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									                                         JOHN ELDER
22914 Town Creek Dr.                                                                   CELL: (702) 378-8167
Lexington Park, MD 20653

      Over 15 Years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, Implementation, Testing
       and support of various applications using different software packages and Tools.
      Extensive experience in ColdFusion 5, ColdFusionMX6/7,ColdFusion8, CFC Components, JavaScript,
       AJAX, XML, JQuery, Eclipse, Toad, Erwin, Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g, SQL Server, Source Safe, CVS and
      Experience in object oriented and database management systems design, development and Implementation.
      Extensive experience in developing UI/GUI using Photoshop, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XSL and CSS
      Skilled in Writing and Optimizing SQL Queries.
      Have experience writing functions, stored procedures and packages in PL-SQL and T-SQL.
      Experience in providing end-user support for production environment.

                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

MANTECH Lexington Park, MD                                                                  10/2009-Present
Software Developer Contractor for Spalding Consulting Inc

   Gather requirements, design application or modifications, write code, create test plans for Navair.
   Built interface tracking and compiling flight hours for military aircraft from remote squadrons to
   central Navair database using flat files and external tables. Then generating reports from this data
   which is sent to Congress. Maintianing the Engine Management application which tracks aircraft,
   engines and modules. Maintian AIRRS application which tracks flight hours, locations and
   assignments of aircraft and engines.

Technologies: Oracle 9i-11g, PL/SQL, Korn Shell Scripting, ColdFusion 8 Fusebox 3 and 5, AJAX,
Jquery, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

DIAMOND RESORTS INTERNATIONAL Las Vegas, NV                                                   7/2008-4/2009

Programmer Analyst
   Sr. Software Engineer - Consultant

   Gather requirements, design application or modifications, write code, create test plans.
   Applications include creating a way to accept checks online using passing XML to java which submits
   an HTTPS request to process payment. Also created Scripts to process remittance files and insert into
   database and Jasper reports to track all payments.

Technologies: Oracle 9i-10g, MOD-PL/SQL, Java, AJAX, PL-SQL, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML,
CSS, Oracle Reports, Jasper Reports.

SHIFT4 Las Vegas, NV                                                                          3/2008-7/2008

Developer - contractor

      Built and maintained Gift Card sites using ColdFusion 5, JavaScript and AJAX.
                                                                                           JOHN ELDER PAGE - 2

         Redesigned and built backend system for processing and managing credit card transactions using
          ColdFusion 8 and Fusebox.
         Helped design new system for securing transaction through multiple servers rather than just one
          for in-out transaction.

Technologies: SQL Server 2005, ColdFusion 5- 8, Visual Source Safe, T-SQL, AJAX, XML, DHTML, JavaScript,
HTML, CSS, Fusebox

EBAY San Jose,    CA                                                                                    9/2007-3/2008

Sr Software Engineer – Consultant - 6 month contract
Internal Tracker System
     Modifying and rebuilding applications for Tracker2.0 eBays internal product and project
       management system. Modified Concepts and Scopes portion of tracker. Also built text message
       approval module allowing management to submit approvals using a cell phone.

Technologies: Oracle 9i , ColdFusion 7-8, ClearCase, PL-SQL, AJAX, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

LAS VEGAS VALLEY WATER DISTRICT Las Vegas, NV                                                           2/2004-7/2007

Conservation Systems
         Involved in designing and implementing conversion from AS400 to Oracle using stored procedures.
         Built administration applications, security system, reports and Oracle financial interface for Web based
          Water Smart Conservation system using ColdFusion MX.
         Built on the fly querying using ColdFusion MX and Oracle.
         Used Apache POI with ColdFusion createObject to generate Excel files for archive email attachments.
         Converting old power trade PHP MySQL application into .JSP, Laszlo and Oracle application.

Technologies: Oracle 9i, ColdFusion MX 7&8, AJAX, Apache, Visual Source Safe, PL-SQL, XML, DHTML,
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSP, Oracle Reports, Lazlo

KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Frankfort, KY                                                          2/2003-2/2004

Sr. Developer / Analyst
Even Start Program
   Working as a team leader in Even Start Program
   Involved in designing the Enterprise Database Architecture.
   Built an administration application to replace existing paper system using ColdFusion MX and Oracle.
   Add and track programs, families and run reports. Incorporates newly designed DB schema with existing
   Administer for MS-Visual Source Safe

 Technologies: Oracle 8i, ColdFusion 4.5/MX, IIS, Visual Source Safe, PL-SQL, DHTML, JavaScript,
HTML, CSS, Fusebox 3

NATIONAL ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION (, Great Neck, NY                                 2/02-11/02
NAM is a National leader in alternative dispute resolution.
                                                                                          JOHN ELDER PAGE - 3

Team Lead
  Lead a team of 4 to build an extranet that allowed clients to add and modify cases as well as receiving e-mail
   notifications of their status.

Senior ColdFusion Developer
   Worked on reporting systems allowing management to spot trends and adjust business model accordingly
Technologies: MS SQL 7.1, ColdFusion 5.0, Crystal Reports, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS,

SUREPAY LP. (, Melville, NY                                                              1/01-1/02
SurePay is a leader in B2B e-commerce that offers a trusted electronic business payment solution for leading
corporations, private trading networks and public exchanges worldwide.

Team Lead – Lead a team of six

   Designed and documented CF based application using UML sequence, component and use case diagrams.

   Modeled Oracle schema for storing profiles that connect to existing schema. Created scripts to create tables and
    grant privileges for easy install on all servers.

   Built dynamic XML generating profile creation and modification system that fellow developers can build upon,
    cutting learning and future implementation time. The XML would upload to a Java server, which would write
    to an Oracle database, that database would replicate to the local databases via a Tibco Bus. All database insert
    and updates went through this method.

Senior ColdFusion Developer
   Identified slow and crashing SurePay Administrator system and corrected improper use of application and
    session variables as well as rewriting inefficient CF code making the system stable and eliminating reboots.

   Identified reporting system was over burdening server. Moved logic to PL-SQL procedures, functions and also
    correlated sub-queries to optimize speed and performance.

 Technologies: Oracle 8i/9i, ColdFusion 4.5/5.0, Solaris, UML, CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Erwin,
Tibco, VI, Apache, PL-SQL(functions, procedures), XML, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Fusebox

BLA-BLA (, New York, NY                                                      7/99-12/00
Online content management system allowing non-tech users to generate Web sites using drag and drop DHTML.
Shared advertising revenue modeled on a combination of Geo-Cities and MS FrontPage.

Team Lead / Database Architect – Lead team of 8
   System was overburdened by 25 million dynamic page views a day. Built a caching system allowing clients to
    set dates and times for pages to be regenerated, reducing the server pool from 14 to 7.

   Designed MS SQL database that handled 25 million dynamic page views a day from one database server. The
    server averaged a 20% CPU usage rate.

   Built dynamic web based calendar modeled after Yahoo’s calendar. Allowing users to schedule reporting
    events, share events with selected users; assign tasks, change time zones and much more.

   Initiated weekly group discussions covering individual developer’s tasks. Productivity and knowledge base
    increased by pairing up developers with specific expertise and those needing assistance.

   Wrote stored procedures that optimized performance for NT and UNIX servers with minimal code change.
                                                                                          JOHN ELDER PAGE - 4

   Built drag and drop database driven elements, (calendar, polls, games etc…), allowing clients to add features to
    their websites without having technical knowledge.

Technologies: MS-SQL 7.3, ColdFusion 4.0/4.5, NT4 (14 servers), Solaris (4 servers), Linux (1 server),
Visual Source Safe,IIS, T-SQL(stored procedures), XML, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, WAP, CSS

AMERICAN INTERACTIVE MEDIA (, New York, NY                                       5/98-7/99
Provider of TV-Web boxes pre-programmed with customized portals. Content creators for websites, and
Senior Application Developer
   Modeled and built survey application that provides users with new survey every 30 days in return for free
    Internet access. Questions are dynamically generated based on profile and previous survey answers.

   Built dynamic portals based on ID from TV-Web box unit. News feeds; health stories, TV listings and weather
    reports were gathered from live feeds or websites and reformatted to fit unique layouts for each portal.

   Customized IChat software to allow multiple portals to have unique chat rooms while utilizing just one license.

 Technologies: Oracle 8i, ColdFusion 3.5/4.2, Solaris, Interwoven, Erwin, VI, Apache, PL-SQL(functions,
procedures), Javascript, HTML, CSS, IChat

MODEM MEDIA - POPPE TYSON ( New York, NY                             9/96 – 5/98
 Team Lead – 4 developers
  Priceline: In six weeks, built and implement user interface with great success.

   ING Barring: International content management system providing profile based information and advanced
    search capabilities. Managed six developers and their applications.

  Senior Web Developer
   IBM – Built Think Magazine, Network Station and Public Affairs Web sites.

   T. Rowe Price: Built customizable profile base website integrating C++ backend logic with HTML.

Technologies: Oracle 7.3, ColdFusion 3.5, NT4, Solaris, Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache, IIS, PL-
SQL(functions procedures), PERL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

TIME INC.’S PATHFINDER (, New York, NY                                                   6/95-9/96
  Responsible for HTML standards for all online publications.
  Built templates that all publications plugged into for 1996 redesign.
  Updated content for People and Money magazine, designed Web site and trained staff for
    Sports Illustrated for Kids.
 Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Java, CSS (early research), Photoshop, Quark

THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE ONLINE, New York, NY                                                              8/95-1/97
   Created Web site by converting all issues of print magazine from Quark Express files and original photo scans.
Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Quark
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NEW YORK 1 CABLE NEWS CHANNEL ONLINE (, New York, NY                                     9/96-10/96
   Built online content management system allowing non-tech users to update news as often as needed by placing
    text files in a directory and running a Perl script. Site was successfully maintained for years without technical
Technologies: Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop

WEBTUNES (, New York, NY                                                             1/95-2001
Online music guide providing online CD sales of NY area musicians, live video footage and message boards with
band/venue rating system. Virtual domain and Web site hosting.
Owner, Creator
   NT administrator for 20 virtual websites. Complete WAP and AvantGo version of site available. Syndication
    system allowing users to drag and drop (DHTML) layout of dynamic listings for their site using just one line of
   – Built from .JPG’s. ColdFusion, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript
  ,,,,,, to name a few.

Technologies: MS-Access, ColdFusion *, NT4, IIS, FTP, MySQL, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, WAP
  I-Mail, MS-DNS, Helix - Real Server, CSS

     Assisted Ben Forte with the book “Learn SQL in 10 Minutes.”
     Received patent for content management system for Bla-Bla.
     Won the Silver Pencil - One Interactive Advertising Awards for IBM Think Magazine
     4 stars: Excite, Magellan, Rolling Stone Online and Net Guide Live. Best of the Web – AT&T
     Published Allaire custom tag CF_More_Results.

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