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                                             AGENDA ITEM                                                                 #                               06/26/07
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MOTION TO INITIATE amendments to the Goals, Objectives and Policies and Plan Implementation
Requirements Section of the Broward County Land Use Plan recommended within the “Broward
County Golf Course Conversion Study”.
Why Action is Necessary:  The Broward County Commission directed County staff to prepare a study
                          addressing the implications of golf course conversions and develop
                          recommendations regarding such conversions at the Commission’s
                          December 2006 land use plan amendment hearings. The “Administrative
                          Rules Document: Broward County Land Use Plan” provides for County
                          Commission initiation of plan amendments.
What Action Accomplishes: Initiates amendments to the Broward County Land Use Plan to establish
                          policies for reviewing land use plan amendments recommended within the
                          “Broward County Golf Course Conversion Study”.
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The Urban Planning and Redevelopment Department (UPRD) recommends approval of the motion.

The County Commission, at its December 2006 Land Use Plan Amendment hearings, directed staff
to prepare a study addressing the conversion of golf courses to other land uses. In response, UPRD
staff completed the attached study (Exhibit 1). The report assesses the status of golf courses in
Broward County; analyzes the issues involved in golf course redevelopment; identifies the current
policies and plan requirements affecting golf courses; and, recommends policy changes to govern
future land use plan amendments involving golf courses. The recommended revisions to the Land
Use Plan are included on pages 4 and 5 of the report. The amendments discourage golf course
conversions and establish environmental and other review criteria which must be addressed by
amendments involving golf course conversions.

If the Commission initiates the Broward County Use Plan amendments, the amendments will be
forwarded to the Planning Council for processing with the first group of amendments in 2008

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                                                                                   Cynthia S. Chambers, Director
                                                                                   Urban Planning and
                                                                                   Redevelopment Department
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 Peter Ross, Urban Planning and Redevelopment Department, 954-357-6602
Form 107-1-A Revised 12/09/03
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URPD staff held public workshops on the draft study on March 23 and June 1, 2007. Staff
recommends the study also be forwarded to the Broward League of Cities for formal comment.
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There is no fiscal impact.

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Exhibit 1 – Broward County Golf Course Conversion Study-June 12, 2007 Draft

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