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									                                       Bryant & Stratton
                                     School Code 70450
                             New York State Insurance Department
                            Course Outline Amended January 2, 2006

Application Date: December 6, 2001              Approval Date: February 4, 2002

Course Title: Property & Casualty, Crime & Fidelity Agents Licensing Course: CE 108
And Property & Casualty, Crime & Fidelity Agents Licensing Course – Personal Lines

Index Number: 1223                       Bryant & Stratton Catalog Number: CE 108 and
                                         CE 108PL

Type: Property Casualty                         Status: Approved

Classroom Hours: 92.0             Review Hours: 4.0          Self-study Hours: N/A
(40.0 Personal Lines)             (2.0 PL and 2.0 CL)

Exam Hours: 4.0                                 Total Hours: 100.0
(2.0 PL and 2.0 CL)                             (44.0 Personal Lines)

Number of Sessions: 25            Number of Questions on     Passing Grade: 70%
(@ 4.0 hours)                     Final Exams: 150
(11 Personal Lines)

Home Study:
There is no prescribed “home study” for this course. Textbook reading assignments will
correspond with the subject matter to be covered in each class. (Please refer to the
attached curriculum.)

New York Property & Casualty Agent & Broker

All of Bryant & Stratton’s New York State market areas with offices in Buffalo,
Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany.

This course is intended to fulfill the pre-licensing course requirement under Sections
2103(b) and 2104 of the Insurance Law.

Amended February 20, 2004                      1
Final Exam:
The final exam will be split into two parts – one for personal lines and one for
commercial lines – each will consist of a minimum of 150 questions. The minimum
passing grade is 70%. A make-up exam (different questions covering the entire course)
will be made available as arranged by the instructor and student. Exam attendance will
be verified on sign-on sheets and student pre-licensing training records. Approved
instructors will provide final exam supervision, monitoring, and grading of the final
examination. Bryant & Stratton will draw on its bank of Property & Casualty exam
questions. A sample final exam is attached.

Completion Certificate:
Upon successful completion of the training course, these documents will be issued and
are to be submitted by applicants to the Insurance Department. They will show the
exact dates the class began and ended, training location, name(s) of the instructor(s),
name and code number (70450), and the total number of course hours. They will also
state that the applicant has “successfully completed” the course and will be signed and
dated by the designated person responsible for overseeing the training.

Prior to the beginning of each new course, the Insurance Department will be notified of
dates, times, location, and approved instructor(s). Upon completion of the course, the
Insurance Department will be provided with a list of those participants who successfully
completed the training.

N.B. “P&C” refers to the Property and Casualty Study Guide and “NY” refers to the
State Law Study Guide.

Amended February 20, 2004                   2
Session                                      Topic                                     Time for
    1        Introduction, Distribute Class Materials, Discuss Textbooks and Reading   1.0 hours
             Assignments, and Review New York State Applicants’ Handbook

             Insurance Terms and Related Concepts                                      3.0 hours
             (P&C pages 6-25)
                 A. Insurance Defined
                 B. The Values and Uses of Insurance
                 C. Requirements for Insurance
                 D. Insurable Interest in Property and Casualty Insurance
                 E. Insurance Legislation – Is Insurance Interstate Commerce or
                 F. Risk
                 G. Risk Management
                 H. Hazard
                 I. Underwriting
                 J. Sources of Insurability Information
                 K. The Fair Credit Reporting Act
                 L. Field Underwriting by the Producer
                 M. Loss Ratios and Related Concepts
                 N. Potential Liabilities of Agent/Broker
                 O. Peril
                 P. Loss
                 Q. Exposure
                 R. Rates
                 S. Proximate Cause

    2             T. Insurance Terms and Related Concepts (Con’t)                      4.0 hours
                  (P&C Pages 26-44)
                  U. Deductibles
                  V. Indemnity
                  W. Actual Cash Value (ACV)
                  X. Replacement Cost
                  Y. Types of Construction Used in Buildings
                  Z. Limits of Liability
                  AA. Coinsurance
                  BB. Pair and Set Clause
                  CC. Extensions of Coverage or Additional Coverages
                  DD. Accident
                  EE. Occurrence
                  FF. Cancellation
                  GG.           Non-Renewal
                  HH. Vacancy and Unoccupancy
                  II. Right of Salvage
                  JJ. Abandonment
                  KK. Liability
                  LL. Negligence
                  MM.           Reinsurance
                  NN. Private vs. Government Insurers
                  OO. Types of Insurers
                  PP. Financial Status of Insurers (Independent Rating Systems)
                  QQ. The Concept of Agency
                  RR. Waiver and Estoppel
                  SS. Agent’s Responsibility to the Insurance Company
                  TT. Types of Legal Business Entities

Amended February 20, 2004                           3
    3        Policy Provisions and Contract Law                   4.0 hours
             (P&C pages 45-50)
                 A. Policy Construction
                 B. Definition of the Insured
                 C. Duties of the Insured in the Event of Loss
                 D. Obligations of the Insurance Company
                 E. Mortgagee Rights
                 F. Proof of Loss
                 G. Notice of Claim

    4        Policy Provisions and Contract Law (Con’t)           4.0 hours
                 (P&C Pages 51-54)
                 H. Appraisal
                 I. Other Insurance Provisions
                 J. Restoration/Non-Reduction of Limits
                 K. Assignment
                 L. Subrogation
                 M. Arbitration
                 N. Elements of a Contract
                 O. Warranties, Representations and Concealment
                 P. Binders

Amended February 20, 2004                          4
    5        Personal Lines Property Policies:                                    4.0 hours
             The 1989 Dwelling Policy Program Property Coverages
             (P&C pages 55-82)
                1. Insured Perils
                2. Friendly vs. Hostile Fires
                3. Cause of Loss forms
                4. What is Covered?
                5. Dwelling Forms Comparison Chart
                6. Eligibility
                7. Declarations
                8. Insuring Agreement
                9. Coverage A – Dwelling
                10. Coverage B – Other Structures
                11. Coverage C – Personal Property
                12. Coverage D – Fair Rental Value
                13. Coverage E – Additional Living Expense
                14. Other Coverages That Will Apply to Basic Form DP 00 01
                    (Basic) Only
                15. Other Coverages That Will Apply to Both Broad Form DP 00 02
                    (Broad) and Special Form DP 00 03 (Special)
                16. Coverage for Coverage A – Dwelling and Coverage B – Other
                    Structures Special Form DP 00 03 (Special)
                17. Risks of Direct Physical Loss Examples
                18. General Exclusions
                19. Special Form DP 00 03 (Special) Additional Exclusions
                20. Dwelling Fire Conditions Common to All Forms
                21. Endorsements
                Dwelling 89 Theft Coverage
                1. Coverage Available
                2. Insured Perils
                3. Broad Form Theft
                4. Limited Theft Coverage
                Dwelling 89 Personal Liability Coverage
                1. Summary of Coverage Provided
                2. Defined Words
                3. Coverage L – Personal Liability – What is Covered
                4. Coverage M – Medical Payments – What is Covered
                5. Coverage L – Personal Liability and Coverage M – Medical
                    Payments to Others Exclusions
                6. Coverage L – Liability and Coverage M – Medical Payments
                    Additional Coverages
                7. Liability and Medical Payments Conditions
                8. Optional Dwelling Liability Endorsements

Amended February 20, 2004                        5
    6        Personal Lines Property Policies:                                     4.0 hours
             Homeowners 1991 Program
             (P&C pages 83-113)
                1. Summary of Coverage
                2. Types of Forms
                3. Perils Insured Against for Damage to Property (Chart)
                4. Declarations
                5. Insuring Agreement
                6. Section I Coverages are Property Coverage
                7. Section II Coverages are Liability Coverages and Medical
                8. Homeowners Eligibility
                9. Defined Words
                10. Section I Property Coverages (Same basically as the Dwelling
                    policy forms)
                11. Section II Liability Coverages
                12. Section I and II Conditions
                13. Deductibles
                14. Form HO 00 04 Contents Broad Form
                15. Form HO 00 06 Condominium Unit Owners
                16. Form HO 00 01 Differences
                17. Form HO 00 08 Modified Coverage Form
                18. Homeowners Endorsements
                19. Mobile Home Endorsement
                20. Homeowners Policy Program (Review Outline)

    7        Casualty Insurance:                                                   4.0 hours
             The Personal Auto Policy (continued)
             (P&C pages 206-232)
                1. Underinsured Motorists Coverage
                2. Part D – Coverage for Damage to Your Auto
                3. Part E – Duties After a Loss
                4. Part F – General Provisions
                5. Endorsements

    8        Casualty Insurance:                                                   4.0 hours
             The Personal Auto Policy (continued)
             (P&C pages 233-251)
                6. Underinsured Motorists Coverage
                7. Part D – Coverage for Damage to Your Auto
                8. Part E – Duties After a Loss
                9. Part F – General Provisions
                10. Endorsements

    9             Miscellaneous Personal Lines Policies                            4.0 hours
                  Umbrella, Flood, Inland Marine
                  (P&C pages 164-170)

    10             New York State Supplement                                       4.0 hours
                  (NY Supp pages 5-33,37,41,53-62,69,70-74,77-79,82-105)

    11            Personal Lines Review                                            2.0 hours
                  Personal Lines Exam                                              2.0 hours

Amended February 20, 2004                         6
    12       Commercial Lines:                                                  4.0 hours
             Commercial Building and Personal Property
             (P&C pages 117-150)
                A. Coverage Parts
                B. How to Build a Commercial Package Policy
                C. Common Declarations
                D. Common Policy Conditions
                E. Commercial Property Conditions
                Building and Personal Property Coverage Form – CP 00 10
                1. Coverage (Property Covered)
                2. Property Not Covered
                3. Cause of Loss
                4. Additional Coverages
                5. Coverage Extensions
                6. Exclusions
                7. Limits of Insurance
                8. Deductible
                9. Loss Conditions
                10. Additional Conditions
                11. Optional Coverages
                12. Defined Words
                13. Endorsements

    13       Casualty Insurance:                                                4.0 hours
             Commercial General Liability Coverage
             (P&C pages 204- 224)
                1. Basic General Liability Hazards
                2. Tort vs. Absolute vs. Strict Liability
                How the Commercial General Liability Form Works and What Is
                and Is Not Covered
                1. Section I Coverages (Coverage A Bodily Injury and Property
                    Damage Coverage)
                2. Section I Exclusions (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
                3. Section I Coverages (Coverage B Personal and Advertising
                    Injury Liability)
                4. Section I Exclusions (Coverage B Personal and Advertising
                    Injury Liability)
                5. Section I Coverages and Exclusions (Coverage C Medical
                6. Section I Supplementary Payments (Coverage A Bodily Injury
                    and Property Damage and B Personal Injury)
                7. Section II – Who is an Insured
                8. Section III – Limits of Insurance
                9. Section IV – Commercial General Liability Conditions
                10. Section V – Definitions
                11. General Liability Special Pollution Liability Coverages’
                12. Basic General Liability Hazards
                13. Tort vs. Absolute vs. Strict Liability

Amended February 20, 2004                       7
    14       Casualty Insurance:                                                4.0 hours
             Commercial/Business Auto Policy
             (P&C pages 252-264)
                1. Covered Auto Symbols
                2. Adding Autos
                3. Other Covered Autos
                4. Exclusions
                5. Limits of Insurance Apply Per Accident
                6. Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

    15       Casualty Insurance:                                                4.0 hours
             Commercial/Business Auto Policy
             (P&C pages 252-264)
                7. Conditions
                8. Defined Words
                9. Endorsements
                The Garage Policy
                1. Coverage
                2. Eligibility
                3. Garage Keepers Coverage

    16       Commercial Lines:                                                  4.0 hours
                1. Ocean & Inland Marine Coverage’s
                   (P&C pages 151-163)

    17       Commercial Lines:                                                  4.0 hours
                 Crime & Bonding
                  (P&C pages 276- 292)
                1. Commercial Crime Insurance Coverage Part and The Six Crime
                    Insurance Coverage Components
                2. Common Policy Conditions Apply to All Coverage Parts
                    Included in a Policy
                3. Crime General Provisions Form
                4. Employee Dishonesty – Form A
                5. Forgery or Alteration – Form B
                6. Theft, Disappearance and Destruction – Form C
                7. Robbery and Safe Burglary – Form D
                8. Premises Burglary – Form E
                9. Computer Fraud Coverage – Form F
                10. Extortion – Form G
                11. Premises Theft and Robbery Outside Premises Coverage Form
                    – Property Other Than Money and Securities – Form H
                12. Lessees of Safe Deposit Boxes – Form I
                13. Securities Deposited With Others – Form J
                14. Guests’ Property – Safe Deposit Box Policy – Form K
                15. Guests’ Property – Premises Policy – Form L
                16. Safe Depository Policy – Form M
                17. Robbery and Safe Burglary, Money and Securities – Form Q
                18. Surety Bonds

Amended February 20, 2004                        8
    18       Commercial Lines:                                                       4.0 hours
             Boiler and Machinery Coverage Forms
             (P&C pages 146-150)
                 1. Objects Defined
                 2. Defined Words
                 3. Covered Property
                 4. Property Not Covered
                 5. Covered Cause of Loss – An “Accident”
                 6. Defense
                 7. Coverage Extensions
                 8. The Broad Form
                 9. Deductible
                 10. Loss Conditions
                 11. General Conditions
                 12. Endorsements
                 13. The Small Business Boiler and Machinery Forms

    19       The Business Owners Policy                                              4.0 hours
             (P&C pages 140-145 NY Supp page 47)
                1. Eligible Businesses and Occupancies
                2. Ineligibility
                3. Business Owners Common Condition Form
                4. Coverages
                5. Perils Insured by the Standard (Named Perils) Policy
                6. Optional Coverages for the Standard Policy
                7. Deductibles for Both the Standard and Special Policies
                8. Perils Insured by the Special Policy
                9. Optional Coverages for the Special Policy
                10. Business Owners Liability Coverage
                11. Business Owners Endorsements

    20       Workers Compensation                                                    4.0 hours
             (P&C pages 265-275)
                1. History and Common Law Defenses
                2. General Section (Part I) of the Workers Compensation Policy
                    (How Coverage Works)
                3. The Second Part of Coverage is Called Employers Liability (Part
                4. Other Exclusions

    21       Workers Compensation
             (P&C pages 265-275)                                                     2.0 hours
                5. Other Conditions
                6. No Coverage for the Following Federal Acts
                7. Endorsements
                8. Rates
                9. Assigned Risk and State Funds

             Commercial Lines: Umbrella,
                1. Miscellaneous Polices                                             2.0 hours
                   (P&C pages 169, 164,165,169, 218,)

Amended February 20, 2004                         9
    22       Property and Casualty:                                                    4.0 hours
             New York Laws and Regulations that Apply to Property and
             Casualty Insurance
             (NY pages 1-36, 41-42, 65, 66-67, 73-96 and Sample Policy Form Kit)
                Insurance Department and Superintendent
                1. Licensing (Sec. 2101(a)(b), 2102 (a), 2103 (b)(c)(l)(m)(n), 2104,
                    2105, Regs. 125, 134)
                2. Marketing Practices
                3. Fundamental Principles
                4. Classifications of Insurance Companies
                5. Return of Premiums
                6. Property Insurance
                7. Inland Marine (Refer to P&C)
                8. Ocean Marine (Refer to P&C)
                9. Prohibition of Geographical Redlining
                10. Professional Liability (Refer to P&C)
                11. Workers Compensation and Employers Liability (Workers Comp
                12. New York Disability Benefit Law (Art. 9 Workers Comp Law)
                13. Commercial Crime (Refer to P&C)
                14. Boiler and Machinery Insurance (Refer to P&C)
                15. Fidelity and Surety (Refer to P&C)
                16. Involuntary Plans – Purpose and Concept
                17. Automobile Insurance (Sec. 5101-5108, 2328-2330)

    23       Property and Casualty:                                                    4.0 hours
             New York Laws and Regulations that Apply to Property and
             Casualty Insurance (continued) Brokers’ Section
              (NY pages 1-36, 41-42, 65, 66-67, 73-96 and Sample Policy Form Kit)
                 18. Policy Clauses and Provisions – Individual Insurance
                 19. Specific Types of Coverage
                 20. Group and Blanket A&H Policies
                 21. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred
                     Provider Organizations (PPOs) – Purpose and Concept (Sec.
                     1109, 4301(e))
                 22. Minimum Standards (Sec. 3217, 3218, 3224, Reg. 62)
    24        Farm Coverage                                                             4.0 hours
             (NY Supp. pages 44-47)
                 1. The Farm Property Coverage Form Declarations
                 2. The Farm Property Coverage Form
                 3. The Mobile Agricultural Equipment Floater – Optional
                 4. Livestock Floater – Optional
                 5. Farm Liability Coverage

    25       Commercial Lines Review                                                    2.0 hours
             Commercial Lines Final Examination                                         2.0 hours

Total Course Hours                                                                      100.0

Amended February 20, 2004                         10

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