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               vOL. i, No. ii

                              Healthy Winds

                        “Providing Superior and Compassionate
                  healthcare to Our Community by raising the level of
                          health, HOZHO and quality of life”


Division of Planning and Logistics
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                AUGust           31          & SEPTember                   1
                    NAVAJO NATION MUSEUM

                                                                    “P           S
                                                                         roviding uperior and
                                                                    Compassionate healthcare
                                                                    to OUR COMMUNITY by
                                                                    raising the level of health,
                                                                    Hozho, and quality of

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June Feature Artist:                                               248
                                                                   Mo Just

Valonia Hardy, CCHO                                                                         ol
                                                                                             iqu nt
                                                                                          Un esce it!
                                                                                         Ad re U
Chief Community Health Officer                                                               Ca

her work has been featured in the                       Award
Navajo Nation Museum and has won                         Nurses!

prizes at the Navajo Nation Fair.
                   Bike Rally!
                      June 24-25

she can be found on
Each of the Feature photos and ADS                                    aNNO
in this edition were taken by Mrs. Hardy.

                                            Team Maze
                                                                                            The Medical Imaging Department is pleased to announce that Tséhoot-
Please submit work to be featured            Window
                                                                                            sooí Medical Center will now have an in-house radiologist.
on the web as well as in print.              Rock HS

                                                                                            He will be here on Friday, April 22, 2011 from 8am to 5pm, every other

                                                                                            from 1300 to 1700, we will scheduling all diagnostic mammo, stereotac-
                                                                                            tic biopsy, and breast US.

                                                                                            Please call 8-8350 to schedule all appointments

                           Get Out
                           and Live
                                                                                            A NEW consult is available via RPMS/EHR. This is the Traditional
                                                                                            Cultural Services (TCS) Consult.

                                                                                            This consult is to refer your patients who wish to have Traditional
                                                                                            Navajo Cultural Intervention and Education. Both Inpatient and
                                                                                            Outpatient patients can be referred to Traditional Cultural Services
                                                    and Cultural
                                                                                            The consults will be addressed by Mental Health Traditional Cultural
                                                                                            Mental Health Technician.

                                                                                            Workplace Support in Federal Law
                                                                                            Section 4207 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also
                                                                                            known as Health Care Reform), amended the Fair Labor Standards Act
                                                                                            (FLSA), or federal wage and hour law. The amendment requires
                                                                                            employers to provide reasonable break time and a private, non-
                                                                                            bathroom place for nursing mothers to express breast milk during the
                                                                                            workday, for one year after the child’s birth. The new requirements
                         948                                                                became effective when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law on

                                                                                            March 23, 2010. Download the text of Section 4207 only.





                                                              Medical Center Directory: 928-729-8000

                                                                          newsletter publishing contact:
                                                                          mARKETING: 928-729-8950

Division of Planning and Logistics
                                                   P: 928-729-8000*

Dr. Leland Leonard
                                                                       Education is the best prevention tool, which will allow the people,
                                                                       as a whole, to take responsibility of their health. TMC is currently
                                                                       performing some of these tasks, with the goal of venturing into the
                                                                       communities through telehealth.

                                                                       TMC’s telehealth project will overcome barriers to healthcare,
                                                                       such as transportation, wait times, and access to specialized care.
                                                                       Obtaining funds for this project has started at TMC. TMC continues
                                                                       to look for grants to supplement or supplant clinical gaps in
Yá’áteeh!                                                              services. To date, our largest funding request is being sought
                                                                       through the Federal Communication Commission’s Rural Health
Greetings to staff, patients and community members! It is a             Care Pilot Program. Telehealth will enable TMC to provide addi-
pleasure and an honor to present to you, the Tséhootsooí               tional and improved healthcare services to the 16
Medical Center’s (TMC) Chief Executive Officer’s June 2011               chapters/communities.
executive summary. In this edition of Healthy Winds there are
challenges and significant accomplishments to report to you.            In addition, improving patient care includes plans to pursue Fast
The main feature of this month’s news letter is Tséhootsooí            Track Care (mainstream calls this urgent care), which will be built
                                                                       near the emergency room. Patients will be seen in the emergency
Medical Center’s Fiscal Year -2010 Financial Audit Report.
                                                                       room and/or fast track for needed medical services. Over the years,
                                                                       Indian Health Services continued to use the emergency room for
In today’s health care business there are numerous challenges.
At TMC this is no exception; however, it is important that we          non-emergent patient visits. Having a Fast Track Care program
deal with these challenges and overcome them. Throughout               will allow emergent care in the appropriate setting. As a patient-
                                                                       focused hospital, TMC continues to improve patient care.
the nation Americans are faced with Medicare and Medic-
aid funding cuts, including the State of Arizona, which                One other noteworthy success story is the completion of the FY
recently proposed elimination of a majority of Medicaid services       2010 TMC Financial Audit, which was performed by Moss-Adams
for non-Indian and Indian beneficiaries, which was, in part,            Accounting Firm. As a community-controlled and nonprofit entity,
concurred by the federal government. Under federal law,                TMC has been in operation only one year and has attained an
though, Native American tribes of Arizona are supposed to              “unqualified audit”. An unqualified audit thoroughly analyzes both
receive 100% pass through funding for Medicaid services.               the internal systems of control, as well as all of the details in the
                                                                       organization's books. Further, the unqualified audit is complete
 Unfortunately, this is not the case; therefore, Arizona’s 22          without findings. This is an amazing feat; it took tremendous effort
Tribes are requesting a waiver of Arizona’s decision to uphold         and work by our finance department. We commend Mr. Daniel
this federal law. The tribes will be informed in the next few          Johnson, Chief Finance Officer, and his accountants for this achieve-
weeks regarding the waiver request. TMC will diligently defend         ment on behalf of the corporation.
the 100% pass through funding law, as 40% of TMC’s operating
funds come from Medicare and Medicaid collection for services.         We are excited about TMC’s many accomplishments as we move
In the meantime, TMC continues to provide quality services to          forward. As a team, TMC workers can succeed in improving health-
our patients.                                                          care for our patients. To this end, we must be vigilant and work
                                                                       together to continue to move in the right direction. Fortunately,
As TMC grows and advances so will the services to our                  our status as a self-determined organization will allow us to venture
patients and community members. TMC has sought to collabo-             out and explore other opportunities. As I have stated previously,
rate with the chapters/communities in promoting health and             our greatest asset at TMC is the workers. On behalf of the board,
disease prevention. This approach will require aggressive              we appreciate TMC employees for their dedication and commit-
education in the community.                                            ment to the corporation.
                                                                                                                    Thank you.
TMC Celebrates
         “Opening Day”                                                                                                         5
                     ~Tina James-Tafoya

                                                                                                      If you would like to
                                                                                                      feature your depart-
                                                                                                      ment or program in
       he Tséhootsooí Medical Center’s Well-
ness Program in collaboration with the Navajo                                                         a story, please submit an
                                                                                                      article to ira.vandever@fdihb.
Nation’s Office of Youth Development is offering                                                         org by the submission deadline.
Teeball and Softball. Funded by the Diabetes                                                          Please include your full name,
                                                                                                      job title, department, email ad-
youth prevention grant, the Tee Ball                                                                  dress, and article attachment.
Program is for youth between the ages of four
to six years old. The softball program is funded                                                      We welcome and encourage
                                                                                                      informative department or
through the Lady Wildcats Softball program and                                                        program highlights, special in-
by the teams and parents, and is for girls                                                            terests related to the healthcare
between the age of six to 16 years old.
                                                                                                      important to our community.
                                                                                                      Submissions should be profes-
Hundreds of youth, parents, and community                                                             sionally written and meet the
members came out to the Fort Defiance Sports                                                           following criteria:
Complex on Saturday, May 14, 2011 to kick off                                                          * 500 words or less
the season with a celebration.                                                                        * Microsoft Word format
                                                                                                      *12 pt. font in Arial, Tahoma, or

Thunder Clan, a drum group from                                                                       *Photos must be a minimum of
                                                                                                      600 pixels wide and 600 pixels
Fort Defiance, sang an honor song for the young                                                        length (photos need not be
                                                                                                      squared as long as both dimen-
athletes. According to Roxanne Marianito,
                                                                                                      sions are 600 pixels or greater)
Fitness Specialist at TMC, the Teeball league has                                                     *Photo Release Form must ac-
96 players and the Softball league has 85                                                             company pictures
players. She credits the success of the leagues                                                       * If there are any restrictions
to TMC, tribal programs and to the parents who                                                        on how a photo is to be used,
                                                                                                      please note that at time of sub-
volunteer to raise money and to get their young                                                       mission.
athlete to the games.
                                                                                                      In the best interest of the hospi-
The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Defiance, Office                                                         tal, the Division of Planning and
                                                                                                      Logistics maintains the right
of Youth Development and    Tséhootsooí                                                               to edit articles prior to publica-
                                                                                                      tion unless prior restrictions are
Medical Center purchased the Teeball                                                                  the Chief of Planning.
Team Jerseys while Softball players and their
parents sold raffle tickets to raise the money                                                          By submitting an article, you
needed to pay for their jerseys. Marianito says                                                       agree to let the article be ed-
this is the first time a diabetes prevention grant                                                     ited, published and posted
                                                                                                      under the TMC Healthy Winds
has funded a youth wellness program so she is        Tséhootsooí Medical Center’s Wellness Program    Newsletter.
very pleased.                                        in collaboration with the Navajo Nation’s Office
                                                     of Youth Development is offering Teeball and
                                                     Softball to the Community.


  Division of Planning and Logistics
                                                    P: 928-729-8950*
                                     A Community Comes Together
                     “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”               -Anthony Burgess

         In the early morning of April 21, 2011, several community members from the Red Lake Chapter and towns-
         people from Navajo, New Mexico assembled at the Red Lake Chapter House to register their names as volunteers, pick
         up a supply of trash bags, and armored with gloves,      dust masks, and bottled water set out to pick up
         as much litter and trash as possible. By the end of day one, 45 people had registered and picked up trash in and
         around the community. On the second day of the clean-up, April 22, 2011, more people came out to help in the effort.
          The areas of concentration were within the rights-of-way of Navajo Route 12, along old Red Lake Road (Navajo Route
         112 toward Sawmill, Arizona and south toward Fort Defiance, Arizona), (along Route 31 toward Lake/Camp Asaayi, and
                                                        areas near Black Creek).

         In fact, there were record numbers of participants-seventy-three volunteers came out to help.
         Participants included young and old with roughly 20 or so students and around 10 or so senior citizens. came out. Two
           local businesses/organizations also came out to help, Navajo Townsite Community Development Corporation and
        Nations Gas Technologies, Incorporated. The local chapter Vice-President, Mr. Richard Bitsie and his family help to clean
        the community on both days. Navajo Nation employees from Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency, Navajo
        Nation Community Health Representatives, and Navajo Nation Solid Waste Management Program also came to help for
                                                         short periods of time.

         Three large disposal bins (one 4-cubic yards and two 30-cubic yards) had been delivered and set up in the Red Lake
          Chapter House parking lot as the central location for trash sorting and pick up. All three bins were filled to capacity
         which totaled 100 cubic yards of trash, more than 100 tires were collected and approximately 1,000 pounds of metal
         were separated and slated for recycling. The Red Lake-Navajo Community Action Group solicited help from local
          businesses and organizations; the donations were gift certificates that were used toward drawings for
                                            volunteers as an incentive to help pick up trash.

                      community clean-up days were successful
          All in all, the                                                                     . It brought together residents
           from the town of Navajo and the rural members of Red Lake #18 Chapter. It was also a great example of successful
                                community building, community organization, and community action.

                       Submitted by TMC HPDP Program on behalf of the Red Lake Community Action Group


Division of Planning and Logistics
                                                 P: 928-729-8950*
                                           Healthy LIVING

Division of Planning and Logistics
                                     P: 928-729-8950*

                                                 Macho as men may be, they need to take care of their
                                                 health. We see the hallways of the hospital populated by women and children
                                                 here for medical appointments, but very few men. Men seem to come to the
                                                 hospital because they have a cold, flu, or some other immediate medical need like
                                                 a work-related injury.
 …Macho, Macho Men…..                            Rarely do men come in for an annual physical
       June is National Men’s                    exam which is understandable, but not acceptable. When asked about getting
          Health Month!                          an annual exam they say, “It is embarrassing” or “I don’t think I need it”.

                                                 June is recognized as National Men’s Health Month to encourage men of all ages
                                                 to see your health care provider regularly to check for possible problems. Most
                                                 men who have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or cancer don't know
                                                 it or may deny they have problems. The only way to find out is to have a regular
                                                 annual check-up. Most chronic diseases often do not produce any symptoms until
                                                 the disease becomes advanced. Even a simple screening test or an annual physi-
                                                 cal exam can detect diseases in the earliest stages.
                                                 Usually an annual physical exam for men includes:   Blood pressure
                                                 screening, cholesterol screening, colon cancer screening, testicular and
                                                 prostate exam. Some of these screenings require a visit to the laboratory for
                                                 blood draws. Men can be safer, stronger, and healthier by taking daily steps and
                                                 getting routine check-ups.                                          -
                                                 Here are some statistics about American Indian men:
                                                 •        From 2003-2007, American Indian/Alaska Native men were 80% more
                                                 likely to have liver & Inflammatory Bowel Disease/cancer as non-Hispanic White
                                                 •        American Indian/Alaska Native men are 1.8 times as likely to have stom-
                                                 ach cancer as non-Hispanic White men, and are over twice as likely to die from the
                                                 same disease.
                                                 •        American Indian/Alaska Native males’ death rates exceed those of Ameri-
                                                 can Indian/Alaska Native females for every age up to 75 years and for 6 of the 8
                                                 leading causes of death.
                                                 •        Accidents, suicide, and homicide are epidemic among American
                                                 Indian/Alaska Native males.
                                                 •        Males make 37.9% of all outpatient visits, compared with 62.1% for
                                                 Cancer in Native American men. Department of Health and Human Services,
                                                 Office of Minority Health. Retrieved May 26, 2011 from:

                                                 American Journal of Public Health 2003. The Health Status of American Indian and
                                                 Alaska Native Males. Retrieved May 26, 2011 from:
                                         Clinical SERVICES

Division of Planning and Logistics
                                     P: 928-729-8000*

                                            Telehealth bridges the gap for rural
                                            healthcare ~D. Aquiar, Project Lead
                                            One of the greatest obstacles to healthcare for Navajo families is transporta-
                                            tion. The beautiful and vast lands of the 16 Chapters served by Tséhootsooí
                                            Medical Center puts many miles between patients and the hospital. With
                                            resources strained by gas prices at nearly $4.00 per gallon,
                                            healthcare can fall to the bottom of the priority list for families. At Tséhootsooí
                                            Medical Center, we recognize that transportation can be a challenge. To meet

                                                             preparing to install a large-
                                            this challenge the hospital is

                                            scale Telehealth network. The network will work to bring
                                            healthcare closer to the rural communities of the Fort Defiance Agency.

                                            Organized by the Planning and Logistic Division in conjunction with the Infor-
                                            mation Technology Department, the project has successfully completed the
                                            first phase of network design program development. With technical assistance
                                            provided by the University of New Mexico’s Telehealth and Cybermedicine
                                            Research Center, a Request for Proposal has been released to implement the
                                            digital infrastructure that will connect 16 Chapters through three hub sites to
                                            the Tséhootsooí Medical Center.

                                            This digital channel of communication, the Telehealth connection, will
                                            have the ability to interact with patients at their local Chapter house which
                                            would greatly decrease the miles between home and the hospital.
                                            Working with the UNM and the Southwest Telehealth Access Grid, Tséhootsooí
                                            Medical Center has joined a network of hospitals, medical science centers and
                                            specialized care providers that can increase access to services that would have
                                            otherwise required a trip to Albuquerque or Phoenix.

                                            The Telehealth network at Tséhootsooí Medical Center will connect the 16
                                            Chapter sites in the Service Unit with a secure, HIPPA compliant channel of
                                            communication. The state-of-the-art network has been designed and devel-
                                            oped by the Information Technology Department and uses a combination of
                                            DSL, microwave and point-to-point or line-of-sight connections to perform
                                            Telehealth applications.

                                            The Telehealth network will be a digital bridge between the Chapter communi-
                                            ties and the Tséhootsooí Medical Center. The future is here now; and with
                                            Telehealth Tséhootsooí Medical Center is further capable to provide superior
                                            and compassionate healthcare to our community by raising the level of health,
                                            Hózhó, and quality of life. We look forward to bringing healthcare closer to our

         8                                  patients and increasing access to health services with the Telehealth technol-
                                            ogy. Look for more to come in the fall of 2011.
                                               The Navajo Nation Museum
                                               Hwy 264 and Postal Loop Road
                                               Window Rock, Arizona

                                               8:30 a.m. –
                                               Registration, Posting of Colors
                                               9:00 a.m. –
                                               Safety Briefing w/Route Posting
                                               9:15 a.m. –
                                               Kick Stands up!
                                               Return by Lunch Time.

                                               Upon return, attend the confer-
                                               ence program to learn more about
                                               cancer and resources available to
                                               the Navajo Nation.

                                               4th Annual AzMN
                                               Navajo Nation Cancer

                   Register online a           All are welcome to our
             free conference at the
                                               Navajo Nation Museum.
                                               Registration ……8-9 am.
                                               Program…………9 am - 4:30pm
                                               Box lunch included for all regis-

           CONTACT: 928-729-8954

                                         $15 per bike or vehicle
                                                                          h                                       c   “HONOR HISTORY,
                                                                                                                               CELEBRATE LIFE...”                   h                                     c
                                                                          o                                       e                                                 o                                     e
                                                                          n                                       l                                                 n                                     l
                                                                          o                                       e                                                 o                                     e
                                                                          r                                       b                                                 r                                     b
                                                                                                                  r                                                                                       r
                                                                          hi                                      a                                                 hi                                    a
                                                                          s                                       t                                                 s                                     t
                                                                          t                                       e                                                 t                                     e
                                                                          o                                                                                         o
                                                                          r                                       l                                                 r                                     l
                                                                          y                                       i                                                 y                                     i
                                                                                                                  f                                                                                       f
                                                                                                                  e                                                                                       e
Professionals                                                                    (928) 729-8000
                                                                                                                               (928) 729-8000
                                                                                                                                                                         (928) 729-8000

INspire                         “What I liked was the
                                interesting careers that you
8th                             never knew about and you
                                actually find yourself
                                                                               1st Annual Treaty Day Celebration in...
                                                                               Tséhootsooí , NN

                                drawn to..”

                                                                               Tséhootsooí Medical Center encountered a familiar friend in the celebra-
         hese are just a few of the comments made by    8th                    tion of sovereignty. Sovereignty for the Navajo has been defined in a
                                                                               single Treaty between the US Government and the Navajo Tribe of
grade students             at Tséhootsooí Middle School after they             Indians. Which has, in turn, defined a Culture, a People...The People.
attended a Career Day sponsored by the Tséhootsooí Medical
Center on May 3, 2011. More than 60 people represented 45 differ-               Never before has a document been so important to the Navajo People.
ent professions at the day-long event which was held at the                    Never before has a single word held so much HOPE. And never before has
Window Rock High School Fieldhouse.                                            the Community of Tséhootsooí celebrated this document and state of
Kate Porterfield, Physician Assistant at TMC, says she first pitched
the idea to school counselors four years ago and as a means to                 “For many years we have been struggling to step out of this cage that we
                                                                               keep ourselves in. We love to blame. We love to criticize. But, not very
“combat the large dropout rates of                                             many people are providing solutions. What I saw today was a lot of
high school students.” She says the first year’s                                capable people putting the pieces together to fix these problems,” said
event was small and held in the school cafeteria but the next year it          Virgina Brown, who just happened to come across the event.
needed a bigger venue and has been held in the Fieldhouse since.
                                                                               On Tuesday, June the 1st, TMC engaged the Community in an act of
TMC programs and departments set up interactive booths where                   supporting healthy lifestyles in an extremely unhealthy Community.
students were shown many things including how to read x-rays,                  Poverty, Mal-Nutrition, Chronic Illness, and Mental Illnesses plague this
how to draw blood from a fake arm, calculate sugar content in                  small Region of the Navajo Nation, which also encompasses the Navajo
popular drinks, and what five pounds of fat looks and feels like.               Nation Capital, Window Rock.

The Navajo Nation Police Department demonstrated through the                   “All of these (illnesses) can be traced back to the time before the Treaty of
                                                                               1868 was signed. They are, all, associated with the Cultural Trauma
use of“dRuNK gOgGLeS”                          how difficult it can
                                                                               suffered from years and years of Murder, Rape, Hate, Horror and, as a
                                                                               result, we have the responsibility to correct the past,” said Dr. Leonard.
be to walk when someone has had to many alcoholics drinks. The
goggles showed students how one loses control of their balance
                                                                               Dr. Leonard continued, “This begins with Health, every aspect, MIND,
and body when they are under the influence of alcohol and how
                                                                               BODY, SPIRIT. And unfortunately monetary assistance is required. But,
dangerous that is.
                                                                               most importantly is the engaging the Community members and Leaders
                                                                               to challenge themselves to contribute to the Paradigm shift that is taking
For information about the annual event contact Kate Porterfield
                                                                               place. We are involved in all of these battles and found it necessary to join
                                                                               efforts with the Community in this fight.”
                                                                                                                                                          (Cont. p. 14)


 Division of Planning and Logistics
                                                          P: 928-729-8950*

                                                                TMC Board of Directors:
              *Caleb Roanhorse , President *Roy B. Dempsey, Vice President *Leland Anthony, Secretary *Dr. Raymond Reid, Treasurer*
                        *Martin Ashley *Jerry Freddie *Tim Goodluck *Martin Begay *Lorraine Nelson *Elmer L. Milford*

                               TMC Board
                               of Directors
                                     ~Tina james-Tafoya
                                                                                                                      Guess the Font
Tséhootsooí                   Medical Center’s Pediatric clinic
is participating in the national non-profit organization                                             ?                 Size????
                                                                                                                      Submit guess to:
Reach Out And Read (ROAR) and                                                                               
                                                                                                                      winner will receive new
has been since 2001. ROAR supports literacy for TMC’s
patients and their families by distributing new books to                                                              merchandise...
children during each of their Well Child Visits. From the first
visit after birth and at each visit the child is given a new book.                                                    can include: polo, vest, scrubs, hard
                                                                                                                      drives, and much more.
                            6 to 9
By the age of 5 years old each child will own
books, a small personal library.
This year TMC’s Board of Directors met a matching grant                                                                                      -
from the Reading Is Fundamental organization which
allowed the expenditure of $12,000 on new books for
the children of our community. The Pediatric and Family
Practice staff is excited and overjoyed to give away new
books and to talk to children and families about reading.
                                                                                JOIN OUR TEAM!!!
Between July and January 2010 approximately 2,300                           AILABLE
                                                                          AVAILABLE POSITIONS
                                                                              (928) 729-8000
books were given away.
                                                                          Accounts Receivable Manager
                                                                          Adult Care Administrator
TMC thanks the TMC Board of Directors for their generous                  Biomed Equipment Technician III
contribution and support, the General Service Department                  Chief Audiologist
                                                                          Chief Of Pediatrics
for helping house and distribute the large shipment and
thanks the entire staff in Pediatric and Family Practice who               Lead Nurse Midwife
                                                                          Medical Laboratory Aide
contribute to and keep this great program running.
                                                                          Nurse Practitioner
                                                                          Outpatient Coding Coordinator
                                                                          Physical Therapist
                                                                          Physician Assistant
                                                                          Public Health Nurse (Level II)
                                                                          Public Health Nurse III & IV
                                                                          Registered Nurse (Various Positions)
                                                                          Social Worker

                                                                                                         Michael Tutt, M.D.
                                                                                       Dr. Leland Leonard
                                                                                                         Medical Officer,
                                                                                                         Adult Medicine Clinic

Division of Planning and Logistics
                                                  P: 928-729-8000*

  MEDICAID SERVICES                                                                                  “Currently, TMC has
  ~Ken White, Jr.
                                                                                                    approximately 17,000
  TMC administrators are working tirelessly
                                                                                                      Medicaid eligible
  to save funding and services provided by
  the Federal Medicaid Program which is
                                                above: TMC officials (Leland Anthony-TMC Board,             patients.”
                                                   Ken White, Jr.-Legislative Liaison, Dr. Leland
  being cut by States. Dr. Leland Leonard,       Leonard-CEO, & Roy Dempsey- TMC Board) wait
  CEO and Ken White Jr., Legislative Liaison         for a meeting with AZ AHCCCS officials
  are meeting with state, federal, and tribal
                                                                                                    Leonard and White met with CMS
         counter the attack
  officials to                                     TMC lost $2.1 million in Medicaid                  Director Cynthia Mann, in Wash-
                                                 reimbursement from October 1, 2010 to
  on Medicaid Medicare                           March 30, 2011. TMC projects that it will
                                                                                                    ington, D.C. on March 9, 2011. They
                                                                                                    submitted a position paper that describes
  dollars and services.                          lose an additional $2.7 million in the
                                                 remainder of this fiscal year. Navajo Area
                                                                                                    the impact of the Medicaid benefit reduc-
                                                                                                    tions and to support the AHCCCS waiver
  The Federal Medicaid Program is defined         Indian Health Service is expected to lose
  as an Entitlement Program which means          at least $20 million, and the Phoenix Area
  that an eligible individual is entitled to     Indian Health Service will lose $34 million
  receive health care services provided by       in Medicaid reimbursements this fiscal              Additionally, TMC informed CMS of its
  the Medicaid program. Currently, TMC           year.                                              intention to develop a demonstration
  has approximately 17,000 Medicaid              These cuts are occurring despite federal           project with Arizona, New Mexico, and
  eligible patients. The majority of these                                                          CMS to protect services, funding, and
                                                 law which states that Indian Health                patient care.
  patients are eligible for the State of
                                                 Service and Public Law 93-638 facilities
  Arizona’s Medicaid program called
                                                 receive 100% federal funding for services          A meeting was convened by TMC with
  Arizona Health Care Cost Containment
                                                 provided to Medicaid eligible patients.            CMS, AHCCCS, and New Mexico Medicaid
  System (AHCCCS).
                                                 Since the State of Arizona does not                officials in Phoenix, Arizona on May 16,
                                                 provide state funding for services provided        2011 to further discuss the proposed
  On October 1, 2010, the State of               by I.H.S. and P.L. 93-638 facilities, tribal       demonstration project. The project
  Arizona began reducing Medic-                  and I.H.S. officials are advocating to the           proposes to give direct funding to P.L.
  aid benefits, eligibility thresh-               Centers for Medicare and Medicaid                  93-638 and I.H.S. facilities rather than
                                                 Services (CMS) to exempt these facilities          going through state governments.
  olds, and rates of reimburse-                  from benefit reductions.
  ment. This is due to Arizona’s $1.5                                                               This approach is being called “The Fort
  billion deficit. Cuts to AHCCCS are             CEO Leonard stressed the importance of             Defiance Plan for a 51st State” and further
  expected to be around $500 million.            this funding law ”the 100% pass through            discussions by tribal and I.H.S. advocates
  Included in these benefit reductions are        means the funds come from the feds to              on this direct funding approach are
  podiatry, dental care, well child exams,       states and onto the American Indian Tribes         planned. “This is a critical time for the
  and physical therapy services.                 where there are tremendous health care             Indian Health care network. We cannot let
                                                 needs. Our Navajo patients need the                our patients down and must advocate to
  AHCCCS made more reductions on April           services and our medical professionals can         the fullest extent possible for the current
  1, 2011 where provider rates of reimburse-     provide the care needed at TMC.”                   and future well-being of the TMC,”
  ment were cut by 5% for inpatient and                                                             White said.
  outpatient hospitals, dental fees, emer-       In January, 2011 tribes and I.H.S urged
  gency and non-emergency transporta-            AHCCCS officials to submit a waiver                  For more information on this subject, please
  tion. They also reduced long term care         request to CMS to exempt tribes and I.H.S.         contact Dr. Leland Leonard, CEO or Mr. Ken
  rates of reimbursement by another 2.5%;        from benefit reductions. CMS has yet to             White Jr., Legislative Liaison, at 928-729-
  the same amount cut in October, 2010.          respond to the waiver request.                     8000.
When it comes to health care, you have options.
                               you have options.

                      T                            r
                   At Tsehootsooi Medical Center, we understand
                   that life shouldn’t be restricted to a single
                   choice. With beauty all around us, we embrace
                   the practices of both modern and traditional
                   medicines to better assist you and your health
                   care needs.

                   In addition to our state-of-the-art medical
                   facilities, we also have an on-site hogan, sweat
                   lodge and traditional plant garden.
Diné Elder Health Care                 &
Legal Information Conference                                                            (Cont. from p. 10)

Lucinda Martin is a petite woman with a strong voice and an even stronger laugh.            TMC began the Day with a parade followed by a free BBQ,
Her strength resonates to her work; to her mission which is to bring awareness to the       which featured a local band, Smokin Guns, and Ernie
needs and issues that impact one of our most vulnerable community members- the             Tsosie and the 49 Laughs Comedy Crew. Senator John
elderly. She led the planning and organizing of the annual Diné Elder Health Care          Pinto acted as Grand Marshall of the Entire event. The
conference for the past eight years.                                                       Navajo Code Talker and US Senator graced the crowd with
                                                                                           his humble presence and Hope for the future of the
Martin who is the Chief of Medical Social Services at Tséhootsooí Medical Center says      Navajo People and also recognized a former classmate of
“the goal of the Diné Elder Health Care Conference is to discuss and bring awareness       his, whom attended the boarding school, which has
to the issues which commonly affect Senior Citizens.” Some of those issues she says         created the Ghost Town-like atmosphere at the entrance
                                                                                           to Blue Canyon. He spoke of the original Code Talkers
are not health related but can impact an elderly person’s health and
                                                                                           being hauled off by bus to Tt. Pendelton, San Diego from
wellbeing.                                                                                 the very spot that he spoke.

These issues and topics took center stage at the three day Diné Elder Health Care &       Each speaker brought the topic of discussion back to the
Legal Information Conference which was held at the Navajo Nation Museum on May            word “sovereignty”. Politicians, Professionals, Law
16 through the 18, 2011. Navajo Nation Senior Citizen Centers within TMC’s service        Enforcement, and Entertainment took a backseat to the
area transported their elderly community members to the conference where on the           testimony of a number of Community Members. They
first day they were treated to a moving tribute by Miss Central Navajo Marlyssa Jim.       spoke of the past and struggles and sacrifices endured by
In her song she thanks her grandparents for their teachings and vows to honor them        the Ancestors of the “People”. All people.
by living her life “in a good, positive, and balanced Diné way.”
                                                                                          It was not a Navajo struggle that was being discussed. It
The first day titled Elder Health Care included topics on Mental Status                    was the human condition, status and and future. It was a
Change, Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation, Healthy Eating, Exercise        practical approach to solving the problems that plague
and Fitness, Fall Prevention, Home Safety, and Budgeting. Also presented was the          most of America....The People with the Problems spoke
topic of Advance Directive and Durable Power of Attorney, which breaks the taboo          about the Problems and those who had the means to
that Navajos do not talk about death. TMC’s Home Based Care Program received              begin to fix the problems sat back and took notes.
national and international attention in January, 2011 when the New York Times
published a story about the Home Based Care Program’s success in breaking the             It was comforting. It was simple. It was a start. June 1st
barriers to talking about death.                                                          marked the first day of activities. The event will conclude
                                                                                          on Sunday June 5. A Rodeo sponsored by AIRCA encom-
                                                                                          passes the weekend, as do POW WOW and Gourd
The second day was dedicated as  Caregiver Day             and focused on the people      Dancing.
who provide care to elders. This does not include just professionals but also family
members who chose to take on the role of caregiver to an elder. The caregivers were       TMC will also participate in each of the Week’s Activities.
presented with topics such as Medication Management, Breach of Judiciary Order-           The Division of Community Health will be present at the
Elder Abuse, Wellness, Fitness, Traditional Cooking, and a panel discussion between       Treaty Festivities. TMC is also providing First Aide Support
provide home based care businesses.                                                       throughout the week, monetary donations have been
                                                                                          made to help feed the crowds, keep them cool and also to
The final day focused on legal issues and was hosted by the DNA Legal Services. Staff       make sure that everyone is safe and healthy.
from DNA presented on topics such as Co-Signing a Loan, Identity Theft, Reposses-
sion, Consumer Rights, Wills, Power of Attorneys, Public Benefits such as Food            Plans are already being made for next year’s 2nd Annual
Stamps and Social Security, and Elder Abuse.                                             Treaty Day Celebration.
The annual conference is held by TMC and in collaboration with Navajo Nation
programs, DNA Legal Services, and Home Based Care businesses. It is held at the
Navajo Nation Museum. Martin says it’s important to keep the conference on the
reservation “We want to draw our elders in and having it anywhere else would not          For MORE info and actual
accomplish that.”                                                                         Treaty of 1868
For more information on the Diné Elder Health Care & Legal Information                    visit:
Conference contact Lucinda Martin at TMC 928-729-8000.

Breastfeeding support
traditional teaching and evidenced based
Tsehootsoi Medical Center has begun the process of becoming a                           Breastfeeding is the greatest gift that you can
Baby Friendly Hospital. This involves Ten Steps developed by the                        give your baby. A nursed child is given a posi-
World Health Organization. These steps have been shown to                               tive connection and knowledge of the surrounding
increase the number of mothers able to successfully breastfeed their                    world. These children are also strong in body, mind
children.                                                                               and spirit. A breastfed baby will always be with the
                                                                                        mother, no matter where he or she goes in life. It is
                                                                                        this initial connection that directs a child to walk
Breastfeeding helps create a healthy community by decreas-                              with beauty all around.
ing the burden of disease. It protects the young from infectious
disease and helps them develop strong bodies. Studies show that                          As we walk with our babies, we are walking the
breastfed children are likely to be a healthy weight and receive                        earth. We are walking for two people, so walk a
protection against obesity and diabetes.                                                good path. Everything you see is teaching your
                                                                                        baby what the earth is about. Really look at the
During the first long walk breast milk was available for the babies and                  trees, the hills, the flowers, the sky, everything. As
helped the people survive. It is also a way the nation can survive the                  you walk give thanks for all of this beauty. Every-
second long walk of diabetes.                                                           thing you absorb becomes a part of the knowledge
                                                                                        you feed your baby. This all turns into the sacred
The late Annie Kahn shared these traditional teaching at the Lacta-                     liquid we call milk. We call it Peace.
tion Management seminar July 15, 1999.
                                                                                        For more information on the Diné Elder
                                                                                        Health Care & Legal Information Confer-
                                                                                        ence contact Lucinda Martin at TMC 928-
PREPARING KIDS FOR                                                                      729-8000.
Family Fun Day promotes importance of
children’s early years

WINDOW ROCK – The First Things First Navajo Nation                       First Things First’s mission is to make sure every child in
Regional Partnership Council invites children and parents to             Arizona comes to their first day of kindergarten healthy and
enjoy a day of fun and learning at their 2nd Annual Family               prepared to learn. Getting children ready for school
Fun Day, Saturday June 11th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (DST) at the              means more than packing their lunches, filling their back-
Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock.                                     packs, and getting them to the bus on time. In fact, the job
                                                                         of helping children succeed in school starts the day they’re
The event features fun and interactive activities for children           born. FTF programs and money provide children with the
that help stimulate their intellectual, physical, and social             tools they need to start out on the right path so they can be
development. Representatives from community programs                     successful in school and beyond.
will be available to offer information about how parents can
support their child’s early learning and health.                         For more information on Family Fun Day, or any First Things First
                                                                         initiatives, please contact FTF at 928-810-4306. Stay connected with
Engaging children early is important, as 80%      of their               FTF on their website at
brain development happens before age 3. The connections
they make during this time can lay the foundation for a
                                                                         Contact: Memarie Tsosie
lifetime. Supporting children’s early years with more interac-
tion and positive learning experiences makes them more
likely to perform better in school; have higher graduation
rates; and attend college.
The Get Out And Live event
will run from 1pm–5pm on the
following dates:
6/14/11    Navajo Redlake, NM
           Navajo Chapter House
6/21/11    Fort Defiance, AZ
           Office of Youth Development
6/28/11    St. Michaels, AZ
7/14/11    Nahata’Dziil, AZ
7/19/11    Klagetoh

Project G.O.A.L. provides health
education, nutrition education, and
physical activity to prevent youth obesity
and diabetes.

A Free event for Children aged 5 to 18,
registration for each child required at
drop off.

Lana Dobson, RN (928) 729-8474

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