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Enrolment Policy


									                                ENROLMENT POLICY

The Board of Management of Mercy Primary School, Moyderwell has laid out its
Enrolment Policy in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998. The Board
of Management trusts that by so doing parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment
matters and furthermore, the chairperson of the Board Mr. James Finucane –
066-712 8186 and the principal Mrs. Moira Quinlan – 066-712 4403 will be happy to
clarify any further matters arising from the policy.

This policy aims to ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place to enable the school:
 To make decisions on all applications in an open and transparent manner consistent with
   the Ethos, the Mission Statement of the school and legislative requirements
 To make an accurate and appropriate assessment of the capacity of the school to cater
   for the needs of applicants in the light of the resources available to it
 To put in place a framework which will ensure effective and positive relations between
   students, parents and teachers where a student is admitted to the school.

At present the teaching staff is comprised of: 1 Principal Teacher; 16 Single Class Teachers;
3 Learning Support/Resource Teachers; 1 Reading Recovery Teacher; 1 Maths Recovery
Teacher; 2 Language Teachers; 1 HSCL; 1 Speech & Language special class teacher and 7
Special Needs Assistants (4 full time; 3 part-time)

School:                Mercy Primary School, Moyderwell, Tralee

Status:                Fully vertical co-educational school catering for boys and girls from
                       infants to sixth class (as from September 2005)

Denominational     This is a Catholic School, which upholds the Mercy ethos, welcoming
Character & Ethos: and supporting children of all denominations and none.

                       Mercy Primary School depends on the grants and teacher resources
                       provided by D.E.S. and operate within Department guidelines and
                       regulations, which may be amended in accordance with Sections 9
                       and 30 of the Education Act.

                       All children enrolled are expected to comply with and support the
                       school’s Code of Behaviour, as well as the school’s designated
                       policies on curriculum, Organisation and Management.

Operating Context           Mercy Primary School, Moyderwell is under the patronage of
                             the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kerry – Bishop Bill Murphy
                            The management body of the school is the Board of
                             Management appointed according to the Rules and
                             Constitution of Primary Schools
                             The day-to-day running of the school is carried out by the
                              legally appointed Principal
                             The school is staffed in accordance with pupil-teacher ratio as
                              outlined by the DES which as of February 2008 is 27:1

Board of Management
Chairperson:                         Mr. James Finucane
Patron’s Nominee:                    Fr. Kieran O’Brien
Principal:                           Mrs. Moira Quinlan
Teacher Representative:              Mr. Denis Griffin
Parents’ Representatives:            Mrs. Angela McCarthy
                                     Mr. Ben Foley
Community Representatives:           Sr. Carmel Downing
                                     Mr. Joe Clifford

Within the parameters of Department regulations and programme, the Rights of the Patron
(Section 8) and the funding and resources available, Mercy Moyderwell supports the
principles of:

     Inclusiveness – particularly with reference to the enrolment of children from
      minority ethnic groups (travellers, non-nationals) and children with disability or
      other special educational needs provided that the necessary facilities are put in place.
     Equality of access and participation in the school.
     Class from Little House Montessori pre-school located on-site are left as a group
      when enrolling in class placements.
     Respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in

School Opening Hours
      09.00 – Classes start
      10.30 – 10.40 SOS
      12.15 – 12.45 Lunchtime Junior Infants – 2nd class
      12.45 – 13.15 Lunchtime 3rd – 6th class
      13.40 – Dismissal of Junior and Senior Infants
      14.40 – Dismissal 1st – 6th class
Junior Infants go home at 12.30p.m. for the maximum of the first two weeks in September.

Application for Enrolment – Procedure
Enrolment to the school will be subject to decision by the Board of Management
subsequent to the receipt of application form – a copy of the form is attached as Appendix
1. The enrolment criteria will apply to applications received by 31st January for enrolment
the following September. Applications after that date may be considered on a first come
first served basis bearing in mind the rational of this policy.
   1. Children can apply for enrolment on an ongoing basis throughout the year from
      September to the following August or as long as places are available.
   2. All children must be four years old by/on 31st August of the year of admission.
   3. A maximum of 27 shall be enrolled in all classes.
   4. Parents complete a registration form at the time of application where all vital
      information is recorded. At this time they will meet the Principal who will answer
      any queries.
   5. Forms are date stamped on receipt by the school. A copy of the acknowledgement
      letter is attached as Appendix 2. Telephone calls or personal school visits
      concerning enrolment will be facilitated, but are not in themselves enrolment

In the event of applications exceeding the number of available places, priority will be given
          a) Applicants who already have or have had siblings in the school
          b) Children from Little House Montessori pre-school located on-site
          c) Children of current school staff
          d) Children of past pupils
          e) Children living within the parish
          f) Preference will be given on the basis of age

This enrolment criteria will apply to applications received by 28 th February for enrolment
the following September. Applications after that date will be considered bearing in mind
the rationale of this policy.

The acknowledgement of an application merely confirms that it will be assessed under
the criteria outlined, and does not confer any further status on that application.

Entry in the School Record of Applications means that an application will be considered in
February of the relevant enrolment year, and will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria
outlined in this policy. Following this evaluation, the Principal will make a
recommendation to the Board, listing proposed enrolments for the coming year. Once an
enrolment list is approved by the Board, all applications will be notified in writing of the
outcome and will be invited to an Open Day in March. If admission is refused, applicant
will be notified of their entitlement to appeal under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998.

Pupils Transferring
We accept application for transfer for the start of a school year only, with the exception of
pupils who are new to the Tralee area.
All children wishing to transfer to Mercy Moyderwell Primary School must complete an
Application Form.

If a pupil wishes to transfer from another school, they can do so in accordance with DES
rules provided:
    a. There is space available in the particular class
    b. An attendance record and school report is made available
Other Classes – Enrolment procedure
When a child applies for enrolment in a class from Senior Infants to Sixth Class, the child
will be accepted provided a place is available in that particular class. In classes 1 – V1 the
maximum number of pupils is 27 where possible in future. As with Junior Infants,
applicants for places in other classes will be notified in writing in February.

Admission Date
It is the policy of the B.O.M. that children may be admitted into Junior Infants on 1st
September or on any date during September provided the child is four years on the date of

Special Education Needs
Pupils with special educational needs are welcome in our school and, as appropriate, the
B.O.M. will:
 Request immediate assessment and having gathered all the relevant information, will
   determine how needs can be met
 Request the D.E.S. to provide any necessary resources, e.g. Special Needs Assistant,
   transport, specialised equipment or furniture, etc

Speech & Language Class
This class is for pupils with Specific Speech and Language Disorders which serves the
North Kerry area and is run in association with the Health Services Executive – South.
Pupils have access to NEPS and Occupational Therapy services.
The Admissions Committee reviews the psychological assessment plus the speech &
language reports of the child and any enrolment is subject to the approval of the said

The members of the Admissions Committee are – Chairperson B.O.M., Principal Teacher
and Teacher for Speech & Language, Speech Therapist, Principal Speech Therapist and the
The decision of the Committee is subject to Board approval.

Moyderwell Mercy Primary School shares the Home School Community Liaison position
with Tralee Educate Together. HSCL works closely with parents, particularly
disadvantaged parents/target parents who benefit from the support of home-school links
through classes, courses which help develop their self-esteem and improve interest in
education – e.g. Incredible Years Parenting programme, Parent-plus course, Christmas art
and decorations, Storysacks, Jewellery making

Code of Behaviour
Parents of all students from infants to V1 sign the Code of Behaviour – the
acknowledgement of which is kept in the classroom. The policies on anti-bullying and
dispensing of medicines must be signed by all parents/guardians also.

All other new parents sign these policies on enrolment during the year.
 Languages: Gaeilge, English
 Mathematics
 Social, Environmental and Scientific Education
  History, Georgraphy, Science
 Arts Education: Visual Arts, Music, Drama
 Physical Education
 Social, personal and health Education
 Religious Education

Extra Curricular Activities
French/German/Spanish classes (5th & 6th class)
After School Club
Science Exhibition – RDS
Steps to Engineering
Quizzes – Credit Union, Transition Year, etc
Cumann na mBunscoil
Football/Basketball/Spikeball coaching
Creative Dance
Christmas Concert/Carol Service
School choir
School Tours
Sports Day
Appendix 1                 ENROLMENT                FORM

Birth & Baptismal Certificates are Required

Name of Child: ___________________________________           PPS No:_____________________


_____________________________________________         Date of Birth: _______________________

Father’s Name & Address: ___________________________________________________________
                     (if different)
______________________________________________ Occupation: _______________________

Mother’s Name/Maiden Name: _____________________          Occupation: _____________________

Telephone No: Mother: ___________________________            Father: ______________________

Family Doctors: ____________________________________________________________________

Religion: Mother: ________________________ Father:(if different) _______________________

No of children in family: _____________ Siblings that attend/have attended Mercy Moyderwell:

Name: ______________      Class:_____________ Name:___________________         Class: _________

Name: _______________     Class:_____________ Name:___________________         Class: _________

If either parent/guardian previously attended Mercy Moyderwell please state:

Name: _____________________________________           Years: ____________________________

Medical Card No: ________________________ or S.W. entitlement: ________________________

Any known Learning Disability or concern: _____________________________________________

Allergies: __________________________________________________________________________

Nationality of Parents/Country of Origin: _______________________________________________

Date of Arrival in Ireland: ___________________________________________________________

Schools & Classes previously attended: _________________________________________________

________________________________________ Duration of Attendance: _____________________

Name of Pre-School Attended: ________________________________________________________

Emergency Telephone Nos: ___________________________________________________________
Any Additional Information:__________________________________________________________

In the event of a serious accident or emergency, I give permission for the teacher to call a Doctor
or take my child to Casualty.

The Stay Safe Programme is a personal safety skills programme for primary schools. Its overall
objective is to prevent child abuse, bullying and other forms of victimisation.

Relationships and Sexuality Education provides opportunities for children to learn about
relationships and sexuality in ways that help them think and act in a moral, caring and
responsible way. It is a spiral curriculum which means that topics are developed each year to
suit the age and maturity of the children.

I wish to take part in the Stay Safe Programme  I wish to take part in the RSE
Programme 

Signature: _________________________________             Date: _________________________

Signature:_________________________________              Date: _________________________


Date of Admission __________________________             Registration No: ___________________

Teacher: ___________________________________             Class: ____________________________

Birth Certificate    Yes / No                            Baptismal Certificate        Yes / No
Appendix 2



I wish to acknowledge receipt of ________________________________ application form.

It will be assessed under the criteria outlined in our Admissions Policy in early February.
When our enrolment list is approved by the Board of Management, you will be notified in
writing of the outcome within twenty-one days as prescribed in the Education Welfare Act.
(If refused admission, you will be notified of your entitlement to appeal under section 29 of
the Education Act 1998)

Yours sincerely,

Moira Quinlan

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