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Round 8 - A Trip to the Zoo
Packet by Casey Retterer et al.

Theme: All answers in this packet will be related to animals in one form or another (though the answers
might not necessarily be animals or only tangentially related to them)


1) A precursor to this song was released on the band’s first album, Heavy, and the liner notes from the band’s
Best of compilation says that the mondegreen that stuck as its title was the result of a misunderstanding by
Ron Bushy. The ostinato of this song is repeated in both the guitar and bass, while the polyphonic organ
work of Doug Ingle bears some resemblance to variations on “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” during his
solo, which is almost three times as long as Ron Bushy’s drum solo in this song. The singer in this song asks
if "won't you come with me and walk this land" and also asks "don't you know that I love you?" Its
namesake album contains tracks like "Most Anything You Want" and "Are You Happy" on its A-Side, while
it occupies the entire B-Side of that 1968 album. FTP, name this successful hit from Iron Butterfly, whose
title is oft-cited as a result of Doug Ingle’s intoxicated slurring of “In the Garden of Eden”.
ANSWER: “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”

2) A documentary by Francois Verster that aired on PBS in 2006 had its goal of exposing the money owed to
Solomon Linda, who lost potentially $15 million for not being properly paid for having his song in this
film. Controversies surrounding this movie include its striking similarities to the first colored animated
television series in Japan, an Osamu Tezuka work from the 1960s. We don’t learn that the protagonist’s
mother-in-law’s name is Sarafina until the credits of the film, while his own mother, Sarabi does not appear
in the sequel because Madge Sinclair passed before its production. In the third film in the series, we learn the
back stories of two supporting characters that end up encountering Shenzi, Banzai and Ed before the events
of the first film. Featuring songs penned by Tim Rice and Elton John, name, FTP, this Disney animated
feature featuring the antics of Nala, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa and Simba.
ANSWER: The Lion King (accept The Lion Sleeps Tonight before the end of the first sentence)

3) This character first appeared in a short story that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1938, which
was then expanded into a novel by Eric Knight two years later concerning this character boarding with a
Scottish nobleman because of the hard times of the Depression in Great Britain. That novel was
subsequently made into a 1943 movie by Fred Wilcox starring Elizabeth Taylor and Rody McDowall which
was followed by a sequel about her son. Other movies starring this character include Hills of Home, The
Painted Hills, and The Sun Comes Up, and on her namesake television series she interacted with Corey
Stuart and other forest rangers in her later years and farm boy Jeff Miller in her early years. FTP, identify
this rough collie who “Came Home” early in her career before aiding her owner Timmy, stereotypically from
the bottom of a well.
ANSWER: Lassie
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4) A man who legally changed his name to reflect this location actually testified about it in front of
Congress, and was previously known as John Thompson. According to most accounts, the name of this
location was inspired by Hanford Dixion and Frank Minmifield. Its first incarnation, which featured two
levels, once prompted a controversial act by Matt Bahr after batteries were passed out. Acts begun in this
specific area prompted the hilarious image of Terry McAulay running toward the East tunnel with his hands
over his head, after overruling a pass to Quincy Morgan from Tim Couch. The only such area to have its own
logo, over 100 items are explicitly banned from this area, including alcohol after halftime and, hilariously,
milk bones. Often featuring a wardrobe selection characterized by bone hats and full plastic masks, tickets to
this area remain only $40 to emphasize its blue-collar roots. FTP, identify this section of Cleveland Browns
Stadium, an area behind the East end zone filled every Sunday with raucous, canine-inspired fans.
ANSWER: The Dawg Pound

5) In the first game in which he is a playable character, he appears on a title screen with the question "No
Way?" which can unlock the hidden game, Blue Sphere. In a later game, he gets an object stolen from him
while he's arguing with his chief rival Rouge the Bat, although he breaks that object apart to save it. The
island he lives on falls out of the sky in a game that introduced the playable characters E-102 Gamma and
Big the Cat, and he starred with characters like Vector and Espio in a game for the 32X that controversially
had two players move on the same screen, his namesake Chaotix. A native of Angel Island and the guardian
of the Master Emerald, FTP, identify this co-star of a lock-on game for the Sega Genesis, a red echidna from
the Sonic series.
ANSWER: Knuckles the Echidna

6) In the events of One Year Later, many of the villains who worked for him were killed by Tally Man and
Great White in an attempt to frame another famous villain. Often surrounding himself with beautiful
women, his most recent cartoon incarnation sees him accompanied by Gale and Pero, the Kabuki Twins. He
effectively ruled a certain city in the No Man's Land storyline, in part thanks to his connections with Lex
Luthor. One of his signature accessories is to ward off the pneumonia death that his father suffered, and his
nickname was assigned to him partially for loving birds and partially for being really ugly. This gentleman
criminal owns the Iceberg Lounge in Gotham City, and has been played by Danny DeVito and Burgess
Meredith. FTP, this criminal alter ego of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, an umbrella-wielding nemesis of
ANSWER: The Penguin (or Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot before read)

7) His alleged feud with Yung Berg quickly fizzled out, and it is rumored that he will appear on the latter’s
upcoming Look What You Made Me, while another beef involving the songs “U Can’t Shine Like Me” and
“Fresh Azimiz” remains somewhat unresolved. Both this artist and R. Kelly released different versions of
"I'm a Flirt", but both songs were tracked as one in a unique move by Billboard. Earlier hits include “Let Me
Hold You” and “Like You”. Finding continued success in 2007 with the collaboration between himself and
the former lead singer of B2K, Omarion, Face Off, his other efforts have included The Price of Fame,
Wanted, Doggy Bag and Beware of Dog. FTP, identify this rapper behind the hit “Bounce with Me” who
dropped the “Li’l” from his moniker upon the release of his third album, 2003’s Unleashed.
ANSWER: Li'l Bow Wow (or Shad Gregory Moss)
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8) In his first adventure, this character is killed by the DeGreasy Brothers, although a speech balloon left at
the crime scene helps his partner discover the reason behind that killing. An infant he is watching swallows
a rattle in the short "Tummy Trouble", part of a series of shorts that teamed him up with Baby Herman. His
enemies were originally slated to include the trench coat wearing Flasher, while the Tommy-gun wielding
Smoker did make it into his most famous film. Charles Fleischer, in addition to providing the voice of
Benny the Cab, voices this character, while Christopher Lloyd plays his main antagonist, a judge who plans
to erase the environment the protagonist lives in. Married to a vixen named Jessica, FTP, identify this title
character who enlists the help of Eddie Valiant in thwarting the plans of Judge Doom, well known for being
framed in the murder of Marvin Acme.
ANSWER: Roger Rabbit

9) Minor characters on this show include an Italian-American group of fleas and a trio of singing female
cockroaches voiced by the Roches. An alien named Marcia appeared in an episode of this show, while
Tyrone Turtle's character was based on that of Cecil Tortoise. Another character on this show is a mouse
with a perpetual cold, Li'l Sneezer, who hangs out with a silent character who sometimes spits up words,
Bookworm. Bookworm himself was often chased by Sweetie Pie, who herself was often pursued by Furball.
Other major characters include Fifi La Fume, Shirley the Loon, Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper.
Featuring the antics of other characters like Gogo Dodo, Hampton J. Pig and Plucky Duck, identify, FTP,
this early 1990s Warner Brothers Cartoon starring the unrelated Babs and Buster Bunny.
ANSWER: Tiny Toon Adventures

10) In 2005, Eric Torpy asked a judge to extend the number of yeasr in his sentence to match this player's
jersey number. This player sank a game-winning three pointer after telling SuperSonics player Xavier
McDaniel the exact spot he was going to make it from, and once complained "We played like a bunch of
women tonight" after his team lost game three of the NBA finals. Nicknamed "Kodak" by his coach Bill
Fitch, he was drafted sixth overall in 1978, and memorably stole an inbounds pass from Isaiah Thomas and
passed it to Dennis Johnson to defeat the Pistons in game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference finals. In college,
he led his Indiana State team to the 1979 NCAA finals, where they lost to Michigan State. FTP, name this
player known as the "Hick From French Lick," three time MVP for the Celtics and rival of Magic Johnson.
ANSWER: Larry Bird

11) More information can be found about the characters in this game in the "6 Card Fun Packs".
It is not possible to kill any of the title figures, although they can fight each other following the player
encountering a question mark in one of its modes. Players can leave voice messages to each other wirelessly
using a "white record". At the website of this Hideki Konno produced game, players can download adoption
papers, and certain characters in this game can be unlocked if you find a fireman's hat while
walking. Additional backgrounds to the player's house can be bought with Training Points, which increase
as a result of contest training and walking. Originally released in Dachshund & Friends, Lab & Friends and
Chihuahua & Friends, identify, FTP, this best-selling DS game in which players use the touch screen and
microphone to interact with and raise virtual canines.
ANSWER: Nintendogs
                                 ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 4
12) In his first appearance, he states that he makes a killing appearing in gretting cards, chases the title
character around in a rollerskate, and sheds in that character's food. Apparently only one eyelash remains
from his original body, as this smaller than usual character has undergone extensive plastic surgery to
maintain his appearance. His gender has been somewhat confused by the feminine voice given to him by
Desiree Goyette, while David Eigenberg voiced him in a movie when he was changed to be Siamese. He is
technically owned by the parents of the strip's protagonists, a couple who also had the other son, Doc
Boy. Frequently threatened to be sent to Abu Dhabi, FTP, identify this "world's cutest kitten" once
belonging to Jon Arbuckle's parents who pisses Garfield off a lot.
ANSWER: Nermal

13) One of this band's early efforts contained a cover of "Numbers" by The Adicts', an EP whose title track
stated "it's not a question - a question of low IQ", A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T. Videos for their song “Fall Is Just
Something Grownups Invented” have been prominently featured on Cartoon Network since last fall. This
band was allegedly formed in 1993 via the machinations of the honorary sixth member of the band credited
with writing all of their songs, Randy Fitzsimmons, who may in reality just be one their guitarists. Their
breakthrough came with a compilation album containing a re-release of "Main Offender" as well as a song
that states "spit and retrieve because I give and receive" and "do what I please gonna spread the
disease". Their live performances are characterized by their matching black suits, which changed with the
release of their most recent effort, The Black and White Album. Recently having success with “Tick Tick
Boom,” name, FTP, this Swedish rock band whose most successful single has been “Hate to Say I Told You
ANSWER: The Hives

14) Nina Siemaszko's character McKlusky only appears in a deleted scene in this film. One character asks
his co-stars whether they've been listening to "K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies Weekend", while
later a character tells Sid to "ride it out" and is thanked for sending care packages to Toothpick Vic. This
film opens at Uncle Bob's Pancake House with a discussion of how "Like a Virgin" is a "metaphor for big
dicks" followed by a debate over the merits of leaving a tip. Freddy Newandyke is the chief reason for one
of the characters in this film getting shot, while police officer Marvin Nash is kidnapped by one of the main
characters. Ending with a Mexican standoff between Chris Penn, Lawrence Tierney, Tim Roth and Harvey
Keitel and also seeing an ear get cut off, FTP, this Quentin Tarantino film in which Mr. White and others
botch a jewel heist with deadly results.
ANSWER: Reservoir Dogs

15) Its producer, Ian McGee, also worked on a show about the evolutionary relationship between humans
and animals, an "unnatural history" show called "Twisted Tales". The official website for this show only has
episode guides for the first two of five seasons, which means one can find details from Jumpers, the first
episode, to Oddities, but nothing from Gross Outs on. It features human segments filmed in green computer
animated pieces, and is produced by Natural History New Zealand. In a best-of episode, it featured the
popular Cookie-Cutter Shark from the Biters episode, and the Dung Beetle won its season five closer, Dirty
Jobs. Currently is a staple of TAIL-EVISION FRIDAY, FTP, name this Animal Planet show in which the
top ten animals for any given category are presented in ascending order.
ANSWER: The Most Extreme
                                 ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 5
16) In 1934, a pitcher for this team, Schoolboy Rowe, won 16 consecutive starts, and Kenesaw Mountain
Landis removed Ducky Medwick for his safety after fans of this team incessantly pelted him with garbage.
Hughie Jennings managed this team to three consecutive pennants from 1907 to 1909, when they were led by
players like Germany Schaefer, George Mullin, and Sam Crawford. They won the World Series in 1935 and
1945, and they won their next title in a series where Bill Freehan tagged out Lou Brock in Game 5 and
Mickey Lolich won three games, 1968. This team has retired the numbers of Charlie Gehringer, Hank
Greenberg, and Al Kaline, and has played in Comerica Park since 2000. FTP, name this team that won the
1984 World Series under Sparky Anderson, whose lineup once featured Ty Cobb.
ANSWER: Detroit Tigers

17) Its author has an extreme dislike of Inuyasha, and his alter-ego’s greatest weakness is a vodka cooler,
which transforms him into Peter Pantsless. GameCube dies “due to a lack of original and exclusive releases,”
whilst Dr. F.G. Hobo died around Christmastime in 2005 due to exposure. Ternaldo usually finds a way to
mention trading card games, such as when he tried to summon Pika-Hulkomon during a game of D&D in
which Krug mistakes the dice for Skittles. The website for it also hosts Adventure Log and SUPER
EFFECTIVE, two other Scott Ramsoomair webcomics. FTP, identify this web-comic that is “Updated
Mondays” in which Leo and Aeris, a pair of anthropomorphic felines, often discuss or find themselves in
electronic entertainment media.
ANSWER: Video Game Cats

18) This character is able to afford raising both a foster child and extensive crimefighting gear like a gas gun
despite not having any apparent day job. Multiple contradicting accounts of his origins are given, though the
most likely account is his defeat of Elmo Sputterspark at his high school prom. His daughter, who hails from
another part of Calisota, follows both him and his secret identity around, but villains such as Tuskerninni,
Taurus Bulba and Bushroot have never put the connection together. Besides hanging around with Gosalyn,
he fights The Liquidator, Megavolt and Quackerjack. Protecting Saint Canard with his trusty sidekick,
Launchpad McQuack, identify, FTP, this alter-ego of Drake Mallard, the terror that flaps in the night.
ANSWER: Darkwing Duck

19) Dale Wasserman adapted this novel to the stage in 1963 which starred Ed Ames as a character who states
"when I first came here I was so scared of being lost" near its end. The novel's narrator believes that society
is controlled by "The Combine" following his father’s humiliation by the government and his white wife. Its
protagonist is harried by Washington, Williams, and Warren, but manages to raise morale by acting out the
World Series when the motion to keep the TV on is denied. Though tragedy strikes when prostitute Candy is
caught with Billy Bibbit, leading to his suicide and the protagonist's lobotomy, it ends more happily when
the pretend deaf-mute narrator, Chief Bromden, escapes the asylum. Also featuring Dale Harding and Mister
Martini, name, FTP, this Ken Kesey novel about Nurse Ratched and Randle McMurphy.
ANSWER: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

20) The brainchild of Greg Gorman, their first appearance was directed by Tom DeCerchio. A computer
virus hoax from the 1990s sent faulty warnings to computer users that a screen saver of them would delete
one’s hard drive. They are heckled by being called an iguana, and at one point are almost killed when an
electric sign falls in their habitat. One character is called "one sick lizard" after he claims he'd shake them up
if he could swim, a character who also is upset he lost an audition to them even after doing "the tongue
thing". Those two characters, Frankie and Louie, associate with the unsavory Ferret who tries to assassinate
them. Lampooned in an episode of The Simpsons wherein an alligator from Coors eats them in their swamp,
name, FTP, this trio of amphibians who recite the name of a popular beer from which their names derive.
ANSWER: Bud, Weis and Er (or the Budweiser Frogs)
                                ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 6
21) Bill “Tex” Henson’s biggest claim to fame is having named this duo, who first appeared in 1943’s
Private Pluto antagonizing the titular dog, though they more often began harassing Donald Duck, starting
with the 1947 cartoon in which they got their names and traits distinguishing them from one another,
including the number of teeth shown by each and the differences in their fur. In one short, they fight over
Clarice, a performer at the Acorn Club, before they are both passed over by her. In the 1990 NES game that
tied into their own cartoon series, the duo must stop one of Fat Cat’s schemes after destroying Professor
Norton Nimnul’s static generator. Joined in that incarnation by Zipper, Gadget Hackwrench and Monterey
Jack, name, FTP, this duo of chipmunks now famous for their “Rescue Rangers” incarnation.
ANSWER: Chip’n’Dale (prompt on Rescue Rangers)

22) The first film about him was a 1949 biopic that came out two years after his death. A 2001 novel about
his life was subtitled An American Legend, and Penelope Cruz is mistaken for him on an episode of Family
Guy. Bart considers buying a baseball made from him at a novelty sports shop, while he was fathered by
Hard Tack. At the Pimlico, he won a match race dubbed the "Match of the Century", and was owned by
Charles S. Howard. Red Pollard and George Woolf jockeyed this horse who beat War Admiral in
1938. FTP, identify this depression-era champion thoroughbred stallion about whom a 2003 biopic was
made starring Tobey Maguire.
ANSWER: Seabiscuit


1) Answer the following about hot dogs, FTPE.
[10] Located at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues on Coney Island is the original stand for this fast-
food restaurant specializing in hot dogs, whose eponymous founder formerly worked for Charles Feltman.
ANSWER: Nathan’s Famous
[10] Though Takeru Kobayashi had won the event six years in a row, the 2007 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating
Contest was won by this American who set the world record of eating 66 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes at
the event.
ANSWER: Joseph Christian "Joey" Chestnut
[10] Chestnut also holds the world record for eating these items, downing 56 of them last September. This
Central European dish is popular in parts of Texas, and usually involves either fruit or cheese wrapped by
bread, but not meat like a klobasnek.
ANSWER: Kolaches (or kolace or kolach or kolacky)

2) This fraternity included one officially “honorary” member, linebacker A.J. Duhe. FTPE:
[10] Identify this group that included defensive end Doug Betters, linebacker Charles Bowser, and safety
Lyle Blackwood.
ANSWER: The Killer B's (Defense)
[10] “The Killer B's” was a nickname applied during the 1980s to the defense of this AFC team, more
recently renowned for a defense whose best player, Jason Taylor, eschews minicamp for Dancing with the
Stars. Oh yeah, Dan Marino also played for this team.
ANSWER: Miami Dolphins [accept either]
[10] This nickname was given during the 1970s to the defensive line that included Alan Page, Jim Marshall,
Gary Larsen, and Carl Ellers, who earned a collective 19 pro bowl selections and two Hall of Fame spots.
ANSWER: The Purple People Eaters

3) Answer some questions about a certain television character, FTPE.
[10] Allan Lane gave voice to this sitcom star, whose theme song states "a horse is a horse, of course of
course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse" is this character.
ANSWER: Mister Ed
                               ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 7
[10] When Fox was considering remaking "Mister Ed" in 2004, this actor was slated to voice the
character. He's the grandfather of Tia and Tamera on "Sister, Sister" but is best remembered for playing
George Jefferson.
ANSWER: Sherman Hemsley
[10] That remake would also have starred this actress as Carol Post. She also played Audrey Horne on Twin
Peaks and Ginger, a girlfriend of Chandler with a wooden leg on Friends.
ANSWER: Sherilyn Fenn (or Sheryl Ann Fenn)

4) Identify these products with something in common, FTPE.
[10] Developed by researchers led by Robert Cade at the University of Florida in the 1960’s, this
omnipresent sports drink has used advertising campaigns such as “Be Like Mike” and “Is it In You?”
ANSWER: Gatorade
[10] It was advertised by asking children “What could be greater than” taking part in the activity suggested
by this toy’s name, instructing kids to “give it a whack” so that the toy will “throw it right back.”
ANSWER: Gator Golf
[10] Fans of YTMND are familiar with this product’s theme song instructing one to “Scrape, Sweep Wipe,
it’s alright” in order to lengthen the life of their shaving utensils.
ANSWER: Razor Gator

5) Identify these Penguins, FTPE.
[10] The 2005 NHL Draft Lottery was known as his “Sweepstakes,” and justifiably so, considering this
Center won the Art Ross Trophy, Hart Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Award all in his second season alone.
ANSWER: Sidney Patrick Crosby
[10] The Penguins were led through the playoffs this year by this goalie, who was on fire following his
return from a high ankle sprain, helping the Pens go 12-2 in their quest to reach the Stanley Cup finals.
ANSWER: Marc-Andre Fluery
[10] The year before the Penguins drafted Crosby, they picked up this Russian player second overall in the
2004 draft. He missed the beginning of the 2006 season after a collision with John LeClair, and only scored
a disappointing 3 points against Detroit in this year's finals.
ANSWER: Evgeni Vladimirovich Malkin

6) Identify the following cartoon avian aides, FTPE.
[10] Following his stint as an evil-doer in the movies, this parrot decided to work with Abu and company in
[10] The Avenger is a blue eagle who does dictation and occasionally preys on small clientèle on this Adult
Swim show, which also features Vulturo and Myron as enemies of the titular lawyer.
ANSWER: Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (prompt on partial answer)
[10] Needle was a phoenix who had a passion for pomegranates on an early '90s cartoon starring this
character, whose epithet was changed to the more peaceful, "The Adventurer". He also teamed up with
Jezmine and Zula.
ANSWER: Conan the Adventurer (also accept Conan the Barbarian)

7) Identify the following films from the roles in them played by Robert De Niro, FTPE.
[10] De Niro voices Don Lino, the father of the Lenny, the fish reluctant to kill voiced by Jack Black, in this
2004 DreamWorks animated feature.
ANSWER: Shark Tale
[10] De Niro put on a lot of weight for his portrayal of an older Jake LaMotta in this 1980 Martin Scorsese
ANSWER: Raging Bull
                               ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 8
[10] De Niro starred alongside Dustin Hoffman as Conrad Brean, a Washington, D.C. spin doctor, in this
1997 film directed by Barry Levinson.
ANSWER: Wag the Dog

8) Answer the following relating to members of the order Rodentia, FTPE.
[10] The second studio album of this swing revival band, Hot, was certified platinum thanks to the success of
the single, "Hell".
ANSWER: Squirrel Nut Zippers
[10] The twee-pop/cuddlecore band Cub includes in its oeuvre a song dedicated to ownership of one of these
skittish natives of the Andes Mountains, a soft furred animal with which Jay-Z claims to share a texture in a
Beyoncé song.
ANSWER: Chinchilla
[10] And what bonus on rodents in music wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this 1980’s glam metal
band whose video for “Round and Round” (off of the album Out of the Cellar) featured Milton Berle, the
uncle of their band manager at the time.

9) Identify the following people with something in common, FTPE.
[10] Robert Redford directed and starred in this 1998 film based on a Nicholas Evans novel, in which he
plays Tom Booker, who helps Grace MacLean and her pet recover from a tragic accident.
ANSWER: The Horse Whisperer
[10] The Dog Whisperer is a name afforded to this Mexican whose National Geographic Channel series has
been met with some controversy over his methods of dog rehabilitation.
ANSWER: Cesar Millan
[10] Near the end of this movie, Vin Diesel’s character Shane is tauntingly called “the duck whisperer” for
his attempts to pass instructions along to Gary, the Plummer family’s pet duck.
ANSWER: The Pacifier

10) Identify these fictional creatures from the Super Mario Bros. universe.
[10] The Japanese name for these creatures translates as “chestnut people,” and along with Koopas, these
brown enemies made their first appearance in the beginning of the first level of the original Super Mario
Bros. game.
ANSWER: Goombas
[10] First appearing in Super Mario World, these caterpillar-like enemies would get angry, turn red and run
faster when you jumped on them, causing them to lose the flower on their heads.
ANSWER: Wiggler
[10] These starlike creatures from Super Mario Galaxy turn into various things, such as Sling Stars and
Launch Stars. You usually have to fill them up with starbits to get them to do this, though.

11) Answer the following about a certain band, FTPE.
[10] This English hard rock band hit it big in the late 1980s with Pyromania and Hysteria, which were both
certified Diamond and included such tracks as “Photograph,” “Rock of Ages” and “Pour Some Sugar on
ANSWER: Def Leppard
[10] This drummer for Def Leppard was able to overcome the loss of his arm due to a driving accident by
incorporating the use of his left foot for snare instead of the hi-hat, as well as an electronic drum kit.
ANSWER: Rick Allen
                                ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 9
[10] Def Leppard was featured on an early episode of this VH1 show, which generally covers the highs and
lows of less successful acts than the similar program, "Legends". It is narrated by Jim Forbes.
ANSWER: Behind the Music

12) Identify the following about a certain fictional team, FTPE.
[10] The name shared by the group in question was coached by Gordon Bombay in the first two films of the
franchise, while Randy Carlyle served as the real team’s coach in the 2007-2008 season.
ANSWER: Mighty Ducks
[10] This mascot of the Anaheim Ducks shares his name with the leader of the Mighty Ducks in the cartoon,
who was voiced by Ian Ziering and took command after Canard sacrificed himself to save the team.
ANSWER: Wildwing
[10] The theme song to The Mighty Ducks animated series was performed by Mickey Thomas, who is more
famous for his work with this music group he joined after the departure of Marty Balin and Grace
Slick. They released "Sara" and "We Built This City" but didn't release "White Rabbit".
ANSWER: Jefferson Starship (don't accept "Jefferson Airplane")

13) Identify the following movies, FTPE.
[10] This 1927 silent film won the first Academy Award for Best Picture, although technically the award was
called Best Production at that point. It concerned World War I fighter pilots.
[10] Besides the classic 1941 version of this film starring Humphrey Bogart, a pre-Code 1931 film starring
Ricardo Cortez and Bebe Daniels was made based on this Dashiell Hammett novel.
ANSWER: The Maltese Falcon
[10] This 1962 film was based on the life of inmate Robert Franklin Stroud, though the title is a bit
misleading considering he was only able to pursue his hobby at Leavenworth.
ANSWER: Birdman of Alcatraz

14) Pink Floyd’s 1977 album Animals has songs about, you guessed it, animals. FTPE:
[10] The triad of animals sung about on Animals includes dogs, sheep, and these mammals of the family
Suidae, about which 3 of the 5 songs on the album are sung, including “On the Wing” 1 & 2, as well as
“Three Different Ones.”
[10] This offering from another British act, Black Sabbath, is the opening track off of the album Paranoid, as
well as the encore for the String-Snappers section of Guitar Hero II.
ANSWER: “War Pigs”
[10] Yet another British band, The Beatles, is responsible for this offering from The White Album in which
the titular figures clutch forks and knives to eat their bacon whilst a harpsichord and string quartet play some
ANSWER: “Piggies”

15) Identify the following relating to some Spider-Man villains, FTPE.
[10] Though Dr. Curt Connors has shown up in the Spider-Man movies, this reptilian alter-ego has yet to
rear his head and tail.
ANSWER: Lizard
[10] This former ally of The Chameleon is also a Maggia operative who has had a sizable chunk of his skull
replaced with secondary adamantium. He likes to charge head first at people.
ANSWER: Hammerhead
[10] Hammerhead at one point abducted this character, although his scheme was thwarted when his
helicopter crashed in the Hudson River. She is ironically susceptible to the anti-Spider-Man rhetoric of the
                               ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 10
Daily Bugle, and delivers the line "You're not Superman, you know?" in the first movie.
ANSWER: Aunt May Reilly Parker

16) Computer Gaming World listed it as the 12th best game of all time. FTPE:
[10] Identify this Psygnosis-published game developed by DMA Design in which the player guides green-
haired and blue-clad creatures to safety.
ANSWER: Lemmings
[10] A spin-off of Lemmings follows the adventures of this Lemming knight who has to save his brethren
from Evil Ed.
[10] Mysteriously, a PS2 port of Lemmings was made to make use of this accessory. Games developed
exclusively for it include Groove, Play and Kinetic, all of which typically involve flailing your arms at the

17) Identify the following sports figures from animal nicknames, FTPE.
[10] Known as “The Shark” for his aggressive style as well as his size, this Australian has 87 wins on the Pro
PGA Tour as of 2008, including two wins in the 1986 and 1993 British Opens.
ANSWER: Greg John Norman
[10] Known as “The Golden Bear” for his formerly blonde hair, this Ohioan had a record 18 Major
Championship wins.
ANSWER: Jack William Nicklaus
[10] Sometimes called "The Pink Panther" and other times "The Swedish Pimp", this golfer was briefly on
top of the Official World Golf Rankings in 2000. He lost to Justin Leonard in a playoff at last year's Valero
Texas Open and won the 2001 Honda Classic.
ANSWER: Jesper Bo Parnevik

18) Answer some questions about some movies that make use of animal co-stars, FTPE.
[10] In this film, Frank the Pug, voiced by Tim Blaney, works at a souvenir stand and also provides
information to Agents J and K on the Arquillian aliens.
ANSWER: Men in Black
[10] Tarzan was accompanied by this chimpanzee in movies where Tarzan finds a son or goes on a New
York adventure. The namesake chimp who plays him is still alive today, and he was responsible for rescuing
Tarzan from the plane crash that killed his parents.
ANSWER: Cheeta (prompt on "Jiggs")
[10] In the movie adaptation of this children's story by Norton Juster, Shepard Menken voices Tock, the
watchdog of Milo, who receives the title object and portal to an alternate world as a gift. In that world, he
sets out to rescue Princess Rhyme and Reason.
ANSWER: The Phantom Toolbooth

19) Identify the television characters who owned the following monkeys, FPTE.
[10] Marcel the capuchin monkey was the pet of this Friends character for a while before he had to go to the
San Diego Zoo after his sexual drive had him humping everything.
ANSWER: Ross Gellar
[10] “Cousin” Bessie was actually one of the adopted animals from the menagerie of this member of the
Clampett clan on The Beverly Hillbillies.
ANSWER: Elly May Clampett
[10] This son of June and Ward was convinced to pocket the money his parents gave him to buy a pet and
taking in Stanley, a pet monkey, that was available for free to anyone who would take him. He was played
by Jerry Mathers.
                        ASS II – Round 8 – A Trip to the Zoo – Page 11
ANSWER: Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver

20) Identify the following pets of the extended Simpson family, FTPE.
[10] Bart got himself into debt after getting a credit card in this pet’s name, though the company mistook it
for Santos L. Halper.
ANSWER: Santa’s Little Helper
[10] Though the name on his dish says Snowball II, the current Simpson family cat is actually this ordinal
number, following his adoption after the Crazy Cat Lady throws him at Lisa.
ANSWER: V (five)
[10] Originally owned by Aunt Gladys and given to Selma by her mother Jacqueline, this pet iguana enjoys
eating dead things and almost mistakenly ate Selma’s foot when it fell asleep.

21) Identify the following shows offered by Animal Planet, FTPE.
[10] The lives of members of the Whiskers family in the Kalahari Desert are documented in this show,
whose matriarch, Flower, was replaced by her daughter, Rocket Dog, following her death from a snakebite.
ANSWER: Meerkat Manor
[10] Originally produced from 1963 through 1988, the second incarnation of this wildlife program sponsored
by an insurance company is narrated by Alec Baldwin.
ANSWER: Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
[10] This South African herpetologist hosts his eponymous series, Snakemaster, which is also known as
Most Dangerous.
ANSWER: Austin Stevens

22) Answer the following about wolverines, FTPE.
[10] This institute of higher learning and rival to Ohio State has the Wolverine as its mascot, and its football
team plays in the largest football-only stadium in the world.
ANSWER: University of Michigan
[10] Wolverines were also the mascot of the Calumet, Colorado high school from which Jed and Matt Eckert
and company named their guerilla group after in this 1984 John Milius film about a communist invasion of
the US.
ANSWER: Red Dawn
[10] The X-Man Wolverine is father via Itsu to this mutant with similar abilities who seems to be under the
influence of the mysterious Romulus.

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