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					         Q & A Panel Session- WAVOCC AGM 2011

   1. Mark Jackson, St Richards Hospice

       In regards to funding- it is clear that the three Clinical Commissioning
       Groups don’t have equity of funding. Why is it that the separate areas
       of Worcestershire have different arrangements and is this in relation to
       per number of patients?

Simon Hairsnape replied that each person living in a patch gets their own
sum. This sum is responsive to locality needs. It’s a very tricky situation to
work on the agenda at County level and then also at a local level.

   2. Bernard Feehan, Alzheimer’s Society

       Will there be a choice in diversity between the large providers and
       smaller providers?

The response to this question was that government is determined to have a
level playing field. The strength of this is that it will be transparent. One thing
we all need to do is to make sure we are all asking and answering the right
questions. In this way we can ensure that all are dealt with fairly.

   3. Jim D Smith, DIAL North Worcestershire

       I am in favour of Locality Management; and it seems there is a gap
       between GPs and the model of Clinical Commissioning. How do we
       build stronger links between Commissioners and those who live on the

   Simon Hairsnape commented that GPs are inherently closer to the
   population than Commissioners so are in a better position to build stronger
   links with the community. Commissioners are better suited to putting
   structures in place and are stronger fit than the PCT’s.

   4. Will Tooby, The Fold Care Farm

       Can you please explain what is the criteria of the process? How can we
       all work together to make this happen?

Susan Harris replied that Clinical Commissioning is a completely new way of
doing things. There is a variety of very complex criteria and they realise this is
an issue and are working to be more transparent. Susan also responded that
working with self funders is another complex issue that needs to be explored.

      Can you give us a timeline for publishing criteria?

Simon Hairsnape responded that they are working to a deadline of the next
six months.

   5. Philip Talbot, Age UK Hereford & Worcester

      What new developments have been made in Health and Social Care

Simon Hairsnape replied that there have been some interest expressed in one
of the Pilot programmes. He stressed that Personalisation is the key here and
that it’s been a slow progress over last 5 years and that they hope to have a
more rapid progress going forward.

      You talk about innovation being important but there are little signs of
      any investment in innovation and the 3rd Sector has great potential for
      this. If we are to engage in services, it appears we would be no more
      than a cost cutting exercise. Are you planning on bringing our services
      into the public services and what are you doing to invest in innovation?

Simon Hairsnape responded: If we don’t make any changes in Health
Services we will have a £20 billion gap in 20 years time and the only option is
to reduce services; therefore the money available needs to be used differently
than how it was used in the past. We need providers to come forward with
good ideas about how and where to invest money in services. We won’t be
seeking people out for ideas, providers need to come to us and share their
ideas with us.

   6. Gloria Newman, SSAFA Forces Help

   My concern is regarding the conflicts of interest with the GPs running
   these commissioning services. How can you ensure that GP’s will run this
   smoothly and will not have a conflict between GP’s as a GP to patients
   and the GP as a Commissioner of services?

The response was that GP’s bring a lot to the table as they are local and can
relate to patients but they will need the right Management support around
them. It’s a difficult issue as a buyer and seller of services. Some will be
uncomfortable with these decisions they will have to make but with the right
Management in place it will make it easier for GP’s to make the decisions
needed in the best interests of all.
   7. Jonathan Cochran, Redditch Borough and Bromsgrove District
      Councils, representing Worcestershire Arts Partnership

      How do we start from ground zero and take the opportunities given?

The response was that Commissioning will be about outcomes and that it
does not matter how we get there. It’s also very important to note that we will
need the services of organisations like the Arts Partnership.

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