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									the                                                                         MESSAGE FROM THE

Sand                                                                        Chief
                                                                            Executive Officer
Times     Issue 9 December 2010
                                                                            Dear Sand Times readers,
                                                                            Welcome to the final edition of The Sand Times for 2010.
                                                                            The past year has been eventful for Unimin Mineral Sands.
                                                                            We’ve continued with our Community Development program – assisting
                                                                            community groups and associations on North Stradbroke Island with over $50,000
                                                                            in investments and sponsorships. We’ve also sustained our economic support for
                                                                            the Island – contributing over $130 million into the local economy
                                                                            This year we’ve launched our campaign for a Sustainable Stradbroke. In June, the
                                                                            Premier announced that mining will end on the Island in 2027. However, no
                                                  Campbell Jones            further information has been provided as to what leases currently in operation will
                                                  Chief Executive Officer   be allowed to continue to that date. This announcement has created considerable
                                                  Unimin Australia
                                                                            uncertainty for our operations, as well as the 640 workers and small businesses that
                                                                            directly rely on sand mining for their livelihoods.
                                                                            Unimin has outlined our own Vision which provides a sustainable and realistic
                                                                            solution to ceasing sand mining on the Island by 2027. Our solution works in

 Inside this issue                                                          everyone’s interests – it allows our company to retain the bulk of our workforce
                                                                            – ensuring the Island’s residents do not become unemployed – and maintains

1    Message from the Chief Executive Officer
                                                                            our support of local businesses, groups and associations, while still providing the
                                                                            economic investment into the Island which will see it move forward into the future
     Queenslanders support a Sustainable                                    with time and opportunities to develop new industries.
2    Stradbroke
                                                                            We are concerned the State Government has not yet announced its future plans for
     Unimin’s koala research goes high-tech
3    New Dunwich One Mile Pontoon Opens
                                                                            the Island – it has outlined its vision, but no concrete decisions have been made –
                                                                            therefore the Island remains in a state of limbo.
     Salt Water Murris-Quandamooka Inc. Art
                                                                            Unimin is concerned the State Government is being pressured into a sudden forced
     Gallery Refurbishment
4    Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders
                                                                            closure of sand mining operations on the Island by minority groups. We believe
     addition to display space                                              this would result in a devastating impact on our workers, businesses and of course
     George Herbert Employee Profile                                        local North Stradbroke Island residents who rely on our mining operations both

5    Unimin continues to support the North
     Stradbroke Island community in 2010
                                                                            directly and indirectly.
                                                                            Independent research completed in November indicated 81 per cent of

6    Calendar, tide times and 4WD tips
                                                                            Queenslanders support the continuation of sand mining on the Island until 2027.
                                                                            For the sake of all of North Stradbroke Island’s residents, Unimin employees and
     Surf, sweeps and success at the inaugural                              the businesses, community groups and associations we support, we hope the State
     Unimin 1000
8    Keen sports men and women brave the
                                                                            Government listens to the majority and allows sand mining to continue on the
                                                                            Island until 2027.
     Straddie Salute in 2010
                                                                            I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our people, dedicated contractors and
     Moreton Bay Research Station celebrates
9    10 years
     Without sand mining – Straddie shuts down
                                                                            suppliers who have each contributed to the ongoing success of our operations. I would
                                                                            also like to thank the Traditional Owners, Elders and the broader North Stradbroke
                                                                            Island community, with who we have formed close relationships over the past year,

10   Scooters on Straddie – Stay Safe!                                      relationships we look forward to continuing well into 2011 and beyond.
                                                                            On behalf of all Unimin employees, I would like to wish you a very happy and safe
11   Survey: how can we improve The Sand Times?                             Christmas, along with a prosperous New Year.
                                                                            I look forward to bringing you more Sand Times and updates on the company and
12   Ferry times                                                            this great community we are a part of in 2011.
                               Queenslanders support a
                               Sustainable Stradbroke
                               Independent research conducted by Auspol in November 2010 suggests                                   When asked to identify the most important environmental
                               Queenslanders support Unimin’s vision for a sustainable Stradbroke                                   issues currently facing Queensland, respondents identified water
                               Island – including the continuation of sand mining until 2027.                                       conservation, pollution and climate change as the key challenges, as
                                                                                                                                    indicated in the graph below.
                               Over 1000 Queensland residents aged 18 years and over
                               participated in the Auspol survey by completing an online                                            Almost three quarters of respondents indicated they were in favour of
                               questionnaire between 12th and 15th November 2010. The                                               maintaining the mining operations on North Stradbroke Island in its
                               sample selected for research was confirmed to be representative of                                   current form. The graph below depicts the breakdown of responses:
                               the Queensland population in terms of age, gender and location.
                                                                                                                                    However, when respondents were advised that some environmental
                               Unimin received the findings on 22nd November 2010, and we                                           groups have called for all mining on North Stradbroke Island to be
                               have found the results to be very interesting - read on to find out                                  banned within the next few years, an overwhelming 81 per cent of
                               what Queenslanders think of sand mining on Straddie and the                                          Queenslanders surveyed indicated they would prefer a phasing out
                               future of the Island.                                                                                of mining by 2027 – which aligns with Unimin’s vision.
                               Respondents were asked to prioritise a list of issues currently facing
                               Queensland. Results indicate the health system, the economy and                                      Queensland survey participants indicating the majority believes the current mining
                                                                                                                                    operations on NSI should be allowed to continue in its current form.
                               transport and infrastructure are currently considered the most
                               important issues for the State Government by respondents to the survey.
                                                                                                                                    Queensland respondents              19                            81
                               The environment, workplace and climate change were identified to
                               be the least important issues (out of the list provided).
                                                                                                                                        I think there should be a complete ban of all sandmining on North Stradbroke
                                                                                                                                        Island within the next few years
                                List of priorities currently facing the Queensland Government according to
                                                                                                                                        I think there should be a phase out of sandmining by the year 2027 as originally
                                Queenslanders surveyed
                                                                                                                                        proposed by the government
                                                               Queensland respondents
                                                                                                                                    The results of this survey indicate the vast majority of
The Sand Times December 2010

                                          The health system
                                                                                                                                    Queenslanders support Unimin’s vision for a sustainable
                                               The economy                                                                          Stradbroke which can be viewed online at
                               Transport and Infrastructure

                                            Cost of housing
                                                                                                                                    We believe our vision for a sustainable Stradbroke is balanced
The Sand Times

                                                                                                                                    and addresses the needs of all stakeholders. It aligns with the State
                                      The education system
                                                                                                                                    Government’s initial decision regarding the gradual cessation of mining
                                                        Jobs                                                                        and extractive operations on North Stradbroke Island by 2027, and
                                                                                                                                    provides innovative alternatives for future industry on the Island.
                                           The environment

                                        Workplace relations
                                                                                                                                    The vast majority of Queenslanders believe in, and support our
                                                                                                                                    vision for a sustainable Stradbroke.
                                            Climate change
                                                                                                                                    We hope the State Government listen not only to the people of
                                                               0              25           50           75                100       North Stradbroke Island, but the people of Queensland and allow
                                                                    Ranked 1st           Ranked 2nd               Ranked 3rd
                                                                                                                                    the gradual cessation of sand mining on the Island by 2027.

                               The most important environmental issues currently facing Queensland, as identified by Queensland survey participants

                                                                       Lack of water/Water conservation                                                                                                20
                                                                  Pollution (air, water, chemical etc)                                                                                           19
                               Climate change/Global warming/Greenhous gases/Carbon emissions ect                                                                                                      20
                                                                             Deforestation/Land clearing                                                           12
                                                                    Great Barrier Reef/Coral bleaching                                           8
                                                                                                Mining                                       7
                                                    Destruction of native habitats/Engangered species                                        7
                                                                    Litter/Rubbies/Recycling/Landfill                           4
                                                                 Housing development/Urban sprawl                                        6
                                                               Renewable energy sources/Solar power                                      6
                                                                      Cost of electricity/cost of water                             5
                                                                                 Government policies                            4
                                                                                                                                4                                       QLD respondents
                                                                                          Overpopulation                    3
                                                                               Protection of Waterways                      3                                           Brisbane respondents
                                                                   Energy conservation/usage/electricity                            5
                                                                                    Drought/Flooding                            4
                                                       Sustainability/conservation of natural resources                     3
                                                                                  Loss of farming land                      3
                                                                       Too many cars/pollution from cars                        4
                                                                                       Gas/Coal seam gas              2
                                                                                   Use of coal/fossil fuels                 3
                                                                             Economic effects (jobs, costs)           2
                                                                   Lack of infrastructure/public transport            2
                                                                                   Coastal/beach erosion              2
                                                                                        Other comments                                           8
                                                                                             Don’t know                                              9

                                                                                                              0                                                                                                       25
koala research
goes high-tech
The long-term research project on the koala            are not only spending time in rehabilitation to
population of North Stradbroke Island                  roost or feed, but seem able to find partners and
conducted by Unimin, the University of                 breed. This result indicates the success of the
Queensland and most recently the University of         rehabilitated landscape for fauna as it indicates
New South Wales is still going strong.                 there is a sedentary population showing all the
In our last update (The Sand Times, April 2009),       healthy natural behaviours of the species - including
we reported that 12 koalas had been fitted with        reproduction. VHF collars have provided the
Very High Frequency (VHF) collars – which,             research team with interesting data to date. Unimin
through the emission of a signal, allow their          is now going further by fitting high-tech GPS
subsequent localisation. These koalas have             collars on some of the koalas that are using the
now been followed for 18 months. Each week             rehabilitation. The GPS collars will be able to record
researchers radio tracked the koalas and recorded      the koala’s location every second hour, This is a great
their position, the trees they used for roosting       improvement on the VHF collars which required
during the day; and even collected fresh koala         researchers to spend a lot of time physically tracking
faeces to study the animals’ diets.                    and recording the positions of each koala on a
                                                       weekly basis.
Of special interest to researchers has always
been the interaction between koalas and mining         Christine was the first koala on the island to be
                                                       included in this new exciting part of the research.
rehabilitated areas.
                                                       She was fitted with her new collar last month.
 A very interesting discovery of the past 18

                                                                                                                                                                                    The Sand Times December 2010
                                                       She and her 35 week old baby girl were then
months is that the koalas being tracked for
                                                       released back into the rehabilitated area where
this project not only use rehabilitated mining
                                                       they were located.
areas, but some of them never leave it. Of the
seven koalas initially identified in the vicinity of   The introduction of the GPS collars to some of the
rehabilitated land, all of them were subsequently      koalas in this research program will mean positions

                                                                                                                                                                                    The Sand Times
found in it. Our research indicated these koalas       and locations can be described at a whole new
spend approximately 50 per cent of their               level. With the GPS collars, the GPS unit turns
time in rehabilitated land – with one, named           itself on, finds its location via satellites, records this
Christine – spending 100 per cent of her time in       information in its memory then turns itself off. This
rehabilitation. Other results, including roost and     cycle is repeated every two hours. Researchers will
food trees, are still being analysed, but we’ll keep   now be able to obtain very precise descriptions of
you posted in future issues of the Sand Times.         fine scale koala movements – such as when koalas
                                                       are changing trees and how often and how far they
Other positive results identified during the studies
                                                       walk each day.
include the news that many females, including
Christine, were found carrying back young. This        We look forward to sharing the results of our new                    Romane Cristecu researcher and Phd candidate examines
means the koalas of North Stradbroke Island            GPS collars in upcoming issues of the Sand Times.                    baby koala during Unimin monitoring program on NSI.

New Dunwich One Mile Pontoon Opens
Local North Stradbroke Island residents, workers and visitors realised a long-term          An official opening ceremony for the new Dunwich One Mile Pontoon will be
goal when they were able to begin using the new Dunwich One Mile Pontoon in                 held soon on NSI . Local Island residents, Unimin employees and representatives
early November 2010.                                                                        from the State Government (including representatives from the Department of
Unimin Australia provided $100,000 to the project as part of the company’s long-            Transport and Main Roads and the Department of Community Safety) will be in
term commitment to the Island and its residents. State Government funding for               attendance to celebrate the pontoon’s arrival.
the pontoon was provided through the Department of Transport and Main Roads,
the Department of Community Safety and the Port of Brisbane Corporation.
Members of the local community have long called for a floating pontoon at One
Mile to allow access to the Island for people with a disability and to assist with
emergency service medical evacuations by boat.
The pontoon has been specifically designed to be multi-use and is the first of its
type to satisfy Queensland disability access legislation for public transport.
Passenger ferries now operate from one side of the pontoon while recreational
boats and emergency services will operate from the other.
                               Salt Water Murris-Quandamooka Inc.
                               Art Gallery Refurbishment
                               In 2010, the Rotary Club of Wynnum Manly (RCWM) and                 Rotary members and some of the SWMQ young                  Local business Stradbroke Ferries also provided
                               the Salt Water Murris-Quandamooka (SWMQ) Inc. Art                   people to provide sausage sizzles for lunches and other    assistance through offering discount ferry and water
                               Gallery joined forces to refurbish the front interior of the Salt   refreshments.                                              taxi services for RCWM volunteers over the two
                               Water Murris-Quandamooka Inc Art Gallery on NSI.                                                                               working weekends.
                                                                                                   Other SWMQ artists and friends also volunteered their
                               RCWM provided volunteers to the Island to                           time and assisted with refurbishment works.                The gallery is looking fantastic and SWMQ is greatly
                               participate in the ‘hands on’ work, including                                                                                  appreciative of the support received from the RCWM,
                                                                                                   Refurbishment works on the gallery has continued with
                               gyprocking the walls, re-sheeting the floor, installing a                                                                      Unimin Australia and Stradbroke Ferries.
                                                                                                   SWMQ members putting the finishing touches on the
                               new wall near the entrance of the gallery and painting
                                                                                                   gallery.                                                   The SWMQ look forward to the hand over and thank
                               the new surfaces.
                                                                                                                                                              you event, being held on Saturday 4 December 2010
                                                                                                   In line with its commitment to provide support to
                               The works were conducted over two weekends – 16 –                                                                              at 10am, where the refurbished gallery will be officially
                                                                                                   local initiatives and organisations, Unimin Australia
                               17 October and again from 23 – 24 October 2010.                                                                                opened for business.
                                                                                                   provided SWMQ with $7,000 for the purchase of
                               Elder Aunty Colleen Costello hosted the Rotarian                    materials for the refurbishment.
                               volunteers over the two weekends and worked with

                               Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders
                               addition to display space
The Sand Times December 2010

                               As part of the Q150 Celebrations of 2009 the                        •	 Involvement in local, national and international        Unimin Australia has since provided financial support
                               Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders in Council                               events                                                  to the Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders to assist in
                               undertook the significant task of developing a series               •	 Local industries of importance including fishing,       the development of a new display space. This area will
                               of history panels to capture and illustrate some of the                oyster farming and mining                               provide space for cultural talks and presentations to
                               stories of Aboriginal culture and traditional heritage of                                                                      local and visiting groups and will now be the focus for
                                                                                                   •	 Significant achievements of local community
                               the indigenous people of North Stradbroke Island.                                                                              future events and activities.
                               Throughout 2010, the Elders have continued work on                                                                             Local NSI residents and visitors are welcome to visit
                                                                                                   Elders are eager for local NSI residents and visitors
                               these panels – of which there are currently 24. These                                                                          the Elders to view the panels and learn more about
                                                                                                   alike to visit the display to learn more about the
                               panels provide a valuable insight into local Indigenous                                                                        the Indigenous history of the Island. The Minjerribah
                                                                                                   significant history of the Island.
                               and North Stradbroke Island history.                                                                                           Moorgumpin Elders new display space will be officially
                                                                                                   In 2008 CRL provided funding towards the purchase          opened to the public early in 2011.
                               The panels have been developed to focus on significant
                                                                                                   of a demountable building to permanently display the
                               events in the lives of the Indigenous people of NSI,                                                                           For more information, please contact 3409 9723.
                                                                                                   exhibit. As the panels have continued to multiply, and
                                                                                                   the Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders’ have continued
                               •	 Early settlement                                                 to share their stories with the people of NSI, the space
                               •	 The formation of the Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders               has been outgrown.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Work begins on the new display space.
From surfing to sand mining
and everything in between
George Herbert Employee Profile                                       mining, the early stages of the Yarraman project, the Bayside
                                                                      plant construction and the Gordon plant. My roles have varied
With over 30 years working in sand mining projects George
                                                                      from drafting, plant design through to plant construction – and
Herbert knows the history and intricate workings of sand mining
                                                                      I’ve enjoyed them all.
in Australia and also overseas.
                                                                      What has changed over 30 years in sand mining?
George grew up on the Gold Coast and, as a keen surfer, was
one of the founders of the Snapper Rocks Surfing Club – the           While technology has improved, the production processes within
club with took out this years’ Straddie Assault team surfing          the mineral sands industry have not changed a great deal.
title. George was a contestant in Queensland’s first ever surfing     As an engineer, my role has been expanded, particularly with
competition in 1967 – where he came second. George has                lower mineral grades. And of course we’re always kept busy
retained his enthusiasm and passion for surfing for over 50 years,    ensuring the company’s plants are running and production levels
and still catches up with his mates from the early days of surfing    remain as high as possible.
whenever he heads back down the coast.
                                                                      One of my favourite parts of the job now is using my knowledge,
We got to spend some time with George and ask him about his           expertise and experience to troubleshoot issues and identify
experience and insights into sand mining, his connection with North   mitigation strategies for the organisation.
Stradbroke Island and what his plans for the future include.
                                                                      One thing I have noticed during my time in the industry is
You’ve been in the sand mining industry for some time, can            how staff now specialise in specific areas. In my early days in the
you tell us about your experience in the industry?                    industry, engineers used to take responsibility for everything – we
I’ve worked with a broad range of the key companies associated        were ‘Jacks of all trades’. Now, people specialise in specific areas.
with sand mining over my career. I began working with                 While this specialisation has had huge benefits for the industry,
Murphyores based at Cudgen in New South Wales in 1967. I              and allowed engineers to delve a lot deeper into certain areas, I
then went onto work as a private contractor with Cudgen RZ            think my experience as a ‘Jack of all trades’ from the early days
and Australian Minerals Pty Ltd.                                      has given me the ability to see the big picture associated with my
                                                                      day-to-day activities.
I’ve also been lucky enough to travel overseas with my work. I’ve
worked with Quebec Titanium building a heavy minerals sand            What are your plans for the future?

                                                                                                                                              The Sand Times December 2010
mining plant at Orrisa on the Bay of Bengal, south of Calcutta,       I’ll be turning 70 in March 2011, and so I think I should start
and also in Indonesia and New Zealand.                                considering hanging up my steel caps and retiring. However I
I joined CRL as an Engineering Technical Officer more than            will definitely miss work.
seven years ago, and in that time I’ve worked across the Island’s     If I do retire, I plan to travel more with my wife. We love
operations. I’ve always had a special connection with North           Coolangatta, but would love to be able to explore New Zealand,
Stradbroke Island. My work in engineering has seen me involved        Indonesia, Phuket, England and Scotland – to retrace the family
in a number of projects on the Island, including early dry            history and see where it all began!

Unimin continues to support the
North Stradbroke Island community in 2010
Unimin - Mineral Sands has continued to support the North             •	 Trainee work placement support for the Quandamooka Land
Stradbroke Island community through its Community                        Council
Development Program in 2010.                                          •	 Computers for the Stradbroke Early Learning Centre and
                                                                         Golf Club
The Community Development Program sees approximately
                                                                      •	 Materials for Yulu Burri Ba men’s shed projects
$50,000 in project and event sponsorship available to
                                                                      •	 Installation of Dunwich Christmas banners
community based projects each year. In addition, the company
                                                                      •	 Dunwich Easter Carnival 2010
and its employees continue to provide in-kind support to a range
                                                                      •	 Oyster Festival 2010
of projects across the Island.
                                                                      •	 Island Vibe Festival 2010
Some of the projects and events Unimin Australia has supported
                                                                      •	 2010 Straddie Salute Off-road Triathlon and 2010 Straddie
in 2010 include:
                                                                          Unimin 1000 Ocean Swim.
•	 Support for the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum
                                                                      Unimin Australia is committed to continuing to work with local
•	 Saltwater Murris Gallery Refurbishment
                                                                      community groups and organisations to build their capacity and
•	 Promotion and support for Bay Players and Youthlink
                                                                      assist them in meeting the needs of local residents.
•	 Technical support including Terra Bulla Lumeah and                 Applications for the 2011 Community Development program
   Cemetery maintenance for the Minjerribah Moorgumpin                close on 15 April 2011 (Round one) and 31 August 2011
   Elders in Council                                                  (Round two).
•	 Dunwich State School and Secondary Department - Life
                                                                      We look forward to working with our local community groups
   Education Program 2010, Breakfast program and Triple A
   program, and prep playground refurbishment                         and organisations in 2011.
          North Stradbroke Island
December 2010
      s                m             t                w             t                f                s
                                                High   0532   Low       0006   Low       0059   Low       0146   Tide Times
                                                Low    1135   High 0633        High 0728        High 0817
                                                High   1727   Low       1248   Low       1353   Low       1451   • Always check the tide charts before driving on the beach.
                                                              High 1827        High 1925        High 2018
                                                                                                                 • Beach driving: it is illegal to drive on any beach one hour
                                                   1            2                3                4                either side of high tide on North Stradbroke Island. Fines will
Low       0231   Low    0313   Low       0351   Low    0429   Low       0504   Low       0541   High 0039          be issued to anyone found driving at these times.
High      0904   High   0948   High 1030        High   1109   High 1146        High 1223        Low       0621   • Point Lookout: Deduct one and a half hours from the tide
Low       1544   Low    1632   Low       1716   Low    1757   Low       1834   Low       1910   High 1300
                                                                                                                   time at the Brisbane bar (this is the time shown in the daily
High      2108   High   2154   High 2237        High   2318   High 2358                         Low       1948
                                                                                                                   paper and on this calendar) for the correct high and low tide
   5                6            7                 8            9                10               11               on main beach.
High      0126   High   0220   High 0327        High   0436   High 0539        High 0632        Low       0045
                                                                                                                  For example: 10.30am Low Tide at Bar = 9.00am at Main Beach
Low       0707   Low    0801   Low       0909   Low    1026   Low       1141   Low       1245   High 0719
High      1341   High   1426   High 1518        High   1618   High 1719        High 1816        Low       1342   • Amity Point: Deduct half an hour for the correct high
Low       2030   Low    2118   Low       2211   Low    2305   Low       2357                    High 1909          and low tide times for Amity and Flinders Beach.
   12               13           14                15           16               17               18              For example: 10.30am Low Tide at the Bar
Low       0130   Low    0214   Low       0256   Low    0338   Low       0421   Low       0505   Low       0551    = 10.00am at Amity and Flinders Beach.
High      0803   High   0846   High 0929        High   1011   High 1054        High 1137        High 1221
Low       1432   Low    1521   Low       1608   Low    1654   Low       1739   Low       1823   Low       1907
High      1958   High   2045   High 2131        High   2218   High 2305        High 2355

   19               20           21                22           23               24               25             Tips for Four
High      0045   High   0142   High 0245        High   0356   High 0508        High 0615
Low       0642   Low    0738   Low       0844   Low    1000   Low       1121   Low       1241                    Wheel Driving
High      1306   High   1354   High 1448        High   1549   High 1658        High 1807
Low       1952   Low    2039   Low       2131   Low    2228   Low       2329
                                                                                                                 • Beaches are considered a road under Queensland
                                                                                                                   legislation, therefore road rules apply. Speed limits for
   26               27           28                29           30               31                                Flinders are 40km/hr and 60km/hr on Main.
                                                                                                                 • Use formed tracks only, never make new tracks and
January 2011                                                                                                       stay off dune vegetation – it keeps the dunes in place.
                                                                                                                 • Lower tyre pressure makes driving on sand safer and
      s                m             t                w             t                f                s            easier – consult your tyre supplier for correct tyre pressures
                                                                                                Low       0030     for your vehicle. Don’t forget to re-inflate your tyres when
                                                                                                High 0714          driving on bitumen.
                                                                                                Low       1349
                                                                                                High 1913

Low       0126   Low    0216   Low       0300   Low    0339   Low       0415   Low       0449   Low       0522               Amity Point
High      0806   High   0853   High 0934        High   1013   High 1048        High 1121        High 1152
Low       1446   Low    1536   Low       1618   Low    1656   Low       1730   Low       1800   Low       1829
High      2010   High   2100   High 2143        High   2221   High 2257        High 2332
   2                3            4                 5            6                7                8
High      0007   High   0047   High 0131        High   0224   High 0329        High 0443        High 0551
                                                                                                                                        Point Lookout
Low       0558   Low    0638   Low       0723   Low    0817   Low       0928   Low       1051   Low       1210
High      1224   High   1256   High 1332        High   1416   High 1513        High 1625        High 1736
Low       1859   Low    1933   Low       2012   Low    2059   Low       2157   Low       2301

   9                10           11                12           13               14               15
Low       0003   Low    0059   Low       0151   Low    0240   Low       0327   Low       0413   Low       0500
High      0648   High   0739   High 0826        High   0911   High 0954        High 1037        High 1120
Low       1317   Low    1414   Low       1505   Low    1552   Low       1637   Low       1720   Low       1801
High      1841   High   1938   High 2030        High   2120   High 2208        High 2255        High 2342

   16               17           18                19           20               21               22
Low       0546   High   0030   High 0121        High   0218   High 0326        High 0442        High 0557
High      1201   Low    0635   Low       0728   Low    0829   Low       0945   Low       1113   Low       1236
Low       1840   High   1243   High 1328        High   1419   High 1522        High 1639        High 1801
                 Low    1919   Low       2001   Low    2049   Low       2148   Low       2258
   23               24           25                26           27               28               29
Low       0010   Low    0113
High      0700   High   0752
Low       1342   Low    1434
High      1910   High   2004

   30               31

February 2011
      s                m             t                w             t                f                s
                               Low       0206   Low    0250   Low       0328   Low       0402   Low       0433
                               High 0836        High   0916   High 0951        High 1023        High 1052
                               Low       1517   Low    1554   Low       1628   Low       1656   Low       1722
                               High 2048        High   2126   High 2201        High 2233        High 2306

                                 1                 2            3                4                5
Low       0506   Low    0539   High 0014        High   0053   High 0137        High 0231        High 0343
High      1120   High   1148   Low       0614   Low    0654   Low       0741   Low       0842   Low       1005
Low       1748   Low    1816   High 1217        High   1249   High 1327        High 1419        High 1537
High      2339                 Low       1845   Low    1918   Low       1958   Low       2053   Low       2206

   6                7            8                 9            10               11               12                            Mining lease areas
High      0504   High   0613   Low       0031   Low    0130   Low       0225   Low       0316   Low       0404
Low       1135   Low    1251   High 0711        High   0801   High 0848        High 0932        High 1015                  For your safety, driving or
High      1705   High   1819   Low       1351   Low    1442   Low       1528   Low       1611   Low       1652             walking on mining lease
Low       2324                 High 1921        High   2015   High 2105        High 2152        High 2238                  is not permitted.
   13               14           15                16           17               18               19
Low       0451   Low    0538   High 0010        High   0059   High 0152        High 0257        High 0415
High      1056   High   1138   Low       0626   Low    0718   Low       0820   Low       0938   Low       1106
Low       1730   Low    1807   High 1220        High   1304   High 1356        High 1505        High 1634
High      2324                 Low       1844   Low    1923   Low       2010   Low       2111   Low       2232

   20               21           22                23           24               25               26
High      0533   High   0638
Low       1223   Low    1321
High      1756   High   1859
Low       2354

   27               28
                                  Surf, sweeps and success at
                                  the inaugural Unimin 1000
                                  In the first of what we hope to be a regular annual            Brisbane swimmer Codie Grimsey was victorious
                                  event the Unimin Straddie 1000 Ocean Swim                      on the day – overcoming the weather and the
                                  saw over 50 competitors brave the wild weather                 competition to take home the grand prize of $1,000.
                                  conditions to take to the surf off Cylinder Beach on
                                                                                                 Unimin Australia thanks everyone involved in the
                                  Saturday, 9 October for a 1,000m ocean race.
                                                                                                 inaugural Unimin 1000, competitors, Weekend
                                  Point Lookout Lifesavers were kept busy patrolling             Warrior Events who coordinated the event, and
                                  the race area, with strong sweeps and currents making          especially the Point Lookout Lifesavers for keeping
                                  it difficult for all but the most experienced swimmers         everyone safe in the sea.
                                  to navigate the course.

     8                                                                                                                           Image courtesy of Photoevents
The Sand Times Times April 2010

                                  Keen sports men and women
      The Sand December

                                  brave the Straddie Salute in 2010
                                  Even with some of the worst weather NSI has seen in the         Rob Symmons took out his second Straddie Salute and
                                  past year, the Straddie Salute Off-road Triathlon event         Sarah Finch was the first woman to cross the finish line.
                                  proved why, in only three short years, it has become one
                                                                                                  The event was supported by local volunteers from the
                                  of Queensland’s must-do multisport events.
                                                                                                  Dunwich State School Parents and Citizens Association, the
                                  Competing against not only each other, but heavy rainfall,      Allsports Club and the Point Lookout Surf Lifesavers who
                                  wild winds and treacherous seas, over 350 competitors           took up positions as marshals and attendants for the events.
                                  lined up on Sunday 10 October 2010 to participate in the
                                                                                                  Unimin Australia continues to be a key supporter of
                                  Straddie Salute.
                                                                                                  the weekend – providing staff to assist with marshalling
                                  Appalling water conditions and safety concerns lead the         on the day and encouraging staff to get involved. Our
                                  race organisers - Weekend Warriors - to abandon the swim        Unimin Australia team this year did not disappoint,
                                  leg of the triathlon at the last minute, and replace it with    finishing in the middle of the pack and providing us with
                                  an on-road 600 metre run.                                       a benchmark for improvement for next years’ race.
                                  Off-road puddles, surface water on the road, high winds
                                  and high tides all added to the excitement of the event           Organisers Weekend Warrior Events estimate
                                  and did not appear to dampen the competitive spirits or           the total economic impact of the weekend’s
                                  enthusiasm of participants.                                       activities (Unimin 1000, Fun Run and Walk
                                  Regardless of the weather, competitors went hard and fast         and the Straddie Salute) as well over $600,000.
                                  and completed the course in amazing time.

                                                                                                                                 Image courtesy of Photoevents
Moreton Bay Research Station
celebrates 10 years
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the refurbished Moreton Bay            A highlight of the Open Day were the Gecko Wildlife presentations,
Research Station (MBRS) located on North Stradbroke Island.                    which provided visitors with an opportunity to get up close and
                                                                               personal with live reptiles and mammals native to Australia.
As one of the busiest marine research stations in the southern
hemisphere, the MBRS provides a world-class research and teaching              The MBRS promotes awareness and understanding of marine sciences
facility that spans many fields of marine and coastal science. It also         to the general public and primary school students, focusing on coral
provides budding marine biologists with one of the country’s best              reefs, rugged rocky shores, clean beaches, salt-marshes, mangroves and
undergraduate and secondary school marine field courses through the            seagrass. It also encourages cultural understanding of the Indigenous
provision of high quality field-based science camps and resources.             groups from Quandamooka (Moreton Bay).

To celebrate the milestone, a family-friendly Open Day was held on             For more information on the MBRS, or to organise a visit, please
Saturday 20 November 2010.                                                     contact the Moreton Bay Research Station on 07 3409 9058 or
Community members were invited to participate in activities,
workshops and demonstrations highlighting conservation, recycling and
the future of the MBRS.

The Open Day provided an insight into the rich diversity of marine life that
surrounds North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay, with special touch
tanks and live animal displays set up for visitors’ enjoyment and education.

Special presentations held throughout the day featured researchers
discussing their current MBRS research projects, including declining
catch rates, fisheries management, observations of the tiger shark on the
east coast of Australia, and nesting turtles on Milman Island.                                                                                                    9
UQ PhD student Lydie Couturier also presented Project Mantra –

                                                                                                                                                             The Sand Times December 2010
discussing the biology and ecology of the iconic species, while Louise
Saunders from Batcare Australia provided a myth-busting presentation
on these nocturnal creatures.

Without sand mining – Straddie shuts down
Mining for mineral sands and silica has had a special relationship with the    at school on the Island come from mining families. Without sand mining,
North Stradbroke Island community since operations started in the 1950s.       many Straddie families will be forced to leave the Island.
Since its inception, mining has brought prosperity to the Island and           Impulsive removal of the industry from North Stradbroke Island, and forcing
helped established the communities you see today. Whether through              the largest company in the Redlands Shire to close, would have a severely
directly employed local people, or the indirectly subsidised economy, the      detrimental effect on the future viability of the Island and its residents.
public interest of North Stradbroke Island depends on the presence of          To ensure an economically sustainable future for North Stradbroke
mining companies.                                                              Island, Unimin has developed a vision for the future. Our vision is
An independent analysis shows sand mining accounts for almost half of          balanced and addresses the needs of all stakeholders – the Government,
the NSI economy, generating $130 million in economic value each year.          local Island residents and environmental groups. It enables the gradual
Currently, 50 per cent of the Island is under mining leases with the State     cessation of our mining and extractive operations on the Island and
Government – however approximately half of that area will never be             proposes innovative alternatives for future industry and use.
disturbed by mining operations and have in fact been protected due to          Our vision proposes the gradual cessation of mining operations on the
the conditions applied to mining leases.                                       Island until 2027. Our proposal maintains maximum employment,
Products from sand mining activities on North Stradbroke Island form           recognises resource life and allows for the continued long-term
the basic building blocks of many everyday items – from the windows            restoration of mined land and ensures certainty for the economy of the
in your house or car, to the coffee cup on your work desk, right down          Island to provide a solid foundation for a future, alternative industry.
to the components of your mobile phone. Industrial minerals are an             We believe, after being such a vital part of the North Stradbroke Island
essential part of modern-day life.                                             community and economy for over 40 years, we are well placed to
A sustainable future for North Stradbroke Island must incorporate the          provide comment on the future of the Island.
significant social, economic and environmental contribution mining             We realise that our involvement with the land will cease at some
makes to life on the Island.                                                   time, however we feel a responsibility to ensure the environment and
For more than 40 years, Unimin Australia, including CRL, has operated          community we have worked hard to maintain is not adversely affected
mines on the Island and supported critical services pivotal to the             by rash decisions made to please minority groups.
development of the Island community.                                           Without careful planning and consideration the future of North
Mining on North Stradbroke Island not only directly employs over 270           Stradbroke Island is in jeopardy. We want to work with the State
staff, but due to mining activities on the Island, another 640 people are      Government and the people of the Island to ensure the Island can
indirectly employed to support services including the Stradbroke Island        continue to prosper into its future.
Ferries, Straddie Fruit Barn and the Straddie Bakery.                          For more information on our vision, please visit
Mining families account for one in five of the 2,000 permanent residents
on the Island. Approximately 40 per cent of all children in child care and
                               Scooters on
                               Straddie – stay safe
                                Motorised scooters are a great way to move around and keep mobile. Recently, we’ve noticed a number of
                                NSI’s community members using motorised scooters as their means of transport around the Island, and
                                with the festive season approaching, and many more visitors to the Island expected, we thought we’d share
                                with you some helpful hints on how to stay safe.

                                These tips have been provided by Redland City Council – if you have any additional questions regarding
                                scooter safety, please contact Jennifer Schoof, RCC Community Development Officer on 3829 9837.

                                Before heading off:
                                •	    Check your batteries are fully charged, and ensure           •	   Ensure your seat is at the right level for you, and
                                      you are aware of how long a fully-charged battery                 double check it is locked in position
                                      will last                                                    •	   Be prepared for the weather – ensure you have a hat,
                                •	    Check your tyre pressure, under-inflated tyres can                sunscreen and sunglasses or an umbrella
                                      impact your stability                                        •	   Take your mobile phone with you in case of an

                                Be seen!
                                People using scooters are often more difficult to see than         •	   Using lights if you have them. Lights should be clearly
                                pedestrians. Ensure you are visible to cars and other                   visible to other road users for at least 200 metres.
                                pedestrians by:                                                    •	   Fitting reflectors or fluorescent tape to the front,
                                                                                                        back, sides and wheels of your scooter.
                                •	    Wearing bright coloured clothing or a high visibility vest
10                              •	    Attaching a fluorescent orange visibility flag (at head
                                                                                                   •	   Bike lights, reflectors and fluorescent tape are all
                                                                                                        available at your local bicycle shop.
                                      height when standing) to your scooter
The Sand Times December 2010

                               Choose a safe route
                               •	    Always turn the key to the off position or hit the off        •	   Avoid hills – if this is not possible, slow down and
                                     button when you are getting on or off your scooter                 use extreme caution
                               •	    Avoid busy roads and use quieter streets                      •	   Don’t stop on an incline – even to rest
                               •	    If you must travel on the road, keep as close to the          •	   Don’t make sharp turns at high speeds – your scooter
                                     kerb as possible                                                   may tip
                               •	    Watch out for cars going in and out of driveways              •	   Only cross at a level crossing if there are suitable
                                                                                                        pedestrian facilities available.

                               Sharing the footpath, and avoiding footpath rage!
                               •	    Many people are not used to seeing scooters on                •	   Warn pedestrians when you are turning by using
                                     the footpath. Because they move so quickly and                     your indicators or giving a hand signal
                                     quietly, they can catch other pedestrians unaware             •	   Ensure you always stop and check before changing
                                     – particularly those who may have visual and/or                    direction
                                     hearing impairments - scooters can cause accidents.           •	   Be careful of using audio headphones – they restrict
                               •	    Whenever possible, travel on the left hand side of the             your hearing and reduce your awareness of your
                                     footpath                                                           surroundings.
                               •	    Travel at a speed which will enable you to stop
                                     quickly if need be

                               Crossing roads...when you’re most at risk
                               Scooter users are most at risk of accidents when crossing           •	   Choose a safe place to cross – ideally a designated
                               the road. Remember you’re travelling at a very low speed, so             pedestrian crossing, however one which provides you
                               follow the same steps as you would as a walking pedestrian.              with a clear view of approaching traffic will also do
                               •	 STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK                                     •	   If you must use a roundabout, cross as if you were
                                    •	 STOP as close to the edge of the kerb as you can                 walking and give way to vehicles
                                    •	 LOOK for traffic in all directions                          •	   Don’t assume cars will stop for you, particularly at
                                    •	 LISTEN for traffic you may not be able to seen                   intersections or crossings that are not controlled by
                                    •	 THINK if you have enough time to cross safely.                   traffic lights.
                               •	 When approaching the road, reduce your speed. Once
                                    you start to cross, increase you speed (but do not travel
                                    so fast so that you cannot control your scooter)

                               Please remember...
                               •	    Motorised scooter users are classed as pedestrians,           •	   Thinking of travelling by public transport? It is
                                     and as such, are allowed to travel at up to 10                     always a good idea to plan ahead by at least 24 hours
                                     kilometres per hour                                                and contact the relevant operator to ensure they can
                               •	    Queensland Legislation requires that all motorised                 cater to your requirements.
                                     scooters and wheelchairs are registered. There is no
                                                                                                        Happy scooting everyone!
                                     cost involved
How can we improve
The Sand Times?
The Sand Times is Unimin Australia’s quarterly community magazine. We
pride ourselves on keeping you up-to-date on the activities in the region,
how you can get involved and what we have done to help make NSI one of
the best places to live in Queensland.
We want to make The Sand Times the best it can be, so
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In order to ensure we keep bringing you the information
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Thank you for reading The Sand Times and for your
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                                                                  Once completed, simply post it back to us at:

                                                                  Unimin Australia
                                                                  The Sand Times Survey
                                                                  PO Box 47, Dunwich Qld 4183
                                              ... it would                               ... the banks                                                  ... we don’t want to lose                                                           ... we would have to
                                             devastate us.                            would shut us down.                                                     our township.                                                                    shut down jobs.

                                  ... where will our young                                  ... we’d have to                                                ... we’d have to leave                                                      ... the whole community
                                      people find work?                                        lay off staff.                                                     the Island.                                                                  would suffer.

                               For a sustainable future, the Stradbroke community
                                        needs mining. Don’t shut it down.
                               Straddie residents and small business owners are concerned about their future.                                        Unimin has presented its submission to the Queensland Government’s public
                               The Bligh Government says it will allow sandmining on Straddie to continue until                                      consultation process outlining a gradual phasing out of sand mining to 2027,
                               2027, but has not nominated what mines will close and when. Without sand mining,                                      meaning the Island and its businesses have time to adjust.
                               many Straddie families will be forced to leave. Independent analysis shows that sand                                  Help save Straddie jobs and our community.

12                             mining accounts for almost half of the Stradbroke economy, generating $130 million
                               in economic value and 640 jobs.
                                                                                                                                                     Visit to find out how.

                               Eco-tourism has been nominated by the government to take sand mining’s place, but
                               residents are rightly sceptical as the Island will only be fully utilised by tourists for a few                              Sustainable
The Sand Times December 2010

                               weeks of the year (Easter, Christmas and some school holidays).

                                                                                                                                             Vehicle Ferry Timetable -                                            Effective 30th Nov 2010    Water Taxi Timetable -                                                Effective 30th Nov 2010

                                                                                                                                             Monday to Friday                                                                                Monday to Friday
                                                                                                                                             DEPARTS CLEVELAND                                 DEPARTS DUNWICH                               DEPARTS CLEVELAND                                  DEPARTS DUNWICH
                                                                                                                                                                                               5.30am        –   Q                           5.55am        –                                    6.25am
                                                                                                                                             5.30am        –   M                               6.30am        –   M                           6.55am        –                                    7.25am       –
                                                                                                                                             6.30am        –   Q                               7.30am        –   Q                           7.55am        –                                    8.25am       –
                                                                                                                                             8.00am        –   M                               9.00am        –   M                           8.55am        –                                    9.25am       –
                                                                                                                                             9.00am        –   Q                               10.00am       –   Q                           9.55am        –                                    10.25am      –
                                                                                                                                             10.30am       –   M                               11.30am       –   M
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10.55am       –                                    11.25am      –
                                                                                                                                             11.30am       –   Q                               12.30pm       –   Q
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             12.55pm       –                                    1.25pm       –
                                                                                                                                             1.00pm        –   M                               2.30pm        –   M
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1.55pm        –                                    2.25pm       –
                                                                                                                                             2.00pm        –   Q                               3.30pm        –   Q
                                                                                                                                             3.30pm        –   M                               4.30pm        –   M                           3.25pm        –                                    3.55pm       –
                                                                                                                                             4.30pm        –   Q                                                                             4.25pm        –                                    4.55pm       –
                                                                                                                                             5.30pm        –   M                               6.30pm        – M                             5.25pm        –                                    5.55pm       –

                                                                                                                                             Friday (as above + extra trips)                                                                 6.25pm        –                                    6.55pm       –

                                                                                                                                             7.30pm        – M                                 8.30pm        – M                             Saturday & Sunday
                                 Unimin Head Office:
                                                                                                                                             Saturday                                                                                        6.55am        –                                    7.25am       –
                                 Level 16,                                                                                                                                                     5.30am        –   Q                           7.55am        –                                    8.25am       –
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             8.55am        –                                    9.25am       –
                                 111 Pacific Highway,                                          DEPARTURE TIMES ONLY                          5.30am
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Q                           9.55am        –                                    10.25am      –
                                                                                                                              1 MILE JETTY
                                                                                              CLEVELAND                                      8.00am        –   M                               9.00am        –   M                           10.55am       –                                    11.25am      –
                                 North Sydney NSW 2060                                                                        DUNWICH
                                                                                               #4.55am                        #5.25am        9.00am        –   Q                               10.00am       –   Q                           12.55pm       –                                    1.25pm       –
                                 Tel. +61 2 9458 2929                                          #5.55am                        6.25am         10.30am       –   M                               11.30am       –   M
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1.55pm        –                                    2.25pm       –
                                                                                               6.55am                         7.25am         11.30am       –   Q                               12.30pm       –   Q
                                 Fax. +61 2 9458 2900                                                                                                                                                                                        3.25pm        –                                    3.55pm       –
                                                                                               7.55am                         8.25am         12.30pm       –   M                               1.30pm        –   M
                                                                                               8.55am                         9.25am         1.30pm        –   Q                                                                             4.25pm        –                                    4.55pm       –
                                                                                               9.55am                         10.25am        2.30pm        –   M                               3.30pm        – M                             5.25pm        –                                    5.55pm       –
                                                                                               10.55am                        11.25am        4.30pm        –   M                               5.30pm        – M                             6.25pm        –                                    6.55pm       –
                                 Queensland Head Office:                                       12.55pm                        1.25pm
                                                                                               1.55pm                         2.25pm         Sunday                                                                                              Connects with bus from Cleveland & Railway
                                 Unit 1, 58 Metroplex Avenue                                   3.25pm                         3.55pm         6.00am        – M                                 7.00am        –   M                               Connects with bus from Point Lookout
                                                                                               4.25pm                         4.55pm                                                           8.00am        –   Q
                                 Murarrie Queensland 4172                                      5.25pm                         5.55pm                                                                                                         ·   Buses only connect with water taxi services not vehicle ferry services
                                                                                                                                             8.00am        –   M                               9.00am        –   M
                                 Phone: (61 7) 3909 4500                                       6.25pm                         6.55pm         9.00am        –   Q                               10.00am       –   Q
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ·   Timetable is subject to alteration
                                                                                                             As of the 31st
                                                                                               #7.25pm       March 2008       #7.55pm                                                                                                        ·   Please check with us for Public Holiday & Christmas Day timetable
                                                                                                                                             10.00am       –   M                               11.00am       –   M
                                 Fax: (61 7) 3909 4501                                       Times in Red Denotes no services at that time
                                                                                                                                             11.00am       –   Q                               12.00pm       –   Q
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ·   Water Taxi travel time between Cleveland & Dunwich is 25 min each way
                                                                                                 Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.                                                                                                         ·   NO BOOKINGS REQUIRED
                                                                                                    # Denotes No Bus at that time.           12.00pm       –   M                               1.00pm        –   M
                                                                                            Limited services Christmas Day please enquire.
                                                                                                                                             1.30pm        –   Q                               2.30pm        –   Q
                                 North Stradbroke Island Office:                                                                             2.30pm        –   M                               3.30pm        –   M
                                                                                                                                             3.30pm        –   Q                               4.30pm        –   Q
                                 PO Box 47
                                                                                                                                             4.30pm        –   M                               5.30pm        –   M
                                 Dunwich Queensland 4183                                                                                     5.30pm        –   Q                                                                             ·   Catch this bus from Cleveland shops / train station
                                                                                                                                             6.30pm        –   M                               7.30pm        – M                             ·   The Veolia Bus No. 258 transfers to the Stradbroke Ferries Water Taxi Terminal
                                 Phone: (61 7) 3409 6800                                                                                     ·   M : Minjerribah (access lift to café) Q : Quandamooka
                                                                                                                                             ·   Vessels subject to change
                                 Fax: (61 7) 3409 6801
                                                                                                                                             ·   Please arrive 20 minutes prior to departure to allow time for loading
                                                                                                                                             ·   Timetable is subject to alteration

                                 This magazine is printed on                                                                                 ·   Please check with us for Public Holiday & Christmas Day timetable
                                                                                                                                             ·   Ferry travel time between Cleveland & Dunwich is 45 min each way
                                 ENVI Recycled Paper
                                                                                                                                             ·   BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

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