Digestive System worksheet by MikeJenny


									Digestive and Urinary Systems – worksheet   Name: ____________________

Define the following terms:

pharynx –

ingestion --

mastication –

digestion –

epiglottis –

bolus –

peristalsis –

esophagus –

chyme –

gastric gland –

small intestines –

duodenum –


gall bladder --

bile –

pancreas –

cecum –

large intestines –

appendix –

rectum –

sphincter --
Label the major divisions of the digestive system represented by capital letters on
the diagram in the diagram below.

Answer the following questions: (Hint: answers are in the short videos)

What is the difference between the processes ingestion, digestion, and absorption

Where in the digestive tract does the digestion of food begin? __________________

Absorption of digested food begins in the upper section of the small intestines called the

What is the function of the following enzymes? – amylase, lactase, sucrase, lipase.
Label the organs and segments of the digestive system illustrated below. Afterwards,
circle the location of the cardiac sphincter, pyloric sphincter, ileo-caecal sphincter
and anal sphincter.
What is the function of bile, what organ produces it, and where is it stored until needed?

Where are the enzymes released into the small intestine produced? ________________

In the walls of the small intestines, special finger-shaped structures laced with blood
vessels help increase the absorption of nutrients. What are these finger-like structures
called? __________

The primary function of the large intestines is to reabsorb ____________ from
undigested food.

In which part of the digestive system is undigested food (and bacteria) stored until it is
eliminated? ____________

What are the three main organs of waste removal and what kind of waste do they
process?       1.

Label the structures of the Urinary system below:

What are the three functions of the kidney?

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