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					                          ONLINE SOLUTIONS

   Facebook Fan Page Website Proposal
This proposal covers the agreement between the Client and Gap Marketing Services /
“Online Solutions project” for the provision of a Facebook Fan Page Website.

Is Facebook Good for your Business?
Why would something that people use to chat, share photos and organise events be
useful for your business? Here‟s why:

80% of consumers research the internet before making a buying decision.
So how much of this audience are you capturing?
To succeed in today‟s business world, you must be where your customers are! Where
they are increasingly is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn!!

Reach your customers WHERE THEY ARE !!

The Downside to Traditional Advertising

    1.     Too expensive eg £1000 a year for Yellow pages alone
    2.     When was the last time you used yellow pages?
    3.     Longer turnaround times
    4.     Hard to track results
    5.     Print errors
    6.     Disconnected from your clients
    7.     You can‟t build a relationship with your customers and potential new

We are going to show you how a Facebook Fanpage Website can help you with
all 7.

        Facebook gets more traffic than Google
        50% of users log in every day
        Average users stays on 35 mins a day and views 5 pages

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                         ONLINE SOLUTIONS

      You can easily build a CONTACT LIST on Facebook of hundreds or
      Average user has 130 friends – you can promote your business to your
       contact list AND your message can be seen by all of their friends too!!!
      Facebook helps websites get ranked better in Google
      70% of people searching the internet do not click below the first 3 positions
       on Page 1 of Google

And with more than 600 million members (which is still growing at a very rapid pace),
Facebook is definitely great for business. The return on investment unparalleled and
large Blue Chip companies already have well established Facebook pages.

If you are still not curious about Facebook, here‟s some more information to get you

      Facebook is popular with all age groups. Average age of a Facebook user is 38!

      Facebook pages appear on search engines and are accessible to everyone
       (even people who are not Facebook members).

      Facebook provides you with a two-way communication channel between you and
       your customers and prospects. When someone clicks “Like” on your page, you
       can contact them easily and they are now a confirmed „lead‟ for your business.

      Sharing information, links and offers is extremely simple on Facebook. Once
       someone likes your page, their friends will also see this and possibly check it out
       and also click Like. Before you know it your page will be viral.

      Facebook has a huge amount of components/features that are very well suited
       for marketing such as Pages, events, Pay-per-click ads and more.

Don‟t get left behind while your competitors start taking advantage of the opportunities
presented by Facebook.

Project Objectives

The purposes of the Client Facebook Fan Page are 1) to provide a social media
presence for the business and 2) to allow the business to interact easily with potential
customers and capture leads from the Facebook page in the form of “likes”.

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                         ONLINE SOLUTIONS


Integral to the success of developing a Facebook Fan Page for the Client will be the
design process and creating a professional face for the new Fan Page. In addition, the
Fan Page must be clean and elegant, present information in a way that is useful to the
user and has some method of encouraging a user to click Like. To that end, Online
Solutions will work closely with the client to create a design that meets with their
approval while drawing on their own experience in the industry. Online Solutions will
create a design mockup for approval before moving to the coding stage of development.

There are certain key design features that will be built into the overall design and each
will need to be approved by the client before the final design is accepted. Those
features are:

      Logo – If the Client currently has a logo, it will be used in the Fan Page to
       maintain brand identity.
      Navigation – This will be in a horizontal strip along the top area of the Fan Page
       thus making for a clear navigation system.
      Colours – The design will be built around a coordinated colour palette that will
       provide the professional and elegant look desired by the client while maintaining
       the cohesiveness of the website. Existing company colours will be used if
      Fonts – Matching and complimentary fonts will be used if the Client already has
       a website. Otherwise, new complimentary fonts will be used.
      Images - Photos, graphics and individual product images will be submitted by the
       client and may be modified in Photoshop to meet the overall design requirements
       of the site. Online Solutions may also include specially selected images as part
       of the design process.
      Layout – The design will be confined to 520px width for Facebook and will be
       created around those restrictions.
      Overall – After the design process is complete, the Client will sign-off on the
       design and coding will begin. No fundamental changes to the design will be
       made after this phase.

Fan Page Content

The Client will specify what content they want on their Fan Page and how many
sections to use (maximum of 6).

      Home –
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                                    ONLINE SOLUTIONS

        About Us –
        Contact Us – etc, add more sections as required.

Facebook Features

        Like tab: Add a Special “Like” Box to your fanpage rather than the default one on
         the page – this will generate a much higher % of likes compared to the default
        Create a memorable domain name for you rather then the difficult to remember
         default one eg


    1) Unlimited, ongoing advice and support
    2) Unlimited, ongoing general marketing advice – see reference below from
         Bristol based company which confirms how we helped them bring in over 5000
         customers in just 3 years

To Whom It May Concern Reference: Roy McDonald
Roy delivered sales and marketing services to Refunds Direct from March 2007 to February
2010. Roy showed great commitment to the task and it was that commitment twinned with his
marketing skills that helped the company attract an additional 5,000 customers through this
period. In practical terms Roy knows how to use web and other IT/communication technologies
to generate sales, and is excellent at writing copy and producing traditional marketing collateral.

Kind regards, Mike Oaten
Refunds Direct 0800 10 77 188

R.R.P. Price £399

However, we have a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER - The total price for
delivering a live, working Fan Page including design, programming and viral
features is only: £299 – plus see SPECIAL BONUSES on next page

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                         ONLINE SOLUTIONS

The Fan page will be delivered within 4 days of receiving all the required information
from the client

Contact Information
This project is being undertaken by Graham Price t/a Gap Marketing Services /
“Online Solutions Project” – Phone: 01207 233941


As a new customer you will not have experienced the expertise we have in helping you
             use Facebook and other internet tools to grow your business..

     So, in order to win your trust, we are going to make you a very Special Offer!

                  If you order a Facebook Fanpage from us …

We will give you 5 SPECIAL BONUSES, worth £150, COMPLETELY FREE
                                    OF CHARGE!

                            FREE BONUS NUMBER 1

  Free first 3 months Hosting on the Internet of your Facebook Fanpage – value £30

                            FREE BONUS NUMBER 2

        Free first 3 months Maintenance of your Facebook Fanpage – value £30
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                         ONLINE SOLUTIONS

                             FREE BONUS NUMBER 3

  Free 3 months “Monthly Statistical Report” re Visitors to your Fanpage - value £15

                             FREE BONUS NUMBER 4

                          Facebook Marketing Plan – value £25

                             FREE BONUS NUMBER 5

       Facebook “Getting Started” Video & Step by Step Instructions – value £50

                TOTAL VALUE OF FREE BONUSES = £150 !!

Plus Unlimited, Ongoing Support & Advice to help you bring in substantial more profit
Value? - Limitless - What is every new customer worth to you, per year?

** After 3 months you continue to receive all the following benefits:

      1. Hosting of your Fanpage on the Internet 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

      2. Regular Fanpage maintenance is crucial to achieving and maintaining online
         success. For example, the “engine room” of the fanpage design and
  | Phone: 01207 233941 | Email:
                           ONLINE SOLUTIONS

            maintenance is Wordpress and this requires regular updating to ensure your
            site continues to perform at an optimum level. We will also provide FREE
            upgrades to your fanpage as and when they are released by Wordpress. I
            enjoy having long term relationships with my fanpage clients, and am
            therefore committed to maintaining your fanpage after the initial website
            design is completed.

      3. If you require changes to your Fanpage we will complete these for you as
      part of your monthly fee (see below), providing they do not involve major
      changes that require significant time and effort. Fast, Convenient Turnaround
      Time: For small site changes, simply send me an email with a description of the
      changes. No change is too small! If the changes are minor, I can usually have
      the updates completed within a week after receiving the email.

      4. Monthly Statistical Report re the visitors to your Fanpage..

      5. Unlimited Support & Advice to help you succeed in bringing in substantial
      more profit using the power of Facebook..

      Cost – Typical cost (RRP) for these services is £50 a month but because
      we want to establish long term relationships with clients (a WIN WIN
      situation for us both) we only charge £15 a month, (first 3 months free) on
      a NO CONTRACT, 100% SATISFACTION basis!

Don‟t miss out. Call us NOW!

Graham Price
Tel: 01207 233941

P.S. Check out what a live Fanpage looks like by visiting our site at:

    | Phone: 01207 233941 | Email:
                           ONLINE SOLUTIONS


Gap Marketing Services is not employed by Facebook TM or any other company for the
purpose of designing fanpages. Although we use our wealth of expertise and
experience in designing Facebook fanpages we cannot be responsible for any change
in Facebook‟s TM policy.

All our services are a blend of web design experience and expertise with an emphasis
on the recent extremely important iframe changes.

Facebook “terms and conditions” for compliance:

      Facebook terms and conditions state that any individual/company or organisation
       may only have One single social profile but may create an unlimited number of
       pages. The sole purpose of a Facebook profile page is for and must be strictly
       kept to social interaction and not for business purposes.
      With that being said specific Business pages and applications can be constructed
       for the sole purpose of business development and promotional activity.
      Please note that all new Facebook applications/pages are now constructed via
       Definition: <iframe> tag defines an inline frame that contains another document.

All new pages and applications should include an Individuals/Company privacy policy
and terms and conditions. Failure to do so may result in any particular
Individual/Company being banned from Facebook.

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