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Order Form Your Details Contact Name Company Name


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									                                 Order Form:
Your Details:
Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________
Company Name: _____________________________________________________________
Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________
Physical Address: ____________________________________________________________
Tel: _______________________       Fax: ________________________
Cell: ______________________
No. Stock Code         Description & Colour         Quantity            Cost
1      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
2      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
3      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
4      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
5      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
6      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
7      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
8      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
9      _________       _________________________ ________          ___________
10     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
11     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
12     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
13     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
14     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
15     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
16     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
17     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
18     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
19     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
20     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
21     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
22     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
23     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
24     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
25     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
26     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
27     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
28     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
29     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
30     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
31     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
32     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
33     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
34     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
35     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
36     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
37     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
38     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
39     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
40     _________       _________________________ ________          __________
                                                    TOTAL:         __________
CASTINGS4AFRICA                                                WHOLESALE PRICELIST 2009
     Please Note: We only accept orders from South Africa & It's Nearest Neighbours. Thank you.
Please place your order using the codes listed below and include the colour of the items. Email: castings4africa@telkomsa.net
Tel/fax(+27)044 873 5091 - Cel 082 863 1984 -Postal:P.O. Box. 3281, GEORGE INDUSTRIA,
6536 - Street Address: No 1 George Business Park, Albert Street, George Industria, 6529
                               ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT
FAIRIES                        COLOUR AVAILABLE                                                PRICE
FA15                           NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                                               R7.59/10
FA14                           NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                                               R10.70/10
   11259                       NICKEL                                                          R19.55/10
   11016                       NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                                                R15.81/10
FA12                           NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                                                R12.65/10
   11244                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R22.08/10
   11415                       NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                                                R19.55/10
   11483                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R22.08/10
   11002                       NICKEL                                                          R22.08/10
FA13                           NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                                                R15.81/10
   11049                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11148                       NICKEL                                                          R25.30/10
   11150                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11056                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11258 (PAIR)                NICKEL                                                          R34.73/10
   11381                       NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                                       R31.50/10
   11382                       NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                                       R31.50/10
   11439                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11006                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11428                       NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                                       R34.73/10
   11243                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R32.44/10
FA11                           NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                                       R37.00/10
   11001                       NICKEL                                                          R37.00/10
   11175                       NICKEL                                                          R32.40/10
FA02                           NICKEL                                                          R32.40/10
   11003                       NICKEL                                                          R40.50/10
FA10                           NICKEL                                                          R26.35/5
FA09                           NICKEL                                                          R32.40/5
FA18                           NICKEL                                                          R28.35/5

   11207                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R28.40/10
   11208                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R25.30/10
   11291                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R28.40/10
   11444                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R25.30/10
   11349                       NICKEL                                                          R22.08/10
   11206                       NICKEL                                                          R28.40/10
   11165                       NICKEL                                                          R28.40/10
   11051                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R25.30/10
   11079                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11081                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11237                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11238                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R18.90/10
   11257                       NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                         R25.30/10
   11391                       NICKEL                                                          R25.30/10
   11299                       NICKEL/BLUE                                                     R28.40/10
Prices exclude Vat,Postage & Package (All prices are subject to change)                        E&OE
                                         PAGE 2
DOLPHINS CONT'D            COLOUR AVAILABLE                               PRICE
   11300                   NICKEL/BLUE                                    R28.40/10
   11354                   NICKEL/L/BLUE/DBLUE                            R34.73/10
   11274                   NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R25.87/10
   11484                   NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R25.87/10
   11260                   NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R25.87/10
   11401                   NICKEL/BLUE                                    R28.40/10
   11326                   NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R25.87/10
   11446                   NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R25.87/10
   11397                   NICKEL/BLUE/ASSTD COL STONES                   R34.30/10

   11212                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R18.20/10
   11213                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R18.20/10
   11386                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R22.08/10
   11387                   NICKEL                                         R22.08/10
   11388                   NICKEL                                         R22.08/10
   11073                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R22.08/10
   11402                   NICKEL/BLACK                                   R28.40/10
   11405                   NICKEL/BLACK                                   R28.40/10
   11217                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R44.60/10
   11214                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R25.30/10
   11215                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R25.30/10
   11216                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R25.30/10

   11024                   NICKEL                                         R22.00/10
   11091                   NICKEL                                         R20.02/5
   11285                   NICKEL                                         R25.87/10
   11309                   NICKEL                                         R22.00/10
   11480                   NICKEL                                         R22.30/5
   11481                   NICKEL                                         R28.30/10
   11482                   NICKEL                                         R28.30/10
   11023                   NICKEL                                         R28.35/5
   11198                   NICKEL                                         R25.87/10
   11094                   NICKEL                                         R18.90/10
   11227                   NICKEL                                         R24.30/10
   11219                   NICKEL                                         R18.90/10
   11255                   NICKEL                                         R32.40/10
   11251                   NICKEL                                         R25.87/10

   11222                   NICKEL                                         R22.00/10
   11221                   NICKEL                                         R18.90/10
   11201                   NICKEL                                         R12.60/10
   11230                   NICKEL/BLUE                                    R25.30/10
   11210                   NICKEL/BLUE                                    R25.30/10
   11211                   NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                              R22.00/10
   11357                   NICKEL/BLK/WHT                                 R25.30/10
   11430                   NICKEL                                         R25.30/10
Prices exclude Vat, Postage & Package(All prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                          PAGE 3
SEA CREATURES               COLOUR AVAILABLE                               PRICE
   11250                    NICKEL/ANT/NICKEL/ANT/BR                       R40.50/10
   11246                    NICKEL                                         R28.40/10
   11252                    ANT/NICKEL                                     R40.50/10
   11393                    NICKEL/BLUE/WHT                                R25.30/10
   11360                    NICKEL                                         R22.00/10
   11361                    NICKEL                                         R22.00/10
   11363                    NICKEL                                         R28.40/10
   11364                    NICKEL                                         R31.60/10
   11377                    NICKEL                                         R31.60/10
   11411                    NICKEL                                         R25.30/10

   11225                    NICKEL/BLUE/PURPLE                             R28.40/10
11225/G                     NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                      R31.60/10
   11231                    NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                      R31.60/10
   11232                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R22.00/10
   11421                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R25.87/10
   11422                    NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                      R31.60/10
   11423                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R22.00/10
   11424                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R25.87/10
   11437                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R22.00/10
   11438                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R22.00/10
   11441                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R31.60/10
   11443                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R28.40/10
   11485                    NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                      R34.70/10
   11311                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLS, ANT/BRASS                   R28.40/10
   11312                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R18.90/10
   11313                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R22.00/10
K2050                       NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                           R31.60/5
K2051                       NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                               R25.85/5
K2052                       NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                      R34.75/5
K2053                       NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                      R34.75/5

   11089        NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                                           R22.00/10
   11305        NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                                  R31.60/10
   11325        NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                                  R31.60/10
   11306        NICKEL                                                     R18.90/10
   11308        NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                                       R22.00/10
   11310        NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                                           R18.90/10
   11273        NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                    R25.87/10
   11276        NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                    R25.87/10
   11390        NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                                    R25.87/10
   11154        NICKEL/SA FLAG COLOURS                                     R36.30/10
   11293        NICKEL/YELLOW                                              R28.40/10
   11375        NICKEL/BLUE/MOVING EYES                                    R28.40/10

     11139                  NICKEL/RED STONE                               R28.87/10
     11141                  NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                        R22.00/10
Prices exclude Vat, Postage & Package (all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                          PAGE 4
RASTA LEAVES                COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE
   11143                    NICKEL/GREEN                                  R28.40/10
   11254                    NICKEL                                        R28.40/10
   11416                    NICKEL/GREEN,YELLOW,RED                       R31.60/10
   11004                    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                              R28.40/10
   11029                    NICKEL                                        R15.70/10
   11034                    NICKEL                                        R28.40/10
   11065                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                       R31.60/10
   11103                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R18.90/10
   11205                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R25.87/10
   11233                    NICKEL                                        R18.90/10
   11234                    NICKEL                                        R18.90/10
   11264                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R22.00/10
   11317                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R28.40/10
   11327                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                       R25.87/10
   11383                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R22.00/10
   11385                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R28.40/10
   11409                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R25.87/10
   11307                    ANT/BRASS                                     R25.87/10
   11502                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                       R50.60/10
   11012                    NICKEL                                        R28.35/5
   11067                    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                              R35.00/5
   11084                    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                              R41.00/10
   11495                    DISCONTINUED
   11497                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                       R37.95/5
   11499                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                       R53.75/5
   11500                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R63.25/5
   11501                    NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R50.60/10
   11518                    NICKEL                                        R40.50/10
   11504                    NICKEL/ASSTD GLITTER COLS                     R31.60/5
   11505                    NICKEL/ASSTD COL STONES                       R37.95/5

   11245 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE                                   R23.00/5
   11395 PAIR               NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R23.00/5
   11396 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE                                   R23.00/5
   11398 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE AND PURPLE                        R23.00/5
   11433 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE                                   R23.00/5
   11436 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE/PURPLE                            R23.00/5
   11440 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE/PURPLE                            R23.00/5
   11447 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE                                   R23.00/5
   11449 PAIR               NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R23.00/5
   11451 PAIR               NICKEL                                        R20.50/5
   11452 PAIR               NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R23.00/5
   11453 PAIR               NICKEL/BLUE                                   R23.00/5
   11486 PAIR               NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                          R23.00/5
   11487 PAIR               NICKEL                                        R19.00/5

Prices exclude Vat, postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 5
CARD & SCRAPBOOKING       COLOURS AVAILABLE                              PRICE
CR01 WITHOUT RING         ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR01 WITH RING            ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR02 WITHOUT RING         ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR02 WITH RING            ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR03 WITHOUT RING         ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR03 WITH RING            ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR04 WITHOUT RING         ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR04 WITH RING            ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR05 WITHOUT RING         ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR05 WITH RING            ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R22.25/10
CR06                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R16.00/10
CR07                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R16.00/10
CR08                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R16.00/10
CR09                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R16.00/10
CR10                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R16.00/10
CR11                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R19.00/10
CR12                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R19.00/10
CR13                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                          R19.00/10
CR14                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                           R19.00/10
CR15     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R13.95/10
CR16     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R13.95/10
CR17     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R13.95/10
CR18     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R13.95/10
CR19     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R13.95/10
CR20     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R12.65/10
CR21     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R22.25/10
CR22     ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                          R22.25/10
CR24                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R12.65/10
CR25                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R19.00/10
CR26                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR27                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR28                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR29                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR30                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R28.50/10
CR31                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR32                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR33                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR34                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR35                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR36                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR37                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR38                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR39                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/5
CR40                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R25.30/10
CR41                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR42                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R19.00/10
CR44                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR45                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR46                      NICKEL                                         R19.00/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 6
CARDS/SCRAPBOOKING CONTD                               COLOURS AVAIL     PRICE

CR47                                     NICKEL                          R22.25/10
CR48                                     NICKEL                          R24.60/10
CR50                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R12.65/10
CR51                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R19.00/10
CR52                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R19.00/10
CR53                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R19.00/10
CR54                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R19.00/10
CR55                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R16.00/10
CR56                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R16.00/10
CR62                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R16.00/10
CR63                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R22.25/10
CR64                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R22.25/10
CR65                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R19.00/10
CR66                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R16.00/10
CR67                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R12.65/10
CR68                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R9.50/10
CR69                                                                     R22.25/10
CR70                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R9.50/10
CR71                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R25.30/10
CR72                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R25.30/10
CR73                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R25.30/10
CR74                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R12.65/10
CR76                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R25.30/10
CR78                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R9.50/10
CR79                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R19.00/10
CR81                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R9.50/10
CR82                                     ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                R25.30/10
CR83                                     ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL           R25.30/10
CR84                                     ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL           R25.30/10
CR86                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR87                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR88                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R25.30/10
CR89                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR90                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R22.25/10
CR91                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR92                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR93                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R25.30/10
CR94                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR95                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R16.00/10
CR96                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R16.00/10
CR97                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR98                                     ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R16.00/10
CR102                                    ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R19.00/10
CR103                                    ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R22.25/10
CR104                                    ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R24.60/10
CR105                                    ANT/BRASS, NICKEL               R22.25/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 7
CARDS/SCRAPBOOKING CONTD       COLOURS AVAIL                             PRICE
CR106                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R31.60/10
CR107                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R22.25/10
CR108                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR109                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR110                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR111                  ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                                  R10.75/10
CR112                  ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR113                  ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                                  R16.00/10
CR114                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R22.25/10
CR115                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R12.65/10
CR116                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR117                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R22.25/10
CR118                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R24.60/10
CR119                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R22.25/10
CR120                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R31.60/10
CR121                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR126                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R10.75/10
CR127                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R12.65/10
CR128                  ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICK                         R24.50/10
CR129                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR130                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR131                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR132                  ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR133                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R12.65/10
CR136                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR137                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR138                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR139                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.50/10
CR140                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R22.25/10
CR141                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR142                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR143                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR144                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR145                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R25.30/10
CR146                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R23.40/10
CR147                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR148                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R17.70/10
CR149                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R17.70/10
CR150                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR151                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR152                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
CR153                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R17.70/10
CR154                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR155                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR156                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR157                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R16.00/10
CR158                  ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                                 R19.00/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 8
CARDS/SCRAPBOOKING CONT             COLOURS AVAIL                        PRICE
CR159                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R19.25/10
CR160                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R19.25/10
CR161                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R17.70/10
CR162                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R25.30/10
CR163                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR164                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR165                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR167                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR168                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR169                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR170                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R22.25/10
CR171                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR172                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR177                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR180                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR181                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR182                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR183                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR184                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R9.50/10
CR185                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR186                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R12.65/10
CR187                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R12.65/10
CR188                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R12.65/10
CR189                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R12.65/10
CR190                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R19.00/10
CR191                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R17.70/10
CR192                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R19.00/10
CR193                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R19.00/10
CR194                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R17.70/10
CR195                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR196                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR197                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R12.65/10
CR198                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R19.00/10
CR199                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R16.00/10
CR200                      NICKEL/ ASSTD COLOURS                         R10.75/10
CR201                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R9.50/10
CR202                      NICKEL/ASS COLOURS                            R22.25/10
CR203                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                              R16.00/10
CR205                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                              R19.00/10
CR206                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R9.50/10
CR207                      NICKEL/ASS COLOURS                            R24.50/10
CR208                      NICKEL/5 ASS COLOURS                          R24.50/10
CR209                      ANT/BRASS, NICKEL                             R25.30/10
CR210                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL                              R22.25/10
CR211                      ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/N                        R25.30/10
CR212                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                         R22.00/5
CR213                      ANT/BRASS, ANT/NICKEL                         R25.50/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 9
CARDS/SCRAPBOOKING CONT                                                  PRICE
CR214          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R20.50/10
CR215          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R28.00/5
CR216          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R28.00/5
CR217          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R25.50/10
CR218          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R20.00/10
CR219          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R10.50/10
CR220          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R9.50/10
CR221          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R20.50/5
CR222          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R15.80/10
CR223          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R21.00/10
CR224          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R28.00/10
CR225          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R19.00/10
CR226          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R10.75/10
CR227          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R9.50/10
CR228          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R29.00/5
CR229          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R30.00/10
CR230          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.00/5
CR231          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.00/5
CR232          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.00/5
CR233          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.00/5
CR234          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R34.00/5
CR235          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR236          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR237          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.25/10
CR238          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R34.00/5
CR239          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R30.00/5
CR240          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R34.00/5
CR241          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R20.00/5
CR242          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R20.00/5
CR243          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R28.50/10
CR244          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R27.00/5
CR245          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R26.30/10
CR246          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R21.00/10
CR247          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R22.50/5
CR248          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R16.00/10
CR249          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R17.50/5
CR250          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R19.00/10
CR251          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R19.00/10
CR252          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R21.50/5
CR253          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL                               R17.50/5
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 10
SMALL CHARMS               COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE
BR710                      NICKEL/BLUE                                   R9.50/10
BR711                      NICKEL/BLUE                                   R9.50/10
BR712                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR714                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR715                      NICKEL/BLUE                                   R12.65/10
BR716                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR717                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR718                      NICKEL/BLUE                                   R9.50/10
BR719                      NICKEL                                        R6.50/10
BR722                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R6.50/10
BR723                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R6.50/10
BR727                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR729                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R9.50/10
BR731                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR732                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR734                      NICKEL                                        R6.50/10
BR735                      NICKEL                                        R8.30/10
BR738                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR739                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR741                      NICKEL/RED STONE                              R10.75/10
BR743                      NICKEL/PINK,BLUE,PURPLE STONE                 R10.75/10
BR745                      NICKEL/PINK,BLUE,PURPLE STONE                 R10.75/10
BR746                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR747                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR748                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR749                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR750                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR751                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR752                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR754                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR756                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR757                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR758                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR759                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR760                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR762                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR763                      NICKEL                                        R8.30/10
BR764                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR765                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR766                      NICKEL                                        R8.30/10
BR767                      NICKEL                                        R8.30/10
BR768                      NICKEL                                        R8.30/10
BR769                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR770                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR771                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR773                      NICKEL 5 ASSTD STONES                         R12.65/10
BR774                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR775                      NICKEL/ 5 ASSTD COLOURS                       R9.50/10
BR776                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to cahnge)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 11
SMALL CHARMS               COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE
BR777                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR778                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR779                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR780                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR781                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR782                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR783                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR784                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR785                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR786                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR787                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR788                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR789                      NICKEL/ 5 ASSTD GLITTER COLOURS               R12.65/10
BR790                      NICKEL/ 5 ASSTD GLITTER COLOURS               R12.65/10
BR791                      NICKEL                                        R8.60/10
BR792                      NICKEL                                        R8.60/10
BR793                      NICKEL                                        R8.60/10
BR794                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR795                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR797                      NICKEL                                        R8.60/10
BR798                      NICKEL                                        R8.60/10
BR800                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR802                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR803                      NICKEL                                        R6.50/10
BR804                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR805                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR806                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR807                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR808                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR809                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR810                      NICKEL                                        R9.50/10
BR811                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R6.50/10
BR812                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR813                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD GLITTER COLOURS                R12.65/10
BR814                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR815                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR816                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.50/10
BR817                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR819                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR820                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR821                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR822                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR823                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR824                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR825                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR826                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR827                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR828                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR829                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 12
SMALL CHARMS               COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE
BR830                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR832                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR833                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR834                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR836                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR837                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR838                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR841                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR842                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR843                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR845                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR846                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR847                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR849                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR850                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR850                      NICKEL/5 ASSTD COLOURS                        R12.65/10
BR851                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR852                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR853                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR854                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR856                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR857                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR858                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR858                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR859                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR860                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR861                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR864                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR865                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
BR866                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR869                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR873                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR874                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR875                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR876                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR877                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR878                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR879                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR880                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR881                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR882                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR883                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR884                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR885                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R7.60/10
BR886                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R8.60/10
BR887                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R8.60/10
BR888                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR889                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R9.80/10
BR890                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                             R10.75/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 13
SMALL CHARMS               COLOUR AVAILABLE                             PRICE
BR891                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR892                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR893                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR894                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR895                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR896                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R7.60/10
BR897                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR898                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR899                      NICKEL, ANTBRASS                             R9.80/10
BR900                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR901                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR902                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR903                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR904                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR905                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR906                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R7.60/10
BR907                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR908                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR909                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR910                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R7.60/10
BR911                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR912                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR913                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR914                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR915                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR916                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR917                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R7.60/10
BR918                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR919                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR920                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR921                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR922                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR923                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR924                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R7.60/10
BR925                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR926                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR927                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR928                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR929                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10

BR930                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R7.60/10
BR931                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR932                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R9.80/10
BR933                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R8.60/10
BR934                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS                            R10.75/10
BR935                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS(BLACK)                      R10.75/10
BR936                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR937                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR938                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
Price exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 14
SMALL CHARMS               COLOUR AVAILABLE                             PRICE
BR939                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR940                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR941                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR942                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR943                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR944                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR945                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR946                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR947                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR948                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR949                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR950                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR951                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR952                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR953                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR954                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR955                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR956                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR957                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR958                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR959                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR960                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR961                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR962                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR963                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR964                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR965                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR966                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR967                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR968                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR969                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR970                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR971                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR972                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR973                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR974                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR975                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR976                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS
BR977                      NICKEL, ANT/BRASS

Price exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 15
ALPHABETS                  COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICE

LARGE                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL/NICKEL                   R1.32EACH
SMALL                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL/NICKEL                   R0.97EACH
NUMERALS                   ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL/NICKEL                   R1.09EACH

FRAMES                     COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICES

FR01                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR02                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR03                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR04                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR05                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR06                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR07                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.30/5
FR08         ROSE          ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R48.75/5
FR09         CROSS         ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R48.75/5

CORNER PIECES              COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICES

CP01                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP02                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP03                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP04                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP05                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP06                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP07                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP08                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP09                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP10                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP11                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP12                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R30.00/20
CP13                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R32.00/20
CP14                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R32.00/20
CP15                       ANT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/NICKEL                   R32.00/20
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                          PAGE 16
ATTACMENTS/TOGGLES                       COLOURS AVAILABLE               PRICE

FC01          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                     R19.00/10
FC02          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                     R19.00/10
FC03          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                     R17.00/10
FC04          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                     R19.00/10
FC05          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                     R19.00/10
FC06          ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                     R17.00/10

SLIDERS                    COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICE

S01                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10
S02                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10
S03                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10
S04                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10
S05                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R38.00/10
S06                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R57.00/10
S07                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10
S08                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10
S09                   NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER          R22.00/10




HANGING ATTACHMENTS                      COLOURS AVAILABLE               PRICE

HP001                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R9.50/10
HP002                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R16.00/10
HP003                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R12.65/10
HP004                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R12.65/10
HP005                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R25.00/10
HP006                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R12.65/10
HP007                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R12.65/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 17
HANGING ATTACHMENTS                      COLOURS AVAILABLE               PRICE

HP008                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R16.00/10
HP009                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R16.00/10
HP010                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R25.00/10
HP011                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R34.50/10
HP012                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R25.00/10
HP013                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R7.50/10
HP014                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R7.50/10
HP015                      ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,NICKEL                   R25.00/10

BOOKMARKERS                COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICE

B/M001       ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                    R28.75/5
B/M002       ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                    R10.00/5

LARGE 21 KEYS              COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICE

L21/01                     NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                           R13.00EACH
L21/02                     NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                           R9.20EACH
L21/03                     NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                           R12.00EACH
L21/04                     NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                           R11.40EACH
L21/05                     NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS                           R4.30EACH

ASSORTED                   COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE

AT01         NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                    R1.00EACH
AT02         NICKEL,BRIGHT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/BRASS                    R1.00EACH

R/D01        NIXKEL                                                      R30.00/5
R/D02        NICKEL                                                      R28.50/10
R/D03        NICKEL                                                      R20.00/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 18
NEW PENDANTS               COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICE

DK001                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK002                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK003                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK004                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK005                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK006                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK007                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK008                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK009                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK010                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK011                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK012                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK013                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.00/10
DK014                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.00/10
DK015                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.00/10
DK016                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.00/10
DK017                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R51.75/10
DK018                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK019                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK020                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK021                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK022                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.00/10
DK023                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK024                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,CLEAR STONES                 R23.00/10
DK025                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R17.25/10
DK026                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK027                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R17.25/10
DK028                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R46.00/5
DK029                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,5COLOUR RHINES               R48.90/5
DK030                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,5COLOUR RHINES               R48.90/5
DK031                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,5COLOUR RHINES               R54.60/5
DK032                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R40.25/5
DK033                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R20.70/10
DK034                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R31.00/10
DK035                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R20.70/10
DK036                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
DK037                      NICKEL,5 COLOURS                              R31.00/10
DK038                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R17.25/10
DK039                      NICKEL,5 COLOURS WITH RHINESTONE              R48.90/5
DK040                      NICKEL,5 COLOURS                              R17.25/10
DK041                      NICKEL,TURQ/ROYAL BLUE                        R28.75/10
DK042                      NICKEL,TURQ/ROYAL BLUE                        R28.75/10
DK043                      NICKEL,5 COLOURS                              R31.00/10
DK044                      NICKEL,5 COLOURS                              R34.50/10
DK045                      NICKEL,GREEN WITH MOVING EYES                 R48.90/5
DK046                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,5COLOUR RHINES               R54.60/5
DK047                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R51.75/5
DK048                      NICKEL,5 COLOURS                              R40.25/10
DK049                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R28.75/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                         PAGE 19
NEW PENDANTS               COLOURS AVAILABLE                             PRICE

DK050                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R34.50/10
DK051                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R34.50/10
DK052                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.75/10
DK053                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,5 COLOUR RHINES                    R28.75/10
DK054                NICKEL,PINK/BLUE/PURPLE/RED                         R40.25/5
DK055                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R23.00/10
DK056                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.75/5
DK057                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R20.70/10
DK058                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R20.70/10
DK059                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R20.70/10
DK060                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.75/5
DK061                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R38.50/5
DK062                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R32.50/5
DK063                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R34.50/5
DK064                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK065                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK066                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R16.50/10
DK067                NICKEL,5 COLOURS                                    R20.70/10
DK068                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R16.50/10
DK069                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK070                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK071                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R6.50/10
DK072                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R6.50/10
DK073                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.75/5
DK074                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK075                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK076                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.75/5
DK077                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R16.50/10
DK078                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
DK079                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R20.70/10
DK080                NICKEL,5COLOURS                                     R39.50/10
DK081                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.50/5
DK082                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R10.00/10
DK083                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R19.50/10
DK084                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,5 COLOUR RHINES                    R16.50/10
DK085                NICKEL,TURQU/ROYAL BLUE MOVE EY                     R22.50/5
DK086                NICKEL,TURQU/ROYAL BLUE MOVE EY                     R22.50/5
DK087                NICKEL,TURQU/ROYAL BLUE MOVE EY                     R22.50/5
DK088                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R30.00/10
DK089                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R28.25/10
DK090                NICKEL,BLUE&WHITE WITH MOVE EYE                     R38.50/5
DK091                NICEKL,BLACK & WHITE                                R38.50/5
DK092                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R19.50/5
DK093        BRIGHT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                    R48.50/5
DK094                NICKEL,5 COLOURS                                    R28.25/10
DK095                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R16.50/10
DK096        BRIGHT/BRASS,NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                    R75.00/5
                     5 COLOUR RHINESTONES
DK097                NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                         R12.50/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & Package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
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NEW PENDANTS               COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE

DK098                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R18.00/10
DK099                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R18.00/10
DK100                      NICKEL,BLACK CENTRE                           R20.50/10
DK101                      NICKEL,BLACK CENTRE                           R18.00/10
DK102                      NICKEL,BLACK CENTRE                           R12.50/10
DK103                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R48.60/5
DK104                      NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL                   R87.00/5

METAL BEADS                COLOUR AVAILABLE                              PRICE

MB01          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R34.00/10
MB02          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R17.25/10
MB03          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R10.54/10
MB04          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R10.50/10
MB05          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB06          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R21.00/10
MB07          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R26.25/10
MB08          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R26.25/10
MB09          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R36.50/10
MB10          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB11          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R26.25/10
MB12          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R10.54/10
MB13          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R10.54/10
MB14          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R4.90/10
MB15          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB16          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R10.50/10
MB17          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB18          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R4.90/10
MB19          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB20          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R9.20/10
MB21          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R9.20/10
MB22          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R4.90/10
MB23          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB24          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB25          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB26          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB27          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R9.20/10
MB28          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
MB29          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R4.90/10
MB30          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R6.90/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
                                          PAGE 21
MB31    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R11.50/10
MB32    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R11.50/10
MB33    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R13.80/10
MB34    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R11.50/10
MB35    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R11.50/10
MB36    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R15.80/10
MB37    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R14.60/10
MB38    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R9.20/10
MB39    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R6.90/10
MB40    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R8.90/10
MB41    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R9.20/10
MB42    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R9.20/10
MB43    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R9.20/10
MB44    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R8.90/10
MB45    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R6.90/10
MB46    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R6.90/10
MB47    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R17.25/10
MB48    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R4.60/10
MB49    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R4.60/10
MB50    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R3.45/10
MB51    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R6.90/10
MB52    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R4.60/10
MB53    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                           R4.60/10
METAL BEADS CONT COLOUR AVAILABLE                                        PRICE

MB54          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R17.25/10
MB55          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R17.25/10
MB56          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R13.80/10
MB57          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R14.75/10
MB58          NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/NICKEL,ANT/COPPER                     R16.00/10
Prices exclude Vat,postage & package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO
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LARGE PENDANTS COLOUR AVAILABLE                                          PRICE

     11488             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/ASSTD COLOURS                    R41.10/5
     11489             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/COL STONES                       R41.10/5
     11492             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/COL STONES                       R41.10/5
     11494             NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                              R41.10/5
     11498             NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                              R41.10/5
     11503             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/COL STONES                       R34.50/5
     11506             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/ASSTD COLOURS                    R47.50/5
     11507             NICKEL/2 TONE (GLITTER AND PLAIN)                 R47.50/5
     11508             NICKEL/ASSTD COLOURS                              R47.50/5
     11508             ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                   R41.10/5
     11509             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/COL STONES                       R41.10/5
     11510             NICKEL,ANT/BRASS/COL STONES                       R41.10/5
     11511    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                     R31.50/5
     11512    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                     R31.50/5
     11513    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                     R37.95/5
     11514    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                     R31.50/5
     11515    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                     R31.50/5
     11517    NICKEL,ANT/BRASS,ANT/COPPER,ANT/NICKEL                     R31.50/5

Prices exclude Vat,postage & package(all prices are subject to change)   E&EO

Please Note:We also do nickel free plating

(All order take ± 2-3 weeks depending on the stock on hand) E&EO

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