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                            This list is abbreviated in the interest of space.
                Teachers may send information on additional items to students in August.

KINDERGARTEN                                GRADE 3                                       GRADE 4
    1 large bottle Elmer's white glue          30 pencils (at least)                         Pencils – 4 packages
    24-pack Crayola crayons                        (NO pens or mechanical pencils)           1 pkg loose-leaf paper, white,
    8-pack Crayola classic fat markers         1 large eraser                                    wide-rule
    8-pack Crayola fine line markers           Scissors – small, sharp, NO plastic           1 three-subject, wide-rule spiral
    10 #2 pencils                              24 count crayons                                 notebook
    Fiskar child-size scissors                 1 pkg. non-permanent markers                  Colored pencils
    Box of tissues                             2 glue sticks                                 Scissors – sharp point
    Baby wipes                                 1 bottle WHITE Elmer's glue                   2 large glue sticks
    3 large pink erasers                           (no colored or gel glue)                  1 pkg. highlighters
    1 set watercolors                          Old washcloth, rag or cotton sock             2 three-prong folders
                                               2 single-subject composition notebooks        Pencil supply bag
                                                   (not spiral)                              Erasers
                                               5 sturdy pocket folders: 1 each blue,         1 large box tissues
                                                   green, yellow, red, purple – plastic      Red marking pens – 2 packages
                                                  preferred                                  2 pkg of 100 3x5 lined index cards
                                               1 pkg. wide-rule loose-leaf notebook          3-ring zippered binder
                                                  paper (no college or narrow-rule           5 folders without prongs (punched – 3
                                                  paper)                                     holes: 1 each red, blue, yellow, green,
GRADE 1                                        Small backpack – NO wheels                    purple)
   Supply box (small rectangular)              2 large boxes tissues
   24 Crayola crayons – 1 box                  Yellow highlighter pen                          GIRLS: 1 box baby wipes
   20-#2 plain yellow pencils - sharpened      3 black dry-erase markers                       BOYS: roll of paper towels
   1 bottle (4 oz) white or clear glue         100-count unlined 3x5 index cards
       (Elmer's preferred – no glitter or      1 container baby wipes                          *NO LARGE BOOK BAGS
       light-up glue)                          Large roll paper towels                         *NO WHEELS ON BOOK BAGS
   4 large glue sticks (white or clear)        Flashcards for home use: 1 packet each
   1 large white rubber eraser                      of addition, subtraction,
   1 pair child-size Fiskars scissors               multiplication, division
   1 book bag – NO wheels                      Supply bag – no boxes
   1 box tissues                               BOYS: 1 box Ziploc quart-size bags
   1 container moist wipes                     GIRLS: 1 box Ziploc gallon-size bags
                                               Avey/Walters Students:
                                                    Binder: 3-ring, 1 inch (NO Velcro
                                                    or zippers)

GRADE 2                                                                                   GRADE 5
   24-count crayons                                                                          2 pkgs Notebook paper: 3-ring loose-leaf,
   Scissors (Fiskars work best)                                                              white
   1 plain solid-color folder with bottom                                                    Pencils – no colored leads- box of 12
       pockets                                                                               Eraser
   2 boxes tissues                                                                           Glue stick (no white liquid glue)
   2 large erasers                                                                           Markers
   24 pencils - #2 yellow                                                                    Colored pencils
   12 glue sticks                                                                            Ruler with inches and centimeters
   Supply box (approx. 5x8)                                                                  Scissors with sharp point
   Book bag – NO wheels                                                                      Pencil pouch to fit in binder – NO boxes
   Water bottle with sports cap                                                              Large box of tissues
   BOYS: 1 box Ziploc quart-size bags        NOTE TO ALL PARENTS AND
                                                                                             2 red & 2 green ball-point pens
          2 rolls scotch tape                       STUDENTS:                                Yellow or pink highlighting marker
   GIRLS: 1 container baby wipes                                                             Black thin line marker
            1 roll paper towels              Please be sure student's name is                BOYS: 1 pack baby wipes
   ITEMS TO HAVE AT HOME:                                                                    GIRLS: 1 roll paper towels
   Addition flashcards                               on all supplies!
   Subtraction flashcards
   Ruler (inches & centimeters)
   Glue, crayons, scissors, pencils

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