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Hit The Ground Running


									Hit The
    Hit The Ground Running!                                   2

Welcome to NYR Organic!

Congratulations on choosing to become a Consultant
with NYR Organic. Your possibilities for success are
This guide will help you start developing your basic
skills as a new Consultant. It contains ten steps that will
guide you through the creation of a solid foundation for
your business. Taking the time to complete each step
will also ensure that you qualify for free products and
business tools in our three-month Success Start
Program for new Consultants.
If you want to learn more about NYR Organic and its
products before your Business Kit arrives, just visit our
website at Keep spreading the
word about NYR Organic – you’ll be amazed at the
positive reaction to our products and income
Congratulations, once again on joining the company
that will pamper your body and nourish your soul. Your
enthusiasm for your new business and your eagerness
to share these products with everyone will get results.
We look forward to watching you succeed!


Your NYR Organic Team
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                                3

10 Steps to Hit The Ground Running
When starting any new business, there are always specific actions that can be taken to successfully
move that business forward. Here are ten steps that will get your new business off to a great start.

1. Commit to Making a “Success                         first Hosts, and one may even become the very
Start”.                                                first new Consultant you recruit!
NYR Organic has an exciting three-month
program exclusively for new Consultants. Your          7. Observe Parties & Attend Training
first business goal will be to reach all “Success      calls
Start” goals.                                          The best way to learn how to conduct a Party
When you do, you’ll be off to a profitable start       is to watch an experienced Consultant in
as you earn exciting rewards for meeting your          action! Fit 2 into your training schedule.
goals.                                                 Download the monthly Training calls schedule
                                                       and listen to 1 a week.
2. Plan Your Schedule
Everyone has personal and family obligations           8. Spread the Word
already on their calendar. Learning the simple         Spreading the word is easy when you learn
process of “timeblocking” you can easily fit           how to turn any conversation into a business
your new business activities around your life.         conversation.

3. Schedule Your Business Launch                       9. Dream Big & Set Goals
Your Business Launch will be a party in your           Have fun deciding what you want to do with the
home for your family & friends held in the first       money you earn – and then set goals to make
seven to ten days of your business.                    those dreams a reality! In addition to the
The first step is to set a firm date and time.         income you make, you’ll be excited about
You or your upline Leader will conduct the             Consultant incentives including generous
Launch – either way, you’ll want to plan the           product offers and rewards.
details together.
                                                       10. Take Your First Step in Earning a
4. Create Your Contact List                            Bonus
Making a list of people to contact is your             Sharing our Business Opportunity is very
launching pad for scheduling parties and               rewarding. As your friends see you having fun
recruiting people you’d love to work with.             and making money, they may be wondering
People deserve to know about NYR Organic               how this opportunity will benefit them and their
products, our Organic Experience events and            family. As soon as you begin to recruit, you will
our wonderful business opportunity.                    be on your way to earning greater bonuses
                                                       and rewards.
5. Schedule Your First 6 parties
Your first six parties will not only bring you         Each of these steps has a corresponding goal
income, but will build your confidence and             for you to complete. You’ll find a place to
skills to get you off to a great start. Scheduling     record the completion dates for each of your
the first six parties will set you well on your way    goals on page 15 of this Guide. You may want
to meeting your Success Start goals.                   to remove the Goal Coupon page and put it
                                                       where you’ll be reminded of your goals every
6. Invite Guests to Your Business                      day. When you complete a goal, fill in the
Launch                                                 appropriate coupon, and mail it to your upline
Inviting your family, friends and acquaintances        Leader.
to a party is easy. We provide a Phone Call
Guide to help you make the calls – just add
your enthusiasm and excitement for having              Now let’s look at each step in more detail.
them join you. Several guests will become your
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                 4

Step 1: Commit to Making a “Success Start”

As a new Consultant, you’re
invited to participate in our
exciting    “Success     Start”
program.     This     program,
exclusively      for      new
Consultants,     offers    free
products, business tools and
cash when you meet the
following sales and recruiting
goals in your first three full
months in business. Meet all
levels and bonuses for a
cumulative value of $950.

To give your business a
strong start and ensure that
you make all of your monthly
Success Start goals, you’ll
want to schedule six initial
Parties as quickly as possible.
You’ll have the opportunity to
plan your schedule in the next
step. Keep track of your
weekly Success Start results
on this handy chart.

        Goal #1
  Schedule & hold two
parties by __________
 (set your date) to help
you qualify for Success
   Start. Your upline
  Leader will help you
  determine this date.
      When you’ve
  completed this goal,
  enter the date on the
Goal Chart on page 15
      of this guide.              You can download a full page version on the website
Hit The Ground Running!                                                             5

Step 2: Plan Your Schedule
 One of the best benefits of your new business with
 NYR Organic is its flexibility – you can easily work it
 around the activities already in your life. However,
 as we all know, it’s easy for time to get away from
 us. That’s why new Consultants are encouraged,
 right from the start, to plan their work and work their

 Plan Monthly
 When you turn the page, you’ll see a blank calendar
 to help you get started. This calendar is your “broad
 overview” calendar for the next four to five weeks.
 On it, you’ll block out the dates and times you wish
 1) Observe Parties conducted by your recruiter or
 upline Leader;
 2) Hold your Business Launch;
 3) Hold your first six Parties;
 4) Attend any training sessions, meetings or
 Training calls.
 Success Tip: Try this idea for scheduling all parties
 – Select two or three specific times during the week
 that you and your family feel would consistently
 work best for you to hold Parties. Block out these
 times and offer your potential Hosts a choice of any
 two. This puts you in control of your schedule!
 Take a few minutes right now to complete your
 monthly calendar. Managing your time gives you
 freedom to do both personal and business activities.

                                                                Goal #2
                                                           Complete your monthly
                                                             When completed,
                                                           record the date on the
                                                           Goal Chart on page 15.
Monthly Calendar
Remember to schedule time to: 1) Observe parties; 2) Hold your Business Launch; 3) Hold your first six parties; 4) Attend training sessions, meetings or
Training calls.
                                                                                                                                                           Hit The Ground Running!
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                    7

Step 3: Schedule Your Business Launch
You’ll want to set the date for your “Business
Launch” within the first seven to ten days of              My Business Launch will be
starting your business.                                    held on
Your Business Launch will be a party in your
home for your friends and family, conducted by
you, your recruiter, or your upline Leader to              (date) at
announce the opening of your business.
You’ll want to hold your Business Launch as soon
as possible. Since it may be difficult to find a time      (time).
that is perfect for all your friends, just select a date
and time that is good for you. You’ll be contacting
plenty of people to ensure you’ll have enough
Success Tip: Your first focus will be to schedule
your first 6 parties and then you’ll want to invite
those who choose not to schedule right away to
attend your launch.
We will share more on this in Step 5.                          Goal #3
The goal of your Business Launch is to sell
products and schedule as many additional Parties
                                                               Hold your Business Launch
as possible to ensure that your new business                   within the first seven to ten
continues to grow. You’ll also want to keep your               days of starting your
eyes out for someone with whom you would enjoy
working. It’s much more fun to start a new venture             business.
with a friend – someone who will laugh and learn               When completed, record
right along with you! Signing up your first recruit is         the date on the Goal Chart
exciting and fun!
Observing parties before your Business Launch                  on page 15 of this guide.
will help you feel more prepared and comfortable.
Ask your recruiter or upline Leader to Host Coach
the Launch with you to ensure success.
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                           8

Step 4: Create Your Contact List
 How many people does the average            F – Friends
 person know? If you guessed 100+ you
 are right! As a new business owner,
 one of the first things you’ll want to do
 is make a Contact List of everyone you
 know – from those you know very well,       R – Relatives
 to others you may not know as well.
 You’ll be amazed at the number of
 people you know and can remember
 from the past. Some will be people with
 whom you’ve totally lost contact. This      A – Associates/Acquaintances
 is a great way to get in touch again,
 and your friends will love hearing about
 what you’re doing. Include a mixture of
 people on your list. You’ll find some
 excellent “thought-starters” on the         N – Neighbors (past and present)
 Contact List form. To get your mind
 moving, get out your address books,
 organization directories, neighborhood
 lists and parents’ group directories. To
 help motivate yourself to complete your     K – Kids/pets (people you know through yours)
 list quickly, pretend that you’ll be
 receiving a bonus of $100 for each
 name you can list – you’ll be surprised
 at how fast your list will grow. Many of
 those names will actually bring you         S – Spouse (coworkers, extra curricular)
 those kinds of profits! You’ll find your
 Contact List continuing to expand
 because the people you know will lead
 you to other friends. There is no time
 like the present – so begin now.            Prioritize your FRANKS list using A, B, C.
 Challenge yourself to get a name on         A=People who will definitely host a GNO.
 every line. Then put a star beside at       B=People who will probably host a GNO.
 least five people on your list who you      C=People who will possibly host a GNO.
 think would be great in this business
 and plan with your Team Leader how          Put a * next to 5 that you would love to have join your
 you can share the business opportunity      team and/or would like to supplement their income.
 with each of them. This is an ongoing
                                             Other ideas:
 list, so continue to add new contacts        Newlyweds / New Moms
                                                                                   Goal #4
 daily.                                       People who need to be       Make a list of at least 50
 Write down at least three names for          People who are on their      people and put a star
 each letter as you go through the list        feet all day               beside the names of five
                                              Working Moms
 together. This will give you 18 names.
                                              Friends from High School   people you’d love to have
 On average, one of three contacts will        or College                    work with you in this
 schedule a party, so this should result      People from Church /
 in 6 parties scheduled!                       Synagogue / Mosque             business. When
                                              Clubs & Organizations        completed, record the
                                              People from my Holiday
                                               card list                   date on the Goal Chart
                                                                                 (page 15).
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                              9

Steps 5 & 6: Schedule Your First 6 Parties &
Invite Guests to your Business Launch
 These two steps are combined into one step in order to make the best use of your time and work
 your business more efficiently.
 Scheduling six parties in your first month is the key to getting off to a great start. Parties are the
 backbone of your business. This is where your Host and her guests will enjoy a night of pampering
 and fun. With every party, your confidence will grow and so will your bank account. As you see how
 receptive your guests are to our wonderful products, you’ll discover why successful Consultants
 quickly learn the importance of keeping a consistent party schedule. Not only will you sell products,
 you will see how simple it is to schedule more parties and find new team members.
 The Phone Call Guide on the next page has three steps.
 1. You want to focus on scheduling your first parties.
 2. If a person is not able to schedule a party right away, you’ll want to invite her to your Business
 3. If she is not available to attend your Business Launch, you’ll want to offer her a personal
 appointment for a sampler.
 A sampler is a one-on-one pampering experience. Samplers are perfect for introducing NYR
 Organic products and for offering the opportunity to Host a party to qualify for free and discounted
 products. Offering all three steps, you’ll most likely find the one option that will best suit your

Scheduling Your First Parties: Phone Call Guide
Connect and Break the Ice:
Hi, _________, this is _________.
(Briefly catch up, or if you aren’t well
acquainted, remind her how you met.)                  If yes, continue:
                                                      “Great! I will bring by (or send you) some
Explain Why You’re Calling:                           information to help you have a successful
“The reason I’m calling is because I have just        party. In the mean time, go ahead and start
started a new home-based business                     calling people and inviting them. Your personal
representing a new company called NYR                 invite on the phone or in person is the key to
Organic.                                              having a lot of people attend.”
(Pause) We are a brand new company in the
US selling organic skin care products!                If she says no to hosting, invite her to be a
We have a complete range of body and hair             guest at your Business Launch:
care products.                                        “I understand that now is not a good time for
The best way to experience the products is            you to Host.
through a party. The party is a night of              I’m hosting a Party for my friends and family in
pampering for you and your friends. As a Host         my home on ________ (date/time). We’re
you can receive free products and discounts.”         going to have a great time!
“I’m scheduling my first 6 Parties for the next       Everyone will be treated to a relaxing evening
three weeks and I’d like to offer you the first       of pampering, as we sample products during a
choice of available dates.                            facial.”
I have _______ (date) and ________ (date)
open at ________ (time)? What do you think?
What date would work best for you?”
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                                 10

Scheduling Your First Parties: Phone Call Guide
Close:                                                   If she has a conflict, continue with the
“You have to experience the products to see              words below to schedule a Sampler.
how unique they are! Can I count on you to join          “Oh, that’s too bad. You know ____________
us?”                                                     (name),
(If “yes,” continue…)                                    I have another idea. Why don’t I stop by and let
“Great! Please put it on your calendar – I’ll be         you enjoy a “mini-organic experience” we call a
sure to remind you. See you on __________                sampler. I will share a couple of products so
(date/time). By the way, if you know of anyone           you can give me your opinion. I’d really love to
who would love to be pampered, please feel               see what you think.”
free to bring her with you!”
                                                         Close Again:
                                                         “When would be a good time for me to stop by
                                                         this week for about 30 minutes – _________
                                                         (day) or _________(day)?”

Success Tips for Scheduling Parties and Inviting Guests
to Your Business Launch
When someone invites you to an event or a party, are you more likely to show up when that person
contacts you personally or when she mails you an invitation? Very often mailed invitations don’t gain
the needed commitment as people are not good about RSVPs. It’s important for you to know who and
how many are coming.
Personally inviting people is so powerful! This kind of invitation lets you express your excitement about
including them in the launch of your new business and letting them experience many of NYR Organics
When you begin to schedule parties and invite guests to your Business Launch, you’ll want to invite
them by phone or in person. Be sure to set aside some evening phone time so you can reach those
who work outside their home.
Start with Your Contact List
Good attendance is important for a successful Business Launch and your Contact List is the perfect
place to find the people to invite! Your goal is to have at least eight guests in attendance. So start by
putting a check next to the names of 20 people on your list you would most like to contact about
attending. That’s where you start! Typically, about half will say “yes.” Having ten “yes’s” will give you a
couple of extras to cover last minute conflicts.
You’ll find that the more parties you hold, the more confident you will become and the more money
you will make!
Remind Everyone Twice
Send out reminder postcards five to seven days before your Launch, and then call everyone the day
before to remind them to bring a friend.
Be Comfortable Inviting
If you’d like an easy way to feel comfortable scheduling your parties and inviting people to your
Business Launch, use the Phone Call Guide alone. You’ll want to practice a couple of times with a
friend or your upline Leader until you’re comfortable with the words and they sound natural.
Always remind your guests to bring a friend.
It’s also great to invite people face-to-face as you run into them during your normal weekly activities at
the grocery store, post office, church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, dance class, etc. Offer everyone you
see the opportunity to Host their own party or invite them to your Business Launch. Keep some
reminder postcards with you so you can invite people on the run.
    Hit The Ground Running!                                                                            11

    Step 7: Observe Parties / Attend Training calls
    Congratulations on scheduling your first 6
                                                          Observation Notes:
    parties! Now you’re ready for some on the job         Keep these important questions in mind as you
    training!                                             observe the party in order to maximize your
    The best way to learn how to conduct a party is       learning.
    to observe an experienced Consultant in action.       How did the Consultant display the products?
    This is an important part of your initial training.
    Each guest is involved in a complete sampling
    experience. Guests experience a night of              How did the Consultant begin the party?
    pampering and enjoy our wonderful products.
    They feel them, smell them and see the results –
    and, of course, they end up wanting them!             How did she engage the participants?
    You will find the steps for the party in your Party
    script cards. These will guide you through your
    entire party presentation. Plan to attend party       How did she       sell   our   Exclusive    Product
    observations by asking your upline for                Collections?
    recommendations of Consultants you can
    observe. This is a great way to start your training
    while you are waiting for your Business Kit to        How did she share the benefits of hosting a party?
    In addition to observing parties, you’ll also want
    to attend our Training calls. NYR Organic offers      How did she share the benefits of joining NYR
    phone-in classes each month on a variety of           Organic?
    important topics from Host Coaching to
    Recruiting to Products – all taught by top
    Leaders or Home Office staff.                         How did she close the presentation?
    You’ll find the calendar for this month, as well as
    the dial-in phone number, on our website or ask
    your recruiter for a copy of this month’s class       What was your favorite part of the party?
                                                          What else did you observe?

       Goal #5                                   Goal #6                            Goal #7
Call 20 people to invite                Get ten “yes’s” for your                Observe at least
them to schedule their                     Business Launch.                    two parties. When
   own party. When                         When completed,                     completed, record
 completed, record the                   record the number of                    the date on the
dates scheduled on the                  guests attending on the                 Goal Chart (page
Goal Chart on page 15.                  Goal Chart on page 15.                        15).
Hit The Ground Running!                                                          12

Step 8: Spread the Word
 With dreams to motivate you and goals to achieve, it’s
 time to “spread the word” to everyone you meet. You’ll
 want to make it your mission to learn how to start a
 conversation with people about your new business –
 everywhere you go. The good news is, it’s really
 easier than you may think because most
 conversations begin when someone says:

 “Hey, it’s great to see you. What have you been doing

 So to start a business conversation with ease, make it
 a habit to ask that question. Usually, the person will
 then reciprocate with a similar question, which gives
 you the perfect opportunity to talk about NYR Organic!

 How should you introduce the company? Well,
 imagine you’re in an elevator and you only have a few
 floors to go before the person you’re talking to arrives
 at her floor. What can you say in 30 seconds or less
 to get her attention? (Think of the commercials you
 see on television – they’re getting shorter and
 shorter!)                                                  MY 30 SECOND COMMERCIAL
 Here are 2 examples of a “30-Second Commercial”
 (actually, it’s about 10 seconds):

 “I’m really excited about my new business – I’m a
 Consultant with NYR Organic. We offer fun organic
 experiences where you can sample skincare, and
 body care at home with your friends. Are you familiar
 with NYR Organic products?”


 “I’m a Consultant with NYR Organic. I share tips on
 skincare and body care at fun home parties. I just
 started and I love the flexibility it gives me to be
 available to attend my daughter’s after-school events.
 Are you familiar with NYR Organic?”

 Her answer to this question gives you a great lead-in
 for further conversation!

 Now it’s your turn! What would you say in answer to
 the question: “What’s new with you?”
Hit The Ground Running!                                                         13

Step 9: Dream BIG/ Set Goals
 The success of any new business venture begins                 Dream List
 with having dreams! Having dreams provides the
 motivation you need to learn how to be successful
 in your new business. The powerful truth is that
 most people aren’t motivated just to make money
 – they are motivated by what they can do with the
 money they make!

 What would you dream of having for yourself and
 your family if you knew you could do it?

 • Family Vacation
 • Cruise
 • Spending Money
 • Home Gym
 • College Fund
 • Home Remodeling
 • Debt Reduction
 • New Car

 Take a moment to reflect on your dreams and
 write every one of them down on the Dream List to
 the left. Share your dreams with others – this
 helps you to be truly committed to making them
 come true.

 Remember that a dream will remain just that – a
 dream – without a specific plan to accomplish it.
 What combination of parties and recruiting will
 give you the income you need to achieve your

              Goal #8                                       Goal #9
       Use your 30-Second
     Commercial with two or                          Complete your Dream List
        more people and                                and share it with your
      schedule at least one                                    family.
              party.                                 When completed, record
     When completed, record                            the date on your Goal
      the date on your Goal                              Chart on page 15.
         Chart (page 15).
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                         14

Step 10: Take Your First Step Toward
Earning a Bonus
Finding people to join your team is fun and
exciting. Once you experience something great,         Write down your three steps:
don’t you want to share it with everyone? Just
think about the last time there was a great sale       Name 1: ______________________________
at your favorite store. You probably shared that
great news with someone else.                          Why would she be a good Consultant?
Your upline Leader will help you share
information with those who are interested.             Why would NYR Organic be good for her?
When you recruit just two new Consultants you
will receive a promotion in title to Senior
Consultant and a personal recruit bonus!(see           Name 2: ______________________________
career plan for details)
                                                       Why would she be a good Consultant?
Here are six simple steps to inviting someone to       _____________________________________
join your team.
                                                       Why would NYR Organic be good for her?
1. Write down two of the five names you starred        _____________________________________
on your Contact List.

2. For each name, write down why you think she
would be a good Consultant with NYR Organic.

Examples: People person, great personality,
busy person with lots of contacts, someone you
would love to work with, loves organic etc.
3. Write down why you think NYR Organic would
be good for her. (See Three Steps box to right.)
Examples: Great way to make extra money, get
out of the house, pay for a new car, credit card
debt, etc.
                                                                    Goal #10
                                                             Ask two people to join
4. Call each person you listed and tell her that                  your team.
you were asked to think of someone who would
be great in the business and you thought of her.            When completed, record
Share with her the thoughts you had about why               the names on your Goal
NYR Organic would be good for her and why
she would be good for NYR Organic.
                                                                  (page 15).
5. Offer to meet with her to talk more about the
opportunity. (Your Leader can help you with
what to say)

6. Call your Leader and let her know the results
of inviting your first two people to join your team.
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                               15

The Finish Line: Goal Chart
Make a copy of this completed Goal Chart & give/send it to your upline Leader for recognition!

Goal #1: I did it!                                     _____________________________________
I scheduled and held two parties by _______
to start on the Success Start path.                    Date Completed:
Date Completed:                                        _____________________________
                                                       Goal #6: I did it!
                                                       I got at least ten “yes’s” from people who will be
Goal #2: I did it!                                     attending my Business Launch.
My monthly calendar has been completed.
                                                       Date Completed:
Date Completed:

Goal #3: I did it!                                     Goal #7: I did it!
                                                       I have observed or been coached through at
My Business Launch is scheduled for                    least two parties. They were __________ and
______________                                         ____________.
(within my first seven to ten days of business.)
                                                       Date Completed:
Date Completed:

Goal #4: I did it!                                     Goal #8: I did it!
                                                       I used my “30-Second Commercial” with at least
I completed my Contact List and have at least          two people and scheduled a Party with (name/s)
50 names. I have talked with my upline Leader          ______________________________________!
about five people from this list that I’d love to
have work with me.                                     Date Completed:
Date Completed:                                        _____________________________
                                                       Goal #9: I did it!
                                                       I have filled out my Dream List and shared it with
Goal #5: I did it!                                     my family.
I called 20 people to invite them to schedule
their own party. My first 6 Parties will be held on:   Date Completed:
2.                                                     Goal #10: I did it!
_____________________________________                  I have asked ____________________________
_____________________________________                  and __________________________ to join my
4.                                                     Team.
5.                                                     Date Completed:
Hit The Ground Running!                                                                    16

NYR Organic Quick Reference Guide
                                                 business days for your replicated site to be
Got a question? We’ve got an answer! If          updated.
you have questions about your business
growth and development, you’ll want to           Training calls
contact your upline leader. For everything       To download the current month’s Training
else, please direct your calls, faxes, letters   calls schedule, go to the website.
and e-mails using the info below:

NYR Organic Home Office                          Your Recruiter’s Business Information
Technical and Administrative Support             Name: _____________________
One Concord Farms
490 Virginia Road
Concord, MA 01742                                _________________________
                                                 Phone #:____________________
Phone: 978-287-4NYR
                                                 E-Mail: _____________________
Fax: 978-287-0FAX
Email:               Fax #:_____________________

Consultant Information                           Your Upline Leader’s Business
To place online orders or to get Consultant      Information
information, go to:                              Name: _____________________ and click on                  Address:____________________
“Consultant Login” at the bottom of the
page.                                            _________________________
Your login is your Consultant ID#.               Phone #:____________________
It will be provide by the Home Office.           E-Mail: _____________________
Your temporary password is password.
When you log in, the system will invite you      Fax #:_____________________
to set a regular password.
                                                 Your Upline Ambassador’s Business
Personal Website
Remember to direct your customers toward         Name: _____________________
your own personal NYR Organic web site           Address:____________________
where they can learn more about the              _________________________
company and purchase products. The
"About Me" section of your website can be        Phone #:____________________
personalized. Please send your photo and         E-Mail: _____________________
About Me story to:                               Fax #:______________________ to be
uploaded. Image sizes should be kept to a
maximum of 320x240 pixels and not                Your Consultant ID#:
exceed 200k. Please allow up to 3

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