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doc - ukm gsb malaysia by wuxiangyu


									                                                                           Alumni Association UKM-GSB

Who is UKM-GSB Alumni?
UKM-GSB Alumni are graduates of Faculty of Business Management/ Faculty of Economics and Business/ Graduate School of Business who have
completed any of these programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accounting, Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of
Philosophy programme.

Your support and involvement as a member of our global alumni community is greatly valued by UKM-GSB. Please keep us informed of your up
to- date contact details so that we can send you future publications and information about alumni activities and events. Don’t forget, you can
keep in touch with the Alumni Association online at or by email at There is an online form
available for you to fill in to help keep us regularly updated of any changes to your details.

A. Your personal contact details

Name:                                                                      NRIC/PP no:

Title:                                                                     Date of birth:

Address:                                                                   Contact Telephone:


B. Your education at UKM

Degree Programme: MBA / MAcc / DBA / PhD                                   Year of graduation:

Specialisation:                                                            Year of commencement of studies:

C. Your employment

 i.      Current employment status (Please tick one box only)

  Employed full-time                       Employed part time            Job Title:
  Self-employed                            unemployed
                                                                           Company name:
  Still Studying                           Retired
  Volunteer                                At home / taking time out     As at (Date):


 ii.     Your current personal monthly income (Please choose one)          Office Tel:

  Less than RM7,000                                                       Work Address:
  RM 7,001- RM 12,000
  RM 12,001- RM 17,000
  RM 17,000 – 22,000
  RM22,001 and above

 iii. Previous job promotions/positions held after graduating from UKM:

Job promotions/positions                        Company                                               Country            From (yr.) to (yr)
 iv. Industry (Please tick one)

  Banking                                                    IT Computing                            Sport/Leisure/Hotel
  Business/Information Services                              Insurance                               Health Services
  Building/Construction/Property Services                    Law/Legal Service                       Social Services
  Environmental Services                                     Media/Broadcasting                      Agricultural
  Education                                                  Oil/gas/mining                          Armed Services
  Engineering/Manufacturing                                  Publishing/Printing                     Architecture
  Scientific services/Research Development                   Pharmaceutical                          Police/Law enforcement

Other (Please specify): ______________________________________


Who are you in touch with? Please provide the names and contact details of other UKM alumni you know – we would like to welcome them in
the Alumni Association UKM-GSB and keep in touch.


Supporting UKM-GSB

I’m interested in:

         Helping to set up and run an alumni branch in my area                     Postgraduate study and would like to know more

         Becoming an Alumni Ambassador in m y country                              Offering a benefit/discount to alumni

         Contributing a case study/my career/ personal profile in                  Giving a guest lecture / seminar / career talk to current or
          UKM-GSB’s                                                                  prospective students

         Attending professional networking events                                  Employing placement students

         Attending reunion events                                                  Looking at the student profile of UKM-GSB (e.g. to offer
         Website/ newsletter

Additional Information

The University is keen to use alumni success stories and case studies in the media. Would you be happy to be contacted by the press office and
take part in media interviews?

         Yes                            No

Have you won any awards, conferred (royal) titles and had any other success since you left us? If so, please name the awards/title.

Do you have your own business? If so, please provide a brief description here:

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this update form. Please return it to:

UKM-GSB Alumni Association                                    You can also fax us both sides to +603-89213161
Graduate School of Business (UKM-GSB)                         Or visit us at and fill the online update form.
University Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600, Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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