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FDC has built a reputation which spans over 10 years of immense
contribution to the success and growth of our clients in the different
sectors of the economy.
Established in 1990, the company commenced operations a year later
with assets of N11 million and an equity base of N7 million. The
company’s assets are currently about N850m with shareholders’ funds in
excess of N200 million. It is currently planning to increase its
shareholders funds to N500m through a rights offer and private
The company is privately owned with 19 shareholders of different and
distinctive areas of achievement. The board is chaired by Olorogun Moses
Taiga, an accomplished Economist and Accountant, whilst daily
operational activities are led by Mr. B. J. Rewane as Managing Director
and Mr. I. K. Alofoje as Deputy Managing Director. The combined
banking and financial experience of the top management of the company
is in excess of 100 years.

FDC has competencies in over 12 industry groups in the key economic
and business areas encompassing business strategy, economic modeling
and strategic management change.

FDC is recognized as Nigeria’s leading provider of professional
consultancy services, sound financial and economic analysis, and

Analysts have acclaimed our newsletter as the leading source of business
information in Nigeria. This newsletter now boasts of a readership (direct
and bottle legged) of at least 3,000 executives in corporate Nigeria.

We are committed to offering our clients the best solutions meeting their
needs through Innovative and prompt service in the following

   1. Investment Banking & Financial Advisory
   2. Asset management
3. Treasury Management
4. Funds Management
Investment Banking and Research Services
Economic Research and Financial Advisory & Services
Our research team produces a monthly publication, “Special Market
Update” which arms the discerning reader with an in-depth analysis of
critical sectors of the economy. It forecasts movements of Interest and
Exchange rates, inflation, real GDP growth, Money and Capital markets
as well as other economic variables.

Strategic Economic review, analysis and projection of macro-economic
variables/ government policy and market scoping activities are carried
out for multinationals and the asset and liability committee of key
banking institutions.

In the area of scoping and validation of market dimension, we have
worked closely for Diageo and Coca-cola for their 10-year planning
assignments. We have also worked with Heineken, Coca cola
International, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, First Bank, Standard
Trust Bank, UBA, Wema Bank, to name a few. In the area of financial
advisory services we are currently serving as advisers to the government
on the Flag Carrier project.

Asset Management
Equity & Portfolio Management
Our portfolio management service is offered to individuals, corporate and
institutional investors who require professional management of their
assets. Our private portfolio counseling identifies investment
opportunities and addresses a variety of investment objectives. We buy
growth and value stocks that have potentials of generating decent
returns above inflation in the medium to long term. Our stock selection
process is driven by quality research. We keep clients informed of their
portfolio through regular visits and monthly review of their equity
portfolio. Our equity software application package provides detailed
information in numerical and graphical forms i.e.

   ● Unrealized gains and losses
   ● Total returns
   ● Total worth of the portfolio i.e. present value + bonus.
Dollar mutual fund
This is a dollar denominated fund designed for sophisticated, high net
worth and institutional clients. The objective of the fund is to hedge
against the political and currency risk through a broad based and
diversified investment in the US equity market. The fund is domiciled
with Merrill Lynch & Co., the third largest investment banking company
in the world. The fund invests about 90% in growth-oriented equities
whilst the balance of 10% is invested in the money market.
Pension & Provident Fund Management
Our Pension Fund Management is bi-dimensional depending on the level
of service required by an organization i.e.

   ● Management of pension funds by investing in different classes of
   ● The basic financial advisory services which complement the role of
     in-house managers whilst reviewing the fund’s implementation,
     strategy and return objectives

Our client base cuts across all the major sectors. Some of our clients
include Nigerian Breweries Plc, Westminster Dredging Nigeria Limited,
Delta Glass Industries, Shell Trustees, amongst others.

Issuing House Activities
As a licensed issuing house, we have assisted a number of companies in
raising equity capital from the stock market. Examples include
Pharmadeko Plc and Vono Nig. Plc.

Treasury Management

Funds invested here are on a short-term basis and usually range in tenor
from call to 90 days at competitive rates. The aim is to magnify the yield
to the depositors and we do this by buying banker’s Acceptance and
Certificates of Deposits from prime banks. Ultimately, we take into
consideration the investment philosophy of each individual.

Funds Management

Our products include the issuance, trading and discounting of short-
term fixed income debt instruments notably:

   ●   Investment Grade Commercial Papers
   ●   Medium Term Notes
   ●   Negotiable Certificate of Deposit
   ●   Bankers Acceptances

These papers traditionally yield higher returns than bank deposits and
are effective shields from withholding tax. Funds managed in the money
market are usually tenured for 90-180 days, to meet the working capital
needs of companies.

The risk profile of the issuing companies is usually of acceptable
standards. The financial condition of these companies are investigated
and monitored closely by our analysts to protect the portfolios from any
unforeseen deterioration. The structures of the maturing investments,
whether on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis, are tailored with the
liquidity needs of our clients, whilst providing optimum returns.

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