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					Juma College Services Program
                                    Table of Contents
I. Vision
      Goals and Objectives
      The 4 Tenets of the JCP
      Scope and Sequence
II. Enrollment & Participation
      JCP enrollment policies/Transition from Juma HS program
      Communication policy
      On-going paperwork submission policies
      Disenrollment Policy and Procedure
III. Program Structure and Components
      Services Provided
            Educational Savings Accounts
            Financial Planning and budgets
            Academic support
            On-Campus support
            Scholarship support
            Career Exploration & Internship support
            Social & Personal support
            Campus cohorts and leadership opportunities
IV. Educational Accounts
      Educational Accounts Withdraw Policy & Procedure
V. Summer Internship Program
      2010 Partners
      Internship Process
VI. Forms
I. Vision
Goals and Objectives
The goal of the Juma College Program (JCP) is the successful completion of a undergraduate degree program
at an accredited post-secondary institution. The JCP provides services that support youth to stay in school and
focused on academics and the college experience.

The 4 Tenets of the JCP

Scope and Sequence
    February – July 2010: Senior transition to JCS
    July 22, 2010 – Juma College Orientation
    August 3, 2010 – Youth meeting all requirements become full JCS participants and can begin accessing
       their College Savings Accounts.
    December 2010 – Mid-Year Orientation and Summer Internship Workshop (TBD)
    Summer 2011 – Internship Prep Classes and Dis-Orientation (TBD)
II Enrollment & Participation
Enrollment Requirements: by December 31st in the year of their expected graduation.
           High School Graduate – Diploma or G.E.D.
           JUMA HS Program Graduate
           Full-time Enrollment at an accredited post-secondary institution.
           Completion of the JUMA College Orientations
           Signed agreements for College Services participation
           Completion of a transitional budget and pre-college assessments.

Juma youth are required to communicate with JCP staff at least once per month. Communication includes by
phone, email or in-office visits.

On-going paperwork submission policies
    Youth must provide updated class schedules every semester/quarter.
    Youth must submit their financial aid award letters for every school year.
    Youth must submit or provide access to grades and credit accumulation.
    Other requirements as needed.

Disenrollment Policy and Procedure
Inactive: If the above requirements are not met, students will be deemed inactive
     Inactive status will result in a hold on the Juma Educational Account.
     If there is no communication for a period of 6 months, students will receive a 30-day notice for
     If a student fails to adequately respond to the 30-day notice, they will be dis-enrolled from the Juma
       College Program without further notice.

III. Program Structure and Components
Services Provided by JCP
    Juma Educational Account (IDA/Scholarship) withdrawals
    Financial management and budgets
    Academic and on-campus support
    Housing
    Transportation
    Scholarship support
    Career Exploration & Internship support
    Social & Personal support
    Campus cohorts and leadership opportunities
IV. Juma Educational Accounts
IDA: Money saved in your IDA account with a 1:1 or 2:1 match. These funds are limited to purchases made at a
college or university.
     Tuition and Fees
     Books & supplies at college bookstore
     Dorm and meal plans
     Vendors that are recommended by college bookstores or professors

Juma Scholarship: Money awarded to you based on your transitional budget needs. These funds are more
flexible and may be used anywhere for educational purposes.

Educational Account Request Policy
    All purchases must be requested through Juma College staff.
    All purchases are subject to approval.
    College youth must complete the request form in full, including signature and
      date. An official invoice detailing the purchase item(s) and exact price,
      including tax and shipping, must be included.
    For some purchases, a youth may need to include a class syllabus for proof of
    Educational funds CANNOT be used to reimburse purchases made.
    If the purchase will be shipped, make sure to include your current shipping
    Purchases made online should include the url, username and password, if
      necessary. There is a section on the form to enter this information.

      Payments are made directly to the school or vendor. Other arrangements must be approved by
         Juma staff.

          Payments can be made in several ways:
              o Paper Checks (5 to 7 business days)
              o Credit card (1-3 business days)
              o E-check (1-3 business days)
Purchase Restrictions

ALL requests will be required to be directly supportive of your educational success!

          Requests for bus and plane tickets are limited to two per year and only for travel between home
           and school (No Spring Break trips to Hawai’i)
          Computer purchases are limited to $1500, including software.
          Rent is limited to $1500 per year.
          Purchases made CANNOT be reimbursed by Juma.

V. Summer Internship Program
The JCP facilitates a summer internship program for college youth between their first and second year.

2010 Internship Partners:
    Old Navy
    SaveTogether.com
    Evergreen Lodge
    Inspire USA Foundation
    Juma Enterprise Team
    Barbagelata Real Estate
    Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights
    Juma College Program

Two types of internships:
Juma Internships
The JCP is developing internship opportunities with our corporate and community partners to provide college
youth with experience in their field of interest. The Juma College staff will work to match youth with
internships and provide the necessary support in the application process.

Competitive Internships
The Juma College staff will support youth in the research and application process for competitive internships
that are in their field of interest.

Summer Internship Process
1) Identify a career or an internship that you are interested in pursuing.

2) Prepare a current resume and general cover letter and email it to Juma College Staff.

3) Create a professional online portfolio – www.weebly.com or www.linkedin.com
4) Attend the mandatory Summer Internship Workshop in December 2010 to develop a plan for summer

5) Research internship opportunities or organizations.

6) Communicate with Juma College staff about available opportunities.


8) Attend the mandatory Internship Prep Class in May/June 2011

Summer internship information will be shared throughout the year as it becomes available. Information will
be sent out through email, posted on Facebook and the Juma College Blog (www.1234567890.com). It is the
responsibility of the college youth to check these sites and their email regularly.
                                                  Juma Ventures IDA Program
                                              Qualified IDA Withdrawal Request Form

                                                        Personal Information

Name:         _____________________________      Email: ________________________________

Home Phone: (____) _________ Cell: (____) ________          Work Phone: (____)__________

Street:       _______________________________________________                              Apt #:      ________

City:         _____________________________________                     State:   ____      Zip Code:   ________

                                                       Purchase Information

 Please describe in detail what you plan to purchase with your IDA funds (i.e., a computer for your home, child care payments, tuition
for school, etc.):

Special Instructions for Purchase: ________________________________________________________________________________

                                                        Payment Information

To whom should your purchase check be made out (the vendor selling the asset you are buying)?

    Circle one of the following ways to make payment:       Check, Pay online or with credit card

    FOR ONLINE PAYMENT: ( Information used for payment only.)

    URL (web address for online payment)__________________________

    Account User Name_____________________________

    Account Password_____________________________

        Name:    ____________________________________                   Phone Number: (_____)__________

    Street:      ___________________________________________________________________

    City:        ___________________________________            State:____                 Zip Code:   ________

    Amount from your IDA savings:                              $______________
    Amount from your IDA match:                         +      $______________
    Total cost of your asset purchase:                  =      $______________
Please Attach with this withdrawal form:
        Purchase documents (e.g. invoice/statement for tuition, books, supplies requested by the professor, or computer/laptop)

After your qualified withdrawal vendor check is cut:
        Mail Directly to my home address

        Hold check at Juma Ventures for pick up.

                                                       Applicant Certification

My signature below certifies that all information provided on this withdrawal request form is accurate and complete to the best of my
knowledge. In addition, my signature attests to that I will use the money for the above stated purpose.

Signature:       __________________________________________ Date:                ____________

Is this your last withdrawal?                                                    YES              NO
Juma can not issue a check for under five dollars; if this is your last Withdrawal please check one of the following options.

                                                       For ASSETS Use Only
Date received: __________________

Form reviewed by: ______________                    IDA dollar/Scholarship balance verified (Citibank)

                                                    Match-Funds Verifed (Vistashare)

                                                    Match ratio verified (vistashare)

                                                    Financial Ed. Verified (ETO)

                                                    4 Savers Club Meetings Verified (Vistashare)

Date item submitted to accounting/paid online: ___________________

Notes/Special Requests:
                                                  Juma College Program

Permission to Access College Accounts

I ___________________________________(name) give permission to the Juma College staff to access my
account(s) at __________________________________ (school) in order to obtain information pertaining to grades,
registration, schedules, financial aid and payments. It is my understanding that the Juma College staff can access my
account(s) at any time.

The Juma College staff will maintain confidentiality in regards to any and all information received from the student’s

School name: __________________________________________

ID/Username: __________________________________________

Password : __________________________________________

If you do not wish to grant access to your stuent account, you MUST submit all required materials to the Juma college
staff in a timely manner. Failure to submit the required material may result in dismissal from the Juma College Program.

___ I do NOT wish to provide Juma with my access information. I agree to submit all information requested by the
Juma College staff.

Sign: __________________________________________                          Date: ___________
                    Release of Confidential Information to Authorized Persons/Organizations
By submitting this form I authorize [INSERT GRANTEE ORGANIZATION NAME HERE] to share all personal information I
provide in my scholarship application with the College Access Foundation of California (“CAFC”) (the grantor of this
scholarship) so that CAFC can research and evaluate scholarships and programs, and so that it can better enable young
people to attend college and university. I further authorize CAFC to share demographic data about me (such as my name
and birth date) with the National Student Clearinghouse in order to verify my enrollment in the program to which I have
been admitted. The Clearinghouse will use this information solely to verify enrollment and attendance at an institution
of higher education.

I understand that CAFC will take appropriate steps designed to secure and protect the information I provide, to keep it
confidential, and to prevent others from connecting this data to me. Any information that could identify me will be
removed or changed before such information is shared with other researchers, organizations, or institutions and before
any research results are made public in an aggregated form. Except as set forth in the first paragraph of this release,
under no circumstances will my identity be revealed by CAFC.

This authorization will remain in effect until I revoke it or modify its terms, which I may do at any time by contacting
ORGANIZATION] will maintain this document, that I am entitled to request and receive a copy, and that I may wish to
make a copy of this document for my own records.

Student Name: ___________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ___________________________

Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________________ (if student is under 18)

Student’s Signature: _________________________________________ (if student is 18 or over)

Date: _________________________________

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