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                         The radiant way
                        Glowing and lissome after a week's detox in sunny Majorca,
                       Sarah Roberts is won over by the virtues of colonic treatments

                 re you completely mad?'           but the climate was not conducivc to com-         every so oftcn, just as yOIl would noss youI'

                 several of my friends said,       plete relaxation. A believcr in thc benefits      teeth? Raaul directed me to lie on my side
                 before .I embarked on             of sunshine, he searched Majorca for the          with my knees up. so that he could insert
      .          an 'Dyn<llTlic Detox' pro-        perfect hotel to host his residential detox       thc tube. Oddly enough, this is always the
                    gramme in Majorca. 'People     wecks. 'l1le Jardin Del Sol Suites & Spa., as     real indignity for me, but after that., J find
                    go to Majorca to have fUll,    we were to discover, has just tlle right          the whole process strangely soothing.
eat paella and drink Rioja. not to sip veg-        blend of helpful staff, comfort. and stun-             On the third day, an interesting thing
ct:lblc juicc.c; and have stuff syphoned Ollt of   ning location - each spaciolls room has a         happened. I had been warned that the
their bottoms for nine days straight Anyway,       balcolIY right on the Mcditernlllcan.             detox might make me feel cold (it did), or
daily colonic irrigation is bad for you?                'Illat evening, we met in the communal       depressed. or even sick - but I was npt pre-.
     Feeling crushed and apprehensive. my          room, where we were to drink our organic          pared for anger. I cancelled my therapeutic
friend Charloltc and I Oew to Majorca. It          fruit and vegetable juices, freshly squeezed      thalasso bath and massage (four spa treat-
didn't help that we arrived on the first day       each day. Raaul cxplained the schedule,           ments are included in thc price of thc
that it had snowed in the Balcarics since          and handed us each our own personal ref-          course). and stomped down to the local
 (956. 'Don't worry; said Raaul Cohen,             erence book, a bewildering alTay of vitamin       square, where I ordered an illicit coffee and
founder of Dynamic I)clox. 'It will have           supplcments, a natural-bristle brush for skjn-    bought all the English Sunday papers. 111is
cleared up by the end of the week:                 brushing, plastic jugs for mixing our drinks,     was strictly against die rules; Raaul had asked
     We soon discovered Raaul to be blessed        several powders in glass containers, and a        us not to watch TVaI' rcad newspapers
with a permanently sunny personality. He           stool. A stool? This tumed out to be the best     because he considers them to be <toxic
also has excellent medical credentials.            method of having a bowel movement. You            substances: But I sat in the sun feeling
Colonies are not everyone's cup of tea but.,       put your feet on it while sitting on the lao,     grumpy, until my schoolgirl defiance evap-
as we drove to our hotel, he enthuscd about        raise your knees, and rub your tummy in a         orated. Surprisingly, I missed my fellow
the treatments and explained what was to           circular motion. Taking these to our rooms        inmates and felt I was letting the side
come. Like the weather, he told us, we would       turned out to be our first ice~breaker; we        down. J recllised J'd rather be with the team.
be changed unrecognjsably in a week's timc:        giggled furtively, wondering what the hotel            Hooray! By day four I could sec results.
our complexions would be clearer, our              guests in the bar must think of four track-       'l1le tops of my thighs had stopped rubbing
bodies trimmer, and our mental attitudes           suited women slinking by with plastic stools.     together (I lost five pounds in the first four
brimming with positivity. 'Of course, you               On tlle first day, we were up at 7all1 for   days), Charlotte"s bottom staned to look
lIlay have been told that daily colonic irri-      five minutes of thorough skin-brushing.           distinctly pert., Lorna's fa<:e was glowing,
gation is bad for you: that you shouldn"t do it    and took hot-then:cold showers. We then           and Christine could touch her toes in the
lIIorc than three timcs a year. But I promise      swallowed our supplements, and went down          yoga class. 'It's all habit: Raaul said. 'People
yOIl, )'011 will Ilot believe the results:         to the common room for fruit juice. Aftcr         don't realise that if they just change their
     Colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation) is       some gentle stretching exercises., we had         habits, they can do anything.'
a highly effective mcthod of cleansing the         the (irst of our four daily cleansing drinks.          I had never expected this course to be
system. Many health problems are believed          'Illis miraculous· powder, formulated by          such fun. or so -informalive. I felt more
to stem from a build-up of waste products          Raaul. apparently helps 'suck' all toxins out     toned, and could fccl my waistlinc dis-
in the body, exacerhated by pollution and          of the body. I was already feeling the            tinctly; even a couple of long-hiddcn ribs
unwholesome foods. Few people's diet's             effects of a few hours fasting - weak, achy       were resurfacing. Before departure, Raaul
allow the bowel to empty perfectly every           and with a slightly fizzy feeling in my head      gave each of us a personal summary. <You
day. so Illost of us are left with waste that      - when I went for my first colonic appoint-       must chew your food more. and try not to .
gradually coats the bowel lining, reducing         ment. Ra~1U1 took my blood pressure and           eat on the run: he said. This coursc isn't just
its ability to absorb nutrients. In a colonic-     weighed mc. I had already visited my doctor       about colonics, but about diet., exercise and
ilTigatioll treatment., warm filtered waleI' is    in London to check my fitncss for the treat-      rest: treating the whole of you. Five days
introduced into the rectum and nushed              ment - a stipulation for doing the course.        into it, J wanted out. At the end. I could have
through the colon, washing out old toxic                Raaul put me completely at ease. J lay       done another week. I felt so well, so ught, so
matter thai has bujlt up over the years.           on the bcd underneath a large wallchal'l of       c1ear~headcd - and ninc pounds lighter. 0
    111e residential Dynamic Detox pro·            the human colon, and he explained that,            77w nine-da!J course cosu from ahou/ £1,.540
gramme in Majorca was born out ofR.a<lul's         after breast cancer, cancer of the bowel is       ( 011 two people sharing). For further
original pmctice in north London. Raaul            the second biggest cause of dcath. Surely,        de/ail.r ahout Dynamic De/ox, ring +34 97.1
once rail popular delox breaks in Scotland.        it makes scnsc to clean tllC bowel area           701 708, or visit

146 HARPERS & QUEEN   I JUNE 2003                                                                                   

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