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					                              Basic information
Location details
Kleiva 2, 5152 Bønes

telephone: (+47) 55101912
      (there are no local area codes in Norway. The country dialling code is 47)

Emergency and Contact numbers:
Fire 110      Police 112      Ambulance 113

Richard Nash                                Audrey Geffen
Work: Institute for Marine Research,        Work: Department of Biology,
Nordnes, Bergen                             University of Bergen (High
Tel: 55236855                               Technology Center)
Mob: 91845894                               Tel: 55584435
Email:                  Mob: 92844163

The Yellow Pages ( has a map (kart) function that can help you
locate both business and private addresses:

Similar information is available from

                                                                     Bus station


                                                                     Kleiva 2

This area of Bergen is called Bønes, or Kråkenes
The nearest main road is Straumeveien
Distance to the centre of Bergen is 7 km
Distance to the airport is 10 km
The nearest supermarkets are Safari and REMA 1000, located at the first roundabout
in the direction of town, approximately 20 minutes walking (1 km)




Bus -
The easiest way to travel in and out of town is by bus. The bus route 525 passes
directly outside the house on the main road. Bus route 60 also passes close, with
stops at the TexacoHydro petrol station going into town, or at the REMA 1000
supermarket roundabout coming out of town.

The official name of the stop is: Kråkenes 2 (Kleiva), ask the bus driver for Kleiva

All buses travelling into town have the route number 100, they have their regular route
numbers showing when travelling out of town

The 525 bus passes each hour at a few minutes past the hour (but also at 7:30, 8:30
and 9:30 in the morning).
You can find all the buses passing each stop in touch from the Tide bus company
route planner:

Taxis –
Bergen Taxi (tel: 07000) Norgestaxi (tel: 08000)

Car –

Some parking spaces are available along the road to the house.

Driving into Bergen requires payment of a road tax – your car number plate is
photographed and you need to go into a designated station to pay the toll (15kr for
cars). It is also possible to get an electronic tag (deposit 200kr) so that you can pay
automatically if you will be driving around a lot. The toll system and instructions are
given in English here:

Apartment contents
Kitchen utensils, pots and pans, dishes, glasses and cutlery are all supplied with the

Bedlinen, duvet, pillows and towels are supplied with the apartment

A small supply of cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and toilet paper is also provided at the
beginning of each lease

Please replace what you use, keep the apartment clean and tidy, and let us know if
there are any breakages.

Appliances and Heating (Instruction manuals are in apartment box file)
Fuse Box –
The fuse box is located in the area between the kitchen and the bathroom, next to the
door to the bathroom. The trip switches should be UP for ON.
The individual switches are labelled:
1. Komfyr – Cooker
2. Kjøkken – Kitchen (lights, sockets, underfloor heating)
3. Vaskemaskin – Washing machine/dryer
4. Varmt vannsbereder – Hot water heater
5. Ledig – free/unused
6. Bod-Bad-Sov – Store area, bathroom, bedroom (lights, sockets, underfloor heating)
7. Oppvask maskin – Dishwasher
8. Stue – Living room (lights, sockets, underfloor heating)

Heating –
There is underfloor heating throughout the apartment. Thermostats control the
temperature in each room

Hot water –
The hot water tank is located in the cupboard just outside the bathroom door. The
water temperature can be controlled if needed, please ask.

Fire alarm and smoke detector –
The smoke detector for the flat is located on the ceiling in the sitting area, near the
bedroom door. This is an optical smoke detector and is linked into the main house
alarm system. If it should go off by mistake please contact us. If we are not available,
please contact:
Sector Alarm – tel: 03033
Explain the problem, and you will be instructed how to shut it off. You will need to
supply two passwords:
“our” password is - hillcliffe
“their” password is - marshall

Kitchen –



Extractor Fan


Electric Water Kettle
Cleaning –
Washing Machine (Combination Washer-Dryer)

There is an ironing board stored in the cupboard next to the hot water heater

Vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner is stored in the cupboard next to the hot water heater. It does not
require bags, but the dust cylinder needs to be emptied when full

The WiFi is shared through the whole house.

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

     Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : lan
     IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
     Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
     Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

The system is a “secure network” so just ask for the encryption key.

Garbage, Rubbish, Recycling
The rubbish is collected every week on Tuesdays. Please put normal garbage/rubbish
in a plastic bag in the wheelie-bin labelled Kleiva 2. The bins are usually at the top of
the steps near the ramp to the bus stop.

We can recycle plastics and paper through the regular rubbish pick-up, but these are
collected every 4th week. Paper should go into the brown wheelie-bin, and plastic must
be placed in the clear plastic recycling bags – and put out next to the bin on the
correct day.
In theory the collection days are the Tuesday of weeks: 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30,
34, 38, 42, 46 and 50.

Glass, metal, and cardboard can be recycled in large containers around town.
Other Useful information

Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance) –

The Norwegian emergency numbers are 110 for fire, 112 for police, and 113 for
health. The centres are interconnected, a call to the wrong number will be rapidly

Sports –
University Sports Club:,

There are several public swimming pools around Bergen. The city central pool is a 25
m pool with diving boards and a children’s pool. There is also a sauna. Prices are kr.
55,- or a card with 12 swims kr. 550,- 12 and 6 month passes are also available (kr.
2.500, kr. 1.400). The pool is open most mornings and several evenings, and on the
weekends. The address is Teatergaten 37, 5010 Bergen, Tlf.: 55 56 95 70




Arts –
Greig Hall (Bergen Philharmonic)

Web links –

Information for Guest researchers from University of Bergen:
Bergen city council:

UiB student services:
Includes information about sports and activities

UiB information in English:
Includes information about Bergen

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