign!
                                                                           these new member businesses will prosper more because
    Darren Montgomery, Washington Capitals Team                            of their affiliation with the Chamber. Thank you Stephanie,
       Darren is the Director of Sales, Groups for the Washington          for reaching out to fellow Arlington business! To find out
       Capitals. Not only is the Arlington Chamber happy to welcome        about Ballston Common Mall and how Stephanie’s marketing
       the Caps to their new home here in Arlington this fall, but we      opportunities can benefit you, please visit their website www.
       are extremely grateful to Darren and his teammates for all of or call 703-243-6346.
       their hard work on the TRD Campaign. Darren currently serves
                                                                        Chris Ingrao, Guernsey Office Products Team
       on your Board of Directors. For information on partnership
                                                                           Chris is an Account Executive at Guernsey Office Products.
       opportunities with the Washington Capitals Professional
                                                                           He joined the Guernsey team just a short time ago, yet has
       hockey team, season tickets and group and corporate
                                                                           reached new heights with the help of the TRD Campaign.
       outings—please contact Darren today, 202-266-2200.
                                                                           His efforts for TRD are appreciated and documented as he
                                                                           is the newest Top Ten Top Producer—way to go Chris! To
    Tom Richards, Guernsey Office Products Team                             find out about Guernsey Office Products and how Chris can
       Tom is an Account Executive at Guernsey Office Products. Tom         assist in your office needs, please visit their website at www.
       has become involved in the Arlington Chamber through his   or call Chris at 703-788-3212.
       involvement with the TRD Campaign and is glad to have had
                                                                        Sean Hosty, CitiGroup Smith Barney
       this experience. Having been with Guernsey Office Products
                                                                           Sean is the Second Vice President–Wealth Management for
       for over 6 years, he understands business and its importance
                                                                           Smith Barney and the current Chairman of your Chamber!
       to the community. To find out more about Guernsey Office
                                                                           We’re so happy to have the Chairman’s full support for the TRD
       Products and how Tom Richards can assist you with your
                                                                           Campaign. Not only is his support there, but his actions are
       needs, please visit their website or call
                                                                           to back it up, which is essential for a successful TRD! Thank
       703-788-3355 and ask for Tom!
                                                                           you Sean! To find out more about Smith Barney and how Sean
    Sally Aldridge, Virginia Commerce Bank Team                            can help assist you with any needs you may have, please visit
       Sally is the Community Banking Officer at the Clarendon              Sean’s website
       branch of Virginia Commerce Bank. Since joining Virginia
                                                                                                                    Continued on page 6.
September 2006                                                                        NEWS            5

Arlington Economic Development Teams with The U.S.
Department of Commerce, Virginia Export Assistance Center
Partnership Will Help Arlington Companies do Business Overseas
By Kelly Rindfusz, Director of Communications at Arlington Economic Development

        rlington County has partnered with the United States         connection to that larger international marketplace.”
        Department of Commerce, Virginia Export Assistance                According to the VEAC, small and medium-sized firms
        Center (VEAC). Officials with both organizations              account for the vast majority of growth in new exporters, but
report that the partnership will create great synergies              untapped potential still exists for small businesses to grow
through joint events, networking, contacts and opportuni-            their export business. Small and medium-sized companies
ties for Arlington businesses. The VEAC will move from               account for almost 97 percent of U.S. exporters, but still
their current location in Rosslyn, and will be co-located with       represent only a small share of the total export value of U.S.
Arlington Economic Development (AED) staff in Ballston, at           export goods.
their 1100 N. Glebe Road offices.                                          Arlington County has made the growth of its small
     “Both AED and VEAC reach many of the same audienc-              businesses a priority this year, recognizing that small busi-
es, and in particular, small businesses,” stated Christopher         nesses create 70 percent of new jobs in the United States and
Zimmerman, Chairman of the County Board. “VEAC will help             account for approximately 85 percent of all businesses
augment Arlington’s small business initiative, which is a            located in Arlington County. BizLaunch, Arlington’s Small
priority for the County Board. It’s really a natural fit for both     Business Assistance Network, has spearheaded small business
organizations.” By partnering with VEAC, Terry Holzheimer,           assistance initiatives through an extensive array of education-
Director of Arlington Economic Development, is also hoping           al and training programs, networking opportunities and
to capitalize on and expand Arlington’s international market.        other services to help small businesses grow. BizLaunch plans
“AED receives a number of inquiries for assistance in this           to include VEAC programs on exporting, and will provide
area, and VEAC will be able to open a lot of doors to                valuable information on the latest trade centers.
Arlington businesses,” stated Mr. Holzheimer. “VEAC facili-               The Virginia Export Assistance Center is dedicated to
tates meetings with overseas companies and will be able to           helping small-to-medium sized Virginia and Washington,
extend those invitations to foreign companies and help               D.C. companies develop international markets. Their staff
Arlington companies gain access to them.” Anne Grey,                 assists clients with identifying and evaluating international
Director of the VEAC, U.S. Commercial Service agrees. “You           partners, navigating international documentation challeng-
have to think globally,” stated Ms. Grey. “There is a wealth of      es, creating market entry strategies, and providing other
opportunities out there. 95% of the world’s consumers are            export related guidance. Specifically, they provide clients
outside of the United States so if a U.S. business is only selling   with counseling about international trade finance, interna-
domestically, they are reaching just a small share of potential      tional contacts, market research services, and host events
customers. The U.S. Commercial Service can be Arlington’s            that provide trade leads.

Mentor or Tormentor                                                        “Devil” creates a good lead in for the upcoming “Job
                                                                     Shadowing” program that the Arlington Chamber of
by Diane Cohen, Cohen and Company                                    Commerce’s Education & Workforce Development
                                                                     Committee and the Arlington Pubic Schools (APS) are

       osses face a challenge when motivating employees to           partnering on over the next few months. Schools, colleges,
       get the job done and when retaining valuable employ-          and corporations use mentoring to keep students in school
       ees. Is it better for a boss to control or to nurture?        or to develop employees.
What works? And, does the boss have to do it all alone or is              Kim Durand, the Volunteer and Partnership Program
the “good cop/bad cop” model the way to go?                          Specialist with APS, said that “Mentors provide another
    In “The Devil Wears Prada”, the tyrannical boss,                 caring adult in the lives of the students, someone who can
Miranda (Meryl Streep), demonizes Andrea (Anne                       help guide them, cheer them on, and make them feel good
Hathaway), a recent college grad hired as Miranda’s assis-           about themselves.”
tant. Andrea’s co-worker Nigel (Stanley Tucci) mentors her                “The mentoring experience facilitates connections
through a rocky start on the job. Although Nigel’s comic             between students and successful women. What evolves from
antics and nurturing style don’t prevent Andrea from                 the connection will be different for each student and
eventually leaving the company, they help her flourish while          mentor. Mentoring relationships offer a leadership bridge to
she’s there. Andrea also learns a few things from Miranda’s          the next generation of successful women,” according to
demonic leadership style and harsh treatment that she can            Susan Duffy, Director of the George Washington University’s
take to her next job.                                                Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program.
     The movie struck a chord with me because of several                  Dina Biblin, Senior Litigation Counsel, praised the
successful mentor experiences I have had; not to mention a           successful mentoring program at her employer, the Federal
few tormentors, over the years.
                                                                                                                  Continued on page 9
6      NEWS                                                  The Arlingtonian                                                September 2006

    TRD Corner, continued from page 4

    TRD Producer List
        Thank you to the following individuals for devoting
    time and effort to the TRD Campaign. Their hard work
    makes it possible for the Chamber to sustain quality pro-
    grams at an affordable cost. Additionally, the TRD enables
    the Chamber to gather funding at one defined period of
    time during the year, as opposed to piece meal as needed.
    The following folks “get-it” and they see the benefit to be
    gained from their involvement. THANK YOU ALL!

    Individual Volunteer – TRD Campaign Team

    Paula Adkins–Hakken Kraks            Darren Montgomery–Washington
    Sally Aldridge–Virginia Commerce         Capitals
        Bank                             John Moore–Team Hosty

    Margaret Bishop–Metropolitan         Barbara Nicastro–Campaign Chair/            eadership Arlington is excited to announce that the
        Washington Airports Authority        Co-Chair                                Youth Leadership Program selected the Class of 2006,
    Gene Brown–Arlington Business        Jamie Nicholas–Willow/Westin Team
        Council                          Lynn Osborne–Arlington Business
                                                                                     which began on August 6, 2006. Congratulations to
    George Cabalu–Team Hosty                 Council                          the following students who represent six high schools in
    Robin Coracci–Virginia Commerce      Jay Palermino–Willow/Westin Team     our area:
        Bank                             David Pooler–The Fashion Centre at
    Vanessa Courtois–BB&T                    Pentagon City                          Kathleen Allmon, Washington-Lee
    John Davenjay–Membership             Yvonne Pover–Arlington Business            Peter Causey, H-B Woodlawn
        Development                          Council                                Colleen Foster, Yorktown
    David Dean–Team Hosty                Timothy Reese–Team Buck                    Devon Hogan, Washington-Lee
    Evelyn Delottinville–Cardinal Bank   Tom Richards–Guernsey Office                Johanna Maldonado, Wakefield
    Kim Durand–Arlington Public              Products                               Michelle McKelvey, Yorktown
        Schools                          Timothy Ryan–Willow/Westin Team            Nora Murphy, Washington-Lee
    Cindy Engquist–Membership            Marie Schuler–COMCAST                      Katherine Ness, Holton-Arms Schools
        Development                      Grace Shea–Lebanese Taverna Girls          Mary Jane Riguera, Wakefield
    Mark Goetzman–Arlington Business     Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl–Ballston         Julia Sick, H-B Woodlawn
        Council                              Common Mall                            Elaine Sylvester, National Cathedral
    Sue Gruskiewicz–Willow/Westin        John Snedden–Rocklands Barbeque                   School for Girls
        Team                                 & Grilling Company                     Lauren Allison Wallace, Washington-Lee
    Robert Hawthorne–United Bank         Gordon Thrall–Guernsey Office               Allison Walton, H-B Woodlawn
    Sean Hosty–Team Hosty                    Products
                                                                                    Stanley Woodley, Yorktown
    Tim Hughes–Arlington Business        Suzette Timme–The Fashion Centre
        Council                              at Pentagon City                      The Leadership Arlington Youth Program is designed to
    Chris Ingrao–Guernsey Office          Selina Tolentino–Ballston Common
        Products                             Mall
                                                                              develop leadership skills and awareness of the need for
    Ted Johnson–Virginia Commerce        Kathy Viola–Ballston Common Mall     community service, civic participation, and philanthropy in
        Bank                             Jim Whelan–Arlington Business        young people. Participants of this program are high school
    Sonia Johnston–Mercantile Bank           Council                          students in the 11th or 12th grades who represent a cross-
    Craig Mastrangelo–Team Hosty         Pat Williamson–Arlington Public      section of students who live or attend school in Arlington.
    Kenneth Matzkin–Team Buck                Schools
    Margaret McKeough–Metropolitan       Brandon Wright–Silver Diner          Participants of the program meet for a weeklong session that
        Washington Airports Authority    Jaime Ykemiyashiro–Mercantile        focus on collaboration & team building, mentoring, group
                                             Potomac Bank                     facilitation, and evaluation. They work with trained facilita-
                                                                              tors for a skill-based, experienced-learning program to
                                                                              develop their leadership.
                                                                                   If you would like to receive more information on our
                                                                              youth program and/or nominate a student for next year’s
                                                                              class please contact Erika Mendez, Director of Membership
                                                                              at 703-528-2522 or visit

                                                                                Thanks go to…
                                                                                ■   Breakfast Connection Quarterly Patron Sponsor,
                                                                                    The ProActive Corporation of America
                                                                                ■   Holiday Inn National Airport for hosting a lovely
                                                                                    Business After Business
                                                                                ■   TRD Volunteers for all of their continued efforts
September 2006                                                         MEMBERSHIP                  7

                                                                                         ➤SOCIAL SERVICE
                                                                                         Northern Virginia Family Services
                                    IN THE                                               (NVFS) invites community members
                                                                                         who are interested in becoming a
➤BANKS                                                                                   Special Foster Care or Therapeutic
United Bankshares, Inc. has reported                                                     Respite Care parent to attend a training
an increase in earnings for the second                                                   session that begins on Saturday,
quarter and the first half of 2006.                                                       September 16. Participants will learn
The Bank’s second quarter income                                                         how to support children with special
increased by $1 million compared to                                                      needs and therapeutic parenting
the income of the second quarter of                                                      techniques. To register, or for more
2005. Further, United Bankshares, Inc.’s                                                 information, call 703-219-2184. In other
Board of Directors declared a third                                                      NVFS news, the organization recently
quarter dividend of 27¢ per share for                                                    began its free and voluntary, Loudoun
shareholders of record as of September                                                   County Community Fatherhood
                                              corporate system; the gym celebrated       Program, which will utilize nationally,
8, 2006; this represents a 4% increase
                                              its return to Clarendon with the help of   recognized “Fatherhood Development”
over the 26¢ paid in the third quarter
                                              the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders,       Curriculum.
of 2005. The dividend payout of               community members and leaders.
approximately 11.2 million on 41.5 million                                               ➤TELECOMMUNICATIONS
shares is payable October 2, 2006.            ➤INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT                        PROVIDER
Virginia Commerce Bank has recently             SERVICES                                 Verizon has recently announced
announced several office appointments          The Financial-services firm Edward          that it has teamed up with USO of
and officer promotions within the              Jones ranks highest in full-service        Metropolitan Washington as the
Bank’s departments and branch                 investor satisfaction for the second       Premier Partner of the new USO
offices. Among those promoted is               consecutive year, according to the J.D.    Lounge at Ronald Reagan Washington
Sally Aldridge, who was promoted              Power and Associates 2006 Full Service     National Airport and as a Partner at
to Vice President in Community                Investor Satisfaction Study.               the new lounge at Washington Dulles
Banking for the Arlington Region.                                                        International Airport. Verizon is already
Virginia Commerce Bancorp, Inc.,              ➤NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS                  a Partner at the USO lounge at BWI
parent company of Virginia Commerce             – VOLUNTEER                              Airport; with today’s announcement,
Bank, has also recently announced its         The Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance       Verizon Business is the first USO-Metro
financial results for the second quarter       (AGLA) began in 1981 to help connect       Partner to provide financial support to
ended in June, 2006. Peter A. Converse,       gay Arlingtonians with the mainstream      all three airport USO lounges. Verizon
Chief Executive Officer, commented             community, and joined the Arlington        will also provide free phone calling
on the results: “We’re both proud and         Chamber of Commerce 15 years ago.          anywhere in the world in the lounges.
pleased to report robust earnings,            Virginia’s General Assembly recently       Elaine Rogers, president of the USO
strong loan growth, and an improved           commended AGLA for 25 years of suc-        of Metropolitan Washington says “the
efficiency ration in our increasingly          cessful service to Arlingtonians. On       Verizon Business commitment makes
competitive market.”                          Saturday, September 30, Chamber            it possible for the USO to provide
                                              members are invited to help AGLA cel-      a ‘touch of home’ to hundreds of
➤DANCE CLASSES & COMPANIES                    ebrate Arlington County and the silver     thousands of military travelers.”
Registration is now open for Arlington        anniversary of AGLA with a countywide
Center for Dance’s Fall 2006 Semester.        Home & Garden Tour. President of           ➤THEATRES
Upcoming workshops include: Jazz,             AGLA, Kris McLaughlin says that the        The American Century Theater has
Tap and Modern Workshop, Youth                11 homes and gardens featured on the       announced their 2006-2007 season.
Dance and Theater, and Ballet Stories         tour range from “totally wow” to “I can    The theater will perform “MacBird!”
and Crafts. For more information visit:       do that in my home.” Purchase tickets      by Barbara Garson, “Desire Under
                                              online at or     the Elms” by Eugene O’Neill, “Drama
                                              send e-mail to to find out    Under the Influence,” which will
➤FITNESS                                      how you can get free tickets.              include several one-act plays by
On July 29, the newly opened Gold’s                                                      various female playwrights, “That
Gym Clarendon invited residents to cel-       There will be a NOVA Region Jaycee         Championship Season” by Jason
ebrate the gym’s return to the neighbor-      Reunion Lunch Cruise on Saturday,          Miller, and “Hellzapoppin” by Olsen
hood at an all-day Grand Opening event.       September 16, 11:15am to 2:00pm            and Johnson, as well as a limited run
Before closing for renovations in 2003,       on the Spirit of Washington. Contact
                                                                                         staged reading of “Stage Door” by
the Gold’s Gym Clarendon was the most         Dawana Branch at 202-554-8000 with
                                                                                         Edna Ferber and George S. Kauffman.
attended gym of the entire Gold’s Gym         any questions or for reservations.
8     MEMBERSHIP                                              The Arlingtonian                                                    September 2006

    Welcome to New Members
                                                                                                         Real Estate – Commercial
                                                                                                          CHRIS SOESTER, COMMERCIAL DIVISION,
                                                                                                          LONG & FOSTER, INC.
                                                                                                          K. Christopher Soester, Agent
    Airport                                            Cosmetic and general dentistry providing           8227 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 200
     DAEDALUS AVIATION STRATEGIES, LLC                 all services. Metro accessible                     Vienna, VA 22182
     Helen Tremont, Managing Director                  FALLS CHURCH FOOT & ANKLE                          Phone: 703-875-3334
     1600 6th Place                                    Paul Cannon, Owner                                 SPONSOR: Brian Hefner, Chamber Staff
     McLean, VA 22101                                  104 A East Broad Street                            Commercial Real Estate. Buy, sell or lease
     Phone: 703-887-8706                               Falls Church, VA 22046                             representation/consulting for all types of
     SPONSOR: Helen Tremont, Daedalus                  Phone: 703-237-1555                                commercial properties in DC, VA, MD and
     Aviation Strategies, LLC                          SPONSOR: Scott McGeary, Washington Gas             International.
    Beauty, Cosmetics, & Spas                          All clinical and surgical care of the feet. All   Real Estate – Financial Services
                                                       ages. Most insurance accepted.
     SOLARUS SALON & SPA                                                                                  CHATHAM TITLE LLC
     Brenda Silka, President and Director of          Home Improvement & Repair                           Sherry Crittenden, President
     Operations                                        WINDOWS PLUS, LLC                                  5315 Lee Highway
     8370 Greensboro Drive #202                        Juli Monroe, Sales Consultant                      Arlington, VA 22207
     McLean, VA 22102                                  7223 Poplar Street                                 Phone: 703-531-1088
     Phone 703-966-7246                                Annandale, VA 22003                                SPONSOR: Ted Johnson, Virginia Commerce
     SPONSOR: Carol Singer, Arlington                  Phone: 703-916-8372                                Bank
     Promotional Products                              SPONSOR: Cindy Engquist, All About You             A boutique real estate settlement com-
     Solarus is a full service salon and spa pro-      Windows Plus, LLC showcases a premium              pany, emphasizing customer service in-
     viding the ultimate in total care for your        line of products designed to meet the re-          cluding easy and direct communication.
     hair, nails, skin, and body.                      quirements of the home without compro-             Regular processing updates prior to clos-
                                                       mising beauty, quality, and security.              ing and a relaxing settlement experience.
    Construction & Contractors
     CALVERT JONES                                    Insurance – Life & Health                          Restaurants
     Bud Jose, Director of Operations                  STATE FARM INSURANCE                               SALAD CREATIONS
     5703 Edsall Road                                  Desiree Saez, Agent                                Hanny Chan, Managing Partner
     Alexandria, VA 22304                              4810 Beauregard Street, Suite 210                  1100 South Hayes Street
     Phone: 703-370-5850                               Alexandria, VA 22312                               Arlington, VA 22202
     SPONSOR: Pat Williamson, WETA                     Phone: 703-750-6850                                Phone: 703-415-2599
     In meeting and exceeding client’s expecta-        SPONSOR: Jim Whelan, Small Business                SPONSOR: David Pooler, The Fashion
     tions, our mission is to be the most efficient,    Success                                            Centre at Pentagon City
     reliable and professional mechanical con-         Insurance and financial services for middle         Salads & Wraps – Fresh is Fabulous!
     tractor serving the Washington, D.C. area.        America and particularly in the Hispanic          Retail
    Entertainment                                      market.
                                                                                                          SNOWSPRING LTD DBA KINDER HAUS TOYS
     MIND OVER MAGIC ENTERTAINMENT                    Lawyers                                             Susan Pyatt, President and Owner
     Benjamin Corey Feinblum, Professional             EMORY HACKMAN                                      4560 North 25th Road
     Magician & President                              Emory Hackman, Proprietor                          Arlington, VA 22207
     8200 Wisconsin Avenue #1710                       PO Drawer 6805                                     Phone: 703-841-8318
     Bethesda, MD 20814                                McLean, VA 22106-6805                              SPONSOR: Ted Johnson, Virginia Commerce
     Phone: 888-781-7376                               Phone: 703-288-2941                                Bank
     SPONSOR: Cindy Engquist, All About You            SPONSOR: Paula Adkins                              STARS & STRIPES OF PENTAGON CITY
     Astonishing main-event and close-up mag-          Estate planning and an attorney.                   Kadri Ismail, Owner/Partner
     ic performances for all audiences – corpo-
                                                      Media                                               1100 South Hayes Street
     rate, special-event, adults and children.
                                                                                                          Arlington, VA 22202
     Benjamin Corey is a live synergy of magic,        AVC RENTAL SOLUTIONS CORP.                         Phone: 703-415-2145
     acting, singing, and comedy.                      Cindy Dahl, Director of Sales                      SPONSOR: Suzette Timme, The Fashion
                                                       900 North Stuart Street, Suite 101
    Food Service Management                                                                               Centre at Pentagon City
                                                       Arlington, VA 22207                                Retail sales of patriotic merchandise.
     KALIMAR MAIA                                      Phone: 703-894-0735
     Kalimar Maia, Marketing Associate                 SPONSOR: Lynn Osborne, Ad Management              Software Design & Development
     1909 Key Boulevard, Apartment 552                 Insights, LLC                                      DYNLINK
     Arlington, VA 22201                               Audiovisual, computer and office equip-             Elizabeth Bricksin, President/CEO
     Phone: 703-346-6775                               ment rental; video and media production            5015 Lee Highway, Suite 102
     SPONSOR: Brian Hefner, Chamber Staff              and duplication; corporate events, meet-           Arlington, VA 22207
     Provides wholesale food, supplies, equip-         ings, training and seminars, trade shows,          Phone: 703-243-2400
     ment, and chemicals. Specializes in help-         conventions, printing & graphics.                  SPONSOR: Kim Durand, Arlington Public
     ing independent restaurants and caterers
                                                      Promotional Products                                Schools
     compete with chains.
                                                                                                          DynLink is a woman-owned Microsoft Gold
                                                       EMBROIDME, FAIRFAX/MERRIFIELD
    Healthcare Services                                                                                   Certified partner with expertise in Great
                                                       Jim Sira, Owner                                    Plains accounting and CRM software, offer-
     BALLSTON METRO COSMETIC & GENERAL                 8442 Lee Highway
     DENTISTRY                                                                                            ing implementation, training, and software
                                                       Fairfax, VA 22031                                  development services.
     Shahrokh Soltani, DMD , Owner                     Phone: 703-289-9800
     671 North Glebe Road #1260                        SPONSOR: Cindy Engquist, All About You
     Arlington, VA 22203
     Phone: 703-294-6114
     SPONSOR: Stephanie Shriver, Ballston
     Common Mall
September 2006                                                        MEMBERSHIP                  9

  Come One! Come All!                                              Fall Ball, Mini-Golf Tournament – 1st Annual
                                                                   Sponsored by, Sean Hosty – Smith Barney
  It’s Time for Mini-Golf in the Fall!
                                                                   Who: You, Your Family, Your Friends – everyone!

  T   he Chamber’s Education and Workforce Development             What: A Mini-Golf Tournament & BBQ Dinner to benefit your
      Committee has teamed up with Upton Hill Regional                Chamber’s Scholarship Fund
  Park to host the First Annual – Fall Golf Ball – a tribute to    Where: Upton Hill Regional Park, in Arlington!
  the golfer in all of us! This year’s event is a fundraiser for   When: Thursday, October 12, 3:30–7 p.m.
  the Arlington Chamber of Commerce’s Scholarship Fund.            Why: Every year the Chamber is proud to reward two deserving
  The tournament is open to anyone, ages 6 and up, and                Arlington high school students with scholarships to attend
  is designed to be a family-friendly event. It will feature a        college—this event will help make this giving possible year
  mini-golf tournament followed by a delicious BBQ dinner             after year—and guarantee those funds will be there!
  (all ages are welcome to attend the BBQ for a reduced fee)!      How: You can register TODAY online by visiting our website,
  Mark your calendars now—save your spot today! Special      and
  thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Sean Hosty – Smith                going to the Community/Events
  Barney. If your company is interested in sponsorship                Calendar
  opportunities for this event, please contact Cate Reich,         Questions: Please call Cate Reich
  Member Services Manager TODAY!                                      with any questions 703-525-2400.
        100% of the proceeds from this event will benefit the          We look forward to everyone’s
  Arlington Chamber’s Scholarship Fund.                               support for this inaugural event!

Benefit by Logging into Members Only!                                                    Mentor or Tormenter,
                                                                                        continued from page 5

        he Chamber is excited to see that members are continuing to take advan-         Deposit Insurance Corporation. She
        tage of the “Members Only” section of our website, where members can            explained that both new and seasoned
        add company events to the community calendar, find contact information           employees are assigned to a mentor
for fellow members, take surveys, and benefit from member coupons. If you                who guides them through the organiza-
would like to login to Members Only, but you don’t know your login information,         tional maze. “The mentor also coaches
please call the Chamber. Those members who logged in, May and June, were:               them to improve their skills, observe
                                                                                        how successful managers operate, or
Ad Management Insights, LLC                   The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City       move into a different career path.”
ADP                                           The FDR Team at NorthPoint Mortgage            Mentoring exposes students to
All About You                                 Fur-Get Me Not Pet Care, LLC              opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t
Arlington Economic Development                George Mason University                   have. In a 2005 study from Babson
Arlington Employment Center                   Goodwill of Greater Washington            College’s Global Entrepreneurship
                                                                                        Monitor, students wrote of life-chang-
Arlington Outdoor Education                   Koons Ford
                                                                                        ing interactions where they opened
   Association, Inc.                          McEnearney Associates, Lidia Sabin
                                                                                        themselves up to opportunities that
Arlington Public Schools                      Metlife
                                                                                        were previously out of their frame of
Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency               Northern Virginia Business Referrals      reference, all because they had the
   Needs, Inc.                                Northern Virginia Community College       chance to work with a role model who
Artisan Confections                           OBA Bank                                  has “been there, done that”.
Asian Fortune Newspaper                       Otto’s Electrical Service, Inc.                Think about how you can share
Ballyhoo!                                     Potomac Harmony Showtime Chorus           your time with a student and provide a
Belmont, Inc.                                 RE/MAX Allegiance                         lifelong experience that could change
Benchmark Events                              RJM Consultants                           both your and a student’s life. Good
Center for Multicultural Human                Frank Ruffing, Merrill Lynch & Co.         mentors have “vision, courage, ethics,
   Services                                   Sushi-Zen Japanese Restaurant             empathy, and greatness”. If that’s you,
Commonwealth of Virginia, Division of         Total Title Services                      then contact Kim Durand at 703-228-
   Child Support Enforcement                  Treehouse Coaches, Inc.                   6003 or Deborah Kunin at the
Compelling Communications                     True Wind Coaching                        Chamber at 703-525-2400 to sign up
DeVry University                              USO of Metropolitan Washington            for the Job Shadowing program.
Dogtail Solutions LLC                         Women in Military Service for America     “That’s all!”
Edward Jones                                     Memorial Foundation                         Diane Cohen, is a public speaking
Falls Church Foot & Ankle                                                               coach and seminar leader. You can
                                                                                        contact her at 703-841-0080 or
10     MEMBERSHIP                                              The Arlingtonian                                                    September 2006

                                           SMART Start
                               Taking the Work out of Networking
                                                                                                               Breakfast Connection
                                                                                                                       With a new twist!
                             By Jay Kelly, Bella Consulting Solutions
                                                                                                             Join us for the September Breakfast
            Networking is not an event, but a series of actions. A key part of the process is telling        Connection when the Community
      your story – your 30-second commercial. An effective 30-second commercial is creative,                 Action Committee will take over. The
      interesting, and straight to the point. Your commercial should include your name and                   non-profit business community and
      company, your target customer, and most importantly, what makes you special in the eyes                the for-profit business community will
      of your client; what differentiates you from your competition.                                         come together for a groundbreaking
            Don’t try to be everything to everyone. It’s better to explain your key product or               power-networking event.
      service (your differentiator) and not try to list everything you do. If you are unsure of what
      to lead with ask your best customers; you may be surprised at what you find out!                        If your business wants to get
            Be sure to describe your best customer in such a way that it helps whomever you are              more involved with the non-profit
      talking with think of people that they already know. This improves your odds of getting                community—it’s not too late! If
      referrals, which lead to sales. Every successful company spends a lot of resources to                  your not-for-profit business wants
      define their “Market.” Your best customers usually have something in common. If you can                 to connect with for-profit business
      describe what makes your customers a great match from your company, and how your                       leaders in Arlington—this is your
      differentiator benefits them, potential “referrers” are much more likely to introduce you to            chance! Come for the networking,
                                                                                                             and stay for the rewards; benefit
      other great matches – future customers!
                                                                                                             from connections made!
            Lastly, keep it short and memorable. This is the biggest challenge for many good
      Networkers. If your speech is too long, people lose interest or miss the key point. If there
      is a “hook” that helps people remember you, there is a better chance that when the time is                   Breakfast Connection
      right they will remember your product, and your unique differentiator.                                   Thursday, September 21, 2006
            Remember networking is only one step in the sales process, and your 30-second                              7:30-9:00a.m.
      commercial is only one important step in the networking process. Tell your story                            Holiday Inn – Ballston
      consistently, and with a little creativity, and your network and success will continue to grow.                4610 Fairfax Drive
                                                                                                                       Arlington, VA
      Jay Kelly of Bella Consulting Solutions is a consultant, coach and trainer who works with                       Register online:
      Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in business development and management.

                 SMART Start is a free Networking Seminar and Information Session.                           Please register for this event
                    Learn how to meet new clients or future business associates.
                                                                                                             before noon, on September 20.
                   Also learn how to maximize your investment with the Chamber.
                                                                                                             All registrations that occur after
              Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 7:45 a.m. in the Chamber Board Room.                           that time will be considered
                                                                                                             “same day” and registrants will
                            Register online:                                        be charged accordingly. Thank
                    For more information contact Brian Hefner at 703-525-2400 or                             you!
                                                                                                             Special thanks to our Grand
                      Thank you to our sponsors OBA Bank and Bella Consulting
                                                                                                             Sponsor, Self-Storage Plus, and
                                                                                                             Patron Sponsors, Tim Hughes,
                                                                                                             Hughes & Associates and The
                                                                                                             Curious Grape.

     Thanks to Members who renewed in August!
     Information is accurate as of August 4, 2006
                                                                                                  Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance
     Body Dynamics, Inc.
     Cherokee Information Services, Inc.
     Craven Tire Company
     Creative Information Technology, Inc.
     Dimension Strategic Marketing
     Gold’s Gym International, Inc.
     Holland & Knight, LLP
     Hunton & Williams
     Kerns Group Architects, P.C.
     Signature Theatre, Inc.
     The Virginian Suites
September 2006                                                            MEMBERSHIP               11

                                         Business Roundtable
The Chamber sponsored Roundtable is an open discussion forum held on the last Wednesday of each month at the
Chamber, facilitated by Jim Whelan of Small Business Success.
                                              By Jim Whelan, Small Business Success

          n July 26, the Arlington                                                         ■ When making a change capitalize
          Business Roundtable turned to                                                    on your training, background, and
          the topic of Changing                                                            experience
Direction. There are times in the life of                                                  ■ If you’re getting bored in your
many (most) businesses when a mid-                                                         present job you should be surveying
course correction is necessary. Be it new         Wednesday, September 27                  the field for opportunities
services or products or completely                   11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.                     ■ Always have an exit strategy
moving on to a new venture, the savvy              Chamber Board Room
entrepreneur constantly analyzes the                          TOPIC:                           Bottom line from this roundtable?
marketplace to detect trends and              Marketing to the Government:                 Be alert to the outside world. Look for
decides on a course of action.                 Marketing to the Government takes           trends—the underlying business,
                                                  many of the same skills as to the
     To lead off the discussion, Rich                                                      increase in competition, changes in
                                                 private sector but there are some
Doud and Jim Whelan outlined signifi-          differences. We will explore what’s the      customer base, business and economic
cant changes in their businesses they                same and what’s different.            conditions. Revisit your SWOT
had made. Rich analyzed trends and                                                         (Strengths, Weaknesses,
took action; Jim experienced the              Roundtable is free, but space is limited     Opportunities, Threats) analysis to
                                                  and registration is required.
collapse of the market and the explosion                                                   update your plan(s) if you anticipate
                                                    Please register online at
of competitors and started The                           change.
ProActive Corporation of America.                            or call
                                                                                                 Jim Whelan writes business
     Highlights of the discussion                       703-525-2400
                                                                                                plans for busy business owners.
                                                                                                To contact him, go to
■   Look at the world around you to
                                                                                                or call 703-862-6758. To learn
    eliminate surprises
                                                                                                about the upcoming Business
■   You cannot control outside influences so figure out your
                                                                                                Roundtables, go to
    next step
                                                                          or contact the
■   Trust your gut instinct
                                                                                   Chamber office at 703-525-2400.

                                                       Network at our BusinessAfterBusiness event!
Happy Anniversary!

The Chamber is pleased to recognize                 he Chamber’s Business After Business provides a place to make connections
the great organizations that celebrate              outside of the office. Join us as we visit Rock Bottom Brewery for fabulous
their membership anniversaries in                   food and drink, and one-of-a-kind mixing and mingling opportunities. The
August. We thank the following                event will also offer the opportunity to win great prizes, including cash from the
members for their continued support           jackpot available each month. Remember, you must be present at the event to
of the Arlington business community.          claim your prize!
                                                   Please register for this event before noon, on September 28th. All
August Anniversaries                          registrations that occur after that time will not be considered “pre-registrations,”
                                              and registrants will be charged accordingly. Thank you!
Craven Tire Company                  5
The Curious Grape                    5
                                                                          Rock Bottom Brewery
                                                    Thursday, September 28th, 5–7 p.m. Hosted by Rock Bottom Brewery.

                                                  Register online: visit, click on Chamber Events,
                                                    find the September Business After Business and click “register now.”
12                                                        The Arlingtonian                       September 2006

     Chamber Website Yields Results!
     Each month the Chamber actively tracks usage of its website in an effort to
     better serve our members and to keep the website resourceful. Below are the
     top categories and keywords searched in the month of July.
     Don’t miss out! Please ensure that the Chamber has an accurate and current
     website address for your business, so searchers can visit your site.
     Top 5 Business Categories:           Top 5 Keywords:
     1. Advertising, Marketing            1. Real Estate
         & Public Relations               2. Hotel
     2. Employment Services               3. Restaurant
     3. Schools – Universities            4. Bank
         & Colleges                       5. Marketing
     4. Law Firm
     5. Fitness
                                                        global ad

     BUCK              & Assocates, Inc. REALTORS
     2519 Wilson Boulevard • Arlington,Virginia 22201 • 703-528-2288

                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
 Arlington Chamber of Commerce                                                                            PAID
 2009 North 14th Street, Suite 111                                                                    Permit 6418
 Arlington, Virginia 22201                                                                            Merrifield, VA
 703-525-2400 703-522-5273 (fax)

 The mission of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce is to pro-
 mote businesses and economic development within Arlington
 County. The Chamber will represent the interests
 of Arlington County businesses by: participating as a busi-
 ness advocate to government; endorsing regional solutions
 to infrastructure and educational challenges; and striving to
 create the conditions that encourage a healthy community
 and business environment within the County and the Com-
 monwealth of Virginia.

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