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December 2009

          4 Public School Bomber
                           Adventist Teacher Tackles, Restrains

6 YouthRush LEs Experience Summer Miracles 20 Leoni Meadows Staff Members Honored for Heroic Actions 26 PUC Celebrates 100 Years in Angwin

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                                                   ONE to ONE                TREASURER’S PERSPECTIVE

                God’s Positioning System              Ted Benson

        hen I hike or cycle, I like to have a reason for         Your treasure will be safe; no thief can steal it and no
        doing these activities. Besides the obvious              moth can destroy it. Wherever your treasure is, there
        benefits for health, having a goal or destination        the desires of your heart will also be” (NLT).
adds motivation and fun. About the time Global                 • The GPS would not work if there were no satellites
Positioning Systems were introduced, I found that GPS            in orbit sending out signals. The GPS is of no value
technology was useful for outdoor activities, including a        without a signal being sent from a satellite. Likewise,
game called geocaching. This game uses a handheld GPS            without daily study of God’s Word, I lose my direc-
to find an object that has been hidden anywhere in the           tion because I am not locked onto the signal. I am not
world by another player. The clues to finding the hidden         going to the source. Simple instructions to direct our
treasure are posted on the internet. The GPS generally           spiritual journey are found in Psalms 119:105: “Your
gets players close to the right spot, but finding the            word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”
hidden object often requires careful searching. Several          (NIV). I am glad that my salvation is not dependent
aspects of geocaching have parallels in our spiritual lives.     upon a satellite being in a proper orbit and sending
• When I am geocaching, I must study the data ahead of           the right signal, but by the clear sure Word of God.
   time and decide if this is a goal I want to pursue. The     • The signals provided by the satellites are very low
   same goes for our spiritual waypoints. As Christians,         power. The GPS receiver is designed to find and lock
   there are many waypoints that influence our lives. We         onto these low power signals. Similarly, we need to lis-
   have to choose whether a waypoint will be beneficial          ten for the still, small voice of God to discern His will
   to our spiritual walk, or if it might be detrimental.         for us. He does not force us to listen by turning up the
• Once I have selected a target or a goal, I must program        volume. He says “listen” and I
  the waypoint coordinates into my GPS. The GPS                  will show you the way.
  guides me to the location of the goal or the prize. The
                                                                  As we start a new year,
  Bible is our GPS. It has the directions to guide us on
                                                               let us make sure that
  our spiritual journey to the ultimate prize — eternal
                                                               through prayer and the
  life with Jesus Christ.
                                                               study of God’s Word, we
• The GPS is never wrong, but if you enter an incor-           stay locked on the signal
  rect coordinate, or another player enters the wrong          that will show us the way
  coordinates for a cache on the internet, you can miss        home.
  the mark by feet or miles. I have done that and ended
  up at a location a long way from my goal. When we
  use the Bible as a guide, the instructions (coordinates)
  are always correct. It takes personal study of the Bible
  to anchor ourselves and know that we are going in the
  right direction.
• The treasure or prize that we seek in geocaching is an
  earthly treasure that will not last. Our goal should be
  to seek heavenly treasures that will be everlasting. Luke
  12:33-34 says, “Store up treasure for you in heaven! ...
  The purses of heaven never get old or develop holes.

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                               News    3

    Adventist Teacher Tackles,
    Restrains School Bomber
                                                      Caron Oswald

             hen two pipe bombs              My teacher didn’t know how to           over time Santana stopped. “I felt
             exploded at Hillsdale High      teach me,” he says about the local      that being a Christian and living ac-
             School in San Mateo, Calif.,    Adventist school. One day the           cording to Christ’s example was not
    teacher Kennet Santana instinctively     culture shock and frustration finally   really desirable or doable,” he says.
    headed toward the explosions. It was     erupted. “I did know how to swear          After graduation Santana taught
    just after 8 a.m. on Monday, Aug.        pretty well in English,” he says.       at his former high school, became
    23.                                         He began to get into trouble a       executive director of a non-profit
       Noticing a student wearing a          lot. By fifth grade he grew tired of    organization and was elected a city
    tactical vest with a pipe bomb           being picked on. “I wasn’t afraid       commissioner. “I even helped dedi-
    sticking out of his pocket, Santana      to fight,” he says, and so began the    cate the new Adventist Historical
    tackled the boy, pinned his arms         first of many suspensions. By eighth    Village. I did not, however, attend
    to the ground and stayed on top of       grade, school staff had had enough.     the Adventist church,” he says.
    him until help arrived. Principal Jeff   “I was both baptized and expelled
    Gilbert and counselor Ed Canda           during my eighth grade,” he says.       Reconnecting
    rushed to help. The three men held          Parents at church told their            It was a move to California so his
    the 17-year-old teenager down until      children not to associate with him.     wife could attend an MBA program
    police arrived.                          “No one would talk to me at Sab-        at the University of San Francisco
       Later they learned that the former    bath school,” he says. Except one       that reconnected Santana with his
    student was armed with eight addi-       — Tea Sung Kim, a Korean friend         college roommate. He’d stayed
    tional pipe bombs, a chain saw in a      who continued to invite Santana to      in contact with Heilig, who was
    violin case and a sword. He planned      youth activities, even picked him       completing his Ph.D. at Stanford
    to attack those who survived the         up in his mother’s van. “He had the     University, about one hour south of
    explosions.                              courage to be a Christian,” Santana     the city.
       Gilbert had high praise for           says. “This guy is still one of my         “Julian invited me to attend
    Santana, who has taught English          best friends.”                          this cool little Adventist church in
    language development at Hillsdale           Santana excelled in public high      Sunnyvale,” Santana says. “I’d never
    since 2007, describing him as a          school, was captain of the football     put the word ‘cool’ and Seventh-day
    “remarkable educator, a person who       team and was salutatorian of his        Adventist in the same sentence.”
    any number of our students look up       360-member graduating class. He         Heilig never stopped inviting,
    to and connect with.”                    received a four-year academic schol-    and eventually Santana ran out of
       Santana understands what it is        arship to the University of Michi-      excuses.
    like to be on the fringe, disconnect-    gan. He also had been accepted at          “At Sunnyvale, I learned about
    ed from the rest of the world.           the Air Force Academy in Colorado       the concept of God’s grace. Being a
                                             Springs. “I did not attend because      Christian didn’t seem hard any-
    Disconnected                             I felt I would not be able to keep      more,” he says. He met other thirty-
       Raised in a “super strict” Adven-     the Sabbath the way I wanted to,”       somethings who studied God’s
    tist family, Santana’s troubles began    he says.                                Word and still had fun. “I always
    in second grade when his fam-               One of his assigned roommates        understood that it was possible, but
    ily moved from California to the         his freshman year was Julian Heilig,    I’d never seen examples of it,” he
    mid-west. “I could read in Span-         an Adventist. At Heilig’s invitation,   adds.
    ish. I could not read in English.        they attended church together, but

4     News                                                                        
Teacher Kennet Santana shares his gratitude to God and his passion for life with students and staff at Hillsdale
High School. “I feel that I have been give much and want to be ready to give back to God,” he says.

  Santana was re-baptized five years               School, Santana refused any sug-                    loving, faithful Savior, genuine,
ago. He told his new church family,                gestion that he was a hero. “There’s                caring church school teachers, loyal
“A few years ago, I never would                    one hero in my family, and he’s in                  Adventist friends, and his two Bay
have guessed I would be coming                     Iraq right now,” he says about his                  Area church families.
to an Adventist church. It was                     brother, who is in the military. He                    “We need more graceful people
something I left behind.” He now                   was also quick to remind everyone                   like that in our churches that grab
attends the San Francisco Rainbow                  he had a lot of help from oth-                      disconnected people on the fringes
church because it is closer to his                 ers. Gilbert describes Santana as a                 and stand by them,” he says.
home.                                              “genuinely humble individual.”
  At the news conference the day                     Santana is grateful for a mom
after the incident at Hillsdale High               who read him Bible stories, a

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                               News     5

    YouthRush Literature Evangelists
    Experience Summer Miracles
                                                                 Heidi Bryant

        his past summer, 73 student                  for Peace, an excerpt from the Desire   water bottles from people all day
        literature evangelists, divided              of Ages.                                long — one for him and one for the
        into three teams, knocked on                    The man looked down at the           “friend” at his side.
    doors around the Central California              book, up at Machuca, and then left         Ellen White writes: “In work-
    Conference. In this recession year,              at what seemed to be nothing but        ing for perishing souls you have
    they sold more books and earned                  air. After repeating the sequence, he   the companionship of angels.
    more money than in any of the past               bought the book.                        Thousands upon thousands, and
    10 summers.                                         “Do you mind if I have a water       ten thousand times ten thousand
                                                     bottle, sir?” Machuca asked as he       angels are waiting to co-operate
    Walking with Angels                              prepared to leave. The man went         with members of our churches in
      One hot summer afternoon in                    into his house and returned with        communicating the light that God
    Modesto, Calif., Cesar Machuca                   two water bottles. “Here’s one for      has generously given, that a people
    stopped to talk with a man who                   you,” and then as he looked to the      may be prepared for the coming
    was working in his garage. Machuca               left, said, “and here’s one for your    of Christ,” (Testimonies, vol. 9, pg.
    showed him The Great Controversy                 friend.”                                129).
    and told him about the book, but                    Machuca looked around and
    the man wasn’t interested. Machuca               found no one in sight. As he            100 Percent Dependence
    then tried a small book called Time              continued his door-to-door work,          Summer literature evangelist
                                                     Machuca continued getting two           Gisel Tejeda says that God told
                                                                                             her to go canvassing. “I didn’t
    The Fresno/Modesto Team: (Back Row) Peace Ineza, Daniel Gonzalez, Cesar Machuca,         know what it was about,” she says.
    Timothy Prewitt, Julian Nash, David Green, J.R. Cahatol, Laura Gren, Xu Lin, Amaris      “Slowly I got more information on
    Benardo, Rachel Petrello, Shay Hopkins, Thomas Baca, (Second Row) AJ Beltz, Josue
    Machuca, (Front Row) Heidi Bryant, Savannah Krick, Keyla Silva, Sharon Jeon, Sarai
                                                                                             YouthRush, at GYC in San Jose,
    Mendoza, Rachel Kearby, Laura Green, Julie Rose, Kristen Pool, Victoria Mavunga          from friends in Fresno and others.
                                                                                             God kept bringing people to me,
                                                                                             answering my questions about the
                                                                                               “My walk with God changed
                                                                                             drastically,” she said. “I didn’t want
                                                                                             this to be a spiritual high, so I de-
                                                                                             cided to have time with God from
                                                                                             the very get go. Now I can’t go a
                                                                                             day without my devotions. It feels
                                                                                             weird without it.”
                                                                                               Tejada shares how YouthRush
                                                                                             has helped prepare her for the real
                                                                                             world. “Whenever I hit an obstacle
                                                                                             in the real world, I go to God,” she
                                                                                             explains. “In YouthRush, you have
                                                                                             to give rejection to God. Here in
                                                                                             the real world, when a door closes,

6     News                                                                                 
                                                                                                        CENTRAL CALIFORNIA

you never know what God has
around the corner. I’ve learned how
to have full 100 percent depen-
dence on God.”                                     The San Jose/Salinas Team: (Back Row) Kara Dempey, Hadasa Cisneros, Ranela
                                                   Kaligithi, Anna Gonzalez, Desiree Wichapool, Krystal Azevedo, Ashley Miller,
  “YouthRush has trials you won’t                  Ashley Gillaspy, Karen Yanez, Elizabeth Garcia, Michelle Reyes (Front Row) Bill
get anywhere else,” Tejada says.                   Krick, Ricardo Camacho, Michael Tuazon, John Miller, Jason Wichapool, Anthony
“But God will help you defeat                      Baca, Maverick Khongphan, Westney White, Daniel Vert, Joseph Jefford

                                                     Yanez didn’t think much of the                  to make yourself better... We can
Divine Timing                                      experience until Sabbath when the                 do nothing of ourselves. We must
  On a cool day in Salinas, Calif.,                man walked through the door of                    come to Christ just as we are.”
Karen Yanez knocked on the door                    the Salinas church. He had been                      Because of those words, he real-
of a man who was searching for                     feeling like he wasn’t good enough                ized that Jesus accepted him. Ricar-
peace. After getting acquainted                    to come back to church, he ex-                    do Camacho, the student literature
and showing him a few books, she                   plained to Yanez. He had done too                 evangelism team leader, quickly
shared Peace Above the Storm. The                  many things wrong. But something                  connected the man with the pastor
man bought four books and asked                    in Peace Above the Storm caught                   and head elder for Bible studies.
for the address and service times                  his eye. The words from the book                  When Camacho visited the church
for the local Seventh-day Adventist                encouraged his heart. It said, “If                several months later, he discovered
church.                                            you see your sinfulness, do not wait              the man was a newly baptized and
                                                                                                     active member.
The Bakersfield/Santa Maria Team: (Back Row) Charlie Connely, Joel Moutray, Douglas Morazan,
Brian Goad, Jacob Gibbs, Sammy Bonilla, Erin Van Gelder, Savonna Greer, Jasmine Ferguson,
Christopher Morazan, (Second Row) Gisel Tejada, Rachel Bell, Miranda Nash, Heidi Bierle, Caitlin
                                                                                                     Summer Statistics
Cuenca, Vanessa Diaz, (Front Row) Jason Vyhmeister, Jonathan Sanchez, Amanda Goad                       Bill Krick, literature ministries
                                                                                                     director, reports the first five catego-
                                                                                                     ries are the highest numbers in the
                                                                                                     past 10 years for the Central Cali-
                                                                                                     fornia Conference summer student
                                                                                                     • Young people working: 73
                                                                                                     • Books distributed: 59,524
                                                                                                     • Homes visited: 305,175
                                                                                                     • Total received: $362,303
                                                                                                     • Student earnings, before Adven-
                                                                                                       tist schools match: $246,366
                                                                                                     • Bible study interests: 513
                                                                                                     • Bible study/contact cards:

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                News      7

              Vista Samoan Members Dedicate
              Multipurpose Hall
                                                                           Jocelyn Fay

                      ith festivity and food in                   “We are a small church, but with

                                                                                                        Jocelyn Fay
                      abundance, members of                     God in it, nothing is impossible,”
                      the Vista Samoan church                   said Too Leituala, head elder, in his
              hosted friends on Aug. 30 as they                 report of the construction process.
              dedicated their newly constructed                 The church’s 100-plus members
              multipurpose hall.                                completed the project in seven
                Two former pastors, Watson                      months.
              Afaese and Soeli Puni; members                      Work on the building started on
              of other Samoan congregations in                  Feb. 5, 2009, Leituala said. Contri-
              the Southeastern California Con-                  butions to finance the $1.1 million
              ference; representatives from the                 multipurpose hall came from many
              conference office; and the mayor of               organizations and individuals, he
              Vista, Morris Vance, were among                   acknowledged. He also commended
              their guests.                                     the pastor, Aleni Fepuleai, who
                                                                “worked shoulder-to-shoulder”                         Pastor Aleni Fepuleai, standing, circulated
    Jocelyn Fay

                                                                with members as the building took                     among the guests at lunchtime,
                                                                shape.                                                enjoying the festivities with members
                                                                                                                      of his congregation and friends.
                                                                  Sandra Roberts, conference
                                                                executive secretary, congratulated
                                                                the congregation on the completion                    outreach events and activities that
                                                                of the project, but counseled them                    will involve neighbors and friends.
                                                                to remember that relationships are                      “We have sacrificed greatly to
                                                                always more important than real                       have this building,” she said. “It’s
                                                                estate.                                               my hope that relationships will
                                                                  “It’s not about the building.                       thrive and grow in this building.
                                                                Never has been, never will be,”                       As you use it to serve God, every
              Morris Vance, mayor of Vista, commended
                                                                Roberts said. The building was                        sacrifice will be worth it.”
              the church for building such an attractive        constructed to serve the community
              multipurpose hall to serve the community.         as it becomes a meeting place for
              Behind him is George Atiga, director of
              Asian-Pacific ministries for the Pacific Union.

              Jocelyn Fay

8                 News                                                                                               
Bus Stop Evangelism
Expands God’s Kingdom
                                                   Patty Cuyan

     ecent stories from the Perris       money to feed my family,” Burgos
     Spanish church illustrate how       said. “I want somebody to visit my
     God can use church members,         family and pray for them.”
working together, to expand His             Mendoza contacted Francisco
kingdom.                                 Cuyan, from the Perris Spanish
                                                                                  Once he picked up a book by Alejandro
   Yolanda Burgos and her family         church, so he could visit Burgos’s       Bullón and began reading, Juan Diaz
woke up early and got ready to go        family.                                  couldn’t stop. He persistently phoned the
                                                                                  number stamped on the back of the book
to their church. It was “the day of         On his first visit, Cuyan gave        until he was able to begin Bible studies with
the Lord.” Time passed by and the        Burgos’s family physical and spiri-      Francisco Cuyan. Photo by Raúl Hernández.
service was about to start. Burgos       tual food. The visits continued, and
and her family were waiting to be        the Burgos family studied the Bible
picked up. But no one came to give       and “La Fe de Jesús,” a Bible study
them a ride.                             guide in Spanish.                        had not missed any of the church
   Burgos was desperate. She                Juan Diaz had a similar experi-       services.
decided to take the bus to church.       ence. He found a couple of books            Studying the Bible was a prior-
Tears ran down her face; she wanted      at the bus stop, and started reading     ity for Diaz. God’s love filled his
to attend church and spend time          La Invitación (The Invitation) by        heart as the basic Adventist beliefs
with her Lord.                           Alejandro Bullón. Diaz could not         unfolded in front of his eyes, and
   “Please God, help me. I really        stop reading.                            he accepted Jesus as his Lord and
want to praise You in my life,”             He was filled with emotion. This      Savior.
Burgos prayed.                           book was different. Each short story        It was Victor Castañeda who left
   When she arrived at the bus stop,     expressed the invitation to come         these books at the bus stop, as he
she noticed three books lying on the     and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.     routinely does. Cuyan conducted
bench. She started reading one of        Diaz could not resist the invitation.    the Bible studies. Hernández and
them, El Camino a Cristo (Steps to          With tears in his eyes, he im-        Alberto Ingleton, Southeastern
Christ). She lost track of time. Tears   mediately called the number on           California Conference Hispanic
came to her eyes; she knew there         the back cover of the book. Diaz         ministries director, conducted a
was something different about this       reached Mendoza, who once again          week of evangelistic meetings.
book. Since the bus did not come,        became the link to the church and           On Oct. 3, 2009, the Burgos and
Burgos decided to go home. She           asked Cuyan for help.                    Diaz families, along with nine other
took one of the books with her.             Diaz waited patiently for a call or   newcomers, were accepted into
   On her way home she noticed a         a visit from Cuyan or Raúl Hernán-       Perris Spanish church by baptism or
stamped telephone number on the          dez, pastor of the Perris Spanish        profession of faith. Eighteen more
back cover of the book. She called       church. Unfortunately, he didn’t get     people are studying the Bible for
the number. The woman who an-            a call right away. Hernández and         a future baptism as a result of the
swered was Rosa Mendoza. During          Cuyan were both on vacation. Diaz        meetings.
their conversation, Burgos poured        persistently called Mendoza.                The Burgos and Diaz stories are
out her heart to Mendoza and men-           About a week later, Cuyan             a testimony of how the Holy Spirit
tioned her needs.                        contacted Diaz on a Tuesday. Diaz        unites individuals’ efforts when they
   “I recently lost my job, so I have    attended prayer meeting the next         put their talents to work for His
no car to attend church and no           evening. Two months later, he            glory.

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                  News      9

     AAW Names Audray Johnson
     Woman of the Year
                                                           Don A. Roth

           he Association of Adventist           in Geneva, Switzerland. In her           professional skills, earning coun-
           Women has named Audray                presentations she outlined South-        seling credits at the University of
           Johnson, a longtime                   eastern’s studies on abuse and some      California.
     Southeastern California Conference          of the resources the conference has         In 1983, Tom Mostert, then
     departmental director, Woman of             provided to help prevent it.             conference president, asked her to
     the Year.                                      “This was one of the high points      begin a new area of activity in the
        The award was given to Johnson           of my ministry,” Johnson said. “I        conference called family ministries,
     at the organization’s annual conven-        came away with a clear view of how       an area for which Johnson had a
     tion at the Asilomar Conference             family, health and women’s issues        longstanding passion. She diligently
     Center near Pebble Beach, Calif.,           complement each other in reaching        set about collecting and writing
     on Saturday night, Nov. 7. Johnson          out to people everywhere.”               materials on family and the work of
     calls the award “a great honor.”               Johnson was born and educated         family ministries.
        “Because it comes                                     in Massachusetts. She          In her work she sponsored
     from my peers among                                      studied nursing at          seminars to train pastors on the
     Adventist women,                                         Atlantic Union Col-         complicated problems of intimate
     it’s even more mean-                                     lege, and completed her     relationships, bringing in noted
     ingful to me,” she                                       education at the New        authors and professionals to speak
     said. “Many of these                                     England Sanitarium and      to them on such issues as marriage,
     women I have worked                                      Hospital, near Boston.      parenting, domestic violence, and
     with for a long time                                     About a year later, she     child and senior abuse, reflecting
     on behalf of the work                                    met Ed Johnson, a           the broad work of family ministry.
     of all women in the                                      young minister. They           She authored a family ministries
     church.”                                                 married, and soon           manual entitled Resources for Fam-
        Johnson is the direc-                                  moved to San Diego,        ily Ministries: A Complete How-to
     tor of family ministries                                  where Audray was a         Guide for Local Church Leaders, a
                                Audray Johnson
     for the conference, a                                     nurse at Paradise Valley   portion of which was published by
     post she has held for the                                 Hospital.                  AdventSource. She also has writ-
     past 26 years. She also directs the            Eventually their marriage dis-        ten Women’s Ministries Resources for
     conference’s health and legislative         solved. A single parent responsible      Congregations and Making Church
     affairs and women’s ministries de-          for two young sons, she obtained         Safer for Children, which is used ex-
     partments. She has served on several        work as a secretary in the South-        tensively in training congregations
     committees for the General Con-             eastern California Conference office     on child abuse and child safety.
     ference of Seventh-day Adventists,          assisting in the health and religious       On June 15, 2007, she was or-
     including the Divorce and Remar-            liberty departments. When the de-        dained-commissioned by the South-
     riage Commission, Human Sexual-             partment director retired, Johnson       eastern California Conference.
     ity and Family Ministries commit-           was made interim director and then          The presentation in her honor
     tees, and Taskforce on Child Abuse          coordinator.                             was made in a joint meeting of the
     and Family Violence.                           She eventually became the first       Association of Adventist Women
        In July, Johnson presented two           woman director of a conference           with the Adventist Forum and the
     seminars on abuse at the Global             religious liberty department. Dur-       40th anniversary of their publica-
     Conference on Health and Lifestyle          ing this time, she acquired various      tion, Spectrum.

10      News                                                                           
                                                                                                                       SOUTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA

                 First Graders at Redlands Adventist
                 Academy Learn to Give
                                                                                     Heather Quigley
                                                                           McKenzie Wheeler made this bear for             Head. They spoke to the students
                                                                           a sick child as if she were making it for       about the children in the hospital
                                                                           herself. She gave it to the Big Hearts
                                                                           for Little Hearts Guild at Loma Linda           and where their bears would go.
                                                                           University Children’s Hospital.                 The students also got to see the
                                                                                                                           classroom where the sick children
                                                                                                                           go to do schoolwork if they feel up
                                                                              Once at the Build-A-Bear Work-               to it. Finally, with a bit of coaching,
                                                                           shop, each student chose a bear and             they delivered their gifts with beam-
                                                                           its outfit. Some bears were dressed             ing smiles and hearts full of love for
                                                                           as princesses, doctors, soccer play-            their recipients.
                                                                           ers, and fairies; all were different.              Although students were not
Daniel Padilla

                                                                           Students created the bears as if they           allowed to go into the children’s
                                                                           were making them for themselves.                hospital rooms to give their gifts
                                                                           From the workshop, students were                personally, they were happy to

                      ed by teachers Linda Breese and                      driven to Loma Linda University                 know that the sick children would
                      Heather Quigley, the first grade                     Children’s Hospital.                            gain encouragement from the ador-
                      classes at Redlands Adventist                           At the hospital, the first-graders           able bears.
                 Academy found that giving to                              were met by Val Lewis, Dixie Wat-                  The prayer of the teachers and
                 others is fun. Thirty-three students                      kins and Eloise Habekost, of the                parents of these first graders is that
                 ventured out to the Build-A-Bear                          Big Hearts for Little Hearts Guild,             this field trip will be just the start of
                 Workshop to create and dress                              and child life specialist Dinah                 a life of selfless giving to others.
                 snuggly, cuddly bears that would
                 bring joy to a child with cancer in
                                                                           Hannah Caldwell, Emma Padilla, Senna Kassab, and Ryan Jones prepare to give
                 the hospital.                                             bears to sick children at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.
                    In September, Childhood Cancer
                 Awareness month, the students
                 wanted to do something to show
                 their love to the many children suf-
                 fering from the disease in their own
                 community. Although at RAA this
                 project is done with every first grade
                 class, this year the endeavor had
                 special meaning. Two of this year’s
                 first-graders have already fought
                 cancer during their young lives. In
                 the days before the field trip, the
                 mothers of these students willingly
                 donated their time to show and tell
                 the classes about cancer and what it
                 is like to be in the hospital.
                                                          Daniel Padilla

                 December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                     News       11
      N E VA DA - U TA H

     Fallon Pathfinders Camporee
     Journey Included Big Adventure
                                                        Wayne Taylor

          n Aug. 6, 2009, the Fallon           motorhomes lost a transmission.        beyond belief.” The following day
          Pathfinders — including 10           While waiting for a replacement        found the group sailing, water bi-
          Pathfinders, six leaders and         motorhome to arrive, the Path-         cycling and riding the carousel and
     two babies — began a 2,000-plus           finders were able to visit the Cody    the miniature train at the zoo.
     mile journey to Oshkosh, Wis.,            Museum. They discovered the Great        One of the Fallon Pathfinders
     for the 2009 Courage to Stand             Plains Indians, ate sourdough bis-     decided to be baptized.
     International Pathfinder Camporee.        cuits cooked in a Dutch oven over        Each day, kids rotated through
       Nightfall found the Pathfinders         a fire, and saw the largest gun col-   track and field, archery, basic
     in West Yellowstone, Mont. While          lection in the U.S., the western art   rescue, rock climbing, ropes course,
     in Yellowstone, they gazed at herds       collection, and Buffalo Bill’s Wild    butterflies, Pathfinder Heritage
     of buffalo. One bull walked close         West Show memorabilia.                 Museum, ADR honor, and watch-
     enough to the motorhome that one             In the Black Hills, S.D., the       ing the big cats perform.
     of the leaders reached out to touch       Pathfinders took in Jewel Cave,          The day after the camporee
     him. The group found the switch-          the first cave most of the Pathfind-   closed, the club explored the
     backs down to Yellowstone Falls to        ers had ever explored. While at        Chicago Museum of Science and
     be a tiring, but exhilarating experi-     Mt. Rushmore, the kids found the       Industry. In addition, they visited
     ence. It was the tallest precipice that   Nevada flag, ate ice cream and saw     Amazon fish, dolphins, Beluga
     many had ever seen, and it took           a mountain goat and her baby feed-     whales, river otters, and a touch
     courage to peer over in to the deep       ing right at the monument.             and explore tide pool at the Shedd’s
     canyon.                                      The troupe arrived on the camp-     Aquarium.
       Driving across Wyoming later            grounds in Oshkosh on Monday             The final stop was Chicago’s
     that night, one of the two rented         evening ready to start the festivi-    Midway Airport for the trip home,
                                               ties. Wayne Taylor, club director,     where most of the Pathfinders
     The Fallon Pathfinders dressed in         described the temporary city of        received wings and certificates com-
     their uniforms at Oshkosh, Wis.           37,000+ Pathfinders as “amazing        memorating their first flight.

12      News                                                                       
                                                                                                            H AWA I I

Local Man’s Evangelistic Campaign
Revives the Waianae Church
                                                Divad Rabocse

     aj Pacleb, a local Nanakuli       along the town’s main drag sported
     islander, preached a three-week   eye-catching color posters advertis-
     evangelistic seminar in June      ing the event. They mailed hand-
at the Waianae church, where he        bills to every home in the zip code.
had given his heart to Jesus just 10   Several attention-grabbing high-
years before. On opening night,        way banners announced Pacleb’s
the church was overflowing, and 50     “Exploring the Prophetic” seminar.
children attended a corresponding      And in the days before opening
evangelism program in a church         night, church members put fly-
classroom.                             ers on hundreds of windshields at      Pastor Art Bushnell, far left, and Taj
                                                                              Pacleb, far right, pause with those who
   Pacleb was something of a celeb-    the local high school Pacleb had       made a decision to follow Jesus.
rity in his hometown, known for his    attended.
antics in school, his wild ways, and      By the close of the series, more
eventually, his dramatic conversion    than 60 people decided to accept       continues to pray for the Spirit
to Christianity. “I remember Taj,”     Christ as their savior and requested   to lead in supporting and nurtur-
said one visitor. “He was the town     baptism, including Pacleb’s own        ing the new members. Wednesday
trouble-maker!” Others recalled his    Catholic grandmother. Six young        prayer fellowship and Friday night
bold witnessing after his conver-      adults baptized during the series      Bible studies provide support and
sion when he gave Bible studies in     have since registered to attend the    connection for the new contacts.
English class or shared Christ with    Amazing Facts College of Evange-          “I have never seen anything like
the school’s football team in the      lism this spring so that they can be   what has happened in Waianae this
locker rooms.                          better prepared to share Jesus. They   summer,” says Waianae’s Pastor Art
   After graduation from the local     plan to provide support for Pacleb’s   Bushnell, himself a career evange-
high school, Pacleb went to the        second series next June. Several       list. “At least not in America.”
mainland to train for Bible work.      are already
He has since preached scores of        involved
                                                                                                LEFT: Evangelist Taj Pacleb,
campaigns around the world.            in leading                                               center right, prepares for a
   Pacleb’s burden for his home        Bible studies,                                           baptism at a nearby beach.
community hasn’t faded, and he         teaching Sab-                                            BELOW: Winston
                                                                                                Crawford, an evangelist
enlisted the additional support of     bath school                                              who volunteered to
eight of his evangelist friends, who   and leading                                              help, directs passers-by
                                                                                                to the meetings.
volunteered to come support the        children’s
effort at their own expense. They      divisions.
visited and prayed with contacts,         Church
provided contemporary music,           members believe that much of the
and met daily to worship, pray and     success of the series was due to the
study together as they sought the      church’s active prayer group. The
Spirit to move on people’s hearts.     growing, weekly prayer fellow-
   The church made sure the home-      ship prayed for the Holy Spirit
coming was thoroughly promoted.        to infiltrate, arouse and energize
More than 200 telephone poles          the church to action. The group

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                             News        13
                  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

                 Vallejo Drive Church Teen Ministry
                 Partners with SOS Thrift Shop
                                                             Danny Zelaya and Betty Cooney

                     hirty students from the Life               the meals. “The food project was a         frozen foods from the bulk pack-
                     Together high-school ministry              nice bonding experience,” com-             ages and sealed and labeled them
                     at Vallejo Drive church                    mented Glendale Adventist Acad-            in meal-size containers, packaging
                 gathered earlier this year to prepare          emy senior Jordan Khoe. “I like to         about 200 meals in an hour. They
                 packaged meals for Glendale                    do whatever my church asks, and it         were amazing!
                 community individuals and                      was a community service. I could             “The people who come for
                 families impacted by the economic              always rely on the church; this            the meals are referred from area
                 downturn.                                      was my part in giving back to the          hospitals,” Elias explained. “Some
                   “The community service project               church and the community.”                 are homeless; some are very low
                 was part of a ministerial partner-               “This was my first time working          income. We give them three meals
                 ship with the ShareOurSelves Thrift            on a project with the group,” said         each and a big bag of canned goods
                 Shop, located next door,” said                 Arielle Alinsod, a freshman at Glen-       for a family of four.
                 Youth Pastor Danny Zelaya, who                 dale Adventist Academy. “I liked             “I asked a man, ‘What would
                 leads  the LT ministry. “To prepare,           working with the kids in the group         you like?’ because we have different
                 the Life Together group held a two-            and it was for a good cause.”              choices. He answered, ‘I’d just like
                 week food drive at the church.”                  “The team went in the kitchen            some food.’ So we filled bags with
                   The collected food was transport-            and worked in such a good group,”          groceries and meals and drove him
                 ed to the thrift shop on the day the           said Diana Elias, thrift shop              home. The youth just made the job
                 students came together to prepare              manager. “They separated different         of the thrift store so much easier.”
                                                                                                             “LT is committed to fostering
                 (L. to r.) Jacob Takamune (back to camera), Loven Lim, Kyle Voigt, Jordan Khoe and Lee    the contribution of the church to
                 Fernandez  were among 26 students who prepared 200 individual meals that were dispensed   the local community and tries to
                 to community residents from the SOS Thrift Shop. Details at          provide many options for service,”
                                                                                                           said Zelayah.  “We recognize that
 Danny Zelayah

                                                                                                           each person has much to offer the
                                                                                                           church and the world, and that we
                                                                                                           are all called to spread the goodness
                                                                                                           of God’s love, mercy, and grace.”

                                                                                                            Errata (Oct. 09 article), Eliseo
                                                                                                            Aquino is currently in the Army’s
                                                                                                            chaplain candidate program. After
                                                                                                            completing all requirements for the
                                                                                                            church’s endorsement, Aquino will
                                                                                                            be considered by the Army for the
                                                                                                            military chaplaincy. If accepted at
                                                                                                            that time, Aquino will become the
                                                                                                            second Filipino Adventist pastor to be
                                                                                                            endorsed as a military chaplain.

14                  News                                                                                 
                                                                                                                        SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

              South Bay Residents Respond to
              “Best of Nature” Cooking School
                                                                                 Betty Cooney

                   he latest “Best of Nature”          John Jenson

                   cooking school sponsored by
                   the South Bay church attracted
              90 people; about 75 attendees were
              from the community. “More people
              called the day after the classes began
              to say they couldn’t make opening
              night, but would be coming the
              next week,” reported registered
              dietician Susan Jenson, Little
              Company of Mary Hospital, who
              coordinates the series and serves as
              a presenter.
                Held on four consecutive Tues-
              day evenings this fall, the latest
              “Best of Nature” school again used
              an approach favored in a growing                       Presenters demonstrate a total of four different foods at each class, and provide 10
              number of cooking classes in recent                    food samples, including the ones demonstrated, for each evening’s potluck.
              years: all of the dishes demonstrated
              were completely vegan. “I promote                      has been strikingly positive. “People              friends about it and have been eat-
              a plant-based, whole foods diet,”                      in our area love vegan cuisine!”                   ing vegetarian ever since.”
              Jenson said, “using very little added                  added Jenson.                                         Other presenters this fall included
              oil. Protein sources are beans, nuts,                     “The cooking schools are very                   Gerard Kiemeney, SCC’s L.A.
              tofu, vegetables and grains.” Com-                     labor-intensive, but 15 to 20 church               Metro Region director, a cancer
              munity response in South Bay at                        members help in different ways. I                  survivor and a vegan; Veggie Grill
              each of the cooking schools there                      do these classes as an outreach min-               owners and vegans T.K. Pillan and
                                                                     istry for our church, to help people               Ray White; and celebrity vegan chef
              Susan Jenson                                           have better health, to let people see              Abbie Jay, executive vegan pastry
                                                                     and taste that eating a vegan diet is              chef in a Los Angeles restaurant.
John Jenson

                                                                     tasty and not that difficult, and to                  Kiemeney acknowledges that
                                                                     encourage and motivate people to                   his experience as a cancer survi-
                                                                     adopt a healthier lifestyle.”                      vor influenced his decision to be
                                                                        “If a meat-lover like me can make               a presenter. “Nothing makes you
                                                                     the switch to a plant-based diet,                  look at your dietary practices more
                                                                     anyone can!” said Kimberly, a par-                 than having had a close encounter
                                                                     ticipant from an earlier class.                    with death,” he said. “I shared that
                                                                        “I am very excited about this                   our bodies are wonderful, created
                                                                     cooking class,” said Anna, who                     mechanisms from God but they can
                                                                     attended the class in February and                 only take so much abuse from fast
                                                                     March. “I have been telling all my                 foods.”

              December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                        News   15
                         SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

                        Music Symposium Gives Musicians
                        a “Taste of Heaven”
                                                                           Deidre Hodnett

                                                                                                                                     Goldson Oliver Brown
                             he 3rd Annual West Coast           Directors for the Symposium
                                                                    Choir included Margaret
                             Gospel Music Symposium                Douroux, Jeffrey LaValley
                             marked the first time that               and Lloyd Mallory. The
                        participants sang songs written by        126 Symposium attendees
                                                                        came from California,
                        two of the presenters: widely known            Georgia, Alabama and
                        Christian recording artists Margaret           Texas. Deidre Hodnett
                                                                      coordinated the event.
                        Douroux, Ph.D., “If My People;”
                        and Jeffrey LaValley, “Revelation
                        19:1.” Presenter Lloyd Mallory,           During the follow-
                        D.M.A., also had incorporated his       ing days, participants
                        original songs “O For A Faith” and      went from workshop
                        “I’m Determined to Walk with            to workshop: Vocal
                        Jesus” in the curriculum.               Techniques (Dr. Lloyd
                            On Sept. 23, it was lights,         Mallory), Praise and Worship           reported Chane O’Banon, La Sierra
                        camera, and Holy-Spirit action as       (Carlton Byrd, D.Min.), Music and      University student, after attending
                        symposium participants, presenters      Worship (Dr. Margaret Douroux),        the workshops.
                        and the general public gathered at      Choir Decorum (Jeffrey LaVal-             Michael Mejia, 54th Street
                        the Berean church in Los Angeles        ley), Musical Techniques (Richard      church, and Willie Parker, Valley
                        for the symposium’s consecration        Turner), and Signing and Music         Fellowship church, learned more
                        mini concert, featuring the Berean      (Jenice Broomfield).                   effective ways of singing from vocal
                        Youth and Mass Choir, 16th Street         “Praise and worship must be fresh    instructor Mallory. “I learned about
                        Mass Choir, By Grace, and South-        and ever growing in order for it to    the importance of choir robes,” said
                        ern California Area Mass Choir.         be the true tool it was created for    Nkemakolam Chinwah, Kansas
                           Emil Peeler, evangelism director     — evangelism,” noted LaSean Davis      Avenue church member, “and how
                        of Southeastern California Confer-      of Compton Community church.           wearing them relates to a personal
                        ence, presented a consecration mes-       “I learned the importance of         relationship with God.”
                        sage. “His exegetical explanation       ministry, uniformity, rest and daily      “It was an experience that re-
                        of the biblical perspective of praise   worship and how these things affect    minded me of what heaven is going
                        and worship was awesome,” said          your sound, your appearance, and       to be like,” said Normandie Avenue
                        Raymond Thomas of Atlanta, Ga.          your ability to reach God’s people,”   church member Pamela Dodd.
                                                                                                          Plans are under development for
 Goldson Oliver Brown

                                                                                                       the 4th Annual West Coast Gospel
                                                                                                       Music Symposium, Sept. 22-25,
                                                                                                       2010. For more information, con-
                                                                                                       tact or visit

                                                                                                       The Breath of Life Quartet reunited
                                                                                                       as honorees of the 2009 West Coast
                                                                                                       Gospel Music Symposium. (L. to r.) Walter
                                                                                                       Arties, Clyde Allen, Shelton E. Kilby III,
                                                                                                       Philip Grayson, and James Kyle.

16                         News                                                                       
                                                                                          SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

    Young Adults Conduct
    Church-Wide Evangelistic Effort
                                            Danny Chan and Betty Cooney
    Luis Castro
                                                           Pastor Danny Chan during       founder of Blue Marble Invest-
                                                           “Survival Quest,” which had    ments, a “socially responsible”
                                                           an ocean theme and dealt
                                                           with three challenging life    investment firm. Clement led a
                                                           issues. Young adults planned   hands-on workshop on developing
                                                           and led the church-wide,       personal budgets, managing credit
                                                           innovative outreach.
                                                                                          and getting out of debt. Tabuenca
                                                                                          focused on the value of planning
                                                                                          now for retirement, exploring
                                                        to serve the community,           options available to the audience’s
                                                        especially during these           different age groups.
                                                        troubled times.                      “Our only kids just left for col-
                                                          The three-part effort           lege for the first time. We could
                                                        kicked off on Sept. 11            only anticipate sadness from their
                                                        with “A Soul for Surviv-          absence,” wrote Guillermo and
                                                        ing,” underscoring the            Sonia Martinez. “Your series gave us

“       ast year the Eagle Rock church      value of developing a faith that can          hope to move on in this new stage
        leadership asked Renovatus,         weather any storm.                            of our lives.”
        a young adult ministry of the          Tuesday night “Surviving Real                 “It has been a blessing to see
    church that attempts to experience      Relationships” shared an insight-             Renovatus young adults excited
    God with all five senses, to plan a     ful, hilarious look at relationships          about worship, relationships and
    church-wide evangelistic effort,”       through a video series by Mark                even finances,” Chan reflected.
    said Danny Chan, associate              Gungor, Laugh Your Way minis-                 “Following Survival Quest, we
    pastor. “The team, which includes       tries. George Bryant, clinical social         started some personal Bible studies
    Michelle Younkin, Virna Chan,           worker, and licensed therapist Doug           and also a young adult small group
    Krista McHale and Kelly Hauck,          Nies, Ph.D., followed with a discus-          Bible study. As a pastor, it was
    began planning outreach designed        sion on principles for improving              rewarding to see a church awaken
    to reach new generations in the         relationships.                                their commitment to young adults
    community. They emerged with               “Surviving a Tough Economy”                by allowing them to completely
    ‘Survival Quest,’ a three-part series   was a practical finance workshop              take over the worship service for
    for October 2009, aimed at helping      led by Steve Clement, CPA, of                 four entire weeks.”
    attendees navigate life’s most          Clement and Associ-
    challenging questions about faith,      ates, and Art Tabuenca,
                                                                                                                                 Luis Castro

    relationships and finances.”
       For promotion, Youth Pastor Nen
    Didara led a youth team sharing               (L. to r.) Tyler Dean, Braden
    flyers in the surrounding neigh-              Warrick, Kelly Hauck, Krista
                                                       McHale and Jill Dean at
    borhood and in local businesses.                the Prayer Station, where
    Personal ministries coordinator Sam                     the entire audience
    Adarme led a team of adults as well                     metaphorically had
                                                   opportunities to navigate
    — all an effort to let the neighbor-       life’s “ocean,” praying to keep
    hood know that the church is here        afloat despite life’s challenges.

    December 2009 Recorder                                                                                             News             17

     Tu’anaki Vaihi Toki
     Becomes a New Man in Christ
                                                                  Julie Lorenz

          u’anaki Vaihi                                                                                                  Lord had in store
                                 Lavelua Latuhoi

          Toki, a former                                                                                                 for me,” he said.
          bishop in the                                                                                                  He was especially
     Church of Jesus                                                                                                     impressed with what
     Christ of Latter-day                                                                                                he learned about the
     Saints, was baptized                                                                                                seventh-day Sabbath
     into the Adventist                                                                                                  and the emphasis
     church this summer.                                                                                                 on healthy living. At
        The oldest of 10                                                                                                 the completion of
     children, Toki was                                                                                                  the series, he prayed:
     born on the island of                                                                                               “Lord, if what I was
     Tonga to Mormon                                                                                                     hearing was You,
     missionary parents.                                                                                                 and if what I was
     When he was a young                                                                                                 feeling was from
     child, his family                                                                                                   You during these
     moved to the United                                                                                                 evangelistic meet-
     States and eventually                                                                                               ings, then please ac-
     settled in Ontario,         Former LDS Bishop Tu’anaki Vaihi Toki (left) and his daughter Alyssa                    cept me as a sinner.”
     Calif., where his father Vaimoana Toki were baptized by lay pastor Sione Latuhoi.                                      On July 4, Toki
     was a branch president                                                                                              and his daughter,
     over the LDS Tongan community.               jail. “Due to bad decisions, Satan                    Alyssa Vaimoana Toki, were bap-
        When he was 19, Toki married              got the best of me, and it caused me                  tized by Latuhoi. “It was a privilege
     and eventually had two daughters             to be ex-communicated from the                        for me,” said Latuhoi. “I give the
     and a son, but he drifted away               church,” he said. “I never experi-                    Lord the honor and glory for what
     from his church. “I started living           enced loneliness that way; I felt so                  He has done.”
     an ungodly lifestyle and, as a result,       worthless.”                                              Since his baptism, Toki has en-
     left my family and had two more                 Toki knew that he could prob-                      rolled in the Certified Lay Pastoral
     daughters,” he said. Eventually,             ably reconcile with the LDS church                    Assistant program at the Pacific In-
     his belief in his marriage covenant          and get re-baptized after he finished                 stitute of Christian Ministry (held
     made him reconsider his decisions,           serving his parole. However, he                       at the NCC office) to learn about
     and he went home to his wife.                believes that God had other plans                     pastoral work.
        After he and his family moved             for him.                                                 “He is really on fire and learning
     to Sacramento for a fresh start in              One of his daughters wanted to                     a lot,” said Toki’s mentor, VicLouis
     1989, Toki became very involved in           attend a two-week Adventist evan-                     Arreola, PICM director and NCC
     the church, and in 1994 he became            gelistic series hosted by lay pastor                  Asian/Pacific Ministries coordina-
     an LDS bishop, serving until 2000.           Sione Latuhoi. The series speaker                     tor. “He is ministering to his father
     “It was a humbling experience, and           was Douglas Na’a, a Tongan native                     and the rest of his family.”
     I’m forever thankful for that oppor-         currently pastoring in Kentucky.                         Toki is thankful for a new begin-
     tunity to serve,” he said.                      When Toki brought his daugh-                       ning: “I went from feeling hopeless
        However, his life again took a            ter to the meetings, he stayed and                    and unworthy to being accepted by
     wrong turn, and he ended up in               listened, “not knowing what the                       God.”

18      News                                                                                          
New Sports League Created
for Adventist Kids
                                                  Edwin Garcia

      self-proclaimed sports fanatic,   ticed on Thursdays and played                 If Tache is the lead soccer coach,
      Chuck Tache grew frustrated       games on Sundays.                          then his wife, Natalie, is the unof-
      when he leafed through               Parents thanked Tache repeatedly,       ficial general manager, who in a
a Sacramento-area parks and             calling the league a godsend.              few years will recruit their younger
recreation catalog in search of a          So perhaps it was no surprise           children, Simon and Caleb, to play.
sports program for his oldest child,    that, at the final game of the season,        Participants attend churches in
5-year-old Eddie.                       following an awards ceremony               and around Sacramento, though
   “I was looking through all the       where many children received their         a few children are non-Adventist,
different sports, and every single      first-ever sports trophy, Tache an-        which excites Tache, who envisions
one was played on Saturday, on the      nounced his intention to take the          turning the league into a sports
Sabbath,” Tache recalled. “I finally    burgeoning league to the next level,       ministry.
said to my wife, ‘I think I’m going     a soccer program.                             Tache and his volunteer assistants
to start a league, because we can’t        On the first Sunday of the six-         place no emphasis on the score,
be the only parents that have this      week season, Oct. 4, Tache couldn’t        nor on individual achievement.
problem.’”                              believe what he saw: a seemingly           And that’s just fine with the parents
   Sure enough.                         endless line of parents and children       who cheer from the sidelines and
   Tache — who gave up a promis-        walking onto the field at Oran-            appreciate a league that doesn’t play
ing career as an athletic trainer in    gevale SDA School.                         on Saturday.
the National Basketball Associa-           “I am overwhelmed,” a smiling              “It’s the only chance kids get to
tion due to Sabbath conflicts —         Tache confessed to about 50 chil-          be active and competitive, yet in a
talked local pastors into his idea,     dren on that mild morning. “Just           Christian environment,” said Wen-
printed fliers, informed parents,       the response of seeing the kids come       dell Bobst of Rocklin-Sunset Oaks
and launched the Orangevale SDA         out, and seeing how many families          church in Rocklin, whose sons Joey,
Sports League         Edwin Garcia
                                                        had been looking for       8, and Wendell, 9, participate in the
last summer,                                             something like this       league.
named after his                                          — that was a good            “I thank the coach,” said Esther
home church.                                              feeling,” he later       Neemia of Sacramento Samoan
   Nearly 20                                              explained.               Adventist company, after watch-
children joined                                              Tache, 42, who        ing her children, Obedassah, 7,
the T-ball league,                                         was an assistant        and Hadassah, 6, play in a recent
enough for two                                             athletic trainer for    soccer match, along with four other
teams of kids ages                                         the Sacramento          church children she recruited. “I
5 to 7, who prac-                                          Kings professional      was so happy when I found out
                                                            basketball team        there was a league on Sundays.”
                                                            from 1997 to              Tache, who thanks God for the
                                                            2001 and is now        league’s success, already is preparing
 Chuck Tache heads the                                       a registered nurse,   for an expanded T-ball and baseball
 Orangevale SDA Sports                                       starts each soccer    season next spring: he’s begun to
     League so children                                      game by kneeling      recruit coaches and search for more
     can play soccer and
    T-ball on days other                                      in prayer with the   playing fields.
       than the Sabbath.                                      children.

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                           News       19

     Leoni Meadows Staff Members
     Honored for Heroic Actions
                                                            Kim Godfrey

          even of last summer’s Leoni                Heinrich, Leoni Meadows executive                    pulling him down in a whirlpool.
          Meadows camp staff members                 director.                                            Although he struggled, he could
          received American Red Cross                   On Friday, June 19, at the end                    not free himself from the force of
     national and local awards for the               of staff training week, a group of                   the current. He managed to raise
     rescue and resuscitation of a fellow            staff members including Matthew                      his head high enough to gasp for
     staff member.                                   “Matt” Freedman, Derek Hartley,                      a breath of air twice, only to be
        On Oct. 12, the young people                 Robert “Bobby” Hutton, Kami                          pulled under again.
     received the American Red Cross                 Kostenko, Nolan Negrete, Robert                         As he sank below the surface for
     National Lifesaving Award of Merit,             Negrete, Austin Nystrom and Doug                     the last time, Hartley heard the
     the highest honor bestowed by the               Stowers decided to head to the                       screams of terror from his friends
     organization to an individual for               Consumnes River for a swim.                          and saw Robert Negrete lowering
     saving or sustaining a life as a direct            Some of the group made their                      himself into the water and extend-
     result of Red Cross training. The               way to a flat boulder that appeared                  ing a leg for him to grab. Hartley
     award, signed by President Barack               to be perfectly suited for sliding                   only caught a glimpse of Robert
     Obama, was presented to the group               into the lower pools. As Hartley                     Negrete’s foot as the water began to
     by Dawn Lindblom, CEO of the                    took his turn and his legs hit the                   hit his face with deadly force. Then
     American Red Cross Sacramento Si-               water, he felt a very strong force                   everything went black.
     erra Chapter, on the local                                                                              Panic set in for the group on the
                                                                                           Julie Lorenz

     morning news broadcast                                                                               water’s edge. It was apparent that
     of Sacramento television                                                                             Hartley had been trapped under
     station KCRA.                                                                                        a large boulder by the force of
        The next day, the group                                                                           the current. Robert Negrete and
     was among those honored                                                                              Nystrom grabbed large pieces of
     at the annual Hometown                                                                               wood and thrust them in the water
     Heroes luncheon hosted
     by the Sacramento Sierra
     chapter at an area hotel.                                                                            NCC President Jim Pedersen
                                                                                                          congratulates Doug Stowers at the
     Each received the chap-                                                                              Hometown Heroes luncheon.
     ter’s Good Samaritan
     Youth Hero award.
                                                                                                                                                  Julie Lorenz

        Parents, friends and
     other well-wishers at-
     tended the luncheon to
     congratulate the honor-          Leoni Meadows Executive Director
                                          Craig Heinrich, Leoni Meadows
     ees for their life-saving      Development Director Kim Godfrey,
     actions last June. “I’m               and NCC Youth Director Eddie
                                       Heinrich attended the
     completely amazed by the Heroes luncheon. “We’reHometown   absolutely
     professional attitude that blessed to have the finest Red Cross
     the kids showed during            trainers,” said Craig Heinrich. “Kim
                                        and her sister Kendall Porco have
     the incident,” said Craig            been training staff members at
                                       Leoni Meadows for many years.”

20      News                                                                                             
Julie Lorenz                                                                                                      NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

               Nolan Negrete, Robert Negrete, Austin Nystrom, Derek Hartley, Doug Stowers, Kami Kostenko and Matt Freedman display the poster honoring the
               rescuers at the Hometown Heroes luncheon. (Bobby Hutton is in Ethiopia as a student missionary, so his father accepted the award on his behalf.)

               hoping that Hartley would be able                    Freedman and Kostenko climbed                  cell service. When she looked at
               to reach one of them. Stowers went                uphill as fast as they could toward               her phone, she had five bars. She
               to the opposite side of the boulder               the road where they had parked                    quickly called 9-1-1, confirmed
               and began diving to see if he could               their cars. They grabbed a cell                   that Hutton had been able to get
               pull Hartley free. He dove repeat-                phone and had Hutton travel down                  through, and gave more details
               edly without success and was nearly               the main road to a location where                 about their exact location.
               trapped himself. Several minutes                  there was cell phone service to call                 When the paramedics arrived,
               had now passed. The screams and                   9-1-1.                                            they were surprised to see Hartley
               cries from the group pleading with                   While the others went to call,                 sitting up and responding. All pre-
               God for a miracle were deafening.                 Stowers immediately began CPR.                    liminary signs appeared to be nor-
                 Nystrom made his way around                     The rock they laid Hartley on was                 mal. He even hiked up to the road
               the boulder to the location where                 so slippery that Nystrom, Robert                  to be transported in the ambulance.
               Stowers had been diving. In one                   and Nolan Negrete held onto them                  The next day Hartley was back at
               area, he noticed bubbles rising                   to keep them from sliding back                    Leoni Meadows where he worked
               toward the surface of the water. He               into the water. As Stowers gave the               for the rest of the summer camp
               immediately wondered if that was                  second set of breaths and compres-                season. “I just feel really blessed to
               where Hartley was trapped. With                   sions, he began to notice small signs             have these friends,” he said.
               one last attempt, Nystrom took a                  of life. Hartley’s muscles twitched                  Freedman, Hutton, Kostenko,
               deep breath and dove under the                    when suddenly he opened his eyes,                 Nolan and Robert Negrete, Nys-
               boulder. He saw what appeared                     began to cough and then breathe on                trom and Stowers showed true
               to be a log in front of him. As he                his own.                                          courage and altruism. However,
               brushed it away, he realized it was                  Back up on the main road,                      they credit God with saving Hart-
               Hartley’s arm. With the assistance                Kostenko worried that Hutton had                  ley’s life that day. Heinrich agrees:
               of Freedman, Nystrom pulled Hart-                 not been able to call for help. Some              “The good Lord was with the kids.”
               ley’s lifeless body from the water.               time had passed and help had not
               Hartley was not breathing, and he                 arrived. Kostenko had been to this
               did not have a pulse.                             spot many times and had never had

               December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                  News       21

              ChurchWorks Seminar
              Ignites Arizona Evangelism
                                                                   Phil Draper

                       hen Tony Anobile became          we move forward as a team to win         evangelism and scheduled the semi-
                       president of the Arizona         Arizona for Jesus.”                      nar for October 2009, the exact
                       Conference in February              But Anobile has set an even big-      time that Anobile had hoped for.
              2008, one of the first things he did      ger challenge for 2010. He wants            “I remember falling on my knees
              was call Marti Schneider, director        members to knock on every door in        and thanking God for the miracle
              of the North American Division’s          the state of Arizona. “It was at that    that had just taken place,” he
              ChurchWorks, and cancel a seminar         point that I knew ChurchWorks            recalls.
              that had been planned for later that      needed to happen in Arizona. We             The ChurchWorks vision meet-
              spring.                                   had already had the ShareHim             ings were held at Thunderbird Ad-
                 Anobile felt he needed to secure       Outreach Seminar which assisted          ventist Academy in Scottsdale the
              his vision for the Arizona Confer-        us greatly in the preparation for        weekend of Oct. 23. Approximately
              ence before taking on any major           evangelistic meetings, and now we        550 pastors, laymen and confer-
              projects. Rescheduling, though,           needed to be equipped to knock on        ence workers attended the intensive,
              would take years because of the           every door.”                             mission-focused event. During
              long ChurchWorks seminar waiting             Anobile began to pray that God        the seminars, the teams created a
              list.                                     would open the way for Church-           skeleton strategy to share with their
                 Anobile and the conference of-         Works to come to Arizona, and he         local congregations.
              ficers designated 2009 as the “Year       let Schneider know that Arizona             Presenters included Ron Clouzet
              of Pastoral Evangelism.” All pastors      would like to reschedule its can-        and Eduard Schmidt from NADEI,
              were asked to hold at least two           celled seminar.                          the North American Division
              evangelistic series in their districts.      “I prayed a bold prayer,” says        Evangelism Institute, as well as
              (To date, close to 90 percent of the      Anobile. “Lord, please let Marti         Anobile. In addition, an active lay
              pastors in the Arizona Conference         Schneider call me and tell me she        team of Rod and Donna Willey, a
              have held their own meetings.)            has a date open for the Church-          dentist and his wife who are church
                 “I praise the Lord for the en-         Works team to come to Arizona.           planting lay pastors, shared stories
              thusiasm of the pastors in our            And please let it be in the fall of      of how God had led in their unique
              conference,” says Anobile. “There         2009 so we can hit the road run-         and ambitious ministry.
              is no doubt that God is leading as        ning in January of 2010.”                   The vision was cast to reach
                                                                               About a           people of every age, social, econom-
                                                                             month later,        ic, language, and religious group,
 Jose Marin

                                                                             Schneider did       including the deaf, homeless, etc.,
                                                                             call. She had       within the Arizona Conference. 
                                                                             heard about            “If you take away the word every,
                                                                             Arizona’s plan to   you have lost vision. Although it
                                                                             do door-to-door     sounds like a daunting task, the
                                                                                                 effort to involve even inactive
                                                                                                 members in serving someone in the
                                                                            Marti Schneider      community who is in need may be
                                                                            and Tony Anobile     a means of drawing them back into
                                                                            ChurchWorks          fellowship,” proposed Schneider.
                                                                            for Arizona.

22               News                                                                         
                                More than 500 laypersons and
                               pastors attended the three-day
                                        ChurchWorks seminar.

  Clouzet began the Friday night         huddling with
lecture explaining why members           their leadership
must reach everyone, while Schmidt       teams — pray-
spoke of claiming territory for          ing, planning,

                                                                Jose Marin
Christ. Anobile accepted their chal-     and preparing
lenges on behalf of his conference       to reach every
with recommitment and prayer.            person in Ari-
  “Working with the Arizona team         zona with the gospel. Tears of joy        “We will not have reached every-
was a great pleasure,” says Sch-         filled my eyes as I saw the people     one in the North American Divi-
neider. “I found such vision and         press toward the front of the audi-    sion until we have reached everyone
drive in the administrative team,        torium at the final session, putting   in Arizona,” said NAD President
and such enthusiasm and com-             themselves on the line, covenanting    Don C. Schneider. “Thank you,
mitment among the pastors and            to bring someone to Jesus during       Arizona, for making this your
members. I loved seeing the pastors      the coming year.”                      priority!”

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                      News      23
        LO M A L I N DA

       Earth and Biological Sciences Department
       is Grateful for Unexpected Support
                                                          James Ponder

           eonard Brand, Ph.D., has an         origins and faith and

                                                                             Loma Linda University
           enviable dilemma on his hands.      science,” he says. “There
           Instead of facing a $100,000        are many Christian col-
       budget shortfall for the 2009-2010      leges where the Bible is
       school year, he reports that the        held in high regard, but
       department of earth and biological      they don’t have graduate-
       sciences — which he chairs at           level science programs.  A
       Loma Linda University — is now          Christian university with
       planning the expenditure of more        a department that offers
       than $400,000 it recently received      doctoral-level education
       from the Seventh-day Adventist          in biology and geol-
       Church and from the Adventist-          ogy results in a depth of
       laymen’s Services & Industries and      study that doesn’t happen
       several of its individual members.      in other places.”
          “This past year, with the national      Richard H. Hart,
       financial crunch, there have been       M.D., Dr.P.H., president
       questions raised in some quarters       and CEO of Loma Linda
       about whether some of our pro-          University, shares Brand’s
       grams were going to be able to con-     take on the uniqueness of Leonard Brand, Ph.D., chair of the department of earth and
       tinue,” Brand notes. “The financial     the university.               biological sciences at Loma Linda University, poses for a
                                                                             picture next to a whale he excavated in a Peruvian desert.
       donations from ASI and associated          “Loma Linda Univer-
       individuals, and from the Church’s      sity is in a sense oxymo-
       Faith and Science Council, and          ronic,” Hart states, “because there           else. The result is a long record
       Geoscience Research Institute,          are no other institutions in this             of research and publication in
       represent a tremendous boost to our     country that seek to root themselves          peer-reviewed scientific literature,
       programs.”                              equally in science and religion.              coincident with a commitment to
          Since the 1970s, the department      Other schools, such as Harvard                a biblical worldview. The last four
       of earth and biological sciences at     and Yale, gave up their religion to           years have been especially produc-
       Loma Linda University has been a        become science schools, or gave up            tive for EBS as faculty members
       central contributor in the discus-      science to become Bible colleges.             and students have contributed more
       sions relating to the relationship      Loma Linda has committed to the               than 90 papers during that time.
       between faith and science in the        study of both.”                               We’re very enthused about research
       Adventist Church. According to             Loma Linda University demon-               and publication.
       Brand, the contributions of EBS are     strates that commitment in a variety             “As far as we know,” Brand as-
       not only valued within Adventism,       of tangible ways. “In the natural             serts, “Loma Linda University is
       but by other Christian and faith-       sciences,” Brand asserts, “this is            the only accredited university in
       based groups as well.                   exhibited through the GRI and                 the world where a person can get
          “Through its funding of the GRI      EBS working together in research,             a doctorate in biology or geology
       and the EBS, the Adventist church       resulting in a uniquely practical,            and study under faculty who believe
       is the only denomination that has       ongoing integration of faith and              the account of origins given in
       put real money into the study of        science that is found nowhere                 Genesis.”

  24      News                                                                              
LSU Kicks Off New Year with
Freshman Enrollment Jump
                                              Darla Martin Tucker

     he considered other schools.        “I think the perfect example of that     campus family to live out Jesus’
     But La Sierra University’s          is the amount of freshmen that           admonition, given during the “Ser-
     spiritual atmosphere and            are active currently with worships,      mon on the Mount,” to let their
smaller, friendlier size prompted        clubs and Senate. It seems to me         lights shine before others.
freshman and Riverside resident          that every time I go to worship, the        “At the beginning of this new
Sara Martinez to enroll in the           worship team consists of at least        school year, like those listeners in
pre-nursing program here, she            a couple freshmen,” said Samuel          Galilee so many years ago, we live
said. Since classes began in late        Limbong, president of the Student        in a time that is all-too-often mor-
September, she’s been “really            Association of La Sierra University,     ally bankrupt and overwhelmingly
busy getting to know people and          or SALSU. “SALSU Senate this             selfish, a world that seems dark,”
adjusting to college life. It’s been     year has 10 freshmen out of 20 pos-      Wisbey said.
great so far,” remarked the fledgling    sible seats, an example of the new          “As we listen to Jesus’ call to live
collegian.                               class’s desire to get involved.”         as light, it is impossible to escape
   Martinez is among 348 freshmen           Kevin Kim, an academic coach          the reality that light is powerful, it
to join the La Sierra campus this        with La Sierra’s Center for Student      is revealing, and it cannot be easily
fall, and one of 1,857 undergradu-       Academic Success, noted that this        hidden. ... It is also clear that as
ate and graduate students enrolled       year’s freshman class arrived well       Jesus uses this word, it is active. It
for the 2009-2010 academic ses-          prepared academically and emo-           involves making decisions. To be
sion. This year’s entering class is La   tionally for life in higher education.   light is to live with purpose,” he
Sierra’s largest in three years and a    Many young collegians entered La         said.
12.2% increase over last year’s class.   Sierra with high scores, many in            He referenced a tale about a
The number of freshmen entering          the 700 range per test section, for      young Robert Louis Stevenson,
La Sierra totaled 310 last fall, 337     the SAT and ACT tests. The class         Scottish novelist and playwright,
in 2007, and 323 in 2006.                also includes several National Merit     who watched a lamplighter “punch
   David Lofthouse, La Sierra’s vice     scholars, Kim said. “There’s a genu-     holes” in the darkening Edinburgh
president for enrollment services,       ine sense of community with this         night by lighting gas lamps. In
credits the enrollment up tick in        group of students. And it seems like     closing, Wisbey used the illustra-
part to new recruiting approaches        it resonates throughout the campus       tion to challenge students to light
implemented over the past couple         body,” he said.                          the world with their enthusiasm,
of years. Enrollment services has           Following a week of faculty and       resolution, knowledge, wisdom,
forged connections with young            staff colloquia, La Sierra formally      love, justice and service. “La Sierra
people through churches and              kicked off the new year on Sept.         University, I call you to punch holes
strengthened relationships with          24 with its annual convocation, a        in the darkness!” he exclaimed.
academies through more frequent          spiritual and uplifting ceremony
and consistent communication and         filled with music, prayer, hundreds
presence, he said.                       of backpack-laden students and           TOP: The second-largest freshman class in La
   In addition to its status as the      rows of faculty outfitted in flowing     Sierra University’s recent history sailed onto
                                                                                  campus in September. And they’re already
largest incoming class in sev-           academic regalia.                        having a huge impact on the campus. The
eral years, La Sierra’s freshmen are        La Sierra University President        new freshmen first participated in the 2009
                                                                                  Ignite orientation program conducted by
jumping into the university’s spiri-     Randal Wisbey, in a keynote ad-          the Office of Student Life just before the fall
tual and social life with enthusiasm.    dress, charged students and the          quarter opened. Photo by Natan Vigna.

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                 News        25
      PA C I F I C U N I O N C O L L E G E

     PUC Celebrates 100 Years in Angwin
                                                                               Julie Z. Lee
                                                                            special Sabbath program. The day welcomed special
                                                                            guest speaker Dr. Lou Vendon, former PUC religion
                                                                            department chair and senior pastor of the PUC church;
                                                                            a choir representing students from PUC, PUC Pre-
                                                                            paratory School, and PUC Elementary School; and a
                                                                            historical play featuring a conversation between White
                                                                            and founding members of the college and church.
                                                                              Among the activities offered in the afternoon was a
                                                                            campus tour, which outlined various historical sites on
                                                                            campus. From the original stone gate at what used to be
                                                                            Angwin’s Hotel and is now Grainger Hall, to the grand
                                                                            vistas from the old site of Irwin Chapel, the tour fol-
                                                                            lowed a community’s journey through triumph, heart-
                                                                            break, determination and unwavering faith.
                                                                              Today, PUC is a highly ranked educational insti-
                                                                            tution with more than 1,500 students enrolled, the
                                                                        Haley Wesley

          fter a little over a year of searching for a new site
          on which to relocate “Healdsburg College,” the
          Seventh-day Adventist Church rejoiced in the
     discovery of a 1,600-acre health resort called Angwin’s
     in the Napa Valley’s forested hills. Following Ellen G.
     White’s approval, the church purchased the property on
     Sept. 1, 1909, and on Sept. 28, they dedicated “Pacific
     College,” which, the Recorder wrote, “may have its
     meaning fulfilled in the quietness and peace betokened
     by the tranquil surrounding as well as in the broad
     influence which the school shall exert.”
       A few weeks later, school started with 42 students
       On Oct. 3, 2009, the Pacific Union College com-
     munity celebrated its centennial in Angwin with a

                          Community members and visitors gathered on
                               Sabbath to celebrate the Angwin years.

26      News                                                                                 
                                                                                        PA C I F I C U N I O N C O L L E G E
                                                           Diana Klonek

The 1909 dedicatory service of PUC in its
new Angwin location was held in the former
        dance hall of Angwin’s resort.

                                                                                                                  Special Sabbath
                                                                                                     programs commemorated the
                                                                                                   campus and church’s anniversary.

majority of whom are from the Pacific Union territory.                 At the college’s dedication in 1909, White said: “God
The college community has grown to include the PUC                   wanted us here, and He has placed us here. I was sure of
church, PUC Preparatory School, PUC Elementary, and                  this as I came on these grounds. ... I believe that as you
Discoveryland Preschool. Angwin has become a place                   walk through these grounds, you will come to the same
where people, from infancy through adulthood, can find               decision — the Lord designed this place for us.”
education and community focused on Jesus Christ —
just as its founders had hoped more than 100 years ago.

Fall Enrollment Up for PUC
                                                        Julie Z. Lee

     acific Union College opened the         is excited about creating a really            There are 378 new freshmen on
     new school year with increased          exciting and dynamic learning               campus and over a hundred more
     enrollment and high student             community characterized by the              students who transferred from an-
enthusiasm. Official headcount               intentional integration of faith and        other institution to PUC. The total
for fall quarter is 1,511 — an               learning. Truly, PUC is becoming a          headcount also includes students in
11.1 percent increase from last              real destination campus.”                   PUC’s Degree Completion Pro-
year. Retention numbers are also up             Also inspiring is the energy             gram, which has campuses in Napa,
from 71 percent to 80 percent.               exuded by this year’s student body.         Santa Rosa, and Lake County, and
   “We’re off to a great start with          “The vibe that the new freshman             students in the off-campus nurs-
increased enrollment numbers                 class gives to the campus is awe-           ing programs in Hanford, at Travis
this fall, and there is such a posi-         some,” said upperclassman Geoff             Air Force Base in Fairfield, and the
tive spirit and a spirit of hope on          Brummett. “They are so full of life         Queen of the Valley Hospital in
the campus,” said Dr. Heather                and energy.”                                Napa.
Knight, PUC president. “Everyone

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                    News        27
      A D V E N T I S T H E A LT H

     Through Food, Running and Fun, Adventist
     Health Emphasizes Employee Wellness
                                                      Emily Young

          hough patient care is an          in FRH’s Wellness Center, which            “It’s great to see Simi Valley
          obvious part of Adventist         opened in the spring of 2009.           Hospital demonstrating its commu-
          Health’s mission, employee           Lifestyle Medicine hosts many        nity spirit and sharing what they’re
     health is being emphasized             courses meant to improve em-            doing with the business com-
     throughout the system. From            ployees’ quality of life, including     munity,” said Dee Dee Cavanaugh,
     encouraging employees to take the      smoking cessation classes, a diabetes   vice president of the Simi Valley
     stairs, to offering wholesome food     management class and the Coro-          branch of First California Bank.
     options, Adventist Health is helping   nary Health Improvement Project.        “[It] is a great way to lift employee
     its staff lead healthier lives.        The Wellness Center also features       morale and take care of their hearts
                                            an exercise room for employees and      at the same time.”
     Feather River Hospital                 discounted massage therapy.                In October, employees also
     Focuses on Wellness                       While it facilitates healthful       participated in the American
        Good ideas don’t always come        living for employees, the Wellness      Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.
     from large departments with many       Center also benefits the community.     Through these events, employees
     employees. No one knows that           Local community members can             show support for local non-profits
     better than Rick Mautz, Lifestyle      access many of the same services        and also reap the benefits in their
     Medicine director at Feather River     as employees, including quarterly       personal fitness.
     Hospital.                              health screenings to keep in shape.        “The hospital has a direct
        Though he has help from volun-         Mautz’s dedication to the health     relationship with the community,”
     teers, Mautz is only one of two paid   of employees at FRH and its             said Jeremy Brewer, director of
     employees in the Lifestyle Medicine    community is mirrored at other          Volunteer Services at SVH. “Many
     department of the Northern             hospitals across Adventist Health.      of our employees work in their
     California hospital. But he isn’t                                              own neighborhood, so it is great to
     letting that stop him from helping     SVH Supports Community                  give back to the community while
     employees realize healthy lifestyles   and Employee Health                     improving employee health.”
                                              One southern California hospital         In addition to encouraging
                                                        emphasized employee         employees to participate in char-
                                                        and community               ity fitness events, SVH has been
     Hoola-hooping for health at CMC.
                                                         health by sponsor-         nationally recognized as a hospital
                                                         ing a 5k for the           with outstanding employee health
                                                         American Heart             and fitness programs.
                                                         Association.                  “We are a Fit-Friendly Company
                                                           In September,            recognized by the American Heart
                                                         employees at Simi          Association for meeting employee
                                                         Valley Hospital sup-       fitness needs,” said Brewer.
                                                         ported the American           To qualify as a Fit-Friendly
                                                         Heart Association          Company, SVH offers employees
                                                         and their own health       support for physical activity, healthy
                                                         by participating in        eating options and a culture of
                                                         the Ventura County         wellness.
                                                         Start! Heart Walk.

28      News                                                                      
                                                                                        A D V E N T I S T H E A LT H
                                           CMC employees are pumped
                                                for the Amazing Race.

Working Well                            classes. “We’ve had a re-
at the Corporate Office                 ally good response. When
  In Roseville, Calif., the corporate   we have cooking classes
office’s Work Well program makes it     they fill up pretty fast.”
easier to have a healthy lifestyle.        In the future, Bowman
  Those who decide to be a part         plans to add fitness to the
of Work Well are given annual           topics discussed at Work
health screenings, which allow          Well meetings. She said, “We hope         challenge had one member of the
employees to set healthy lifestyle      to have a fitness trainer come in and     team receiving a chair massage
goals. Improved health isn’t the        to demonstrate what you can do            while the other team members
only benefit employees can receive;     with training and exercise.”              hummed a lullaby, recited a Bible
everyone who participates in Work                                                 verse and created soothing waterfall
Well also receives $100 off of their    CMC Gets “Amazingly” Creative             sounds using two cups of water. The
yearly health plan deductible.             On the island of Oahu, Castle          scene created lots of stress-reducing
  In addition, the program offers       Medical Center also takes an active       laughter for both participants and
monthly lectures that focus on          role in employee health.                  observers. Eight teams of four
healthy living. Topics range from          For the first time this year, the      employees competed, and their
incorporating fiber in diets to         hospital sponsored an “Amazing            coworkers came out to encourage
considering alternatives to dairy to    Race” type event to encourage             them.
cancer prevention.                      employees to strive for overall well-        “Some teams had whole cheer-
  “The health sessions focus on         ness. Beth Davidann, Wellness and         ing sections that would follow
disease prevention, specifically        Lifestyle Medicine Center director        them,” Davidann said. “Those who
cancer prevention, and food for life    at CMC, and her staff got the idea        participated really had fun.”
classes,” said Charlie Bowman, an       from the popular “Amazing Race”              In addition to the Amazing Race,
executive assistant at the corporate    TV show.                                  CMC has several free fitness classes
office who coordinates the monthly         “We wanted to emphasize all            that meet regularly including: the
                                                     areas of wellness,”          Lunch Crunch, a half-hour fitness
                                                     Davidann said. “So we        program that meets during the
                                                     didn’t only have a fitness   lunch hour, and Zumba that meets
                                                     challenge, but also          in the late afternoon.
                                                     stress-management and           This year, CMC also sponsored
                                                     nutrition.”                  a Couch Potato to 5k program to
                                                        In the nutrition chal-    prepare employees who did not
                                                     lenge, team members          have a regular fitness regimen for
                                                     were blindfolded and         the Windward 5k race.
                                                     asked to identify the           “Folks that really weren’t runners
                                                     foods they tasted. The       wanted to follow a plan with our
                                                     stress-management            fitness specialists so they could
                                                                                  participate in a 5k,” Davidann said.
                                                    A group smiles after the      “Those who participated were really
                                                    CMC Amazing Race.             pleased with the results.”

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                         News       29

     Nondiscrimination Policy Statement
         he Seventh-day Adventist Church, in all of its church schools, admits students of any race to all the rights,
         privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at its schools, and makes no
         discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, country of origin, or gender in the administration
     of education policies, applications for admission, scholarship or loan programs, and extracurricular programs.

                                                                                                       Vacaville Adventist School
     Arizona Conference                          Nevada-Utah Conference                                Westlake SDA School
       Adobe Adventist Christian School           Abundant Life Christian Academy                      Willits SDA School
       Desert Valley Christian School             Bishop SDA Elementary School                         Yreka SDA School
       Glenview Adventist Academy                 Deamude Adventist Christian School
       Holbrook Adventist Indian School           Eagle Valley Christian School                       Southeastern California
       Maricopa Village Adventist School          Fallon SDA Elementary School                        Conference
       Prescott Adventist Elementary School       Las Vegas Junior. Academy                            Calexico Mission School
       Red Rock Christian School                  Monument Valley Mission School                       Desert Adventist School
       Saguaro Hills Adventist School             Silver State Adventist School                        El Cajon SDA Christian School
       Thunderbird Adventist Academy              Summit Christian Academy                             Escondido Adventist Academy
       Thunderbird Christian Elementary School    Susanville Adventist Christian School                Hemet Adventist Christian School
       Verde Valley Adventist School
       Yuma Adventist School                     Northern California Conference                        Laguna Niguel Junior Academy
                                                                                                       La Sierra Academy
                                                  Adventist Christian Elementary School of Red Bluff
     Central California Conference                Adventist Christian School of Yuba City
                                                                                                       Loma Linda Academy
                                                                                                       Mesa Grande Academy
       Armona Union Academy                       Bayside SDA Christian School
                                                                                                       Mentone Adventist Team School
       Bakersfield Adventist Academy              Chico Oaks Adventist School
                                                                                                       Murrieta Springs Adventist Christian School
       Central Valley Christian Academy           Clearlake SDA Christian School
                                                                                                       Needles SDA School
       Chowchilla Adventist Elementary School     Cloverdale SDA School
                                                                                                       Oceanside Adventist Elementary School
       Dinuba Junior Academy                      Covelo’s Little Red Schoolhouse
                                                                                                       Orangewood Adventist Academy
       Foothill Adventist Elementary School       Crescent City SDA School
                                                                                                       Redlands Adventist Academy
       Foster-Moore Adventist School              Echo Ridge SDA Elementary School
                                                                                                       San Antonio Christian School
       Fresno Adventist Academy                   El Dorado Adventist School
                                                                                                       San Diego Academy
       Hollister Adventist Christian School       Feather River Adventist School
                                                                                                       Twentynine Palms Adventist School
       Kern Adventist Elementary School           Foothills Elementary School
                                                                                                       Valley Adventist Christian School
       Los Banos Adventist Elementary School      Fortuna Junior Academy
                                                                                                       Victor Valley SDA School
       Mariposa Adventist Christian School        Galt Adventist Christian School
                                                                                                       West Fullerton Christian School
       Merced Adventist School                    Hayfork SDA School
                                                                                                       Yucca Valley Adventist Team School
       Miramonte Adventist Elementary School      Hilltop Christian School
       Monterey Bay Academy                       Humboldt Bay SDA School                             Southern California Conference
       Mother Lode Adventist Jr. Academy          Lodi Adventist Academy                               Adventist Christian School
       Mountain View Academy                      Lodi Elementary School                               Adventist Union School
       Oakhurst Adventist Christian School        Magalia Adventist School                             Antelope Valley Adventist School
       Peninsula Adventist School                 Manteca Adventist Christian School                   Conejo Adventist Elementary School
       San Francisco Adventist School             Middletown Adventist School                          Crescenta Valley Adventist School
       Sierra View Junior Academy                 Mission Hills SDA School                             East Valley Adventist School
       Valley View Junior Academy                 Napa Christian Campus of Education                   Glendale Adventist Academy
       VHM Christian School                       Orangevale SDA School                                Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School
       West Valley Christian School               Pacific Union College Elementary School              Los Angeles Adventist Academy
                                                  Pacific Union College Preparatory School
     Hawaii Conference                            Paradise Adventist Academy
                                                                                                       Newbury Park Adventist Academy
                                                                                                       San Fernando Valley Academy
       Adventist Malama Elementary School         Pine Hills Adventist Academy                         San Gabriel Academy
       Hawaiian Mission Academy                   Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy                      Santa Barbara Adventist Elementary School
       Kahili Adventist School                    Redding Adventist Academy                            Simi Valley Adventist School
       Kohala Mission School                      Redwood Adventist Academy                            South Bay Junior Academy
       Kona Adventist Christian School            Rio Lindo Adventist Academy                          West Covina Hills Adventist School
       Maui Adventist School                      Sacramento Adventist Academy                         White Memorial Adventist School
       Mauna Loa School                           Sutter Hill SDA Elementary School                    Whittier Adventist Elementary School
       Windward Adventist School                  Tracy SDA Christian Elementary School
                                                  Ukiah Junior Academy

30      News                                                                                         
      A war d Winn ing
              H oliday Specials
     A heartwarming
       holiday story
                                                                       H       eartwarming
                                                                         stories the whole
   for the whole family                                                  family will love!
It’s Christmas Eve and Dad is stuck at
     the airport. His unit has been
 overseas for a year and he wants to
       get home. Will he make it?
    Starring: Joseph Campanella, Patty Cabrera,
          Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.

                                                                               A stand-alone sequel to the
                                                                           award-winning special, All Is Bright!
                                                                            On Christmas Eve, a
                                                                        widower’s life is changed by
                                                                         an unopened gift his wife
                                                                               gave him five
                                                                                 years ago.
                                                                             Starring: Joseph Campanella, Patty Cabrera,
                               to find                                              Deniece Williams & Ruta Lee.
      An unexpected road trip
                               mes an
      a long-lost daughter beco e.
        unforgettable Christmas
            Join Joe and Rose for a hea reconciliation
                                 of love,
       freshly prepared serving eness.
                       and forgiv
                                        Ruta Lee, Talia Shire, Joey
           Starring: Joseph Campanella,
                                              Patty Cabrera.
                 McIntyre, Mary McDonough, &
                                                                                presented by
                                                                      the Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                                                              in North America

Check or call 805-955-7681 to find a station in your area.
  Watch it on TBN and Hope Channel. Check local listings for dates and times.
               CAlendArs                          559-642-2396 or 1patcurtis@gmail.
                                                                                              will be a display of Nativity scenes from
                                                                                              around the world.
                                                                                                                                          Music, carols, the Christmas story, and
                                                                                                                                          the Lord’s Supper. Info: 714-635-0990.
              Adventist Health                                                                loMA lindA Children’s Center                ChristMAs ConCert with JiM
                                                             Nevada-Utah                      ChristMAs progrAM (Dec. 5) 4                MCdonAld (Dec. 19) 4:30 p.m., La
     third AnnUAl Adventist heAlth                                                            p.m., Loma Linda University church,         Mesa church, 4207 Spring Gardens Rd.,
     systeM Ceo reUnion (Jan. 29-30)              ChristMAs MUsiCAl (Dec. 12) 11              11125 Campus St., Loma Linda.               La Mesa. Info: 619-461-5703.
     Avon Park, Fla. Info: Bill Sager, 863-452-   a.m. Reno church, 7125 W. 4th St.,
     2593,; or Tom Amos,         Reno, Nev.; and 6 p.m. Sparks church,       “A ChUrChMoUse ChristMAs”                   ChristMAs CAntAtA festivAl
     863-452-1979,; or           2990 Rock Blvd., Sparks, Nev. Info: Ed      (Dec. 5) Pathfinder Room, La Sierra         (Dec. 19) 4 p.m., La Sierra University
     Jim Culpepper, 615-415-1925.                 Johnson, 775-322-6929 or ejohnson@          University church, 4937 Sierra Vista        church, 4937 Sierra Vista Ave., Riverside.
                                                                     Ave., Riverside. Performed by members       Info: 951-354-7095. The program
                                                                                              of the church’s Adventurer Club.            will be repeated Dec. 20 at the First
                    Arizona                       lAs vegAs AreA yoUth rAlly (Jan.                                                        Baptist church, 5500 Alessandro Blvd.,
                                                  8-9) Laffit Cortes, speaker. New & Living   festivAl of lights pArAde (Dec.             Riverside. Info: 951-683-1711.
     thUnderbird Adventist ACAd-                  church, 1375 E Robindale Rd., Las Vegas,    5) 6:15 p.m., Palm Canyon Drive, Palm
     eMy ChristMAs MUsiC ConCert                  Nev. Info: Fanga Finau, 775-322-6929,       Springs. The Palm Springs church will       loMA lindA ACAdeMy ChorAl
     (Dec. 5) 7410 E. Sutton Dr., Scottsdale., or www.              have a float in the parade.                 ChristMAs ConCert (Dec. 19) 4
     Info: Sherrie, 480-948-3300.                                                                                p.m., Loma Linda University church,
                                                                                              hAndel’s MessiAh (Dec. 6) 3 p.m.,           11125 Campus St., Loma Linda.
     Adventist book Center holidAy                r.o.C.k. winter rAlly (Jan. 9-10)           Palm Springs church, 620 S. Sunrise
     open hoUse And sAle (Dec. 6)                 Reno, Nev. Info: Ed Johnson, 775-322-       Way, Palm Springs. A community              living nAtivity progrAM (Dec.
     13405 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, 9       6929 or            concert.                                    20) 5:30 p.m., La Mesa church, 4207
     a.m.-4 p.m. Info: 480-991-8501.                                                                                                      Spring Gardens Rd., La Mesa. Info:
                                                                                              AnnUAl ChristMAs progrAM                    619-461-5703.
     retirees ChristMAs dinner (Dec.                      Northern California                 (Dec. 12) 9:15 a.m., Yucca Valley church,
     6) Arizona Conference Office, 13405 N.                                                   8035 Church St., Yucca Valley. Presented    ChristMAs eve serviCe (Dec. 24)
     Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale. Registration     CApitol City 25th AnniversAry               by Yucca Valley Adventist Team School.      5:30 p.m., La Sierra University church,
     begins at 11:30; dinner at noon. Info:       CelebrAtion (Dec. 5) Sacramento-            Info: 760-772-4443.                         4937 Sierra Vista Ave., Riverside.
     Shirley, 480-991-6777, ext. 120.             Capitol City church, 6701 Lemon Hill
                                                  Ave., Sacramento. Info: 916-381-5353.       old-fAshioned CAndlelight                   “’twAs the first dAy of Christ-
                                                                                              ChristMAs vespers (Dec. 18) 7               MAs” (Dec. 26) 4 p.m., Loma Linda
              Central California                  Angel tree bAnQUet (Dec. 6)                 p.m., La Mesa church, 4207 Spring Gar-      University church, 11125 Campus St.,
                                                  Sacramento-Capitol City church, 6701        dens Rd., La Mesa. Info: 619-461-5703.      Loma Linda.
     A seAson’s MUsiCAl “JesUs, oUr               Lemon Hill Ave., Sacramento. To donate
     lord And sAvior” (Dec. 5) Fresno             or attend: 916-381-5353.                    “A QUiet ChristMAs by CAndle-               yoUth/yoUng AdUlt new yeAr’s
     Central church. Conducted by Dr. Helen                                                   light” (Dec. 18) 7 p.m., Anaheim            eve pArty (Dec. 31) Info: 951-509-
     Sprengel-Lutz. 10:45 a.m. and 4 p.m.         drive-throUgh nAtivity (Dec.                church, 900 S. Sunkist St., Anaheim.        2260 or
     Info: 559-233-1171 or office@fresno-         10-13) 7-10 p.m. Real animals and                              actors. Roseville church, 914 Cirby Way,
                                                  Roseville. Info: 916-786-8350.
     “reConneCting with Missing
     MeMbers in 21st CentUry                      CArMiChAel Choir ChristMAs
     CongregAtions” (Dec. 5) Palo Alto            ConCert (Dec. 18) 7 p.m. Carmichael
     church. Guest speaker will be Paul Rich-     church, 4600 Winding Way, Sacramento.
     ardson. Times: 9:45-10:45; 11-12:30;         Info: 916-487-8684.
     and 2:15. Lunch provided. Info:
     650-327-8545 or constantinesteve@            powerfest yoUth rAlly And                                 lost & foUnd ConCert (Jan. 9)
                                                  10:30 a.m. Carmichael church, 4600                   Do you lead a ministry in your congregation?
     singles soCiAl (Dec. 5) CCC office           Winding Way, Sacramento. Info: Youth
     from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Info: Lisseth 559-      Department, 925-603-5080.                            If you do, it’s time to get
     347-3176 or                                                                 acquainted with AdventSource,
                                                                                                       the place for all your ministry
     treAsUrers trAining (Dec. 6) CCC                   Pacific Union College                          needs. As the leadership
     office. Info: Mayra, 559-347-3145 or                        ChristMAs ConCert (Dec. 5) The                       resource center for the
                                                  music department presents their annual               Seventh-day Adventist
     MUsiCAl ConCert with eArl                    afternoon Christmas program for the                  Church in North America,
     Meyers, bAritone (Dec.12)                    community. PUC church, 4 p.m. Info:                  it’s your one-stop destination
     Fresno Westside church, 4 p.m. Info:         707-965-6201.                                        for ministry resources and
     559-233-3648.                                                                                     information.
                                                  evensong (Dec. 12) Mark the end of
     hispAniC sAbbAth sChool &                    the Sabbath with uplifting music and                 Together we can share the
     ChUrCh offiCers trAining                     the spoken word. PUC church, 4 p.m.                  light of a wonderful Savior.
     (Jan. 9) San Jose Spanish church. Info:      Info: 707-965-6201.
     Florina, 559-347-3150 or fmorales@
                                                       Southeastern California
     woMen’s retreAt (Jan. 29-31)
     Tenaya Lodge. Info: Pat Curtis, 559-642-     CAndlelight ChristMAs
     2396 or                ConCert (Dec. 4) 7:30 p.m., La Sierra
                                                  University church, 4937 Sierra Vista             one name • one number • one source
     woMen’s retreAt (Feb. 5-7) Soquel            Ave., Riverside. After the concert, in
     Conference Center. Info: Pat Curtis,         the church’s Sierra Vista Chapel, there

32       Advertisements                                                                                                         
        Southern California                 of forgiveness in difficult situations.   Martin. Christmas choir, chamber
                                            Plant-based potluck, 7 p.m. RSVP not      orchestra. Moorpark Community
glendAle Adventist ACAdeMy                  required, but appreciated. Info: alham-   Fellowship, Mesa Verde Middle School,
ChristMAs ConCert (Dec. 4)        , 818-949-8357.          15000 Peach Hill Road. 5 p.m. Connie
Includes the GAA Chorale. 7 p.m.                                                      Vandeman Jeffery, narrator. Spirituals,
Glendale City church, 610 E. California     sAn gAbriel ACAdeMy eleMen-               carols, original music tell the Christmas    live by satellite              and internet
Ave. Info: 818-244-8671.                    tAry sChool ChristMAs pro-                story. Free; all welcome. Info: www.
                                            grAM (Dec. 17) 6:30-8 p.m. Temple;
AnnUAl ChristMAs CAndlelight                City church, 9664 Broadway. Info:         805-857-1097.
ConCert (Dec. 4) 7:30 p.m. Camarillo        626-292-1156.                                                                             THE WORD. . . FOR
church, 3975 Las Posas Rd. No cost.                                                   webCliniC trAining sessions                      THESE TIMES
Bring your neighbors and friends to         AnnUAl ChristMAs CAndlelight              (Jan. 10, 11) 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Hands-on
welcome in the holiday season. Info:        serviCe (Dec. 19) 4:30 p.m. Lancaster     training for netAdventist, Adventist-
805-482-4632.                               church, 43824 30th St., West. Featuring   ChurchConnect, including introduction         BROADCAST LIVE
                                            the church orchestra, a manger scene      of important new netAdventist features      9:45 am – 1:30 pm (PDT)
“JoUrney to bethleheM” (Dec.                by the children, readings, skits, and     StudyTracker and CongregateChat.            Tuesday, April 20, 2010
4-6) 6:30 p.m. nightly. San Gabriel         congregational singing of Christmas       Light brunch. Jan. 11, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Academy, 8827 East Broadway, San            songs. Info: 661-943-5725.                netAdventist training only. SCC office,          First Congregational Church
Gabriel. School’s athletic field trans-                                               1535 E. Chevy Chase Dr., Glendale. Info:                 of Pasadena
                                                                                                                                           464 E Walnut Street
formed into the village of Bethlehem.   rise Up! A new light A-CoMin’                                   Pasadena, CA 91101
Ongoing concert and special music, with (Dec. 19) By Lloyd Larson and Pamela
singing groups. Info: 626-292-1156.                                                                                                      (At Fuller Seminary)
“Mission of MerCy” seMinAr
(through Dec. 5) Speaker, Michael
Hugh Harvey, president, North Jamaica
Adventist Mission. 7 p.m. nightly except
Wednesday. Gardena church, 16113 So.
Denker Ave. Info: 310-324-3992.
glendAle Adventist ACAdeMy                                                                                                                    MIROSLAV VOLF
ChristMAs bAnd ConCert (Dec.                                                                                                                        Yale University
10) 7 p.m. (Location TBA.) Info: 818-
244-8671;, Calendar
of Events.
AnnUAl vAlleJo drive CAndle-
light ChristMAs ConCert (Dec.
12) With choral and handbell choirs. 4
p.m. Vallejo Drive church, 300 Vallejo
Drive.                                                                                                                                            ROY ADAMS
                                                                                                                                    Adventist Review and Adventist World
glendAle Adventist ACAdeMy
ChristMAs Choir ConCert (Dec.
17) Grades 5-12. 7 p.m. Vallejo Drive
church. Info: 818-244-8671.                        “I’m a 15-year-old girl. I mailed the
Chip AlUMni Meeting & potlUCk                      application form for Bible correspondence
(Dec. 17) “The Gift of Forgiveness,”
preparing yourself to give the gift                lessons. I’m going to                                                               MARGUERITE SHUSTER
                                                                                                                                            Fuller Theological Seminary
                                 As Seen           tell about Jesus to
                                on 3ABN !

                                                   my young cousin.”
                                                         Listener in Asia

                                                                                                                                           LAWRENCE GERATY
                                                                                                                                                 La Sierra University
GIVE Creation Illustrated
magazine, “The Christian                                                                                                            4 World Class Presenters!
Answer to National Geographic!”
to Family, Neighbors, Co-Workers, of ALL
ages! Stunning quarterly, Bible-based
                                                   AWR travels where                                                                Pastors, Elders & General
                                                                                                                                     Public ALL WELCOME!
nature lessons, animal stories, Creation
science, study guide, Genesis Cuisine
                                                     missionaries cannot go.                                                      Free: No Admission Charge
Vegan Recipes, & more! A Gift that Keeps
On Giving! Every issue a KEEPSAKE!
                                                               12501 Old Columbia Pike • Silver Spring, MD 20904
                                                                                         800-337-4297 •
         Holiday Gift                                                                                                             Participating Organizations

    Subscriptions as Low as                        Learn more on “Making Waves,”
     $12.50/yr. (reg. $19.95)                      AWR’s TV series on Hope Channel and 3ABN
     Or Call: (800) 360-2732

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                                          Advertisements   33
            ClAssified Ads                        Visit us at
                                                                                                materials, projects and instructional
                                                                                                aides for an FAA approved Part 147, Air-
                                                                                                                                           feAther river hospitAl is located
                                                                                                                                           in Paradise, in the beautiful foothills
                                                                                                craft Maintenance Technician Program.      of Northern California just 90 miles
              Alumni Reunions                     single And over 40? An interracial            Interested candidates apply at: www.       north of Sacramento. We offer com-
                                                  group exclusively for Adventist singles           petitive wages and excellent benefits
     MAplewood ACAdeMy west Coast                 over 40. Stay at home and meet new            cgi.                                       in a friendly supportive environment.
     Alumni Chapter Meeting (Feb. 14) 10          friends in USA with a pen pal monthly                                                    Paradise Adventist Academy offers
     a.m. Lunch served at noon, $10. Dues         newsletter of members and album. For   Andrews University seeking a                      K-12 educational opportunities. Search
     $4. Azure Hills church, 22633 Barton         information send large, self-addressed,qualified individual to join the faculty          for available positions online at www.
     Rd., Grand Terrace, CA 92324. 909-825-       stamped envelope to ASO-40, 2747       of our Communication Department.         or call 530-876-3102 for
     8611. For information contact: rachel.       Nonpareil, Sutherlin, OR 97479.        Must have a broad spectrum of com-                additional information. or 619-420-2816.                                                       munication skills with a minimum of a
                                               www.AdventistContACt.CoM.                 Master’s in communication or related              floridA hospitAl College of
                                               sUCCessfUlly MAtChing single              degree. Two years teaching experience             Health Sciences has an immediate
                At Your Service                Adventists since 1974. Adventist Contact preferred. Interested candidates                   opening for a full-time faculty position
                                               is the original dating ministry for       apply at:                     in Biochemistry. Applicants must have
     ChristiAnsinglesdAting.CoM                Adventists. We endeavor to be the very emp_jobs_faculty.cgi.                                a minimum of a Master’s degree in
     or                  BEST! Will you be our next success story?                                                   Biochemistry (Doctorate preferred) and
     Free 14-day trial! Join thousands and     Don’t spend Christmas alone. Join NOW! dietAry direCtor. Walla Walla                        have college-level teaching experience.
     thousands of active Adventist singles     See what’s FREE! Tell your friends. Mar- General Hospital Dietary Department.               Send résumés to: Dr. Len Archer, Chair,
     online. Free chat, search, detailed       ried through CONTACT? Send your story Walla Walla General Hospital, located in              Department of Health & Biomedical
     profiles, match notifications, 10 photos! to:         southeastern Washington, is a 72-bed              Sciences, Florida Hospital College,
     2-way compatibility match, confidential                                             Adventist Health hospital with over 100           671 Winyah Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.
     online mail. Witnessing opportunities to                                            years of service to the community. We             E-mail: Position
     the world through articles, friendships,              Bulletin Board                are looking for an experienced dietary            open until filled.
     chat, forums. Since 1993. Adventist                                                 director with a minimum of five years
     owners. Thousands of successful           sponsor A Child in India! $30 a           experience managing a food service                soUthern Adventist University
     matches! Top ranked.                      month can send a child in India to an     department and licensed as a registered           seeks faculty member for English as a
                                               Adventist school. It pays for tuition,    dietician. We offer a comprehensive               learned language and basic writing,
     hArdy’s piAno serviCe. Tuning and housing, food, uniform and books.                 benefit/salary package, including                 including intermediate and advanced
     restoration. Piano tuning for only $85.   Adventist Child India is an official      relocation assistance. Visit our website          reading, writing, and grammar skills.
     Master craftsman almost 40 years expe- project of the Southern Asia Division of at to learn more                         Candidate will hold at least a M.A. in
     rience serving Stockton, Sacramento       Seventh-day Adventists. For informa-      about us or apply online or call Human            English, with emphasis on teaching
     and Gold Country. Call 916-451-1885       tion: 308-530-6655, Resources at 800-784-6363, ext. 1135.                  English as a learned language, or a
     or 530-906-8885. Visit: pianoservice.     or                                                             Ph.D. in linguistics. He/she will have                                                                                                                             a record of successfully teaching ELL
     newstArt lifestyle progrAM                               Employment
     at Weimar Institute of Health & Educa-
     tion. Our 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle          Andrews University, an interna-
     Program reduces the risk of and              tional Seventh-day Adventist Christian
     reverses obesity, diabetes, neuropathy,      University with over 3,500 enrolled
     heart disease, fibromyalgia, high            domestically and over 4,000 enrolled
     cholesterol, hypertension, stress and        offsite, is seeking a new Provost. The
     other degenerative diseases. For more        Provost reports to the President of the
     information, call 800-525-9192 now!          University and is responsible for all
     Read testimonies on our website: www.        the academic programs, educational                                services, quality/program review, stu-
                                                  dent success, teaching and learning
                                                                                                  Excellent Employees, Excellent Choice
     pACifiC Union College’s residence            resources, faculty development,                     Located in Paradise, California, Feather River Hospital is a 101-bed
     halls offer affordable lodging to            outcome assessment, university                      acute care hospital, with a wide array of outpatient departments and
     visitors of California’s spectacular Napa    accreditation and providing Christian               services designed to meet the healthcare needs of our community.
     Valley. Many room options available;         leadership to the seventh most diverse
     most rooms are suites with shared            campus in the nation. The preferred             Feather River Hospital is seeking outstanding
     bathrooms. Rates range from $63-$71          candidate should hold an earned                 candidates for the following positions:
     per night in an area where most hotels       doctoral degree and have experience
     start at well over $100. Details and         in mobilizing and leading a diverse                                • Director of Clinical Information Systems
     reservations: 707-965-6313.                  structure to demonstrated levels of                                • RN - Assistant Director of Surgical Services
                                                  achievement. The successful candidate                              • Assistant Director of Rehabilitation Services
     pArAdise elder CAre, a non-                  will have significant academic/manage-                             • Staff Pharmacist - Inpatient
     medical home care agency, enables            ment experience in diverse institutions
     your loved ones to stay in their home,       of higher learning. This candidate will                         Recipient of the 2008
     keeping their dignity and comfort. We        also possess academic vision, problem                           Gold CAPE Award for
     provide temporary and long-term care         solving skills, collaborative style, strong                     Performance Excellence
     in Paradise, Oroville, Chico, and the rest   interpersonal skills, and an ability to
     of Butte County. Please call 530-872-        champion positive change. Andrews
     1142. Or visit www.ParadiseElderCare.        University encourages applicants with
     com. Insured and Bonded.                     diverse backgrounds to apply at: www.
     reloCAting? Apex Moving &                    cgi.
     Storage has a National Account Contract
     with the GC for your moving needs! Take      Andrews University has a unique
     advantage of a volume-rated discount.        job opportunity for an Aviation Airframe
     Be assured you are moving with one of        and Power Plant Instructor. Duties                (530) 876 -3102                       
     the best! Call Marcy at 800-766-1902.        include teaching/developing curricula,

34       Advertisements                                                                                                          
students and will be a Seventh-day        Seventh-day Adventist Church. Send           one roof is a one-of-a-kind Noah’s Ark    96041, 530-628-1106. Gregory Scott
Adventist Church member in good           CV, statement of teaching philosophy         theme restaurant, a life-sized copy       Adkins, Jason Matthew Adkins, Carolyn
standing. Please send CV to Jan Haluska,  and three references to: Keith Snyder,       of the Tabernacle of Moses and other      Anderson, Jason Anderson, Rachelle
Chair, Department of English, P.O. Box    Chairman, Biology Search Committee,          biblical displays not found elsewhere.    Anderson, Justin Bailey, Nadine Bailey,
370, Collegedale, TN 37315-0370, or       Southern Adventist University, P.O. Box      We also have extraordinary Bible book     Walter Bailey, Ethel Balthis, Harold                      370, Collegedale, TN 37315. Phone:           store and gift shop. Come and experi-     Balthis, James Earl Clark, Virginia Lee
                                          423-236-2929. Fax: 423-236-1926.             ence this provocative and entertaining    Clark, Josiah Clayborn, Dan Cramton,
soUthern Adventist University E-mail:                           adventure for the whole family! www.      Abraham Cuestas, Daniel Brent Curry,
seeks professor in the Mathematics                                           ; 541-784-1261,        Elmo Davison, Darlet DeLisle, Joshua
Department beginning August 2010.         Union College seeks a professor              411 Safari Rd., Winston, OR 97496.        Eaton, Samantha Gerling, Bob Grenz,
Candidates will hold a doctoral degree    of European history, effective Fall                                                    Gregory (McQuilliems) Grenz, Mary
in mathematics or mathematics             2010. Preferred applicants hold or                                                     Jacobson, John Wesley Kizziar III, Karin
education. Applicants with expertise      expect to complete a doctorate in some                       For Sale                  Michelle Kizziar, Donald Mulvey, Oralyn
in real analysis and/or geometry, and     aspect of European historical studies                                                  Mulvey, Elizabeth Myrick, Samantha
are qualified to direct secondary math- or a closely related discipline. Please        AnnoUnCing “A reAson for....”             Myrick, Ashley McAlexander, Jennifer
ematics teacher education program. The contact Michelle Velazquez Mesnard,             Scripture-based home school curricu-      McAlexander, Kimberley McWilliams,
successful candidate will be a member     Humanities Division Chair, mimesnard@        lum with handwriting, guided reading,     Dawn Love Ridlehuber, David Royer,
in good and regular standing of the                                spelling, and science modules. Same       Joanna Lynn Schaefer, Kathryn LeAnn
Seventh-day Adventist Church. Send                                                     curriculum used by more than 1,000        Schaefer, Angela Spoto, David Spoto,
letter of application, curriculum vitae   wAllA wAllA University School                Christian schools across the United       Leonard Spoto, Denise Waggoner,
(including a statement of teaching        of Social Work seeks applicants for (2)      States. Now available at your local       Jacqueline Waggoner, Jessica Waggoner,
philosophy), and at least three refer-    tenure track positions. MSW degree           Adventist Book Center, online at www.     Frank Willis, Jeannette Willis, Michael
ences to Kevin Brown, Mathematics         and minimum of two years post-MSW  , or by calling    L. Willis.
Department, Southern Adventist            practice experience required. Ph.D. in       800-765-6955.
University, P.O. Box 370, Collegedale, TN social work or related field and five                                                  spArks. Contact church office 2990
37315-0370.                               or more years of successful teaching/        phoneCArdlAnd.CoM 10%                     Rock Boulevard, Sparks, NV 89431 or call
                                          administrative practice preferred. To        disCoUnt. Home of the pinless/            775-331-4332. Elgin Always, Miguel
soUthern Adventist Univer-                learn more, visit our website at: http://    rechargeable True Minutes phone card.     Aquino, Vicenta Alvarado, Lacy Bacon,
sity’s Department of Biology/Allied                         True minutes long distance service is     Debra Barker, Jesse Barney, Mary
Health, Fall 2010. Prefer Ph.D. in                                                     1.9c/minute including U.K. and Canada.    E. Blumm, Peggy Bellknap, Bobbie
biology with emphasis in anatomy and                                                   No tax, no fee, no expiration. Visit      Melton Bowser, Christina Louise Brown,
physiology. Desire scientist committed                     Events             and choose          Eleanor Calvin, Angela Constantine
to involvement with undergraduate                                                      the best plan for all your phone calls    Carter, Brenda Constantine Carter, Debra
student learning and research. The        noAh’s Ark brings to life the                around the world. User-friendly/Secure.   Carter, Lori Constantine Carter, Marthie
successful candidate will be a member     legendary adventure of Noah’s Ark and        E-mail: Call     Carter, William Carter, Terresa Cassidy,
in good and regular standing of the       other biblical stories. Included under       863-216-0160.                             Harvey Charles, Berta Chatman, Patricia
                                                                                                                                 Cheese, Richard Cleek, Glen Davis, Jane
                                                                                                                                 Davis, Coleman Deladio, Mark Denisen,
                                                                                               Missing Members                   Frederick Di Scuillo, Raelene Dykstra,
                                                                                                                                 Dianna Felts, Mesia Pasa Finau, Palu
                                                                                       hAyfork. Contact Barbara Davis,           Finau, Cindy Flackus, Robert Flackus,
                                                                                       Clerk, P.O. Box 1633, Hayfork, CA         Cameron France, Jesse Garcia, Linda
         AT THE MOMENT YOU NEED IT MOST,                                                                                         Handful Gbassa, Mandel Goodwin,
       SOMEONE SPECIAL TOUCHES YOUR LIFE –                                                                                       Mike Goodwin, Tonya Goodwin, Joan
               THESE ARE THE NURSES                                                                                              Greenlea, Reggie Greer, Mary Traylor
              AT GLENDALE ADVENTIST.                                                      SILVERADO                              Guida, Carol Harris, Phyllis Martin Har-
                                                                                               ORCHARDS…                         ris, Daniel Scott Hart, Gina Marie Hart,
                                                                                                                                 Carleton Holden, Theodore Hunter III,
                                                                                          Active Retirement Living               Jennifer Janda, Martin Richard Janda,
                                                                                            Only Retirement Community            Janet Jaqitsch, Stephanie Jensen, Mar-
                                                                                          in St. Helena - the Heart of the
                                                                                                                                 ian Jesness, Jessica Jones, Cindy Kinney,
                                                                                                                                 Felicia Ladson, Mounga S. Lopeti, Hazel
                                                                                         Napa Valley • Just Minutes from         Lovell, Christian Malveaux, Phillip
                                                                                        St. Helena Hospital, PUC, Stores &       Malveaux, Christie Mancencili-Pyle,
                                                                                        Pharmacies • Delicious, Fresh Salad      Anna Taufa Masi, Lote Taufa Masi, John
                                                                                          Bar Daily • Vegetarian or Clean        Massey, Mirtissa Mateo, Tali Ma’u.
                                                                                          Meat Options • Stay Fit Exercise
                                                                                         Class • Devotional & Inspirational
                    Patients tell us our nurses are something special – we know
                                                                                         Programs • Complimentary Hope                        Real Estate
                                                                                             Channel, LLBN and 3ABN
                    that too. Welcome to Glendale Adventist, a faith-based, not-for-                                             goldendAle, wAsh., AreA. Two
                    profit, 457-bed hospital that provides life changing experiences,
                    excellent benefits and many other advantages that encourage our
                                                                                           Rates as
                                                                                            Low as       $1,390
                                                                                          Including All Meals & Services
                                                                                                                                 homes on 19+ dividable acres, private,
                                                                                                                                 wooded, year-round creek, fruit trees.
                    nurses to deliver perfect care.                                            (new residents only)              Main house: unique, 5,100 sq. ft.,
                                                                                                                                 4-bdrm, 4-bath, 2-living rooms, 2-kitch-
                    To find out more on how you can help deliver perfect care,               Call for more information:           ens, 2-bonus rooms, loft area, intercom,
                    visit or call (888) 452-0033.                   (707) 963-3688                         office, 2-Jacuzzi, infrared sauna room
                                                                                                                                 with RR Rife machine, spa room with
                                                                                         601 Pope St.                            deep treatment therapy tub and NRG
                                                                                         St. Helena, CA                          foot bath, two washer/dryers, central
                                                                                         94574                                   heat/air-conditioning, 4-ton Trane heat
                                                                                                             SDA Family Owned    pump, 3-wood stoves, root cellar, lots
         The Difference Is INSIDE.                                                                              Since 1978
                                                                                                                                 of storage, wrap-a-round porch, decks,
   1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, CA 91206            Healthcare at a Higher Level                                               portico, circular driveway, well 72 gal-
                                                                                          A FULL SERVICE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                                 lons/minute, diesel 24K engine, 2-huge

December 2009 Recorder                                                                                                                              Advertisements           35
     storage sheds, 2-wood sheds, pioneer
     shed, gazebo, outside electrical sockets,
                                                   savings, we show you how at www.
                                                                                                              At rest                         Calif. Survivors: mother, Delayne Estes;
                                                                                                                                              sisters, Teresa, Renee Estes.
     irrigation sand pipes. Second home:           to travel? We have competitive rates         AldriCh, robert edwArd – b.
     1982 double-wide mobile, 2-bdrm,              for airlines tickets, hotels, car rentals,   Nov. 6, 1929, Clinton, Mass.; d. Aug. 1,      diAz, CArlos – b. June 8, 1931, San
     2-bath, living room, dining room, heat        restaurants and golfing from the             2009, Desert Hot Springs, Calif. Survi-       Salvador, El Salvador; d. June 14, 2009,
     pump, wood stove, large insulated             nation’s online travel providers. www.       vors: son, Jim; daughter, Joanne; five        Daly City, Calif. Survivors: wife, Flora;
     bonus room, office. Asking price is:; or call 866-      grandchildren. Managed ABC, produced          son, Carlos Jr.; daughter, Karla.
     $850,000. For pictures and further            630-3655 IDes8800 or 866-829-7169            tapes for The Spoken Word.
     information:             es8800.                                                                                    Correction: eisenhower, Aden
     509-773-4925 or 541-467-2764.                                                              bennett, grACe – b. Dec. 23, 1913,            – b. Sept. 19, 1916, Navarre, Kan.; d.
                                                   MAUi oCeAnfront stUdio condo                 Hardwick, Calif.; d. Aug. 26, 2009,
     hoMe for sAle; 2-bdrm, 2-bath                                                              Templeton, Calif. Survivors: daughters,       March 29, 2009, Sacramento, Calif.
     spacious open plan with open beam             for rent on 10th floor. Well-equipped        Evadene, Evalene Skinner, Susan,              Survivors: wife, Vesta; daughter, Rita
     ceilings, large rooms and small office,       kitchen. Queen bed and queen hide-           Adriana Bennett-Roe.                          Duncan; two grandchildren; three
     large deck with mountain view;                a-bed. Almost all comforts of home.                                                        great-grandchildren.
     attached studio. Garden with fruit            Wonderful whale watching in season.          bUtler, Ann (spArks) – b. Feb. 12,
     trees great neighbors, very active small      $130/$145 per night plus tax and             1940, Pocatello, Idaho; d. June 11, 2009,     engeberg, floyd – b. Jan. 24, 1919,
     church, well with 3,000 gallon holding        $65 cleaning fee. Go to www.maui-            Kingsburg, Calif. Survivors: husband,         Tolley, N.D.; d. July 25, 2009, Hanford,
     tank. 1-1/4 acres and peaceful land. to view property. E-mail:       Dennis; sons, Dustin, Monte, Jonathon,        Calif. Survivors: son, Dan; daughter, Jane
     Price $195,000. Please call Selas, 530- or call             Darrell, Randy, Barry; daughter, Jill; five   Craig; three grandchildren.
     872-1142 or 530-592-5853.                     Marge McNeilus, 507-374-6747.                grandchildren.
                                                                                                                                              gAtes, gloriA lynn – b. Feb. 22,
     hoUse in Angwin; 2,026 sq. ft.                sUnriver, ore. foUr-bedrooM                  bUtler, lindA – b. Feb. 7, 1954,              1949, Beckley, W.Va.; d. Aug. 20, 2009,
     living room, dining room, 3-bdrm, 2.5-        executive home. Overlooks North              Modesto, Calif.; d. Aug. 3, 2009,             Sacramento, Calif. Survivors: husband,
     bath, office, family room with fireplace,     Woodlands golf course. Two master            Modesto, Calif. Survivors: husband,           Joseph; sons, Matthew Marinics, Lucas
     eat-in kitchen, central heat and air,         king suites, two queens, one bunk            Richard; sons, James Kendrick, Brian          Marinics; daughter, Maya Bright; seven
     2-car garage with workshop area. One          set, hot tub, TVs, VCRs, DVDs; D/W,          Kendrick; two grandchildren.                  grandchildren.
     mile from PUC on .47 acre. Interested in      M/W, W/D, loft, Jacuzzi bath, gas log
     a trade for a smaller house in Angwin.        fireplace, BBQ, bikes, all “lodge ameni-     ChAMpAign, sAMUel delos – b.                  gibb, lAvonne e. – b. March 14,
     707-965-9696.                                 ties,” sleeps 10, no smoking, no pets,       Feb. 7, 1924, Corning, N.Y.; d. June 23,
                                                                                                2009, Modesto, Calif. Survivors: wife,        1942, LaCrosse, Kan.; d. Sept. 16, 2009,
                                                   includes housekeeping. Contact Wayne                                                       Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: husband,
     silverCrest doUble-wide                       Schultz: days, 541-475-7188; evenings,       Dorothy; sons, David, Samuel Douglas;
     MAnUfACtUred home in 55+ park                                                              daughters, Linda, Jeanene Cicle; five         George; son, Brad Hillhouse; daughters,
     in Lodi, Calif. 4-years old, 1,200 sq. ft.,   541-475-6463.                                grandchildren.                                Kimberly VandenBosch, Sharla Bohman;
     all custom interior. Granite counters,                                                                                                   stepdaughters, Shelly Munch, Brenda
     plantation blinds, 2-bdrm, 2-bath,            vACAtion on kAUAi, Hawaii - The              Clifton, gAry – b. Dec. 28, 1954,             King, Linda McFee, Lisa Loewen; 15
     office. Master walk-in closet. Wheel-         Garden Island. Kahili Mountain Park is a     Chico, Calif.; d. Aug. 6, 2009, Oakdale,      grandchildren.
     chair friendly. Large new shed, 2-car         scenic mountain getaway located at the
     carport. Near two Adventist churches.         base of Kahili Ridge. Just minutes from
     Can e-mail photos. $139,000. Call             popular Kauai attractions, the park has
     209-329-5398.                                 an assortment of 1-4 room cabins with
                                                   sleeping for 2-6 persons. See pictures
                                                   and rates at Info:
           Vacation Opportunities         or 808-742-9921.
     gAtewAy to elMshAven! Afford-
     able Napa Valley lodging at Vineyard
     Vista Inn at St. Helena Hospital, part
     of Adventist Health. Just five minutes    
     to Elmshaven, Pacific Union College
     and other attractions. Our hotel-style
     rooms feature double beds, private
     bathrooms and balconies that provide
     sweeping views of the beautiful Napa
     Valley. Guests have convenient access to
     the hospital cafeteria, gift shop and all
     the Napa Valley has to offer. Visit www. or
     call 707-963-6365 for information and
     gold beACh, ore., ocean front
     rentals. Luxury beach home and
     townhouse located at prestigious
     Sebastian Shores: 3-bdrm unit (#16)
     fully equipped with Jacuzzi, can sleep
     up to 6; 2-bdrm unit (#8) fully equipped
     with loft and Jacuzzi, sleeps up to 6.
     Connect Missy Hartman, 888-807-6483
     or 541-247-6700.
     love to trAvel? Vacation package
     includes 30 vacations for under $1,000;
     5 cruises and 25 land based; 20 discount
     cards; offer never expires. Enjoy the

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                                                          giving as part of your estate plan
                                                          is through a charitable bequest.
                                                              Charitable bequests are testamentary
                                                          gifts made through a will or other estate
                                                          planning device like a trust. A bequest
                                                          insures that your property will be put to
                                                          good use after you no longer need it.
                                                              Charitable estate planning is a
                                                          gratifying way to make a signi cant gift
                                                          in the future without a ecting your
                                                          current nances, and in making a gift
                                                          through a Living Trust or Will you can
                                                          request that the gift be designated for
                                                          either a restricted or unrestricted purpose.
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     Blackwell, Okla.; d. Feb. 1, 2009,         Aug. 14, 1917, Kinde, Mich.; d: Oct.       father, Bud; mother, Eileen; brothers,    thAl) – b. Aug. 21, 1912, Konigsberg,
     Yuma, Ariz. Survivors: sons, Sid L.        10, 2009, Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors:    David, Buddy.                             East Prussia; d. April, 6, 2009, Scotts
     Ramos, Rodney R. Ramos; daughter,          husband: Arthur, sons: Richard, Daniel,                                              Valley, Calif. Survivors: husband, Don;
     Sheila A. Whitley; 11 grandchildren; 12    Orville, Ronald; four grandchildren.      MoskiMAn, ChArlotte – b. Nov.
     great-grandchildren.                                                                                                            daughter, Karen Piccard-Bauman.
                                                MCginnis, sAMUel – b. May 7, 1922,        13, 1912, Hoehney, Colo.; d. Aug. 10,
     hAsso, peggy fritzsChe – b. Feb.           Chestertown, Md.; d. Oct. 17, 2009,       2009, San Luis Obispo, Calif. Survivors:   peterson, vAledA f. – b. July
     4, 1941, Dayton, Ohio; d. Sept. 25, 2009, Redlands, Calif. Survivor: daughter,       son, Robert; daughters, Barbara Leal.      7, 1922, Millinocket, Maine; d. Aug.
     Redlands, Calif. Survivors: husband,       Glenda Bailey.                                                                       12, 2009, Redlands, Calif. Survivors:
     Anton “Tony”; sons, Stephen, Martin;                                                 olson, AnnA J. – b. Sept. 10, 1916,        husband, George C.; son, Howard G.;
     one grandchild.                            MiChel, CArolyn yvonne – b.               Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; d. Sept.       daughter, Georgeann M.
                                                April 28, 1966, Orange, Calif.; d. June   25, 2009, Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors:
     kish, Ann – b. Jan. 19, 1925, Philadel- 11, 2009, Chula Vista, Calif. Survivors:     sons, LeLand, DuWayne; daughters,          sAntini, MArgUerite (Mills)
     phia, Pa.; d. May 2, 2009, Modesto, Calif. mother, Jean; brothers, Paul, David
     Survivors: son, James Amato; daughters, Jimenez; sisters, Susan, Nancy Taboada. Cindy, Donna Samson; 10 grandchil-              – b. May 9, 1910, Montrose, W.Va.;
     Judi Perry, Stephanie Mason; 12 grand-                                               dren; 10 great-grandchildren. Served       d. Aug. 20, 2009, Loma Linda, Calif.
     children; seven great-grandchildren;       Correction: Mills, JAniCe eileen – b. as a licensed vocational nurse at Loma         Survivors: daughter, Edythe Beglau; two
     one great-great-grandchild.                Aug. 26, 1955, Loma Linda, Calif.; d. May Linda University Medical Center.           grandchildren.

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siMpson, wilbUr – b. Dec. 10,

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Fresno, Calif. Survivors: son, Malcolm;
                                                           Holiday Specials
daughter, Marilyn; sister, Eleanor
Brown. Served as assistant Publishing
Secretary for the Southeastern Califor-
nia Conference, retiring in 1975.                                                                                                                                          Advertising is accepted as a service

                                                                                                                                                                           to Seventh-day Adventist Church
swAn, robert – b. April 21, 1921,                                                                                                                                          members in the Pacific Union. The
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada;                                                                                          eartwarming                                  Recorder management reserves the
                                                    A heartwarming
d. Sept. 11, 2009, Loma Linda, Calif.                 holiday story                                                     stories the whole                                  right to refuse any advertisement,
Survivors: wife, Juanita; son, Robert;            for the whole family                                                  family will love!                                  especially ads not related to the
daughter, Lyn Moon; four grandchil-            It’s Christmas Eve and Dad is stuck at
                                                    the airport. His unit has been
                                                                                                                                                                           needs and practices of the Church
dren, two great-grandchildren. He was           overseas for a year and he wants to                                                                                        membership. Acceptance of any
                                                      get home. Will he make it?
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president of the National Association              Starring: Joseph Campanella, Patty Cabrera,
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of Seventh-day Adventist Dentists,                       Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.

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1957-1958.                                                                                                                                                                 construed to constitute approval of
                                                                                                                              A stand-alone sequel to the                  the product or service advertised.
trAnCoCo, ClothildA – b. Feb.                                                                                             award-winning special, All Is Bright!

10, 1910, Douglas, Ariz.; d. July 31,                                                                                      On Christmas Eve, a                             payment — Payment in
                                                                                                                       widower’s life is changed by                        advance must accompany all
2009, Lompoc, Calif. Survivors: sons,                                                                                   an unopened gift his wife
Jesse, Joe, Raul; daughters, Eloise Pina,                                                                                     gave him five                                classified advertisements or they
Connie Casio, Frances Martinez, Gloria                                                                                          years ago.                                 will not be published. Display
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Ruiz, Victoria Dozol, Mary Vaca; 44
                                                                                                                            Starring: Joseph Campanella, Patty Cabrera,
                                                                              to find                                              Deniece Williams & Ruta Lee.
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                                                     An unexpected road trip
grandchildren; 94 great-grandchildren;               a long-lost daughter beco
                                                                               mes an
                                                                                                                                                                           please call 805-413-7280.
17 great-great-grandchildren.                          unforgettable Christmas
                                                           Join Joe and Rose for a heartw
                                                      freshly prepared serving eness.
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visser, sAUl J. – b. March 11, 1931,                                  and forgiv                                                                                           Classified ads must be sent with
Comodoro Rivavazia, Chubut, Argentina;                    Starring: Joseph Campanella,
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d. Oct. 12, 2009, St. George, Utah.
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in Argentina for 12 years; as pastor in          Watch it on TBN and Hope Channel. Check local listings for dates and times.                                               Classified rates — $55
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      Riverside                   4:40       4:41            4:43                          4:47                                                  on important issues. Letters must
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