Carnival Elation Cruise Ship by pengxiuhui


									Viva la Mexico!

   Carnival Elation Cruise Ship

     Way down here you need a reason to move
                                                                     Oh, Mexico
      Feel a fool running your stateside games
                                                        It sounds so simple I just got to go
 Lose your load, leave your mind behind, baby James
                                                        The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home
                                                             Guess I’ll have to go now

           Americano got the sleepy eye
     But his body’s still shaking like a live wire                    Oh, Mexico
       Sleepy señorita with the eyes on fire          It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
                                                       Moon’s so bright like to light up the night
                                                               Make everything all right

      Baby’s hungry and the money’s all gone
The folks back home don’t want to talk on the phone                    Oh, Mexico
  She gets a long letter, sends back a postcard;       I never really been but I’d sure like to go
                  times are hard                                       Oh, Mexico
                                                               I guess I’ll have to go now

                 Oh, down in Mexico
      I never really been so I don’t really know
                                                                 By: James Taylor
                     Oh, Mexico
                I guess I’ll have to go
                                                     We’re really going on a cruise!

Amie, Nicole W., Tracy, Nicole L, Rashae and Emily

                                     Tracy with the Captain of the ship
                                        and his crew on the formal
                                     "Captains Welcome Aboard" night.

Nicole L, Tracy, Kirsten, Nicole W

   Muy Bonita!
Tracy & Kirsten getting ready to Kayak
      in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

                                                     Kirsten is in front, Tracy in back

               Tracy Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas.

          Sitting in a window seat on
          the cruise ship left-right:
                Tracy, Rashae,
              Nicole W. Nicole L.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
   Nicole W, Tracy,
   Kirsten, Nicole L,
    Jenny, Rashae


                                   Nicole L
                         holding an iguana wearing a
                         sombrero in Cabo San Lucas
                                  Tracy and Nicole W taking off the
                                  back of the boat to parasail in
                                  Cabo San Lucas Mexico



 Tracy and Nicole W parasailing
Window seat on the ship left-right : Emily, Jenny, Nicole L , Tracy, Rashae, Kirsten & Nicole W
Ensenada, Mexico. From left to right: Tracy, Nicole L, Rashae, Emily, Amie, Jenny, Nicole W, Kirsten
Learning how to cook mexican food
"Taste of Mexico" Excursion in
Ensenada, Mexico Tracy, Nicole W,
Rashae & Emily

                                    Tracy & Nicole W making tamales
                                    in the "Taste of Mexico Tour" at
                                    Mango Mango resturant in
                                    Ensenada Mexico.

Flowers in Ensenada, Mexico
At dinner left - right
Kirsten, Nicole L,
Nicole W & Tracy
Check out Tracy’s do!

Tracy and Nicole L.
eating French Onion
soup at dinner.

Mexico flag
(weighs over 500
pounds and can be
seen anywhere in
the city of
Hasta la vista!


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