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                                                          CORVETTES OF FRESNO, INC
                                                               2011 OFFICERS
                                             President:     Jon DeVoe
                                             Phone:         559- 683-7003
                                             Vice Pres.:    Nick DiLiddo
                                             Phone:         559-439-7267
    CORVETTES OF FRESNO, INC                 Secretary:     Terri Cavanaugh
 Is a non-profit organization formed by      E-mail:
  those owners who are proud to drive        Phone:         559-439-7519
     America’s only true sports car –
           THE CORVETTE                      Treasurer:     Harry Bellow
                                             Phone:         559-294-7740
Our club meetings are held at 7:00 pm on
  the third Tuesday of the month at the      Membership: Ron Miller
American Legion Hall located at 3509 N.      E-mail:
First Street, (North of Shields on the S/W   Phone:      559-974-2616
corner of First Street & Dayton), Fresno.
                                             Webmaster:     Al Hall
If you are an interested Corvette owner,
          we invite you to attend.           Phone:         559-582-6375
                                             Newsletter:    Jim Agar
Although 1973 VIN's run to 34464,            Phone:         559-297-2200
only 30,464 units were built; the
4,000 serial numbers between 24001           WSCC Representative: Roger Merritt
and 28000 were never used.                   E-mail:
                                             Phone:      559-294-1762
  The 1970 - 1972 Corvettes were the
last to feature chrome bumpers front         CORVETTES OF FRESNO, INC IS A PROUD MEMBER
and rear. In 1973, due to front impact                OF THE WESTERN STATES
legislation requirements, the front                  CORVETTE COUNCIL (WSCC)
bumper was changed to a body-
colored flexible plastic. In 1974 the
rear bumper followed suit.

 In 1973, aluminum wheels were
again listed as an option. However,
their inability to maintain air pressure
(much like the problems which
plagued the early 1963 aluminum                 FIBERGLASS FOREVER IS A MONTHLY
knock off wheels), kept them out of                         PUBLICATION.
the hands of customers until 1976.            PLEASE SUBMIT ARTICLES NO LATER THAN
                                               THE THIRD FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH VIA
                                                              EMAIL TO:
                                  CORVETTES OF FRESNO
                 Sopanos 43 - September 8 - 11, 2011
 Last Name ____________________________________ First Name __________________________

 Spouse/Guest Last Name________________________ First Name__________________________

 Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________

 City_______________________________ State ______________              Zip_______________________

 Telephone Home _______________________________ Cell ______________________________

 Email Address (Needed for confirmation number) _________________________________________

 Car Year _________ Model ______________ Club Affiliation ______________________________

Registration fee for the 43rd COF Sopranos                         $165.00 per couple        $115.00 per single
1 T-shirt included with         Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      1 Included                1 Included
registration – circle size
                                                                   Additional T-shirts       Additional T-shirts
Additional T-shirt(s)           Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      _________@$16 each        _________@$16 each
                                                                   XXL & Larger @ $18 each   XXL & Larger @ $18 each

                                                                   Sweat Shirts              Sweat Shirts
Sweat Shirt(s)                  Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      _________@$21 each        _________@$21 each
                                                                   XXL & Larger @ $23 each   XXL & Larger @ $23 each

                                                                   Zp Hded Swt Shirts        Zp Hded Swt Shirts
Zipper Hooded Sweat             Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      _________@$26 each        _________@$26 each
Shirt(s)                                                           XXL & Larger @ $28 each   XXL & Larger @ $28 each
                                                                   Pls indicate size         Pls indicate size
Slot tournament                 Friday 4:00 pm at Horizon
Must be 21                      Can also sign up at registration   #________@ $10 ea.        #________@ $10 ea.
$10 per person
Shine and Show Car Show         Saturday 8:30 – 9:30 am at         Yr of Car:                Yr of Car:
                                The Horizon. Can also sign up at   Model:                    Model:
                                registration                       Color:                    Color:
1 Poker hand included in        Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 pm          1 Included                1 Included
packet                          Extra poker hands can be           Additional Hands:         Additional Hands:
                                purchased at the event             ______@ $5/each           ______@ $5/each
50/50 Tickets—5 for $20         Winning Ticket will be drawn       # of Tickets: ______      # of Tickets: ______
                                Saturday night
BBQ lunch included with         Saturday 12:00 – 2:00 pm at the    Will need name tag        Will need name tag
registration                    Horizon Pool Area
Awards Dinner                   Buffet at Horizon                  Will need name tag        Will need name tag
Sat. 6:00 pm – Social No Host
Sat. 7:00 pm – Dinner and                                          Extra Dinner(s)           Extra Dinner(s)
Awards Ceremony                                                    _______@ $ 65 /each       _______@ $ 65 /each
Please make checks payable to “Corvettes of                        $                         $
                            Total Amount                            Contact Frank Stafford for Liability Release
                             Right Into Summer
       Last month the discussion was “will winter ever end”. Now as I right this we
just finished 3 straight days of triple digit temperatures. So; did everyone enjoy the 7
½ hours of spring we had? Wow! From rain and snow right onto sweltering heat.
Remember we used to have spring right around …….Spring Time?!?! And summer was
in the summer months when the kids were out of school? Does anyone have any
pictures of fall? You know the ones they talk about. Leaves turning color; cooler
evenings. Seems like they all just blend together now. 100* days in March and snow
in June. What the? Oh well; hot is hot and cold is overtime!
       Now it’s “Jazz on the Lake”, stockcar racing, Indy car racing, MLB AllStar game,
A bleak outlook on the NFL season. Of course we have the 2 weeks in between the
end of and the start of the basketball season. Just finished a wonderful winery run to
the coast. Thanks to Dave, Terri & the ensemble of personnel that put that BBQ on.
Ron, good driving area with some great stops along the way. We have such a great
club with such awesome members. Liz & I try to talk with everyone on these trips.
You really find out how great everybody is. How down to earth they are. Where they
really come from. Not the town or city, but their life. What they’ve been through to
get where we are now. How everyone appreciates life so much. We’ve seen battles won
& lost. Victories that are celebrated everyday. Defeats that are remembered with
every new memory made. The appreciation for the little things. And the respect for
the large accomplishments. You really get to see the kid in all you talk to. And you
know you have it. Some of us just don’t have a problem letting it out a little easier
than some others.
       I’m hearing of some gatherings here lately at Bentleys. It’s starting to come
around. Get out and try new things or remember the old things and why you likened
them so much to begin with. OK; I really have to get this typed up. I’m already 3 days
late. SO; till we see each other again in some foreign parking lot or local hangout.
Keep it between the lines (some places you can drop below the line on the apron) and
the shiny side up. Just make sure it’s the proper 2 lines! (You know who you are!) Be
safe out on the highways and byways. As always, remember to “Save The Wave”!

     Your President; Jon

     Presidential Quote:
           Old age is ALWAYS 15 years older than YOU are!

                                            “It’s not where you’re
                                       It’s what you’re driving!!”
Ron reported that as of today COF has 115 members and 79 cars.

Members & Guests
Total Attendance was 69 - 65 Members and 4 guests, Jackey Christiani, Jim Gillette, &
Chris & Kaye Campbell

Nametag drawing
Tim McCollum’s name was drawn for the second month in a row and he was not there
again. Next months drawing will be for $30.00.

Remember to wear your nametag at the meeting for a chance to win.

Club Directories and Updates

The 2011 electronic copy of the club membership directory is available online at        RON MILLER (contact Al Hall for the new access info)                     MEMBERSHIP

                                       JULY ANNIVERSARIES

                          BOB & JUDI REINKE 29
                                           JULY BIRTHDAYS
            EVELYN FOX 15 - BUDDY MCGUIRE 20 - CHUCK ROBB 24

                                                                              50/50 RAFFLE WINNERS

                                                                                   TERRI CAVANAUGH
                                                                                     DON DOSHER
                                                                                    EACH WON $53.00

                                                                               NAME TAG DRAWING

                                                                             TIM MCCOLLUM'S NAME
                                                                              WAS DRAWN FOR THE
                                                                            SECOND MONTH IN A ROW
                                                                             "HE WAS NOT PRESENT"
                                                                             NEXT MONTHS DRAWING
                                                                               WILL BE FOR $30.00

                     RED NECK TECHNOLOGY





                                           JUNE 21, 2011

ALL TO ORDER: President Jon DeVoe called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm. Board Members present were Nick
Diliddo, Terri Cavanaugh, Harry Bellow, Ron Miller and Jim Agar.
Pledge of alliance was done.
MEMBERSHIP: Ron Miller reported at today’s Meeting: 63 members and 4 guests the following guests were
introduced: Jacklyn Christani – Chris & Kaye Campbell – Jim Gillette. New members were presented with their new
member packets Lynn & Frank Moore - Chuck & Celia Feccia. June birthdays and anniversaries were acknowledged.
COF has a membership of 115 members and 80 cars.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Jon Devoe called for a motion to forego the reading of the minutes of the meeting. It was
moved by Jerry Najarian & seconded by Jerry Peloian. Motion approved. Bruce Looney motioned to accept the minutes
as printed Harry Bellow seconded it. Minutes accepted as printed...
TREASURER’S REPORT: Harry Bellow reported the account activity which is on file to be reviewed by members
only. Motion was made by Chuck Ware to approve the Treasurer’s report – seconded by Billie Talley. Treasurer’s report
COMMUNICATIONS: Jim Agar Any information that you have for the newsletters needs to be submitted to Jim by
the Friday after the general meeting. Newsletter was 24 pages printed and 78 pages on line. A verbal apology was made
for an error on a name.
WEBMASTER: No report- Actively seeking someone to take over this position and Al is willing to train and he has all
the necessary software he will share.
ACTIVITIES, Past: Steve Profera gave a recap of his 3 runs at Eagle field.
ACTIVITIES, Future: Please refer to the Calendar of Events in the club newsletter or on the Club website, for more details and up to date information.
Nick had a nice discussion with Vette Magazine keep a look out for the Aug or Sept copy. COF will have an article in it.
6/24 Drive your vette to work day - 6/25 Wine Run – Dave Cavanaugh - 7/8 Grants Pass Run – Lloyd Cox
8/13 Hedricks Car show - 8/20 Stafford’s mystery run TBD - 9/8 Tahoe Tour- Sopranos Theme-
9/16- 9/18 Laguna Seca- Ron Miller - Christmas Party is December 2, 2011 at Pardini’s.
Car shows- Allen Texeira mentioned that every Thursday at Bullard & West there is a get together just like used to be at
Bently’s Also at the PepperMill on Blackstone & Shaw more to follow.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Bert Sherman wanted to discuss the newsletter after many people spoke it was decided to
table again until the board meeting.
Next Tahoe meeting 6/28 at Denny’s Blackstone & Herndon
Board Meeting 7/5 at Denny’s Blackstone & Herndon
General Meeting 6/21 American Legion Hall 3509 N First St
NAME TAG DRAWING: Tim McCollum’s name was drawn for the second month in a row and he was not there again.
Next month’s drawing will be $30.

RAFFLE: was held and we had 2 very lucky winners.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike Haney is doing okay. Gene Fox was is doing well and was at the meeting. Lawrence
Coelho is in the hospital in Visalia after a terrible motorcycle accident. – Liz DeVoe is feeling much better since her
surgery. U turn trophy is ready and waiting for Allen Teixeira to return from vacation.
 The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,                                                     CAVANAUGH

Terri Cavanaugh - Secretary                                                  SECRETARY
July 17-20 WSCC convention in Minden Nev.
August 13th At 7:oo pm Rock the Block At Hedricks car show
August 20th Sat. mystery run put on by the Staffords
September 8-9-10 2011 Yes it is a early notice on Tahoe 43. This years chairpersons are
Frank & Janie Stafford. Post the date in your calendars, starts Thurs. Sept. 8th 2011.
Sept 16 - 18 Fri - Sun {WSCC } 2011 ALMS Monterey- American Lemans Series Event.
At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Corvette Corral For more info call Buzz Marston - Wscc public relations
@ 408-353-3500 or 408-221-6500 mobile See flyer The hotel has been changed from the Laurel hotel in
Salinas to the Super 8 motel on 131 Kern St. in Salinas, Ph. # is 1-831-758-4693. Or go on line for a better
rate @ Super8 hotel in Salinas for reservations. Ron miller is chairing this so call him @559-974-2616 for any
questions on run.
Oct. 8th mystery Dinner run Burt Sherman chairing
December 2nd Friday Our annual Christmasmas party, Billie Talley, chairperson.

An older gentleman was On the operating table
Awaiting surgery And he insisted that his son,
A renowned surgeon, Perform the operation.

As he was about to get the anesthesia, He asked
to speak to his son

'Yes, Dad, what is it? '

'Don't be nervous, son; Do your best And just
remember, If it doesn't go well, If something                                          NICK DILIDDO
happens to me, Your mother Is going to come                                            V.P. ACTIVITIES
and Live with you and your wife....'

                           ATTENTION ALL COF MEMBERS

            CHECK OUR WEBSITE @
                      “Trapped” Inside A C6 With A Dead Battery
The sixth-gen Corvette, while not exactly threatening the C3 for longevity, has been around for a long
time. You would think that by now, owners would be accustomed to the electronic door release system,
and know what to do when the power goes out and pressing the little button on the door no longer makes
the locks go “pop”.

Unfortunately, just having the wherewithal to own/drive a new Corvette doesn’t mean you bothered to
read the manual, it’s possible to “trap” yourself inside if you don’t know where the manual release levers
are (or that they exist in the first place). The only thing more embarrassing than getting yourself
helplessly stuck inside a C6 is having your so-called friends decide that making a video of your plight is
more important than getting you out…
                                  Zora Arkus-Duntov
                                         (1998 Induction)

He was a risk taker, a daring race driver, a brilliant engineer, and an opportunist. Reckless,
Resourceful, and Resilient. Zora Arkus-Duntov was all these things. Car enthusiasts know
Duntov as the patron saint of the Corvette. But he was much more than that. He was a man who
packed the experiences of nine or ten lifetimes into one-a man who defines the term "living on the

Zora Arkus-Duntov was born in Belgium, raised in Leningrad, and educated in Berlin. He hip
hopped through wars and revolutions in Europe and along the way, married a dancer from the
Follies Bergere. After World War II broke out, he joined the French Air Force and later
arranged for the escape of his family from the Nazis. He then came to America to set up Ardun
Mechanical, a war munitions company that eventually employed 300 people. In the post-war
years, Zora shifted gears into the high performance arena, designing a cylinder head conversion
for the Ford Flathead V8. It became the darling of hot-rodders everywhere.

After joining GM in 1953, Zora changed the Corvette from a turntable darling into one of the
most respected sports cars in the world. It started slowly... a suspension tweak, some
aerodynamic work, then the V8 high-performance camshaft, and fuel injection. Later would
come independent rear suspension, pure-bred race cars and daring prototypes. Suddenly, "The
General" was more alive than ever. Corvettes began to appear in racing paddocks at places like
Pebble Beach and Sebring alongside Mercedes, Jaguars and Porsches. As the years passed, the
Corvette would become the best selling sports car in the world and like, blue jeans and
Marlboros, the Corvette would become known for its brash American character.

Duntov understood what an American sports car ought to be, despite the fact that his primary
influences were European. His pedigree was drawn from some of the greatest names in motoring
history-Ettori Bugatti, Luigi Chinetti, Dr. Ferry Porsche, Sydney Allard, and Carroll Shelby.
Duntov, in fact, interacted with all of them and, as with these great men and their own marques,
the Corvette, at least in its early years, became the product of Duntov's singular vision, not of a
committee or a focus group.

Zora was a renegade who believed in himself. He didn't wait for
things to happen, he made things happen-a throwback to a much
more romantic, intuitive era. His fortunes took him like a young
lad, leaping stone to stone across the raging river of history in the
20th Century. It was inevitable that Duntov, like thousands before
him, would file through Ellis Island in search of a new life, a new
opportunity in the United States. But Duntov didn't just live the
American dream, he helped to invent it by immortalizing one of
the foremost expressions of fun and freedom, the Chevrolet
Corvette. Upon Zora's death in April of 1996, columnist George
Will wrote, "If you do not mourn his passing, you are not a good

FOUNDED - I JULY 1965 - THURSDAY                             INCORPORATED - 10 MAY 1968 - FRIDAY

From: Bernie & Dick Realph – Discovery Bay Corvette Club
Convention Update: March 26, 2011

New update: WSCC Convention in Minden, Nevada ~ July 17-21, 2011

WHERE ARE YOUR REGISTRATIONS? We have close to 100 room reservations, now
we need your registrations - please get them to Kathy Pimentel now is the time.

ROOMS: For those of you who have not made your hotel reservations at the Carson Valley
Inn, Minden Nevada, By the time this is sent out there will probable not be any rooms in the
hotel, the remaining rooms will be in the motor lodge.

Phone: 800-321-6983 using attendee group # 502564

Hospitality Room Competition: We will be furnishing a room for ea. Club to put on their
hospitality room
These rooms will be in the motor lodge, so I need to know what clubs are doing hospitality I
know of only 3 clubs right now, and I need a name of the person who will be responsible for the
room. You will have the room from noon til the next day at noon to decorate and clean up.

AUTOCROSSERS: some of you are forgetting to put your class on the registration sheets
Schedule of events: July 17 to 20th

Sunday – registration                1-3pm & 5-7pm ( during this time will be the meet and greet)
Monday – Car show                    10:00 AM - 2:00 (late reg. will be announced)
          Black Jack tournament      1:00 PM (during car show) (in lieu of casino night)
          Hospitality competition - 7:00 PM
Tuesday- Rallye/poker run            9:00 AM
          Turn hands in approx.      5:00 PM
Wednesday - Autocross,               7:00 AM
             Time for those who don’t autocross to do side trips
             Awards Banquet           6:00 PM

We are trying to have things happen at both sites, motor lodge and hotel
Any questions please call: Dick and Bernie Realph, Discovery Bay Corvettes
(925) 634-0729 or
Monterey Sports Car Championships at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
What is the American Le Mans Series?
The American Le Mans Series is a unique style of race. Four classes of car, Le Mans Prototype 1 and 2 and
Grand Touring 1 and 2, compete in American Le Mans races. Each class has different specifications and
different top speeds, but multiple car classes are on the track at once. Racers must not only compete with cars
in their own class, but navigate the track while cars faster or slower than theirs swarm around them. The
highlight is the four-hour endurance race on Saturday night, which begins in the afternoon and continues as
the sun sets.

The Monterey Sports Car Championship Experience
The Monterey Sports Car Championship will be filled with unique, technologically innovative vehicles. The
diversity of auto manufacturers whose cars appear in the Monterey Sports Car Championship are simply
unmatched by NASCAR, Champ Car and the IRL. Unlike other motorsports series, the American Le Mans
Series has an open paddock, allowing fans to get an up-close look at the cars that burn up the race track. This
unmatched access continues at the pre-race grid; once the cars line up on the grid in preparation to race, fans
are allowed on the grid for a half hour to check out the cars, take photos and ask questions of the drivers and
teams. Fans will have the chance to learn more about the vehicles and their drivers at Tech Talks, Fan Forums
and Driver Chats, where they can find out the key advances that make the American Le Mans series an R&D
platform for car, tire and chassis manufacturers. Fans will also have the chance to attend driver autograph

The Races
Like any Le Mans weekend, the Monterey Sports Car Championship is packed with thrilling races, featuring the
American Le Mans Series Saturday afternoon-into-evening six hour race into the darkness. Sunday's action
features the Playboy Mazda MX5 Cup, Cooper Tires prototype Lites Championships, the Patron GT3
Challenge by Yokohama and Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear.

We would leave from Herndon and 99 at 9AM. Staying at the Super 8 in Salinas
131 Kern st. Phone 831-758-4693 or book on line @ ask for the aaa or senior
rate - complimentary superstart breakfast is included.
Buy your tickets from One 3 day admission and Corvette Car
Corral Pass $90.00. One 3 day General Admission pass $60.00. One Parade Lap on
Sunday pass $50.00. Total ticket price is $150.00 for two people with an extra $50.00 for
the parade lap.
The parade lap is on Sunday and we will probably leave before that anyway, so I'm not
getting that.
More to come. Ron
            TAHOE TOUR 43
       (The oldest continuous Corvette event)
One Big Happy “Family” Having Fun At Tahoe
             THE SOPANOS
   Featuring the re-introduction of themed
       Hospitality Rooms Offered by
               Attending Clubs

            September 8-11, 2011
            Corvettes Of Fresno
             See enclosed details
            When: September 8-11, 2011
          Where: Horizon Hotel – Casino
           South Lake Tahoe, Nevada
   Registration: Forms available on the website:
              also released via e-mail
        Registration must be in COF’s hands
          before one of our blocked rooms
               will be released to you
     How Much: $165 per couple, $115 singles
         Highlights: COF welcome social
          Mystery run – Friday Morning
              Slot Tournament - Fri
       Club Event Theme Hospitality Rooms
              $100 prize – best room
            $100 prize – best beverage
               Shine & Show – Sat
                 Poker Run – Sat
             BBQ Lunch by the Pool
(See registration forms for additional detail)
43                      CORVETTES OF FRESNO
                        Sopanos 43 - September 8 - 11, 2011

 Last Name ____________________________________ First Name __________________________

 Spouse/Guest Last Name________________________ First Name__________________________

 Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________

 City_______________________________ State ______________              Zip_______________________

 Telephone Home _______________________________ Cell ______________________________

 Email Address (Needed for confirmation number) _________________________________________

 Car Year _________ Model ______________ Club Affiliation ______________________________

Registration fee for the 43rd COF Sopranos                         $165.00 per couple        $115.00 per single
1 T-shirt included with         Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      1 Included                1 Included
registration – circle size
                                                                   Additional T-shirts       Additional T-shirts
Additional T-shirt(s)           Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      _________@$16 each        _________@$16 each
                                                                   XXL & Larger @ $18 each   XXL & Larger @ $18 each

                                                                   Sweat Shirts              Sweat Shirts
Sweat Shirt(s)                  Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      _________@$21 each        _________@$21 each
                                                                   XXL & Larger @ $23 each   XXL & Larger @ $23 each

                                                                   Zp Hded Swt Shirts        Zp Hded Swt Shirts
Zipper Hooded Sweat             Sm    M   L XL     XXL    3XL      _________@$26 each        _________@$26 each
Shirt(s)                                                           XXL & Larger @ $28 each   XXL & Larger @ $28 each
                                                                   Pls indicate size         Pls indicate size
Slot tournament                 Friday 4:00 pm at Horizon
Must be 21                      Can also sign up at registration   #________@ $10 ea.        #________@ $10 ea.
$10 per person
Shine and Show Car Show         Saturday 8:30 – 9:30 am at         Yr of Car:                Yr of Car:
                                The Horizon. Can also sign up at   Model:                    Model:
                                registration                       Color:                    Color:
1 Poker hand included in        Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 pm          1 Included                1 Included
packet                          Extra poker hands can be           Additional Hands:         Additional Hands:
                                purchased at the event             ______@ $5/each           ______@ $5/each
50/50 Tickets—5 for $20         Winning Ticket will be drawn       # of Tickets: ______      # of Tickets: ______
                                Saturday night
BBQ lunch included with         Saturday 12:00 – 2:00 pm at the    Will need name tag        Will need name tag
registration                    Horizon Pool Area
Awards Dinner                   Buffet at Horizon                  Will need name tag        Will need name tag
Sat. 6:00 pm – Social No Host
Sat. 7:00 pm – Dinner and                                          Extra Dinner(s)           Extra Dinner(s)
Awards Ceremony                                                    _______@ $ 65 /each       _______@ $ 65 /each
Please make checks payable to “Corvettes of                        $                         $
                            Total Amount                            Please see Page 2 for Liability Release
               Both Driver and Passenger MUST SIGN Liability Release
LIABILITY: In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, registrants and spectators by
execution of this registration form, release and discharge Corvettes of Fresno and Tahoe Tour 42
from any and all known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments and/or claims from any
cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any registrant or guest to his person or property. Further,
each entrant expressly agrees to indemnify all of the foregoing entities, firms, persons and bodies
from any and all liability occasioned or resulting from conduct of registrants or any participant
assisting or cooperating with the registrant under the control of the registrant.

________________________________                    _____________________________________
Driver’s Signature and Date                             Passenger’s Signature and Date

                            Mail Registration Form and Check to:

                                          Ruth Looney
                                       1712 W. Palo Alto
                                       Fresno, CA 93711

                                    Official Club Sponsor Since 1963
                         Sopanos September 8 – 11, 2011
                                     The Horizon Casino
                               Highway 50, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Thursday:    3:00 – 7:00 pm      Early Registration in the Horizon Lobby
                                 Welcome Social in the Elvis Room
Friday:      7:00 – 9:00am       Complimentary Breakfast from Horizon
             9:00 – Noon         Registration in the Elvis Room
             9:00 - ??           Corvette Run
             4:00 – 5:00pm       Slot Tournament
             6:30 – 8:30pm       Hospitality Rooms

Saturday     7:00 – 9:00am       Complimentary Breakfast from Horizon
             8:30 – 9:30am       Participant’s Choice Shine ―N‖ Show
             9:00 – Noon         Registration in the Elvis Room
             10:00 – 12:00pm     Poker Run
             12:00 – 2:00pm      BBQ Lunch by Pool at the Horizon
             6:00pm              Pre-dinner Social at Horizon Casino – No Host Bar
             7:00 – 11:00pm      Awards Dinner and Ceremony

Sunday       7:00 – 9:00am       Complimentary Breakfast from Horizon

Go to our website at for the latest show updates

Accommodations: You will receive a registration number after you send in your registration, then
                                  Horizon Casino: (800) 648-3322
                                    Room Rates: All Nights: $80
Mention ―Corvettes of Fresno‖ and give them your registration number for special rates

Register now so you don’t miss out on the 43rd Tahoe Tour-Register by August 23 to avoid late fee of

Registration packets are $165 per couple, or $115 per single, which include one T-shirt, one poker
hand, Thursday evening Welcome Social; Friday Corvette Run, Slot Tournament, Hospitality Rooms;
Saturday Car Show, Poker Run, BBQ Lunch, Awards Dinner.

                          COVERED PARKING WITH SECURITY
If you have any registration questions, please email Ruth Looney at or call her
                                           at (559) 439-4951

           Please make checks payable to “Corvettes of Fresno” and mail to:
                   Ruth Looney, 1712 W. Palo Alto, Fresno, CA 93711
                                CORVETTES OF FRESNO 43rd TAHOE TOUR
                                        September 8 – 11, 2011
It’s that time to get ready for some unsurpassed fun!! We are once again staying at the Horizon with their
low rates. The majority of our events will be at or near Horizon, which is within walking distance to
restaurants, shops and casinos.
      ♣ Thursday there will be a Welcome Social in the Elvis Room after registration in the lobby of the
      Horizon. This is always a great time to mingle and get to know each other!
       ♣ A Corvette Run has been scheduled for Friday morning.
       ♣ A slot tournament will be held Friday afternoon at the Horizon Casino. The fee to enter this fun
       event is $10. There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.
       ♣ Friday Evening there will be Hospitality Rooms hosted by all car clubs who want to participate.
       We’ll start out at the COF’s Hospitality Room in the Elvis Room. These are a blast to put together and
       host and we encourage all Clubs to host one. This is a perfect way to unwind and get ready for an
       event-filled Saturday!!
       ♣ Saturday morning will start out with the Participant’s Choice Shine “N” Show Car Show which will
       be held at the Horizon.
       ♣ The Poker Run will begin in the Horizon parking lot and end up ??????. This is a great opportunity
       to see the fabulous scenery around Lake Tahoe.
       ♣ The BBQ Lunch will be at the Horizon pool area and is always a huge success.
       ♣ The Awards Dinner Saturday evening will be held at the Horizon Casino. This special buffet offers a
       wide variety of delectable entrees, salads, vegetables and desserts. No one ever goes away hungry!!
      ♣ Last year some people wanted to order extra t-shirts and after seeing them, the sweat shirts.
      Please order these at the time you register. We only order a very small amount of extra shirts, and it is
      impossible to order after the event. So please order them at the time you register. We don’t want
      anyone disappointed!
       ♣ Registration packets are $165 per couple, or $115 per single, which include one T-shirt, one poker
       hand, Thursday evening Welcome Party (if you arrive early), Friday morning Corvette Run, Friday
       evening Hospitality Rooms, Saturday Car Show, Poker Run, BBQ Lunch, Awards Dinner


As always, the proceeds from our car show are donated to local charities.

Keep checking our web site, for current updates regarding the car show. Some
activities and times could change. We look forward to seeing you at the 43rd Sopranos Tahoe Tour!!
              Chronology of Events in the History of Corvettes

       At the 24-hour Daytona Continental race, Sunray DX Oil Company enters three Corvettes. Jerry Grant and
        Dave Morgan race a 1967 L88 Corvette (car No. 31). Revson/Yenko race 1968 L88 Corvette (No. 29).
        DeLorenzo/Thompson race 1968 L88 Corvette (No. 30). This is the racing debut of the 1968 model
        Corvette. The Grant/Morgan car finishes first in GT class and 10th overall.


       At the 12 Hours of Sebring race in Florida, Yenko/Rodriguez race 1968 L88 Corvette (No. 2),
        Thompson/DeLorenzo race 1968 L88 Corvette (No. 4), and Morgan/Sharp race 1968 L88 Corvette (No. 3).
        One finishes first in GT class.

(month unknown)

       Zora Arkus-Duntov is named Chief Engineer of the Corvette.

Pontiac almost beat Chevrolet to the Coke bottle design body, with their 1965 Banshee, a two seater
convertible sports car that would have been hefty competition for the Corvette. GM stopped it, and
then Pontiac president John DeLorean later became president of Chevrolet.

T-top does not refer to the shape of the roof, but rather it is short for Targa Top. The original design
was a pure Targa but body flex demanded the center bar, discovered late in the design.

Due to policy changes in Chevrolet, Corvette was treated like all other car lines for the first time, and
quality dropped drastically. With bad publicity in most magazines, policy was re-thought and Chevrolet
quickly restored independence and quality to Corvette within a few months, but all 1968s carry the
stigma of being "the worse quality" of all Corvettes.

All big block manifolds were redesigned to actually sink into the lifter valley as the hood clearance was
less than in '67 and back. As such, a 1965 to 1967 big block intake manifold won't fit in a 1968 or newer
Corvette with a stock hood and air cleaner.

The exception to the above was the L-88. It retained the high rise manifold and also received a special
hood, which was externally different this time.

Emission control equipment was installed on the first 1968's in the fall of 1967 even though the federal
law required it only as of January 1, 1968.

1968 was the first year AM/FM stereo was offered as an option.

1968-1972 the coupe's rearwindow was removeable for more of a true convertible experience

The Sting Ray name was not used on the 1968 Corvette, but returned in 1969… Spelled Stingray.
Harley Earl and the 1938 Buick                  1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt

                           1953 Buick Wildcat

 1951 Buick LeSabre                                 1951 Chrysler K310
1954 Buick Wildcat II   1954 Dodge Firearrow
The First Drive-In Theater was invented by Richard M. Hollingshead. Hollingshead
worked out the details by hanging a sheet for a screen in his backyard. Richard began to
experiment in the driveway of his home at 212 Thomas Avenue, New Jersey. Richard
mounted a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car, he used it to project onto a screen
he had nailed to trees in his backyard. He placed a radio behind the screen for sound, then
started his test of his idea. Richard tested sound with the windows up, down and half way.
He tested many weather conditions, using his lawn sprinkler h e simulated a rainstorm.
Richard liked what he saw and heard. One main problem did arise in his test. That was if
cars were parked behind each other, the cars at the rear would not be able to see the whole picture, due
to the car in front. This did not stop Richard, he lined up
cars in his driveway spacing them at various distances and
placing blocks under their front wheels he was able to find
the correct spacing and the correct angles to build ramps for
the cars front tires to park on. Thus was born the first
Patent for the Drive-In Theater.

Next we find Richard at the US Patent Office on
August 6, 1932. He is explaining about his invention. On May 16,
1933 he get a patent # of 1,909,537 the first Drive-In Theater
patent ever. Later in May of 1950 the patent was declared invalid
by the Delaware District Court.

By January of 1942 Drive-In theaters had began to spread across
the U.S. There we 95 Drive-Ins spread across 27 states. Ohio led

                           the way with 11 Drive-Ins.
                           The building of new Drive-Ins slows during the U.S. involvement of
                           World War II. Only six drive-ins are built. Many problems face the
                           Drive-ins during this time. Rubber for tires is in short supply since it
                           is needed for the war effort. Gas rationing was in effect during part of
                           this time frame. Many theaters close down for as much as 2 years.

                           In 1946 the number of theaters goes from 102 to 155. By 1948 there are 820
                           drive-in theaters across the U.S. With the concept of the Drive-In Theater
                           being strange to most people, new drive-ins would host an "Open House"
                           during the day to let people know what to expect. They would show the future
                           customers how to park, how the sound systems
                           worked, and what food was available in the
                           concession stands. Some Drive-Ins reported as many
                           as 400 cars would show up for the open house.

As soon as the war ended the Baby Boom began. By the end of the 40's the
drive-in theaters were full of children looking for something to do. Most
theaters found a new use for that area between the front row and the screen, but
adding a Playground. This had a major return for most theaters. People began
to arrive early so their children could plan on the playground. Then after a
workout on the playground a trip to the concession stand was in order.
The drive-in boom was under way. Going from less than 1,000 in 1948 to close to 5,000 by
1958. The drive-in etched it's place in history, not just in the U.S.A. but in many countries
across the world. During the same years of 1948 to 1958 over 5,000 indoor theaters closed
reducing their number from 17,000 to 12,000.

One of the largest Drive-In Theaters was the All-Weather Drive-In , Copiague, New York.
parking spaces for 2,500 cars. It also had an indoor 1,200 seat viewing area, that was heated
and air-conditioned, a playground, a cafeteria, a restaurant with full dinners. A shuttle train
that took customers from their cars to the various areas, on the 28 acres.

        List of theaters by size.

   1.   Troy Drive-In: Detroit, Michigan. 3,000 cars
   2.   Panther Drive-In: Lufkin, Texas. 3,000 cars
   3.   All-Weather Drive-In: Copiague, New York 2,500 cars
   4.   110 Drive-In Melville, New York. 2,500 cars
   5.   Newark Drive-In: Newark, New Jersey 2,400 cars
   6.   Belair Drive-In, Cicero, Illinois. 2,300 cars
   7.   Timonium Drive-In: Timonium, Maryland 2,479 cars
   8.   Los Altos Drive-In: Long Beach, California 2,150 cars

        What was the smallest?

   1.   Harmony Drive-In: Harmony Pennsylvania. 50 cars
   2.   Highway Drive-In: Bamberg, South Carolina. 50 cars
   3.   Ponce DeLeon Drive-In: Ponce DeLeon, Florida. 60 cars
   4.   Twilite Drive-In: Nakina, North Carolina. 60 cars
   5.   Norwood: Norwood, Colorado. 64 cars

   As the size and number of drive-ins increase, many go from just a playground to:

           1.   Miniature Trains
           2.   Pony Rides
           3.   Boat Rides
           4.   Talent Shows
           5.   Miniature Golf
           6.   Animal Shows

   Many theaters would open the gates as much as 3 hours before
   the movie would start. This allowed customers to bring the kids
   early. Many theaters began to serve a wide variety of dinners such
   as Fried Chicken, Bar-b-que Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Pizza, etc.
   A few theater owners even gave the customers the ability to order
   from their car and have a car hop deliver. To increase sales the
   intermission trailers were invented. Theaters using these gained
   increased sales between films.
   Well that about describes the 60's and 70's. There are still drive-ins being built, but many are closing.
   The hay day is gone, many theatres even pull out their playground equipment in the 70's since few
   families are attending. Many of the movies target a teen or adult audience. Examples the beach
   movies of the 60's and the movies in the 70's like "The Van" "Texas Cheerleaders", etc.

   The 80's started out fair and got very bad before they end. Low attendance almost kills the drive-in.
   Many owners say it hits over night. "Last year 500 cars on a Friday this year 50 cars." What's
   happening? Many things hit to pull people away from the drive-in. Some of the biggest are Cable TV
   and VCR's. Hollywood is right to our home, so why go anywhere?

   Even to this day there are close to 1,000 dead drive-in growing weeds across the US. Many like this
   drive-in that closed in the late 80's, notice there are trees 20' tall growing in the lot.

   Something happens in the 90's, the number of theatres closing slows down. Many drive-in’s add extra
   screens, many go Twin, some go Triple, a few go Quad, one in Florida goes 13 screens!!!!! The crowds
   and the families return. I have been told by many owners that they have to close the gates some
   nights, because they run out of space to park cars. Also if you look at the crowd you see mostly
   families with young children, just like the crowd of the 50's, it seems that a new generation has
   discovered the drive-in.

Some drive-ins reopen in the late 90's. Over the past 4 years I know of 15 DI's that have reopened. Not
just re-openings, but there has been 4 new drive-ins built in the past 5 years. We are still loosing some
drive-ins, but the numbers are stable. Drive-in’s begin to spring up overseas, one was opened in Russia in
1999, a few have opened in other countries, along with some re-openings in Spain.

Growing up in 1950s and 1960s' Fresno, the Star-Lite was my neighborhood drive-in, a scant mile from
my house. It was notable for being the only drive-in in town, at the time, with two screens (north and
south). The two screens usually showed different programs.

Located near the corners of Fresno and Shaw, with the main entrance on Fresno Street, the Star-lite was
Fresno's premier drive-in during the 1950s. It was demolished in the 1970s, and today, it is the site of the
Fashion Fair Mall, one of Fresno's most popular shopping centers.
 2009 Lingenfelter Corvette ZR1 Sells for $70,000 at Mecum’s Indy Auction
We‟ve noted several good Corvette buys at Dana
Mecum‟s Spring Auction in Indianapolis but I don‟t
think anyone was prepared to see a 2009 Corvette ZR1
sell for $70,000. But that‟s what happened when the
VIN #0006 crossed the auction block Saturday

When the 2009 Corvette ZR1s first hit the market,
early VINs were selling for $25,000-$50,000 over
MSRP. The Cyber Gray Corvette ZR1 was #6 of 1415 produced so we have to believe that its original selling price
was higher than the original MSRP of $118,000.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering upgraded the Corvette‟s already potent 638 horsepower LS9 to 710 HP
with their ZR1 Supercharger upgrade package. That includes enhancements to the Eaton Supercharger as well as
a larger drive pulley, 100 mm aluminum double bearing idler assembly coupling, LPE ZR1 air intake system and
an LPE 160 degree thermostat. A custom tune increased the boost to 12/13 psi and a Corsa exhaust rounded out
the upgrades.

This Corvette ZR1 is not a trailer queen and has participated in several high profile events including the Hot Rod
Power Tour, Corvette Funfest and at the Texas Mile in October 2010 where it ran a best time of 185.9 MPH.

               Corvette-Based Endora SC-1 Heading for Production
Time and time again we see custom supercars built
around the C6 Corvette. The Rossi 66 and Bertone‟s
Mantide are two that have successfully made the jump
from vaporware to production. And last week we
learned German-based Endora cars is planning on using
the C6 Corvette as the basis for their supercar, the
Endora SC-1.
The Endora SC-1 wedge-shaped styling is inspired by
the American and European muscle cars of the Sixties
and early Seventies. The long hood tapers down to a pair
of high-intensity-discharge headlamps and LED fog
lights. The rear wheels are slightly covered while the
flowing rear end features an extremely horizontally positioned rear window. Two LED taillights accentuate the

Endora Cars is planning on offering buyers three different configurations. The basic model will be equipped with
GM‟s 6.2-liter V8 with 437 horsepower and 424 lb-ft of torque. The second option is a 7.0 liter V8 with 512
Horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Finally, at the top will be a supercharged version of the 6.2-liter V8 delivering
647 horsepower and 604 lb-ft of torque.

Each of Endora‟s supercars will come with a six-speed manual transmission although buyers that opt for the base
437-horsepower configuration can also select an automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

The SC-1 also comes standard with an electronic traction control system, an active handling set-up and 19-inch
alloys up front and 20-inch at the rear.

Endora Cars is now accepting orders for the car and production is planned to get underway in the very near
future. Pricing and other details have not yet been announced.

    Here is a black C3 Corvette laying down some rubber on a deserted stretch of two lane blacktop.

               Corvettes at the NCRS Regional Show in Wildwood NJ
There was a nice assortment of Corvettes staged inside the Wildwoods Convention Center. Among the
cars on display were two 1963 Corvette Z06s (a Sebring Silver big tank and a Tuxedo Black regular
tank), a 1969 L-88, many fuelies, a black 54 roadster and too many 67‟s to count.
                          Corvette ZR1‟s Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Since the introduction of the Corvette ZR1 in 2009,
carbon ceramic brakes have been available on
production Corvettes. General Motors turned to
Brembo to provide the brakes for the top of the line
Corvette ZR1.

Carbon Ceramic brake discs are one of the gifts
that came to production Corvettes after extensive
use by the Corvette Racing C6.Rs in the American
Le Mans series and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
The benefits of carbon ceramic brakes on race cars
are numerous: light weight, high heat resistance
and they can last as much as 60x longer than
standard cast iron brakes. Great for stopping high
horsepower production sports cars like the Corvette ZR1 and the Z06.

       Will there be a 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette? The odds are, YES!
Now that it‟s “official” that the C7 Corvette will be a 2014 model, that means that the final C6 will be a
2013, which opens up the very real possibility of at least one definite special edition Corvette and possibly

Beginning with the „07 Ron Fellows Z06 Special, Chevrolet has been on a roll, offering six Special Edition
Corvettes between 2007 and 2011. “Anniversary” Corvettes started in 1978 with the Silver Anniversary
paint option to commemorate the Corvette‟s 25th year. To date we have seen four unique anniversary

1. 1978 Silver Anniversary paint option, for $399.

2. 1988 35th Anniversary package, for $4,795.

3. 1993 40th Anniversary package, for $1,455.

4. 2003 50th Anniversary package, for $5,000.

It‟s highly unlikely that Chevrolet is going to let two coinciding Corvette milestones go without some kind
of celebration. So what would a 60th Anniversary Corvette look like and how would it be equipped?
Obviously, we won‟t know until Chevrolet wants us to know. But in the mean time, I thought it would be
fun to do some speculation. Special edition Vettes are always “parts bin” cars. But when you‟re working
with a a parts bin as rich as the Corvette‟s, you can come up with some juicy combos. I want to preface
this by stating that I have NO inside connections and this is purely the result of my imagination.

So, here goes.

Exterior: Since the first „53 Corvettes were all white with red interiors, I chose white and red as my basic
color pallet. And since this is a special Corvette, the paint should be “special” as well. So no Atric white
for the beauty. The car will receive Crystal Pearl White paint. As illustrated, the package would be
available on the Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1. For added bragging rights, I‟ve included the carbon fiber
hood used on the „11 Carbon Edition cars. The front splitter, side rockers, and rear spoiler are painted
Crystal Red. The red center hood strip runs over the roof, rear deck, and the back of the rear bumper cover.
The stripe is accented with a black stripe on both sides of the red center stripe. There‟s a black trim stripe
along the top leading edge of the hood dome with a slight radius along the leading edge to create the illusion of
the hood being sculpted, ala the C3 L88 hood. The chromed 20-spoke ZR1 wheels have painted white spokes
and unique 60th Anniversary center caps. The headlight buckets are black and the front grille is painted red.
“60th Anniversary” badges adorn the nose, rear bumper cover, and the sides of the front fenders.

Interior: The car‟s cabin would be basically black, trimmed in white leather seats with special embroidery on
the headrests, red door and dash accents, black carpets, and embossed mats with red 60th Anniversary logos.

Hardware: Since the Z06 and ZR1 are already loaded with performance hardware, there would not be any
performance enhancements, aside from the Z06 getting the carbon fiber hood. However, the Grand Sport will
receive the Dual Mode Performance Exhaust System. Customers would be able to chose which optional
Equipment group they‟d like.

Options: The list of options for Corvettes is nearly mind numbing. The 60th Anniversary package I have
outlined should be considered a starting place. The Preferred Equipment Groups, 2LT and 3LT would be
available, as well as Magnetic Selective Ride Control option, 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer, Navigation with
AM/FM CD, Battery Protection Package, and Museum Delivery.

Since all model Corvettes should be available as 60th Anniversary cars and the ZR1 wheel and tire combo
only fit the Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1, base Corvettes would receive chromed, five-spoke wheels with
painted white spokes to preserve the overall look of the red and white special package.

Here‟s the basic list of of items included in this proposed package:

* Crystal Pearl White Paint

* 60th Anniversary Stripe Package

* 60th Anniversary Emblems

* Carbon Fiber High-Rise Hood

* Crystal Red Painted Front Splitter, Side Rockers, and Z06 Rear Deck Spoiler

* Black Headlight Buckets

* Chrome ZR1 Wheels with Painted White Spokes

* 60th Anniversary Center Caps with 60th Anniversary Logo

* White leather seats with red stitching

* 60th Anniversary Logo Embroidery on Headrests

* White leather trim on dash and door panels

* 60th Anniversary Floor mats

* Dual Mode Performance Exhaust System (for base and Grand Sport models)
   World Challenge: Corvette Finishes First in Rounds Five and Six at Mosport

The Pirelli World Challenge
held rounds five and six at
Mosport International
Raceway over the weekend
and Mike Skeen of Charlotte,
North Carolina would come
away with back to back wins
in the GT Class with his yellow
No. 2 CRP Racing/Cragar
Wheels Chevrolet Corvette.
Former Corvette Racing
driver Johnny O‟Connell also
earned back to back podium
finishes in his Pratt & Miller
prepped Cadillac CTS-V

Skeen won the first race on Saturday with a flag to flag victory and on Sunday, his yellow Corvette
duplicated the previous day‟s result going flag to flag and finishing in P1 despite the race ending under
caution. Patrick Long and the No. 45 Privacy Star Porsche 911 GT3 ran behind Skeen the whole race and
finished in 2nd place. Rounding out the podium with a third place finish was Johnny O‟Connell and his
No 3 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

―Who would‘ve thought it? I‘m amazed that this CRP Racing Team came back after a tough start to the
year,‖ Skeen said. ―It‘s really good to get this double victory here at Mosport. We‘re going into the summer
break and hopefully we can kind of continue this momentum into the second half of the year and finish out

O‟Connell finished 2nd in Saturday‟s race and was looking to get into the hunt for the top spot on the
podium when the caution flag fell and effectively ended the race.

―We just didn‘t have enough for those guys,‖ O‘Connell said. ―I don‘t know whether Porsche found another
number on their map switch or what, but they showed dramatic improvement overnight. We had a good car.
Actually, we might have even run faster than we did yesterday. If they‘d gone green, I think I might have had
something, because on clear laps, we were pretty darn close, but it didn‘t happen. I‘m just stoked for
everybody at Cadillac. I mean, we have moved forward. We are five races into this gig and to get on the
podium twice this weekend, we‘re constantly improving and that‘s been our objective all along.‖

With the back to back wins, Skeen moves into third place in the GT Drivers Championship and is just 10
points behind the leader James Sofronas (626) and two point behind Patrick Long (618). Jason Daskalos
is in 4th place with 561 points while Johnny O‟Connell is 5th with 537 points. Porsche leads Cadillac in
the Manufacturers Championship 45-18 while Volvo is third with 3 points.

Both rounds of the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Mosport presented by Optima Batteries will
air on Versus on Saturday, June 18 at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The Pirelli World Challenge now enters a “summer break” and returns to action with a doubleheader at
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, August 5-7.
Bloomington Gold Announces the 10 Cars to be Inducted into the 2011 Great Hall

Last week our friends at Bloomington Gold announced the 10 cars to be inducted during the June 23rd –
26th event in St. Charles, IL. The cars being inducted this year cover the full spectrum of the Corvette
legend from race car, to styling car, to pace car.
The Great Hall began in 2010 and filled the spot formerly occupied by the Special Collection. Over the
course of a 5 year run, the Great Hall will annually highlight 10 people and 10 Corvettes which have
helped to transform the Corvette hobby into what it is today. Only 50 people and 50 Corvettes will ever
reside within the Great Hall.
Here‟s this year‟s list of 10 honorees:

   1. 1955 Corvette – First V8
   2. 1956 SR2
   3. 1960 Lemans Racer
   4. 1960 Route 66 TV Show (Icon only)
   5. 1963 Harley Earl Design Vehicle
   6. 1965 396/425 “State of The Art”
   7. 1967 DeLorenzo L88 Racer
   8. 1969 Corvette ZL1
   9. 1971 Corvette ZR2
   10. 1978 Indy 500 Pace Car (Icon only)

Each year‟s inductees are chosen by a selection committee based on their contributions to the Corvette
hobby. All of the 2011 inductees will be officially honored on Friday, June 24th at 5pm during the
Bloomington Gold show. The ceremony is open to everyone attending the show.

            Cellphone-Talking Corvette Driver Gets Under a Dodge Neon
This “head-turning” traffic accident in El Cajon,
California caught our attention as the picture shows
the rear-ending of Dodge Neon by an Arctic White C6
Corvette with the Neon actually coming to rest on the
hood of America‟s favorite sports car. No one was
injured in the accident which was allegedly caused by
the Corvette driver talking on a cell phone.

The accident happened last Tuesday morning and a
witness snapped this photo and sent it to NBC San
Diego who posted it on their website. The
photographer provided the following insight into the accident:
―A witness said that the person in the white car was talking on the cell phone and driving too fast,‖ said Kristi
Dubin. ―I had to snap a picture to show my kids. Maybe if people see this they might not talk on the phone and
drive as much!‖

California law bans talking on hand held cell phones while driving. California Highway Patrol did not
confirm if any of the drivers were talking on their cell phone at the time of the crash.
It is not known if the woman in the picture was the driver of either car.
We‟ve had several recent examples of Corvette drivers who should have known that their actions could cause
a serious accident. Street racing and drunk-driving are no-brainers when it comes to what you should not be
doing in your Corvette. Although the participants in this accident were lucky, it is a reminder that something
as mundane as talking on a cell phone can also have disastrous consequences because as the driver your
attention is on the conversation and not so much on who or what is in front of you.
Automotive News Proclaims 2012 as Last Full Year of C6 Corvette Production

Automotive News‟ product editor Rick
Kranz wrote yesterday on the timeline for
C6/C7 Corvette production. He says that
according to a source at Chevrolet, the C6
Corvette will be offered in 2012 and 2013
while the C7 Corvette is expected in 2014.
However, he writes that the 2013 model
year may be abbreviated to allow plenty of
time to retool the Bowling Green Assembly
Plant for C7 production.

With 2013 being the 60th anniversary of
the Corvette, Kranz believes (and we concur) that the 2013 Corvette will be offered with a special
package to mark the anniversary. Chevy has offered a new special edition just about every year of C6
production so that call is sort of a no-brainer.

However, we did hear an interesting rumor at the C5/C6 Bash at the NCM last month about a 60th
Anniversary model in that there is consideration for a White Corvette with Red interior to match the
1953 models.
Just for kicks, I‟m gonna throw this speculation out there as well. (If can make up rumors,
so can I!)

If a white Corvette is offered as an Anniversary model in 2013, we think it will be a special off-white color
that matches up more closely to the original Polo White cars of „53 as opposed to the bright Arctic White
found on the current C6.

While at the Bash, I asked Exterior Designer Kirk Bennion how long it takes to bring a new color to
market (the question was in regards to the new Carlisle Blue) and his answer was two years. That fits the
time-line of bringing their latest off-white Corvette color – the low-gloss Icy White Metallic paint found
on the 2011 Corvette Z06X Track Car – to market in 2013 as the special 60th anniversary color for the
last of the C6 Corvettes.

  10 Years After: Memories of Corvette Racing’s First Le Mans Victory
You never forget your first – especially when
it‟s the first win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Today Corvette Racing is recognized around
the world as a powerhouse in international
endurance racing, but a decade ago, the
members of Chevrolet‟s factory sports car
team were innocents abroad.

Memories of that first Le Mans victory in
2001, contested in a wet and chaotic race, are
etched in the minds of the men and women
who were there. The lessons learned during that rain-soaked day and night of racing formed the
foundation for Corvette Racing‟s six GTS/GT1 class wins in the world‟s most prestigious sports car race.
On June 11-12, Corvette Racing will run for its seventh class title at Le Mans, and its first in the GTE
Pro (formerly GT2) category.
Corvette Racing had launched an expeditionary force to Le Mans in 2000, a race contested in searing
heat. The American team finished third and fourth, an auspicious result in its first foray to France.
Corvette Racing returned in 2001 with updated Corvette C5-R race cars and a revised driver lineup. Ron
Fellows, Johnny O‟Connell and Scott Pruett piloted the No. 63 Corvette to victory in appalling
conditions, while Andy Pilgrim, Kelly Collins, and Franck Freon were second in the No. 64 Corvette C5-
R, giving Chevrolet the first of its four 1-2 finishes in the French classic. Fellows, O‟Connell and Pruett
finished eighth overall, equaling the performance of John Fitch and Bob Grossman in Briggs
Cunningham‟s iconic No. 3 Corvette in 1960.

“The race in 2000 was the hottest Le Mans on record,” said Fellows. “We were fast, we learned a ton, and
we had a few mechanical gremlins to overcome. Then one year later, 2001 was one of the wettest races,
and it was an adventure.

“One of the very few times I‟ve been in an argument with (team manager) Gary Pratt was in the pits
prior to the start of the race,” Fellows recalled. “Gary was adamant that I needed to start on slicks like
everyone else, but I insisted that I wanted intermediates. I said, „I don‟t care, I want „em.‟ So the sister
car started on slicks, and I was on intermediates.

“After the first three laps, the track was drying quickly, and I thought I‟d made a huge mistake,” Fellows
said with a laugh. “Suddenly coming around Arnage, I saw a wall of rain ahead of us. There was a
monsoon coming out of the southwest, and cars were going off everywhere.

“The cars around me were floating and spinning, but I could still maneuver because I had grooved tires.
Somehow I got through the chaos without getting hit, and we moved way up in the overall standings in
first 20 minutes.”

Johnny O‟Connell called on his previous experience at Le Mans to get him through the treacherous
conditions. “I have a vivid memory of Le Mans in 2001, going out at night in the pouring rain,”
O‟Connell recalled. “I came out of Tertre Rouge at full chat, hit a puddle, went sideways, caught it, and
wanted to lift. Then I said to myself, „They‟re not paying you to lift, stay in it.‟ The spray was blinding,
and I drove through the night with one eye looking out the side window to find my braking points. That
rainy night was phenomenal, scary, and exhilarating – a spectacular race.”

Fellows agreed: “The level of concentration required to race in the wet was just overwhelming,” said the
Canadian ace. “None of us were physically tired, but we were mentally exhausted. The troughs in the
pavement left by the heavy trucks on the public roads were filled with standing water, and the puddles
were the biggest issue. The straights are normally a place you can relax, but just keeping the car on the
road was a real challenge. I attempted slicks in the night, went out and came right back in. It was

The Corvette team went to Le Mans riding a wave of confidence after a 1-2 finish and an overall victory
in the season-opening Daytona 24-hour race.

“The team had an unbelievable air of confidence after the success that we had at Daytona,” O‟Connell
noted. “When everything is right in a team you feel it, and there was a very strong, positive energy. The
curve ball was the ungodly amount of rain. We‟d won in the rain in Daytona, so we knew we were good in
the wet. I think everyone had faith that this race was going to come our way, and sure enough, it did.”

While the drivers were sanguine, program manager Doug Fehan had his doubts.
“In those days, we were using a conventional transmission mounted behind the engine, and its reliability
was marginal with the horsepower we had,” Fehan revealed. “We were nervous about that. In addition,
some type of harmonic vibration was destroying the starter motors; if the car spun and the engine stalled,
there was a 50-50 chance that it wouldn‟t restart. It was a huge issue.

“The rain worked to our advantage because the race pace was dramatically slower, which reduced the
stress on the gearboxes. By the 20th hour, we had an insurmountable lead and a certain victory as long as
the cars were running at the finish. We brought the cars in, went through the transmissions, dried out the
starters, and sent them back out for the final hour. Then I had a moment of sheer panic when I was told
that a GT car was ahead of us, but the officials reassured me that Corvette was still the leader in GTS.”

Another lesson learned was the importance of perfect execution in the pits.

“We missed an overall victory in Daytona by 32 seconds,” Fehan explained. “Thirty-two seconds is pretty
easy to find in 24 hours, and not necessarily on the race track. It became vividly apparent that every
movement in the pit lane had to be choreographed, every action needed to be as efficient as possible,
because a 24-hour race can come down to just a few seconds.”

The team also gained an appreciation of the unique demands of the immense 8.5 mile Le Mans circuit.

“The Corvette C5-R had a fairly narrow body in 2000 – we had tremendous straight-line speed, but
didn‟t have the cornering and aerodynamic characteristics that come with a wide car,” Fellows noted.
“We came back in 2001 with a wider body. The car had a little more drag but a much better aero
platform. We were slower on the straights, but quicker overall in 2001.”

With its first Le Mans victory, Corvette Racing reached an objective that had been set years earlier.

“In 1997 I sat down with Herb Fishel, who was then the director of GM Racing, when he laid out his
vision and outlined his plan to win Le Mans,” Fellows remembered. “Four years later it came to fruition.
I‟ll never forget standing on the victory podium in the rain, with throngs of people on the track. It was a
breakout year for Corvette Racing, and that first win was very special.”

                  Pennsylvania man buried with his beloved Corvette

On this day in 1994, the ashes of 71-year-old George
Swanson are buried (according to Swanson's request)
in the driver's seat of his 1984 white Corvette in
Hempfield County, Pennsylvania.
Swanson, a beer distributor and former U.S. Army
sergeant during World War II, died the previous
March 31 at the age of 71. He had reportedly been
planning his automobile burial for some time, buying
12 burial plots at Brush Creek Cemetery, located 25
miles east of Pittsburgh, in order to ensure that his beloved Corvette would fit in his grave with him.
After his death, however, the cemetery balked, amid concerns of vandalism and worries that other clients
would be offended by the outlandish nature of the burial. They finally relented after weeks of
negotiations, but insisted that the burial be private, and that the car be drained of fluids to protect the
environment. "George wanted to go out in style, and, indeed, now he will," commented Swanson's lawyer
in a report from The Associated Press. "We agree that this is rather elaborate, but really it's no different
than being buried in a diamond-studded or gold coffin."
According to the AP, Swanson's widow, Caroline, transported her husband's ashes to the cemetery on the
seat of her own white 1993 Corvette. The ashes were then placed on the driver's seat of his 10-year-old
car, which had only 27,000 miles on the odometer. Inside the car, mourners also placed a lap quilt made
by a group of women from Swanson's church, a love note from his wife and an Engelbert Humperdinck
tape in the cassette deck, with the song "Release Me" cued up and ready to play. The license plate read
"HI-PAL," which was Swanson's go-to greeting when he didn't remember a name. As 50 mourners
looked on, a crane lowered the Corvette into a 7-by-7-by-16-foot hole.
"George always said he lived a fabulous life, and he went out in a fabulous style," Caroline Swanson said
later. "You have a lot of people saying they want to take it with them. He took it with him."

               C7 Corvettes to Offer a Small-Displacement Turbo V8?

According to a story by, one of the engines
that General Motors is planning on offering
in the C7 Corvette is a European-style turbo
V8 that will be slightly larger than 3 liters in
displacement. This would mark a turning
point for the company which has
traditionally offered high-displacement V8s
in the sports car. The turbocharged engine is
expected to woo the hearts, minds and
wallets of European performance car buyers
who are usually drawn to the likes of
Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.
TDB claims a senior GM executive confirmed the new turbocharged engine. The 3-liter
turbocharged V8 engine would feature an overhead cam design and a dry sump oil system.
Power output would be in excess of 400 horsepower or about 125 hp per liter. The turbo V8 will
also be an extremely high-revving engine that could handle up to 10,000 RPMs.
The turbocharged V8 will be just one of the engine offerings for the C7 Corvette and that there
will still be a big-block OHV V8 to appeal to traditionalists.
GM has toyed with turbo charging in the past and in fact offered a turbocharged option as an
add-on with Callaway in the late 80s. Over the four year offering, 321 B2K-optioned Corvettes
were built. says that that revelation is in line with recent comments by General
Motors North American President Mark Reuss who said earlier this month that the C7 Corvette
will be “completely different” from previous Corvettes.
That comment by Reuss has fueled rumors and led others to believe that it means a mid-engine
layout is also in the offering. About the only thing we do know is that General Motors will be
investing $131 million into the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green as it prepares for the
next generation Corvette. The first C7s expected are expected to arrive as a 2014 model.
                New Carlisle Blue Corvette Spotted on Car Hauler

Les Stanford Chevrolet of Dearborn, MI posted these photos Wednesday on the Corvette Forum which
show a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport painted in Carlisle Blue.

Personally, I‟m not much of a fan of pastel colors on automobiles. Now that you‟ve seen it on a Corvette,
what do you think about the new color?

              Corvettes on eBay: First 2010 Corvette ZR1 VIN 0001

Here is a Corvette ZR1 for sale on eBay that is worthy
of collector car status. This Jetstream Blue Corvette
was the first ZR1 produced in the 2010 model year.
Wearing VIN #0001, it comes with a 3ZR package and
features a Dark Titanium interior and chrome wheels.
But here is the kicker: the selling dealer acquired this
Corvette directly from General Motors. Although it has
just over 3,500 miles, it has never been titled.
We saw how collectors were all over the first 2009
Corvette ZR1s. In fact, there was a unique set of
circumstances that saw the actual production of three
(3) VIN #0001 ZR1s. Chevy dealer Dave Ressler paid $1 million at Barrett-Jackson to own the special 1
of 1 RPO BD1 VIN #0001 in January 2008. The first regular production Corvette ZR1 is owned by Jay
Leno while the third #0001 car was a pre-production VIN that was part of the captured test fleet. We are
unaware of the ownership status of that third #0001 Corvette ZR1.
So this is your chance to own the first 2010 Corvette ZR1 and with the Certificate of Origin, you‟ll be
listed as the first owner on the title. But this opportunity doesn‟t come cheap. The current bid is $155,000
but the reserve price of $189,000 has yet to be reached with just 22 hours to go at the time of this posting.
                 The New 4LT Interior in a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport
The new 4LT interior was on display for
the first time at last weekend‟s
CorvetteForum Cruise-In at the National
Corvette Museum. On hand was Tom Hill
– Corvette Plant Engineer who said these
seats were put in the car the day before the
event began which makes this the first
2012 Corvette to have the 4LT interior

The new seat is a big improvement,
especially the shoulder bolsters that seem
to really round out the comfort,
particularly for “spirited” driving. The
actual headrest seemed to be very hard and stiff, compared to the current seat. The design team also
redid the “release mechanism” who allows the seats to be folded forward for access to the rear storage

Corvette Buyers are able to specify a stitch color and you‟ll see this yellow stitching on these seats nicely
accents the Velocity Yellow exterior.

The new seat design is another indication that GM is listening and responding to customers (and critics)
and apparently Tom Hill made a big point about that during his presentation.

Another topic of discussion that Corvette owners are frustrated with is the current Navigation system.
Hill agreed that it sucks and went on to explain that at the time the C6 was being developed, it was a
state-of-the-art system. However, as technology for NAV systems have significantly gotten better,
engineers were stuck with what they in had without making substantial changes to the dash and the
related components. Hill agreed that it‟s one of the most frustrating issues to the engineering team on the
Corvette and says they know they can do it better, but their hands are tied.

      LMR‟s Twin-Turbo Corvette Sets Standing Mile Record at 231 MPH

According to a post on the Corvette
Forum, Late Model Racecraft now
holds the record for the fastest
corvette in the standing mile which
they set Saturday at the Texas Mile.
Their twin turbo C6 Corvette hit 231
mph despite a 31 mph head wind.
    Former Corvette Racing Driver Ron Fellows and Partners Buy Mosport
                          International Raceway

No longer just the “Mayor of Mosport”,
racing legend and former driver for the
Corvette Racing team Ron Fellows is
now the proud owner of his home track
just outside Toronto, Canada. Fellows
and his partners Alan Boughton and
real-estate developer Carlo Fidani have
purchased Mosport International
Raceway from the Panoz Motor Sport
Group. Terms of the deal have not been
Mosport is Canada‟s largest racing
facility with a 3.96 km road course, 2.4
km driver development track, a 1.4 km
karting track and a half-mile paved oval
track. The track has hosted a variety of races in its storied history including Forumla 1, IndyCar, stock
cars and motorcycles. Mosport‟s largest race is the annual Grand Prix of Mosport featuring the
American Le Mans Series.
―We want to thank the Panoz Motor Sports Group for making Mosport what it is today – a world class racing
venue that hosts some of North America‘s best road racing series and a place of inspiration for generations
of racers in Canada,‖ said Alan Boughton, Managing Partner, Canadian Motorsport Ventures, Ltd. ―We are
excited to pour our racing passion and business expertise into Mosport and look forward to working together
with local government and tourism authorities to take this historic race facility to the next level in delivering
the best excitement and entertainment motor racing has to offer.‖
The new venture planes to look at all aspects for improving the facility as each of the partners will utilize
their unique areas of strength and knowledge to guide Mosport into the future.
For Fellows, that may include a northern location for his driving school, the Ron Fellows Performance
Driving School which currently is located at Spring Mountain outside of Las Vegas.
During his Corvette Racing career which spanned from 1999-2007, Fellows was a four-time ALMS Most
Popular Driver, a three-time ALMS champion and has two 24 hours of Le Mans class wins. He also has
19 SCCA Trans-Am wins and five wins with various NASCAR teams.

              Corvettes on eBay: Lance Miller’s 2009 Corvette ZR1
In the market for ZR1? If so, then check out this like-new
2009 model currently being offered on eBay. The Blade Silver
Corvette is being offered by Lance Miller of Carlisle Events
fame. His personal car has just 1,895 miles on it and it‟s
looking for a new home. He‟s selling it in order to purchase a
2012 ZR1 and we‟re pretty sure that new one will be painted
in Carlisle Blue. Click past the jump to check out Lance‟s ride
in detail and to find out how much it‟s going to cost you to put
in your garage.
When GM launched the 3rd incarnation of the ZR1 option package in 2009, they put the world on notice
that America could indeed build a world class super car. Just 1,415 examples of the $115,000+ beasts
were built that year. With 638 thumping horsepower on tap, the ZR1 offered super car performance at
half the price of the competition.
Lance‟s ZR1 features the aforementioned Blade Silver exterior and dark titanium leather interior and
stickered for $116,620 when new. It‟s decked out with the 3ZR package including navigation, active
handling, magnetic ride control, Bose premium sound, and all of the other goodies included with the ZR1
and 3ZR packages. The car appears to be in nearly new condition with just a crack on the right hand
lower front fascia and a small portion of the clear bra missing. The ad also mentions that the left front
fender has been repainted. While checking out the photos, be sure to note the 2 C1‟s hiding in the
background. One of which is the famous #3 Le Mans-winning Corvette.

                                      May 2011 Corvette Sales
General Motor released their monthly sales figures for May and Corvette sales continue to encourage us.
In May 2011, 1,304 Corvettes were delivered to new buyers. Although the sales figures are down 8.7%
over May 2010‟s 1,428 Corvettes, it does rank as the second best month of sales since last May. For the
calendar year, 5,597 have been sold which is pacing 13.1% over the 4,950 Corvettes sold the same time in
2010. Like I said, Corvette sales for 2011 are very encouraging.

To keep the sales rolling, Chevrolet has extended the factory incentives on new Corvettes through the
July 4th weekend. For 2011 Corvette models, buyers can receive $3,000 Dealer Cash or 1.9% financing
up to 60 months or 2.9% for 72 months. For the remaining 2010 Corvettes that are still in dealer
showrooms, $4,000 in Customer Cash is available or finance it for 72 months at 0% interest. The only
Corvette model excluded in the latest round of rebates is the 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition.
Speaking of the Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition, we heard that production of the limited edition lightweight
Corvettes have finished and a total of 252 were built. Searching Jeff Hardy‟s website, we see a number of
them listed as available for sale. To view the VINs and window stickers, go to and search
2011 Z06s in Supersonic Blue or Inferno Orange.

Finally, we are tracking a national inventory of 3,987 Corvettes. 3,595 are 2011s, 378 are 2010s and the
final 14 are 2009 Corvettes.

                                  Corvette Delivery Statistics for May 2011
                             Month                            Calendar Year-to-Date
            Month        2011    2010     % Change     Months      2011     2010    % Change
             May         1,304 1,428       -8.7%       Jan-May     5,597 4,950      +13.1%

                                Archived Monthly Corvette Delivery Statistics
   Year    Jan     Feb     Mar      Apr   May    Jun   Jul   Aug     Sept     Oct   Nov    Dec    Total

  2011     721     955 1,163 1,454
  2010     854     624     955 1,089 1,428 1,405 1,199 1,135 1,109 1,011             836   979 12,624
  2009     842 1,027 1,183 1,407 1,643 1,396           966    746 1,585 1,154        952 1,033 13,934
  2008 2,015 2,071 2,692 3,190 2,904 2,082 1,870 4,242 2,318 1,170 1,093 1,324 26,971
  2007 2,234 2,784 3,158 3,227 3,300 2,377 2,377 2,877 2,837 2,484 2,438 2,914 33,685
  2006 2,579 3,058 3,655 3,516 3,317 2,938 2,794 2,990 3,056 2,761 2,773 3,081 36,518
Corvette Stock Report:

A check of Jeff Hardy‟s website shows a total of 3,987 Corvettes on the ground. Last
month‟s total was 4,412 for a net change of -425 Corvettes. Here is the breakdown by
years and models:

     2011 Corvettes – 3,595
     2010 Corvettes – 378
     2009 Corvettes – 14

2011 Corvette Inventory Breakdown:

     Corvette Coupes – 967
     Corvette Convertibles – 242
     Corvette GS Coupes – 1,318
     Corvette GS Convertibles – 643
     Corvette Z06 – 206
     Corvette ZR1 – 219

2010 Corvette Inventory Breakdown:

     Corvette Coupes – 123
     Corvette Convertibles – 94
     Corvette GS Coupes – 39
     Corvette GS Convertibles – 38
     Corvette Z06 – 21
     Corvette ZR1 – 63

2009 Corvette Inventory Breakdown:

     Corvette Coupes – 1
     Corvette Convertibles – 1
     Corvette Z06 – 8
     Corvette ZR1 – 4

Bowling Green Production:

     2011 Model Year Production in May 2011: 1,333
     2011 Model Year To Date Through May 2011: 12,773
     2011 Calendar Year to Date through May 2011: 5,401
            National Corvette Museum Honors Wounded Warriors
April Kauffman had a dream when she toured the
National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
What if the Wounded Warriors from nearby Fort
Campbell and Fort Knox could be honored with a special
caravan from the posts to the Museum. Her two-year
dream came true when cars picked up troops from the
two army bases and delivered them to the National
Corvette Museum and General Motors‟ Bowling Green
Assembly Plant for a full day of activities.

The caravan, escorted by Kentucky State Police, left the
museum at 7 a.m. Thursday, with some cars going to Fort Campbell and the rest going to Fort Knox. As
one group toured the museum, the other toured the plant.

Trooper Jonathan Biven, spokesman for KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green, said twelve troopers from three
different posts escorted the Corvette caravan to and from the Army posts and the museum.

Kaufmann owns a Corvette and when it was ordered, the R8C option to pick up the car at the museum
was included. She is active with the Red Cross and has met with Wounded Warriors in New Jersey and
also made a trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to visit a local woman‟s
wounded son.

When Kauffman approached the Museum‟s executive director Wendell Strode with the idea, the staff
embraced the concept and the Corvette community made it happen.

“They could have thought I was a stark raving lunatic,” she said of suggesting the idea to bring soldiers
to the museum. “We think it‟s only fitting that America‟s sports car – the Chevrolet Corvette – shows its
appreciation to American warriors,” Strode said.

Strode, a Vietnam War veteran who was injured in combat in 1969, went to Walter Reed with Kauffman
last summer, where planning for Thursday‟s event began to take shape.

Mobil 1 Racing donated $10,000 to the event, as well as a backpack and hat for each of the warriors,
Strode said.

Janice Cheairs, 56, a resident of Denham Springs and a Corvette owner, was one of the many drivers
from about 15 states who volunteered to help Thursday. Cheairs and her husband made the journey to
Bowling Green to participate in the event.

Cheairs said the most rewarding part of the day was spending time with the soldier she picked up from
Fort Knox.
                   Corvette Hits Tree, Lands on Home‟s Front Porch
KMBC in Kansas City had this
report about a Corvette that crashed
into a house. The Corvette‟s driver
apparently was running from a
routine police stop. After turning
onto a small back road off Highway
150, the driver lost control and hit a
tree which launched the Corvette
airborne. Police found the wrecked
Corvette on the front porch of a

An elderly couple lives in the home
and the crash woke them up around
2:30 in the morning.

―All we know is that we were asleep in the upper bedroom and we heard a big bang. So we got out and
walked around to the other bedroom. As I was walking barefoot through the hall, I noticed glass and dirt on
the floor. Got there, and noticed the window was broken. About that time, the police car came down Horridge
Road here, turned on the lights, and I still didn‘t know there was a car laying on my front porch. We came
downstairs then and saw the car on the front porch,‖ homeowner John Perne said.

Two people in the Corvette were seriously injured in the wreck and were transported to the hospital.

          C3 Corvette Makes Hagerty’s Top 5 Attainable Dream Cars
Classic Corvettes have always been a hit
with collectors at auctions but rising values
have put the most coveted Corvettes out of
reach for many. With the prices for classic
cars back on the rise, classic car insurance
provider Hagerty has put together this list
of what CEO McKeel Hagerty calls the
“Top 5 Attainable Dream Cars”. Making
the list of those attainable cars is a C3 big

As CEO of Hagerty Collector Car
Insurance, McKeel Hagerty has the pulse of the collector car market and as such can spot appreciation
trends faster than many consumers. “For those who have been saving up for a classic car but are
discouraged by some of the heavily publicized high-dollar sales shown on TV and in magazines, there is
hope,” says McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance. “We‟ve developed a list of attainable options
which allow you to have the same amount of fun for a fraction of the cost.”

In developing his list of attainable dream cars, Hagerty pairs each with an aspirational choice from the
same manufacturer. For Corvettes, the aspirational choice of collectors is the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette
convertible powered by the L71 427/435 hp V8. While those Corvettes sell on average for around
$155,000, Hagerty‟s choice of an attainable collector Corvette is the 1973 Corvette Convertible powered
by the 454/275 hp LS4. Those Corvettes can often be had for an average of $38,600 for a condition #2 car:
The ‗67 big-block C2 Corvette is (after the million-dollar L88) the Corvette to own for most fans of America‘s
sports car. Televised auctions and demand have pushed it well out of reach for most enthusiasts. A lot more
of us can write the check for the most overlooked big-block C3 Corvette. The horsepower difference isn‘t as
big as it looks since the ‗73 is rated in net rather than gross horsepower and the C3‘s looks get better and
better every year.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Attainable Dream Cars from Hagerty

      1973 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 454/275 LS4 Convertible ($38,600)
      1964 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint Coupe ($21,300)
      1970 Dodge Challenger 440/390 Coupe ($73,200)
      1967 Triumph GT6 Fastback Coupe ($9,750)
      1980 Lotus Esprit Turbo Coupe ($18,800)

            Corvettes on eBay: Mail Order Baldwin/Motion Corvette
Remember way back before the
internet? Like back when ordering
parts from a catalog involved filling out
that confusing little centerfold sheet
filled with oddly shaped boxes, cryptic
color codes, and nondescript
abbreviations? In today‟s world if we
need something by mail, we just fire up
the ole PC, click a few buttons, enter a
few numbers and voila! Our items
show up at our door stop a few days

This uber rare Baldwin/Motion Phase III Corvette is currently up for grabs on eBay. Unlike other
Baldwin/Motion cars which were assembled prior to purchase, this 1968 Corvette was modified about 4
years after it was driven off the lot by the original owner. All the requisite Motion Performance parts
were ordered through the mail and a local body shop performed the transformation. The car is currently
listed on eBay waiting for you to purchase it. Find out more about this stunning ride and the price tag
attached to it after the jump.

Baldwin Chevrolet and Motion Performance collaborated on 10 or so Phase III Corvettes between 1969
and 1971. These special cars received several appearance and performance upgrades. In most cases, the
cars were purchased new, modified, and then driven home (we imagine quite quickly) for the fist time.
We say “in most cases” because in 1968 Joe Robinson wanted a Baldwin/Motion Corvette, but ended up
with a regular 427 big block instead. About 4 years later in 1973, he contacted Joel Rosen at Motion
Performance and purchased a Phase III kit through the mail. The items he ordered included: the front
end with the famous tunneled headlamps and shark fender louvers, rear fender flares, scooped hood, and
a polished alloy LeMans fuel filler, He then added chrome side mount exhaust, Motion finned valve
covers, a big Holley carburetor, a high-rise manifold, and polished Ansen wheels. The famous GT rear
window portion of the package was not ordered by Robinson in order to save some money. Once all the
go-fast and look good parts arrived, he had a local body shop perform the transformation which was
typically done in-house by the Baldwin/Motion team.
After all his mods were complete, Robinson sold the car in 1976 with just 32,000 miles on the clock. The
2nd owner added just 4,000 more miles between 1976 and 1978 and then stored the car until it was
discovered and subsequently restored in 2003. Amazingly, all of the original Motion goodies were still
with the car when it was found.

The seller states that the big block 427, 4 speed transmission, and rear end are all numbers matching and
have all the Motion touches still present. They state that the car is “nicely detailed, but not over-restored,
so you can (and should!) drive this car with confidence”. We couldn‟t agree more. Cars like these need to
be driven and appreciated.

Right now the doubters are probably questioning this cars history, but the seller has a stack of
provenance to document this unique car. Included are:

      A letter from Joel Rosen, stating this car as a Baldwin-Motion “conversion” vehicle.
      Several magazine articles including issues of “Corvette Fever,” “Cruisin‟ Style,” and “Super
      Motion Performance marketing literature
      A restoration album covering the rebuild.

So how much for this unique piece of Corvette history? The Buy-it-Now price is just $199,900.

  Corvette Racing Celebrates Chevrolet Centennial at 24 Hours of Le Mans
LE MANS, France, June 7, 2011 – Racing has
been a part of Chevy‟s heritage since the
company was founded in 1911 by Swiss-born
race car driver Louis Chevrolet and financier
Billy Durant. Now as Chevrolet celebrates its
100th birthday and Corvette Racing
commemorates the 10th anniversary of its first
class win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2001,
Corvette Racing is seeking to write another
chapter in Chevrolet‟s rich racing history with
its first victory in the GTE Pro (formerly GT2)
category at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Corvette Racing faces fierce competition on the
imposing Le Mans circuit with entries representing Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Lotus, and Aston Martin.
Corvette Racing relishes a challenge, and this year‟s edition of the 24-hour classic presents a formidable

Corvette Racing has won six times in the GTS/GT1 class at Le Mans since 2001. In 2010 the team moved
to the GT2 category where it set the performance pace before accidents and mechanical problems
sidelined both cars by the 18-hour mark. Now there is a sense of unfinished business as the team prepares
for its 12th appearance at La Sarthe.

“Last year we had a great car that could compete with anybody,” said Oliver Gavin, the pole winner in
the GT2 category. “We were the pacesetting team, and we hope to continue that this year. Le Mans is
such a special race, a race that everyone wants to win. You build your whole year on it, there‟s so much
expectation and anticipation. The accident that we had showed the real mettle of the Corvette Racing
team, how the crew fixed the car and got us back out quickly.”
Gavin will be teamed with Jan Magnussen in the No. 74 Compuware Corvette C6.R at Le Mans, a
pairing that won the GT1 title three consecutive years in 2004-06. Richard Westbrook will complete the
trio this year as Olivier Beretta has moved to the No. 73 Compuware Corvette C6.R.

“I‟ve won every time I‟ve been to Le Mans with Oliver,” Magnussen noted. “That‟s a big plus. Richard
did a great job in testing and at Sebring, he‟s easy to get along with and very fast. We‟re all going there
with high hopes.

The approach has to be same as last year,” the Danish driver continued. “We have to push as hard as we
can. Going with a team like Corvette Racing, with all of the preparation and planning, you can feel the
team‟s energy all week long. But Le Mans is Le Mans, and anything can happen – and probably will

Joining Beretta in the No. 73 Compuware Corvette C6.R will be Tommy Milner and Antonio Garcia. The
trio was third in the season-opening Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.

“I have raced in Le Mans since 1995, and every year I go there to achieve what every driver wants – to
win,” said Beretta, a five-time class winner at Le Mans. “Before you can think about the victory, you
have to go through the week and make everything ready. I have won three years in a row, and I have lost
three years in a row. Now I am looking for my sixth victory, and I hope 2011 will be the one.”

The driver from Monaco has a deep reverence for the world‟s oldest and most prestigious endurance
race. “People who have never been to Le Mans cannot understand what we are saying when we talk
about it,” Beretta said. “You have to be there to understand what Le Mans means. When you have the
opportunity to go with a great car and you know everything is being done to win, that can give you even
more motivation.”

Beretta will be joined by his American Le Mans Series co-driver, 25-year-old Tommy Milner of Lake
Mary, Fla., for the first time at Le Mans. This year marks Milner‟s third journey to Le Mans; his first
two Le Mans races ended in disappointing DNFs by the Panoz team, but the combination of speed and
experience in the No. 73 Corvette holds the promise of a better result this time.

“Le Mans is magical,” Milner said. “You can feel the history there, the legendary drivers who have raced
there, and the success of Corvette Racing. There is definitely something special about driving onto the
Mulsanne Straight the first time. At the same time, we have to treat Le Mans like any other race, and we
have to stick to the plan we use at every event. When I‟m in the car, I won‟t be thinking about Le Mans,
I‟ll be thinking about how to make the car faster.”

Propelled by 100 years of history and fueled by the passion to compete at the top level of international
sports car racing, the men and women of Corvette Racing are ready to take on the world‟s best at the 24
Hours of Le Mans.

                 2011 Le Mans: ILMC Larbre Competition Preview
To worldwide road racing aficionados, Le Mans is a mystical place. The annual event dates back to 1923
when the Automobile Club of the Sarthe held their first race. Each summer the city transforms as the Les
Vingt Quatre Heures du Mans or the 24 Hours of Le Mans swell the cities population to over 500,000.
Spectators pack themselves into the famous 8.48-mile circuit. To win or even finish, competitors must run
flat out, be trouble free and minimize pit visits. The Automobile Club de l‟Quest (Automobile Club of the
West) is very strict about who races at Le Mans.
Only the top sports cars of the world are
invited to participate in this race. Le Mans
practice and qualifying sessions are
limited, because a portion of the
racecourse is a main public highway and it
can only be closed for a limited time. Each
year the organizers close highway N138
(the Mulsanne straight) and open the track
for practice and qualifying.

In 1999 General Motors introduced their
Corvette Racing program. They won the
GT category six times in 2001, 2002, 2004,
2005, 2006 and 2009. They also have
finished each of the ten Le Mans races they
have entered, a remarkable achievement. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet three
Corvettes will compete at the 79th Le Mans 24-Hour race with hopes to capture their seventh GT victory.
Pratt & Miller Racing will enter two factory C6R Corvettes in the LM GTE Pro category to hold up
Chevrolets honor.

A third ex-Pratt & Miller Corvette will compete in the LM GTE Am (Amateur) category by Larbre
Competition from France. The car will be piloted by two previous winners at La Sarthe. 2010 winner and
local man, Julien Canal will be paired up with 2005 FIA GT Champion and 2010 Le Mans winner
Gabriele Gardel. Gardel has a long history with the team, including double Le Mans Series GT1
championships in 2006 and 2010. The Swiss will be hoping for a repeat victory in France. The third
driver is Patrick Bornhauser. Bornhauser is a multiple FFSA GT champion (winning titles in 2004 and
2005 with a Viper, 2008 with a Larbre Saleen and last year in a Larbre Porsche). With a competitive car,
and a proven driver pairing, the No. 50 Corvette C6R has a nice role to play in the category this weekend.

Larbre Competition owner and manager Jack Laconte reflects on the season so far, and this weekends
race at Le Mans:

“It‟s clear that we were very disappointed with the engine problem at Sebring. It‟s frustrating, when the
tests went well, to stop after an hour of racing. At Spa, I confess I was surprised. We had contact five
times during the six hour race! Furthermore, it was a puncture early in the race, which really was not
ideal. In these circumstances, it is nice to have finished on the podium, but was below our expectations.
The positive is that the stability of the car was well tested and it has been positive in the perspective of the

“Le Mans, for Larbre is very important. We have often done well. Of course a victory would be good,
and what I would also greatly enjoy, would be to see both cars on the podium. Our Corvette drivers have
proven themselves, and the Porsche drivers that are starting at Le Mans have experience in endurance
racing. We did the best possible preparation for Le Mans, that is why our six pilots have trained in the
cars (during the official test day).”

“One of the biggest challenges will be the Krohn Racing Ferrari, which is second in the championship for
the ILMC. They also have good drivers. The CRS Ferrari Racing should not be bad either.”
Corvette 3D Experience to be First 3D Documentary about the Corvette
Patrick Gramm of Gramm Productions/Digital
Corvettes has teamed up with Onset3D Studios to
begin work on a new project called the “Corvette 3D
Experience”. It‟s going to be the first 3D
documentary about Corvettes and it will bring the
coolest Corvettes from six generations right into the
living room of viewers through the power of high-
definition 3D. But before filming can start, Patrick
needs YOUR help.

According to press release, The Corvette 3D
Experience will examine the evolution of the Corvette
since its inception in 1953. The movie will also explore the lasting appeal of the Corvette to owners and
enthusiasts, and it‟s ability to firmly claim title to America‟s Sports Car.

Signing onto the project is the National Corvette Museum who will serve as a resource and location for
the filming. A special theatrical version of the Corvette 3D Experience will be produced exclusively for
the National Corvette Museum for public showing, offering the museum a new attraction and an
additional revenue source.

Gramm, who will be serving as producer/director of the Corvette 3D Experience, said filming in high-def
3D is very expensive and so he and co-producer Philip Angelotti are turning to the untraditional method
of crowdsourcing to raise capital for the project. Currently in pre-production, the Corvette 3D
Experience will need a minimum of $195,000 to begin principle photography.

As a bonus for those that do donate to the project, Onset3D will offer special perks for those who
participate. A special Corvette 3D Experience 2-Disc HD Blu-Ray DVD is offered to those who donate
$100 and those that donate $1,000 will be invited to the Corvette Museum for an exclusive VIP screening
of the movie.

   Corvette Racing Fourth and Fifth in Provisional Le Mans Qualifying
LE MANS, France, June 8, 2011 – Preparations for this
weekend‟s 79th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans began
today with four hours of free practice followed by the first of
three two-hour qualifying sessions. Corvette Racing‟s twin
Compuware Corvette C6.Rs were third and fifth in the
opening practice session. Then after a two-hour break, the
initial qualifying session ran from 10 p.m. to midnight on the
imposing 8.5-mile circuit.

Jan Magnussen qualified the No. 74 Corvette C6.R fourth on
the provisional GTE Pro grid at 3:59.519, and Olivier Beretta
was fifth at 3:59.633 in the No. 73 Corvette C6.R. The No. 56
BMW M3 GT is on the provisional GTE pole with the fastest
lap at 3:58.426.
“Our objective here is not to win the pole; our objective is to develop a vehicle that can be raced
comfortably and competitively by all three drivers in each car,” said Corvette Racing program manager
Doug Fehan. “Victory is our objective and that‟s what we‟re working toward.”

 “We got in a good qualifying run for P4, and we‟ll see what we can do to improve tomorrow,” said
Magnussen. “Our competition is fast, but we still have some improvements to make. I think we have a car
now that would do very well in the race. Judging by previous years and how the track changes, we‟re in
good shape, and we can still improve in small areas.”

Olivier Beretta agreed: “All went well today,” said the five-time winner at Le Mans. “We worked
through our to-do list and it all worked out fine. The setup improved throughout the session each time we
changed something. There was a brief interruption with a red flag situation, but it didn‟t upset our
schedule at all. The track was still quite dirty in the beginning of the session, but it cleaned up pretty
quickly. The car is exactly how it always is when we begin an event: nearly perfect.”

Oliver Gavin had a dramatic moment at 90 minutes into the opening practice session. “I had just started
a timed lap and was going through the Esses when we had a problem with the power steering system,” he
said. “The car was fully loaded going down the hill, and I had to make a pretty big correction. I brought
the car back to the pits, but driving slowly around Le Mans is pretty hairy – those prototypes go past
very, very fast.

“It‟s great to be back at Le Mans in our cars,” Gavin added. “The circuit is a bit dirty, a little green, but
felt pretty comfortable.”

Tommy Milner turned his first laps at Le Mans in the No. 73 Corvette C6.R that he shares with Beretta
and Antonio Garcia. “There wasn‟t a big difference from the Larbre Competition Corvette that I drove
during the Le Mans test in April, but it‟s cool to be in the Corvette Racing C6.R,” said the 25-year-old
American driver. “Now we‟re focused on the task at hand. During my time in the car we made a really
good change to improve the balance of the car, so we‟ve found a direction to take and we‟re definitely
making progress. We just have to keep at it and get the car as comfortable as we can.”

“It‟s good to be back in Le Mans after a year away,” said Garcia. “For me it‟s about getting into the
rhythm again and trying to figure out traffic and how to work with the faster prototypes. We‟re just
concentrating on getting the car ready for the race, as we do every year. The most important thing is to
get a consistent and comfortable car. Now we‟ll analyze the data and fine tune the setup.”

“We‟ve definitely got something to build on,” said Richard Westbrook, the third driver in the No. 74
Corvette C6.R. “The track is changing all the time, so we have to react to that. We have a very good
baseline car, and I think all three of the drivers and the engineers are confident that the small changes we
make will improve things. There are no major issues, so it‟s just the fine tuning to react to the change in
the track.”

        Goalie Craig Anderson Visits Ron Fellows Corvette Driving School
While visiting the NCM during the Bash, I was going through the
different galleries when I came across a group of people watching a
video of hockey highlights. One lady turned to me and said “What
does hockey have to do with Corvettes?” I replied that the highlights
are of Craig Anderson who wears Corvette Racing‟s Jake on his
goalie helmet. Of course the next question was “Who is Jake?” and
that took some explaining as well, but I digress.
Goalie Craig Anderson, who plays for the Ottawa Senators, has been a lifelong Corvette enthusiast and
has owned Corvettes since he was 18. His current ride is a 2007 Corvette Z06. His love of Corvettes comes
from his father, NCM Board Member Richard Anderson, who has owned and raced the sports car in
SCCA events.

A couple of seasons ago, the Pratt & Miller team saw the Jake logo on Anderson‟s helmet and invited him
to an American Le Mans race at Road America. It was there that he met Ron Fellows, former driver for
Corvette Racing and a current Toronto Maple Leafs season ticket holder. Ron invited him out to the Ron
Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain and Craig finally took him up on the offer.

During the three-day school, Anderson said he worked on the skid pad to learn car control and then the
road course where Ron and the instructors teach proper braking, heel-and-toe downshifting and
following the racing lines through corners and straights. He said by day three “we‟re going smooth and

Comparing performance driving to hockey, Anderson told Detroit Free Press writer Mike Brudenell “In
racing, you have to slow everything down to go fast. In hockey, you have to do the same. You have to
focus, stay mentally alert and not make mistakes by overreacting. Slow the action down in your mind.”

            GM Returns to the Nurburgring with the 2012 Corvette ZR1
Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said at
the Corvette Museum‟s C5/C6 Bash in
April that they would be looking to
make a trip to the famous 12.9 mile
Nordschleife for final validation of the
supercharged C6 ZR1. We just didn‟t
realize it would be so soon! Judging
from the new official video from
Chevrolet showing test driver Jim
Mero piloting the 638-hp Corvette to a
time of 7:19.63, an 6 second
improvement over the famous high
speed run in July 2008, I would have to say that final validation was most definitely a success.

Driving the ZR1 on the Nurburgring looks to be a blast. According to the telemetry provided in the video,
Mero hit a top speed of 183 mph and lateral Gs went as high as 1.7.

The new time of 7:19.63 beats the previous 2009 Corvette ZR1s run of 7:26.4 by over 6 seconds. The new
time also puts the 2012 Corvette ZR1 ahead of the Dodge Viper ACR (7:22.1), the Porsche 911 GTS RS
(7:24) and the Nissan GT-R (7:24.22).

Nice job Team Corvette!!

Update – GM Press Release added:

DETROIT – Corvette returned to the world‘s most-demanding testing ground – Germany‘s famed
Nurburgring – and recorded lap times that rank among the fastest recorded for a production car.
As detailed on video, the 2012 Corvette ZR1 recorded a lap time of 7:19.63, more than six seconds faster than
the previous Corvette-best recorded in 2008. A lap video featuring the Corvette Z06 will be released soon.

‖Testing at the Nurburgring is one of the important methods we have to validate our car in the toughest
track conditions.‖ says Tadge Juechter, Corvette vehicle line director and chief engineer.

Measuring 12.9 miles (20.8 km) and including some 154 turns, the Nurburgring‘s Nordschleife (―north
loop‖) is widely considered the world‘s most-demanding course. As was the case at Corvette‘s last test in
2008, the car was driven by Corvette engineer Jim Mero and was a full production model with no
performance modifications. This test was to validate the car‘s added performance technology coming to
production later this summer for the 2012 model year.

Corvette‘s improved performance for 2012 begins with the new, optional Michelin® Pilot® Sport Cup Zero
Pressure tires, which are available on the two highest-performing models, the lightweight, 505-hp (377 kW)
Z06 and the maximum-performance, 638-hp (476 kW) supercharged ZR1. They are competition-oriented
tires, optimized for warm, dry conditions to increase cornering and handling capability.

When combined with the Corvette‘s exclusive Performance Traction Management (PTM) technology –
which manages torque delivery for maximum performance – the tires set new benchmarks for Corvette
performance. Engineers estimate an 8-percent gain in maximum lateral acceleration, to more than 1.1g, and
improved braking distance.

                         Corvette Racing Wins 24 Hours of Le Mans
LE MANS, France, June 12, 2011 – “The car‟s a lap
down, but we can make that up,” said Corvette Racing
team manager Gary Pratt with six hours remaining in
the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Pratt‟s words proved
prophetic as the No. 73 Compuware Corvette C6.R
driven by Olivier Beretta, Tommy Milner and Antonio
Garcia relentlessly pursued the class-leading No. 51
Ferrari 458 Italia, cutting the margin by seconds every
lap. American driver Tommy Milner overtook Ferrari
driver Toni Vilander with two hours and 10 minutes to
go, and steadily increased his lead as he completed his
double stint. Garcia then took over the yellow and black
car for the final hour and the run to the finish.

The No. 73 Corvette C6.R completed 314 laps and finished two minutes and 29 seconds ahead of the runner-
up Ferrari. Today‟s victory was the seventh class win at Le Mans for Corvette Racing, and its first in the GTE
Pro category. It came as Chevrolet celebrates its 100th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the team‟s
first Le Mans victory in 2001. It was the sixth Le Mans title for Beretta, the third for Garcia, and the first for

“This is my first time at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but I‟ve watched Corvettes race here my whole life,” said
Mark Reuss, President GM North America. “To come here for the first time on the 100th anniversary of
Chevrolet and to have another Corvette victory is beyond words.”

The contest was a dramatic one, as the No. 74 Corvette C6.R of Oliver Gavin, Jan Magnussen, and Richard
Westbrook suffered a stunning reversal of fortune. After leading for nearly 16 hours, the car was extensively
damaged in a crash in the 17th hour. Although Magnussen was uninjured in the high-speed shunt, the car was
retired on the spot.
The No. 73 Corvette C6.R had been running steadily in the top five, and the No. 74‟s misfortune moved it to
second in the GTE standings. More than a lap behind the No. 51 Ferrari 458 Italia at the time of the accident,
the No. 73 Corvette drivers chased down the class leader. As rain began to fall in the 20th hour, Garcia was
gaining 1.5 seconds per lap. Milner took over at the 21st hour and continued to reel in the Ferrari, gaining as
much as six seconds per lap during his stint.

Milner made the pass for the lead on the Mulsanne Straight on lap 283. “That was the hardest drive of my
life,” said the 25-year-old racer. “It would have been a lot easier if it hadn‟t been sprinkling, raining, not
raining, and then wet – all that plus the pressure of the situation. I‟d been super comfortable in the car all day
long, but I was certainly not comfortable then. I was just trying to drive the car to what the track would allow.
Every lap it changed, every corner it changed.

“When you start racing, you hope that one day you can compete for a win,” Milner noted. “To get one here at
Le Mans in my first year with Corvette Racing is very cool.”

“I was very happy with how the race turned out, even though it did not always go our way,” said Garcia. “We
had ups and downs – we didn‟t get a break with the first safety car, we had punctured tires, and so on. Every
time I was in the car, I tried to go as fast as possible and stay out of trouble. You have to never give up here,
and just keep pushing. Today it paid off.

“In the final minutes, everything comes into your mind,” the Spaniard added. “It went perfectly, a real easy
last stint compared to all the ones before it. This was the first time I drove a car at the finish at Le Mans, and
it was very special. There is no better time to win this race than in the centennial year for Chevrolet. Now I‟m
already thinking about next year.”

Beretta became ill after driving behind the safety car during an extended caution period, and drove a limited
time in the second half of the race.

“Today was not my sixth win, but a win for the team, Tommy, Antonio, and all of the engineers and crew who
did a wonderful job,” Beretta said. “I was sick in the middle of the night from following the pace car, but I
recovered. I‟m very happy for the entire team.”

Corvette Racing scored six wins in the GTS/GT1 class at Le Mans (2001-02, 2004-06, and 2009). The team
moved to the GT2 class in 2010, which was renamed GTE Pro in 2011.

“If I were to write a script to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet and the 10th anniversary of
Corvette Racing‟s first win at Le Mans, this would undoubtedly be it,” said Corvette Racing program
manager Doug Fehan. “Louis Chevrolet was himself a racer, and his motto, „Never give up!‟ is a philosophy
we embraced from our first visit here. I think the result today embodied the spirit of Chevrolet‟s co-founder
and of that iconic phrase.”

24 Hours of Le Mans GTE Pro Top Five Finishers after 24 Hours:
Pos./Car No./Drivers/Car/Laps

   1.   73 Beretta/Milner/Garcia, Corvette C6.R, 314
   2.   51 Fisichella/Bruni/Vilander, Ferrari F458 Italia, 314
   3.   56 Priaulx/Muller/Hand, BMW M3 GT, 313
   4.   77 Lieb/Lietz/Henzler, Porsche 997 GT3 RSR, 312
   5.   76 Narac/Pilet/Armindo, Porsche 997 GT3 RSR, 311
                          GM Releases Pricing for 2012 Corvettes
Buying a 2012 Corvette is going to cost you
more money. That‟s our analysis after
seeing the new pricing for 2012 Corvettes
that were released today by General
Motors. A quick review reveals that MSRP
pricing is going up anywhere from $480-
$1,150 based on the model. The only model
seeing a pricing decrease is the 2012
Corvette ZR1 which will see its MSRP
drop by $75.

In addition to the MSRP prices going up,
most of the prices for the Equipment
Group packages are going up as well. 2LT
Coupes and GS Coupes will rise from
2011‟s $1,195 to $2,095. 3LT Coupes and GS Coupes will go from $4,205 to $5,995 and 4LT Coupes and
GS Coupes will rise from $7,705 to $9,495.

The models that show a decrease in Equipment Group pricing is the Convertible/Grand Sport
Convertibles but only in the 2LT package. The 2LT price drops from $3,190 to $2,095. However, the 3LT
packages are up from 2011‟s $6,200 to $7,995 and 4LT packages for the topless Corvettes go up from
$9,700 to $11,495.

The big news for the 2012 Corvette is the Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition. The one-year only black
metallic Corvettes with black wheels, red trim and Louis Chevrolet graphics will add an additional
$4,950 to the pricing of any of the six Corvette models.

Some other interesting price points for new 2012 RPOs:

The Z06 Carbon Fiber Hood (B92) is $2,495.
Black Carbon Fiber Hood Badges (BA5) is $100.
Silver, Gray or Yellow Brake Calipers (J6*) are $595.
Customer Selectable VIN (PIN) is $5,000.

                   2012 Corvette Coupe                                       $49,525
                         1LT Base Equipment Group                                 $0
                         2LT Equipment Group                                  $2,095
                         3LT Preferred Equipment Group                        $5,995
                         4LT Premium Equipment Group                          $9,495

                   2012 Corvette Convertible                                 $54,525
                         1LT Base Equipment Group                                 $0
                         2LT Equipment Group                                  $2,095
                         3LT Preferred Equipment Group                        $7,995
                         4LT Premium Equipment Group                         $11,495

                   2012 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe                           $55,925
                         1LT Base Equipment Group                                 $0
                         2LT Equipment Group                                  $2,095
      3LT Preferred Equipment Group                      $5,995
      4LT Premium Equipment Group                        $9,495

2012 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible                   $59,525
      1LT Base Equipment Group                               $0
      2LT Equipment Group                                $2,095
      3LT Preferred Equipment Group                      $7,995
      4LT Premium Equipment Group                       $11,495

2012 Corvette Z06                                       $75,525
      1LZ Base Equipment Group                               $0
      2LZ Preferred Equipment Group                      $4,310
      3LZ Premium Equipment Group                        $8,815

2012 Corvette ZR1                                      $111,525
      1ZR Base Equipment Group                               $0
      3ZR Premium Equipment Group                       $10,000


B92   Carbon Fiber Hood for Z06                          $2,495
BA5   Black Grand Sport Fender Badges                      $100
C2L   Roof Package – Includes Painted and Glass Tops     $1,400
CC3   Glass Roof instead of Painted Roof                   $750
CCR   Special order option                                   $0
CFZ   Z06 Carbon Fiber Package                           $3,995
D30   Color Combination Override                           $590
ERI   Battery Protection Package                           $100
F55   Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Grand Sports     $1,695
F55   Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Coupe/Conv       $1,995
F55   Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Z06              $2,495
H33   Cyber Gray Metallic Headlamp Override                $590
H34   Blade Silver Metallic Headlamp Override              $590
H35   Black Headlamp Override                              $590
J55   Cross Drilled Brake Rotors                           $500
J6C   Silver Brake Calipers                                $595
J6D   Dark Gray Brake Calipers                             $595
J6E   Yellow Brake Calipers                                $595
J6F   Red Brake Calipers                                   $595
MN6   6-Speed Manual Transmission                            $0
MYC   6-Speed Paddle Shift Automatic Transmission        $1,250
NPP   Dual Mode Exhaust                                  $1,195
PBC   Corvette Engine Build Experience                   $5,800
PDE   ZR1 Performance Package                            $1,495
PIN   Customer Selectable VIN                            $5,000
R8C   Museum Delivery                                      $490
R8E   Gas Guzzler Tax (ZR1)                               $1000
U3U   Navigation 6.5” Screen                             $1,795
US9   6 Disc CD Changer                                    $395
VK3   Front License Plate Bracket                           $15
Z07   Z06 Ultimate Performance Package                   $7,500
Z15   Grand Sport Heritage Package                       $1,195
                   ZLC    Chevrolet Centennial Special Edition                 $4,950
                   **6    Two-Tone Seating                                       $695
                   36S    Custom Leather Stitching – Yellow                      $395
                   37S    Custom Leather Stitching – Blue                        $395
                   38S    Custom Leather Stitching – Red                         $395
                   0B1    Cross Flag Embroidery on Headrests                     $300
                   28U    Inferno Orange Metiallic                               $300
                   45U    Velocity Yellow Premium Tintcoat                       $850
                   89U    Crystal Red Premium Tintcoat                           $850


                   PYD    Competition Gray Aluminum – Grand Sport                $395
                   PYE    Chrome Aluminum – Grand Sport                        $1,995
                   Q44    Z06 Competition Gray                                   $395
                   Q5V    Machine Faced Cup Style – Z06                          $995
                   Q6B    ZR1 Chrome Aluminum                                  $2,000
                   Q6J    ZR1 Competition Gray Aluminum                          $395
                   Q8A    Z06 Chrome Aluminum                                  $1,995
                   QX1    Competition Gray Aluminum – Coupe/Conv                 $395
                   QX3    Chrome Aluminum – Coupe/Conv                         $1,850
                   RQ1    Machine Faced Aluminum – Coupe/Conv                    $895

Pricing does not include the $975 Dealer Freight Charge (DFC).

                    Motor Trend: The Truth about the C7 Corvette

When GM‟s North
American President Mark
Reuss visitied Bowling Green
in May to announce the $131
million in upgrades to the
Corvette Assembly Plant, he
said in his speech that the C7
Corvette with be “completely
different”. That statement
has set off a number of
speculative reports about the
C7, from Autocar still
talking about a mid-engine design while the Detroit Bureau breathlessly opined about GM developing a
3.0-litre turbocharged V8. Motor Trend has offered their take on the C7 in the August 2011 issue as well
as debunking some of the irrational speculation surrounding the next generation Corvette.
Let‟s step back for a second to roll through what we do know about the C7 Corvette. We know that it will
arrive as a 2014 model and should be available in the later half of 2013. GM VP of Global Design Ed
Welburn says the new Corvette will have a split rear window inspired by the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray
Coupe. We also know that one of the major design parameters is about shaving weight from the car to
help increase fuel economy. Finally, we know that GM is developing a new generation of V8s which
should be be ready by the time 2013 rolls around. Everything else we‟ve heard is speculation.
In its latest report on the C7, Motor Trend dispenses with the three major rumors surrounding the new
Corvette. Motor Trend‟s Mike Conners says the new Corvette will not feature a mid-engine design, will
not have a base V6 engine that supercharged or turbocharged, and will not feature a wankel rotary-
powered engine (that rumor was new to me).
Motor Trend says GM is very happy with the current C6 Corvette as its already one of the best handling
sports cars on the market. The new platform is being tweaked to improve the drivers feel and feedback
from the chassis, the goal being to allow even novices to get more out of their Corvettes at track events.
The C6 is slightly shorter than the Porsche 911 and those dimensions are expected to change
substantially. As engineers and designers for the Corvette look to shed pounds, expect a greater use of
lightweight metals and composite materials throughout.
Motor Trend says the most visible change will be to the interior, as Corvette has long suffered a
reputation for Colbalt-cheap interiors at Cadillac prices. The goal for the C7 Corvette will be an interior
design, materials, and fit and finish that is worthy of a $100K sticker in a $70K sports car.
Finally, Motor Trend alludes to a special 60th anniversary model that will be the C6‟s swan song. We‟ve
heard rumors of a white and red special edition and the magazine says “Don‟t be surprised to see Polo
White convertibles with red interiors, but forget about a six-cylinder with Powerglide.”

             Corvette Auction Preview: Barrett-Jackson Orange County

This weekend will be a busy one for those
hunting for a Corvette to buy as there
are 2 big sales on the docket. The
Barrett-Jackson crew rolls into sunny
southern California while Mecum holds
their annual Bloomington Gold Corvette
sale in St, Charles, IL. Barrett-Jackson‟s
2nd annual Orange County auction will
run June 24th – 26th at the OC Fair and
Event center in Costa Mesa, California.
Nearly 2 dozen Corvettes will cross the
auction block in addition to the hundreds
of other classics, restomods and exotics
being offered. Click below to see which
Corvettes we‟d like to put in the CorvetteBlogger fantasy garage.

The Corvette docket is filled mainly with C2‟s and C3‟s this time around. Midyear fans have 6 choices for
bidding while shark enthusiasts get 10 flavors to pick from. Model years covered range from 1961
through 2001. SPEED will be providing 16 hours of live coverage of the event. Here are the cars we‟ll be
watching for:

Lot #339 1961 Corvette Roadster
Selling at no reserve from the Dave‟s Garage collection, this frame-off restored red with white coves car
can be shown or driven. A red interior compliments the exterior color pallet. The drivetrain features a
245hp 283Ci motor connected to a 4-speed. This car ran through Mecum‟s Kansas City auction in 2006
where it was a no sale at $60k. We think the new owner will be spending a tad more than that this
Lot # 373 1965 Corvette Coupe VIN #6
This maroon on maroon pilot car was the 6th Corvette to exit St. Louis during 1965. Motivation comes
via the matching number 327/300 motor backed by an automatic transmission. We‟ve seen 1965 coupe
VIN #1 sell twice in the last 7 months for $75k and $66k respectively. Based on condition, low VIN, and
great colors we expect this one to bid to roughly the same levels. It will be interesting, though, to see if the
300hp/auto drivetrain holds bidding back at all.

Lot # 357.1 1969 L89 Corvette Roadster This Riverside Gold on black vinyl convertible is one of the 390
L89‟s produced in 1969. The 435hp 427 was topped off with aluminum heads when RPO L89 was
checked off on the dealer‟s order sheet. The seller‟s description states ”This is the real deal”. The car is
documented with the tank sticker, dealer invoice, and original finance contract. Other options include:
M21 4 speed, side pipes, hardtop, and AM/FM radio. When it comes to desirable options, this car has
them all. Rare L89, convertible, two tops, 4 speed, and side pipes. Although not the most desirable color
for collectors, we can still expect this one generate some strong bids when it crosses the block on
Saturday. We think the buyer won‟t be getting much change back from his $100,000 bill.

                       Corvette Z06 Laps the Nurburgring in 7:22.68
When GM returned to the
Nurburgring to validate the 2012
Corvettes, the ZR1 wasn‟t the only
car driven by test driver Jim Mero.
Mero also drove a black 2012
Corvette Z06, outfitted with the Z07
chassis package, and posted a lap
time of 7:22.68. The new lap time
for the Z06 is just 3 seconds off the
record-setting 7:19.63 time Mero
recently recorded in the ZR1 while
besting the previous Z06 record at
the Nurburgring by nearly 20

The lightest and most balanced Corvette model, the Z06 Corvette that ran the Nurburgring was
equipped with the Z07 chassis package which features Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, Performance
Traction Control and Magnetic Selective Ride Control. The Z06 was also outfitted with the new
optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires which did their job at keeping the Corvette firmly planted to
the track.

The 2012 Corvette Z06‟s lap time of 7:22.68 is an amazing feat for General Motors. Consider that the
2012 Z06 costs under $100,000 and yet it managed to beat the much celebrated 7:26.4 lap time of the
2009 Corvette ZR1 while coming within 3 seconds of the 2012 Corvette ZR1‟s 7:19.63.

Here is the press release by General Motors:

Corvette Z06 Establishes Performance Benchmark
New content enables increased performance at Germany‘s famed testing ground
DETROIT – Corvette engineers provided another exclusive peek inside the extensive testing that is
instrumental in creating one of the world‘s highest performing cars. During Corvette‘s recent return
to the world‘s most-demanding testing ground – Germany‘s famed Nurburgring — the Z06 model,
as detailed on video recorded a lap time of 7:22.68.

The Z06 is the lightest and most balanced Corvette model, positioned below the range-topping ZR1
supercar model. The 2012 Corvette Z06 model shown includes the Z07 chassis package, featuring
new optional Michelin® Pilot® Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes,
Performance Traction Management and Magnetic Selective Ride Control, as well as carbon fiber
components (hood, front splitter and rockers) and aerodynamic improvements. All of those features
are regular production options for the 2012 Corvette Z06, and substantial enablers for the car‘s
elevated performance level.

The lap time is 20 seconds faster than the previous-best Z06 lap time, recorded in 2005, which was
recorded from a standing start rather than the generally-accepted rolling start technique now used.
The Z06 lap time is only 3 seconds behind the fastest Corvette lap time ever, the 2012 Corvette ZR1.

While lap times at the Nurburgring‘s Nordschliefe (‖north loop‖) are unofficial, these times are a
frequent, if informal, benchmark for some of the world‘s highest performing cars. The recent
Corvette Z06 performance there is notable in that few, if any, production models in the sub-$100,000
range have recorded such a strong lap time.

―There‘s a lot of legend and speculation about Nurburgring lap times, so we wanted to provide
sports car fans with a video look inside one complete lap in the new Z06,‖ said Tadge Juechter,
Corvette vehicle line director and chief engineer. ―This is just one of a multitude of ways we test, but
there‘s nothing like the Nurburgring in terms of severity, speed and notoriety around the world. In
this particular test in Germany, we were validating new content for 2012, doing many days‘ worth of
tuning and development work. As a small part of that effort, we had a brief opportunity for Jim
Mero to record lap times with a clear track. We ran three of those complete and continuous laps, two
in the ZR1 and one in the Z06, captured by on-board videos.‖

Measuring 12.9 miles (20.8 km) and including some 154 turns, the Nurburgring‘s Nordschleife is
widely considered the world‘s most-demanding course. The test car was driven by Corvette engineer
Jim Mero and was a full production model with no performance modifications.

Corvette‘s improved performance for 2012 begins with the new, optional Michelin® Pilot® Sport
Cup Zero Pressure tires, which are available on the two highest-performing models, the lightweight,
505-hp (377 kW) Z06 and the maximum-performance, 638-hp (476 kW) supercharged ZR1. They
are competition-oriented tires, optimized for warm, dry conditions to increase cornering and
handling capability.

When combined with the Corvette‘s exclusive Performance Traction Management (PTM)
technology – which manages torque delivery for maximum performance – the tires set new
benchmarks for Corvette performance. Engineers estimate an 8-percent gain in maximum lateral
acceleration, to more than 1.1g, and improved braking distance.
             Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette at Eyes on Design Show
A couple weeks back we stumbled across a rare
Baldwin-Motion Corvette for sale on eBay. On
Father‟s Day we took Dad to the 24th annual Eyes
on Design Car Show which is held on the scenic
grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house in
Grosse Pointe Shore, MI. Being an invitation-only
all-car show, we didn‟t expect to see but just a
couple of nice Corvettes in attendance. Imagine
our surprise when we noticed this yellow 1970
Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette tucked in
with a group of Yenko, Nickey, and Baldwin-
Motion cars.

The yellow 1970 was being shown by Dan McMichael. This example is one of 10 Phase III cars assembled
between 1969 and 1971 and one of just a few known to exist. By our count that means that there‟s this
yellow one, the red one on eBay (we know, technically not built by Motion), one at Corvette Repair in
Long Island, and the recently discovered white car we told you about late last year. We‟ll keep checking
for more hiding in a barn somewhere, though.

This Phase III car has all the usual Motion-specific items including enclosed front headlights, fast back
roof, flared fenders, and the famous black Motion stripe running down the center of the car. Under the
hood is a 535hp solid lifter 454 with open chamber heads and 11:1 compression. That lump is hooked up
to the TH400 automatic transmission which has been fitted with overdrive. Also on the list of go-fast
items are traction bars, performance shocks and springs, as well as a set of American Racing wheels. The
one is also equipped with air conditioning so you keep cool while you‟re tearing up the quarter mile.

          “The Quest” Documentary to be Shown at Corvettes at Carlisle

In case you were unable to make it to
Carlisle, PA back in May for the Premiere
of The Quest, the acclaimed documentary
about the Briggs Cunningham Corvettes
that raced for the first time at 24 Hours of
Le Mans back in 1960, we‟ve got good
news. The movie has been booked for an
encore showing during Corvettes at
Carlisle. The movie will be shown
Thursday, August 25th at 8:00 pm.

The Quest tells the remarkable story of the
Corvettes that raced at Le Mans and Chip
Miller‟s dream to restore the #3 Corvette
and return to Le Mans in 2010 with
original driver John Fitch to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that historic win. Chip‟s goal was cut shot
in 2004 when he passed away from an extremely rare disease called amyloidosis. His son Lance picked up
his father‟s quest and in 2010 returned the car and its driver to Le Mans to celebrate 50 years of Corvette
racing at Le Mans.
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