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Early Head Start Teacher - Childhood Development Services

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					                                      JOB OPENING NOTICE

JOB TITLE:           Early Head Start Teacher
                      (Expansion Program)
                 Funded Officially until September 30, 2011

JOB LOCATION:          Marion and Alachua Counties

                       4A               EHS Substitute Teacher
                       ED0001           EHS Teacher I (No Credentials)
                       ED0001           EHS Teacher II—FCCPC (AKA: CDA-Equivalency)
                                        (Level II: starts five percent (5%) more than Level I)
                       ED0003           EHS Teacher III (Infant/Toddler CDA National)
                       ED0005           EHS Teacher IV (Associate’s Degree Out of Field)
                       ED0006           EHS Teacher IV (Associate’s Degree in Field)
                       ED0007           EHS Teacher V (Bachelor’s Out of Field)
                       ED0012           EHS Teacher V (Bachelor’s Degree in Field)

1.     Adaptability:
       a.    Consistently adapts teaching style to meet the needs of the wide array of age groups,
             moving with assigned group each year.
       b.    Supports efforts to provide high quality care in all classrooms by cooperating in
             assignments or schedules.
       c.    Accepts and uses criticism and feedback.
       d.    Changes approach to meet individual needs and respect the diverse backgrounds of
             children and their families.

2.     Communication:
       a.   Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally concisely, and in a logical manner.
       b.   Expresses ideas and thoughts in written form clearly, concisely, and in a logical manner.
       c.   Exhibits good listening and comprehension skills by listening to children, families and staff
            in a courteous and tactful manner and interprets age-specific responses to assessment
            and interaction with children in the assigned group.
       d.   Keeps others adequately informed by discussing children and family information privately
            with appropriate persons, keeping all written or verbal information confidential.
       e.   Selects the most effective age-specific method of communication, using non-judgmental
            (1) Communicates with parents/guardians by means of phone inquiries, daily reports, or
            arranged conferences (3) and home visits (3) as required.
            (2) Documents at least weekly communication with each family.

3.     Conflict Resolution:

       a.      Encourages open communications with all persons.
       b.      Confronts difficult situations, seeking to resolve conflicts with persons directly and
       c.      Maintains objectivity.

       d.     Keeps emotions under control at all times.
       e.     Uses negotiation skills to resolve conflicts, including being a role model for children.

4.     Family/Child Service:

       a.     Displays courtesy and sensitivity when working with children, their families, and the
       b.     Manages difficult or emotional family/child situations in a professional manner.
       c.     Meets commitments to parents by responding to requests within mutually agreed upon
              time frames or negotiates acceptable alternatives. Attends regularly scheduled parent-
              teacher conferences (3) to share information with parents regarding children’s skills, level,
              and/or problems.
       d.     Responds promptly to family and child needs using a variety of approaches that meet the
              needs of the individual child. Recommends ways to meet children’s needs.
       e.     Elicits feedback from children, parents, and staff and uses the feedback to help in
              planning and implementing future programming.

5.     Dependability:

       a.     Responds to requests for service and assistance from other staff
              and supervisors.
       b.     Follow instructions and responds to direction from management.
       c.     Take responsibility for own actions.
       d.     Commits to doing the best job possible:
              (1) conforms to Head Start/Early Head Start standards, policies, and procedures.
              (2) Demonstrates a commitment to developing and maintaining professional
                   competencies, keeping current CDA Credential in Infant/Toddler Center-Based
                   program, and continuing with AA/AS degree.
               (3) Completes annual educational requirements including, but not limited to CPR, First
                   Aid, and state mandated courses.
              (4) Ensures that children’s health records and developmental assessments are current.
       e.     Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines: schedules leave times in advance and calls
              in advance of scheduled work time if ill to allow for substitute.

6.     Job Knowledge:

       a.     Competent in required job skills and knowledge.
              (1)   Seeks to provide the most appropriate classroom setting for each child.
              (2)   Organizes space, equipment, and supplies to ensure that the classroom is safe,
                    attractive, and conducive to learning.
              (3)   Maintains a safe environment to promote the well being of each child and the total
              (4)   Consistently assures that equipment is in good working condition, and reports
                    safety and
                    security problems to the appropriate persons.
              (5)   Presents curriculum with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to
                    foster the growth of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills of the
                    children by planning and implementing a daily lesson.
              (6)   Continually fosters children’s independence in their play and work.
              (7)   Consistently encourages verbal and nonverbal expression.
              (8)   Observes children, evaluates records, and prepares reports with Supervisors’
                    assistance on children’s developmental level and skills and their progress in order
                    to document such growth and help with future evaluations.

                (9) Assists with screening children in health, vision, hearing, dental, behavioral, and
                     developmental areas.
                (10) Annually assesses classroom environment to meet standards for licensing,
                     accreditation, and inventorying equipment.
                (11)Consistently motivates and nurtures each child to use their natural ability and
                (12) Follows all reporting practices for suspected child abuse or neglect.

        b.      Exhibits the ability to learn and apply new skills.
        c.      Keeps abreast of current developments by participating in activities of a professionally
                related organization, and attending in-services, workshops, and conferences as
                evidenced by Employee Training Records.
        d.      Requires minimal supervision.
        e.      Displays an understanding of how the job relates to others within Head Start.
        f.      Use resources effectively.

7.      Judgment:

        a.      Displays willingness to make decisions.
        b.      Exhibits sound and accurate judgment:
                (1) Consistently implements developmentally appropriate individual and group
                    management skills.
                (2) Demonstrates an organizational ability which permits materials to be located easily
                    and keeps classroom areas neat.
                (3) Uses and maintains CDS equipment and
                (4) Accurately interprets information to provide services appropriate to the age and
                    development of the children in the class.
                (5) Consistently implements standards for health and safety of children in daily activities.
                (6) Accurately recognizes potential escalation of behavior before situation reaches crisis
                    and implements necessary behavioral intervention. Asks for help when needed.
        c.      Supports and explains reasoning for decisions.
        d.      Includes appropriate people in decision making process.
        e.      Makes timely decisions.
        f.      Accepts and takes responsibility for being a mandated child abuse and neglect

8.      Problem Solving: Participates in problem solving efforts by:

        a.      Communicating issues to Managers in a timely manner.
        b.      Describing problems in objective terms.
        c.      Actively seeking positive solutions.
        d.      Assisting in solutions when they are determined.
        e.      Encourages others to share their ideas or suggestions.

9.      Quality:

        a.      Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness in all Head Start paperwork
        b.      Displays a commitment to excellence. Displays initiative and task completion in work
        c.      Looks for ways to improve and promote quality, consistently working to improve skills.
        d.      Monitors own work to ensure quality.

10.     Teamwork: Supports new hires and volunteers assigned to their class.

        a.     Balances team and individual responsibilities by:
               (1) cooperating with other teachers in expanding the program to meet the changing
                    needs of the children.
               (2) effectively sharing information on children or their families with colleagues and other
               (3) assisting with referrals to outside professionals.
               (4) contributing an equitable share of classroom duties.
               (5) seeking opportunities to assist co-workers without compromising individual
                    responsibilities, by recognizing and acting on opportunities to be helpful in situations
                    outside of identified responsibilities.
        b. Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views.
        c. Gives and welcomes feedback to and from coworkers, other staff, or supervisors in a timely,
           professional, and constructive manner.
        d. Puts success of team above own interests and helps to maintain group morale.


1.    High school diploma or equivalent.
2.    Current certificate in First Aid, Infant/Child CPR (or enrollment in course within 90 days of hire).
3.    45 hour State child care training plus 10 hour Infant/Toddler course (or enrollment in courses within
      90 days of hire).
4.    Ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Bi-lingual skills are preferred.
5.    Ability to lift children up to forty pounds.
6.    Ability to sit on the floor or at the table with all Head Start ages.
7.    Ability to push a stroller loaded with six children.
8.    Ability to run after children if necessary.
9.    Ability to bend down to children or place them into cribs.
10.   A minimum of six months previous work experience working in a child care setting,
      preferably with infants and toddlers. For Substitute Teachers work experience preferred.
11.   National CDA (Infant/Toddler) Credential or FCCP Credential must be acquired within one year from
12.   Willing to get an A.A./A.S. by beginning the process 90 days after acquisition of CDA National.
13.   Ability to lift children/equipment up to forty pounds. This also includes bending, pushing, pulling,
      twisting, stretching, and pushing a stroller loaded with six children, etc…
14.   Ability to get on the level of the children (sitting on the floor, playing on outdoor equipment, etc…)
15.   Ability to move quickly in emergency situations involving the safety of the children. (Ex: running
      across the playground to get to an injured child.)

1.    National CDA Credential in Infant/Toddler.
2.    AA/AS degree in Early Childhood Education.
3.    BA/BS degree in Early Childhood Education.
4.    Current Florida State Directors Credential.

                      APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED:                     Open Until Filled


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