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									      Contractor Verification System

           CVS Program
      Implementation Overview

Presented by the Army CAC/PKI Programs Office
                   CVS Team

                 NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command
                       “Voice of the Army”
                                 What is the CVS?
   User Friendly - Secure Web-Based Business Systems Application (via ISPs)

        Automates the current DD Form 1172-2 process (Government Paperwork Elimination Act)

        An online process that provides eligible DoD contractors a Common Access Card (CAC)

          •    Eligible contractors are those requiring Logical Access to DoD Information
               Management Systems or having Mission Area requirements/entitlements

          •    System Application provides capability to Verify eligibility of DoD Contractors prior
               to issuing CACs

          •    DoD contractors are entered into the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting
               System (DEERS) online automatically

          •    Eliminates DD Form 577 Signature Cards for CAC Issuance

        System Application is maintained by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

          •    Anticipates future CVS Program enhancements

   Replace Contractor CACs at expiration date or when new contractor employees
    require CACs after CVS Implementation

                                   NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                               2
                                         “Voice of the Army”
                            The Need For CVS

 DEERS database will be “locked down” 31 July 2006, except the
    authoritative (i.e. CVS), IAW OUSD (P&R) Memo dated 10 November 2005

        Lockdown slipped to 27 October 2006

        The Army is in a period of flexibility permitting use of the DD Form 1172-2
         with reporting to the CVS Team – some sites already locked down

        Army lockdown targeted for 31 March 2007 via Army G-1 Staff Policy

 Reduce potential security gaps or fraudulent issuance of CACs
 Facilitate the DoD mandate for a stronger chain-of-trust
   Provide information for improved management of contractors

   Reduce front end time required to initiate CACs

 Reduce potential for data entry errors into the DEERS database
                                NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                      3
                                      “Voice of the Army”
                       CVS Program Role Players

 Installation Participants:
       Installation; Garrison; Organization; Component; Site Point-of-Contact (POC)
         •    Staff Action Officer – busy through CVS Implementation
       Information Assurance (IA) Managers
       CVS Trusted Agent Security Managers (TASM – Alternate TASM)
         •    Project Managers/Security Managers/other Leaders
       CVS Trusted Agents (TA)
         •    Contracting Officers Representatives (COR), Contracting Officers
              Technical Representatives (COTR), other approving officials
       Prime Contractor Corporate Facility Security Officers (FSO)/ Security
        Managers (SM)/Project Manager/Responsible Contractor Official
       All Contractors receiving CACs
       DEERS/RAPIDS workstation Operators – Verifying Officials

                               NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                   4
                                     “Voice of the Army”
                                   CVS Chain of Trust

                                                          DoD                         Army
Army POC                                                CVS POC                      CVS POC

 Installation - Garrison –
 Organization -                                 US Army
                                                                  Tenant I       Tenant II         Tenant III    Tenant IV        Tenant V
 Component POCs

TASMs                               TASM
                                                   Site ID
                                                                                         Site ID
                                                                                                                                 Site ID

TA Coordinator)                    Alt. TASM        G6                  Alt. TASM         G4                    Alt. TASM    Tenant

(CAC Approving           Corp. FSO completes
                            applications &   TA              TA                     TA             TA                       TA             TA
Official )                   returns to TA
                               for review
                                                                                    TA             TA

1) FSO contacts TA
2) System notifies Contractor                  FSO
  To go to VO & obtain CAC

                                           NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                                                                5
                                                 “Voice of the Army”
                            CVS Roles and Responsibilities

                   Roles                                                           Responsibilities
Installation - Garrison - Organizational –      Oversees implementation at the Installation & subordinate activities
Component - Site Point-of-Contact               Provides Tier I support to the Installation, Garrison, or Activity
[Government or Contractor Employees]            Coordinates Kick-Start & Waterfall Implementation Programs
                                                Manages Metrics for Monthly Reporting thru Implementation
                                                Route SiteID & TASM Requests to NETCOM Help Desk
CVS Trusted Agent Security Manager              Registers Trusted Agents (TA)
(TASM) = TA Coordinator [Government             Transfer contractor sponsorship between TAs
Employees]                                      Remove TAs

CVS Trusted Agent (TA) = CAC Issuance           Create new contractor account in CVS
Approving Official [Government                  Approve, reject, or return contractor application
Employees]                                      Re-verify contractor CAC requirement

Prime Contractor’s Facility Security Officer    Notify TA to initiate a contractor CAC request
(FSO)/ Security Manager (SM)/ Security          Enter/edit contractor information in CVS
Certification Official                          Submit completed application
[Contractor Personnel]                          Maintain records of contractor’s approved/rejected application

All Contractor Personnel                        Obtain CAC at DEERS/RAPIDS terminal when approved
                                                Inform Corporate FSO of approval/denial for a CAC
                                                Return CAC to Corporate FSO upon departure or dismissal

                                               NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                                   6
                                                     “Voice of the Army”
                         Current Manual Verification Process

                                                                     Contractor manually fills out DD Form
              DD Form 1172-2                                          1172-2
                   Approved DD                                       Government sponsor approves DD
                  Form 1172-2                                         Form 1172-2
                                                                     Contractor proceeds to
Contractor                             Government Sponsor              DEERS/RAPIDS terminal with DD
                                                                       Form 1172-2 & two photo IDs
            Approved DD Form 1172-2
                                                                     Verifying Official (VO)
                                                                                  Verifies contractor’s identity
                     DD Form
                     1172-2                                                       Transcribes info from DD Form
                    Transcribed
                                                 Verifying                         1172-2 to DEERS/RAPIDS
                                                                                  Verifies and compare government
                                                                                   signature from signature card
                                                                     Contractor issued a Common Access
                                       DD Form


                                                                       Card (CAC), signs DD Form 1172-2
                                                                       acknowledging receipt
                                                                     Signed DD Form 1172-2 transferred to
                                                                       DMDC for maintenance

                                           NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                                         7
                                                 “Voice of the Army”
                                       CVS Process Flow
                                Step 1 – CVS TASM Assignment

 CVS TASM must be a government employee
         Project/Program Managers
         Organizational Security Officers                 DEERS Ops Support        Digitally signed
                                                                               1b   email to add CVS
         Contracting Officer Representatives                                       TASM
         Other responsible personnel
   CVS TASM requested by Installation POC
         CVS TASM must be in DEERS before                                                       Army POC
          registering in CVS
         One Primary & one Alternate CVS
          TASM per Site ID
   CVS TASM is responsible for
         Registering CVS TAs
         Transferring contractor sponsorship
          between CVS TAs                                                                CVS IPOC

         Removing TAs
   CVS TASM can utilize the CAC for the initial
    logon, 48 hours after the TASM was
                                                                                         CVS TASM

                                      NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                                     8
                                            “Voice of the Army”
                                     CVS Process Flow
                                Step 2 – CVS TA Assignment

 CVS TAs must be government
           Contracting Officers Technical
            Representatives (COTR)
                                                       2a Register CVS TA
           Contracting Officers
            Representatives (COR)
           Other Approving Official
                                                                               CVS TASM
   CVS TA are designated by CVS TASM
                                                DEERS Security Website
           CVS TA must be in DEERS
            before registering                                                            CVS TA
           Suggest two or more CVS TAs
            per CVS TASM or SiteID
   CVS TA is responsible for
           Acting on Contractor requests
           Reviewing requests to approve,
            return, reject, and re-verify                                            2c
            applications                          DEERS Ops Support
           Re-verifying contractor eligibility
   CVS TA can utilize the CAC for the                                 2b
    initial logon, 48 hours after the TA was

                                      NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                            9
                                            “Voice of the Army”
                     Automated Verification Process

 Contractor Company or Site
    Representative notifies CVS TA of new
    Contractor CAC requirement                                                                                                Corporate Facility Security Officer

   CVS TA creates new account                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DEERS
         CVS generates temporary USERID
          and password and displays                                                                                                                                                                            3h
          immediately                                                                                                                                                                                      Add contractor
   Corporate FSO, Contractor or etc…                                                                                                           CVS                                                        when approved

                                                            New Contractor CAC request

                                                                                              Create contractor app account
    completes application
   CVS TA reviews application                                                                                                  3c

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     OR Notify & record rejection
   CVS notifies contractor FSO of application

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Edit profile / complete application

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DEERS/RAPIDS for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Direct contractor to
                                                                                                                                              Notify TA of application

         Accept
            Contractor gets CAC
            DEERS updated

         Return
            Application corrected                                                       3b                                                                                                                                                                     3i
         Reject                                      3a                                                                                                                 3g
            Rejection recorded
         Re-verified                                                                                                            3d
            Contractor retains CAC                                                      CVS TA
                                     NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                                                                                                                                                                                                    10
                                           “Voice of the Army”
                        Army CVS Implementation Status
 Army Implementation Strategy:
        Beta Test completed = July 2006 & Pilot Demonstration Program completed = November 2005

        Phase I “Kick-Start Implementation” = 19 June thru 8 September 2006

        Phase II Implementation Training

          •     VTCs; Classroom; & Workshops = 6 November – 9 March 2007

          •     Army Webinar Interactive Training completed = 14 December 2006

        Army Web Based Training (WBT) CVS Refresher Training = January - March 2007

          •     CVS Overview = URL

          •     CVS User Training = URL

 DMDC Computer Based Training (CBT) Certification Training = later this year - Indefinitely
        CVS Program Overview

        CVS TASM Certification

        CVS TA Certification

        CVS for Contractor Personnel

                                            NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                      11
                                                  “Voice of the Army”
              Contractor Verification System (CVS)
                    Army Support Concept

 Army Integrated Support = 4 Tier Concept
      Tier 1 – IPOC/GPOC/OPOC/CPOC/Site POC (local manager)
      Tier 2 – IA CAC/PKI Helpdesk (Arlington, VA)
      Tier 3 – Army SPOC (Arlington, VA)
      Tier 4 - DMDC (Monterrey, CA & Rosslyn, VA)
 Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Homepage
      CVS Reference Files
      Implementation Briefing/Training Materials
      CVs Infrastructure (SiteID; TASM; Alternate TASM) Forms
      CVS Program Management Tools
 CVS Metrics are provided online by the Business System

                             NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command   12
                                   “Voice of the Army”
                      Contractor Verification System (CVS)
                     Installation Profile – Rated CVS Ready

   US Army Garrison (USAG)
     -- DHR                       -- DOL                      -- Safety Office
     -- DES                       -- DPTMS                    -- DOIM
     -- DMWR                      -- PSBA                     -- RMO

   USAG Tenants
     -- 12th Bde Western Region                               -- DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center
     -- 2nd Bde 75th Div                                      -- HHC MEDCOM
     -- 470th MI Brigade                                      -- Camp Bulls Training Site
     -- 5th Recruiting Bde                                    -- IMA Southwest Region
     -- AMEDD C&S                                             -- Institute of Surgical Health
     -- Brook AMC                                             -- NRD San Antonio
     -- Center for Health Care Contracting                    -- SRCC-W
     -- Commissary                                            -- TIMPO-SA
     -- DENCOM                                                -- TRICARE Regional Office Southwest
     -- DENTAC                                                -- US Army North
     -- USA Veterinary Command                                -- USAMITC
     -- USARSO                                                -- VETCOM Laboratory

                                             NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                       13
                                                   “Voice of the Army”
                IA CAC/PKI Help Desk &
                  DMDC Website URLs
                     (Customer Support)

Telephone #:
Hours of Operation:
7:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST/EDT

CVS URLs:                             AKO Link to CVS Information:
vs/ requires a CAC                    on/
/cvs does not require a CAC
                            NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command               14
                                  “Voice of the Army”
                   CVS Overview Summary

 Build the CVS Program
  Infrastructure ASAP
       * Establish a CVS POC, then
       * Request SiteIDs, then
       * Assign TASMs, and
       Identify TAs for assignment
 Initiate Chain Teaching in
  subordinate organizations
 Get Tenants on-board with CVS
 Ensure “Prime Contractors” who
  require CACs are on-board
* SiteID Request; TASM: & Alt TASM
  Request should be in one data set

                                  NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command   15
                                        “Voice of the Army”
                Army CAC/PKI Programs Office CVS
                   Program Contact Information

 LTC Mattie Love                                   Paul Mayo
    Army CVS Point-of-Contact                           CVS Implementation Team
    Deputy Director, Army CAC/PKI                       Telephone: 703-602-3215
    Programs                                            Email:
   Tom Davis                                          Amy Adams
    CVS Project Manager                                 CVS Implementation Team
    Telephone: 703-602-7525                             Telephone: 703-602-7404
   Bob Eves
                                                       John Finafrock
                                                        CVS Implementation Coordinator
    CVS Program Policy Manager
                                                        Telephone: 321-751-0241
    Telephone: 703-602-7521                             Email:
   Daphne Jackson
    CVS Implementation Team
    Telephone: 703-602-2426
                            NETCOM / 9th Arm y Signal Command                          16
                                  “Voice of the Army”

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