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									                                                                                                                     Spring 2005

                      THE PIRATE PARENT
                        Office of Parent Services: 252-328-9585,,
                        Parent Help Line & E-mail: 252-328-2888,

FERPA! FERPA! FERPA! Why Can’t ECU                                                              Message from Parents Council
tell you Everything about your Student?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT of 1974 (FERPA), often
                                                                                                Congratulations Charlie!
referred to as the Buckley Amendments, provides guidelines for all public                       A university could not ask for a better
educational institutions, preschool through graduate school, concerning                         Parents Council president! Charlie Martin,
their handling of student educational records.                                                  class of 1968, has been Council president
                                                                                                from 2002 through today, continuing a life-
An educational record is defined as any record “created and maintained”                         long, broad and devoted relationship with
by an educational institution which personally identifies a student.                            ECU. He is a knowledgeable and effective
Identification can be by name or social security number, but it also can be                     ambassador on behalf of the 30,000+ ECU
more generic. If information would be released about “the student govern-                       undergraduate parents, and a staunch, vocal
ment president,” she would be personally identified as there only is one                        advocate for student welfare. As he does
person at a time serving in that role.                                                          everything, he has committed himself to
                                                                                                ECU parents and the Council, providing
Once a student matriculates to an educational institution, all education-
                                                                                                strategic direction and building the con-
al records created and maintained by that institution become the proper-
                                                                                                stituency into a voice that is recognized and
ty of the student regardless of the student's age. In Dougie Houser, MD,
                                                                                                respected by administration. He initiated
Dougie Houser graduated from medical school at age 16. Had that fiction-
                                                                                                and championed the Office of Parent
al character been a real student, his educational records would have
                                                                                                Services, the parent web site, this parent
belonged to him from the day he began his undergraduate education! The
                                                                                                newsletter, and assistance for freshman
university could not release his records to a third party, even his
                                                                                                move-in. He serves on the ECU Board of
parents/guardians without a signed, dated statement giving it permission
                                                                                                Visitors and the campus coalition for sub-
to do so. In the eyes of FERPA, parents/guardians have no more standing
                                                                                                stance abuse education, Impact. He has
to see their student's educational records than any other third party.
                                                                                                worked toward growth and improved stew-
There are a few exceptions under FERPA that allow the university to                             ardship of the Parents Fund - and has signed
communicate internally. Academic advisors, for example, may have                                every Parents Fund pledge and gift thank-
access to grades; housing officials may have access to campus judiciary                         you letter personally!
records. There is another very narrow exception that allows university
officials to notify parents/guardians in health and safety emergencies. If a                    For his respected and admired work for
student who is under 21 years of age is found to be in violation of state law                   ECU parents and students, Charlie was
or university policy related to alcohol and other drugs, her or his parents                     honored with ECU's Alumni Association
may be notified. And, of course, if a record is subpoenaed, the University                      Distinguished Service Award on April 28
must comply, but must notify the student in advance of providing the                            at its spring awards banquet.
record so that the student's attorney may move to quash the subpoena.
FERPA allows the dissemination of “directory” information and requires
that each institution publish annually a list of what information, within
FERPA guidelines, may be considered directory information. The law also
allows the student to suppress that information for any reason. At ECU,
directory information includes name, address (including e-mail address)
and telephone number, date and place of birth, dates of attendance, major
field of study, degrees and awards received, participation in officially rec-
ognized activities and sports, most recent previous educational agency or
institution attended, and for student athletes, weight and height.

East Carolina University is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina. An
equal opportunity/affirmative action university, which accommodates the needs of individuals
with disabilities.
                                             A New Campus Safety Department
In Memoriam
                                             The entire UNC system is taking a proactive approach to addressing safety issues. Campus safety
As a tribute, the ECU Parents
                                             impacts everyone on campus, and each student, faculty and staff member needs to be able to work,
Association installs an inscribed
                                             learn and live in a safe and secure environment. Clearly the best protection against campus crime
memorial at The Cupola on the mall
                                             is an aware, informed and alert campus community, using reason and caution along with a strong law
for East Carolina University’s deceased
                                             enforcement presence. The Division of Student Life has previously implemented safety campaigns
students. The ECU family celebrates
                                             such as EMPOWERED and Illuminating Campus Safety, which charge students, faculty and staff to
the joys and accomplishments of each
                                             make our campus safer. Now, Student Life is has increased its commitment to safety and security
student and shares with the families
                                             through education and awareness. To that point, I am happy to announce the creation of a new
the profound loss of each precious life.
                                             Campus Safety Department to augment the excellent work already being done by the ECU Police
A memorial service was held April 23
at The Cupola by the Division of             The Campus Safety Department will develop and implement safety awareness and educational pro-
Student Life, its Student Government         grams for the ECU campus, utilizing three full-time employees. Captain J.P. Smith, reassigned from
and Parents Council, for the following       the ECU Police Department, will serve as Director of Campus Safety. The Campus Safety
students who have died since July 1,         Department began operation on March 1, 2005 and is temporarily located in Aycock Residence Hall
2004:                                        on College Hill. Current plans are for a permanent location in Garrett Residence Hall on West cam-
                                             pus, with the completion of renovations during the summer. The department will focus on provid-
                                             ing crime prevention, safety workshops and forums on a regular schedule to the campus community.
      Katherine Marie Italiano
      Maritza Rochelle Johnson               I ask everyone to be a part of the solution to continually improve safety on our campus.
            Larissa Molles
      Maiisha LaShawn Moore                                                                                                   Dr. Garrie W. Moore
      Stephen Anthony Pittman                                                                                        Vice Chancellor for Student Life
       Christopher David Pope
       Christopher Joseph Toler

The Ombuds Office                            Greek Life
The Ombuds Office offers confidential,       Promoting Diversity, Life-long Learning, Friendship and Service.
impartial help with finding solutions to        The Office of Greek Life advises the 35 social and service fraternities and sororities on East
problems that faculty, staff and students    Carolina University’s campus, assisting them with new member recruitment and training, member-
may encounter on campus. We encour-          ship development, risk management, coordination of events and fundraisers, and daily operations.
age your student to come by and see us       The office helps members understand the values and founding principles of their individual organi-
if they have questions about University      zations as well as their organizations’ risk management policies, all of which preclude hazing and the
policy or feel the victim of unfair treat-   abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
ment. The Ombuds Office cannot “fix”            The individual umbrella organizations that are represented on campus are the Interfraternity
a situation, but we can work with the        Council, National Panhellenic Conference, and National Pan-Hellenic Council. These organiza-
student on being a self-advocate, make       tions have constitutions and bylaws, and their elected executive boards hold member organizations
referrals, and allow the student to work     accountable to the policies governing them. Together, their members make up close to 10% of the
toward solution.                             student body whose primary purpose is to recognize excellence in a specific field, such as education,
                                             community involvement, or leadership. The Office of Greek Life does not work directly with honor
As an added service, the Ombuds              or service fraternities but these organizations are recognized by our Student Leadership Office as offi-
Office answers calls or emails made to       cial student organizations.
the parent services. Sometimes the par-         A unique feature of Greek Life at East Carolina University is the Multicultural Greek Council, an
ent and/or the student is unsure of          organization that strives towards the unification of the member organizations and towards the cele-
where they can get information on            bration of cultural diversity.
University services or policies. We wel-        The Office of Greek Life encourages member students to strive for academic excellence and to
come all calls and contact with our          seek leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. Historically, the members’ cumulative grade
office. We want you and your student         point average is equal to or slightly above the university average. Members hold key leadership posi-
to feel good about their ECU experi-         tions on campus. For example, the Executive Board of the Student Government Association are all
ence.                                        members of the Greek Community.
                                                The members are very active in philanthropic programs that raise money to support cancer
      Laura Sweet, Ombudsman                 research and the Ronald McDonald House and to combat domestic violence. They do volunteer
         The Ombuds Office                   service throughout the community. They also make significant contributions to the educational
            137 Flanagan                     foundations of their national organizations.
                                                We invite you to visit or contact the office with any questions or concerns that you may have
        Office 252-328-1744
                                             regarding Greek Life.
             Parent Help
           252-328-2888                       Contact Information: Ion V. Outterbridge, Director, The Office of Greek Life, 224                 Mendenhall Student Center, Greenville, NC 27858, 252 328-4235,,
                                    (This website is under construction)
Ballard Installed As ECU Chancellor                                                                                    Save the Date for
                                                                           (March 31, 2005) — Chancellor
                                                                           Steve Ballard today (March 31)
                                                                                                                     Family Weekend 2005
                                                                           described the East Carolina
                                                                           University of the future as a
                                                                                                                               October 7 – 8
                                                                           national leader in the innovation       Mark your calendars, make your reserva-
                                                                           and application of medical tech-        tions, and join us for this weekend planned
                                                                           nology, possibly leading the way to     just for you - a winning combination of
                                                                           controlling diseases such as dia-       football, entertainment, family activities,
                                                                           betes.                                  and food. You may want to make your
                                                                              "Our aspirations for ECU are         reservations ASAP. Check out http://www.
                                                                           bold and significant, and, more, or call
                                                                           importantly, they are all built on      Office of Parent Services for assistance.
                                                                           existing foundations," Ballard said
                                                                           as he was formally installed as the
                                                                           university's 10th chief executive.
                                                                           "Through the quality of our work
                                                                           and our will power, we can trans-
 Molly Corbett Broad, left, president of the university of North Carolina  form our region. We will do the
 system, presides at the formal installation of ECU Chancellor Steve      right thing for our university and
 Ballard. (Photo by Cliff Hollis)
                                                                          our state."
   Ballard, looking ahead to the year 2015, said, "Just imagine ECU as the first medical school to not
only cure diabetes through bariatric surgery, but the place where the molecular trigger for diabetes is
identified and inhibited so that diabetes is a completely controllable disease. Our researchers are
approaching that path breaking discovery."
   Ballard also predicted that ECU could become a national center for technologies dealing with
speech impediments and speech pathologies, a world center for research and technology transfer relat-
ed to minimally invasive surgery, and a national center on nutritional genomics, specializing in preven-
tion and nutritional mitigation of disease.
   Ballard, who was appointed chancellor by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors last
March, was sworn in by I. Beverly Lake Jr., chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.
   In a traditional ceremony attended by representatives of more than 100 American universities and                Family Weekend
colleges, Ballard was presented with the university mace and the chancellor's medallion by Molly
Corbett Broad, president of the University of North Carolina system, and Jim Talton, chairman of the               A Pirate Tradition
ECU Board of Trustees.
   Ballard described a university ready for a new beginning. "We have a great foundation based on serv-
ice, spirit, leadership and character," he said. "We have great opportunities and these opportunities
                                                                                                                 • The university that redefined the notion of pub-
overwhelm our problems."
                                                                                                                   lic service, making it among the highest honors
   He described ECU as a national quality university with a state focus. "We have a special affection
                                                                                                                   of the university.
and eye toward eastern North Carolina," he said. "North Carolina cannot be a great state without a
                                                                                                                 • A university that lives its values related to access
thriving eastern region. It is clearly a time for a new beginning for eastern North Carolina, with ECU
                                                                                                                   and diversity.
as a leader, a catalyst and a partner."
                                                                                                                 • A university recognized as the best economic
   The chancellor noted the university's growth: "We have added 3,350 new students over the past
                                                                                                                   development partner in North Carolina and the
three years, the largest absolute growth of any public university in North Carolina."
                                                                                                                   best collaborator and friend of the community
   "We are growing because we add value to our students," he said. "We are committed to their success.
                                                                                                                   college system. Reaching the goals, he said, "will
We don't measure success by the income levels of students when they enter or their SAT scores, rather
                                                                                                                   require true collaboration as we change our-
by their competencies when they exit." Turning to the future, the chancellor described a university that
                                                                                                                   selves in response to a chaotic environment.
will be recognized in five areas in addition to its role in the innovation of health technology:
                                                                                                                   Let's all embrace the changes necessary to real-
• The leadership university that provides every student with competencies in leadership readiness.
                                                                                                                   ize our vision and our responsibility to our state."
• A public university, committed to quality athletic programs that is better known for renewing, re-
   creating and re-energizing the concept of student athlete.                                                                                    - ECU News Bureau

                                                                                          Russ & Julia Ipock                      Leslie Smith
ECU Parents Council 2004-2005                                                             Vanceboro, NC                           Burke, Va
Your Parents Council represents you and more than 30,000 parents of ECU                   Hervy & Deborah Kornegay                Frank & Beth Stansbury
 students. Members are chosen from among the active members of the                         Nominations Committee Co-Chairs        Hampstead, NC
Parents Association.                                                                      Calypso, NC
                                                                                                                                  Mimi Vause
The Council’s activities are coordinated by the Office of Parent Services.                Jim & Maryann O’Donnell                 Fayetteville, NC
You may inquire about the Council or reach any Council member through the                   SGA Parent Representatives
Office of Parent Services at 252-328-9585.                                                Hampton, VA                             Fred & Brenda West
                                                                                                                                  Rocky Mount, NC
Charlie Martin, President,                  Miles & Lynn Barefoot                         John & Diane Poag
 & Joan Martin                               History Co-Chairs                              Regional Development Co-Chairs        John & Cabell West
Greenville, NC                              Greensboro, NC                                Morehead City, NC                       Richmond, VA

Anne Heritage, Past President,              Frank Davis,                                  Ray Rogers                              Clay Willis, Grants Committee Chair
 & Scott Heritage,                          Parents Fund Committee Co-Chair                & Eve Rogers, By-Laws Chair              & Nancy Willis,
 Parents Fund Committee Co-Chair              & Joan Davis                                Greenville, NC                           Newsletter Committee Chair
Greenville, NC                              Concord, NC                                                                           Oak Hill, VA
                                                                                          Chip Smith
Stephanie Ashworth                          Chuck & Katie Harris                          Burke, VA                               Gordon & Debbie Woodruff
Fuquay-Varina, NC                           Norfolk, VA                                                                           Smithfield, NC
  ECU Opening New Residential Dining Restaurant                                                                    THE PIRATE PARENT
                  Innovative New Restaurant Sure to Please the                                                                 Spring 2005
                   Entire East Carolina University Community                                                                   Published by
                                                                                                                            Parents Council
                                                                                                                       Student Life Advancement
                                                                                                                         Division of Student Life
                                                                                                                        East Carolina University
                                                                                                                     Vice Chancellor for Student Life
                                                                                                                          Dr. Garrie W. Moore
                                                                                                               Director of Advancement for Student Life
                                                                                                                             Cheryl Kite
                                                                                                                        Parents Council President
                                                                                                                             Charlie Martin
                                                                                                                           Newsletter Chair
                                                                                                                           Nancy A. F. Willis

                                                                                                                       Student Life Advancement
                                                                                                                        Office of Parent Services
                                                                                                                        East Carolina University
                                                                                                                      Greenville Centre, Room 1111
                                                                                                                      2200 South Charles Boulevard
                                                                                                                       Greenville, NC 27858-4353
                                                                                                                     252-328-9585; fax 252-328-4904
   March was a busy time for college students. Between studying for mid-term exams, working, and
planning for spring break, it was nice to know that the ECU students had something new to look for-
ward to. Opening for dinner on Sunday, March 20, 2005, West End Dining Hall excited even the
most overworked student. This state-of the-art 600-seat, 40,000 square foot residential dining hall       Disability Support Services
features a marketplace style fresh prepared in customer view concept. The menus will change daily,
                                                                                                          For admission, students with disabilities are con-
breaking the monotony of daily dining.
                                                                                                          sidered with the same academic criteria that
   The menus and serving styles at each distinct station in the food court can please the palates of      apply to all students. If an applicant with a docu-
students, faculty, and staff alike. The Bistro offers traditional home-style entrees reminiscent of       mented disability qualifies academically and
mom’s cooking. Reade Street Grill serves it up hot and sizzling. Made-to-order specialties rotate         applies to the Office of Disability Support
daily (Pepper Jack Bacon Burgers, Quesadillas, Patty Melts, Wings, and Fire Roasted Vegetable             Services for assistance, ECU must make arrange-
Burgers to name a few) and the staples (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, grilled cheese,        ments to accommodate that student. Specific
and fries) are available daily. Looking for meat and potatoes? The Pitt, open for brunch and dinner,      information can be found at
features a rotisserie that cooks your favorites right before your eyes. Enjoy pork loin, carved roast     studentlife/dss/For_Students.asp, or obtained at
beef, honey glazed ham, carved turkey breast, a variety of veggies and sides, and mouthwatering           252-328-6799, TTY# 252-328-0899, or Brewster
desserts. Hungry yet? Well, that’s not all. The deli, Wrap and Roll, will offer made-to-order subs,       A-117.
sandwiches and wraps and daily features including paninis, lavash rolls, and pain petites. In a hurry?                                   Liz Johnston, Director
Customers on the run can quickly pick up a pre-made sandwich and homemade chips. Right beside                              Office of Disability Support Services
the deli is a feature that is a stranger to most college campuses, a Mongolian grill. Fire and Rice
serves more than just stir fry and rice. Daily specials include: So Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Noodle
Bowls, Asian BBQ Pork, Dragon Beef, Cantonese Chicken, and vegetarian selections. When it
comes to pleasing college students, pizza should never be forgotten. Amore boasts a gas-fired brick
pizza oven, made- before-your-eyes pasta dishes, and omelets-to-order for breakfast. And, in the cen-
                                                                                                          Important Dates
ter of all the activity is the Center Isle. The Center Isle is an expanded salad and fruit bar offering   August 14             Fall schedules canceled for
smoothies at breakfast. Needless to say, variety is here to stay at West End Dining Hall. But, that’s                           all with unpaid fees by 4:00
not all. Venture next door to Reade Street Market, a mini grocery store stocking all of a student’s       August 22             Advising, registration, and
favorites and necessities. Located inside the market, is Subway. Also included in the building is a
                                                                                                                                schedule adjustments
Housing Services Community Service Office for the central and west campus neighborhoods.
   The dining hall can serve over 1200 students per day. The entire dining operation is staffed by a      August 23             Classes begin.
team of 90+ employees.                                                                                    August 29             5:00 PM Last day for late
   Due to the topography of the location, the facility is two stories, with the first serving delivery                          registration and drop/add.
access from a public street and the second floor providing customer access to the main campus at a        Sept. 4               Labor Day Holiday
higher elevation.                                                                                         Sept. 29              5:00 PM Last day to with-
   The project began in Fall of 2003 and has been estimated to cost $15,857,000. The cost of the                                draw without grade
project has been fully financed in a bond issuance over a 20-year period to be repaid on a 75% by         Oct. 14-17            Fall Break
campus dining services and a 25% by housing services basis.                                               Dec. 6                Classes End
                                                           - Todd Johnson, Associate Vice Chancellor      Dec. 15               Exams
                                                                         Campus Living and Dining         Dec. 16               Commencement
Families Celebrate
                                                                Student Health Center                                       328-6841
                                                                Mon., Tue., Thurs.                                          8:00   AM-7:00 PM
For each commencement, families of graduating seniors
are given a unique opportunity to honor their students'
                                                                Wednesday                                                   9:00   AM-7:00 PM
achievements. Each family's gift of $250 designated to          Friday                                                      8:00   AM-5:00 PM
the Parents Fund for this purpose recognizes its gradu-         Saturday-Sunday (Urgent Care only)                          9:00   AM-12:00 PM
ate's success with a personalized commemorative brick
inscribed and placed in the Cupola Plaza. The Cupola,           24 Hour - ECU Urgent Care/Nurse Line                        328-6841
a replica of the one that sat atop the old Austin build-
ing, is a symbol of the university's history of commit-         The Center is staffed by 5 physicians, 7 nurse practitioners, a physician
ment to quality higher education. The 2004-2005 grad-           assistant, 3 pharmacists, 2 nutritionists, and 41 support staff.
uates who have become a part of this tradition are:
                                                                Director - Jolene Jernigan, RNC, FNP
December 2004 Grads         Spring 2005 Grads
Jennifer L. Allison         James G. Blalock, III
Sharon M. Bland             Bradford T. Bowen
Bryon A. Claphan, Jr.       Cameron S. Buckman
Christine D. Crouch         Heather R. Cartwright
Catherine Davis             Sara J. Cicconi
Bennett T. Dupree
Kelly M. Evans
                            Melissa D. Cole
                            Britni N. Collier
                                                             Student Technology Resources at ECU
Ross A. Fischer             Tinya M.S. Delagarza             Computer Purchase Program. ECU has negotiated discounted pricing on IBM and Apple com-
Angela C. Graves            Diana J. Dodson                  puters. Students can purchase computers at the ECU Dowdy Student Store, and can receive
Derek C. Hurdle             Carla Hochreiter
                                                             full support for these computers through the ACE Support Center in Austin 101. Before pur-
Kimberly A. Loftis          Susan Hope
Elizabeth McChesney         Chris J. Kempfer                 chasing a computer, students should consider their potential major and check the specific
Kevin G. Mickle             Stuart R. Kent                   departmental requirements. For students NOT enrolled in a requiring program, purchasing
Molly D. Morris             Laveena T. Khanchandani          a computer is OPTIONAL. To view recommended models visit
John G. Shelton             Justin Samuel King-Gaines
Cliff P. Skudin             Evan J. Kleinhans                Network Connection in the Dorms. RezNet is the network service for students living in the res-
Casey B. Spear              Christopher C. Kornegay          idence halls. The focus of the service is to provide a network port for each student living on
Elizabeth M. Stout          Becky McMurray                   campus, as well as the technical support for the service. For more information, visit
Elizabeth L. Strickland     Shannon O'Donnell      
Vance W. Townsend           Tabitha R. Ridgely
                                                             Student Computer Labs. There are over 60 supported labs on the ECU campus (general use
                            (List compiled 4/13/05)
                                                             and departmental) with approximately 950 PCs and 425 Macs. Software like MS Word,
For more information about the Senior                        Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Outlook (E-mail) and Norton
Commemorative Bricks, contact the Office of Parent           AntiVirus is available in all labs with departmental (specialized) software in each of the indi-
Services, 252-328-9585 or                vidual departmental labs.

                                                             The Austin 104 Computer Lab is the centrally located computer lab on campus and is open
$1 Million Gift to Support                                   twenty-four hours a day by seven days a week (24x7), except for scheduled holidays when
                                                             students are not on campus. For information or locations of specific computer labs, visit
Leadership Development                             
On March 30, BB&T Corp. announced a $1 million gift
                                                             Student Technology Support. The University IT Help Desk provides a variety of technical
to enhance leadership initiatives at ECU. The donation
                                                             assistance to students, which includes but is not limited to resetting account passwords, local
builds on earlier contributions that created the univer-
sity's BB&T Center for Leadership Development.               networking support, and answering general questions. The University IT Help Desk can be
                                                             contacted at 252-328-6866. Distance education students not on campus can call toll free 1-
Dr. James H. Bearden, Center Director and former dean        800-340-7081. Students can submit online requests at
of the School of Business, has said that the gift is an
exciting and challenging addition to Chancellor Steve        For a comprehensive guide on student IT resources at ECU, visit
Ballard's view of leadership development as an impor-        itcs/act/act_studentorien.cfm and click on “Technology Essentials for Students”.
tant and integral mission of ECU.

                                                                                                         Morning Ceremony - 10:00 a.m.
Spring Commencement - May 7                                                                              Brody School of Medicine
                                                                                                         School of Allied Health Sciences
Commencement exercises are scheduled for Saturday, May 7th, 2005 in Williams Arena of                    School of Nursing
Minges Coliseum. The morning ceremony begins with the concert at 9:30 a.m. and the *program              College of Education
at 10:00 a.m. The afternoon ceremony begins with the concert at 1:30 p.m. and the program at             College of Human Ecology
2:00 p.m. If your student has applied for graduation and plans to participate, he or she needs to        College of Health & Human Performance
make a reservation through the commencement web site, or log on                 College of Technology & Computer Science
to Onestop and link to the graduation RSVP. Your student can print a confirmation which will
serve as his/her parking pass. Commencement guests do not need parking passes. Contact Liz               Afternoon Ceremony - 2:00 p.m.
Johnston, Commencement Committee Co-chair at 328-6799 if you have any questions.                         Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
                                                                                                         College of Fine Arts & Communication
                                                                                                         School of Business
Clark-LeClair Stadium Opens
Heartfelt applause along with many a tear heralded the emotional
opening ceremonies for ECU's new $10 million Clark-LeClair
Stadium held Friday, March 4.
Constructed on the site of the former Harrington Field at the univer-
sity's athletic complex on Charles Blvd., the new state-of-the-art sta-
dium bears the name of the William H. Clark family, who donated
$1.5 million for its construction, and former Pirate baseball coach
Keith LeClair.
Although sidelined by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's dis-
ease), LeClair remains devoted to the team's activities. Opening cer-                                                              Photo by Neil Boardmoon
emonies included a tribute to LeClair, with a commemorative award
presented by Athletics Director Terry Holland, and a dozen roses presented to LeClair's wife, Lynne, by Chancellor Steve Ballard. LeClair's children,
Audrey and J.D., threw out the first balls in front of a record crowd of 4,410 in the first game of the Second Annual Keith LeClair Classic.

Stokes Named Head Men's Basketball Coach
                                           On March 16, Ricky Stokes was announced as ECU's new head men's basketball coach. Athletic Director Terry
                                           Holland said, “Today is a great day to be a Pirate. Ricky reminds me a lot of East Carolina in that he has always
                                           had to try to prove himself, much like East Carolina has."
                                           Stokes, who has played an active role on coaching staffs which have made nine NCAA Tournament appear-
                                           ances since 1991, recently completed a two-year assistant coaching position at the University of South Carolina.
                                           At 42, Stokes will become ECU's 21st head men's basketball coach in the school's all-time history.
                                           A 13-time NCAA Tournament veteran and two-time Final Four contributor as both a player and assistant
                                           coach, Stokes brings four years of head coaching experience -- directing Virginia Tech's growth from the
                                           Atlantic 10 Conference to the Big East Conference while guiding the Hokies to 46 victories.
                                           As a student, Stokes earned recognition on and off the court and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Virginia
                                           in 1984, and a master's degree in counselor education at Virginia Commonwealth in 1988. After his playing
                                           career at Virginia, which included three consecutive ACC championships and four straight NCAA Tournament
                                           appearances, Stokes initiated his full-time coaching career with one year at Bowling Green, then joined Dave
                                           Odom's first staff at Wake Forest in 1989. In his eight years at Wake Forest, the Deacons advanced to the NCAA
                                           Tournament seven times.
                                           "I'm excited about the opportunity to coach basketball once again. Ever since I started playing basketball, I've
                                           had to find a way to compete and win and that's the type of mentality I will bring to this program," said Stokes.
                                           Commenting on recruitment, Stokes said, "We will not bring any student athlete to East Carolina that we feel
Photo by Kip Sloan                         will not graduate.”
                                           Stokes and wife Karen are the parents of a daughter, Sydney (8).

Holtz Named Football Coach
The announcement of Louis “Skip” Holtz as ECU's head football coach was made in December by Director of
Athletics Terry Holland, saying, “Holtz has played an active role on coaching staffs that have captured seven
major bowl titles in eight appearances since 1987.”
Holtz, 40, is East Carolina's 19th head football coach in the school's all-time history and directly succeeded John
“We have great confidence in Skip to take over and lead our football program into a new era as its head coach,”
Holland said. “His background and enthusiasm make him a perfect fit for ECU, our community and the Pirate
Holtz completed his sixth season as South Carolina's assistant head coach and quarterbacks' coach in 2004. He
displayed his all-around abilities as a coach, remaining closely involved with the Gamecock offense in addition
to handling a variety of duties as assistant head coach under his father, the legendary Lou Holtz.
Holtz came to South Carolina after a successful five-year stint as head coach at the University of Connecticut.
While at Connecticut, he led the Huskies to their best season in school history in 1998 and was recognized as
one of the top young coaching talents in the country.
Born in Willimantic, Conn., Holtz spent the first two years of his life at UConn while his father served as the
top football assistant on the Huskie staff. He attended Holy Cross Junior College in South Bend, Ind., for two                              Photo by Kip Sloan
years before transferring to Notre Dame in 1984. Holtz earned his bachelor's degree in business management in 1986 and was a
football letterwinner for the Irish in 1986, appearing in all 11 games as a special teams member and backup flanker.
Skip and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of three children: Louis Leo (Trey) III (10); Chad Fitzgerald (8); and Hailey Elizabeth (6).

                                                                                                                             -Revised from the News Bureau
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As an undergraduate parent, you are automatically an associate member of the ECU Parents Association and receive the general parent services of the
university and the Office of Parent Services. Your gift to the Parents Fund makes you an active member of the Association and provides additional
communications and special services of the Office of Parent Services and recognition as a partner with university advancement. For more information
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have included:
$15,000 Parent newsletters and communications
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           help underwrite training for ECU staff,
           faculty and students
$10,000 Transfer to Parents Endowment, bringing
           total to $70,000
$ 1,000 Sponsorship for Senior Graduation Dinner

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